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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Could Donald Trump be right? Do we need a wall at the border? It seems that parts of Mexico are completely run by gangs. The town police are in direct communication with gang leaders and ask them to slow up the violence. The gangs are clearly in charge in El Salvador. The violence there has provoked an illegal flood of immigrant to the United States that fear for their lives there.  Young men are seeking a better life in the United States. We have tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors seeking a new life in America. Often the kids are targeted by the very same gangs but only now in Los Angelis.  The main gangs are called MS13 and Bario 18. They have tentacles all over the United States.  They are engaging in drug dealing, prostitution and extortion and sending the proceeds back to their leaders in El  Salvador.
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When the gang members find out that a boy as young as in his teens gets to America they hunt down his parents and sisters and brothers and kill them. The teens come here as young as 13 years old hoping for a new safer life. Their very survival may hinge on being granted asylum in the United States. The answer is to help the Mexican government curb the illegal drug trafficking and the gangs that control the cities. Anyone needs to feel safe in their country. If American troops are necessary to control the gangs in Mexico then bring them on. Anyone needs to feel safe in their country. Spending money on teaching people to survive without violence or illegal trading of harmful substances is more important than spending money on a wall.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Related imageEven religious colleges have a rape problem. Sexual assaults is a problem found at colleges all over the country. Many private colleges have an honor code that complicates things even more. The local people call it happy valley which is the home of Brigham   Young University a Mormon based religious place. The women are not happy there. The Mormon religion holds a women’s Chasity or virginity an important factor before marriage. When they are brutally assaulted and raped the women are not only physically violated but spiritually they are led to believe that they have also failed their religious beliefs as well. The mental assault is equally damaging to a woman. Meanwhile she is the victim in all this.

The women are afraid of everyone including the police. The fear   of being “found out” is almost as horrible as the crime.  They don’t want to be found out in particular to the universities’ honor code. Their code of ethics is very different to what is the reality of on campus activities.  Violation of the strict Mormon based rules governing Brigham Young University can get you expelled but should these rules apply to a woman who  has  been brutally violated? The rules outlined are modest dress, no caffeine no alcohol, no porn and no premarital sex.  They need to add to these rules no rape and get all those dick waving boys expelled immediately!!! 
These raping cowards are using the “honor code “   against the girls telling them that they will be expelled as well if they reveal what has happened to them.  Should the school’s honor code be shaming girls into silence? Even if a rape is reported it represents less than 40%   per cent of the rapes on campus.  If the girls come forward and be tested they will be able to find the serial   rapists. If the girls report then they can get help emotionally and physically.  The school needs to have an honor code amnesty clause for girls with proof of rape. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Related imageThe government needs to get involved with our wellbeing. The issue of assault rifles being available to the  general public has to stop. They were made for combat in wars and not for just anyone with proper paperwork to own or use. We keep track of individual raw diamonds better than the way we keep track of lethal weapons out there. The AR15 was designed as a killing machine for the United States Army.  It is killing devices that people just want to own but do not need for any sport. It has also become one of the more popular guns that people want to own.  These people claim to want to own this gun to hunt or compete in target shooting but this gun has been used for the mass shootings that have killed innocent people around this country.
America’s gun industry has successfully marketed its deadliest product. The AR15 has been the standard rifle for all United States troops. For years we only got to see them was in the movies. Over the years, things have changed. The same gun with some modifications is being used and sold as sports rifles. More than 12 million of them have been sold. This means that more Americans have been using the gun to shoot targets and hunt game. They like the gun because it is unlike any other gun out there. It is very fast on the trigger. Very portable and deadly accurate on the hunt. It is light weight with a low recoil. It is easy to run around with and is not your father’s sporting rifle. For generations a simple rifle was the family gun. The assault rifle is also attracting the sick killers of our nation.
This gun is now the choice of America’s mass murderers. 12 people were dead at the movie theater disaster in Colorado and 14 dead by the terrorist attack in California. 10 were killed by the Washington D.C. snipers. 26 dead in a school in Newtown, Connecticut. All these massacres are being done all over the country by America’s now most popular sporting gun. Remember this gun was designed for one purpose. It is not a sporting gun. It was designed to kill people in a war.  The gun is designed to kill the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time. Jim Sullivan helped design the gun and was thought of back in the 1950’s when the United States needed to compete with the most notorious machine gun at the time, the Soviet made AK 47.
The Americans made this gun and was used in Vietnam. Then it was called the M16 and anything in its way was fatal.  Even if you were hit in the ankle you could die from the injury. The secret to its lethal success is the speed at which the bullet leaves the chamber. Then the type of bullet doesn’t just go through the victim. It will tear you up. It is impossible to stop the bleeding because you will   blead from multiple places from just one bullet.  The bullet is designed to hit and then tumble. The gun was so well engineered to kill that here we are, 60 years later, it remains a state of the art weapon. Today virtually every army in the world is using the same rifle. This doesn’t surprise Sullivan but what does surprise him is that the gun industry is making the gun available as a sporting good.
There is no good from this gun being used anywhere but in combat. Congress get your act together and write the laws to restrict the availability of this human killing machine to the general public.         

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Related imageCreedmoor still exists only now it is at Riker’s Island.  Our streets are still full of the mentally ill who are under the influence of synthetic drugs assaulting their family members and are just plain crazy. The mentally ill are treated like criminals until they kill them. There is no good help out there as readily as the drugs are. There needs to be criminal justice reform in America. Riker’s Island is the most important jail in New York City and it needs to be educated on how to treat the city’s mentally ill inhabitance other than putting them in a body bag.
Riker’s is located in the middle of the East River and holds about 10,000 inmates. It is a mix of criminals. Some have committed petty crimes but as much as 80% are awaiting trial. Many are there just because they can’t make bail money.  More importantly the mentally ill make up more than 40% of the population. Correction officers are not adequately trained to deal with the mentally ill. The result is a pattern of neglect and excessive force. It has led the United States Attorney to intervene. His office has found a culture of violence on top of a culture of silence and looks like corruption to me. In many cases when a mentally ill person dies, there is no discipline of the officers at all. Must I be the “Serpico” uncovering corruption in our Jails?
There are officers there that have dozens of complaints against them and were never disciplined even once. Homeless people commit some crime just to go to jail rather than a shelter. But then they are disciplined and have brain injuries, broken bones and serious physical injuries are out of control there. It is all compounded by that increase of mentally ill inmates. Mentally ill people are placed in solitary confinement instead of treated by doctors. Lawsuits have been filed where a mentally ill patient was locked there for 6 days with no medication and died there. The staff walked by each day but failed to help him.  He died in his own waste since they cut off the water to his toilet too. The city declared his death a homicide. To this day no criminal charges have been filed against any official or staff member that oversaw his time at Riker’s.
Over 129 serious injuries have been reported at the prison in one month’s time from the hands of staff members documented in a report by the N.Y.C. Department of Mental Health and Hygiene. It was intended for internal use only but the report has been leaked to the public. The report found that 77% of the injuries were found on the mentally ill inmates. Their injuries were severe enough to require care beyond the abilities of prison doctors.   Riker’s should be called the largest mental institution in this country yet the care is grossly inadequate.  Even in court testimony, police captains say don’t bother me unless there is a dead body. In case after case medication is not provided, counseling is not provided but violence and solitary confinement till death seems to be normal at Riker’s. Be careful if you have to go there!


Friday, May 20, 2016

Related imageIt is called a new kind of sexual assault. Online sextortion. The victims are young vulnerable and exposed. I am old and did not have the click of the mouse to lead me anywhere in the world and to just anyone. If I needed photos for a school project I had to search through piles of old Life Magazines. If I needed information I had the old encyclopedia in the house or I went to the library where then porn wasn’t allowed on computers that also didn’t exist then. And I am better off for not being exposed to all that young teens have at their fingertips on their all so precious phones that seem to be attached to their hands at all times. This is not about me it is about them.
Young teens can have a stalker before they even know it. Miss Teen 2013, Cassidy Wolf got an anonymous e-mail from someone who demanded that she follow his instructions and if she didn’t he would release nude pictures he had of her on the internet. He wanted money or wanted more sexual content. She was shocked that the photo’s even existed since she never posed nude or for anything explicit anywhere before. A hacker was able to get into the web cam camera on her computer and took videos of her getting dressed in the morning or coming out of her shower. Her computer was always left open on her desk table that happened to be facing her bed. He secretly recorded her for a year watching her every move. Eventually, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison.
It is sad when unknown suspects gain the trust from young girls. It is a significant and GLOBAL THREAT to all especially to young children.  78% are young children. The victims are in their young teens. The offender takes advantage of their innocence. In one particular heinous example a 26 year old Lucas Michael Chancellor terrorized   more than 350 girls on the internet in social media and chat sites. He had various different names and posed as a teenage boy. Eventually the girls were captive to him. He acquired more than 80,000 images that he used to threaten the young girls. Chancellor was finally prosecuted in 2014 and sentenced to 105 years in prison. Sometimes no prosecuting can  be made when  the predicators is in a foreign country.
The FBI says that only about 1/3 of his victims have been identified. This experience leaves the young girls changed forever. Some become suicidal and blame themselves for being victimized. They live with anxiety and can’t walk down the street not knowing if they are being stalked or if a stranger already saw them on the internet. Sextortion is a new crime that this country should be more focused upon. The FBI has a video on their website to council teens on how to deal with this sensitive subject.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Related imageRelated imageCollateral Damage they call it. I call it a damn shame that the United States after the wars don’t go back and clean up their mess. It has been many years since the Vietnam War but the innocent civilians are still feeling the impact from that war. Land mines and left over explosives that were dropped by planes are still a menace and causing serious injuries to people just walking along an area and the explosive goes off. The people of Vietnam are so poor they make their own wooden legs from carved wood. Victims in Burma must travel to Thailand just to get help.
Artificial   limbs are in constant demand. The threat from unexploded bombs is real decades after the war.  They are weapons of mass destruction in slow motion because of the amount people killed or injured even in peace time.  In the Vietnam War cluster weapons were dropped from the air in record numbers. The United States carpet bombed Laos in record numbers during the war. This bomb breaks up in mid- air into smaller explosives to insure maximum land coverage of weapons. The problem is that not all of these bombs actually explode. They essentially become land mines dropped from the sky. In Laos during the Vietnam War the United States dropped more bombs than they did in the entire World War ll.
There are millions of unexploded bombs in the ground in Laos. A cluster bomb is designed to explode at any time. When an unexploded bomb is found it then must be detonated. Let it go off and be done with. At least now you can prepare safety measures so no one will be harmed this time. Farmers and villagers must be warned.  It is easy to find bombs there because there are so many of them. The Vietnam government is doing nothing to protect these people who live there. A simple metal detector can easily find the bombs and they can be detonated safely. America has the money to clean up and save lives.
The children and grandchildren are still paying the price of war. Clean up should be demanded to save innocent lives. Today American made cluster bombs are still being made and dropped in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have also armed Saudi Arabia with cluster weapons. Senator Leahy a Democrat from Vermont is the only advocate trying to end deploying this type of bomb.  He needs to be supported and this kind of war fare should be stopped to protect generations of people after the fighting is over.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Monday, May 16, 2016

Related imagePoor pretty Puerto Rico. Why is America ignoring it lately? It is a beautiful part of this country yet it must follow many different laws than our main land. Congress must get started on saving our beautiful vacation spot island. It is a commonwealth that is not wealthy at all lately. The coconut milk and smooth Puerto Rican rum still is great. This island of 3.5 million people need help. It is in desperate financial trouble. It is facing a 70 Billion dollar public debt in now a 10 year economic crisis.  The politicians there simply say that they can’t and will not pay the money back.  This 70 billion in debt is creating havoc on the local economy.
The poverty rate there is a very high of 45% per cent. Last year alone, over 80 thousand people left for the main land the United States. Puerto Rico has already shut down more than 150 schools in the past few years. The government there has raised sales taxes in stores from 7% to 11% to raise money. That is far higher than any sales taxes in the United States. Everything there is overpriced and everyone is being laid off.  When is the United States going to intervene with this problem? These people are American citizens who have become Supreme Court judges, famous sports figure even the new stars of the Broadway hit Hamilton come from Puerto Rico. How did we get to the point where even he has invited members of Congress to see his Musical about Hamilton for free just to get them to vote on new laws to help the Island.
Puerto Rico is not a state. In a 1901 Supreme Court case it said that the Island is a territory that is foreign to the United State. The state issue is another argument that even the Island people disagree. Because it is a territory, many laws that apply to the states do not apply here. For example, Section 946 gives tax breaks to attract business to Puerto Rico. In the 1970’s business was booming in Puerto Rico because of tax breaks. At its peak Puerto Rico was home to 80   pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately for Puerto Rico Congress got rid of those tax breaks fazing them out completely by 2006. Between that and the recession Puerto Rico has lost half its manufacturing jobs.
To pay its bills the government started issuing lots of municipal bonds. We all know that a municipal bond is basically an IOU where Puerto Rico  promises  to pay it back with interest.  For years people lined up to buy the bonds because they were  triple tax exempt. Imagine an investment without having to pay any state, local or federal taxes. Even the large bond funds were full of Puerto Rican bonds. So no taxes means no money for government programs. They have paid certain bond holders first before government agencies. The United States owes 1.2 Trillion dollars to China but our states keep the money flowing into government agencies. Puerto Rico  made a big mistake by promoting these tax free bonds.
Another problem is that Puerto Rico cannot file for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy. That is a big problem if you are massively in debt. This happened due to a tiny Amendment to a law in 1984. The worst part is that no Congressman can reveal why it was written into law. Get rid of the old wood in Congress and make new laws to save our beautiful Puerto Rico from destruction.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Circus was fun growing up as a child. The best part was being able to see the interaction between humans and the largest and most dangerous creatures on earth that I knew I would never have the opportunity to see again. I remember during intermission that my parents would even pay people more money to let me pet and ride the elephant. I saw with my own eyes the guy crack the whip and these massive lions instantly listen to the guy. Things have changed. The animal rights people have successfully pretty much closed down the reason for a circus. Lions and Elephants are now only to be seen in zoos and sanctuaries.
Related imageEven before my time the circus had freaks of nature.  The bearded lady, the tallest man, the tiniest people and the elephant man. The human rights commission shut that spectacle down first. The exploitation of handicapped people isn’t allowed anymore. So without interesting weird people, large elephants or ferocious lions at the circus what is left? Now even the gymnasts are leaving to perform on Broadway. Yes the gymnasts who now join Cirque du Soleil will soon be in a Broadway show. The group is already a global entertaining success but will they do well on Broadway? It will be a multi-million dollar gamble. When you think of Broadway you don’t think of areal summersaults.
Cirque du Soleil which is already worth billions of dollars is hoping to conquer their final frontier Broadway.  There will still be singing and dancing that most Broadway shows bring but will also add areal amazing feats and gymnastic tumbling. Are they hoping you will never miss the amazing animals at a circus by dazzling you with human expert gymnastics? There is a story of a lounge singer who gets torn up in a love triangle between a young composer and the older famous director. Add acrobatics to that and I am exhausted I think. Cirque du Soleil has tried to have a regular show on Broadway twice before but wasn’t that successful yet they try again.
This show has a 38 member cast. The acrobats train and practice 6 hours a day. Most of the athletes were on Olympic teams in their past career. The two leads are from Kentucky and Texas not New Yorkers. In this show even the singers are hoisted 25 feet into the air. The production has more than 250 costumes. The actors from the mid -west often have problems communicating with the French Canadian crew of the production. Broadway actresses never had to think of safety harnesses or wires in their gowns to prevent their skirts from moving when being tossed around. It is scary but yet exile rating when they do get tossed in the air. No real animals is necessary to feel fear.  The show called Paraymore opens later this month

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Related imageMother’s Day is over and I hope you took the time to say Hi, give a hug or some acknowledgement for the time the woman spent with you and most of all decided to give birth to you. If you didn’t, you should feel guilty. Moms are special people. Now with social media people post photos of them posing with their Mothers. The most proud are those who have the Mothers who are 97 years old and who still look happy. Then there are those who even post the pathetic picture of the poor old woman in the wheelchair with all her bones facing the wrong way. It can be a sad sight. We should always still be happy that they are still alive and recognize us.
The definition of Mother can be confusing. Is Mother the uterus you passed through or that wonderful woman you look nothing like who raised you to be a fine specimen of a human? It is nice when they are the same person. Unfortunately no matter how wonderful an upbringing you have had, many foster or adopted kids want nothing more than to find their uterus Mom.  These days there are new ways to find a relative. Thanks to the use of DNA sampling. There are occupations now getting a lot of business called Genetic Genealogists. Their specialty is in finding your genetic family.  The word used for abandoned babies found is Foundlings.
The questions always remain. Do I have siblings? Who are my parents? Why was I adopted? Why didn’t they want me? Then the underlying distrust and hate slips in. She abandoned me! Does she get to have that great name of Mother at this point? Did she ever want to be a Mother but just couldn’t afford to care for me or whatever reason? No one wants these unanswered questions to tear themselves up inside. The only way to definitively learn about their birth Mothers and family is through DNA. Now it is very simple. Just send a saliva sample to Ancestry. Com and almost immediately your relatives will be identified. Then the reunions happen. People are hugging the brother or sister they never knew they had and the Mother too.
The DNA database is so important for various reasons now. People from all over the country are united. Like it or not. They are united. Then a lifetime of questions are answered. Forgiveness must be addressed. Words like single and unemployed surface. Abortion was not an option or available. Social and economic issues rise to the top of anguish. All the decisions are always the woman’s problem. The Dads often just have a night of orgasmic pleasure and simply walk away. It is the woman that has to deal with the blood and guts of another human life in her body. Respect women no matter what! Many are in equipped to raise children.
The hard healing and forgiveness is the hardest part. All negativity must be removed as the reunions and hugs take place. So even after Mother’s Day, find her and hug her. She is the reason you are here!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Related imageWe live in an age that if you are a good kid getting good grades and going to class as usual you just don’t get noticed but if you jump off the roof of a garage in your underwear and get it on social media you will instantly get hundreds of likes and who doesn’t want to be liked by hundreds of people? I blame judgmental places like Facebook for the downfall of society in general. People have a hard time being judged anyway we don’t need to be judged publically as well. So, this rant brings me to the age old tradition of Prom for every high school student to deal with as well as Dad’s checkbook to pay for the date.
Prom is the ultimate rite of passage from ordinary teen to cool adult. For many worrying about a date is as old as the whole Prom thing is. Because of social media the Prom Proposal is being tweeted and sent and becoming a more creative process in order to get those cool likes we all crave. The epic asks gives a poor guy a lot of social pressure. Is the Prom proposal for love or for likes? The simple task of asking someone for a prom date is now a spectacle on line. You can see sweet serenades to flash mobs featuring over the top chorography to tender private moments. The worst or the best is the open refusals to laugh at the poor broken person who gets refused and now in years of therapy because of those damn likes.
The videos and pictures get millions of views and are shared around the globe. This quest for social media fame is making some teens spend lots of cash and time on a simple proposal. It is an escalating game of one upsmanship. In my day the best Prom moments happened in the movies. There was great dancing in the movie called She’s All That. Or that kiss at the end of the night in the movie called Pretty in Pink. Now the Pram dram  ;a starts well before the night of the event. The average proposal costs more than $300 to bribe the girl with flowers and stuff when you pop the question.  Then add the dress, tux, tickets and limo, Prom spending can easily top $1,000 dollars or more.
Once a Promposal is booted on line it gets a Twitter handle like @Prom or @bestproposal for that viral boost. Rent a skywriting plane and you are locking in 160 likes on Instagram. This all just adds to the pressure for kids to pressure they already have to just fit in life. Then there is the problem of being able to afford to attend. Thanks to organizations like Operation Prom that is a nonprofit that donates free dresses that could be worth hundreds of dollars to girls who can’t afford a dress. The competition to do bigger and better each year is crazy.  It is ideal for single parent households that just can’t afford the expense.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Related imageWhy is the African man afraid of an educated woman? It has been 2 years since they kidnapped nearly 300 teenage girls from a school in Africa. Where did they go? Since then thousands more have been kidnapped. Is this practice the norm there now? Some manage to escape and speak out. They are Islamic terrorists that do such things in Nigeria. The mass abduction spurred global outrage. They are kidnapped to be forceful wives for the terrorists. Most girls who ran away were found and then slaughtered. Samantha Power is the current Ambassador to the United States. She is outraged and visit the protective camps often.
What kind of choice is marry me or I will kill you? Even after being rescued and being returned to their communities they face a stigma of shame for not complying to be a wife. Many of the children there have memories of their villages being burned and their parents killed. There are many stories of sexual slavery, forced marriages and senseless killings.  Whoever has a Bible gets slaughtered. Teens are kidnapped to be suicide bombers. The men are now pledging allegiance to ICIS. United States troops are not fighting there but have a small presence in advising how to deal with the situation. ISIS has taken over the Sambisa Forest and hold their kidnapped hostages there.
ISIS believes that western education is sinful. So far they have destroyed 900 schools. Killed 600 teachers. 219 of the original 300 schoolgirls are still missing. Those who escaped jumped out of moving trucks rather than go with the soldiers anywhere. The so called “freed” girls still are in fear for their lives and the possibility of being found. The terrorist groups in Africa has displaced more than 1 Million children. They have burned villages for no particular reason but have destroyed lives. They have managed to kill more women and children in Africa than in the Middle East last year.
In the “safe” villages the children are friendly and smile but have sad eyes. Yes, life goes on somehow but why must it be so difficult just to live?                                                                 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Related imageDo you think the American people will get to know the whole story about 911 with a new President? The families of the deceased people in 911 still haven’t been able to sue the masterminds of the disaster. We need to know who they are and we need closure. We have good reason to believe that all the terrorists on that day were from Saudi Arabia and did not act alone. For 13 years 28 pages of an important document has been locked in a vault unavailable to the public. Only a small group of people have ever seen the pages. We know that 19 men who didn’t speak any English, who never visited America before the attack who only had a high school education and no money could have completed such a complicated task without assistance from someone in the United States.  
It is time to declassify the 28 pages missing from the document for all citizens to be able to read. Who is being protected and what are they hiding? The pages were hidden in 2003. There has been hearings about September 11, 2001 attacks at House &Senate Intelligence Committees but neither side has revealed the last 28 pages of the damn report. For their efforts the committees produced an 838 page report with the last chapter blanked out, taken out by the Bush Administration for reasons of national security. It is believed that those pages indicate the names of the people who assisted the 19 terrorists to successfully kill themselves and thousands of innocent civilians of this country on our land.
It is time ti stop protecting Saudi Arabia and reveal those who assisted in this murder. Republican Representative from Florida Porter Goss who was also the Intelligence Committee Chairman of the House side who later became the Director of the CIA also believes that an uncensored version of the 28 pages should be included in the report. So if all our fancy guys in high positions agree to reveal the damn pages, then why isn’t it out there? There was no reason then and certainly years later now why they should not be revealed. The FBI just says no not yet. The information is being held locked away as Classified under the Capitol   in guarded vaults called Sensitive Compartmented Information Phil cities or SCIPS  in government jargon.
It is a highly restricted area where the members of Congress can read the documents under close supervision. No note taking allowed. The documents lay out the assistance that the hijackers had prior to the attacks. Some facts were revealed in the 911 report. We know that the hijackers landed in California. They had Saudi Passports. They managed to get everything they needed from flight lessons to housing. They found friends in Mocks. Phone records found them to be in contact with rich Saudi people in Arabia. Suddenly Muslims appeared who signed leases for the men, provided them with money and any need they wanted.  They helped them get American Identification and enroll them in flight classes.  The hijackers even revealed that they were not interested in learning how to land a jet, just fly it.
There are families of the victims of 911 that now have a lawsuit against members of Saudi Arabia for their involvement in the attack. In court they are developing a story that has to be revealed. The Saudi Government is saying that they cannot be sued because of sovereign immunity. Stop the nonsense and reveal those pages!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Related imageAmerica is tough on crime for 30 years now. No other nation on earth puts in jail the number of citizens than we do in jail. The United States is 5% percent of the world’s population but we put 25% percent of our citizens in jail. To house all those inmates costs 80billion dollars per year. We don’t care just get those filthy criminals off the street. The main problem is that in jail they get trained to be even better criminals by the teachings they learn from other inmates in jail. Eventually they get out of jail and often just go back to their arresting crimes or to word=st crimes. American jails are not career changing places for the better.
We need to compare our jail system to what is being done successfully in other countries to see why we fail to change a bad person’s ways. In Germany the main objective is rehabilitation not retribution. Germany spends less money on prisons but gets better results. Criminals are not repeat offenders there. We need to cut costs and change our criminal’s ways. We could learn from Germany. In Germany convicted murderers incarcerated for a contract killing, one of the worst crimes, are allowed to spend time out of jail to have a day and dinner with their family. This guy shot a man in cold blood. It doesn’t look much like punishment but it is part of his sentence to rehabilitate and function in society.
After 15 years in prison he is now allowed a weekend out for good behavior.  He is on track for an early release.  75% of criminals in Germany who have life sentences are eligible for parole in 20 years or less. As long as he doesn’t consider doing any crimes anymore they can leave prison. The German logic is to reintegrate someone back into society and train them to peruse a new career. Is this punishment for taking someone  else’s life?
America seeks to punish. So all we are left is, is a population of angry criminals.  They believe that the loss of freedom is punishment enough. So, life in prison in Germany mirrors life out of prison as much as possible. The Germans call it normalization. It begins with small prison populations located everywhere. Prison is reserved for the worst of the worst. In their worst prisons it is quiet and peaceful. The inmates relax and walk freely around in the building. They do not have bars on their cells but doors for privacy.  A guy serving seven years in jail for cocaine trafficking has video games and lots of personal items in his cell. Items that would be searched for and confiscated here.
Following World War II the German people followed a new philosophy; there is no death penalty. There will be rehabilitation and new careers developed. It is a system that is working there. We need to change our ways of simply putting angry people behind bars in solitary confinement. We are thinking humans not animals. We need to foster humility and care for people especially in our prisons.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Related imageImagine Michael Jackson and David Bowie  inviting now Prince to the gates of wherever creative souls go to. Yes we have lost the life here on earth to another legendary singer and songwriter and musician of many instruments he mastered to play. We can blame it on the pharmaceutical industry and the toil on the body that it takes to entertain an audience these days. Years ago Bing Crosby would sing a tune sitting in a chair smoking a pipe and he was a star performer. These guys put their every bit of energy into their performances and soon became vessels for prescription pain killers and now they are gone. They were trans-gender before anyone even used that term. Prince even went as far as to be called a symbol to avoid the gender issues. We are all just people.
Prince is dead at age 57. He was a cultural icon. In all his flamboyance he was just a simple guy from Minneapolis who never left his home town. He was raised there and lived there still. There have already been massive street parties in honor of the small 5 foot 2 inch legend. His music will also live forever. His complex was known as Paisley Park where he was found dead in an elevator. He is survived by his sister. He was born Prince Roger Nelson in 1958. He even played basketball in high school. He realized soon enough that music was his calling writing songs in his younger years. By age 21 he made an appearance on American Bandstand. He was always out of the box with his wardrobe feminine but  yet a very masculine man.  
Being bullied in school he compensated the critics by being as flashy as possible. He chose music  simply because he didn’t know much about anything else so he pursued the career. His fame came because he was not content with any particular style of music. He could play funk, rhythm and blues, rock and roll and popular music and do it all at the same time in his songs. He created more albums than his years as an artist. He won 7 Grammys. A Golden Globe and sold more than 100 million records worldwide.  It was his appearance in a movie called Purple Rain that put him over the top in fame of mega stardom in 1984. The soundtrack earned him an Oscar.  He played every instrument and sung every line in his music.
He was beyond any gender becoming a symbol in 1983. It was a transition where he became known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince. He seemed sexually ambiguous but always had a beautiful girl on his arm.  He eventually married one of his back-up singers in 1996. They had a child who died days after birth. His marriage ended shortly thereafter. He maintained a sense of mystery throughout his career. Certainly no ordinary guy but a guy who never left home.  He didn’t die young, he always lived young.



Saturday, April 30, 2016

Related imageIf you are a religious person here on earth then you should be worshiping the three Gods here that can determine where we work, what we purchase and generally who we are. I am talking about your credit score which is the three most important digits possibly in your life except for your weight. It was established to help businesses to know who to lend money to. It always had been critical to our economy. Has credit really helped you to have a better living or has it become a nightmare in your life?
They say you earn credit through your character, capacity to pay your bills and capital meaning the amount of money you already have before you go borrow more money. These three traits determine your score. You just don’t realize how important your credit report number is in determining all aspects of your life. People use it if you want to rent somewhere, Insurers that set your rates and even employers using it to decide to hire you. 47% percent of employers conduct credit checks. It is legal if they get permission from the applicant. The three Gods as I call them determine who you are. They are Equifax, Experian and Trans Union and aggressively promote to companies that they know a lot about you.  You are their product.
Employers feel that if you can manage your own finances well then they could trust you with  an  aspect of their company to manage well.  Meanwhile 1 out of every 4 reports have an error and one out of every 20 reports were seriously wrong. Who is keeping track of these reporting companies? Apparently no one. Yet their job is to accurately keep records on us. Congress doesn’t care. All those people make so much money that they all must have excellent ratings.  The public wants some accountability but how do we get it? The errors could include debt that you already paid to being mixed up by someone else entirely. Just keep getting turned down for loans. It is time to analyze your credit reports.
It can get worse. If the Credit Reporting Companies mix you up with some criminal that has sanctions against them, you may get a listing on your report as a terrorist. Now you can be shot by the authorities. Another nightmare is to be confused with a dead person.  Agencies won’t even talk to you. They will think you are an imposter and literally tell you that you are dead.  You can’t even get a copy of your credit report when you are dead. What is even worse now is that there are hundreds of companies that are in the business of monitoring people. They call themselves background check companies.  If you are going to use a criminal background check company they above all should be accurate and they are not. So, imagine looking for an apartment and before you know it you are possibly being arrested for criminal activity.  Sigh! Life in America!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Related imageIt is good to know that in some countries big shots do go to jail for money crimes. Not in the United States. No one has ever been held accountable for the lack of protection on 911 yet we have various agencies where that is their sole job. No one has been held accountable for the Wall Street Disaster that is still going on since 2008. Many Americans lost their homes to foreclosure since then while bakers enjoy our funds in off shore accounts. In Panama it was revealed recently billions of documents revealing who the big shots are enjoying lots of money they stole. Knowing where the billionaire’s accounts are is new important knowledge.
The Panama Papers are legal documents obtained from a law firm called Mossack Fonseca that specializes in creating off shore accounts. The documents have already exposed Iceland’s Prime Minister to having ties with off shore accounts. The citizens of Iceland are already in a uproar over a huge economic downturn they did not need to hear that their political leader is heavily involved in stealing their tax money. Days after the revelation he stepped down from his elected post in government. In Iceland the Prime Minister is replaced by the Fisheries Minister. Many other leaders from other countries have already been exposed for their involvement in corruption. The President of Argentina, Ukraine and the President of Saudi Arabia were directly linked to bad accounts.
The Prime Minister of England was linked to hefty accounts listed in his father’s name. Shares. Offshore trusts and offshore funds are the concern of all citizens. Some of them have dumped their shares recently in an effort to appear clean but they did own the shares recently. That does not make them not-guilty. Such world- wide corruption should be the exception and not the new rules.  Our worst admitted criminal big shots are in Alabama. The Governor refused to resign over his sex scandal. He had an affair admittedly with one of his to aids at age 73. Sexually explicit recordings of him became public.  The State Legislature has moved to impeach him because he had this affair on state property in his offices.
Alabama politics is a mess anyway. Under the State laws of impeachment the proceedings must take place by the stat’s Speaker of the House who is currently awaiting trial facing 23 felony ethics charges of his own scandal. Once that trial begins it will be presided by the Chief Justice of the State of the Supreme Court who was once removed himself for ethically violating his office on six counts. So to review, the Speaker of the House who is currently going under felony charges will give the articles of impeachment to the Governor accused of a sex scandal who will be presided over by the Chief Justice who was once removed for ethics violations. No wonder people go through many lengths to obtain political office. They get away with a lot. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Related imageWhere does a professional soldier go after your government says no more deployments, we are cutting back on our presence in the war? Killing has become your career. The recruiters signed you up for the military when you were 16 years old and in high school. As soon as you were 18 you were sent to learn how to kill and how to survive. For the past 20 years there has been constant war in the Middle East. You were busy. The instability spreading throughout the Middle East is not confined to the land. Some of the world’s most lucrative and dangerous shipping lanes are between dangerous lands. Places like Yemen and Somalia. Piracy is on the rise yet commerce must continue. Who is protecting the large cargo boats from getting stolen?
There is also war at sea in the international waters in the Gulf of Oman. Iran is at one side and Oman is on the other side and in between are some of the most dangerous places cargo boats must go through. 90% per cent of the goods we consume are on these ships. Everything from phones to couches are on a giant ship in containers. The businessmen who own the ships and cargo have created their own Police Department for the sea. There are now floating armories delivering gunmen and ammunitions to cargo ships that need protection. It is illegal for ships to arm themselves at port but they get away with the ruling international waters. It is all in response to the Somali Pirates who still terrorize ships in the region.
The cost over the last 10 years rose to over 10 billion dollars of goods being stolen by Somali Pirates. By 2012 the industry has been engaging in a new way to combat the problem. They are hiring highly paid former soldiers and training them to shoot moving targets on the water. They are called Private Military  Contractors. Many American professional soldiers re doing this type of work now. Piracy has already dropped to almost zero. The business expanded so quickly that in one point there were more than 30 thousand PMC’s on the ground and at sea in Iraq and the surrounding areas. The oceans have become conflict marketplaces. The sea is a dangerous place to be.
The problem in all this is that not any one nation has control over what happens in International waters. It is a free for all. It could be scenes from a Mad Max Movie if set at water. Today there are more than 80,000 commercial ships at sea. There are  2 trillion dollars worth of goods that travel along the Gulf of  Oman. These floating armories should have some regulation. A professional soldier has a good job at sea.  They are seeing that our goods do not end up in a black market marketplace. They don’t rent or sell guns themselves. They have military grade weapons in order to do the job. They are hired by private contractors. Pirates successfully took over 5 cargo ships since 2013. Now the pirates are terrorizing the Mediterranean Sea. The ISIS takeover of the Libyan coast is a threat to Europe.
The 280 mile stretch of sea between Libya and Italy can now become the new most dangerous waters. There is no army or navy to thank but we are grateful to the brave professional soldiers for hire at sea.                   

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Related imageWhat is wrong with men who think they have the right to rape their wives and literally chop off the noses of their women? Not much has been gained in the last 20 years for Afghan women’s rights. There are mixed gender schools built now after our war there but the boys and girls are taught their lessons separately. They get to have lunch and play time together. The United States has spent almost a billion dollars there to build up schools. America has been trying to give the Afghan woman a chance for equality but the men are unresponsive. As the troops recede there so are women’s rights fading. Afghanistan is listed as one of the worst places to be as a woman in the world.
Everyday there is a report of an act of violence against a woman either in the workplace or at home or in public. Why are the security systems in place there seemingly not willing to protect women? Women do band together and carry the coffins of fellow women on their shoulders for a proper burial. A full 18% per cent of women are victims of violence either sexual or physical. Often women end up in jail under the title of “moral crimes.”  There is no real definition of a moral crime. Rape is defined as an adultery. So a woman who is a victim of rape is supposed to spend 16 years in jail no matter how brutal the rape occurred. The number of women in jail has increased recently. Why aren’t the charges being brought against the men and not the women?
There are shelters created for women who run away from their abusive husbands now. They are afraid. The girls get married when they are 12 years old and flee by the time they are 17 or 18 years old. If their husbands find them they will surely die. None of this abuse would be happening if the government would be enforcing a 2009 law called The Law On The Elimination of Violence Against Women. No one should be allowed to cut the ears, or nose or beat a woman senseless. That is not the right of any man. These are crimes against humanity. Their Parliament refuses to ratify the law so in many cases impunity prevails. Women’s rights have always been a matter of politics in Afghanistan. The Taliban has been taking over towns and cities again after 15 years of peace. They arrive with a hit list of working women who are in shelters and destroy them and their work.
Women are in fear for their lives and are running away as quickly as they possibly can. 2015 has been the worst year of human casualties since 15 years ago. Women are excluded from all political peace talks. We all know that the legitimacy of any process is with participation of all genders and all sectors. This is not happening in Afghanistan. The government is deadlocked in terms of women’s rights and the Taliban is gaining control again. Recently fully covered women has taken to the streets in protest surrounded by American armed forces for protection. It will take more than protests to end the violence against women.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Related imageIt is baseball season again. The time of the year when all fathers can bond with their sons and throw a few on the dirt path. A time of the year where you can enjoy a Yankee Game with the boys and just enjoy spring afternoons at the stadium. Wrong. This season is proving that the Yankee organization is the most elitist bunch of greedy bastards in baseball! This is a team who blew $280 million dollars on A-Rod who is also a pompous bastard. The Yankees have now what they call a Legends Club for Elite Members. So me and my boys are not elite enough for the Yankees?
This Club is just as obnoxious as you would expect. The Legends Club is the first 5 rows of the stadium. So a club member automatically gets the best seats in the house. They don’t get the paper wrapped hot dog thrown at them from the aisle. No, Club members get leather seating, 5 star dining service, a concierge team of employees at your beck and call and a private suite entrance. You also get priority lobby access. No lines to wait on. Yes, the rich and famous get to enter the arena first with their favorite beverage and choice of food waiting for them. Do they have Cracker Jacks in the Legends Club? They need to add a few more versus to the classic song, Take Me Out to the Ball Game since things and priorities have changed.
The worst part is that often you will see these special seats often go empty during a game because the rich and famous don’t even bother to attend the games they have seats for. What a waste.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

  1. Related image

Leave the Chinese people alone. Let them live anyway they want. There has been such a rbuilding boom in China that now it looks like a theme park. The  government tells the Chinese people why visit Europe and America when we can create the places in China? And they have.  There are now entire cities in China designed to look like Paris, Venice, London and even Jackson Hole Wyoming. The Chinese people don’t want to live there. In one city the trees had clothes hanging from the limbs. All the common people want is a simple vegetable garden to tend to and a clothesline to air dry their clothes. They enjoy the simple life that they have had for generations.
  1. The Chinese people have been obedient letting the government tell them how many children they can have and trying to produce the most hard working people to be excellent musicians to top contending athletes. They work hard at their tasks. Must they be forced to live in European replica cities? They have even recreated the Eiffel Tower. Picturesque fountains and spacious public squares representing Europe is the style now. The people feel like they live in a strange place and not at home. The developers copied so much about the west that they forgot to include the Chinese traditional life. They forgot the law of supply and demand and built too many new cities with multiple housing that the average Chinese citizen can’t afford to live in.
    It has affected stock markets world-wide. These picturesque towns are ghost towns with not enough people living in them. The streets are empty and the stores are vacant. Those who do have apartments there have the best apartments with the best views. Even if these cities are undervalued now, they are built well and are considered as designer logos. People say they did all this as a statement about a long generation against Communism where the Chinese people were not allowed to see the beautiful places outside China. Mow China has built the beautiful places in their backyards.
    If you want to get away from China in China, just drive outside Beijing past the Great Wall into the hills and there you will find Wyoming. A replica of Jackson Hole complete with cowboys and Route 66 that doesn’t actually go through Wyoming but they are trying to do something there.  They even make fake snow at times. Some homes go for 2 million dollars because they are only about an hour away from polluted China cities and the Capitol.
    In the suburbs of Shanghai they created a refined city called Thames town as in the Thames river of London. It is more like a British Theme Park with Harry Potter statues and Winston Churchill remembered. Most of the people don’t even know who they are. There is the red phone booths and security guards dressed in the full red British uniform. Most people go there just for wedding pictures. One thing for sure, if you go to China and get sick for your hometown, you can now probably find it there somewhere.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why are all our buildings boxes and then we work in rooms in smaller boxes? When I go on vacation I love to visit buildings that look like cathedrals or pyramids or ancient buildings ornate with all kinds of gargoyles and embellishments.  Some are real  works of art. Anything new looks really boring until this guy emerged. He is Bjarke  Ingels a guy who is 41 years old and looks and acts like he is 21. He is a Danish Architect who has been commissioned all over the world to create new buildings for some very important places including finishing the 911 Memorial Site in New York City. He and his group of workers have designed everything from skyscrapers to a NFL Stadium.
The best part is that his designs can be anything but boring. He currently has some 60 major projects in the works. He is creating a complex of buildings for Google in Silicon Valley, the Lego Building, the new Redskins Stadium designed with a moat filled with water so fans can kayak around the structure for fun. He has a state of the art power plant with a ski slope built on top for fun. Most towns try to hide their recycling plants, he is proud to display the new clean structure. There is a apartment building on West 57th street in Manhattan that looks like a sailboat facing the water. A 3 Billion dollar complex built in the Hudson Yards. No wonder he won various design competitions. He makes sure that he has the best idea that wins.
He is also a master at marketing and selling his ideas. He has a thick skin to tolerate the praise along with the criticism. He is famous in Copenhagen. The city is never complete. He was chosen to complete 2 World Trade Center that will look like the building is growing out from the earth. Norman Foster was originally chosen to create a design for 2 World Trade but this new guy has changed things up. This guy realizes that after he builds something different, the structure belongs to everyone to enjoy. New York has probably the most watched skyline in the world. He gets it right and does not create a boring box.  

Monday, April 11, 2016

Related imageWhy are there so many different laws in different states? There are 4 states that allow you to take your own life. People with brain cancer are being allowed in some states to drink a lethal prescription to end their lives even if they are just 29 years old. Who made these laws and how are we controlling the time and manner of our own death? This is not euthanasia when a doctor gives a patient a lethal injection. Euthanasia is illegal in all 50 states. What is this some kind of pity killing? Who is allowing this to happen? This is called aid in dying or what supporters call assisted suicide. It is also called death with dignity. It allows a patient to take the lethal medication themselves when they are ready to go. Oregon became the first state to legalize this death wish 18 years ago.
It is mostly a private affair since there is rarely a nurse or doctor present. Some are fighting to make this practice behind closed doors legal nationwide. Some people are told they have just weeks to live and are experiencing inoperative brain cancer from tumors that grow quickly and the pressure and pain in the head is unbearable.  They get bloated by the medication to control the brain swelling but they are also in pain. These people are grateful to find a way to end their life. The lethal medication allows someone to slip into a sleep they will never wake up from within a half hour.  The alternative is for one to endure weeks of gradual decline. This is for people who are not afraid to die.
The pain, loss of eyesight and seizures is not a way anyone wants to die from. People are now packing up and moving to Oregon to die. Once a resident, one must make 2 formal written requests to a doctor, fill out a written form called a “Request For Medication to End My Life in a Humane and Dignified Manner,” have 2 physicians to declare that you are mentally competent and are expected to have less than six months to live. The medication often prescribed is Secobarbitol a medication in small doses causes sleep. In large doses causes death. A patient gets a prescription of 100 tablets in which each one must be opened up individually and one by one the powder poured into a glass and the contents dissolved in water.
Since 1997 more than 1,500 prescriptions have been filed. Over 1/3 of people who requested it never took the medication. Some die naturally. Some wait for that last break in discovery of some kind of cure but most take the lethal drink before they get a stroke and can’t do it for themselves. Most doctors won’t describe why they authorized the medication due to doctor patient privacy.  Should we be in control when we are facing the end of our lives? Should a doctor be in control? Who is to judge when the burden of living is intolerable? These are statistics and not emotional deaths. Who should cry when someone doesn’t want to be here anymore? Is there beauty in strugal? Does any God want us to suffer?
Many feel that Oregon’s law is flawed because the doctors don’t know their patients well enough. Lethat medication should not be given for depression. After the prescription is given there is no follow up required of any physician. It is a conflict of interest for doctors because suddenly they are no longer in the business of helping people for their wellbeing but now they are hastening death by giving people massive overdoses. We need a vote on this one for all states to comply.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Related imageTerrorists have gone high tech. They can bring devastation to a region using the push of a button that teens use daily like smart phones and messaging apps.  The encryption debate over Apple and the FBI is now settled but what is not settled is Paris and San Bernardo recent attacks and how to get ahead of these thugs. From a legal standpoint the terrorists are able to communicate with total impunity. There are still phones that police can‘t get into because of encryption.  There are so many software encryption programs out there that they can’t penetrate into certain conversations. It has become a dark zone where there are so many dangerous things being planned that we are blocked from listening to. Years ago everything was given up to law enforcement for the better good of society. Now it seems privacy is more important to people than even safety.
The problem is not just phones. There is a texting app called Telegram that terrorists like to use. Like the new I Phone it offers new advanced encryption. Law enforcement can’t penetrate it and just can’t get into it. Pavel Durov   is the inventor of Telegram. He is a young man without a country. He is Russian born but now is rich and wanders around the world in exile. He created the Telegram app so he could communicate in complete secrecy. It has become popular and is now being used by over 100 million people worldwide. He says he is trying to prevent terrorists from using the app but how do you do that? The app is perfect for ISIS to send private messages to each other to covertly plan and coordinate attacks anywhere in the world.
In Telegram they have a secret chat feature which provides a self- distruct time. It reminds me of the old Charlie’s Angels show where the tape recorder would go up in smoke after they were told their mission. Ok, so I am old now.  In this app you can set a specific time seconds, minutes or a week in which the message would appear to the sender and then disappear. Terrorists love for their evidence to “disappear.” Long before the invention of Telegram, Pavel was known as the Mark Zuckerberg of Russia since he created a popular equivalent of Facebook in Russia.  In 2011 when anti-Putin protestors filled Moscow’s streets, the Kremlin demanded he take down the organizers sites. He refused and has been on the run ever since. There was continual pressure put on him to hand over users personal data. The government in 2014 was even successful in having him thrown out of his own company.
That was his motivation to create Telegram and encrypt it so as no government could ever access their personal data.   It seems that every great invention could be used for good or bad. He left Russia with a reported $300 million dollars which he single handedly uses to fund Telegram. He says it costs him over a million dollars per month. He created it to allow democracy to flourish but is now allowing terrorism to flourish. God help us all in this tech mess.