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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Indian Rural Areas and Life Opportunities (Mix)
Life in rural India is a peaceful life and actually safer for young women than living in large cities. At least women are respected more in rural areas simply because everyone knows each other. Life is primitive since it is based on survival.  The people farm to eat and the   milk   consumed   is from their own cows or they must buy milk from someone else who owns a cow. Sanitation is poor and people will defecate in the streets. Usually there are no schools or hospitals. Choices are limited with maybe one grocery store to choose goods to buy from.  There is no modern technology like computers or the internet. Electricity is used for fans and refrigerators and televisions. Child marriages are arranged and usually is dependent on how large a dowry is available from the family.  
Life opportunities are restricted but you can live a peaceful happy life in rural areas as long as you don’t strive for much in life. Rural people in Bihar seem to have many expectations from the government but not much hope of getting these expectations fulfilled. Electricity in rural areas is poor. They hardly get more than 2-3 hours supply per day and is at lower voltages and not on a regular basis. Farming is at a poor rate since diesel fuel is scarce for tractors if one can even afford a tractor. So, farming is totally dependent on human labor. In the villages there is discrimination between the Dalits and the Muslims. Most villages are 80% Muslim and they do not let the Dalits live with them.
Related imageToilets are not found in most houses.  Women relieve themselves in the streets. Schools might have toilets but they do not function well. No one even seems to care about privacy. Doors are not secured to toilet areas. The most powerful people are the shop owners in the villages followed by the farm owners.  The labors are the most hard working people and sometimes get paid in food that they eat for lunch so they actually own and have nothing. Food choices in villages are not much but the food is fresh and therefore much healthier than some food found in large cities. The environment in the villages is healthy unless you get sick then you have to get care in a city hospital meanwhile living in the city is not a healthy environment but the hospitals are there.
You can farm and live in the villages but the main sources for income can only be made in the cities. There is little opportunity for careers to village teens. Either farm or nothing else is available to do. One must move to a large city if looking for an occupation other than farming. There is little or no public transportation for villagers. Either own and use your own car or don’t really go anywhere. In the cities there is too little time to do many things. In the villages there is too much time to do not many things.  

Beauty Parlor and makeup for women in your culture. (Entertainment)
The world is shrinking due to increased travel capabilities by car, rail, air and boat. In a matter of hours you can be completely immersed in another land filled with culture and customs and when they are very different from all you have known, there can be conflict or intrigue. Not so much with men but with the way women dress and take care of their faces. In some cultures women work just as hard as the men in farms so their faces look weathered with age due to years of being out in the sun all day every day.  Some cultures demand that their women never be seen. They cover them from head to toe with fabric and only spaces for their eyes so they can see where they are going. In the American culture we embrace people from all over the world and accept just about anyone as long as they are good to other people.
Related image
There are many institutions in America that concentrate on beauty. Beauty products are big business and women spend a lot of money supporting the business of beauty. We are proud to show off our older women like Jane Fonda and Christie Brinkley who look 40 years younger than their real age. They spend the time and money to look beautiful always for themselves and for others to enjoy who the see.  Most American women rich or poor do some ritual to try to keep their skin soft and void of wrinkles. If they do have smile lines it is from years of joy and smiles. American men love to show off their beautiful wives and daughters. It is a part of our culture that is wanted and enjoyed be all.
Beauty is also associated with good health.  A healthy body is a happy person and will naturally have good skin and muscle tone due to the great foods we eat and rituals and creams we plaster on our skin to keep it looking youthful at all times.  In any culture no matter what, no one can compete with the beauty of a young beautiful girl. They are simply born for all to see and wish for that eternal beauty.  However, the fact remains that we all get old, weather and soon die. No beauty regime or amount of money or cream developed in a test tube somewhere can change the aging process or ultimate death so we must enjoy the beauty of a woman while we still can see her clearly, touch her soft skin and enjoy her happy smile.
Companies like Avon, Johnson & Johnson, Revlon,  Cindy Crawford Skin Care and  Estee Lauder represent some of the giants in American beauty care products.  Many are now going back to simpler more natural to maintain a good healthy beautiful appearance. Body care brands are including numerous Fair Trade Ingrediences in their products.  Fair Trade Ingrediences such as Shea   butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, honey. Sugar and plant extracts. We just love a natural beautiful woman at any age.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Related imageWorld Humanitarian Summit Istanbul (International)
This is a first of its kind event being held in 2016 to help bring the world together in taking care of humans left in stressful situations. I thought that is what The United Nations was for. At least we all can agree that we are failing in protecting the women and children and families all over the world who are suffering from getting their heads chopped off for religious purposes or being starved to death because of fanatic leaders of their own people to earthly disasters of diseases, polluted water, earthquakes and any other natural earthly disaster. We need a world humanitarian summit to help organize those who want to help and can help with the poor and suffering people of the world.
The Secretary General of the United Nations did indicate that the summit is necessary to stop the suffering going on all over the world. The summit is to take place on May 23 and 24th in Istanbul, Turkey. Rather than just throwing food and water at refugee families in stress, emphasis must be put on the leaders of the regions that have the most suffering people. They must be held accountable for the safety and well- being of the people who live in their countries.  There is an agenda for humanity.  The numbers are staggering and it is about time the world took note to seriously save humanity as we know it. We can no longer ignore the savagery that is taking place in this century.
Right now 125 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. 60 million people have been forced from their homes. This carnage is going on in 37 countries. It is estimated that the United Nations needs $20 billion dollars to correct the situation. I believe that the people will willingly work hard to improve their own lives if they felt safe in their homes. The problem is with the bad leaders of regions who have stolen the countries valuables for themselves and inflicted their own religious or political beliefs on the people instead of allowing people to live freely and productively for themselves. What exactly will they discuss at this summit? Will it just be a giant fund raiser or an emporium for real change for the suffering families of the world living in poverty, starving for food and under political persecution.
The Secretary General emphasized that the summit is an opportunity to discuss and put into place various causes that have already been established. He mentioned the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the recent Paris Agreement on climate change. Yes, pollution is a subject harming all humans too.  The secretary has big aspirations to discuss and solve that no human will live in conflict, no human will live in chronic poverty, no human will live in the risk of natural hazards and have to worry about rising sea levels due to rapid climate change or pollution.    
Related imageIs it the end of the human race? Why aren’t people more concerned? It is a new mysterious disease causing international anxiety. It starts in Brazil from their disgusting water that mosquitoes are born and is spread to pregnant women causing brain dead children born literally without a brain. Ugh! This is a global health emergency that is virtually difficult to quarantine. Here in the United States there are already 50 cases confirmed. Why isn’t travel to and from Brazil at least curtailed since there are rumors that the disease can be spread through saliva as well?
The babies are born with an extremely small head called microcephaly. Because the child has no brain, the skull grows abnormally small. This is a devastatingly neurological condition. Doctors suspect that it is linked to a Zika Virus during pregnancy. In Brazil’s countryside there are thousands of families giving birth to these brain dead children. Roughly 150 cases showed up in Brazil in 2014 but last year there were more than 4000 cases. Many babies are being aborted. Other members of families could also be infected with fevers and rashes. Every case of microcephaly is different but the big common cause of each case is a mosquito carrying the Zika Virus. Can we kill every damn mosquito?
80% of people who contract the Zika Virus don’t even feel sick. How do you control such an outbreak? There is no cure and no treatment for the Zika Virus. So the Brazilian government is going door to door looking for any puddle of filthy water where the Zika Virus and its mosquitos can breed.  I don’t think that is enough. I think travel to and from Brazil should be limited and every single person should be sprayed with bug repellant every day. We hardly hear about this epidemic in the news daily. The more than 50 cases reported in the United States are here travel related. Do we really need this incurable devastating blow to the human race spreading to other countries, our country?
In Florida they declared a public health emergency in 4 counties. The Red Cross is telling people to hold off in donating blood for 20 days if they have been somewhere where there has been a Zika Virus transmission. Recently the first case of Zika transmission was reported through sexual contact. Someone who was infected by the virus spread it to a sexual partner.  We are DOOMED FOLKS!
Scientists say that blood transfusions and sexual contact should be the least of our concerns. Our efforts should be on preventing mosquito bites. If it spreads through mosquitos in large cities it is impossible to contain. Just one discarded tire with a small puddle of filth in it is a bed place for the mosquito to grow and multiply.  After a rain and some dead leaves is a perfect place for the larvae to produce. Poor towns surrounded by trash and filth are sure breeding grounds with homes with no air conditioning or screens to protect the humans from being bit is a perfect place for the human race as we know it to be altered in future generations. Wake up America! Put your guns down and clean up the place!

Monday, February 8, 2016

In this age of computerized lists about just about anything, why isn’t there a good list of where all those sperm donor’s deposits go? Fatherhood should be taken more seriously than just an advertisement in the back of a magazine, cash for sperm. Should family ties mean anything anymore? At least for heredity of possible life span or history of diseases like heat disease, Alzheimer’s or cancer, it would be good for someone to know the history of the people that made you you.  Why is America not concerned about the statistics?
Related image
In some instances a particular sperm donor could have fathered as many as 200 children. Does ethics fall anywhere here? I guess not. At times you can find large advertisements in good college’s newspapers seeking sperm donors from some smart guys. Some guys answer the advertisements because they can use the cash or inquire just for the fun of it. Women get harassed for their abortion rights all the time but no one cares about what the guys are doing. People who go to a sperm bank really want to have children. Creating life should be documented more carefully. Most men donate especially if they don’t have to meet any of their children.
All donor dads sign   an agreement to remain anonymous. The families on the receiving end are only given basic background information about their donor. His age, height, ethnicity, education, birth place are disclosed. clincks  They   give a donor an identification number that has now become the gateway to possible meetings   between child and dad. It is an innate human desire for all humans to want to know where they come from.  There is an on line database called The Donor Sibling Registry. It is a networking site for children who want to connect by matching their donor father’s identification number. 47 thousand people have registered including 2,300 donor dads.  The kids want to see his smile, know his story and see if they look alike.  Most kids are the children of a single mother and have gone through life asking, “ Where is daddy? “
Photos on the site are connecting people. Many are meeting and are beginning to have close relationships. Many men are giving up their resilience and meeting multiple children that they have fathered. There was a man who orchestrated a meeting of 8 of his children that no one ever met before from eight different mothers. Hugging at first is awkward but then soon becomes contagious as laughter and friendliness ensues. The reproductive industry does little to make it easier for donor dads and their children to meet. Why is it that not even the government keeps track of the donors or kids? There is no tracking whatsoever. Sperm banks ask mothers to record donor births but it is not required and no organization links different clinics to the total number of births to a single donor identification.
No one really knows how many kids are out there from a single donor.  The largest group known is a guy who has about 200 kids.  Are humans being born into herds? Some men donate regularly year after year.  The guy with the eight kids admits to donating about 400 times. A single donation at a sperm bank can produce as many as 24 sellable vials. So, do the math. The guy with the 400 donations could have produced 9,600 vials for his clinic to sell. Who even wants all his kids roaming the earth? We need a better system and we need it now! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Related imageIt is Super bowl Sunday again. A day celebrated every year by Americans watching grown men charge and crash into each other causing concussions and other physical sometimes life altering injuries over the possession of a football. Even the term for the sport is confusing to anyone from other parts of the world since what they call football is what we call soccer here. The National Football League is corrupt and has managed to thrive under the laws describing a League and thus not paying taxes. The League contributes no money to the towns they trash each year attracting hundreds of thousands of fans who attend the games, get drunk, filthy up the streets and create havoc for a weekend wherever the games are held in a year. They don’t even pay their sexy cheerleaders a decent wage, but yet we all love Super bowl Sunday.
The proper name for all these festivities is Super bowl 50 played in Levi Stadium in Santa Clara California and is the fight of the Denver Broncos vs. the Carolina Panthers to decide the Championship game of the National Football League. I am waiting for events like these to be played in places called Viagra Stadium with erect penises decorating the venue. I liked it better when stadiums were named after historical figures rather than jean companies or giants of commerce. That only reminds me how much more I must have paid for my Levi jeans in order for the company to afford to buy an entire stadium and name it after themselves.
The fans are pumped up and the players are pumped up and hopefully the balls will be pumped up for the game too. The event gives ordinary people the right to act crazy in an effort to cheer a team along. There is a guy who hauls a giant pizza oven to the parking lot for each home game. People pay a fortune to get tickets to a game. Hotels will overcharge for rooms in the city gams are being held. All of a sudden everyone eats wings and chilly a football meal staple. Bars are overcrowded with drunken souls[cs1] .  58% of Americans say that football is still their favorite sport. Why do we have so many die- hard fans? A die-hard fan will spend for hours prior to any game in the parking lot drinking and making some kind of food.  Some will even bring a raw bar to enjoy in the freezing temperatures of oysters, lobster and shrimp
What makes normal boring people turn into tribal animals when it comes to a football game? Is it part of our value system where we need to follow others in a tribe? Sports bring team colors, warriors, songs and a history and tradition that has been going on now for 50 years in the National Football League.  Rooting for the winning team can affect you physically and emotionally. Scientists have proved that testosterone rises when the couch potato’s team is winning.   All these changes affect your mood too. Women know to keep a safe distance away from their man during an exciting game.  Last year the New England Patriots won the Super bowl again which was their 4th win since 2002. People are still charged up in New England meanwhile some 300 miles south of New England in Lincoln Financial field where the Philadelphia Eagles play the grounds are silent. In the past 50 years the Eagles have made it to the Super bowl only twice and they lost both times. So, no testosterone flowing in Philadelphia.
Yet they have their fans too. It is more like an abusive relationship that will start with hope and end in sadness when the Eagles ultimately   loose. Depression is the effect. Sports fan depression can make you lose your appetite and physically harm you. So just have fun and don’t take anything too seriously ,

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Related imageWhile Americans are fighting with each other their right to own guns and possibly kill each other, our national debt to China rises every day and now China is robbing us by stealing our technological secrets. The main thing America still had going for ourselves was our talent. We produced people like Steve Jobs whose Apple inventions changed the world. Google and Facebook are American inventions that changed the world and our Movies earn billions of dollars world- wide. China is so jealous of our accomplishments the feel they must spy and steal our technological achievements now in the energy sector.
China has an army of spies not to steal military secrets but our knowledge. America’s trade secrets and intellectual property is easily stolen. Some call it the great brain robbery of America. The Justice Department says the scale of China’s corporate espionage is so vast it constitutes a national security emergency. While we fight over the rights to kill each other, China has stolen and sneaked its way into every sector of our economy. This is costing American companies hundreds of billions of dollars in losses and more than 2 million jobs. They are targeting our private companies in an unfair fight. A private business can’t compete against the resources of the second largest economy in the world.
Economic espionage is a serious threat to our national security. Our economy works on its ability to innovate. China is using its intelligence status to steal our trade secrets every day. Instead of being competitive with our industries they use their might to steal information out of our company computers. All you have to do is look at the economic plans published periodically by the Chinese power bureau. We see intrusion by China into America companies. Thousands of American companies have had trade secrets stolen off their computers. Many American companies hide it when they have been robbed because they still do commerce with China.
Our company called American Superconductor is an example of an American company that spent year’s  and  millions of dollars developing advanced computer software for wind turbines. China stole his programs to run the windmills and he had to fire 600 out of 900 employees. Without the programs his company became worthless. He lost over a billion dollars in revenue and his factory floor is silent. China passed a clean energy law in 2005 and suddenly was calling for mega wind farms selected around the country. Suddenly China became the hottest wind power country in the world. American Superconductor partnered with a small  company called Sinovel  that was partly owned by the government. Sinovel made the skeletons of the turbines and the American technology was to make the computer codes to run the systems.

Thus business deal was to serve the entire country. China was already notorious for poaching American property. American Superconductor even had encrypted protocol in place so they could not steal their programs. Eventually an insider employee was bribed with money and women and he gave the Chinese all the company secrets they wanted. This is not uncommon and China is raping American companies daily of our knowledge and of our cash. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The holidays are long over but are you still in the giving mood? Do you want to donate to a good cause or something? Or are you so desperate for money you are willing to sit on the curb shaking a can of change for cash? You don’t have to do any of that.  Just go to your computer and find a great reputable site called go fund me. It is a great place where you can make an emotional plea for assistance from the comfort of your home or local library if you think you can be a fraud and lie about your heartbreaking broke ass problems.
Related imageI like this site because they are reputable. Just about anything on the internet has no internal policing and if found to be a fraud, the site simply disappears and your money is gone. Only the good sites that wish to remain in business tend to follow up on donations and see that transaction go smoothly to real people. The fake illness fraud rate is up to $800million dollars a year according to the FBI. Taryn Harper Wright is a Blogger with the Warrior Eli Hoax Group who has personally uncovered fraudulent cases especially when people post fake pictures of family members or not being hooked up to the proper medical devices for your serious illness.   
Quite often people lie about or inflate disastrous illnesses on line. Dr. Marc D. Feldman a Professor of Psychiatry from the University of Alabama said that people do this because they like the attention and sympathy they get even more than the funding. The frauds usually give themselves away by not describing their problems in a believable way. Some don’t even indicate the medical term for their illness, don’t realize that if they are covered by Medicare some procedures are fully paid for and if they constantly whine for money that is a fraudulent red flag.

As soon as go fund me  realizes there is a fraudulent plea going on they will immediately terminate the campaign and refund the money back to each donor.  This is such a nice feature of the site especially when we live in a world full of rip offs. The site declares that,  “ We remove any accounts that we deem to be fraudulent, ban the campaign organizer from our site , and work actively with law enforcement to help them prosecute criminal activity.”   This place is a good place to visit if you wish to donate money directly to a person or cause. It is trustworthy. If you are in great need for funds and have tried all other sources, this might be the place to help you out. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Related imageDavid Bowie died recently and it is important to recognize how he was one of the firsts to make it big and change pop culture. He died being different too. He didn’t tell anyone about his battle with pancreatic cancer instead he released a creepy album that is all about death in the videos. Who can turn death into an artistic piece? David did. People from all over the world made tributes to his life.  They grieved like they grieved for Lennon. This guy was no Lennon. He was in a category all by himself especially then.
He was born David Jones but changed his name early in life to Bowie like he knew he would be famous one day and didn’t ever want to be confused with that other guy. Davie Jones of the Monkeys was famous first. Bowie was more of an activist. At age 17 he was a outspoken member of the Society for Long Haired Men. In 1966 he was speaking of tolerance for all people. He always had female features and most of the time dressed in tight wild colors that emphasized his male/female traits, No one did that in the 60set he was able to transition from weird to having hit records that all people sang along to.
His first hit record was in 1969 called Space Oddity that was released just a few months before the famous American moon landing. When TV showed the footage of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon they played Bowie’s record.  What Pop star gets that kind of free advertisement? Meanwhile Bowie became even more of the androgynous man wearing makeup and feather boas singing in his male voice. He was the first non-conformance who quit worrying about fitting in. A Pioneer of sorts. He collaborated with other recording stars and never felt in competition with them. He wrote the popular song called Fame with John Lennon. Wrote the song called Under Pressure with Freddy Mercury from Queen. He even recorded a Christmas song with Bing Crosby.
In England in 1972 he came out and said he was bi-sexual. At the time it was a new thing. He held a rock concert in front of the Berlin Wall and days later Ronald Regan dared that they tear the wall down. He proposed a world of tolerance and understanding over fear and destruction. David was an actor too who stared in 4 vampire movies before vampire movies were so popular. Finally he played himself in the movie called Zoolander. Most of all he will be remembered as the father of glam rock who was married to a black super model for 20 something years. His artistic DNA could be traced down to Madonna and Lady Gaga. It will be hard to forget David Bowie.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Related imageWe live in a global world. We are even entertained by athletes and performers from all over the world. I haven’t seen a great heavy weight boxing match in America since Mike Tyson bit someone’s ear off. Well there is a really big crazy guy from Europe called The Gypsy King who has boxed just about everyone   and won. This guy’s personal life is almost as interesting as his boxing life.  He stands at almost 7 feet tall and hardly looks like those string bean poles of very tall men in basketball. So far the heavy weight king was a guy from Russia. Wladimir Klitschko   who   has   dominated the sports category for nine years.  This new big monster of a guy is Tyson Fury who is now the new heavyweight champion.
He is a man proud of his gypsy heritage from the United Kingdom. It is more of a family affair since all the men were into boxing throughout their lives. He feels that being the champion is his destiny. Being from Manchester, England he spars with his cousin, trained by his father and managed by his cousin and don’t mess with any of them because they are all tough guys. They could all be characters from an old John Wayne movie.  His 4 year old son is learning the family business of boxing. Fury dropped out of school at age 10 to become a boxer. At 14 years old he grew to be 6 feet 6 inches tall and only wanted to fight. He defined the odds since birth. He was born three months pre-mature weighing only one pound. No one expected him to survive but his father who named him Tyson after the then heavy weight champion of the world.
This child was bread to be one of the most feared people in the world. The Fury men have been bare knuckle prize fighters for generations. Their gypsy nomadic clan were known as The Irish Travelers who roamed England and Ireland for centuries. They got by with their fists while entire towns would bet that they would fail at fights. They settled everything with a bare knuckle fight. They fought for honor, pride and money. Shen a clan won a number of fights he was called a Gypsy King. So when the daughter of a king married his father who had achieved the status of a king, they knew that their son would grow up to be something extra special.
Tyson Fury’s blood line goes back 200 years of fighting men. Even after his father won enough money fighting to buy land, the family still chose to live in the trailer they moved around in on the land rather than live in the house. They were used to be welcomed nowhere and had a hard time settling down. As Tyson grew up he became angrier by the bigotry he faced growing up for the hatred of Gypsys’ by just about anyone.  In 2010 Tyson’s father was sentenced to 10 years in prison for gauging the eye out of a man in a bare knuckle fight. It was then in the absence of his father that another family member stepped in and made sure Tyson was being trained properly to be a world champion.

His life should be made into a movie. His cousin Peter earned a living by bare knuckle fighting for mobsters and for just about anyone who would pay for him to beat someone up for a price. Eventually he went to jail too for 10 years and had to pay fines of about 2 Million dollars. No this is not a fictional story. The family became born again by becoming legal fighters in the sport. By 2015 Tyson was ready for the heavy weight title match and his father just got out of prison to see it. Tyson now sings at fights, runs his mouth like Ali while no one can even get close enough to him to make him bleed. A true champion!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Society says…… We have a strange way of celebrating in this country. A man recently won a large amount of money in the Lottery. He celebrated by renting a Mansion, hiring whores, overdosing on Cocaine and died at 35 years old. A wealthy guy, basketball player  named Lamar was celebrating his divorce from a Kardashian and spent $75,000 on a whore house with 2 personal girls and almost died became a vegetable from a mixture of drugs overdosing. Recently a teenager killed 4 people with reckless driving wild extremely high on drugs. Where is the celebration or the fun? It seems that wealth also buy’s your way in the courts with a new adjective called the Affluenza Defense that gives you a light sentence even for murder.    
Related imageHis lawyers were able to initially keep him out of jail after a drunk driving accident. The kid would have gotten away with it all but the arrogant kid failed to check in with his probation officer. The behavior was outrageous as was the crime as was the defense. This kid’s excuse was that he was so rich, he didn’t know right from wrong. When did wealth cancel out good behavior in society? But it did! There was a video that was shown everywhere of the 16 year old kid playing beer pong at a party. It was that video that helped prove a violation of his probation. Ethan Couch then fled the country to Mexico, was found and is now in custody. On the night of the accident His blood alcohol level was at three times the legal limit. He was driving a large pick- up truck exceeding 70 miles per hour on a small 2 lane road. The teen behind the wheel walked away without any injuries.
Not only was he drunk but there were traces of THC, Valume and other drugs. The kid was charged with everything possible including four counts of intoxication manslaughter. It was hoped for that he would get 20 years but then it was decided that he would be tried as a Juvenile. Since he admitted guilt it skipped a trial and immediately went to a sentencing hearing. Someone wanted this thing decided quickly and put away. Treatment was recommended over jail time and the “Affluenza” term is dropped in court like a bomb. The reason for this crime was because he was a child of wealth. His parents never said no to him over anything. Does that make you even exempt from murdering people? What has happened in this society?
He was sentenced to only 10 years’ probation and time in a rehab center. Four dead, nine injured and not a single day behind bars. Money can also buy you the best legal counsel too. The families of the murdered and injured brought civil lawsuits for monetary damages and they were settled without admitting to a crime. Money also pays off distraught people too.  There was one case where a deposition was required and the kid admitted to taking Valium, hydrocodone, marijuana, cocaine, Xanax, vyvanse and Ecstasy. Why are kids being able to have access to so many disturbing drugs? The parents allowed him to fast forward into adulthood by even allowing him to live by himself in a 4,000 square foot home complete with a wet bar and in ground swimming pool out back.

He was allowed to drive since age thirteen. He was even arrested prior to this murder for another incident of DWI, possession of alcohol, public lewdness and for providing alcohol to minors and driving without a license. He violated as much as five laws that night. Even then money seemed to pay for a light sentence of taking an Alcohol Awareness Course and community service. He failed to do parts of that too.  The parents testified for not really disciplining Ethan for anything much.  They both fled to Mexico and when they refused to a simple request to remain low and quiet, they were caught. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Why is there lead in the water supply in Flint, Michigan? Why are people breaking out in rashes and losing hair? Why was the doctor who sounded the alarm ignored? Most importantly why aren’t criminal charges being brought against the politicos who made the poor decisions for the citizens of this country to create such a unsafe environment for American citizens? It was supposed to be a good decision when the then mayor of Flint, Michigan shut off the water power supply from Detroit. They then began pulling the water from the local Flint River to cut costs. This decision had devastating consequences especially since they did not do enough testing to even see if the water was safe.
Here we are 2 years later and the region is in a state of Federal emergency. President Obama got involved and released 80 Million dollars in aid to Michigan to help Flint fix the contaminated water problem. The National Guard was called into service to distribute thousands of bottled water to communities. Back in April 2014 no one knew about the devastation that was put into action. Why? Why wasn’t the water tested for safety for consumption?   Even then complaints were pouring in about the foul smell and lack of clarity in the water of which were ignored by the local government. Then the mysterious illnesses popped up of severe rashes and swelling of kin around the eyes. Children were experiencing loss of hair. Residents soon were filling up emergency rooms with all kinds of ailments.
Related image
For almost two years complaints from the residents of Flint went unanswered. Why? Why isn’t anyone in government ever held accountable for anything horrible? It took one doctor who narrowed down the problems to the high amount of lead in the contaminated water. Led is a irreversible neurotoxin. Once it is in your body, the damage is done.  Now that sounds like a big lawsuit to me. Who do we sue? The Mayor for his poor decisions? Doctor Mona Hanna-Attisha who is the Director of Pediatric Residency Program at the Hurley Medical Center was one of the first to sound the alarm. Instead of being profusely thankfuzl by the local government of her finding, she was ignored. Who has the nerve to ignore medical professionals when faced with a health crisis?
The doctor was attacked and told that she was wrong and inept researchers. Then the people started to protest. Finally the EPA, The Environmental Protection Agency got involved and they found that Flint didn’t even test the water or treat it with anti-corrosion agents as required by law.  The state officials ignored multiple warnings.  Finally Governor Rick Snyder the Republican resigned with a simple I’m sorry. Apologies don’t mean much when lives are in danger.  It is the betrayal of entire government agencies that leave people in their own home full of fear and mistrust. Why aren’t the people being compensated?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Our compassionate President has decided to take a new direction on drugs. It has been 40 years and we spent a trillion dollars with the same policies on fighting drugs with no real signifigant positive results.  Teens are seeking solace in drugs and booze for all their problems and winding up in the end with even more problems. Our prisons are crowded with many drug related criminals and there is a new outbreak in the heroin epidemic this time with ordinary kids in ordinary neighborhoods.  The President picked a real different kind of guy to be the new Director of National Drug Control. He is a admitted drug addict in his past.
Related image`Michael Botticelli is his name and he is not a cop. He is lucky he didn’t go to jail himself.  21 million Americans are addicted to drugs or booze. Half of all Federal inmates are in for drug convictions. This guy is pushing that our problems are from a brain disease and not from moral failings. It is not about bad people who are continuing to use alcohol or drugs because they lack willpower. We don’t expect people who have cancer to jut stop having cancer. Addiction changes your brain in the part that is responsible for judgement. This is the essence of Michael Botticelli’s approach to the epidemic. He advocates patience not prison. He did it in Massachusetts as Director of Substance Abuse Services.
He wants a   court where treatment can be chosen over jail time and the charges can be dropped. Over the last year some people have been angry believing that he wants to simply open up the jails and let all the drug addicts out. He believes that getting people away from the jails can actually reduce jail time for addicts. In 1988 Michael was a drunk driver and crashed into a truck. He admits that he was drinking for many years. He knows that drinking and drugs make you feel good until it doesn.t anymore and you realize it is too late and you have lost your money, friends, lovers, possession’s in the process and the feel bad outweighs the feel good part.
After being handcuffed to a gurney with no money left he was grateful to be able to start a 12 step program to control the addiction. It was the first time he raised his hand and said he was an alcoholic. When people surround you and say they will help you and we will get through it rather than being alone in a cold jail cell you feel like it is not over and there is hope for you to change for the better. Jail simply makes you mean and bitter.  He has been alcohol free for 27 years. Today he oversees a 26 Million dollar budget over 16 government agencies where about half of the money goes to drug enforcement. Prescription pain killers need to be controlled more and as a result, the use of heroine would stop too. Heroin is cheaper to get than prescription pain killers.
More than 120 Americans die each day from an overdose. That is more than car wrecks or gun violence. Michael wants to arm each police officer with Naloxozone a nasal spray to revive an overdose symptom. It works to revive an unconscious addict within 45 seconds. Michael also created the Good Samaritan Law which is a change in the law where someone can call 911 and report finding drugs and not get arrested. Today 31 states have a similar 911 law. He is also a gay man who has lived with his partner for over 20 years and has helped in the gay rights movement. It is the legal drugs that kill most of Americans each year.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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It is time to throw the phone away that is not just a phone. I am not saying this just because I am old now. All this social media and texting allows people to send nudity to just about anyone including your young kids who have smart phones and are now in deep trouble with the sexting laws in your state. In Colorado middle school kids are trading naked pictures on their phones using secret Apps designed to hide it all from their parents and teachers. Thank goodness in a way because if an adult is caught looking at the nudity all of a sudden you can be labeled a pedophile which comes with its own set of laws.  At least 100 students at Canon City High School were swapping nude photos like baseball cards.
Several students are facing suspension including so many members of the high school football team that games had to be canceled due to a lack of players available to play.  Do we need a digital version of “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine”? The problem is that most teens are unaware about 61% of students that sending nudity could land them criminal charges for trafficking in child pornography. It is a felony that could mean jail time and in the pedophile data base for life. In the last six months there have been over a dozen sexting investigations across the country.  There is no current federal sexting law but it is on the books in 20 states with widely ranging penalties. In New Jersey male students shared nude photos of female students through texting messages and social media.
In Ohio, there was a nude of a student who was just 11 years old circulating. In New York 12 students were circulating themselves involved in a sex act from King Park High School. Some parents are defending their kids saying that it is impossible to believe that their kid could get in trouble because someone else forwarded a video to their phone that they had no control in receiving it. A kid could be prosecuted for sending photos of themselves. A plea deal can be worked out so that they avoid the pedophile list.  It is scary that a kid’s life can be seriously altered over some photos. I think the laws are outdated especially if the photos are being sent only to the circle of teens consenting.

Society should be getting after the apps that are designed to look like clocks or calculators but are really ghost apps displaying the nudity.  An app called PhotoVault gives users the option of a decoy password. That means you can have a separate password for all your x rated photos. Another app called CalculatorPlus looks completely innocent but when you open it up with your password and hit the   percentage % sign you are open to a photo vault.  Let’s fine the creators of these secret  Apps.  Other Apps like Snap chat, kik, yicyap   can   exchange albums of photos instantly. The safest thing is to have a conversation with your kids to just stop it to avoid being embarrassed or busted. We all know that if there is a will, they will find a way for stupidity. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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We need new drug laws that are enforceable and equal across state lines. First the drugs are putting our kids at risk and now even the enforcers are putting them at more risk. They are recruiting kids to be CIs or Confidential Informants putting their lives at greater risks than enjoying a few bags of pot.  These type of Informants were traditionally mobsters turning each other in to law enforcers. Now college students caught with a bag of pot are being recruited by law enforcers to join in and reveal their suppliers. They wear a wire and make undercover drug buys in exchange for having their charges reduced or dropped altogether. It is a dangerous job sometimes with tragic consequences. One girl was found dead four town away with the loose wire still on her body.
It is a time to make big changes nationally. Pot is now legal in 4 states and the District of Columbia. Yet in places like North Dakota, where selling even a small amount is a Class A Felony with a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, a fine of $20,000 or more or both.  Now in North Dakota when they catch someone who has pot on them they offer them the dangerous job of wearing a wire and becoming a Confidential Informant to catch other people involved in drug selling. Should drug users be used as Police? If they do not agree to be an informant they will be charged with 2 Class A felonies. Sounds like blackmail to me! So of course most young people take the deal.
They are told not to tell anyone about the deal. Not a lawyer, a friend not even their parents. No parent would want their college student to become an Informant since it is a dangerous job that they have no experience in doing. Young people caught for usually minor offences should not be Informants. Going undercover is the most dangerous type of Police work. You cannot expect a kid to do the same trained work as a undercover cop. In Florida a young college graduate as part of her deal was sent out as a Confidential Informant to purchase a large amount of drugs from a alleged dealer. She was even told to pur`       chase a gun from the dealer. Should an average pot head be forced to do hard core deals? It happened to Rachel Hoffman who in the course of the transaction of $13,000 given to her by cops to buy a gun, cocaine and ecstasy lost her. A 20 car back up of Police lost her and her body was found with the wire still attached to her with 5 bullet holes to her chest in a lake 50 miles away.

In Tallassee, Florida a lawyer sued the Police for the family and won a 2 Million dollar settlement. However, the practice of recruiting Confidential Informants continue.  No one is keeping statistics on the number of people involved, killed, success rate or even if this is making a solid dent in the drug war. The cops want the sellers, the dopers to turn themselves in.  The use of an Informant makes the Cops job infinitely easier.  Without any timely surveillance   on their part they instantly get a drug transaction, evidence and an informant all at once.  There could be as many as 100,000 Confidential Informants working with the police around the country. Police say it is a voluntary job. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Related imageWas ethics and honesty ever there for some prominent men? Even the boring ordinary guys like Charles Kuralt who filmed his famous” On The  Road” series finding all sorts of interesting towns across America managed to have another wife and family across the country years ago. Bill Clinton said he never had sexual relations with Monica but his sperm was found on her dress. And now our vision   of   conservative, educated, funny respectful Bill Cosby is shattered. The arrest and fall of the reputation of Bill Cosby hurts the most because he was able to unite blacks and whites in his very own unique way. Through being a conservative and never a super fly kind of black guy.  Now we find out he hated white women and drugged them and at the very least molested them.
We should have known that something was weird with the guy when he accepted no less than 60 honoree degrees from any college anywhere. I like when people actually earn their college degrees by going to class and passing a test.  The importance of character is well important. Your character is what you really are while your reputation is what other people think you are. When we idolize people based on their reputation we open ourselves up for disappointment. The New York Times recently released excerpts from a deposition in a law suit Bill Cosby gave under oath a decade ago. In it Cosby admits to offering money to women after having sex with them. He said he hid the payments and his behavior from his wife.
Idolization of   people based on their reputation happens all the time. We loved Pete Rose for his amazing records as an athlete on the baseball field and then we find out that he gambled on games. We admired a President Nixon for his great abilities at foreign relations with the world and then find out that he was a liar and a cheat. Bill Cosby was America’s Dad eating Jell-O with us and we find out that he is a serial Rapist. If the allegations against Bill Cosby are true, than he is a man with a tremendously flawed character who at one point in his life enjoyed a stellar reputation. In spite of his horrific deeds to women he was a brilliant comic and actor. He was a philanthropist, a patron of the Arts, a teacher, a man concerned with educating children and a warrior for civil rights. The good works that make up his known reputation became his legacy.
So if a man nurtures his reputation by doing public good as in all the men mentioned today, what becomes of his works when his true character is revealed and he suffers the inevitable fall from grace? Do we simply discard a man’s brilliance, philanthropy, wisdom and humanities? How much of that legacy are we even allowed to remember? For some the answer is zero. If you support Cosby you support rape. The gravity of his acts grant that his legacy be tossed into the trash of history.  Some people believe that the value of his works outweighs his character flaws. His legacy is paramount and must be jealously guarded. He was one of our Black heroes. I believe he must be condemned. He must have known that what he was doing to woman after woman repeatedly was dangerously wrong.   
It was a difficult balancing act no matter what the outcome. Most of us do not have that same moral equilibrium to pull off stunts as these guys did. We teach our children that certain behaviors carry consequences.  Watching your legacy crumble before your eyes is clearly a consequence. The legal consequences are beginning to follow. One thing for certain will be the final judge of the Cosby legacy is in how he answers to these rape allegations by about 50 women. His reputation no longer matters. Everyone is disassociating themselves with him. His shows no longer air on TV, the sponsors have all dropped him from advertising and the Universities are taking back their distinguished degrees.  Be honest Bill Cosby there is nothing else left to loose. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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Do we really need the penny anymore? Would you stop to even pick up a penny off the street? Probably not yet it is United States Currency.  There was a poll that said that people actually throw their pennies in the trash. So, is our United States Mint spending millions of dollars to make trash? People just do not want to carry them around anymore. According to the Treasury Department, private businesses are free to prohibit payment of bills in pennies. Some businesses are avoiding the penny altogether. They are choosing to round down a bill to the nearest nickel in the customer’s favor just to avoid those little brown things.

People don’t even care. They say whatever is easier is fine. Meanwhile there is a penny lobby in Washington and a focus group in defense of the penny called Americans for Common Cents. The lobby only spent $140,000 in defense of the penny and that is because the company Jarden Corporation makes the zinc circles that will then be pressed into the penny form. The company makes more money from its other products like class rings, Yankee Candle and crock pots. The only ones in favor of the penny are coin collectors. Lincoln has the five dollar bill does he need the penny too? The Mint has admitted that there is no cheaper way to make the penny. No other metal is so worthless.

Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland all got rid of their pennies. It wouldn’t be the first time the United States got rid of a coin either. We used to have the half penny. We dropped that in 1857. Maybe we can even vote on it in the next election. We should vote on something important.   

Monday, January 11, 2016

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Latest Conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia {Mix)
Pakistan is caught in the middle of the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia. It has large Sunni and Shi’ite populations and needs the cooperation of both Riyadh and Tehran. Saudi Arabia is courting Pakistan’s support in its widening dispute with its long standing regional rival.  Since announcing a 34 country Islamic military alliance last November, Saudi Arabia has been seeking the inclusion of the Muslim world’s second most populous country and sole nuclear power.  A senior Pakistani official said that they were part of the coalition. Following meetings with Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Pakistan army issued a statement saying that any threat to Saudi Arabia’s territory would invoke a strong response from Pakistan.
Some leaders would prefer to simply be a mediator between Saudi Arabia and Iran and not involve Pakistan at all. Pakistan is home to both the world’s   second largest Sunni and Shi’ite population. This fears inviting the Middle East’s sectarianism to South Asia.  Recently a terrorist group of Iraq trained ISIS members were discovered in the major industrial town of Sialkot, meanwhile the Iranian Revolutionary  Guard has been recruiting Pakistani Shi’ites to join its fight against ISIS in Syria. Following the recent execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, one of the largest demonstrations took place in Pakistan’s largest city Karachi.
These developments add to security problems that Pakistan already has to deal with including a domestic sectarian insurgency that has taken the lives of thousands of Pakistani Shi’ites across all four of the countries provences over recent years. There was outrage over the recent massacre of over 100 children in a school at Peshawar, Pakistan. Pakistan has intensified its fights against militants at home. The renewed campaign against militants in 2015 saw a 48% decrease in the number of terrorist attacks according to the respected Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies. Pakistan holds obvious appeal to Saudi Arabia because it is a Sunni-majority country that can act as a nuclear armed counterweight immediately to Iran’s east.
Pakistan has a long history of dispatching its soldiers to protect the desert kingdom. They sent thousands of troops there during the Gulf War and in the 1980’s. The two countries also collaborated during the  anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia has helped Pakistan’s economy financially on a number of occasions. In 2013 they gifted Pakistan $1.5 billion dollars to ease the balance of payments. Pakistan also has 1.5 million workers working in the Kingdom. But last April Pakistan’s Parliament voted to decline a Saudi request to participate in its coalition fighting in Yemen against the allegedly Iranian-backed Houthi rebels. At the time the Pakistans said they were overstretched at home and unwilling to pick sides  between a brotherly Saudi Arabia and a neighborly Iran.

Pakistan’s relations with Iran have been fraught since the 1979 Islamic Revolution swept Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini to power and Tehran drifted closer to New Delhi. In recent years Pakistan has been trying to change its isolation by improving ties with Iran. 
Related imageDo you love your dog? What would you do if you could to give your pet true eternal life? Pet Cloning is making it all possible and is legal. The only thing in the way for most pet owners is the hefty price tag for the procedures. It takes a few months and is becoming more and more popular and somehow even acceptable to most people. I still think it is creepy and going down roads that we have never gone down before. The pet owners are ecstatic to see the same white paws and brown spots on the nose of their favorite pet born again. It doesn’t matter that it cost them $100,000 to a South Korean Biotech Company to get their little bundle of joy.

The DNA that made the new pup that looks identical to the pet owner’s beloved pet was taken 12 days after the pet died. Then scientific history was created.  David Kim a Researcher in the field acknowledges that it take special knowledge to do this process successfully. Apparently there are “best” methods to cloning dogs out there. The big business of cloning is coming out of Sooam Biotech Research Foundation. This particular foundation reports that they have already cloned over 700 dogs with a 40% pregnancy success rate which is the world’s highest.  The TLC channel jumped at the chance to exploit the practice by airing a series called, I Cloned My Pet.
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Ethical questions arise. There are so many pets out there that need good homes then why go through the expense and selectiveness to create just one pet again. How close are we then to acceptable human cloning? There is no guarantee that your cloned pet will have the same personality as your loved pet had but people have reported that the new pets act the same as their old pets did. They have the same nature as nurture. Various characteristics are very   similar to the old pet. So if you want a faithful friend for life get a dog. A cloned dog.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Related imagePolio and Prevention in your Country (Health)
There is no cure for Polio. It is a crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease. In the United States we have safe and effective vaccines that can effectively stop the spreading of the disease and therefore eradicating it from our land. We are effective in giving every child born in America and living in America the vaccine to prevent polio from ever spreading to another human. Polio spreads from person to person evading the brain and spinal cord causing paralysis, the inability to move. Most of the world has the disease under control especially after in 1988 the World Health Assembly adopted a resolution for the world wide eradication of polio. It marked the launch of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) super headed by national governments.
The spread of polio has never stopped in Afghanistan and Pakistan. These two countries have been backward in so many areas that it seems that they just don’t care about their people. The children are not being educated, fed well or even receiving life sustaining important vaccines. The people from these countries have now become a world health problem. Everywhere else in the world including Nigeria the 21st Century has seen a multitude of public health victories. Among them is the elimination of wild polio virus (WPV) in over 100 countries worldwide thanks to successful vaccines programs.
The immunization laws in the United States stresses in the schools that every child simply must have the proper vaccines to prevent the diseases like polio and mumps or measles.  The laws have proven to be very effective in securing a healthier life for all humans in America. Enforcement of the laws   will prevent any child from entering a school until they have been properly vaccinated.   47 states have exemptions for persons who have strong religious beliefs against vaccines and 15 states have exemptions for persons philosophically opposed to vaccination.  Fewer than 1% have any opposition to any vaccination in any state. School laws promote the education to have families want to have their children vaccinated. The immunization effort in the schools ensure that it is always a top topic among educating all. But schools can not replace the important efforts that must be made in the first two years of a child’s life.
The history of the polio vaccine in the United States spans a 50 year past. The United Stated invested approximately $35 Billion dollars in the vaccination programs throughout the years to prevent the spread of the disease.  America has plans to invest $1.4 Billion dollars more in future efforts to keep the disease at bay for the safety for all humans in this country. America considers this an investment in health since the cost of treatment of anyone stricken with polio would be costing the country much more money in medications and treatment for such a lifelong debilitating disease.  Money for the prevention of the spread of polio is money well spent. America cares for its people. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Related imageDebate after debate no matter who the candidate is, they talk as if the world is on fire. Too bad we can’t have a few more years of our quiet calm and cool Obama as President. They won’t admit it but I think we all got used to the man, the leader the current President. They say terrible things about each other and about our country like that we are all in the toilet and other countries are killing us. I am happy that since the Bush Administration left, we have gotten relatively safer thanks to Obama’s ways.  Our economy has gotten better too. Trump’s slogan Make America Great Again is out of touch. Obama already made America great again. Trump seems to want a war with the world. He already has the hate of Mexicans, Muslims women delivered from the hate he spews out yet he is the popular candidate among red necks in middle America with their loaded shot guns ready to “protect themselves.”
The numbers speak for themselves. There is not a better place to be today than we were six or eight years ago. We know that facts are not in the Bible but we do have statistics   on how things were compared to how things are today. The facts who think we have to restore to the Bush era from the Obama years speak for themselves. These were the facts from this past September and now into the New Year have continued to get better for Obama. From Bush’s last year till now, unemployment was 7.2%   now at 5.1%, price  of gas  $3.24 per gallon now at $2.15 per gallon, health uninsured was at 15% now down to 9.2%,  energy independence we used to import 11 million barrels of oil per day now it is down to  4 barrels a day. Teen pregnancy is down from 40.2% to 26.5%. Our Gross National Product went up from minus 3% to 3.7%. The Dow Jones our stock market was selling shares at 10,065 and activity went up to 18,384 shares being traded daily. That my friends is a much stronger economy now. We should be at the moment of thankfulness.   
We still have income inequality where the struggling tax payer sees the black President who didn’t do much to change his paycheck. He promised change when he was re-elected but how much change did we expect? Nevertheless all the candidates have a negative effect of disillusionment. They can only agree on if Obama has ruined us on purpose or by accident. Must they be so dramatic in order to be elected to a job they know nothing about except Hillary who lived in the White House and had the most experienced job in American politics out of all those candidates. Do all these men want to restore the old numbers?
They act like Obama never existed. They give him zero credit for eradicating terrorist leaders World Wide. We must not discount all this progress just because you selfishly want to be elected. America is great because I never heard of anyone leaving this country to get a better job in another country.                                                                                                                                                                    

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Related imageHAPPY!!!!! Try to be it. Today is the one time of the year that the world is united in sentiment. The one day where there are celebrations with fireworks and public displays of love, happiness and unity. It is a brief pause from hatred, war and religious beliefs just to be happy. I love it. Try it tonight when that critical moment happens when everyone worldwide in their prospective time zones counts off the final seconds of this year to look forward to a clean slate into the next year. Be grateful that you are still alive and well enough to enjoy that moment and hug and kiss someone you love or even just someone near you. Just do it. What can be wrong with a random act of kindness and raw emotional love?
There are those to pay their respects to the recent past and all the senseless killing on our city streets by frustrated cops and arrogant gun wielding kids, in our homes by broken marriages and sick drug filled kids. In cities forcing people to leave their homes for no reason and become a refugee in another land far away from their language and traditions. TV shows show a memorial to all the famous that have died as a final tribute to all the joy they have given us in the entertainment field. Then we reflect on all the people we knew who died this past year. We pour a stiff drink and take a toast to the memory of whoever we thought were great people or pets. We mourned their death when it shockingly happened and   this time we get to reflect on all the positive memories.  
I think this year we need to reflect on the lives of the people who are still living who are doing  extra ordinary things to make our lives better. Let’s talk about the amazing doctor from Haiti who just split conjoined twins from Haiti to help those babies lead a better life. Doctor Henri Ford is the Chief of Surgery at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. He was born in Haiti, raised in Brooklyn New York educated in the United States and is now sharing his wealth of knowledge with the poor people of Haiti making their lives better.  The earthquake is reuniting him with his heritage. Although the earthquake has happened five years age he has returned at least 20 times to assist in the medical needs of the people there.
We need to celebrate the great lives we have in our hands to shake while they are living and performing great things for humanity. We need to celebrate all the new immigrants that flock to great countries who desperately want to contribute to a peaceful progressive society and not build barriers to their compassionate pleas for productive lives. Celebrate tonight all the good that life gives to all of us every day. Tell the people you love how happy they make you. Enjoy!                                                                                                                        

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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10 companies that are going global in your country (International)
10 companies that are going global are:
1.       Viglink in a world that is shrinking as more and more companies expand to go global is expanding. This company has raised $18 million dollars in series C financing to expand to the United Kingdom. It is an internet company that specializes in enabling advertising links directly into content.
2.       Duetto is a company that develops profit optimizing software for hotels and casinos or resorts. Duetto recently developed a headquarters in an Asia-Pacific location in Singapore.  Duetto said it eventually wants to expand to growth in China, Japan, Australia and India.
3.       New Relic is expanding to Dublin. They are a big data software company. They expanded to Dublin because labor and real estate is cheaper there to obtain than in other countries.
4.       DocuSign is moving its company expansion to Japan. It is an electronic signature company that raised $30 million dollars from investors for the expansion.
5.       Point of Care Medical Companies (POC) are expanding to India and China. The company specializes in medical testing that is a growth area by about 11% in those countries.
6.       StartupGrind is expanding to Mexico. It is another computer tech company that is already a global presence and expects to be in every country of the world.
7.       Starbucks went global to France and did not do well since the French people prefer a strong espresso coffee. They allowed smoking in their coffee houses and became more popular.
8.       An office furniture instillation by Herman Miller for Monsanto in India. Rather than cubicles a new configuration of office furniture was better and the people of India worked better with the new furniture.
9.       IBM International Business Machines continues to expand globally and spread the American business machines technology worldwide.
10.   Google continues to enter all places on earth mapping out locations and points of interests.
Most of all companies from the United States are expanding globally to expand the American mentality as it pertains to business. America has an expectation from its workers. The effective use of time is a virtue in America. Youth and vitality are prized and a good entrepreneur is respected in America more than older pre-existing wealth. Young entrepreneurs like Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the co-founders of Google, and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook get prime attention as to their focus and ideas. We learned a lot from the young founders of Apple to let their creativity fly and fund their at first thought of wacky projects that have since proved to be a source of respect and great wealth for America in the fields of research, technology and social media. What else is important to life?

The rest of the world needs to now learn how to respect the earth and its people and nature and animals in order for us to be globally at peace with each other. Only then can progress be made anywhere in the world.    

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Related imageWhat is all the big deal about the holiday season? People are all of a sudden traveling everywhere. The stores are full with shoppers. The delivery guys are out all day delivering packages. Why all the fuss? It is all important fuss because for once a year we all decided it is the time to reflect stop and finally give back to someone or to some cause. It is truly the season of giving so get involved in any way you can. Most of our lives are consumed with obtaining the best job or the finest home   or even the freshest food. It is all about us and our wellbeing and there is nothing wrong with self- preservation but take a moment to look around you. Stop and share for once and most of all be thankful that you have something to give even if it is just a moment of your time. .
So, write that Christmas card out even to those that you haven’t seen all year but you do remember their smile or some event or reason for keeping in touch.  Give the gift of friendship. Pick up that catalogue and order something to be sent to someone you know you will not be able to see but would love to receive a surprise of a gift in the mail. Give the gift of remembrance. There can be joy in the act of giving and we all just don’t give enough throughout the year. Give the precious gift of forgiveness to someone you feel has done you wrong in the past. That will really make you a hero of sorts. It takes courage to take that initiative to make the decision to give. It is purely an act of your doing at your rate to someone you know or even to a perfect stranger.
An extraordinary gift of selfless giving was given by a guy Eugene Yeung who saw a video on his Facebook page of a guy he never met who was pushing himself in a wheelchair wearing a T Shirt that said I Will Walk Again. He found out the guy was Arthur Ranowiski who was mugged, shot and paralyzed. Eugene did some research and found a system made by ReWalk Robotics that gets strapped to your legs and lifts your feet for you while you help balance with ski poles. The problem is that this advanced device costs $80,000 dollars.  To pay for it, Eugene quit his job at a research company to hike   from   California to Canada if he had to in order to raise the donation money to pay for the device. He posted videos on social media and asked people to donate as he walked from town to town. At Washington State he achieved his donation goal and bought the device to give to the guy who just wanted to walk again.
That is an extraordinary gift of giving. You can try it in these next two days by even just randomly give a hug or kiss to someone who just might need one. Besides who doesn’t need a hug or kiss? Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for reading my rants.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Donald Trump Election Campaign and his life (International)
One of the best features of Donald Trump’s life is his beautiful children who some also have children of their own. Yes, Donald Trump who is currently winning the race for a Republican President in the next United States election for President of the country is also a grand-father.  He has fathered five children from three wives.  The Trump children are Donald Jr. 37, Ivanka 33, Eric 31, Tiffany 21 and Baron at 9 years old. He is an unusual candidate in that he is financing his election costs himself. Donald describes himself as a successful businessman and submitted in his disclosure a statement saying that he is worth $8.7 billion dollars.
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Donald Trump earned support from working class citizens who are eager to find a leader different from what they have had in the past. He is controversial and have shocked most people in the way he plans to lead the country. His supporters are mostly working class citizens with no college education.  In his opening campaign speech he rose to the top in interest because of his outrageous statements claiming that the Mexican immigrants are a people consisting of rapists, bringing drugs and bringing crime to the United States and he wants to build a wall along the border to keep illegal immigrants from Mexico entering the United States funded by the Mexican government.
Throughout the recent years he has changed his opinions on Abortion rights. Most recently he has said he supports Planned Parenthood but is against abortion. On issues like the budget and the economy he wishes to keep the mortgage interest deduction and take away carried interest. He wishes to bring back manufacturing to America and knock out jobs to Mexico and China. He wants to use our increasing debt as a bargaining chip and wants to be strong on debt limits. Hopes to grow the economy by 6% per cent annually. Restructure spending by limiting the Defense budget, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Education.
Popular is his statements that we owe $19 Trillion dollars to others and only he the businessman can bring the country out of debt. He wishes to impose a one time 14.25% tax on the wealthy in order to erase the national debt. He predicts a 35% boost in the economy once this is done and he has eliminated the national debt. A zero per cent corporate tax would create millions of jobs. He believes in the death penalty for those who kill others. He does not like legalizing drugs. He says yes to medical marijuana but let it be decided state by state.  Yet in 2011 he said he wanted to legalize drugs to fund drug education. Donald is quick to reveal that he personally does not drink, smoke and has never taken drugs in his life.
Donald Trump is refreshing to some but to many he is a scary bigot and would be a firecracker at the helm of our government.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Related imageJohn Kander who is now 88 years old really needs to finally be recognized and applauded for his life’s work that has entertained us for years. Most recently his music was nominated for five Tony’s for the musical called The Visit. It is only one of the more than 20 Musicals he has written in the past 20 years. He has written about 2,000 songs some of which have never been sung yet. He wrote the music for Cabaret, Chicago and   Kiss of the Spider Woman. Just those three have many who can sing along to most of the famous songs in the Musicals.
He started playing piano at age four and saw his first Musical as a boy growing up in Kansas City. He came to New York to study theater at Columbia University and started working on Broadway playing piano for rehearsals for West Side Story and Gypsy starring Ethel Merman.   In 1962 his publisher paired him with a lyricist named Fred Ebb. It was the beginning of a 42 year partnership of music. Their first show was called Flora the Red Menace starring the very young Lisa Minelli.  Their second musical was Cabaret that won 8 Tony’s and the movie won 8 Oscars. When Chicago opened in 1975 many critics dismissed it. The revival launched in 1976 led to another Oscar winning film. These shows are still running nearly two decades later yet no one knows the composer of the songs.
Their best known song was not written for Broadway. It was called New York New York that now on the birthday party of 100 years for Frank Sinatra has everyone singing that one too. Yet no one knows this composer. Between Lisa Minelli and Frank Sinatra we have been hearing this song too for the past twenty years. That one song did buy the composer a 300 acre property in Upstate New York. After his long   time partner died he went back to finish a musical they started together called Curtains. Although he is 88years old he has three new Musicals in the works with a new collaborator. He says, “You keep writing because that is what you do”.

So, this time of year you do find yourselves singing along to Broadway musicals or Frank Sinatra songs and don’t even know who put those great tunes in your head. It is about time we recognized those who were great to us and made us smile. More should be written about those people. We live in a harse cold world now despite all the talking people do to each other on their devices like texting, social media, Twitter and all the Internet shows on You Tube and Periscope and blah, blah even me here spewing my thoughts almost daily. Let’s just remember the guys who make us happy before they die.