Thursday, November 23, 2017

Take Care

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It is Thanksgiving Day and they tell us to be thankful of something or of someone or just eat some food that you don’t usually eat everyday; in other words, make the day special to you. Think of it as a day of reflection even if it is just some time to look in the mirror and if you aren’t ready to look at that, just take a brief look at your life so far. Now I’m not trying to get you all depressed but yes life can be very depressing if you let it get to your core.
When depression hits you, simple pleasures can hurt. Things like a bright sunrise can be so annoying when once you loved to be able to see the wonder of the giant sphere seemingly rise out of the earth. Even if you are lucky enough to receive a Birthday cake from the few that really love you. That can be annoying too because you are not seeking any attention from anyone. However, we need to reflect and still be thankful of life’s simple pleasures.
Sunrises shouldn’t hurt and simple pleasures shouldn’t hurt. The sadness, the anxiety and the loss of interest shouldn’t be there that even hello can hurt. When someone comes before you and says, Hi, How are you? Should you really tell them? No, that can take too long. Besides, how are you is more of an expression than a serious question. Do they really want to know how I am or is it just an extended greeting? Who knows, but we should be glad that someone took the time to ask and be thankful.
There can even be the loss of interest in celebrating holidays even as we are deluged with gift giving ideas in all media. Much of everyone’s depression can center around never having enough money in our pockets to buy stuff. Places in the North East just got hit with a major storm that took their lives away meanwhile they are alive. All their possessions were washed out to sea as nature burst holes in their homes and in their hearts watching their favorite chair get ruined and loosing all their photographs. But we need to be thankful that we are alive to help someone else and help ourselves to get a new chair and take new pictures.
You still have to deal with the aches and pains and fatigue when depression hurts. Cymbalta can help so says the commercial on TV with the soft soothing piano music. Hell No! I will not take that stuff or any other stuff. I will pull up my boot straps, whatever that means and pick myself up and look at the brighter things that life throws at us knowing that it is my life and I simply have to get through it somehow by myself. Stuff like depression drugs can only lead to addictions to prescription drugs.
Yes the brighter stuff like looking at that sunrise with awe instead of with annoyance that I have to face another day needs to be promoted. If the sun can rise every day despite all the awful stuff all the people of earth throw at each other and at the environmental pollutants trying to ruin things, I can rise each day and try to be happy and thankful of something.
The commercial for Cymbalta goes on to tell me the side effects of taking the drug. I am to tell my doctor if the depression worsens or if I am pregnant or nursing. Well, sure a woman should always be proud of the ability to give life and to be able to fortify life and drugs like Cymbalta should never enter your hands. Be thankful of your new physical condition and enjoy the joys of Motherhood.
If you experience unusual changes in behavior or thoughts of suicide do not take Cymbalta. Really? That stuff can possibly make me feel more depressed, act differently and possibly make me want to take my own life? Are you sure this Cymbalta stuff was supposed to help me alleviate my depression? Now I have to be thankful that I never asked for this stuff from my doctor.
They go on to say with the soft piano music continuing, that anti-depressants can increase these negative things in children, teens and young adults. So, all that tells me is to keep Cymbalta and anti-depression drugs away from my kids too. Cymbalta is not approved to be used for children under the age of 18. They are not done yet. People taking MAOI’s or tyrosine or uncontrolled glaucoma should not take Cymbalta.
There’s more. Taking it with pain relievers or aspirin or other blood thinners could increase a bleeding risk. Severe liver problems some fatal have been reported. REALLY! And they want me to ask me to get this stuff? They still aren’t done.

Signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eye problems. Look, I’m done. I don’t want any of these things happening at all. Today force yourself to have a Happy Thanksgiving enjoy life and be happy you simply must for survival and thank you for visiting me here and reading my rants. I am thankful for the thousands of people that have been here with me. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Charity and Politics

It is the time of the year for charity donations and it is never too soon for a new year’s resolution. Most of us are very different from Trump who is not charitable and should inspire us to run for political office even if we have never run for anything before just like him.  We learned that Trump did a speech to the Boy Scouts of America that was so offensive that the organization apologized to the Scout members for his comments. Trump only gave the Scouts $7.00 as a donation. It has just been revealed that Trump doesn’t even donate to his own foundation and like his fraudulent University that failed so is his foundation on the failure list.
Let’s discuss why we should include in our New Year’s Resolutions to run for political office. It is a good time to try since so many positions are up for grabs soon. Throw the protest shoes out and get brand new campaign shoes for yourself and wear them to spread your point of view for America. In fact many positions don’t even have a challenger so of course they get voted in to a great job. The nationwide average is 41% are no challenge votes. That means when you go to vote there is only one name on the ballot for that position. Are we already having Soviet style elections? Bring on the challengers folks!
America is a democracy and we should NOT be voting for just one candidate in any position in our government. Think about running especially when you probably won’t have any opposition in your party anyway. Next year there are six thousand House and Senate seats up for election. Because of term limits 1,400 of those seats don’t have an incumbent. You can be one of those people having a true say in how this country is governed instead of just a shouting match in the cold resulting in you possibly getting arrested for no good reason other than exercising your right to free speech. Think about it!
Charity and Trump don’t go together. He has announced that he will be closing down his self-named charitable foundation. Sounds like a modern day version of the Scrooge character during Christmas. A reporter just won a Pulitzer Prize for following the history and reporting on Trump’s philanthropy that doesn’t amount to much. Through his reporting we all learned that billionaire Trump had not donated ANY OF HIS OWN MONEY to the Donald J. Trump Foundation since 2008.
Trump has admitted to “self-dealing” meaning that any money found was used to benefit Trumps and no one else. A new filing to the IRS shows the dysfunctionality of the foundation.   We would have learned this much sooner if he would only honestly disclose his tax returns to the public AS ALL PAST PRESIDENTS DO. The foundation has been going under intense scrutiny from the Attorney General’s office in New York where the foundation is incorporated as reported by FORTUNE magazine.
Even though President Trump may wish to now close his charitable foundation and has started to dissolve it, legally he may not be allowed to do it because the Attorney General is investigating the fraud taking place under the guise of charity.  The attorney general’s press secretary said, “The foundation can’t close just yet as the foundation is still under investigation by this office.” Presidents don’t usually close their foundations especially while they are President. Any President should be proud of the work their self-named foundation is doing to raise money and to donate their own money towards good causes for America. Not this guy. If he is not personally taking the money, he has no use for the thing. This is the crap we elected. Start on those New Year’s Resolutions as you gather with your families for Thanksgiving tomorrow and be thankful for the good people you chose to surround yourself with. Encourage any good person you know to run for political office as you write that check to the charitable donation of your choice. Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Murderous Manson

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America’s symbol of the worst evil criminal for decades is dead. He served 46 years of a life sentence for 1st   Degree murder and was denied parole 12 times. Now he is dead in prison at the age of 83. He is Charles Manson who was known as the most brutal murderer for decades. He had a cult of devoted followers who lived together as a family who he influenced to kill for him.
In August of 1969 Manson directed his followers to brutally murder seven people over two nights in Los Angeles.  Actress Sharon Tate who was seven months pregnant was one of the victims. Manson said,” I haven’t told anyone to do anything other than what they wanted to do.” Manson described himself as a convict and a rebel. He said, “I’m not a Sunday school teacher.” He was the reason we were all grateful of a prison system. No one wanted him on the streets. He had a Nazi symbol tattooed to his face because he was proud that people compared him to Hitler because both men had the ability to convince people to follow them and then ultimately commit murder. He was proud of that kind of power over people.
Dianne Lake was a Manson follower who was only 14 when she joined the Manson group. He was 40 years old and was having sex with her within hours of meeting her. She thought he loved her. After years, he began anal sex with her and then she changed her mind and felt raped continuously. By then, she wanted to commit suicide. By them Manson was becoming increasingly violent. She wasn’t involved in the murder spree but the members who committed the murders told her the grizzly details afterwards.
They were bragging about the murders. Manson and his followers were initially sentenced to death in 1971. The California Supreme Court abolished the death penalty only a year later so then their sentence was changed to life in prison. Family members of the deceased wanted the death penalty because it “would have been a sigh of relief” knowing they could never be free again due to a possible parole. Five of the murders are still behind bars but all five are eligible for parole now.
The sister of Sharon Tate describes her life as a life sentence too not knowing when these murderer’s might be set free. Now that Charles Manson is dead, there is some relief in her life. Sharon Tate’s sister Deborah said, “These are individuals that are still brutal monsters capable of committing heinous crimes. I feel that it is very important that they stay in prison till they die too. ”

If Manson’s followers were convicted today there would be no possibility for parole because more changes were made to the law in the 1970’s. Because they were convicted in the 60’s all of his followers would still be eligible for parole. Hopefully they will be instantly rejected like Manson was rejected for his pleas for parole 12 times in the past. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Always Have Hope

It is that charitable time of year again when all the “please donate” to this and that mailings go out each year and millions of Americans do donate and are very charitable to the cause of their choices. Growing up I remember Jerry Lewis’s entertaining telethons he put on the air to raise money for muscular dystrophy. Throughout the years he raised almost a billion dollars and sadly with all that money the people inflicted with the condition still have it, there is not a cure but better wheel chairs have been developed.
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The next famous donate challenge was that silly thing where people doused themselves willingly with a bucket of ice water. Did anyone get injured or sick from that? It seemed that everyone wanted to do it and they all had to post their homemade video on social media for lots of likes. Whatever happened to   all  the money that hype made for a good cause? Why did any of that silliness happen? Who’s idea was that and why doesn’t anyone do the bucket challenge anymore?
Seventeen million people took part in the viral ice bucket challenge. In the summer of 2014 everyone was putting ice and water in a bucket and pouring it all over them. From nuns to celebrities everyone wanted to do it. It was all done to bring attention to a not known by many people disease known as ALS. Suddenly everyone was saying ALS and the cause raised more than $2 million dollars. Although Opera and at the time future President Trump had the ice poured on them, it was one guy who made the challenge famous. Pete Frates was the handsomest, nicest guy who everyone seemed to know and was captain of his baseball team in college. He played professional baseball overseas and came back to America and sold insurance.
Soon Pete was having trouble doing simple tasks like buttoning his shirt or tying his shoelaces. Soon he was diagnosed his death sentence. ALS. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis also known as Lou Gehrig’s  Disease that is a rare condition that effects about 30,000 older Americans. Everything eventually deteriorates. First your movements, then your voice and finally your ability to breathe yet your mind stays alert. That has to be torture especially when it happens to an active popular person. ALS has no known cure. Most people live only 3-5 years after being diagnosed with the condition. So he asked his doctor how much money is needed to find a cure?  She threw out there an answer of millions of dollars.
So, he said that somehow he will raise a million dollars. He met the girl of his dreams 8 months before he learned he had ALS and she married him anyway knowing that his body will eventually shut down completely. He was using a wheelchair by the time they were married. Now it has been six years later and he is still alive and still married. Now he can feel a person touching him although paralyzed and can communicate with his eyes used as a cursor on a computer. He challenged all his friends and pro-athletes to do the ice bucket challenge and awareness grew. Even Bill, Gates did it and the fund grew to $220 million dollars.
It has been 75 years since famous baseball player Lou Geherig died from the disease and nothing much has been done to cure it since. Pete was told to prepare for death too but he wanted to do more even though now he breathes through a ventilator. His medical bills are $90,000 dollars per month. Read more about his personal story in the book called The Ice Bucket Challenge by Casey Sherman & Dave Wedge. Now they have found the ALS gene and have gotten approvals for new drugs. The new drugs in clinical trials now are supposed to slow down the disease by 30%.
So, this Thanksgiving be thankful for your health no matter what health you have left and be hopeful for those less fortunate than you. Be grateful for those who go through the effort to raise funds to help others and donate if you can. It can’t hurt.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Our No Plan for Disasterous Disaster

Related imageWe have a government now that is full of people in charge of our fate in many ways from commerce to weapons to the environment that has a completely different vision than any other leader in the world has. The men we have in political office now believe that ‘God will Provide” in terms of preserving our environment. Trump doesn’t even believe that climate change exists. The money moguls believe that oil and gas and coal is still the answer to our energy needs. Meanwhile China is becoming the leader in the world on solar and wind energy. Did Trump discuss that on his trip to China or just discuss manufacturing and selling more of his stupid hats in China?
Well, due to rising sea water from global warming and all the ice melting in Alaska, now the sea lined lands are just eroding and falling into the sea daily. That land is supposed to be frozen most of the year. Not anymore. Now it is gone and it is ruining the lives and taking the homes of the Alaskan people who live in coastal areas. Entire neighborhoods must be evacuated due to flooding and Trump ignores the issue and doesn’t provide any funding to preserve the areas or find places for people to evacuate to. He plays golf.
By the end of this century more than 15 million Americans will be forced to move because of rising sea levels and flooding. The climate migration is a real and present problem and the Federal Government has NO plans on how to deal with the problem. You’re on your own folks? Pay your taxes. In Alaska alone 31 villages are being destroyed due to imminent flooding and erosion. So far about 18,000 people must be displaced. In the village of Newtok, they already ran out of time. Their weather reports dwell on the rise of the sea and the strength of the wind to determine how much land they will lose today and that is even when a storm is not predicted.    
The wind on the west coast of Alaska makes the land erode even faster. This time of the year the land is supposed to be frozen solid. Not anymore. The people in the town know when a chunk of land breaks off because their homes shake and a large boom is heard. It happens often. Since the village of Newtok was founded in the 1950’s it has lost a mile of coastline and the rest of the land looks like a swamp. Houses could begin to fall into the ocean shortly. Newtok had a storm on October 13, 2017 where they lost 10 more feet of coastal lands. The entire town has less than a year to exist at this rate of destruction. The only thing the Federal Government has provided to the Eskimoes was a school that was built in 1950.
Nearly 75 years later the school is still the only building that has running water. Nine years ago there was a vote decided to move the entire village to higher ground to Mertarvik, Alaska. They have been building the new location but now Trump has cut off the funding to finish it. Where will these people go? In the past, State and Federal Agencies have always been sup portative of the people but not anymore with Trump’s new thugs running I mean ruining our government policies. In January of this year FEMA DENIED the town’s request for major disaster funds. FEMA said they were NOW denied because the new definition of FEMA is that the agency “is designed to address catastrophic damage occurring as a direct result of a specific disaster event…” So our government has NO PLAN ON HOW TO DEAL WITH ONGOING DISASTERD DUE TO CLIMATE CHANGE. Trump doesn’t even believe it exists. His golf courses are fine.
Erosion and lack of frost disqualifies FEMA funds. The United States doesn’t even have an agency to deal with the people displaced due to climate change. Trump wants more homeless people? 30 other Alaskan villages are in jeopardy. There are 11 Federal Agencies that should be able to at least provide some answers and now they have no policies or directions and probably no one appointed by Trump to lead these Agencies.
There is the: Bureau of Indian Affairs
Economic Development Administration
Environmental Protection Agency
Department of Transportation
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Newtok Planning Group Division of Community & Regional Affairs
Office of Senator Lisa Murkowski
Office of the Governor
Alaska Energy Authority
Denali Commission
None of these taxpayer funded   agencies is providing any answers to these soon to be homeless taxpaying citizens. WHY????????????????
When the villagers plead to these agencies they are told that “It is a Congressional issue.” Besides being sexual predators, what is Congress doing? They seem to only vote on perks for themselves. Congress gets more vacations than the average American, they have their own healthcare, own pensions, own health spas, own salary raises and do not represent the needs of their people in their states. They deal with lobbyists and fund raising for reelection with no term limits. It doesn’t help when our President doesn’t even acknowledge climate change. No one even cares about the culture of people anymore or their proud heritage.
No one wants to be forced to leave their homes and their communities. Puerto Ricans don’t want to leave their island. Syrians don’t want to live in Europe. Alaskan’s don’t want to be homeless. Someone has to care about the world wide problems of senseless wars, climate problems and pollution. Now only China is even promoting wind and solar power and becoming richer and more powerful than ever. American coal miners are now getting wind technology jobs from Chinese owned companies not American. Thanks for nothing Trump yet it will soon be Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Bad Boys in Politics

Image result for al franken picturesWhy does she still look so young compared to old man Minnesota Senator Al Franken? Who took that photo? Yes it is not anything funny to grope anyone when they are sleeping but it is worse to take that picture of Al grabbing her titties while she was sleeping. Why didn’t she wake up? Was he pretending to grope her? Who cares! But we do care ever since Trump seemed to get away with the 16 girls who said he acted inappropriately and even with him
The holiday season is here again when our kids should be hearing about heartfelt news on TV. Not all these dirty old men being sooo very disrespectful to other people every night from the entertainment field to men in politics.  When can we allow our young kids to watch the news again?  She has the old photo and is accusing him of groping and kissing her. How did she get the photo and by whom? Even though she must have been angry at the time, did she think it was funny too just at her expense? It all happened while they were both on a USO Tour in 2006. She is Leeann Tweeden who said, “He continued to insist, and I was beginning to get uncomfortable. He repeated that actors really need to rehearse everything and that we must practice the kiss. I said OK so he would stop badgering me.”
At least at this time Al Franken was a successful comic and was not in politics. Roy Moore was a District Attorney with political aspirations. Yes they both should have known better but at least Al was in a job that often does freeky things. However I am not giving him a hall pass on this one. The response from his fellow Senators has been aggressive. Fellow Senator Klobuchar a Democrat also from Minnesota said, “This should not have happened to Leeann Tweeden. I strongly condemn this behavior and the Senate Ethics Committee must open an investigation.” Roy Moore still has many Republican supporters even after he said that he would ask the teenage girl’s mothers permission to date them when he was 32 years old.
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand a Democrat from New York said, “The allegations against Senator Franken are deeply concerning. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and should not be tolerated anywhere in our society. There is nothing funny about it and there is no excuse for it.” Trump has not said anything negatively about Roy Moore even though 8 women have come forward about his sexual advances on them while they were teenagers.
Senator Durbin a Democrat from Illinois said, “There is never an excuse for this behavior ever. What Senator Franken did was wrong, and it should be referred to the Ethics Committee for review.” Yes the Democrats agree that Franken should report to the principal’s office and possibly be thrown out of school. Roy Moore denies everything and is continuing to run for election to the Senate despite his many allegations of misconduct.
Senator Tammy Duckworth a Democrat from Illinois said, ”These types of actions are simply unacceptable and should be reviewed by the Ethics Committee. Women across America should be able to feel safe in their workplace.”  Roy Moore stalked teens at the mall and at their jobs yet his wife makes a speech in his defense.
Senator Chuck Schumer the Democrat Senator from New York said,” Sexual harassment is never acceptable and must not be tolerated. I hope and expect that the Ethics Committee will fully investigate this troubling incident, as they should with any credible allegation of sexual harassment.” Too bad that even inappropriate sexual acts are treated very differently from the Republicans and the Democrats. It is ironic that people think the Democrats are the liberals and the Republicans are the conservatives but they are acting the opposite when looking at these sexual harassment cases. Roy Moore denies everything meanwhile Senator Franken says about himself,” I certainly don’t remember the rehearsal for the skit (the tongue thrusting kiss) in the same way, but I send my sincerest apologies to Leeann. As to the photo, it was clearly intended to be funny but wasn’t. I shouldn’t have done it.” Trump and Moore never apologies for any of their sexual inappropriate actions to anyone.

Senator Franken went further to say, ”I am ASKING that an ethics investigation be undertaken, and I will gladly cooperate” Yes, Al steps up to the plate and willingly goes to be reprimanded in the principal’s office.  Roy hides behind his wife and just goes on with his life and avoids scrutiny and expects to get a promotion too. Just like Trump. Will he be elected just like Trump? 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Why Is He A Success?

What is the secret to Trump’s successes in life. We all know that he is an idiot but he is a genius in that he has always surrounded himself with lawyers and other rich guys to bail him out when he does something stupid. Most successful intelligent people are not charismatic but are experts in their fields. Trump’s expertise lies in his ability to appeal to the wealthiest guy as well as the poorest guy. Just look at his reelection campaign rallies. He doesn’t speak like any President ever in American history and the red necks love it. Once he gets them cheering, he could say just about anything and get away with it.
Trump is a success in that as soon as he somehow managed to be President, he fired just about everyone and hired his friends and acquaintances to the best jobs in our government. Qualifications or experience was not necessary. Loyalty was supreme. He chose to run for political office at just the right time since years of gerrymandering has most states under Republican control. The House of Representatives is run by Republicans. The Senate is dominated by Republicans. He ran as a Republican. Win, Win, Win!
Now he is working on his final stage of dominance in America. The courts. His stupidity has managed to fail to pass a better healthcare plan, failed to build his wall, failed to help most people with their taxes and failed to do anything about the deficit. He is now quietly and cleverly successfully appointing judges from his bag of faithful followers. He has successfully already placed 13 judges with another 46 waiting confirmation. He has appointed more than twice as many judges as Obama had at this point in his presidency. Incidentally, white men rapidly dominate Trump’s picks for his list of “best, most-qualified judges.
It makes sense that Trump would want to appoint as many judges as he can. Odds are that he will have to appear before a judge sooner or later for most of his lies. Some of his appointees are definitely unqualified and insane. He appointed Brent Talley to be a judge in Alabama. Is this guy the “best and most-qualified“ person for the job? Brent has practiced law for less than three years and has NO trial experience and has NEVER tired a case! The American Bar Association gave this guy a rare “not qualified” rating.  He gets to be a Federal Judge?
He is proud to disclose that he is a “horror novelist” and wrote crap called He Who Walks in Shadow and The Substance of Shadow. He says that he is a “ghost hunter.” He belongs to a group that spends their time exploring old plantation homes or abandoned insane asylums to search for signs of the supernatural. I hope he can find the ghost of Ab Lincoln spinning in his grave.
So now Trump will have judges on his side along with everyone else in government who are uniquely unqualified for their jobs.

BREAKING NEWS: Tonight Trump was criticizing a Democratic Senator and called him Al Frankenstein when it was revealed that he groped a woman by her titties. As a former comic Al thought it was funny. Yet he has NOT criticized Republican Roy Moore running for a Senate seat  for not as any joke was stalking and groping 8 teenage girls. Trump already said that he grabs girls by the pussy so with his warped logic it is fine to grab girls by the pussy but not by the tittie? This trash is our President!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

What Would President Washington Say Now?

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Time to buy gifts for the holidays. If you have anyone you care about who cares about the great divide in this country, you need to read and buy them the book called Washington’s Farewell by John Avlon. It is all about our founding father’s warning to future generations. It is all about George Washington’s final speech as our first President and his message then applies so well to how divided our government is now. We need history. We need to look at our past and see how we can learn from the conflicts that troubled our nation then and now. Sadly nothing much has changed but Washington has a great message that we all should be following.
Washington’s farewell speech is so famous throughout the years that it was printed more times than our Declaration of Independence. He wrote the speech to warn Americans about the forces that can ruin our democratic way of life. He stressed three dangerous things to our lifestyles. Hyper partnership, excessive debt and foreign powers influencing our election. Here we are 200 years later and these same three issues are ruining our country!
The speech is timely and yet timeless too. Before America, no democratic government had survived. The reason he believed that hyper partnership was a danger was because he was not a member of a political party and he noted that the Constitution doesn’t mention on purpose the political parties of Independent, Republican or Democratic. It does mention freedom of speech. He felt that political parties would become so self- interested that we would have a deadlocked and dysfunctional democracy and fast forward, that is exactly how our government is functioning now with fights along party lines on issues like healthcare and gun control.
We need to read and learn from history. Trump doesn’t reflect on anything. He is self-centered. This morning he lifted the ban on big game trophy hunting and is allowing the remains of large majestic animals of our earth to be slaughtered and brought home as trophies despite their endangered status. SAD!
Washington had to deal then with foreign powers meddling in our election process. Then it was the British and the French who wanted a governing place in our government. Now we already know that Russia HAS taken over the governing power in the Ukraine and Poland and provides weapons to Syria. We are currently trying to sort out what Russia has done to our election process now. Washington’s speeches are evident of the morality aspect to the Presidency. Where is Trump’s morals?
The only thing Trump and Washington have in common is their belief of peace through strength. They both want and wanted a strong military presence. The difference is that Washington brought to the Presidency personal virtues that Trump doesn’t seem to have. Honesty, integrity and humility and a lifetime commitment to public service. Trump lies, has no moral code so integrity is out and certainly is not humbled in any way. He believes he deserved the finest things money can buy all the time and who cares how dishonestly he made that money. Trump definitely does not have “a lifetime commitment to public service.”
Trump came into his Presidency with the, us against them attitude and we can all see that after a year of his message, it hasn’t helped this country at all. Washington said “… that pretend patriots will try to divide Americans against one another.”  It is clear that we are now living in a divided country. Washington said, “We need to be focused on this eternal truth. We need people in our government that put country over party.  Our independence as a nation is inseparable from our interdependence as a people.” So in other words whenever anyone tries to pretend it represents the American flag and hide behind it for Confederacy racism, or kneeling during our anthem, or gun rights when innocent people are being slaughtered daily in this country NOW, they lost all meaning of what our flag and our democracy MEANS.
We need a new generation of people in our government who reads the constitution and reads the words of Washington and our other founding fathers and get America on the right road again. Somebody get Trump to read a book, get away from sensational TV and to stop tweeting infantile threats to North Korea with back to back name calling of old man, short and fat, rocket man that sounds like something mean spirited  4th graders would say to each other. It is dangerous when very unwise people have their fingers on nuclear weapons and financial wealth suppressing us all and making us live our days in fear.

The author of this book was the speech writer for Rudy   Giuliani when he was the well liked Mayor of New York City after 911. He is now the boss of The Daily Beast, a publication that was the first news that Trump blacklisted even before he became President. SAD!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Predatory Pigs in Politics

Image result for cartoon of sexual misconduct in politicsAt least the entertainment industry is not rewarding dirty old men and is in fact ruining the near distant careers like Louis C.K., Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cosby,   Roger Ailes   and Kevin Spacey who have been sexual predators of women for many years. But what about the pigs in politics?  Yes, President Bill Clinton was impeached for having sexual encounters in the Oval Office but lately pigs in politics are being ignored. Now we have the allegations that Roy Moore is a pig who wanted sex from teenage girls. Evidence has unearthed proof that Roy was banned from an Alabama shopping mall for bothering teenage girls. Every Friday or Saturday night they would see him walking around the mall like the kids did. Another report said that a girl when she was 14 and working as Santa's helper at the Gadsden Mall in 1977 when Moore spoke to her and told her she was pretty. Two years later, when she was 16 he asked her out on dates. There is even a year book where he called a young girl “a sweet beautiful girl” and signed it Love. He was a creepy guy then and is now swinging around his tiny pistol wearing a Toy Story cowboy outfit in election rallies. Most adults sign yearbooks saying things like good luck in your career aspirations. Not him.
Our standards have changed when Trump boasted about “grabbing women by the pussy” and was elected President anyway. Roy Moore expects to be elected a Senator despite his piggish past. He could even rise in politics to replace Jeff Sessions as the head of the Justice Department. Where is the justice in that? These types of men claim to   have ethics but their lives are the opposite from religion or decency. Trump is the first President to have had three wives and counting. He was still married to his first wife when he was having an affair with his second wife.
Image result for cartoon of sexual misconduct in politicsOne of the biggest hypocrites in government is Pennsylvania Congressman Tim Murphy who has been vocally anti-abortion and pushed the 20 week abortion ban bill through the House of Representatives. This political pig asked his mistress to get an abortion.  So abortion is fine for his sloppy sperm but not fine for all the other women who don’t want to carry some other guy’s sloppy sperm kids. Quite a double standard from our political pigs. Two Congressmen has had their sexual misconduct claims hidden by our Congress. I guess they all think having mistresses is fine too. Newt Gingrich was seeing his mistress while his wife was dying in the hospital. They claim to be religious but they don’t follow their Ten Commandments that they like to flaunt and put on public property as Roy Moore did in his past political life.
How do political pigs justify their double standards and more so get away with it? Why do they get to keep their jobs? What message are they telling young boys who can easily grow up to be sexual predators as well? This is why women must speak out and not tolerate this piggish behavior at any age of their lives when they feel that they are ready to go public with the crimes against human decency done to them. The worst offenders in politics blah, blah all the time about their moral authority and it turns out that these very same people are the pigs in politics.
No man should legislate and make the decision for any woman to decide what SHE wants to do with her body. At least this jerk did not try to run for re-election and his mistress wasn’t really pregnant after all but the issue remains the same. Get predatory pigs out of political office too.