Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Pedophile Priests

Image result for pedophile priestsDo you know that the northeast of America has the most amount of Roman Catholics? So then most of the kids who have ruined lives from pedophiles scared with sexual abuse by priests live in big northeast states. The states with the highest percentage of Roman Catholics are Rhode Island with 54% the most Catholics. New Jersey has 44%. Massachusetts has 41%. Connecticut has 40% and New York has 40%. If you are raised Catholic and experienced Catholic school, you have lots of memorable stories of how harshly you were treated by the Nuns but there is no comparison to the harsh treatment of sexual abuse they you might have had at the hands of the secret society of pedophile priests who sexually abused children in their closets.
Now it is hard to even find a Nun anymore since the Priests have not supported them financially. Convents are closed and they live in group homes trying to spread God’s word as best as they could since the Church would rather hire Deacons to do the work of the church during Mass than any woman. Deacons are married men. Catholic Schools are closing because they no   longer have the dedicated Nuns who spent their lives to teaching children for free. The Church is in deep financial troubles because they are devoting parishioner donations not to serve the people of their community but in fighting expensive lawsuits because of their crimes of sexual abusing. If they can change the rules that even now we have two living Popes one who decided to retire in a job representing God should be for life, then why not clean the swamp of sexual abusing men and hire women for the job of Catholic Priestests? Sounds funny but WHY NOT???
Now we have a new report that there are more than 1,000 victims of sexually abused children from sick perverted Priests. If there can be anything even more shocking is the proof that the Catholic Church spent its time hiding these criminal Priests rather than firing them and removing them from their powerful religious positions and never criminally charged them. A Grand Jury in Pennsylvania spent two years looking into abuse allegations and said that since the 1950’s more than 300 Priests abused at least 1,000 children maybe even more that have not been reported. Those numbers just reflect the carnage of abuse in Pennsylvania. What was going on in the other States in the northeast who have so many Catholics?
No one chose to even believe a child in the 50’s or 60’s who did complain about their assaults. Survivors from six Dioceses are sharing their memories of abuse now. There are over 1,300 pages documenting the rapes done by Catholic Priests. Yes, the Nuns might have spanked you with a ruler, made you sit in a closet, pat white chalk erasers on your head and other demeaning abuses but not rape and not covered up rape abusers. Josh Shapiro who is the Pennsylvania Attorney General released his report to the public. The report includes the more than 1,000 victims, more than 300 Criminal Priests and dozens of high church officials accused of the cover up. If this administration truly   believes in religious rights than they also need to protect the religious American so that they can practice their faith in safety from predators deep in the religious administrations. Trump Tweets nothing about this issue. The Catholic Church simply says they are sorry meanwhile this Pennsylvania report is just the tip of the iceberg. Trump wants football players fired for kneeling. Shouldn’t he want Priests fired who are sexual abusers? Trump says nothing!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Trump's Rat Pack

Image result for cartoon of Gates testifying
Trump keeps banging into our heads that Collusion is not a crime but we all know that corruption and conspiracy is a crime and that by following the trials of his criminal right hand men in his administration they all don’t look so good as model citizens or even folks that should be in our great government at all. Gates went on trial and said sure we all did crimes. He said Maniafort did some crimes but I did crimes of my own too. Gates and Manafort were longtime business partners who then worked together for Trump. The rats in Trump’s rat pack are turning on each other now just to get reduced sentences for themselves since they are all going to jail and Trump still has the balls to say Lock Her Up?
Rick Gates was Trump’s Deputy Campaign Chairman, the number two person under Manafort during the Presidential Campaign. On  February 22, 2018 our law man Special Counsel Mueller slapped Gates with 23 NEW Felony Charges that was on top of the 8 charges he was already facing. The very next day, February 23,2018 Gates made all 31 of his charges disappear by agreeing to rat on Manafort. Plead guilty and cooperate with Mueller for a reduced sentence. These days this canary is singing at the trial. Now he is being charged on only two counts. He is charged with conspiracy against the United States and for lying to Mueller. These 2 charges carry a maximum prison sentence of 5 years.
Former Trump National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, also made a deal for his testimony and now has a dramatically reduced sentence of 4 to 6 months in jail. He got a great deal. If Gates spills everything he knows, he might even get a get out of jail free card at the end of the day. The stench of the Trump Administration is suffocating us all. You have to remember that Manafort and Gates were the two top men at the Trump election campaign and they are both stinking rats. That makes Trump the biggest rat of all. Gates travelled everywhere with Trump campaigning all over the country. Even when Manafort got thrown out of the rat pack, Gates remained. Gates assumed the role as a liaison between the campaign and the Republican National Committee and traveled aboard the Trump plane through the end of August. So we need to through the Republican Party under the bus too for probably knowing about all this criminal activity going on and doing nothing about it. Trump does seem to be able to put the fear into anyone who dares to challenge him.
At the trial Rick Gates testifies that he did commit crimes with Paul Manafort. Paul needed money so he colluded with the Russians who paid him a lot of money that supported an over the top lifestyle. Gates testified that he embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from Manafort’s deal with the Russians. So a rat stole the pizza from his bestie rat. Trump and Manafort’s lawyers want you and the jury to believe that this trial has nothing to do with collusion or the campaign. They say it is just about bank statements, tax returns, and overseas accounts. Hey!  Where is Trump’s tax returns? But Trump, Russia and Oligarchs are all over this trial.
How does Trump make America great again?

Protest Voter Hacking

Yesterday on the Anniversary of when a woman was killed during a protest involving White Supremacists and other citizens we saw a change of events. Thankfully it was peaceful for the most part. No arrests were made and especially that no one got killed again. The White Supremacists were a few dozen folks who were met with a few thousand others who protested their activities. If anything, the only thing we learned is that protesting is all we have left now and it does in part send a clear message when the messages from our government is one sided and tainted.
We need to somehow protest the attack that has been proven on our election process. Our votes need to count no matter what candidate you are in favor of. It is easy to protest a person but how do you protest a cyberattack? Our Democracy is now being hacked! There is enough evidence to prove that the Russians meddled in our past Presidential election. Even if we put Trump’s antics aside with his son, collusion, his cabinet and inner circle being bribed by the Russians, how can we stop this nonsense? We now have digital battlegrounds without weapons of war and real people to fight the war. The assault is happening in our State’s Board of Elections on their computers.
Image result for voter hacking
What the hell is a cyberattack anyway? Our state election computers have voter information on everyone who casts a vote. The voter registration data base has your name, address and a record of the times you have voted in various elections and more importantly the information that you are a registered Democrat or registered Republican. It is known that Trump loves Russia and the Republicans run everything in our government now from the House, Senate, Congress and now the Supreme Court. Trump loves dictators and wants to be one. What could be better than also attack the records of Democrats making it harder for them to vote? Can our worn out protesting shoes stop this latest assault on Democracy?
Obama knew of the attacks but said little about it because he did not want to seem to be biased towards Hillary. He found out about the attacks just at the same time the video was revealed that Trump likes to grab women by the pussy. That should have been the nail in Trump’s coffin but we know the election results now. Trump is our President and is doing everything he can to remain our President for the next four years too with campaign rallies three times a week followed by 50 negative Tweets about everything that is not pro-Trump.
What worries election security watchers most is that Trump is not being proactive enough in its work against hackers in our states Board of Elections. In February 2018, Adm. Mike Rogers, the head of the National Security Agency and Cyber Command told the Senate Armed Services Committee that he had not been instructed by Trump or Defense Secretary James Mattis to go after Russian hackers. Our Republican based Russian loving President and his men are not taking offensive actions to prevent further attacks on our election systems. We need to have our protesting energy at hand if our next elections are compromised. The will of the people not under the influence of bribes or power must succeed.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Minor Pay for Minor League Baseball Players

Do you like to watch baseball games? Right now the Yankees are doing badly and the Red Sox guys are winning all the time. Maybe you should instead get a good seat in your borough and watch a Minor League game instead? Soon you will get disguised watching the younger guys play too if you knew how little Trump’s budget is paying them. Yes, Trump is ruining the lives of Minor League Baseball players too. It is called Title II-Save America’s Pastime Act. Sounds like a good idea but the only thing the approved act is saving is lots of money for the league owners. The players are poverty stricken. The law said that the League only has to pay the guys $60 more per month and only for the few months they play. Minimum wage pays much more.
Blame it on the Lobbyists that the League gave millions of dollars to give the politicians in campaign re-election funds for their vote. They built larger Minor League Stadiums and are making a fortune but don’t want to pay the eager young guys a penny more for their contracts. If the guy doesn’t sign, they know that there is a long list of guys who will sign just to have the opportunity to play. If you knew you would be outrages.
Image result for cartoon of poor wages of  minor league baseball players
Trump’s Congress quickly signed the thousands of pages budget and no one even read it. This bogus Act was hidden on page 1,967 and was passed late in the evening. We need to get rid of lobbyists who spend millions of big business funds on charming Congress for their favorable votes. In the past year lobbyists paid off rich Congressmen three times the amount they usually get in re-election funds. If you go to a Minor League game, pass around a collection plate and give it directly to the players who get paid next to nothing and in Trump’s world, it is all legal.
Congress should be protecting Americans but this Congress just made the Minor League player’s lives worse. Baseball is doing well. Last year they made almost $10 billion dollars in revenues. The business of Baseball is booming. Major League Players have seen their salaries multiply by five times. Owners have seen their investments grow by 20 times. They are very wealthy but they rather bribe Congress to keep wages down for Minor League Players down to practically nothing than share the wealth with the guys. The majority of Minor League baseball players are making less than $7,500 per year. No Joke!!
They are living well below the poverty line. Minor league games are making millions because they like to be affordable family games with thousands of sold out games. They have the money and lots of it. The players get to the game early in the day and leave late at night and earn $3-4 dollars per hour. Minor Leaguers don’t get paid at all during spring training. They don’t get paid at all during off season. The guy selling hot dogs at the stadium gets paid more than the players. This is how America treats their professional athletes?
There was even a law suit filed on behalf of the Minor League players that only wanted minimum wages and overtime pay but the Congressional Law threw the case out. The law suit filed was on behalf of over 2,000 players that now have nothing and no hope with Trump’s budget. The Save America’s Pastime Act only saves money for the wealthy owners of baseball.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Donald Trump's Conspiracy is a Crime

Image result for cartoon of Trump's conspiracy
Trump likes to say sometimes at least 20 times per day that collusion is not a crime but he keeps away from   saying the word conspiracy since that IS a crime. Also criminal hacking   and   foreign campaign contributions are felonies that relate to the Presidential election. What has happened is more of a conspiracy to break Federal election laws. See for yourself Title 52 of the United States Code Section 30121that states that it is a crime to solicit or to accept a thing of value   from a foreign national or to influence a Federal election. That is what Trump is being investigated about.
We already have plenty of evidence that the Russians did a wide scale effort by dozens of military intelligence officers to influence our American election and offered hacked e-mails that was in fact was solicited or accepted by the Trump campaign. Trump recently admitted that he knew about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians and with his son and others from his campaign. They admitted that they lied that the meeting was about adoptions but was really about getting dirt spread over Hillary’s campaign. Mueller has already charged Russian individuals with crimes.
What is missing is to be able to pin point A to B and charge Trump with conspiracy or with obstruction of justice if Trump dares to fire Mueller and put a halt to the investigation. Lying to Federal investigators is also a crime, a Federal offense. Trump’s Tweets can also be entered in as evidence if whatever he testifies to is different from his Tweets. Lying to Federal prosecutors is also a crime, an offense. So it all boils down to three important issues. Violating Federal election law, being in partnership to break the laws which is conspiracy and then lying to investigators.
Trump has acted very differently than any recent President. He is the only President who has a very friendly relationship with Russia. He constantly suggests that the investigation should be shut down and that is obstruction of justice if he does shut down the investigation. All his comments about a witch hunt is criminal intent.
Remember that this is the only American Presidency that has successfully fired the top two officials of the FBI. All of our other Presidents thanked the work of the FBI, not Trump. This is the only Presidency in the history of the United States to have unsuccessful efforts to remove the Attorney General and the Federal Prosecutor. Trump sought to Fire Mueller, the Federal Prosecutor in December. Trump wanted to fire Jeff Sessions in July our Head of the Justice Department. Trump fired 25 Federal Judges in the lower court. Trump hastily hired two Supreme Court Justices that would rule in his favor. Trump attends political re-election rallies three times a week to build up public support.
In an effort to have Trump testify, Mueller has even offered to reduce the number of questions to Trump. Trump at first said he would be glad to answer any question Muller asks but now is requiring that questions be presented in advance and Trump would submit his answers in writing. The plot is thickening and the walls are closing in on Trump. How does all this make America great? It doesn’t. It is downright embarrassing. How has Trump helped the average American? Very little he is too busy defending himself.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Trump is so Different From Obama

Image result for polluting groundwater
There is such a vast difference between Obama and Trump and you can see it all in how different their policies are. Trump is all about big businesses and could care less about the big picture in how big business in their ever long standing quest for more profits that he and big business could care less about who or what they destroy in the process from people’s careers to the environment that we ALL need to keep clean to have healthy lives. An example is the situation over the water supply all over the nation and the safety from toxins due to big business pollution.
Take Memphis, Tennessee that is known for much more than Elvis. It is known to have the best tasting and sweetest water in America. The reason the water is so clean is because it is pumped up from deep in the earth in a underground lake known as the Sand Aquifer. A big portion of that underground lake has water that is over 2,000 years old. It is old enough to have never experienced the run off of pollutants from pesticides, oil, carbon and pharmaceuticals that get dumped in our water daily. The water is pure. Above the underground lake is a portion of clay followed by run off polluted water from a coal power plant. There is toxic residues from the coal plant. The TVA, Tennessee Valley Authority manages the pure underground water as well as the toxic water above ground.
The TVA wanted to pump up the clean water to cool down the toxic power plants. That is a problem because it is a good chance that the pumps could fail and toxic water can go down and contaminate the thousands of year old great water below. Environmentalists and scientists and archaeologists were worried that this catastrophe could happen. The Obama Administration listened and respected the knowledge and wisdom of environmental professionals and listened to them. He wrote the Coal Ash Rule that mandated that the TVA had a network of monitoring devices to see that the pumps always pumped up. He even closed down the operation down and always expressed his wish to close down unsafe ash filled black lung toxic plants in favor of clean solar, wind and water power.
Trump fired environmental professionals. Destroyed Obama policies. Gave big toxic businesses tax breaks. Ender environmental regulations for big business. The plants are open again and the toxins are contaminating the good old age pure water in Tennessee. Testing has been done to reveal that the clay around the good water has been contaminated with arsenic at levels 400 times higher than the EPA's standards during the Obama regulated era. Yes, this damage has been done in just over a year of the Trump Administration’s ignorant policies that is careless and motivated by big business greed for the few very rich folks.
Because of these new results the Tennessee Department of Conservation got big business to at least shut off the pumps while they continue to dig for dirty coal. It has been revealed that now there is extensive ground water contamination across the nation’s ground water supplies. Despite our war on cancer, people are continually suffering from cancer due to contaminants entering our bodies. Despite of Obama’s success with his Coal Ash Rule policy that WAS cleaning up the environment, Trump wishes to erase Obama’s legacy and is trying to abolish the rule. Trump’s proposed changes to the rule will be that coal companies will NO longer have to post the results of their monitoring to the public. Hence, they could say and do whatever they want to on the subject. They don’t even have to bother to clean up contamination.
Trump is a dangerous problem for this country in so many ways.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Tax Breaks for Trains

Image result for train crashes
Tax breaks for the very rich will make you realize how much they really don’t care much for the needs of Americans. In other countries there are high speed safe rail lines taking their citizens all over their countries in affordable and safe ways. Not here in America. Last winter alone there were two deadly back to back crashed and recently the National Transportation Safety Board had meetings with the people who manage America’s rail lines to see what could be done to make rail travel safer. People died when an Amtrak train went over a bridge in Washington, State. In South Carolina in February an Amtrak train plowed into a freight train killing more people.
Maybe part of the problem is the fact that Amtrak doesn’t own or control the majority of the tracks it operates. Amtrak uses more than 21,300 miles of track to take people places. Almost 97% of that tract belongs to other railroads. Mostly six big privately owned companies like BNSF, CSX, Union Pacific, NS and CN get big tax breaks from Trump but they don’t have to make any improvements to the rail lines unless they want to. As usual, Disastrous Donald makes BAD deals. These companies are more interested in moving coal, chemicals, lumber and food so if a train derails they don’t expect to lose any lives just a lot of mess on the tracks for a cleanup.
We know that private companies built the United States rail tracks but they should be held accountable for stricter safety regulations for all the perks Trump has given to these rich privately owned companies. They used to run passenger trains too but starting in the 1950’s ridership declined with the improvements that were made to long distant highways. In 1971 President Nixon took passenger trains of the hands of private companies in his Rail Passenger Service Act that created Amtrak. Rail companies were happy because now they could concentrate on transporting freight that is more profitable. The Amtrak deal was about service and not about infrastructure. The tracks themselves stayed in the hands of the companies that built them.
So why should they improve the tracks? A rickety rackety cargo train doesn’t need smooth new tracks but passenger trains need a smooth ride! So when Silver Star Train number 91 was making its way to Miami on February 4th it was traveling on rail owned by CSX, a private freight company. The Amtrak crew had to ask permission to the CSX dispatchers to keep going. The CEO of Amtrak said that CSX was responsible for the locked switch which diverted Train number 91 and ultimately sent it head on into a CSX freight train. Shouldn’t passenger trains get first priority in safety and upgrades to new accurate switches to   avoid causalities? Trump could care less.
Even if the freight train company causes the accident it is likely that Amtrak and our tax dollars will have to pay the damages thanks to no fault liability deals between the agencies and the private companies and the infrastructure it depends on. Trump could have demanded changes to that too with his gift of tax breaks for rich privately owned companies. There is a good computerized system called Positive Train Control that could have been installed and would have prevented the devastating train crash. It is a safety system that automatically stops or slows down a train. Back in 2008 Congress passed a law making it mandatory to be installed by 2015. But the powerful privately rail owned lobbyists gave contributions to lawmakers wanting more time to install and delay the improvements. Trump could have demanded that the safety improvements be made before he gave these companies more perks.  He didn’t do anything.
Trump likes to play golf for personal profit at his resorts and spends his time twice a week on re-election campaigning. How again is he making America great?

The Importance of DNA Evidence

We need to thank the ability to use DNA testing in our courts since now many innocent folks are being let out of prison who were wrongly convicted and sent to jail for crimes they did NOT commit. How did they even go to jail for crimes they didn’t commit? One could be in constant fear of being arrested for a crime at any given moment because someone said you did something horrific. If you have an identifying tattoo that was described as someone wearing who committed a crime your chances for freedom is even less. At least with your blood sample, it is YOU despite what anyone says you did or even if you admit to a crime. For far too long innocent folks even pleaded guilty for a crime they DIDN’T commit just to get a lesser sentence in jail. The most dangerous person in the courts is the prosecuting attorneys who can decide even what evidence they wish to present in a trial.
Our criminal justice system could use some changes. Sure we talk all the time about the police, judges and prisons but we never scrutinize the all so powerful prosecutors. Why not when it is the prosecuting attorneys   who work for the state, federal and local government and have the power to decide on  what cases that will go to trial. There are about 2,500 District Attorney’s Offices nationwide. Ultimately it will be the prosecutors who will decide on whether you get charged, what you will be charged with and they even influence what kind of sentence you can face.
Image result for prosecutors and DNA evidenceWe usually don’t care much about what prosecutors do until we are outraged about a uncharged seemingly obvious crime like in all the shootings where no charges were against LAPD officers who shot and killed Ezell Ford, or that an ex-LAPD officer won’t be charged in a fatal shooting of an unarmed man despite the chief’s recommendation or in the Cook County prosecutors decline charges in a fatal Chicago police shooting of a teenager. Even sexual predator rich movie producer Harvey Weinstein walked away from charges in 2015 despite the fact that police officials said there was plenty of evidence for the crimes he committed at the time.
The majority of the time is that your fate is decided not in a court room but in what happens before you even get a chance to defend yourself in court. Nearly 95% of the cases that prosecutors decide to prosecute end up with the defendant pleading guilty so a trail won’t even happen. Are they guilty? Many say they are not but they settle on a lesser jail time rather than take their chances in a courtroom that can still end not in their favor. DNA evidence now eliminates all that wheeling and dealing instantly and could either prove that you are the criminal or also prove that your fluids had nothing to do with the crime.
During Obama’s Presidency, one of his initiatives launched a review of FBI testimony in cases. Another brought together scientists, prosecutors, judges and other lawyers to create the National Commission on Forensic Science. Both of these initiatives were ended in April by Trump’s appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who said the Trump administration would seek its own path toward improving criminal investigations under a new task force. So far Disastrous Donald has done nothing but play golf for personal profit at his resorts, go  to re-election rallies twice a week, insult allies and align himself with Dictators and take away babies from imprisoned deported parents. Someone tell me how he is making any aspect of America great?

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Trump Policies are Killing Coal Miners

Image result for coal miners supporting trump
Hey coal miners with that red hat that Trump puts all the proceeds from the sale made in China right back in his billionaire pockets, how is Trump making your America great? If you haven’t gotten deathly ill from all that coal dust in your lungs yet, chances you will and your hero just took away life -saving benefits from you. If you voted for Hillary, by now you would have been benefitting from clean energy jobs and good health care. Instead under Trump your life has not gotten any better and probably worse.
In Coal Run, Kentucky, many coal miners are having to leave their jobs in the mines due to breathing issues. They are suffering from black lungs. In Central Appalachia they are enduring the largest black lung epidemic in a generation. The cause of black lung disease is well known. It is triggered by tiny particles of coal and rough dust that is found in the coal mines and settle in the miner’s lung tissue. The particles cause the lungs to scar and blacken limiting the good function of a clear lung. There is NO cure for the disease. For advanced cases the only treatment is a lung transplant which cost an average of $1.2 million dollars. No one can afford that and insurance companies won’t cover the operation anyway. So, these Trump voting men are suffering a slow agonizing death from limited breath and eventually suffocating.
Right now we are in the middle of a black lung epidemic that the United States has ever reported. Since Federal regulations were put in place in the 1960’s coalminers became a Republican poster boy for American hard workers. Today there are about 20,000 coalminers in Central Appalachia and one out of every five has long term effects from black lung. The disease is more fatal than it has ever been. Increased mechanization from the use of machines to break the coal up deep in the mines has resulted in 4 times the amount of mining that can be done per hour. The increase in production has increased exposure to harmful particles at a faster and more lethal rate.
Trump’s endorsement of coal production is killing more people now and at a faster rate. We know that the population is at risk, we know the cause of the disease and our lawmakers are doing nothing to save lives. To pay for treatments, sick miners apply for State and Federal Workers benefits that are paid for by coal companies. In Kentucky their X-Rays have to be examined by a doctor that has specific certification to detect black lung. A law that just went into effect last month on July 14th called the HB2: Act Relating to Workers’ Compensation written on March 30, 2018 says that doctors who specialize in lung disease can give diagnoses for Workman’s Comp. Claims. It now limits the amount of doctors serving the entire state from 11 down to 5. Republican State Senator Rep. Adam Koenig sponsored the Bill. He had the owners of the coal mines influencing him to cut benefits to the miners.
Trump gave the owners tax breaks and the Republican Senator gave the coal companies less life -saving benefits to the miners. The CDC even said that any X-Ray technician can see the black particles infused to any lung.  Trump and the Republicans could care less about the safety and preservation of their most faithful supporters. Trump could care less about alternative renewable safe jobs either. Trump and his Republican thugs are killing the people of this country literally.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Dictator Donald Trump

Image result for trump and the dictators of the world

The evolution of a man who can’t come to grips with failure is President Donald Trump. He used to be America’s interesting guy who always acted more like the head of Playboy, Hugh Hefner, than any family man who surrounded himself with beautiful women and who married three of them.  He was lucky in that he always had someone who believed in anything he said that at times translated into bullying. His rich real estate father tried to get a grip on his bullying by sending Donald to Military School but that experience just made him a hardened bully. After college he was given a million dollars and inherited a large real estate fortune but then soon after, he was going broke. A situation his ego couldn’t handle along with his hair loss.
Early on he began to comb his hair in four different directions to hide his hair loss. At the same time he began investing in lots of different investments in a desperate hope to increase his wealth. He always the self-promoting wizard put his name on his properties and golf clubs, many of them  closed down due to miss –management. He completely owned several beauty pageants between 1996 and 2015 that was costly. Trump’s unsuccessful business ventures have included several casinos, hotel bankruptcies, the folding of his New Jersey Generals football team, the defunct fake Trump University, food, water, clothing line, you name it . It failed. He even was dipping into his now closed down foundation to spend money on his political campaign.  Why did he go into politics anyway? Is that where five time bankrupt folks go?
Trump is a power hungry monster who has become a traitor to our Constitution and our country in his newest   venture for power. He is a five time draft dodger who has never fought for our Democracy. So how did this threat to America happen? In 2013 Trump had his Miss Universe Beauty Pageant in Russia and met with the top 12 Oligarchs in Russia. These were rich and powerful men in Russia getting away with all sorts of political and monetary corruption. Trump wanted all that wealth again. The rich and powerful Russian leaders wanted more power too. They wanted to infiltrate America. They wanted to get rid of NATO, now Trump is discrediting them. The Kremlin plan is to get rid of the European Union. We are witnessing another turning point in history as in what happened after World War II.
Then Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt had meetings where they divided the world into categories.  The Russians are destroying Democracy by having Trump destroy the Atlantic Alliance, break up the United States and the European Capitals. He is forming an autocratic Washington and an autocratic Moscow leading the world by trying to destroy Democracies globally. Trump recently stood at Teresa May’s table and called for regime change in Britain. Trump’s bullying and aggressiveness is doing it all out in the open and promoting his agenda twice a week at his re-election campaign rallies.
He has 35% of this country giving their allegiance to him and not to free speech, not to freedom of the press and not to accepting all people to live in this country as planned by the rules set in the Constitution. Trump is picking out his voters and the people are under his spell of lies, jokes and deceit for more self-promotion and wealth that is the formula for the successful Dictators of the world that are growing. Russian influence has taken over the Ukraine and Syria, Poland and Austria. Turkey and Crimea is under Russian power. Putin in the past 15 years has a government state press and has murdered or imprisoned any viable candidate that dares to try to rise to power.  Now he is claiming shipping lanes in the Artic for himself.
Trump’s constant quest for wealth and power is finding a good home with the Russian way of life. Russia has saved Trump from his own failures but now his new piggy bank is the American tax payers. His tariffs are ruining American businesses, his unrealistic personal spending is creating the highest deficit ever in American history and most importantly he is discrediting our FBI, CIA and court system now that he has the power as the most important person in American democracy to change even our laws through his own fashioned Supreme Court. God Help America!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Dirty Donald's Revenge

Because of America’s Piggish President, this nation has become one big reality show of intrigue, deceit, drama and anything else you can think of that happens in a stupid drama. Just the salacious nonsense is appalling and will be recorded in the American history books. Donald Trump has achieved a few not so great firsts for this country and that is just in his personal life. He is the first Presidents to be elected at the oldest age. He is the first President to   have had three wives. He cheated on   all of his wives shortly after they gave birth to his child with his most recent wife being a male escort   and he is the first President to be sued by his porn star mistress. Disastrous Donald also has 8 grandchildren but shows no empathy for kids when he authorizes the children to be taken away from their parents over an immigration issue.
Image result for stormy danielsRecently he had his porn star mistress arrested since she exposed his hundreds of thousands of dollars bribe for her silence of their affaire proving that he has no ethics, morals or integrity. She was just doing her chosen occupation. Her name is Stormy Daniels and was arrested while working in a strip club in Ohio for touching men with her breasts during her show. Her lawyer said that it was a politically motivated set up since she does this in all her shows. In the town in Ohio for the past 5 years there does exist a law saying no touching but it has never ever been enforced or an arrest made for "illegal touching.”  Why enforce it now and why with her?
It shows that Dictator Donald works in many ways to do just about anything to promote him and tear down everyone else. The police complaint report said that “she stripped off her top and forced her breasts in the officer’s face.” Why were cops in a strip club anyway if it wasn’t a sting operation? The officer ASKED HER if he could “motorboat her.”  In this reality show it is obvious that she was set up. There were 4 cops there in a small arena. They were there to enforce “the Community Defense Act” in Ohio. Since when is large breasts a weapon that a “community “  needs to be protected from? There was a detective as a witness, and three other cops who approached her for that very special attention to their face with her huge breasts. It is entrapment and she was set up to violate a local law that never ever was enforced before. So, nice girls finish last figuratively and literally.
The rules were not posted on the door. If you don’t want things to happen in your club you should be notifying folks in advance of the rules. Performers and clients alike. The rules regarding strip clubs vary from state to state too. There are no lap dances in Washington D.C., in Louisiana you must be at least 18 inches in height (this is no joke), in Williams County in North Dakota you must cover your nipples. Is that a cold thing? Sigh! The point of all this is that our nation would not have to be subjected to this stupid nonsense if we didn’t elect such a Piggish President to represent our Nation.
We all know that ignorance of the law is not a defense so she was arrested. We all know that in a small strip club that a breast is going to hit somebody even if you didn’t ask for it. Sigh!