Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Prayers for Puerto Rico

It’s good to be an American if a white guy can say one Spanish word in his song and make a lot more money on that recording. Yes, Justin Bieber made a lot of money with the sales of his song called Despacito. With its at least 3.5 million certified sales plus track-equivalent streams, Despacito is one of the best-selling Latin singles in the United States. The song also became the world’s most streamed song of all time with 4.6 billion streams and that was back in July. How could a white kid make so much money by saying one word in a Spanish song? Only in America!

It was supposed to be the song of the summer but here we are in the fall and the song is still having us swaying to it in the fall. Despacito is actually the creation of a man from Puerto Rico, Luis Fonsi. Puerto Rico has suffered from hurricanes this summer and now is about to possibly be destroyed by another hurricane heading its way. The song has been number one and stayed there for 16 weeks. It is the first mostly Spanish song that has reached it to the top spot in American song lists in over 20 years. Luis Fonsi has been making records for 20 years but this is now his claim to fame as the guy why sings most of the song on this single.

Although Luis is a Grammy winner, now he is famous internationally because of Justin’s one word on the song that means slowly in Spanish. A full English translation of the song was available but Justin chose to sing one word. After all Despacito rhymes with Puerto Rico. Sigh!

Erika Ender is the co-writer of the song and she is a Grammy award international songwriter winner. It is great to see successful collaborations between cultures thrive. Someone tell Trump we need our international friends. Then there is rapper Daddy Yankee inserting his brand into the song that makes it even more refreshing and makes you want to sway to the song even longer.

The song is also appealing because it is all about seducing a woman slowly and making her desire you instead of all the aggressive nastiness about women in songs these days. Latin lovers were always romantic. The video is a depiction in the day in the life of people in Puerto Rico. That relaxed movement of people hanging out playing Dominoes. Now they are being blown around by a hurricane. If showcasing the beauty of Puerto Rico was the goal in the video than the gorgeous Latin woman filled the role. Zuleyka Rivera, a former Miss Universe is parading around in her unique sexy way wearing her tight short daisy dukes. So anyone who appreciates a beautiful woman is satisfied watching this video.

She was simply instructed to walk from here to there and feel the music. She did it so well that we all want to feel her too! In 2006 she was Miss Puerto Rico. Pray that other beautiful women from Puerto Rico aren’t in danger right now due to the weather. When she was crowned Miss Universe that year in the pagent she wore a stunning dress. Here we are more than 10 years later and she wore the same dress in this video and wears it well. This video that is the single most watched video of all time with over 3.6 billion views and counting on You Tube simply shows the spirit of Puerto Rico where everyone is dancing. We all need to stop fighting and do more dancing lately? Can we encourage ICIS or Kim Young F Up to do more dancing and less bombing?

Today Trump is scheduled to speak before the United Nations Assembly. He got elected because everyone wanted to know what he would be saying about another candidate next. It was an entertaining joke. Now the nation cringes wanting to know what the hell he is going to say next. I think he should just show the video and encourage all those international representatives of the world to dance. It doesn’t take long to share the love. The video was shot in one day and edited in a small studio in Miami.

The song is so appealing that it inspired fan videos from around the world. There is one from Bolivia, Brazil and China with translations in different languages. Even Sesame Street aired a version of the song called El Patito meaning the little duck featuring Ernie and Rubber Duckie. Fonsi has recently been named Tourism Ambassador to Puerto Rico. The place will need his help more now than ever to lure people to visit the battered place again. Puerto Rico was battered by Hurricane Irma. That storm has 1/3rd of the island still without power. Now Hurricane Maria is barreling towards Puerto Rico. We could at least in the video remember what the place was this past summer. Pray for their future. Sing that one word at least like Justin Bieber does. Sigh!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Prevent Cancer

Image result for hpv vaccineThere aught to be a law but there won’t be even if creating the law would save lives, stop cancer and curtail all other kinds of harmful and deadly diseases that is costly to treat and possibly never recover from. There is a vaccine that can actually prevent Cancer if only people would take it. There should be a law requiring people to take such a great preventable vaccine. Our lawmakers never pass laws for prevention. They pass laws after crimes are committed.
One in four Americans, about 80 million of us are infected with the Human Papovavirus, HPV. It is the most common sexually transmitted infection. Most people don’t develop symptoms or problems but around 30,000 HPV associated cancers occur in people every year. HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer in women, vaginal, throat, tongue, anal and penial cancers happen. The good news is that there is a preventable vaccine available for HPV and could prevent the majority of these cancers. It is recommended for all kids ages 11 or 12 years before they start having sex.
The bad news is that only 63% of girls and 50% of boys are getting the vaccine. It is the most underutilized immunization for children. For cancer doctors this is a public health crisis or maybe it is job security. If we prevent or even cure cancer what will we do with all the doctors and money we pour into cancer medicine? Who is responsible for making sure kids get this important vaccine? The problem lies with pediatricians and other providers who aren’t insisting to parents how important it is to have this vaccine administered to their children. A forceful suggestion from the doctor could help the most. The problem is also with the parents who many choose to skip the vaccine.
Others are concerned about the safety of the vaccine but dozens of studies have confirmed that the study is safe. Consider that Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Rwanda have HPV vaccination rates nearly double ours. Maybe this is one of the reasons America pays the most for healthcare and we still aren’t the healthiest of people in a nation.  The CDC, The Center for Disease Control has been trying to get the message across. THE HOV VACCINE PREVENTS CANCER!

We need to do better from preventing our children from cancers that will show up in their future. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Liar Liar

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If Trump gets impeached we will be left with Pence as President. If you put the pieces together of his puzzle he is not so squeaky clean in terms of coming forward as to what he knows about the revolving door of people hired and fired so often in the White house. There have been questions about Flynn the first big shot to be fired by Trump and his disclosure that now he is considered to be a Foreign Agent because he is taking a pay check from another country now. Flynn’s lawyer said he informed the transition team of his new position.
Vice-President  Mike Pence was running the transition team when the new information about Flynn came in but then he says he didn’t know anything. That is plainly not true and it has been known that Pence was in fact told of Flynn’s new job.
Pence also told reporters that in no way Flynn had discussions with the Russians about sanctions during the transition. Not true.
Pence insisted that there were no contacts at all between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. Not true.
Pence insisted that FBI Director James Comey was fired because of an internal process at the Department of Justice. It had nothing to do with the White House’s needs or desires certainly nothing to do with Trump’s feelings about the Trump investigation. Which is what Pence told the American people. But we now know that President Trump gave Pence a letter outlining his rational for firing Comey. It  was  written the day before the Department of justice produced their reason for the firing of the FBI Director.
So, Pence’s Comey firing explanation was not only untrue but we can tell by the time line that he knew at the time he said yet another falsehood.
This week Mike Flynn’s son is now a subject of the Federal Russia Probe.  The investigation by Robert Mueller now wants to question the boy. The  national security adviser’s son has been found to spread the fake news about the Washington D.C. pizza shop on the internet.  The fake news story led to the bazaar incident where a man who claimed to be investigating rumors that Hillary was running a child sex ring from the back of the pizza place. He fired an assault rifle at the restaurant employees and threatened them. Pence says Flynn Jr. had no role in the transition team. False. Flynn was indeed part of the transition. We have now learned that Flynn’s son who at the time was the incoming national security advisor’s relation and who spread conspiracies on the internet has a government transition email and was spreading ridiculous stories from that email.
Mike Pence has a problem with the truth. We can’t trust or believe anything he says either. Pence has made bracingly untrue statements about the Russia investigation. Pence’s Chief of Staff has resigned and his Press Secretary has left too. No one wants to defend a known liar. Now Pence has hired a high powered private lawyer to defend him in the Russia Investigation. Pence has formed his own political action committee which is a move that no other vice president has ever had to do in history in the first year of his first term. Pinocchio needs a lawyer.
So the guy lies about a lot of stuff and then he wants to use campaign funds to pay for his personal attorney. If that doesn’t work out Trump’s new ethics guy is going to allow anonymous gifts from lobbyists to pay for their defense. This is such a shady dealing administration. It makes you feel sick. So they can use Russian money in their defense? Ugh!

Trump's Wall

It will be Our Wall since Trump knows that Mexico will NOT pay for the construction. We all love his good intentions and desire to make America safer but his methods are challenging laws and court decisions that we fought for throughout our history. Now we are a divided country with good citizens fighting over issues all the time. Since most Americans only vote once every 4 years between those times we protest. We fight and disagree meanwhile we are all the same in our quest for fairness, a safe place to live and a decent wage to support our lifestyles and families. Immigrants are desperate for that universal quest too. People are being displaced from their home countries now more than ever fleeing some sort of persecution from unfair lawless places. We need a better solution.
My Trump supporting friend from Texas wants to know why I am always bashing Trump. He loves Trump’s brashness and fighting spirit to “clean the swamp” that in his words America has become. I would like to give us a bit more credit than that.  The world needs to handle problems in a more intelligent way than just threatening everyone with the size of their weapons. Enough with the destructive wars. We learned more about wars in social studies class than anything else in our fragile beautiful earth.
At our southern border Latinos are racing to America to flee their terrible lawless governments.  Women are being abused and murdered, children are growing up to a drug selling culture and men have limited job opportunities. Everyone has a gun or a machete and are not afraid to use it. We should spend the money on safe places for good Hispanics to live in their own countries. The violence against women is so horrible that they call it Femicide.
Honduras has grown to be the most dangerous place to be a woman. It is only 2,000 miles from Texas. They are now crashing our borders to get away from the violence just like people are fleeing persecution in the Middle East all over Europe. Even the beauty queen from Honduras and her sister was gunned down. Honduras is a tropical land with churches everywhere but no one seems to have any religious ethics. The drug fueled business has turned the country into a war zone. Fathers and sons are being killed especially if they reject the drug business. Women who don’t want to be raped or who shield their families from drugs are abused and killed. One woman is murdered there every 16 hours in a nation that is smaller than Ohio. That is one of the highest Femicide rates in the world.
It is a sexist machismo culture filled with weapons everywhere and gang violence. The government cannot cope with the violence. The children have gotten used to all the murder. A man’s power is measured in bullets there. They abuse and physically harm their own wives. Despite souring rates of Femicide, rapes and domestic violence an estimated 95% of these crimes go totally unpunished. Women can get restraining orders but the document is only as powerful as the backing of the courts to enforce the paper. They don’t. Filing a complaint can take weeks and the violence is so great that the police have to investigate a abusive man with a military backup.
Trump is right to crackdown on illegal gun violence and drugs and gangs trickling over into our country but throwing them back over a wall is not the answer. In Honduras 1 in every 4 pregnancies are with teen age girls 15 years old or younger. Most girls don’t get any kind of sexual education there. The morning after pill is outlawed and an abortion can land you in prison. This is why women fought for years to have places like Planned Parenthood in our country. Fear is a fact of life for women and their children yet the government refuses to provide shelters or safe houses for them. In America we fought to have social services for families in need. Trump wants to cut that budget too.
Children are watching their mothers being brutally raped and beaten. The kids are forced to have brothers and sisters born from a violent raping man that won’t spend even a day in prison. If you had to live this way you would walk the 2,000 miles to the possibility of living in America too. 82% of asylum seekers to America from Honduras are female. Trump’s chanting to build a wall is not the answer. He signed an executive order cutting the number of refugees into America in half. The abuse of women and children and families is a worldwide problem.
The answer is not an expensive wall but to create jobs to meet these desperate people at the border and send them back to international supported organizations that will provide help for the maimed physically and emotionally damaged people. Increase security through the United Nations Military to crack down on gang violence, drug warfare and business and prosecute criminals with solid jail time in whatever country they came from. If a countries government fails to support a safe life for their citizens it is time for the rest of the world to support peace and prosperity everywhere. Stop with the walls and bombs and weapons. That solves nothing for no one!


It's Good to be Trump

Face it, we all want to be a little like Trump. We all wish we could have been born into a real estate empire. We all wish we didn’t have to sleep in tiny dorm rooms during college. His dad bought him a house during college where he rented out rooms that paid for his mortgage.  Men wish they could have been married to three beautiful women. He is the only President who has had multiple marriages. And putting all the Russian antics aside, we all know we tuned into the debates not to hear sensible solutions for our nation but to see the entertaining side show of antics and personal insults Trump made to just about every candidate. If we said stuff like that to anyone at our jobs we would have been fired. He moves on to be President. It’s good to be Trump.
Before the election we saw him verbally abuse just about everyone on his hit reality show called The Apprentice other celebrities got hammered.  He even wants to own the words “You’re Fired “as his own possession. If you say it then you will have to pay him. Who gets to own words? Trump wants to. Although he was a celebrity you would expect to be loved by democrats in the entertainment field on the west coast and money moguls on the east coast instead he got elected by putting on the drama to win the hearts of the Americans in the middle states. Hard working coal miners and farmers who just want to have a job to feed their families and keep their towns alive and thriving. They mistakenly thought that some of Trumps pizzazz could rub off on them and help them to have some success in their lives too. Instead since his election he has only managed to make him greater and not America with his branding and trade deals to help his personal businesses throughout the world. Only his net worth has increased dramatically since his Presidency; not yours.
Trump doesn’t know how to keep this country happy but he does know how to fire people and a lot of people have been kicked out the back door of the White House since he became President. At this point no one knows who or what he wants in the White House as his closest advisors on anything. They need to install revolving doors there along with all his gold drapes he loves. The only thing that is consistent there is a steady line of firings and resignations. We are used to it by now. The first one came in just 24 days into his administration. It was only 3 and a half weeks and he was shedding one of his chosen senior staff.      February 13 White House Advisor Mike Flynn resigned
               March Deputy  White House Chief of Staff Katie Walsh out
               April Deputy National Security Advisor  KT Mc Farland out
               May  the first White House Communications Director Mike Dubke out
               June the Vice-President’s Chief of Staff Josh Peacock out
               July The Deputy Chief of Staff of the National Security Council Tera Dahl out
               July The White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer out
               July The Assistant White House Press Secretary Michael Short resigned
               July the White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus out
               July the second White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci out
               August the Senior Director for Intelligence at the National Security Council Cohen Watnick fired
               August the White House  Chief Strategist Steve Bannon out
               August Special Assistant to the President Julia Hahn out
               August the Director of the Public Liaison Office out
               August the Special Advisor on Regulatory Reform Carl Icon out
               August the Deputy Assistant to Donald Trump Sebastian Gorka fired
Many of the August firings happened on one day. Trump likes to tell Directors of things that “you’re Fired!”  Do you have a personal list of people you would like to fire? Most Americans would love to be in the position to fire someone. Many of people in high positions but lower than these guys have left the Administration. Is it really good to be Trump? Note sure on that one!


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Military Immigrants, You're Fired Trump Style

Trumps immigration policies are more like suffering policies. Now the military is under attack. There are many foreigners who are serving in our military, protecting America who can now also face deportation. Is this how you treat people who are willing to give up their lives for this country? Democratic Senators realize how serious a break in trust this is and have already proposed an Amendment this week to save this vulnerable group of immigrants who serve our country. Does Trump even realize how valuable these people are who know other countries and speak fluently other languages are to our safety? In other wars a special international group was scarce and badly needed to serve in other countries.
Since 2008 the Defense Department has OFFERED IMMIGRANTS who join our military in exchange for a path to citizenship. Now they may be getting the opposite with Trump’s brand of America. NOW THEY COULD GET KICKED OUT OF THE COUNTRY THEY SIGNED UP TO SERVE. Should we be ambushing our immigrant brave military members? My protest shoes are getting really worn out with this crazy President.
The Department of Defense even had You Tube Videos trying to RECRUIT immigrants to our military. Not anymore. Does Trump even realize he is closing the door on a valuable international military asset? In the past the U.S. Department of Defense launched the MAVNI program to attract foreign nationals. The deal was that those who join the military will immediately obtain citizenship once they start serving. The program attracted people from all over the globe fluent in English and other languages joining our military. Clearly an asset to America. Why should this program be stopped?
Foreigners see a lot of American movies like Saving Private Ryan and Lone Survivor that inspire them to want to be an American and serve in our military too. In movies like that it shows a strong American spirit and American values inside the U.S. military. They want to be a part of America. MAVNI means Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest. It allows Visa holders to trade military service for expedited citizenship. The program is a success until Trump comes along. Now the program has an uncertain future. Immigrants have ALWAYS been part of the U.S. Armed Forces. After the Vietnam War they restricted enlistment to Green Card holders. Over the next 30 years the number of Green Card holders in the military dropped.
After 911 recruitment increased. After 911 our military didn’t have enough people who spoke foreign languages. The MAVNI Program recruited legal immigrants who were in America already and who passed rigorous background checks through the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security. They signed up for 8 years of military service in exchange for bringing their unique skills to the Armed forces. In 2008 MAVNI had 2,000 recruits. Recently the Pentagon announced that the program has expanded to 5,200 soldiers. That means 8% of enlistees are immigrants seeking citizenship. Why attack this small amount of soldiers?
Now even little things like a renewal of a driver’s license is in jeopardy. Now their student Visas are in jeopardy. The Pentagon announced that they will curtail the MAVNI program. They recently cancelled 1,800 applicants. The Republicans like Rep Steve Russell from Oklahoma thinks the MAVNI program is just charity. Over 1,000 MAVNI recruits are now in immigration limbo while the Pentagon decides whether to honor the contract to expedite their citizenship or deport them. They are considered traitors to the countries they left. Now they have possibly no country.

Must Trump say You’re Fired to everyone? These people feel unsafe at the airport even if they go back for fear of being stopped and regarded as traitors. Trump likes to change the rules in the middle of the game. But this is no game. These people are loyal valuable assets to this country and want this country to be their country. You shouldn’t spit in the face of loyal quality people. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Gods are Never Regulated

They are the three Gods in my life. They determine my worth in life. With their scrutiny every purchase and the very quality of life is determined by their approval and acceptance. Their names are Equifax, Transunion and Experian. These three determine your credit worthiness. The worst part besides their power over your spending habits is that they are not really regulated by any branch of our government so no wonder there was a breach that gave all your personal information out there to who knows who. Who is going to slap the people of Equifax on the wrist? No One!
Equifax Inc. is a private company that trades on the Stock Market at about $100 a share. Their business is a consumer credit reporting service. They collect information on about 800 million people and tell companies if they should give you loans on cars and products.  They will give your personal profile to about 88 million   businesses worldwide upon request. Equifax waited a month before they revealed that hackers breached their security and have stolen the personal data on probably you and me. 143 million Americans privacy is gone. Ok If you have really bad credit, who cares they can know all my bad news but those with loans out there do not want their privacy out there to anyone who wants it.
We can complain about the three Gods all we want to but getting them to change their judgmental ways is not going to happen by anyone. Why aren’t THEY regulated as long as they determine what we can do financially? Lots of things get hacked now a days all the time including our Election. Cyber Security is a big problem. Everything we do is on the internet or buried in some companies data files. Equifax is technically a financial institution. The Federal Trade Commission demands that Equifax “design and implement a safeguards program.”  NO ONE IN OUR GOVERNMENT ACTUALLY ENFORCES THAT REGULATION!
It is because of   a Regulatory gap. Trump should be getting on these Gods case and stop annoying people with walls, religious bans and self- profiteering with the Russians. And stop playing so much Golf Mr. Leader of the Free World. We need our credit reports to be safe and secure. The FTC is supposedly responsible for enforcing the safeguards rule. The CFPB, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been doing most of the supervision of Equifax and the other Gods. The focus was on whether the credit reports were fair and accurate not on what cybersecurity measures the Gods are taking to monitor safeguards on your information.
We have the FDA that monitors that our food and drugs are safe. NO ONE IS MAKING SURE THAT OUR CREDIT REPORTS ARE SAFE. No wonder this disaster happened. It was waiting to happen. Investment bankers actually have regulators that observe and work in their offices and audit their performance.  NO ONE IS WATCHING EQUIFAX. Farms and ranchers have USDA inspectors that check the food they produce. Everyone else has someone else watching them to insure that they are doing a good job. That is why our buildings and roads and food and drugs are safe in America!!! Somebody safeguard our credit Congress!!! Where are my damn worn out protest shoes?
Some Federal Agency needs to be imbedded with the credit unions to secure our personal data. These Gods have personal information on just about every American adult. In the unlikely event that a credit company has been found to break the rules the only thing we could do is request that the Federal Trade Commission gets them to agree to fix the problem. I say fine the bastards! Put them out of business instead of having the power to put me out of business with a bad credit report. Equifax is facing lawsuits from angry customers who can afford to sue the giant company but that is not enough. We need real Federal Regulations especially that they are private companies. They don’t even have to pay a fine to our government since no one is really their boss.

Expect this kind of assault on your information to continue without proper legislation governing these predatory companies that intrude on every financial aspect of your life.

Hillary Emerges

Hillary is on a book signing tour where in the book called What Happened she reveals her thoughts on the whole Russia thing that is still under close investigation by a special prosecutor. In the book she reveals her distain for former FBI chief Comey in that he was aware of the Russia involvement of Trump but did not come public with his findings before the election but was quick to look even further into her e-mails that was already proven not to be a problem. It is ironic that the candidate he chose to protect fired him. Besides, a FBI Director should not favor anyone that needs to be investigated.
As usual since Trump won, new revelations of lies and secret meetings and collusion come to the surface in the stinking swamp that is Trump world. Another development into the Russian medaling in the Presidential election has surfaced in the already crowded scum on the surface of that election. It has been confirmed that a lawyer working for Trump’s real estate empire reached out to Putin during the campaign. It makes it very evident that Trump’s business has strong ties to Russia. In January 2016 just as Trump’s popularity as a candidate was getting better, Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney e-mailed a Russian spokesman for Putin  Dmitry Peskov and wrote, ”I respectfully  request someone, preferably you, contact “me so that I might discuss the specifics as well as arranging meetings with the appropriate individuals.” Cohen also e-mailed Russian,  Felix Sater who said, “our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putin’s team to buy in on this, I will manage this process.”  Comey should have revealed these e-mails and maybe Trump wouldn’t have made it to the Presidency.
Michael Cohen although wasn’t on the campaign trail he was often an outspoken fan of Trump. Negotiations over a building called Trump Tower Moscow occurred between September 2015 and January 2016 also a time when Trump was boasting in his speeches that a good relationship with Russia would be great for America. It is evident that it would be good for his real estate empire and his branded trade deals. Six months later as President Trump he denied having business dealings with Russia.

Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton last November came as a shock to the world. From his Inauguration speech till now he has managed to insult just about everyone and caused chaos over just about any subject you can think of. Many people in his inner circle in the White House has already left him by resignation or being fired for doing something unethical. Much of his time in office has been a focus by the House of Representatives and the Senate not on the needs of the American people but on investigations involving him and his secrets with the Russians. Polls, news reports and everything the Clinton campaign was hearing in the final days pointed to her becoming the first female President of the United States in American History. Now that she has emerged through the toxic sludge that ruined her career and the hopes and dreams of most Americans it is good to at least hear from her again. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I Beg Your Pardon!

Most Presidents wait till the last year of their Presidency to pardon people but not this guy. Trump isn’t even President for one year and he used probably the most powerful tool a President has to clear the record of a horrible criminal. Pardons are the genuine get out of jail card for criminals. Pardons are the most powerful tool available to a President. Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon. President Trump recently pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio during the hurricane in Texas. Everyone was too consumed with the natural disaster to once not being consumed with the sad disaster Trump is.
For 25 years Sheriff had a reputation in Arizona as being a tough guy who used strange methods to deal with his prisoners. He was known for his crackdowns on illegal immigration and his crackdown on petty crimes with harsh prison conditions. He gave prisoners only 2 meals a day often with spoiled baloney sandwiches, made them wear pink underwear and prison stripes. He had a reality show called Smile You’re Under Arrest. Is this why Trump likes him?
Public humiliation is his style. Trump likes this guy so much he spoke about him positively during his campaign and had him speak during the Convention. Maricopa County in Arizona has a prison population of 4,242,997 inmates. That is a higher population than 24 states. He would house them in tent cities under the threat of gun fire. Temperatures would rise in the tents to 145 degrees. Arpaio is proud to say that he was the first in the world to put women in chain gangs. Arpaio had jails not prisons. Jails are designed to house prisoners for less than a year with folks waiting for a trial. Arpaio installed cameras in the bathrooms and it found footage linked to pornographic sites on the internet.
Arpaio said, “No juveniles would have been displayed unless they look older and lie to us.” So in his eyes this trash is ok? Well Trump grabs women by the pussy so it makes sense why Trump likes the Sheriff. It sounds like everyone’s nightmare who gets lost in small town sick politics. Arpaio is arrogant.  He said to a reporter, “I have not received any negative comment other than the Justice Department, Amnesty International or The National Civil Liberties Unit.” Those three important departments of American justice has the job to criticize you for mistreating prisoners. The prisoner’s nickname for him is Hitler. His treatment of inmates have proven to be deadly.
Over the years the County has paid out multiple large settlements to families of inmates who died in his jails including over $8 million dollars to the family of Scott Noerberg after being restrained, beaten and shot by prison guards. Another Detention Officer, Kimberly Walsh, testified that she intervened and said that the guy was turning blue and couldn’t breathe the officers replied, “Who gives a fuck” repeatedly till they killed the man.   
So, Trump likes guys that kill people and are called Hitler. No one should see someone dying and not give a shit! Arpaio and his officers showed no remorse or apologies for their murderous actions.  In fact Arpaio promoted the murderous officers to higher positions. As a law enforcement officer this Sheriff shows no respect for the law. How can Trump endorse this monster? Trump and Arpaio are one and the same in that Arpaio tried to sue anyone that he considered his enemy including Judges and County Officials. One lawsuit he brought about his criticizer resulted in his lawyer being disbarred for bringing frivolous cases to the bench. Trump lies all the time and makes our FBI go on wild goose chases from Hillary’s e-mails to Obama not wiretapping his home.
America’s toughest guy drops the ball. He has been found to drop the ball in that more than 400 sex-crimes were inadequately investigated including crimes involving children. Sheriff Joe Arpaio admitted to not following up on these crimes and casually said if there really were these crimes. It reminds me of Trump saying there were bad guys on both sides in the lethal statue protests where only one side killed a woman. Arpaio wasn’t even convicted on any of these crimes. He was jailed for racial profiling. A 3 year investigation by the Justice Department found that he was engaging in “unconstitutional Policing and a pervasive culture of discriminatory bias against Latinos.” Latinos are stopped up to 9 times more likely than other races. In one case a Latino was detained for 13 days for not using his turn signal in his car. Old people in Arizona don’t even drive unless their turn signal is on all the time!
The Sheriff is arrogant. He ignored the government warnings and in fact over the next 18 months deputies detained at least 171 people without criminal charges and turned them over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He is Trump’s kind of guy. Finally a Federal Judge found the Sheriff guilty of criminal intent. Trump’s pardon is a slap in the face to American justice and laws, the American people who are being treated unfairly and to Latinos. The Sheriff broke the rules he swore to uphold. Trump needs to be impeached for making a mockery of the debates, the Presidency, our Constitution and our judicial system.

Monday, September 11, 2017

America After 911

Today is another year where the horror of September 11 creeps into our memory. Yes, thousands of people died that day and now hundreds of first responders are dying from cancers and catastrophic illnesses related to all the pollutants they took into their bodies trying desperately looking for survivors that dreadful day years ago we call 911 now. Since then have things gotten better for Americans? We have been at war with terrorists in the Middle East now for 17 continuous years and Trump is sending more soldiers there now too. Terrorism is still a global problem with random acts of violence still being performed on innocent civilians just doing ordinary life things. We still live on the edge and must be ever so thankful each day that we survived life in general and was able to live just another day.
We had a horrible President then with George Bush as our leader and now we have a horrible leader with Donald Trump as our President. How can things get better? At least Trump is under a crusade to make America safer with his quest to deport Muslims and Mexicans but his methods are crude and are banning a large population of peaceful good Muslims and Mexicans in America. Trump got elected because he entertained everyone with his insults of the other candidates like it was a continuous Roast. Then it was revealed that he was involved with Russian intervention into our election process, his business dealings seem to only benefit himself and he lies a lot. He also had a very dangerous and jaded close advisor, Steve Bannon.
In a recent 60Minutes interview with Bannon the public finally sees the kind of terrible influence he has had over Trump and his decision making for this country.  Former White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon and CEO of Trumps Campaign was a master manipulator over him. The American people knew nothing about him except for this very first televised interview. We know he was the CEO of Breitbart News, a place that supports Alt-Right views and he runs the website in his home.  He says things like “If you don’t agree with Trump you need to be held accountable for your actions.” Is that a threat forcing loyalty? Does we know that we live in a democratic society where free speech and elections are the rule and all views are considered? Bannon never was on a political campaign before but yet he was elevated to being the head of Trump’s Campaign for Election.
Bannon blames Trumps lack of popularity on the Republican Party that Trump is part of. The failure of them to devise a better plan than Obamacare is the Republican Party’s fault because they had 7 years to figure it out. Trump never came up with a plan of his own. He likes to pass the blame and fire people. On the DACA situation Bannon says, “As their work permits expire the workers should self-deport.” This is the kind of insanity that is fueling the thoughts of our current President. These kids have no path to citizenship, no path to a Green Card and amnesty is non-negotiable. Then should we refund them all the taxes they paid from their jobs? None of these things are going to happen. All of these ideas is just disturbing to the American principles and thoughts. America was the place where people could come, contribute to the economy. It was the definition of immigration before this mad man Bannon was influencing Trump.
Bannon says that America was built from their citizens. We were not all immediately citizens. Most of us came from other countries and many were not born here. There are many non-citizens who contribute much to our economy and who do not commit criminal acts yet they are treated like criminals. Thankfully the people of America rise over ridiculous policies being pushed upon us by crazy people like Steve Bannon and we rise to the occasion as we did to help each other during 911 and as seen during the unconditional help all races and monetary classes rose to help and care for each other during the hurricanes. America is made of good people despite bad leaders.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Our Gentile Giants

Related imageSave our gentle giants by going on vacation to Giraffe Manor an elegant mansion where you can dine with the elegant giant gentle soon to be extinct beautiful giraffes.  During meals it is encouraged to give a treat to those giant necks that cower over you and lean into the open windows for a snack too. Book a room at this extraordinary hotel outside Nairobi, Kenya. Visiting Giraffe Manor should be on everyone’s bucket list because it is a civilized way to enjoy the beauty of the African animals in a safe elegant way. The English Mansion was built in the 1930’s in the style of a Scottish Hunting Lodge that is now owned by 4th generation Kenyans. Giraffes love the interaction with humans and they each have very different personalities. There are 12 giraffes living on the estate.
Image result for giraffe manor hotel
Enjoying a slice of life in the company of giraffes is a way to help these beasts live since they are experiencing a silent extinction that no one seems to pay attention to. The population is down 40% in just the past 2 years. Giraffes were only classified as a possible endangered species only this past year. The species is down 60% from its original numbers. If the current trend continues by 2030 Giraffes will be extinct. Mikey Carr-Hartley is the Director of Giraffe Manor and points out how the abuse and extinction of elephants is highly publicized but not too much is known about the plight of giraffes. There are 500,000 elephants but only 90,000 giraffes alive today.
Giraffe Manor was created in an effort to save these animals. Back in the 70’s a former American super model had the idea to have a few giraffes live on the land with her. Part of the hotel’s land is dedicated to the giraffe center that is dedicated to education and conservation of the species. A percentage of every room fee at the manor goes to the center. One of the biggest issues facing giraffes is the loss of land to urban development. As populations grow and cities emerge on what used to be wild untamed land the giraffe’s habitat is lost. Nairobi National Park is surrounded by streets and skyscrapers.
A giraffe’s kick can break a lion’s back and is a key defense for the safety of their lives against natural predators. Humans are a far more lethal predator. From trophy hunters, to poachers the animals are dying faster than they can reproduce. Giraffes are being hunted for their meat and bones. Traditional beliefs is that giraffe bones and bone marrow can heal Aids. Some will kill the animal just for their tails. According to Arthur Muneza the East Africa Coordinator of the Giraffe Conservation Fund, humans are the greatest threat to giraffes. The foundation had gotten more dramatic in its  save the animals efforts by tracking down the poachers. They are transporting giraffes from danger zones across the Nile River from the oil drilling polluted lands in Uganda to safe refuges in Nairobi.

The new dangerous life of the giraffe needs more public relations coverage. People need to do more to save these animals. Silence on the subject is dangerous too.