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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Why Protest?

Why are they protesting in Russia? Thousands of the people have had enough of the corruption and want a change. However the protests have resulted in the arrest of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny    who is a lawyer who went to Yale University and is a political activist who has the courage to be an outspoken opponent of Putin. Alexei exposed the corruption on TV to the Russian people of the amount of money and expensive the prime minister spent on himself out of taxpayer money. Money that is needed for services to the Russian people. His arrest is serious in that now he will not be able to run for election against Putin next year.
The Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has a 45,000 square foot mountain ski house, a gigantic country house complete with its own man-made lake, another 30,000 square foot home in the Moscow suburbs, a 17th Century villa in Tuscany complete with its own vineyard and   two giant luxury yachts. Not bad for a guy who is supposed to be a public servant of the people. In addition to all those properties, Dmitry’s main estate has a multi layered cascading swimming pool, a greenhouse, three helipads and a house built for his ducks. Yes, a duck house to go along with another of his man-made lakes. Alexei the activist exposed this over the top opulence to the Russian people in a TV special report.
Many of the protestors carried plastic ducks and put ducks on their protest signs. They are appalled at the revelation of Dmitry’s   excessive life style on just a government’s salary. He thinks that the taxpayer’s money is his personal pot of gold. About 60,000 people took place in last weekend’s protests in 82 Russian cities and towns across Russia. The last time Putin was re-elected in 2012 there were massive protest then too. Putin then passed a law stating that says that you are not allowed to protest the government anymore unless the government allows the protests. Huh?
The people chanted, ”Russia without Putin, Russia will be free.”  This weekend Alexei was arrested along with thousands of protestors charged with illegally organizing protests. They are giving him a criminal conviction that is very serious in that it would bar him from going on the ballot. That is a serious sad chain of events that will only help Putin to get re-elected again. Another causality of brave people who dare to oppose Putin and his thugs that have completely taken over that country and are now attempting to take over America, Europe or anyone who dares to stand in their way. Alexei is Putin’s most prominent critic.
So, why care with Russia’s problems? It is important to the American people to see the type of strong arm corruption the Russian leaders are imposing on their own people. It is important because our newly elected Donald wants to be such allies with these creeps. It is important to stop the strong ties that Trump and his thugs have with Russia in this country before they can damage us completely. Putin hated Hillary for questioning his election back in 2011 and now he did whatever he could to destroy her campaign and succeeded. Michael Mcfaul the former United States Ambassador to Russia knows about Putin’s paranoia to anyone that dares to oppose him.
Putin’s insecurity is apparent in that he has never been able to negotiate with his own people about issues. His tactics can’t blame Hillary anymore. He has to deal with his own people that have had enough of his crap.  Putin has always been able   to crack down and punish any opposition to his thoughts but not anymore. Let’s hope the brave people of Russia can survive Putin’s punishment and that the new corruption can unfold here in America too.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Russian Rage

Rage is rising in Russia. Brave citizens of that country have had enough of the Dictator suppressing the voices of the people. There haven’t been such violent outspoken protests in years. Why? There is one year left to Putin's reign and he expects to be re-elected for a 4th term in a position he has held for 17 years. The quality of life for the average Russian citizen is not all that great. With the availability of instant news on our phones and public opinion circulating quickly on social media and rage on twitter feed, emotions run high and spread quickly. The people of Russia is having a wave of anti-corruption rallies that are often violent and the police are brutal in beating brave citizens that just want to march in protest. Hundreds are being arrested at a time in Moscow. Outspoken Putin critics are being assassinated on city streets. The strong arm of the Putin government is devastating.
The government there call the rallies illegal.Tens of thousands of people marched in multiple cities this past weekend. It was the biggest protest in that country in the past 5 years. More than 1,000 people were arrested including the protest leader. Challenging authority in Russia is risky. Many outspoken foes of Putin have been subjected to execution style retribution. Yes, they are murdered or simply go missing. The Kremlin is doing Mafia style hits on its people. It seems that just about anyone who has the balls to say anything negatively about Putin ironically gets poisoned, disappears or is outright killed in public. There is a pattern of suppression now trickling down to abusing the mass population for just being vocal about the carnage of destruction to their economy, money-laundering and the amount of very rich Putin supporters.  The people want to see some of their money being used to serve the people and not the billionaires.
The police response to the protests is swift and brutal beating and jailing anyone they can get their hands on. We live in a global society and the Russian people also have social media and have access to news around the globe.  They are watching carefully the mess that is going on in America involving their leader and his associates influencing our election and influencing the Republican leadership taking out of their intentions to help the people of the Ukraine. We never heard much in this country about Russia during the Obama years but we also watched closely how Putin took over the Ukraine and stripped those people of their pride in their country. Now the Ukraine is a poor military state. The Ukrainian people had a moment of pride when they ousted their Dictator and literally took over his lavish mansion paid by the funds of the taxpayers but then the Russian strong arm took over the Ukraine government swiftly.
The amount of bribes associated with Trump and his hand- picked inexperienced people to run our American government is staggering.  The Russian people are listening and are outraged by the world wide scope of corruption that Putin is spreading over governments all over the world. Our Constitution is an amazing document that puts checks and balances on corruption. Now the tide is changing in America where even Republicans are not siding with other Republicans and aligning themselves with the investigations of White House ties to Russia an investigation that has been going on since July of last year.

God help the Russian people and their bravery to bounce up from oppression and have the courage to speak their minds and hope for a fair and just government for themselves. It seems that much of the world including Africa and the Middle East are hoping for fair and just leadership to emerge. Hope is eternal!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Miller Time?

Is it Miller time? Sure we could all take a deep breath and enjoy a Miller Beer now that our flawed Obama Care is still there and the dreadful Trump Care is tossed in the trash. We can breathe a little easier that the immigration ban isn’t so harsh anymore and that Obama is not a criminal. We are a bit embarrassed to be an American lately with this nut job as our President. He did appear Presidential for a moment when he read a prepared speech given to him to read at the Congressional Address although that speech was flawed too. Who bailed him out that evening? Who wrote his speech? Steven Miller.
At least that evening Trump was able to speak in more length than a tweet can provide thanks to his speech writer Steve Miller who has no relation to the Miller Beer Company.  Who is this guy no one ever heard of before? The speech was written entirely by Steven who in a matter of months went from a young right wing agitator to the nation’s top policy maker. He is now a senior advisor to President Trump. How did he make it so far so fast in his career? He is only 31 years old. He grew up in California raised by liberal Jewish parents but he is a white supremacy supporter conservative. One of Miller’s idols is David Horowitz who writes books called   Hating Whitey   and Progressive Racism. David became one of Steve’s   influential mentors. Steve wrote in his college newspaper a column called Miller Time where he often wrote about racism towards conservatives.
After Duke University he worked for Jeff Sessions and latched on to moving on to Washington with him. In Washington he is on the right hand of Bannon. Miller co-authored the depressing Inauguration speech of Trumps where he just about insulted everyone there. Miller was a key person in drafting the immigration order halting immigration from 7 countries. This guy has Trump saying things that just puts all Americans in fear of what’s next. Trump’s behavior during the only speech where he made some sense was deplorable.
During the lengthy speech to Congress Trump embarrassed the poor grieving clearly very upset wife of the navy seal who got killed in a poorly planned attack in the Middle East. He orchestrated an uncomfortable 15 minute applause fest with the camera focusing on the drama of the poor woman’s all so soon grief. Her brave husband died just a week before the speech. What a sad exploitation of a family to take the   focus away from just another failure done by Trump.  The President was in the office for one week when he ordered the attack during one of his lavish dinners at his lavish estate, did not watch anything in the war room, did not consult any of the 16 agencies to support such a mission and resulted in causalities, the death of a Navy seal and the ruination of an expensive military helicopter.

Is it time for Steve Miller to write another speech for Trump? Give me a beer!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Art of the NO Deal

He is the master at the art of the NO deal. Now the new health care bill has been withdrawn before a vote can even take place. At least all this disarray can be a positive testament that most of our lawmakers can not be bullied or threatened into giving up their vote. Trump used both tactics to try to get fellow Republicans to accept this flawed plan. The health care bill was written by all men who didn’t include any women’s needs in the plan meanwhile women comprise half the nation’s population. It didn't even cover emergency room emergencies. They knew that with only 17% of fellow Republicans on board with this sinking ship that it wouldn’t survive and it is now dead.  The bullied flawed immigration bill is dead after two attempts. Trumps wiretapping allegations to make Obama a criminal have failed with no evidence to back-up his claims. His involvement with the Russians before and after the election is becoming the swill rising to the top of the boiling pot of fraud and deception. He has wasted more money than any other President on secret service for family and friends like Kelly Ann Conway. He has spent   more taxpayer money than any other President so far on his golf trips every weekend to his so called Florida White House. He has alienated all world leaders’ friend or foe. Yes, the Don has accomplished much crap in just a few months in office.
It has been already established that much of his family fortune has been acquired by money laundering millions of dollars of Russian money on inflated property selling deals. Is that his success in life? We know that he has declared bankruptcy protection various times. He lost his casino. His Trump University is gone and proven to be more hype and no substance for many devout followers of him and now he has betrayed his devout followers in the red states that elected him   to America’s highest office. The only consistency here is that he has been an ethical failure in both past and present. He is a master in deflecting blame and can easily move on to his next agenda. He has already said he will now move on to the tax reform issue. Will he tax the top 2% of rich people at the same rate that all other Americans have to pay? I doubt it.

The investigation of President Trump’s involvement with Russia is moving forward with having Paul Manifort, Trump’s Campaign Chairman testifying next in the investigation. He had serious relations with Russia during the campaign and has large monetary deals with the Russian government. It has been revealed that Paul was receiving $10 million dollars per month to advance Putin's agenda. There are new documents that show that Paul laundered payments from the party funds. Where is all that "America First" agenda? This is a very serious criminal investigation. These are acts of treason. It is known that any opposition to Putin has resulted in key important people going missing or poisoned or murdered. It is known that Putin bribes other world leaders for influence as in his take-  over of the Ukraine. It is refreshing that even now Trump’s Republican followers are now distancing themselves from him for their own political protection. The protesting of Americans sounding off at rallies and town halls all over America causing these Republicans to shut up and sneak out of back doors for their own protection is a sign that Americans will not take any more crap from these  bloated rich liars that clearly do not have the American people’s best interests in mind. No one with the guts to be in the public eye wants to be seen as a failure to all so the blame game is circulating like a bad tornado in Washington and all over America. Hold onto your hat guys because the storm of change is not over yet!

Friday, March 24, 2017


For 8 years we had the luxury of not having to hear the Israelis complain about much. Somehow thorough out the Obama administration they at least seemed happy. All my life I heard of reports about the Israeli Palestine conflicts. For two very religious peoples I never understood why they couldn’t just live peacefully. They even built an ugly wall between them. Bush gave them billions of dollars for an anti-defense shield that literally blows up missiles like fireworks in the Israeli sky. Now they can relax and just look at the light show of safety that we provided over their skies. America did not even create such a system to protect us if we get attacked. Trump gets the job and all of a sudden Jewish people are being targeted all over America .Why?
The FBI is still trying to find out who is behind all the bomb threats to religious centers and the vandalism to Jewish cemeteries. The Anti-Defamation League received bomb threats in four cities including New York. That league is formed to stop terrorism and hate crimes and even they got threats. In the past few weeks at least 14 threats were given in 10 states to Jewish Centers. Since January there have been at least 135 threats. Some of the threats are pre-recorded in the form of e-mails. All the threats used computer software to disguise the source. Quickly all 100 United State Senators signed a letter of concern. They still don’t know if the threats are coming from our shores or from overseas.
Well the answer is yes. Israeli authorities with the help of the FBI arrested a suspect. I thought that the recent meetings with Trump and the Israeli Prime Minister where both of these guys who are under investigation by both governments had something to do with the sudden   surge into   Jewish hate. A multi- agency investigation has brought a sigh of relief with the arrest of a suspect. A 19 year old with dual citizenship in Israel and America is responsible at least for the cyber-crimes. Dani Dayan who is the Israeli Consul General is not sure who is responsible for the cemetery vandalism. This teen could not enter the Army because he was deemed to be mentally deficient but he was apparently smart enough to pull off the cyber threats undetected for a while.

Over 100 bomb threats were phoned in to Jewish Centers in America, New Zealand and Israel. The teen’s father was also arrested. This kid had no formal education but was able to use his neighbor’s Wi-Fi to   make threats from his bedroom to across the globe. The calls began 6 months ago.  He was yet able to disguise the location of the calls by using special technology. His threats eventually spread to 40 states including a flight forcing a emergency landing at JFK Airport in New York. The suspect has a brain tumor that can affect his cognitive decision making. The teen will be prosecuted in Israel and there is no plans to bring him to the United States. The suspect didn’t go to an elementary or high school.  

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Terrible Trump

“You can’t con people, at least not for long. You can create excitement, you can do wonderful promotion and get all kinds of press, and you can throw in a little hyperbole.”
A quote from Trump’s book called The Art of the Deal
Yes he has hyped up all the people from the red states and continues to con them since he is now holding rallies for his reelection campaign after just a few months in office. He likes all that free Secret Service protection given to him. He likes all the Russian money donated   to his campaign war chest. His daughter likes the new office she just got in the White House for no real reason with complete security clearance so she is privy to secret information. Those poor slobs who voted for him and still show up to his self-promotion rallies still don’t realize that his budget and health care plan offers them little or nothing. He offers little or nothing to his wife who is never with him and offers even less to his young son Baron who is never with him. What kind of man doesn’t want to even pal around with his own son? I guess a man who has yet to even mention peace on earth at any of his speeches.
Yes, Donald you can’t con people, at least not for long. You can’t con the FBI or Congress about your false claims about Obama wiretapping you. You can’t trick us into believing that your health care plan is better since it will not cover most people and the tax credits amount to nothing compared to the increased costs. Do your sick coal mining voters realize this yet? Do all those women voters who loved you on a reality show called The Apprentice realize you want to cut all women’s health care services? You conned them. The budget is just mean spirited to the very people who voted for him. Yes, he is a master at the art of the con deal which is why he gets along so well with the thieving murderous Russians that will do anything to secure their influence on any country.
He is increasing a $1.4 billion dollar increase to the National Nuclear Security Administration. A bully likes to have more toys around him and he is just irking the North Korean bully to gather more nuclear toys of his own. Do these guys know they are playing with the probable cause of the end of life on earth as we know it at the press of a button at a moment’s notice? His budget cuts the Environmental Protection Agency by 31%. When did the American people say anywhere give corporations the green light to pollute our air, water and land? As it is non-defense discretionary spending is already at the lowest it has been in the past 15 years. It doesn’t even make sense to cut these things because the EPA is less than one percent of the Federal spending budget.

Trump has already proven to be a consistent monster. Eliminating tiny budget items like the National Endowment for the Arts and The Corporation for Public Broadcasting together is 0.2% of Federal spending. So these deductions are simply mean spirited. Yet, he expects us all to want to build a wall.  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dandy Denmark

Is there a happy place to live on earth? A place not motivated by greed or money for happiness? The world is consumed by poverty, strife, homelessness, violence and war. Where can we go to find health, comfort, peace and just simply nice people? In America we worry about jobs, health care, cost of education, race relations, safety, politics and greed to name a few. Most countries in the Middle East are destroyed. The Ukraine and Russian people are starving. China is polluted.  Europe is overflowing with new immigrants. Poverty has taken over Latin America and   Africa is run by greedy dictators. Where is a nice place to live?
Yes, we can ski in Switzerland, gamble in Monte Carlo or go to the Caribbean to swim but those are very special vacation destinations. I just want a good place to live. The United Nations has a Global Happiness Report that they put out each year and they just released the most recent report. According to them the happiest place on earth is the small country of nearly 6 million people called   Denmark. There are no tropical beaches there and it has nearly 50% of its days raining yet the people who live in Denmark are happy. Why? What makes Denmark the happiest place in the world?
The World Happiness Report ranks the happiness level of 156 countries in the world. Denmark consistently is ranked at the top of the list or nearly at the top each year followed by places like Iceland, Norway, Finland and Canada. The United States usually ranks at about 15 on the list. All people want to live well with money in their pocket as well as money in the bank. They want to be healthy and safe from oppression and crime. Americans love to chant that we are number one but we just aren’t.
Let us look at what Denmark offers to its people. They have free health care, free education for all, a woman or man receives free paid maternity leave for a year. They also receive five weeks of paid vacation each year. WOW! We don’t get any of that here in America and with Trump as president, it seems that things will be getting worse in perks for the Americans. The success rate in Denmark is because they focus on the welfare and not ignore the welfare system. They invest in services that offer a quality of life for all.
Nothing good is free so the people of Denmark pay a high price for their excellent services. They pay high taxes to pay for all the services to the tune of as much as 60% but ask any citizen there and they will tell you that it is worth it for the comfort the taxes pay for. Their quality of life is better because of the benefits they receive. Denmark as a result has one of the   highest income equality and lowest poverty rates of any western nation. Social mobility is high because they are given the basics of life so they can prosper in their personal lives. They are a privately owned market economy. They compete at the top of the game in technology, science and believe in the quality of education.

The people are content but the place has the highest cancer rate in the world. Why? The Danish cancer survival rate is among the worst in Europe. Large portions of the population are drunk. They love a cocktail there. Still, they are happy. The population is home from work to have dinner with their families. They have a Danish term called hygge pronounced hugah that means be happy and they are. So try to enjoy life’s simple pleasures with a happy family.  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Play by the Rules

During the Congressional hearings the Donald tweeted Mr. Himes to “tell Congress that Russia did not influence the electoral process.” There is wiretapped proof to say the opposite Mr. President!
Does he realize that the Trump Administration is under a criminal FBI Investigation?
It has never been used before. It is time to use it now Congress

Trump has already told the Republican Congress that if they pursue investigations that he will not support their re-elections. Blackmail? 

The Russians are Here

When the Donald wants to talk about wire taping he should look no further than the behavior of the people he hired and not at our former President. Although thankfully Mike Flynn   has already been hired and fired within months of his new job, the question remains. Are we Russia’s bitch yet? Now Congress demands answers on Flynn’s wiretapping. Why did the new National Security Advisor to our new President have to be fired after just 24 days into his new job? Why did Trump fire the existing National Security Advisors? They didn’t do anything wrong. Witch one of Putin’s hats did Trump pick this guy out of?
Mike Flynn had to be fired because of the content of the communications he had with a foreign government. What still remains unsolved is how did anyone know what he was talking about to the Russians? Apparently United State agencies were listening in to those calls. It is one thing to listen on to the Russians but American’s usually do listed in on supposedly trusted high ranking officials that are supposed to be working for America. In order to do that you need a court order handed down by a judge. The same way Obama would have needed a court order from a judge to allow surveillances on Trump Tower if that fake story existed. Yesterday the FBI Director said under oath that they had no evidence of Obama wire taping anyone.
The strangest thing about all this is that the FBI and the CIA has so far ignored a request by Congress due on March 17 for all the evidence that led to Flynn’s firing. Why? Our Constitution requires them to respond. This is just one scandal among so many scandals mounting against this administration. Is this administration just a Russian operative in this country? Trump’s budget already reflects that of a dictator. Increasing funds substantially for our already bloated military budget while reducing   or eliminating funds altogether for humanitarian and ecological needs of the population including health care. The Flynn scandal began with Russian government hackers that broke into the Democrats computer servers and helped themselves to whatever information they wanted before the election.
With that ammunition they were able to help Trump get elected. Glen Caplin  was  the Clinton Campaign National Spokesman who discovered that they had been hacked by the Russians. At first no one was alarmed but now too much Russian crap is floating on the surface of our Democracy and it smells bad. Soon it was realized that the Russians were not just interested in the election but that they were interested in influencing the election to go 100% in Trumps direction. Russia was and still is angry with Bill Clinton who put sanctions on Russia during his administration for humanitarian reasons in how the dictator treats his own people.
Before this questionable   foreign governments never got involved in our elections. In October it was a national security concern and a crime then that no one did anything about. Robby Mook Hillary’s Campaign Manager tried to point out that there was Russian language in the Meda Data, the hackers were working Russian hours and not working on Russian holidays. It all seemed like it was from a bad spy novel.  No matter  who you voted for, we can not have foreign governments influencing our elected officials or our elections. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together and Americans need to know how all this is influencing the decisions being made by our President. Flynn was listening in on the Russians and it was revealed that the Russians were in complete contact and conversations with Trump aids before the election and before Flynn’s high appointed position in the Trump Administration. These are the kinds of shady deals Trump is an expert in creating.  


Monday, March 20, 2017

Hear the Hearings

Today is a very busy day finally in Washington. It should be an ordinary day where our elected leaders discuss items that will benefit the American people. It is their job, it is why we elected them on our behalf but not today. Today is a day for analysis of the candidate for the Supreme Court open position and more importantly the beginnings of holding Trump’s boys to the wall in the ever growing proof emerging of Trumps ties to Russia before and after he was elected. There will be meetings to discuss the unsubstantiated wiretapping claim and Bill Gates has a meeting with Trump to obviously discuss why the man is cutting all humanitarian efforts globally. It is very necessary to hold people accountable for all the stupid things going on in Washington and time to clear the disastrous weeds from the American lawn. Unfortunately, the needs of the American people have to be put on hold while we try to reprimand the bullies in charge. It is just like elementary school where the teacher has to stop teaching to stop the bad assed kids from disobeying. Who suffers? The good behaving kids just eager to learn something in school.
Congress is finally getting busy. The most normal event scheduled for today in Washington is the beginning of the confirmation hearings for Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s choice for Supreme Court Justice. This hearing is expected to go on for 4 days. The Democrats should oppose him since the Republican Congress didn’t even give Obama’s choice any recognition. They did not want a Justice to be hired in Obama’s Presidency even though they supposedly liked the guy.  The Democrats will at least try to slow the nomination on objections to Gorsuch and his views on torture and   his enthusiasm for Guantanamo.
More importantly today the first hearings will begin on this administration and the links to Russia. So many people tied to Trump have been exposed to having conversations with the Russians, accepted monetary gifts and done business dealings with them. Russia is known to bribe people for influence. Russia wants America to foot the bill to help them oppress the Ukraine. Former Intelligence Director James Clapper and FBI Director James Comey  are due to testify about their knowledge of dealings with Russia. Issues will be discussed about the Russian intervention into the election.

Thursday on March 30 in the Senate there should be discussions about interference into the election also Chairman Burr and Senator Mark Warner will lead the investigations. They call it Disinformation: A Primer in Russian Active Measures and Influence Campaigns. They wouldn’t give it such a fancy title if they didn’t think they has sufficient evidence of wrongdoing. Let’s hope the pile of evidence is so high that they can already put a stop to Trump and his boys. The hearing will be split into 2 parts.  One about a panel that will examine the history and characteristics of the campaign with Russia. The second panel will focus on the role and capabilities of cyber operations in support of these activities. Who are we kidding? They will probably say little or nothing citing that it is an ongoing investigation. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Related image
I think he is an updated version of Willy Nelson because he is just   a shaggy guy with a guitar who can turn out amazing songs. Ed Sheeran is a change in the music world. The way Isaac Newton’s laws of motion in physics helped us launch trains and rockets into motion and the way Albert Einstein’s laws of relativity helped us with satellites and nuclear power, in music this disheveled guy helps comfort us with his own way of becoming famous and his style of songs of which no two songs sound the same. We do recognize instantly his voice. Of course we can’t compare any modern day musician to the likes of these physics geniuses but we can applaud the individuality of Adele and Ed to express themselves in a different way musically from all the rest.
His song called Thinking Out Loud won the Grammy for best song of the year last   year. This year he is releasing a new album. He is 26 years old and is being successful in the music industry his way. A song from his new album is called the Shape of You and has gotten internet hits in the billions. He chose to release 2 advanced tracks instead of the traditional one track from the new album. Both songs have been sitting at the top of the charts since the day they have been put out. That is the first time that has ever happened in the music business. He grew up on England’s east coast and when he visits his old stomping grounds the people still treat him the same as if he wasn’t a famous guy.
He did receive the Most Likely to be Famous Award from his Thomas Mills High School at his year 11 Prom Award ceremony. Ed didn’t disappoint his classmates. The method to his success is to sit with his thoughts and his guitar and sing interesting original songs. He has a song called the Castle on the Hill and there was a real castle on a hill where he and his friends used to hang out. Beyond writing the songs Ed also wrote his own rules on how to sell the songs. Like most musicians he sang in bars and on street corners for fun, fame and money. He did not go knocking on record label doors begging for a label to sign him   or just wait to be discovered.  Instead he began marketing his own songs. He posted his stuff on websites until a record label came calling after him.
Ed baited the fish and they offered him $20,000. Meanwhile he had already earned a half million dollars by putting out his songs his own way on websites. By the time his first album came out in 2011 he called it plus because it moved around the world covering new ground. The labels can provide that kind of coverage. His next album was called Multiply.  Does he have a thing for math? That album reached number one in Britain and the United States. It is hard to go to a wedding these days without dancing to his hit song from this album called Thinking Out Loud. It is the first music video where he has the courage to appear in it.
He didn’t like how he looked on film but he did notice that his song sell better when he is in the film so, he is there a lot now. He is now a worldwide megastar. His fans and file sharing made him famous. He has written for other stars like Taylor Swift and   Justin Bieber. He also wrote songs for the Lord of the Rings movie series. He became big enough to fill Madison Square Garden three times. Because people said he couldn’t do it, he booked London’s 80,000   seat Wembley  Stadium  also for three nights and filled every seat there too. Scientists don’t like to hear from critics that they can’t do something either. The challenge just gives them fuel for their beliefs too. Ed then vanished for a year. He needed a break from the people and the partying that was making him become addicted to drugs.   

His new album is called Divide and the sales are great and show that his fans missed him. Was the break just a clever marketing ploy? Whatever the reason, Ed Sheeran is back and doing just fine. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Brutal Budget

America is the wealthiest country in the world yet the new budget will not take care of most Americans.  The new health care bill will not give most people health care anymore. It is simply a huge tax break for the very wealthy. At a time when we have wealth inequality where the richer just get richer and the poor still struggle so much and the middle class shrinks because they are footing the bills, this health care will yield over the next 10 years $275 billion dollars in tax breaks to the top 2 percent wealthiest people in this country.
The drug companies as well as the National Rifle Association who just gave permission for the mentally ill to own guns, has far too much influence in this country. Over 4 million pills were prescribed   by doctors who received incentives to write prescriptions in towns that held only 400 people. America is hooked on drugs legal and illegal. The new healthcare bill will not   open rehab centers to treat the addicted but will have a budget that will open more costly prisons to house the addicted. President Trump’s proposed budget cuts will reduce the Agriculture Department by 21% per cent. Reduce the Department of Housing & Urban Development by 13% per cent. Reduce the Education Department by 14% per cent and reduce the Labor Department by 21% per cent. So, we will have unsafe food, little housing for the poor, uneducated children and unemployed adults.
So, what exactly do these departments do? When you cut the Agriculture Department you are cutting services to women, infants and children nutrition assistance, Meals on wheels is cut when you cut the Department of Housing & Urban Development. There is no development of anything.  Teacher training is cut when you cut the Labor Department.  Before and after school programs are cut and food safety regulations and monitoring is cut. This President does not want any preventative programs available to help anyone from black lung problems to infant care. Our country is supposed to protect the most vulnerable that include the elderly, the poor and the young and this budget will ignore those of the neediest people in America.
Trump is putting billionaires first and not Americans first.  This budget doesn’t even address the deficit that is now at $20 trillion dollars. America is broke. Even if he taxed every taxpayer it would cost us $160,000 per taxpayer to bring the deficit down. Only the wealthiest could afford that and they pay nothing. He is cutting the State Department that is all about diplomacy and outreach yet he is increasing our already bloated military budget. Is this guy looking for war? He already put North Korea on notice with no negotiations.

So without health insurance the Congressional Budget Office predicts that the Trump Care program compared to Obamacare will leave 24 million MORE people uninsured by 2026. How is this “making America great again”? It is more like make America very sick again. Why does he continually lie to us? In September 2015 he said he was going to insure everyone. On January 25,2017 he said no one would be uninsured. Premiums for someone who makes just $26,000 per year paid $1,700 for healthcare under Obamacare. This plan would increase premiums for that same income to $14,600 per year . Who can afford an increase of nearly $13 thousand dollar increase with total earnings at only $26 thousand dollars? This liar promised not to touch Medicaid but his plan will cut $880 billion dollars to Medicaid according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation who the Don doesn't consult with. This plan was formed by his Republican wealthy frat boys in Washington. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day

  Today is Saint Patrick’s Day.  It is the day Irish people stepdance for fun. What could be more Irish then the Riverdance  Show?  20 years ago the show appeared and gave the world a closer look at the skill of Irish dancing.  Since then Irish dancing has never been the same.  The Irish themselves will admit that the dance has opened doors for   the Irish.  After just a few performances audiences were on their feet cheering asking for more.  Now Irish dancing is performed all   over the world even in China.

Here in the states there has been an explosion in interest over Irish dance.  Competitions are held all the time.  They show up with their big hair and footwork skills.  Watching  them dance   makes you feel like you have landed on another planet.  We all speak English but they  use words that  I have never heard of. Feisanna means Irish dance competition.  Oireachyasai means regional championship competition.  And Ceili  dance is a gathering of Irish folk dancing.  It is all combined with gigs, hornpipes and a violin.  Very unique in its own way.

Many girls begin in kindergarten and continue dancing throughout high school.  They compete from beginner to champion status.  99% who start dancing love it and continue it for years.  Some people say that this type of dance can be similar to ballet in that it is lots of hopping and the pointing of toes.  When they graduate to wearing the hard shoes they love to hear the taping.  A really good dancer will have the ability to make whatever they do look easy.`

They will always have turned out feet and long  extended  legs.  Many of the techniques have not changed throughout the years.  What has changed is the style.  Now the costumes are fancier and do not weigh as much.  The girls do not have to go to bed every night with curlers in their hair.  Now they wear wigs.  So things have changed dramatically in recent years.  Precision is still key to good dancing.  The girls are told to keep their arms close to  their  bodies and hold pennies in the hands so their fingers are not flailing.

What other kind of dancing lets you dance with your arms straight?  It can be a refreshing change to any dancer although I don’t think we will see this type of dance on the TV show Dancing With The  Stars anytime soon.  That is what makes Saint Patrick’s Day so special.  We can all be Irish for a day.  For the dances it can be stressful since it is all about competitions and dancing most of the time before a judge.  It can become overbearing  where they practice all the time.  Girls hope to be in the national championships.

It is not unusual for a girl to be practicing three to four hours per day.  Every year the dancers go out into the community to perform on Saint  Patrick’s Day.  They like it because it is not to achieve a medal or win a competition.  It is finally a way  where they can  dance for fun.  So be inspired and tap your feet somewhere to the beat of a Gaelic accordion, horn or violin somewhere today even if you need a shot of Irish whiskey to get you started.  Every year on March 17Th we are all Irish and we celebrate in their traditions. Stop the bickering over who could or should march in parades.

Let’s celebrate all races and old tradition as a civilized people.  It should not matter if you are gay or straight in your bedroom.  It would be nice if we can leave our private moments in our private places and don’t talk about my private parts in public places.  Everyone is Irish today no matter what we look like or where we come from.  It doesn’t matter who we love we all need to love each other and just have fun.  Enjoy your own day the Irish way today.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trump Slump

He can fire who he wants to in the White House but he cannot control the courts that are not agreeing with him. Another judge has just blocked Trumps newest Executive Order on Muslim travel from certain countries. Yes, the power of the Donald’s pen isn’t working too well for him. States are waking up and fighting back many of the things he wishes to change and put forth on the American people. Trump said in a Houston rally that he will take the issue to the Supreme Court if necessary. Two Federal judges blocked the travel ban and all is calm again for a while at least. How can different judges from different districts be all wrong? Is he going to call them fake judges?
You can’t be biased against a type of people under the guise of national security. It is a Muslim ban because Trump said it was, Rudy Giuliani said it was a Muslim ban and not a single person from any of these Muslim countries has killed any American on United States soil. Trump’s ban was blocked on religious grounds. It was scheduled to go into effect last night and it was thrown out of court. A Federal Judge in Hawaii put the new travel ban on hold. Remember Trump was just one week into his administration when he put the first ban into effect without consulting with anyone how the chaos would be managed.
The first version of the Muslim ban was also blocked in a series of Federal District courts and then ultimately was halted in the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Other than those first few days of chaos, the President’s ban never was really put into practice. For the second version they specifically removed any words referring to Muslims and they removed Iraq from the list of countries.  They also gave notice that it would go into effect shortly later. Even with these changes the Judge from Hawaii shot it down and said it was still basically the same thing as the last time. The Judges words said” that the Executive Order was issued with a purpose to disfavor a particular religion.”
That intent is totally against our Constitution. The ruling quoted various quotes that Trump said that were anti Muslim in nature. The judge also,   ”questioned the evidence supporting the Government’s national security motivations” in the temporary restraining order. So, for now again there is no Muslim ban in effect nationwide. More states are rising to the occasion and have pending lawsuits on this matter in the works. A trial court would not be able to overturn Judge Watson’s decision. Trump would have to take the issue to the Court of Appeals. This is now the 4th time that the Trump Administration has lost the Muslim ban argument.
In the past if you were the President and you wanted to implement something in the interest of national security, it got past and the nation was grateful. Trump has lost 4 times in just 50 days. There have   only been a handful of Presidents in our entire nation’s history that have has anything they wanted in the interest of national security refused. Add this to Trumps disastrous Presidential legacy!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trump Therapy

Can we hypnotize Trump and his spokes-people to not lie anymore? We know that modern day medical practitioners use hypnosis to help patients do everything from stop smoking to losing weight. Will it help to stop lip flapping nonsense? The professionals say that the purpose of hypnosis is to address the deeply seated conflicts between the conscience and the sub-conscience in a person so that they can get to the root of the problem.  Is Trump lying about the unsubstantiated claims of Obama wiretapping him because of his deep hate for Obama ever since he needed to see the man’s birth certificate?
Serious therapy or just a social trick, people are still divided on the value of hypnosis meanwhile the practice of hypnosis seems to have been available since forever. In fact it was on March 5, 1815   about 202 years ago that a German born doctor Franz Anton Mesmer died at age 80. He believed that he could harness a force he called animal magnetism. He would point to the sick and speak to them in a form he called Mesmerism. It was the beginning of modern hypnotism. There was a movie made about Mesmer in 1994 where Alan Rickman played Mesmer having power over people. The movie was called Mesmer. There were many movies that featured hypnosis since it is fascinating.
Bela Ligosi   portrayed hypnotism as a way to lure his thirst for blood in the 1931 film Dracula. Recently we have criminal dentists that use hypnosis on their patients to disrobe and have sex with them without their knowledge. The power over the mind and judgement is amazing. In 1962 they made a cold war drama movie called the Manchurian Candidate where it credited hypnotism with the powers over Communism. The communists were trying to hypnotize the American soldier prisoners. They said,” I am sure you have all heard the old wives tale that no hypnotized person could be forced to do what is repellent to his moral nature. Nonsense of course.”
We need to changes Trumps moral pussy grabbing nature. Even in the old popular 1960’s TV series   show   called Gilligan’s Island Doc wanted to hypnotize MaryAnn on the island in one episode.  It was all for laughs but by then they were using the swinging pocket watch to mesmerize people and waken them with the snap of the fingers. Weather it is serious therapy or just a fun trick, popular opinions remain divided on the use of hypnosis for anything. Usually people resort to hypnosis as a last try at anything to change one’s behavior for at least awhile.  It is time to use it on Trump and his lying posse of folks to come clean and stop jerking the American people around between what he promised during campaigning to bad impulsive Executive Order signing to not so well thought out policies on immigration and healthcare. We are not even talking about the growing numbers of thieves involved in money laundering of Russian funds and vote tampering. I say hypnotize all the bastards!


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Great Wall of Trump

Today the northeast has a wall of snow. The weather professionals predicted it and it came. The Donald made many promises during his campaign and is now not providing information by the deadlines. He is the school yard bully that shouts a lot on the playground but in the classroom never has his homework or classwork. He hasn’t given us the cost or the coverage in his healthcare plan that was due 3 weeks ago, he hasn’t provided any proof to the wiretapping allegations and last Friday he was due to provide the specifications on the wall that he wants to build. Even the poor red necks who voted for him are now wondering what the hell did they do now that their health care would be gone.
The wall of snow makes me want to discuss the logistics of the wall of Trump. Will he splat his name on 2,000 miles of wall too? He didn’t do his homework so we don’t know. He tweets, watches cable TV and practices writing his signature on a lot of Whitehouse Executive Orders. He signed an order to Build the Wall To Keep America Safe.  The due date to submit wall plans was March 10th that came and went. The only thing we do know is that Mexico said that they will never pay for any wall and that Trump already said the taxpayers will foot the cost of the thing. All very different information in the 50 days he has been in office that is the complete opposite of what he said while campaigning. So, we need to do some cost speculation ourselves.
We need the expert advice from architects, engineers, concrete guys and even designers to know what it should look like. In every speech Trump spoke about his great wall. In one speech during the Presidential Debates in Houston he gave us a hint of how tall it would be. He said that the wall would be “a heck of a lot taller” than the venue that he was speaking in. That ceiling was 80feet high.  So. Let’s assume that a heck of a lot is 100feet tall according to the Don’s measurements. Architect Andrew Tesoro says that is a fair interpretation of The Don’s statement. Structural Engineer Christine Hobson says that a 100foot wall needs posts to enter the earth at 2/3rds of that and would rig up pre-cast concrete panels which would probably be the cheapest way to go.  
Tim Dobrova a concrete provider says that would require about 200 million cubic yards of concrete. So let’s do some math. One cubic yard of concrete costs about $2,000 dollars. So, 200 million times $2,000 dollars equals $400 billion dollars just in supplies costs. When you add the cost of labor, excavation, pouring the concrete and   de-watering swampy areas the cost of creating this massive structure at $1 trillion dollars. Let’s add another trillion dollars to that to build a highway along the side of the wall because what good is a highway lately without a ugly wall alongside it.
It should take 724 years to build but we only have 3 years and 10 months of the Trump Administration to get the wall built. So we will need more laborers. So, 4,000 workers to build the highway and 8,000 workers to build the wall. The Great Wall of China resulted in 400,000 deaths of the people who worked on it. We should also account for some deaths on this project too. Hopefully we could keep the deaths down to about 100 people per month. So, do the math. 100 people times 4 years is about 4,800 dead laborers. That would be more than 1/3rd of the 12,000 people work force.

Donald said “this will be a big beautiful wall” so that is why we need a designer on the project too. Designer Robert Kaner suggested a rock climbing wall on the American side so we could look over it if we wanted to. Did anyone realize that Mexicans are great at building underground tunnels? I’m exhausted and need to gaze at the high wall of snow outside my window. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Trump's Trash Talk

There will be a major investigation by the House Intelligence Committee where the FBI Director should be testifying beginning on March 20 into Trumps involvement with the Russians that America has to deal with. America is already weary from this attention grabbing man. We are starting to ignore most of the hateful harmful things he tweets daily. He has already tweeted more times than Obama did in 8 years. Somebody hide the pens so he doesn’t sign any more not so well thought out Executive Orders, take his Twitter account away from him so he doesn’t make any more unproven statements as he did with Obama wire- tapping his property and shut the TV’s off so he can’t watch any more sensational commentary on red neck white supremacist cable shows. America needs to be safe from Trump.
It has been a while and Trump still has not provided any proof to his allegations that Obama wire-tapped his building.  Even high level Republicans can not support his statement. Paul Ryan the Republican leader doesn’t believe the wire-tapping allegations. The President said in his tweet that “he just found out” about the wire-tapping. From who? What source? Where did he actually find it? Meanwhile spokesmen from the White House stands ground on the Obama wiretap claim.  He wants Congress to fill in the blanks and start a major investigation. Well, today is the deadline date to present proof to Congress. It all doesn’t make any sense. Why would the President want Congress to start an investigation about information that he already has? Reveal what you “just found out” psycho!
Mr. Trump doesn’t even know the rules of the position he now holds. He fired advisors that have been in the White House since Nixon. They could have told him that no President has the authority to just say go wiretap any citizen. President Trump hasn’t even spoken to his FBI Director about them. Now he is switching the burden of proof on a Congressional committee that now has to investigate this. It has been almost two weeks ago when Trump made the allegation against Obama. Today is the deadline for Trump to submit the evidence of wiretapping to the House Intelligence Committee to support his serious claims. Speaker Ryan admitted that none of the top Republicans have seen any evidence.
Speaker Ryan could only defend Trump’s tweets accusing Obama of illegal wiretaps as “unconventional.” It is all so very serious when a current President accuses a former President of being a felon and then has no proof. The President now has one of two choices either to retract or provide the damming proof. Is he really looking to have our Black President put in handcuffs and charged with a felony? No one believes that these allegations are true and the current President could be clearing this all up in a minute if he would provide proof and not cause yet another investigation into what Trump says or does in only a few months in office. Trumps campaign manager Kelly Ann Conway simply thwarts the question of actual proof to simply say, ”There are many ways to surveil.”  

Americans do not need this nonsense. This Trump guy has yet to tell us how much TrumpCare will cost and who it will provide coverage to. We need to know the cost of the “wall” that now we have to pay for along with so many other unclear issues.  Somebody stop this nut in his tracks before he spews any more damage. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Related image
It is time to start your vacation plans. Why not go to Orlando to Disney? I know for many of you it is been there and done that but even for you seasoned Disney fans there is something new in the Animal Kingdom part of the park. It is all about the fantasy planet of Avatar made famous in James Cameron’s films. Now seven years later Disney has recreated an up close a three dimensional version of the planet that you can experience in many ways. Avatar is the highest-grossing James Cameron movie worldwide taking in $2.7 billion dollars. Maybe that is why we need an entire section of Disney parks devoted to an alien planet.
The Avatar theme park is everything Pandora. You can float down the Navi River or fly on a virtual reality back of a Banchee and eat and drink strange looking glowing blue food just like an alien. When the film came out years ago there were people actually feeling acts of depression because they couldn’t really visit the fictional planet. Now those fans can get their dreams somewhat realized. Pandora is that other worldly planet in this fantasy story. The experience doesn’t open up to the public until May 27 so don’t buy the hundreds of dollars it takes to visit the place till then.
They have a replica of the 300 year old tree and the floating mountains through Disney’s talented architects. Pandora’s unusual rain forest is recreated complete with glowing plants at night. Between the profits from Titanic and James Cameron Avatar movies he is so wealthy that he never has to work again but he worked hard with Disney to make his fictional planet look as authentic as he wants it to be. The entire vibe of the Animal Kingdom is to enrich us and to make us really understand the gifts of nature and animals we have here in our very own paradise on earth. The wealth of wild animals to see in action is amazing there. They nestled the world of Pandora there to let people experience a perfect alien world.
Joe Rohde is the Walt Disney Imagineer who created the earthly Avatar experience. The Navi River Journey takes you through the fantasy foliage with its all so strange colors for a natural environment. You are invading their planet but you learn about their culture of kindness and preservation. Lessons we could learn and apply them to earth. The park is set generations after the film takes place when peace finally prevails. It is a great lesson for your kids to see rather than the nightly news that is all about murder, war and violence. The work is all in order here because the Navi care for their world. The environment message is all about caring for and not using their world for profit or greed. It is a socially conscience view that we could all use in our real world.
Nature used to take care of us now we dominate nature, use it and abuse it with over killing of our animals, polluting our water and killing the rain forests. This is a place where a completely different view of a planet is realized. If we have to teach our children about conservation through a fictional story and planet so be it. Hopefully the lessons learned through this unique park can be instilled in the minds of all to make our home better. Besides Disney knows to follow the money. Avatar is the highest grossing movie ever taking in worldwide $2,787,965,087 dollars. James just completed the script for movie number 5 so we know the story isn’t going to be done anytime soon.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Image result for new beauty and the beast movieStarting on Friday make your way to the movies to see the latest production of Beauty and the Beast. I know been there and done that but not in this way and not with this cast and for that it is worth revisiting the tale as old as, well you know. This time it is not in a cartoon form or done on a Broadway stage. This time it is a $300million dollar movie production complete with special effects and amazing technology to make the Beast look real and have dressers, tea pots and candle sticks and anything else you can think of talk and dance as fluid as you can.  If you are sick of the story and songs because you grew up or grew older listening and watching it, revisit it for the action and the amazing famous people in it that you recognize and love from other successful adventures they did in their personal careers.
It is an old fashioned   300 year old tale about bestiality brought to life. It is about the prince charming along with his loyal subjects cursed because of a spell brought to life again in a big budget musical using all the same songs you know so well. It has been 25 years since the cartoon Disney version was released. This story is unique because it is the only Disney tale that allows the female lead to have spunk and push her agenda forward. She is constantly fighting back. Just the coming attractions video has been viewed now on line more than any other in movie history. Even more than those famous outer space movies. Emma Watson plays Belle who we all saw grow up since her childhood role in the Harry Potter movies where she played Hermione the little girl who was bookish and feisty. She is now a beautiful young woman   perfect for this part.
Belle here cares more about her brains than her beauty. Beast is played by the handsome Dan Stevens who we all know from his role on Downton Abby now transformed into a talking beast by the latest in computer graphics that can copy every human expression onto a fictional character. Josh Gad plays LeFou who is Gaston’s comedic sidekick.   We know   Josh from being the snowman in Frozen.  Here LeFou wants to be just like Gaston and eventually shares a kiss with him. Yes two men kissing has gotten this movie banned from viewing to children in Russia. Seriously? How scandalous for the Russians? Trump and Putin is not scandalous? The Russians are restricting children under the age of 16 to see the movie. Meanwhile the story is a morality tale.
The Oscar winning theme song that was made famous by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson is now refreshed by Ariana Grande and John Legend. Oscar winner Emma Thompson pours herself into the role of a live action teapot, a peachy part for any British actress. Madame DeGarderobe  is played by Tony Award legend Audra McDonald with her perfect voice to her songs while being a very mobile dresser and the wardrobe for Belle. It is so entertaining to see stationary objects come to life as they did in the old cartoons where animals spoke and brooms danced while chairs passed judgements. True fantasy!
Stanly Tucci plays her husband and doesn’t sing thankfully since he can’t sing well. Despite all the fans of Beauty and the Beast some hate the story because the story from the very beginning starts with a woman being a prisoner held hostage by a transforming man to beast. Who falls in love with a beast anyway? How did this story become so famous? The strength of this story is the love story that evolves and who doesn’t like a love story? So, just go see a defiantly beautiful new rendition of a tale as old as time about romance and love that conquers all.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Related imageWhat is a successful life? Is it measured by the amount of money you have in the bank or is it measured by the impact you have made in a positive way to others? It is a great life if you can achieve both. America is lucky enough to have a married couple that has achieved both goals. Bill Gates has made his fortune in the computer   business and his wife Melinda has made a significant impact in making the world a better place.  They are the richest and among the most influential people on the globe. The Bill & Melina Foundation has given away more than $40 billion dollars to needy causes so far. Their foundation I the largest private charity in the world.
They spent $500 million dollars just on their headquarters that makes a statement just on the building. Inside they are literally trying to save the world.  Do you think they can spend some time saving America? They are solely responsible for changing the poorest lives globally for the better. According to the United Nations since 1990, global poverty has been cut in half. 222 million children’s lives have been saved through education, better nutrition and disease prevention. The only thing corporate America has done globally is give poverty ridden areas Coca-Cola machines and fast food restaurants that is   simply adding to more unhealthy people.
They have made impressive progress in bringing down the number of deaths under the age of five globally through vaccines and malaria prevention. Bill as a computer scientist likes data and Melinda with her business master’s degree likes data too.  It is the data and research that tells them where to go. They have determined that 1 million babies die on the first day of life. They are currently working on that problem now. At least they are worrying what to do with all these children after they are born. American politicians seem to be focused on only ending abortions for women and not on the care of the born child. Last year there were only 37 cases of Polio. It is the lowest number of cases we have ever had on the planet thanks to the efforts of these too remarkable people.
Their goal is to drive the number of Polio cases to zero. In 1995 Microsoft released Window’s 95. He was  39 years old at the time and  Bill Gates became the richest man in the world. These two could be living like a king and queen surrounded in gold palaces like Putin and Trump but instead they pool their resources to save people, the environment and make the quality of life better for all. In America the foundation has a more modest agenda. They are focusing here on improving schools and they find that it is more of a problem than even feeding and making the world   healthier.  Wow!
The major wall to climb is to get around the politics of education and government funding in this country. There are too many fingers in the pot with too many opinions on what is the best recipe to fix schools in America. Who would guess that the spider web of nonsense in America was more challenging than making the rest of the globe a better place? They and their three children evolved as a family in their 66 thousand square foot mansion overlooking Lake Washington in Seattle. Yet Melinda and Bill have traveled the world in an effort to make faraway places a better place. They didn’t have to be so generous.
Melinda has taken on the cause in the past 5 years to address that there are 225 million women asking for contraception. No one is still asking to sterilize men or to curtail their appetite for sex yet she has been reprimanded by the Vatican and the Pope which is an all   male dominated religion. Melinda went to Catholic schools and is catholic but feels that we need to help women in their constant struggle to have and raise children. They can only be compared to Carnegie in their efforts to share. Yes, sharing is caring.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The EPA now means Everyone Piss on America

Our President the Don believes that global warming is when a lightbulb gets hot. I would love to respect the guy but he just doesn’t deserve any. When the man throws out the professional environmentalists and puts a jerk like Rick Perry in charge of our wellbeing as the Secretary of Energy, one has to object. Recently these idiots announced that they were gutting the funding for the climate satellites that have been giving us the information we have to know what type of weather to expect. Do they think that what you can’t see can’t hurt you? Who stops valuable information that cost us billions to even get that satellite up there?
The new idiots at the Environmental Protection Agency   announced   that they are going to cut 97% of the budget   to monitor pollution and increase the quality of the water in the Great Lakes. Someone needs to educate these “leaders” that the Great Lakes are the largest source of drinking water on the globe and most of our bottled water comes from those lakes. The same cuts will be in the San Francisco Bay and The  Chesapeake Bayarea, as if no one lives in these places. Who is this agency protecting? They also announced that they were going to cut the amount of money they spend on what is called Water Quality  Compliance which helped to alert us about things like what happened in the town of Flint where the entire water supply was contaminated in that town.
They are closing the Environmental Justice Program that policed those that ruin our lands and water supply. Is this how Trump plans to lure corporations to manufacture and provide jobs in America at the expense of polluting our land and water? Stop the policing and regulations? They are cutting by 88% the environmental education that our government used to provide to schools and anyone who cared and wanted to make a difference and a change for the better in the quality of our natural surroundings.  Are you getting nauseous by now because I am.   It sounds like we are all in for a natural disaster.  The only good in all this is the fact that people are fighting back.
Put on your marching shoes again because now the scientists are organizing a huge march in protest on April 22 in Los Angeles and on April 29th the next weekend a huge climate protest is being organized in Washington D.C. People should be and are really angry about these issues. People need to know how important the EPA is and what good it should do in protecting the quality of our lives. The stupid Keystone Pipeline  that Obama objected to was for pollution reasons. Do we really need oil to be piped in all over America from Canada to Mexico that we are not even going to use? What job creation? Once they install those leaky pipes there are no jobs but we will have another environmental nightmare to worry about.
And now the lies and nepotism. Donald Trump now is making an exception to his own rule that we were going to use American steel to make the pipes. The Keystone pipeline is having 40% of the steel manufactured in a steel mill in Russia where the owner gave Putin a $35 million yacht. Somebody stop this jerk!!!

Fracking has ruined Oklahoma that now has earthquakes all the time. Years ago the state used to be the most stable place to be except for the tornadoes. Now they get hit from above and below the ground. The head of the EPA Scott Pruitt sued the EPA   14 times at his old job. He has stopped the monitoring of measuring methane emissions   coming out of wells from fracking. The oil industry loves this deregulation of whatever they do. The level of complete corruption from the fossil fuel industry is now out of control. The damage from this Administration is like nothing we have ever seen in this country. We need to change the words to the song God Help America, we are beyond a blessing.  Trump did not even mention the environment in his speech to Congress. 

Who are you?

Our ultimate universal goal in life is to seek happiness. What makes an individual happy can be very different for each and every one of us so then it makes it difficult to set standards and laws that all can be pleased with. Nothing is set in stone not even gender. Society gradually became acceptable to different types of gender slowly. In media there was the comic Milton Berle who did sketches completely dressed in women’s cloths. There were men who had children like the singer David Bowie who wore perfect female makeup. There is Boy George who is gay and wears perfect female makeup while wearing a beard. Years ago society had the bearded lady as a side show freak in the circus. With modern advances in medicine and acceptance of change in society times have changed and the fight for gender change and acceptance in all aspects of society rages on.
The line separating boy from girl rages on I guess for reproductive purposes but in society a definite “boy” or “girl” doesn’t exist for many and that is fine as long as one is achieving their goal in life to seek happiness. When a woman gives birth the doctor immediately tells you what genitals your baby is born with. From then on you think you are providing that child with gender appropriate   toys and influences but there are children as young as age four who are experiencing a need to be the opposite of what their reproductive parts are in their pants. Suddenly a parent is faced with the shock that their child is not the little girl they love but is a little boy that needs help to achieve his goals. It is the same for their child who is the little boy they love but is a little girl that needs help to achieve her goals. It is difficult for the parents to lose the kind of child they raised for years and trade it in for a new version and most of the time to also be faced with the fact that they will probably never see a grandchild produced from the family genes.
There are many medical advances available to transgender youth than ever before in history. Society doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with all the changes and is causing strife in school bathroom rules. There are children’s books like The Boy Princess that helps kids to understand as early as they could read. As early as pre-school age children are identifying with a gender despite what they have going on in their pants. The word transgender wasn’t even a common term. Caitlin Jenner didn’t exist and bathroom laws wasn’t an issue. Now we know.  The conflict over one’s happiness causes children to change their names and cloths and now physicality too.
Social transition is hard on families. Most families are not accepting of a parent who allows their child to identify with a different gender. Again the happiness. It can be lonely for parent and child. About 1.7% of American youth identify as transgender and those estimates are considered low. Bathroom laws have become a major issue in politics. Most mixed race folks have a problem in race identity. Obama has a very white mother but he and society views him as being a black man simply because he looks like his black father. Society no longer deals with what they are but with who they are to give themselves happiness.
The fight over transgender rules intensifies in school bathrooms and could lose funding from Federal sources and our taxes. So, if we have children dressing different from what is in their pants, I think it would be safer for their protection to have private bathrooms. We all know that some of the worst bullying and lude things are written on bathroom walls in school bathrooms.  School age kids are the most curious about sexuality in their young years. Even if they all have the same body parts there will be sexual exploration and wanting to see “it”. My fright is for the female dressed as a boy going into the boy’s bathroom, getting assaulted because a bunch of bullying kids with penises wanting to see a vagina up close and personal. Besides, who wants to hear or smell what is going on in the bathroom stall next to you anyway?
States are now suing the Federal government over funding if they don’t have transgender children sharing the bathroom of their choice. Conservatives are saying what’s next? Legalize Pedophilia and Polygamy? It has become an unresolved explosive issue. Parents are now fighting school boards for the rights for their child to use the bathroom of their choice in schools. Happiness is not being achieved. The suicide rate for transgender youth is at 41%. Kids learn quickly now about segregation and discrimination   no matter what they identify with. Obama passed a directive to allow students to use the bathroom of choice. Trump after one month in office withdrew Obama’s federal guidelines. How we treat transgender people in our communities have become a civil rights issue.
Now the Department of Justice has to step in because the issue is like the civil rights movement that we can not treat people differently. We have to accept people for who they are. Transgender people are more likely to be the victims of violence rather than the source of the violence in society. Parents are under pressure to get medical assistance as early as possible to help their children switch the identity that they want. There are hormone blockers one can give the child before puberty to stop their natural physical  changes.  It is much more than just changing one’s clothes or haircuts. Medical intervention is available now. Boston’s Children’s Hospital opened the first clinic in America for transgender youth.
In the past few years the volume of patients going through sexual changes have doubled. Hormone blockers is an injection that will stop the onset of puberty in a child and is reversible if one chooses to stop the treatment. The concerns is bone health and the possibility of suppressing growth in youth to a standard height. There is an implant that can be inserted into a child’s arm that will suppress puberty. The implant is functional for about 17 months. It takes 15 minutes for the operation. Then comes the cross sex therapy. Fertility issues are discussed even at the early age of 12. It is a difficult decision because the changes that come with cross sex hormones can be irreversible.
Children are making adult choices for happiness. Most transgender people wish they could have started the change when they were a child. For them it is hard to connect mentally with what they see physically. 40% of homeless youth identify with LGBT because they do not have the support from their families. Waltham House in Massachusetts is a home for trans youth.  The kids are troubled and can be suicidal.  Without acceptance one can feel like they have no place in this world. Breast augmentation is available to those who want it. They have legal names and names they want to be called. Doctors are still worried about the long term effects of treatments since medically it is all so new.
The largest concern is if a child will grow up to regret their early decisions since many of the treatments are potentially irreversible according to Dr. Elizabeth Miller the Cofounder of the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburg PA. Medical professionals are being criticized by everyone. Either they are not offering treatments fast enough or that they are giving people care that they don’t agree with. The controversy continues. For these kids hormone blockers and estrogen treatments are necessary for their happiness. Hormone blockers can take the buff man out of a boy and take the girlish physique out of a girl as they are growing. They can now grow as who they identify with.

 They are treated like societies misfits and do not get the respect they deserve. Yes, parents’ morn the child who they thought they had but in a loving and accepting family the suicide rate goes down and all are able to be happy and enjoy their loved ones no matter what they are. Tell the lawmakers to figure it out. We all need to support our children and make the decisions that are best for them. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New Health Care or Scare?

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Today is International Women’s Day where there is a bronze statue of a little girl staring down the giant bronze bull in the Wall Street area.  She is there to challenge the male domination of Wall Street. It is also a day after the President’s new health care bill was presented to us all. Strikingly he has refused to provide any funding to women’s needs by cutting off Planned Parenthood yet Viagra will still be covered by health insurance plans. 20 million people who signed up for health care will have nothing unless they sign up for this new plan. They couldn’t have found a way to hold onto the records and continue to sign people up? Now we have to start all over again with this repeal crap the Republicans have pushed forward. They call it the American Health Care Act where many are already protesting  it’s  content.
Some say the proposal is already dead on arrival because it would probably be defeated in the House. There are also some Republicans in the Senate that will not vote for this plan. Most people objected to Obamacare because of the cost to the middle class. Well, this new plan will not put a dime back in American’s pockets.  The deductions to folk’s paychecks will continue. Pelosi said, “This plan would make America sick again.”  Good aspect is that people with pre-existing conditions will still be able to buy insurance. Also children 26 and under can stay on their parents’ insurance, but what they don’t promote that you will still have to pay a premium for those kids. Can you afford another $5, 000 dollars per year per child in addition to the deductions on your paycheck?
There will be no lifetime maximum on benefits. The new plan doesn’t require you to buy insurance but it will give you a 30% penalty if your coverage lapses. How does that help anyone? The losers in this plan are low-income people who will need financial assistance to just buy health insurance. We don’t even know what this plan will cost? It is a lighter version of Obamacare with less benefits. Tax credits are ok but we need more coverage not money on our tax return. It includes a tax break for insurance company executives making over $500,000 per year according to Trumps beloved BuzzFeed news. The new health care will repeal the 10% tax on indoor tanning costs. We need a break on that?

This plan is only 66 pages but in it there is one tenth of the GOP Health Care Bill that deals with lottery winners. It will deny Medicaid coverage to lottery winners. We have no idea what this will cost? The rocket scientists in charge of this trash released the plan” …without having estimates of its cost from the Congressional Budget Office…” At least with Obamacare we knew the cost to bitch about! It is like going to an expensive restaurant that doesn’t list the price of meals on the menu. Makes you just want the free bread. This mess can be compared to people being pulled out of an ambulance to be put into another ambulance that they are still building. Meanwhile Americans are in the middle of this tug of war dying or broke from this non-stop nonsense   of just being able to get decent affordable care for all.  The American Medical Association has rejected this new health care plan because it fears that too many Americans will now have no medical insurance.