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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I don’t think anyone realizes how much Tiger Woods gave to the game of golf and more importantly how much he took away from the game. We grew up with him. We saw him as a wonder child promoted even by Bob Hope as the new wonder boy of Golf. We saw him break race barriers by playing and winning on exclusively white golf clubs. A mixed race child with an oriental mother and a black dad it seemed he possessed the concentration of a talented Asian and the athleticism of a Black man. Yes that sounds racist but I am a firm believer in celebrating the races and giving credit to the obvious talents all races bring to the table of humanity.

All people including wives and kids got into his career and loved how he performed under pressure. He could be behind 5 strokes in the last day of a tournament and more often than not he would steadily complete holes with less and less strokes till he won the entire tournament. It was great to see the other champions sweat under the pressure of him getting closer and closer and them messing up horribly at the end of an otherwise stellar tournament for them. It was fun to watch and everyone tuned into see it on a Sunday afternoon.

The world was in love with Tiger Woods who then married this gorgeous blond woman that sealed the deal for all race relations in America. He was living proof of Asians, Blacks and now Whites getting all along in one happy family. He was America with beautiful children too. Then his other life of sex and multiple women was revealed and his sports injuries took over his life. Divorce, his father died he was losing tournaments due to injuries, the game of golf seemed to disappear. No other golf champ could come even close to the drama and talent that was Tiger Woods in golf.

You know all that but what you don’t know is how horrible the sport has fallen in interest in that golf courses are closing or trying to reinvent the entire sport of golf to somehow keep it alive in America. Look at Bridgewater in southern Florida that was an exclusive place only seven years ago when it opened. Like thousands of other new courses around the country, it had everything a golfer would want but the last time anyone played there was in 2011. Today the bunkers are overgrown with weeds and the place looks abandoned.

Over the last few years there are more overgrown and abandoned golf courses than ever across the country. On average 130 American courses have closed every year for the last eight years all over America. It is the hangover after golf’s big Tiger Woods party. The boom years of the late 90’s and 2000 are over when golf, thanks to Tiger Woods, for the first time in history was actually hip and cool even for kids and housewives who traditionally hated golf. When golf was hot everyone wanted to invest in the sport old and young alike and together they accelerated a massive building boom of courses. Thousands of golf courses were built nationwide.

Jack Nicholas, the greatest golfer of all time was building 30 courses at a time until 2007 when he realized no one was coming to the courses. It has come to this. A golf course closes every 48 hours in America. Just about every sector of the business is off. Retail business of gear and cloths are off by 40%. TV rating for the biggest tournaments are in steady decline since 2012.  They have lost 5 Million golfers over the last 10 years.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The old Jews need to get together with the parents of children in Honduras. The children need to be saved just like some young Jewish children were saved during World War II. Americans see families huddled against the United States border with Mexico but do not realize the extreme circumstances they must run away from now in Mexico. Mexico used to be a fun place to visit full of culture and Tequila. Now the place is totally controlled by Drug Lords and teen gangs. A very unsafe place to live with a family. Imagine having to make a decision to leave your children because you can’t   provide them a safe place to live. It was difficult 60 years ago and is difficult now. At least then there were people even from Holland willing to provide safe housing fThe old Jews need to get together with the parents of children in Honduras. The children need to be saved just like some young Jewish children were saved during World War II. Americans see families huddled against the United States border with Mexico but do not realize the extreme circumstances they must run away from now in Mexico. Mexico used to be a fun place to visit full of culture and Tequila. Now the place is totally controlled by Drug Lords and teen gangs. A very unsafe place to live with a family. Imagine having to make a decision to leave your children because you can’t   provide them a safe place to live. It was difficult 60 years ago and is difficult now. At least then there were people even from Holland willing to provide safe housing for young Jews. These Mexican children are faced with hostility not a safe harbor.

Honduras is the murder capital of the world now. That is some lethal distinction to have now considering all the violence that is going on across the globe. You can enter the country and within 4 hours you can be a witness to 6 murders. It is not unusual to find police officers gunned down along with members of gangs. Within one hour and fifteen minutes, someone gets killed there. San Pedro Sula is the most dangerous city in the world. Gangs there can force kids as young as seven years old to join the drug trade. Gang violence fueled by drug trafficking is the main thing to do in this town.

Parents find themselves forced to hand their children off to total strangers in halfway houses many miles away in order to save their lives. This need to exit   is causing the latest crisis along the United States border. More than 80% of the Cocaine that comes to the United States passes through Honduras. It is the hub for drug trafficking. 39 people are gunned down each week. The families of gun victims rarely see justice. Everyone is afraid. The police are basically the people in uniforms to clean up after the fact.

Some 97% of the murders there go unsolved so you see how ineffective the police is there. At this point the parents are just desperate enough to want to save the younger children from a life of drugs and gangs that usually end up in death before age 30. When their 16 year old is gunned down the families get to claim the body at a place that looks like a bus station. It is one of the various City Morgues set up around town. The bodies are just piled up behind a wooden wall from all the violence there. Families wait outside waiting for a clue.  Some will get their cell phones or belongings stolen if they hang around for too long
Everyone is frightened for their own lives. They are willing to go anywhere and everywhere. Somewhere has to be better than the hell Mexico has become where drugs rule and everyone has a gun and is their own law, judge and jury. The gangs want you to join them or they will kill you and your entire family. A young person’s best choice is to join the military. At least they give you your own gun and they show up after the gangs are gone for a while. Someone should try to save these people.   Some are still left that care not to be involved in the drug trade.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Did you get a chance to go to the U.S. Open this summer? Well, if you didn’t,   you should have made plans. Maybe next year. I suggest it because it is a relaxing comforting public sporting event. Yes, you never hear of the words relaxing or comforting associated with any sporting events. When you get tickets to attend any football or baseball or basketball or hockey   game, you are surrounded by worriers wearing shirts with the number and name of people like the drug enhancing Baseball player   Rodriguez or the wife beating Football player Rice. Chances are that these so called fans of the sport is also on drugs, drunk and ready to beat you and your wife up too if you are not wearing the right shirt that day.

Going to the U.S. Open has the same frustrations of highways under construction and too many people trying to get parking at the same time but once you are inside the stadium you can relax, move about and certainly not be in fear of getting into a fight over spilt beer on you or over devotion to a team. In fact there are no teams in tennis, more like rich celebrity athletes who more often spend their Millions earned on product lines and not on just fast cars and fast women. They are great athletes and business folk.

The U.S. Open is more lucrative than even the highly publicized Superbowl. The Tennis Tournament that take place in late August every year   in New York is an event filled with good wine, great food and polite people. The sport is polite. People are quiet during play and when the ball accidentally goes into the stands, people politely throw it back onto the court. During other sports, the players are spit at and are told to go do awful things to themselves and if a ball happens to stray your way, watch out, you will be mugged for a simple ball.

It is not uncommon to be sitting next to celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Jessica Alba, and Bradly Cooper who are tennis fans cheering on the best of the best. Yes, the fans are not bad to look at either. This year featured Roger Federer who is a five time U.S. Open Champion.  He made $ 56 Million dollars in just this past year. The winning purse at the Open has gone up to $3 Million dollars just for this tournament. In 2013 the U.S. Open brought $720 Million to the New York economy and more than 700 thousand fans attended. That is almost as 9 times as the Superbowl this year. The reason must be relaxing and comforting especially with beauties like Maria Sharapova to look at. This beautiful woman is now the highest female paid athlete in the world.
With her supermodel looks and killer strokes who sailed through her opening round has been   number   one   on Forbes list of top female paid athletes for 10 years in a row. Now that is a constant woman. She usually makes $24 Million a year. She is also a fashion icon who designs and sells her tennis outfits and owns Sugarpova products. American superstar Serena Williams took in $22 Million dollars last year thanks to big brand endorsements and her own clothing line. The players have their very own beauty salon called the player salon where they get on their playing face and nails for the tournament. Julien Farel is a celebrity hairstylist and provides his services at the Open.

The players are provided with a nutritional kiosk since some of them require 5,000 calories per day. For the fans, you can buy vintage wines served in wine glasses, sit down restaurants with a view of the court serving 12 ounce steaks. The average tennis fan salary is $150,000 per year so they are used to filling up with good food. The average football fan brings home $94,000 in salary that is $56,000 less and they enter the stadium burping and shitting from their tail gate parties of beer and hot dogs.

For $125 bucks you can have a three pound porterhouse steak between matches grilled by a famous chef. Chef David Burke said he grilled 1,500 this year at the Open. The fillet minion has no salt on it and melts in your mouth. This year’s favorite was Burke’s Bacon on a Clothes Line. People were snaking on salty smoky sweet thick crispy bacon slices during the matches. Something very different. If you are really rich or famous, private suites are provided but not necessary. People are really respectful of other people’s space.

You don’t even have to like tennis to have a great day. The U.S. Open has become the place to eat like a king,   star gaze at celebrities and maybe even see a famous player move on to the next round. Who can’t love   a game where love is one of the point in the  game.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The weather has been strange this summer making us feel like we live in a tropical place. A place where there are sudden violent storm that never really cool off anything but remind us they were here by the amount of damage they cause. Flood damage to our homes and cars and trucks. Most of it is unsalvageable and should be destroyed. But they are not being destroyed. The unsafe cars and trucks are being sold at auctions putting people’s lives in danger. Why doesn’t the government follow up on insurance companies that allow these vehicles to remain on the streets after they settle claims with their clients?

There are car and truck dealers out there selling lethal lies about their inventory of vehicles. Flood cars are being sold in used car lots all across America. When super storm Sandy hit the northeast, nearly 300 people lost their lives and thousands more lost their homes and then there were the cars and trucks nearly completely submerged by salt water. An estimated quarter million vehicles submerged for days by corrosive salt water. They even filled the runways with damaged cars and trucks at an abandoned airport on Long Island. Each vehicle a potential highway hazard because flood cars literally rot from the inside out.

It may take days, weeks or months down the road, parts will fail. The airport runways are vacant again but where did the cars go? A lot has to do with looks. If the interior or paint job still looks good, they will be sold somewhere again according to CARFAX, a used car tracking service. They estimate that over 100,000 Hurricane Sandy vehicles ended up back on the road and have been transported for sale across America by now. So you report your car damaged to your insurance company. They declared it a total loss and give you a say $30,000 check for your damages. Where does your “total Loss” vehicle go while you are buying a new car with your check?
State laws require   that it is the Insurers responsibility to brand the vehicle Title, forever marking it as a salvage vehicle and knocking serious money off its value. CARFAX will report that it is in a flood but that alone does not prevent Used Car salesmen to try to resell the vehicles. That $30,000 total loss vehicle will be sold somewhere for $20,000 cash to someone who did not do his homework. This should not be allowed. During the re-sale the customer must sign a document saying that they are aware that it is a salvage vehicle but with the 20 or more papers that must be signed during a transaction, even this document can flow through hands going unnoticed.
Tools will be rusted shut, power seats won’t work, air bags will be corroded, salt  from the salt water will cake up on any wiring and corrode it. The $20,000 vehicle is a death trap waiting to happen. The State Motor Vehicle Administration and the Attorney General’s Office must be notified and they will close down the Used Car Dealerships selling flood cars and trucks. When the dealership owner pleads guilty, they will face three years in prison. The salesman making the sale of a flood loss sound like everything is ok can face three charges including conspiracy to commit theft by deception.
If they find a Motor Vehicle Agency employee creating false clean Titles for flood cars, they will face up to a year in jail. Why can’t people just do the right thing for each other?





Thursday, September 11, 2014

Today is yet another Anniversary of the 911 disaster. Yes we lost many innocent lives and we lost a bit of our faith in humanity but we also lost the view. Yes, the ability for 13 years to stand atop those tallest of buildings and be able to look out over Manhattan. Those towers were our Mount Everest where we proposed our dying devotion to our loved ones in Marriage proposals and realized how insignificant we were in the big picture of life. This year the view is back and for the first time, the 911 Museum will be open for all to see what is now history till Midnight tonight.

Along with the 2,606 lives that were lost when the World Trade Center was destroyed in the attacks of September 11, we also lost one of New York City's most loved destinations. It was the Twin Towers Observation Deck that allowed us to go out and smell the thin air 100 story's in the sky, gaze into a telescope to see things close again. After all, Americans like to be aloft but also want the ability to be up close and personal on their terms.The Middle Eastern terrorists are still a threat to us on their terms. They terrorize in the shadows not proudly wearing a uniform or carrying weapons. They chop off reporters heads and use their knives again. Now they are recruiting American citzens to follow their religion that no fair or just God must be part of.

For decades before the disaster people came from all over the world to view Manhattan in all its upright glory of steel and glass monuments in the sky, our man made landscape. After years of planning and construction there is on the 102nd floor of One World Trade Center an indoor observatory. It is also Museum like in that future visitors will learn about the building's history as they make their way from the ground up this time.
You can see again Manhattan and all it's surrounding waters plus Brooklyn and New Jersey. It was just completed in early 2014. It is a 104 story tower and is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere at 1776 feet . That is the tallest thing on this side of the earth. It rises atop the World Trade Memorial where two separate reflecting pools recall the towers where they once stood high and proud for many years. and where many lives were lost.

What is now known as the One World Observatory will open in 2015. Yes we are now living in the years where great new monuments are built. to show the world that our spirit and drive and ambition  can never be destroyed or torn down.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This is about another group of female athletes that get paid nothing for their ability and efforts. Just like NFL Cheerleaders who get paid next to nothing, female body builders get no respect either.  We love them both. Why don’t they receive a decent wage from the sports they support? The body builders have taken their bodies to limits that at times cannot even be considered safe but they do it for the love of the sport.

In the world of women’s professional body building, competition day is a showcase of effort but for other’s it is a freak show.   For the women on that stage, it is simply the worst of times. Most of us think it should be the best of times like a piano recital or an Olympic event that you have practiced at and worked at all year long. The women admit that on the day of the competition they are most dehydrated, they eat limited food, they are over trained and are taking some kind of diuretic weather natural or not, the girls may look like perfection but inside they are hurting.

It is strange to see woman but also see Thor all combined together. The women are driven by a big fetish. They can never get big enough muscles so therefore constant training. They usually work out 6 days a week about 4 hours per day. With no sponsors, no one is paying them for their time at the gym.  The girls love the empowerment they have over their decision making and over their health and body in general.

They have to do more than just eat right and work out. The use of anabolic steroids is a must to be perfect according to most women body builders. To get bigger they use HGH, Winstrol, , Invar, Sumatran things they can get from Europe and China. Everyone knows what is going on but no one talks about it. There is virtually no testing from the Federation of Bodybuilders. Once a year they draw from a hat and test one person.
If the International Federation of Bodybuilders secures no money for their participants and does not do any real safety or regulatory testing who needs them? The only thing that is safe to say is that without the pharmaceutical assistance any woman would not have any chance to win any competition anywhere. They basically do it for a trophy and a Title , no cash value.

The promoters, photographers and supplemental companies make money not the girls who have to put up with the side effects of drugs like facial hair, clitoral enlargements, costs for tanning and waxing. Third place is $500 and first place is $3,000. That barely covers the costs of air fare and hotels for the girls. Their only decent wage is when they sell themselves for dates and appearances to men willing to be out and about in public showing off their body builder girl. Should hard working athletes be selling themselves to Fetish  Freeks willing to pay top dollar to be with a girl? America can do better. Get the girls away from the web cams entertaining muscle worshipers and give them a sports purse worthy of their efforts to the sport.

Men earn about $600 thousand for Mr. Olympia, women earn about 1\10 the amount for their competitions.

War has turned into something other than the world has witnessed in a very long time. We no longer fight battles with men in uniforms proudly representing another country.  In the Middle East the enemy can look just like a farmer or innocent citizen of that region.  They do not want bullets. A sharp knife will do. They like to slice the heads off of humans and blood of an innocent reporter off their knife to slice again.

Years ago 


hostage NEGOTIATIONS HAVE CHANGED IN RECENT YEARS TOO. One is very lucky to escape being held hostage and returning to a normal life again. Some are being held hostage for many years. Now hostage taking has become a thriving business. It involves the government, one’s job, their family and all aspects of a life with people who do not value life very much.

Former FBI Agent Jack Cloohan now works as a full time negotiator. He has successfully gained the release of more than 150 kidnapped victims.  He tries to keep the information stream alive in order to even know where kidnapped victims could possibly be. The average rand some is about 2 Million dollars cash. They don’t take a wire transfer. They don’t take credit cards. They don’t take Euros. In fact they are one of the few who still value the American dollar and want it.

You are held at their mercy and are trying to transport that kind and amount of cash in a war zone safely.The actual exchange of money can take place at border crossings. You then have to move the victim in the dark. In the case of James Foley, they made a rand some demand of 130 Million dollars plus the release of certain prisoners . It is all a game of revenge and revenge is sweet to them.

Americans in their eyes are the worse people on the face of the earth. The British are focusing on certain neighborhoods in London where several hundred Muslim men have been recruited into becoming some of the most brutal executioners in the Arab world. These men belong to an extreme manipulated version of Islam that says that they do not belong to any nation. Meanwhile we march around in our uniform pledging allegiance to our flag.

America needs to wake up and realize the beast that is growing within our borders and take precausions against being held victim to hostage takers.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Here is another first. Nicki Minaj has shattered the record books for having a music video called Anaconda that is reported having the most viewed yet in a single day.  She just stole the most   viewed in one day top spot from Miley Cyruses Wrecking Ball video. Nicki is certainly making a statement with this controversial video but what exactly   is she trying to say? All I know is that if you are an ass man, this video is for you. Jeesh.

She brings her derriere, backside, butt, bottom cheeks whatever you want to call them front and center in this video. Anaconda is very explicit and I can see why it has taken over the most viewed distinction just from a 12 year old boy’s perspective. See, you never really grow up. Sorry. Nicki purposely goes over the top and looking at the video makes you too distracted to even hear what she is rapping about. She says the video is all about female empowerment. I think it is just rude exploitation and sensationalism for the sake of getting exposure. Do you really have to expose your private parts these days to get noticed?

She says the video has something to do with owning her own sexuality. Even the photo on the video cover looks simply like a bare ass. Of course it will get noticed. Many women feel that it is over signalized and exploitative. Is it trashy? After all, she spends the entire song shaking her butt and other women doing the same. Does she give credit to a choreographer on this video? You really have to wonder why this is necessary in this day and age. Kevin Fallon an Entertainment Reporter for The Daily Beast says the video starts an interesting dialogue about race and body types.

Yes the white girls on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine   wearing thongs which is nothing on their ass have small butts but are still curvy. This song is representing the thick and curvaceous black girl butt. Her message is to embrace yourself, love your curves and just be proud of your body .But yet all that empowerment is lost in all the jiggling around.   Let’s say Nicki was trying to spark some kind of meaningful conversation, in the end, the exploitation over shadows everything else.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I like to report on firsts. Well this story is about a first achievement from a child. A girl with a fearless arm who has thrown shutouts on the baseball field in the Little League World Series. Her name is Mo’ne Davis, yes with an apostrophe in the middle of her first name, the Pitcher on the Philadelphia Taney Dragons teamand she is only 13 years old.  She has already made it to the cover of Sports Illustrated and admitted that she is willing to excel at other sports too. She gives new meaning to the phrase, throws like a girl. Many boys wish they could throw a ball like her.

Her pitches are thrown at 75mph. Major league pitchers throw at about 90mph so this is really fast for a little girl. She is the first girl to throw a shutout in World Series History. She allowed just two hits and struck out 8 boys. She can hit too by hitting a run scoring single at her first time at bat. She wants to give credit to her entire team but it is hard when she is also the first Little League ever to get her picture on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine. The best part is that she is in that magazine because of her sports achievements and not because she is a hot player or a girl in a swimsuit.

Her Twitter account jumped from 2,000 followers to 15,000 followers after the Magazine cover shot; so, it is difficult to remain a low keyed player on a team. All this recognition is a tribute to all athletic women even as children to see that finally they can get the same recognition as their male counterparts in any sport. Who gets to be a role model in the eighth grade anyway? Even though she has been playing baseball since she was age seven, it is hard to be calm when the place is full and there are a lot of people cheering you on and who are there just to see you play. Should children be exposed to the pressures of fame?

She is already a true athlete who also likes to play football and has no problem tackling the boys. Many feel that basketball is probably the way to go if she wants to try at excelling at another sport. The best part about her is her youth and ability to take on whatever she is doing very seriously.  Her team did not win the World Series but no matter. She willing to take on all sports.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another comic hero has left the room. Today Joan Rivers has died at the age of 81. She was a trail blazer for women in entertainment and the only woman to host late night TV. We love her because she dared to say things we were thinking but did not have the courage to say openly. She had courage and never apologized for saying anything that came to her mind. A real sassy woman throughout her life.  Her most famous recent show was The Fashion Police where she often gave one liners in critiquing famous people and how they dressed.

For an old gal she was big on social media. She had her Twitter page and her profile said that she was a simple girl with a dream. She fed on ultimate fame all her life. Her career was very important to her. She has fulfilled 50 years of a brilliant career making people laugh. She should have copyrighted the question, “Can we Talk? ” because that is often how she started her stand-up comedy routines.  Then she would be viciously funny and brutally honest.

Ironically it was complications from throat surgery that was done at an outpatient clinic that was the cause of her death. She was performing just 8 days ago doing what she did best; making people laugh. The health department   is already holding an investigation into the possibility of faulty procedures done on her throat at the outpatient clinic. The NYC medical examiner’s office will also be taking the lead in determining the actual cause of death. No one should be messing with the throat of America’s funny woman for over 50 years and get away with it.

The facility that she went to was known for digestive disorders and not throat ailments. So, why was she there anyway? Joan was known to use her own list of medical professionals to do treatments of any kind on her. Why wasn’t her own anesthesiologist present during the throat procedure? Could it be that Joan didn’t have to die yet? Joan Rivers could always talk and talk about anything without any reservations.Her outrageous jokes proved that nothing was off limits. Growing up she always wanted to be a performer. She joined the iconic Second City Comedy Theater in 1961.

As her comedy career was progressing she married Edgar Rosenberg in 1964 who would manage her career and become the focal point of so many of his wife’s jokes. We always hear of male comics who constantly made fun of everything their wives did. She was a refreshing reversal at making fun of the husbands for a change and we loved her courage to do that in the 60’s when there were even few female comics anywhere. It made her unique and interesting.

The pair had one daughter together, Melissa. In 1965, Rivers saw her career get a huge boost when she appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. What is also amazing was her staying power to be edgy and current throughout the years. We have a generation of kids who know Joan but who don’t remember Johnny Carson. After 7 years of struggling since her training at the Second City Comedy Theater, her appearance on Johnny’s show made her instantly  famous. It was the start of a 21 year professional relationship with Johnny and The Tonight Show making appearances until eventually becoming the substitute host in 1983.

Rivers decision to launch her own show on the brand new Fox network in the fall of 1986 ended her relationship with Carson and the Tonight Show. The minute she dared to be competition she was a target and considered an outsider to  many male important people in an already male dominated industry. One of her jokes was that there should be no big deal to have a woman in the White House since John F. Kennedy has thousands of women there.

You were no one in Hollywood until you were insulted by her. She was educated and elegant in style and appearance. Her Manhattan apartment is decorated like a palace with possessions of impeccable taste. Good Bye America’s funny lady. Go join Robin Williams somewhere and give them hell. We miss you already.