Friday, July 21, 2017

Lucky Bullies

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They are our lucky bullies. Today OJ Simpson got his parole. The juice will be loose. He was acquitted for his wife’s murder and Ron Goldman’s murder too. Now OJ is a free man again after serving his minimum sentence of 9 years for armed robbery.  Our other lucky bully is the Donald who threatened Sessions with his job and warned Mueller not to investigate his bank accounts and tax returns. He essentially hired these people and now   threatens them if they actually do their job. Trump wants to pardon his partners in crime. Bullies   seem to be getting their way lately. Both of these men see nothing wrong in their words or actions and they are getting everything their way. In a way they both represent the inner wishes of every man who can’t quite pull off what these two guys have done in their lives.
Many men wish they could kill their cheating wife and her boyfriend but would never do it or even get away with it even though their shoe prints are in the victim’s blood on the floor. OJ got away with that crime. Most men wish they could get away with taking back their trophies and valuables even though someone else bought them. O.J. and his buddies at gun point stole the items and now O.J. is a free man. O.J. didn’t stand with his buddies and testify to help them, instead he only said that he wasn’t the one holding the gun. He will also receive hundreds of thousands of dollars when he gets out of prison in October and receive $25,000 per month from a NFL pension. Every man wishes they can get that kind of cash right out of prison. O.J. won’t even give any of that money towards the civil suit the Goldman family won in a civil suit from O.J. Pension money is exempt.
Today Trump attacked the top officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI. I guess all the meetings Trump had with Putin gave him the courage to attack anyone who just doesn’t do as they are told. For the past 17 years that Putin has been in office opposition leaders have been threatened, murdered and found reasons to be put in jail. The Russian press is simply whatever Putin decides it should be. Bullies like to be bold and get away with any of their wrongdoings. Trump isn’t standing by his buddies that helped him get elected. Now he is snubbing his team. Now the top officials in our government find themselves in a position to fight to keep their jobs. Trump attacked the Attorney General, the former head of the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller who is investigating Trump. So these guys can keep their jobs as long as they don’t sniff too closely at Trump’s crap? Both O.J. and Trump are only loyal to themselves.

Today Spicer resigned and no longer wants to be the White House spokesman. It is clear that the Presidency is a job that should only serve Trump’s best interests even from the jobs of others. Serving the Americaan people or even justice is not in the minds of either of these men.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Crimes on Cruises

Related imageGoing on a cruise? What those enticing advertisements don’t tell you is that it is almost impossible to get justice if a crime happened on any of these ships. Who is the cruise ship police and what country or state do you prosecute the criminals even if you can prove that the crime was committed? None of these issues are ever discussed in their flashy advertisements full of good times and pleasure but in reality crimes do happen in the confines of a cruise ship. Cruise ship crimes poses jurisdictional challenges. Days at sea is always relaxing and pleasurable until you get raped at sea. Sexual assault is easy to happen since everyone is drinking or just simply in a romantic mood until the advances get to be too extreme and unwanted or violent. History shows that when victims get assaulted at sea they get nowhere on land. Many reported cases get barely investigated or never get prosecuted.
One of the main reason cases do not get prosecuted is because it is unclear what place has jurisdiction. For example say the cruise ship leaves from North Africa, then the crime happens in international waters in the Atlantic Ocean, then gets reported in a stop in Italy but the cruise line is registered in the Bahamas with its headquarters in Miami. Compound that confusion and add to it that the victim is a British citizen living in the United States. This mess amounts to a jurisdictional no man’s land. The FBI admits that on board cruise crimes are hard to investigate Law enforcement doesn’t have immediate access to the ships, they don’t have access to the crime scene or access to witnesses. Well then maybe it is time the United Nations addressed this issue and that there should be an international police force to be present on every cruise ship. These massive vessels hold about 5,000 drunken horny passengers on every trip and like the airlines, ships are constantly traveling the oceans with new boat loads of people every day.
It is important to report crimes of rape and kidnapping and murder. Last year 92 of these crimes were reported and 62 additional sexual assaults in the United States. What is being reported in other countries and parts of the world? Unfortunately rape, kidnapping and murder is a universal thing among humans all over the world. These terrible events should not go un-reported and un-solved. The Cruise Line International Association, Inc. says,” Cruise lines have a robust system of security.” How do they keep the 24 million passengers each year safe? They go on to say, “Allegations of serious crime on cruise ships are rare, and a small fraction of comparable rates of crime on land.” So that makes un-reported crimes at sea acceptable with that logic? At least you can run away perhaps. You are confined on a boat. Throwing yourself overboard is not an option. Sigh!

Senator Blumenthal from Connecticut has at least proposed legislation to demand that cruise ships notify the FBI within 4 hours of a crime. They don’t do this anyway?  He also wants them to turn over video evidence and have sea marshals onboard all ships. Victims of rape are never the same person they were before the assault. In the case of the British passenger, no criminal charges were given to the bar tender who raped her, the cruise line was unresponsive to questions and the man who raped her is still working in the cruise industry. Human ethics have gone overboard with the trash apparently. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pay Up Trump!

The White House has declared that this is Made in America Week. The Donald surrounded him with products that were in fact made in the United States. Did he even notice that there wasn’t a single product of his own on display? If you remember during the election he surrounded himself with his steaks and water products duping America into believing that he would bring his product selling expertise to benefit Americans. Just another LIE! Here is a small list of products slathered with the Trump name that are NOT made in America.
Trump Shirts
Trump Sport Coats
Trump Suits
Trump Eyeglasses
Trump by Dorya Furniture
Trump Home Mirrors
Trump Home Ceramic Vases
Trump Home Wall Decorations
Trump Home Kitchen Items
Trump Home Lighting Fixtures
Trump Home Picture Frames
Trump Home by Rogaska Tabletop Collection
Trump Hotel Pens
Trump Hotel Shampoo
Trump Hotel Body Wash
Trump Hotel Moisturizers
Trump Hotel Shower Caps
Trump Hotel Laundry Bags
Trump Hotel Show Bags
Trump Hotel Pet Collars & Leashes
Trump Hotel Bath Towels
Trump Vodka
Donald Trump has 22,450 employees and none of them make anything in America. Ivanka’s clothing line relies exclusively on foreign factories employing low wage workers in places known for extreme poverty. Her factories are in Bangladesh and  Indonesia. She manufactures shoes in China where the workers are revolting about being insulted and being beaten at work. The workers complain about having to work all day and through the night till midnight. She is involved in a law suit involving show designers claiming that she plagiarized their designs for her shoes. If Donald Trump is really concerned with making America great again he needs to look no further than how he makes all his money and at least put his labor force using American workers. The only cure for America he possesses is a will to open up a select few hazardous, unhealthy coal mines and to de-regulate any environmental concerns and let corporations pollute our land, air and water.  
Thank goodness today the Republican brass killed their own disastrous health care plan before it had a chance to kill us all.  They even dusted off 92 year old Senator Robert Byrd and made him arrive in a wheelchair to cast a vote for the bill. They really need to vote for term limits on these old guys still governing our nation. They lost 2 key votes overnight and decided to bury the legislation altogether. Not a single Republican was brave enough to step forward alone to trash the bill. Like the cowards they are, they had to kill the bill in a group. They still want to repeal Obama care. Why repeal it all? There are still good points to the current plan. Why not vote to improve the current plan? It must be another attempt to tarnish Obama’s legacy.
Why don’t they work through their self- imposed August vacation and approve pension plans for our brave Seals who killed Bin Laden? We should be paying for their bravery instead of exploiting their widow a week after Trump’s badly plan killed a Seal as he did in a speech shortly after he was elected. The Senators get paid enough and vote lots of perks for themselves. Pay American workers to make Trump’s junk and pay the Seals with Republican Senators vacation time!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Practice What you Preach

Why can’t this President at least practice what he preaches?  Every day he is simply an embarrassment on a range of topics. At least I am not the only one that can’t stand the man. Trump has the lowest approval rating of any President ever. While he continues to try to blow off the Russian interventions as being nothing of importance, two thirds of the country think his relationship with Russia is inappropriate to say the least. Many believe that the security clearance of Jared Kushner should be revoked for his non-disclosure antics. The son-in-law attended meetings with the Russians under the cuff.
Today a high level meeting took place with top Russian Diplomats to discuss the possibility of getting two large luxury compounds here in the United States that was seized during the Obama Administration in response to election hacking. Would Obama have gotten some respect for his appropriate actions if he looked like his white mother? Just saying. Trump wants to reward the Russians for the hacking. Who will stop this maniac?
Today Trump tried to change the subject from Russia to Made in America rants. He said “Remember the old days, they used to have made in the U.S.A? We are going to put that brand on our product because it means that it is the best.” Well then he just admitted that all the things he sells is crap. None of it is made in the states. Donald and his daughter Ivanka’s products have outsourced the manufacturing of their products in other countries around the world because the labor is cheaper and there are fewer regulations thus more money for the Trumps not America. For example, items from the Trump Home Collection are made in Turkey. Trump clothes are made in China and Indonesia.
This past weekend he did nothing to improve his not so good health care plan but spent the weekend promoting golf tournaments at his golf clubs putting more profits in his pockets. He is soooooo unethical. Trump uses the Presidency only for self-promotion and personal profiting. He sent out 8 Tweets  in 3 days promoting the Women’s Open Tournament that took place at his golf club in New Jersey. Visits to his own properties raises ethical concerns because the President still owns and profits from his companies. Since becoming President he has made 36 visits to 6 Trump properties in Virginia, Washington, DC, Florida and New Jersey. He has not stayed at any non-Trump resorts.
When asked why he makes his products abroad, the response was that there wasn’t any supply chains in the states. Then he should be working on creating supply chains in the states if he wants to practice what he is preaching. The ban on immigrants and the thrown out of many Mexican workers is creating a worker shortage in many industries here so the price of food and goods are going to cost us more money. The H-28 Visa which is a temporary Visa for workers have been cut back and his government is not approving these kinds of Visas. It is affecting the shrimp boat business in the Texas Gulf Coast. Mexican workers are no longer there to help with the shrimp fishing so lest shrimp will be harvested. Hundreds of needed deck hands aren’t there. It is all with legal workers. Americans aren’t even applying for the jobs. Hotels are suffering with the lack of food and maid workers.  Trump is costing America money.

Now Marines, soldier boots are being told to be employed in Afghanistan again. Trump was a big critic of Obama and said he wasn’t bringing our soldiers home fast enough. Can this guy do anything that helps Americans?


The Republican majority manipulated in order to get their man appointed to the Supreme Court and now they are doing tricks to get their health care bill passed. The Senate health care bill is once again on hold. Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is postponing debate on the bill to give Senator John McCain time to recover from surgery for a blood clot above his left eye. Mitch McConnell needs that vote in order to pass the bill. So, now our government is being run by manipulators that will do things just to influence voting. Why can’t John McCain say yea or nay from his hospital bed anyway? All of those Senators are very old anyway. When Obama had a perfectly good choice to be the next Supreme Court Judge the Republicans delayed any thought of a nominee until their candidate became President. Maybe all of them were in on the plot to get Trump elected with the Russians. Anything seems to be possible,
The only truth in all this is that winning is more important than the needs of any   American citizen.  Or maybe they just didn’t want to delay their all-important August vacation. After all there are priorities for rich Republicans. Now they call the mess “The Better Care Act” and they will need the support of 50 out of 52 Republicans in order to pass the thing. They are so desperate for votes that they will delay the whole thing even if it means getting sick people out of their hospital beds. They should vote with whoever is present at the time and stop the fake manipulations.  Republican Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Rand Paul of Kentucky have already said they will not support a motion to proceed to floor debate on the legislation because there is nothing better about this care act.
Senate Republicans unveiled a revised version of their health care bill only on this past Thursday, and Republican leaders had planned a quick vote without much debate. Or at least to take the procedural steps towards a vote in the upcoming week. Should millions of people’s health care be determined by just a few that clearly have their own agenda? The bill is flawed and they know it but they just want to pass it anyway. Who has the best interest of the Americans anymore in Washington? The President could care less. He spent both days of the weekend   at golf events at his golf club. The procedural vote would have come as early as Tuesday but now with McCain’s illness it is postponed probably till after their so well deserved vacation. NOT!

We don’t need laws to be passed that just makes Republicans happy or just select Senators from select states happy. We need honest voting not determined by how many guys they can get together in a rushed deal. Somebody in Washington needs to start thinking about the needs of ALL Americans and stop the manipulation!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Shangri - La

Humans need to realize their potential and use their abilities for good. The most advanced computers can’t master our ability to reason, love and have compassion. Attributes we need to use more often. We can achieve Shangri-La if we devote ourselves to attain it. It is a place of complete delight and peace. Earth can become that place if we would all try. The senseless wars need to stop. Dictators need to stop persecuting their own people. Greed and wealth has no place in our lives since we can’t take any of it with us in death.  The great divide between rich and poor serves no one well. Why can’t we strive to achieve a Utopian society that will serve all living things well?
Read the book by James Hilton or watch the versions of the fantasy called Lost Horizon. It doesn’t have to be a fantasy but if we try, a perfect society can be attained. We are all taking more notice on the book by George  Orwell  called 1984 that dwells on the surveillance society we are now immersed in deeply. There is even a new Broadway play that is all about the book called 1984 also written in the 1930’s like Lost Horizon was written in. It is ironic that both books were written just before World War II erupted and both books represented societies that were peaceful and the other immensely mistrustful. We should have learned from the wisdom of that generation instead the world is in turmoil, oppression, starvation and homeless. Why and how did we allow this to happen in the past 50 years? We fight wars to protect what is good in our lives, supposedly. Perhaps we need a different approach to happiness and simply put down the weapons, mistrust and hate and focus on the good in all people.
Lost Horizon is a novel about a group of people who are lost but find a magical land full of   peace and brotherhood everywhere and no one even gets old there.  The cool movie made in 2016   called Passengers staring beautiful Jennifer Lawrence and handsome Chris Prat,   touches on the immortality theme when they are frozen in time till they arrive at a distant land on a spaceship. At least that is what was supposed to happen. In all of these stories the theme is about achieving some kind of perfect society. In reality here and now in our lives we should be doing everything humanly possible to attain a perfect society for all. Not just for rich people hidden behind their walled gates.
The story of Lost Horizon begins in a war-torn city where people are being butchered in a local revolution. The movie starts with a book of pages turning that reads, ”In these days of wars and rumors of wars-haven’t you ever dreamed of a place where there was peace and security, where living was not a struggle but a lasting delight? Of course you have. So has every man since time began. Always the same dream. Sometimes he calls it Utopia.” ISIS folks believe they can achieve their dream by becoming suicide bombers. We live in an extreme world. North Korea has leadership that believes he can be happy surrounded by weapons where all his people are soldiers. Russia has a leader who believes in world domination. Putin already has Poland, the Ukraine, Syria and President Donald Trump. Their versions of utopia is hardly good for anyone.
The civilization found in Lost Horizon is a place where everyone and everything thrives. The living is well and the food is free. People are calm and well where no doctors are needed. People never look at despair in their lives but at happiness and serenity. A place far too peaceful to be concerned with predators because there aren’t any. You don’t need to see what is on the other side of the hill because it is as pleasant as where you are now. The word refugees doesn’t exist. A place where no religion is followed but the belief is in moderation and avoiding excesses of any kind. A place where people are satisfied with moderate obedience, manners and respect for all others. A place where people are obedient, honest and happy. No spite, malice or revenge. A place where no soldiers or police are present. A place where no crime exists. What makes a criminal? Criminals are those who take because they lack money or love. They rob and rape. Respect for people’s needs eradicates crime.
We need a place where viciousness   and envy doesn’t exist. A society where there is no envy for what others possess. If we all have the same, these desires are eliminated. Get rid of the extreme wealth for just a few. Share the wealth.  Courtesy all around helps smooth out all problems even in relationships. A place where there are no marriages for life unless a couple just likes to be with each other for a life. All can be acceptable in relationships as long as people can be courteous and understanding of each other’s needs and wants. There wouldn’t be any crimes of passion.

Am I insane for thinking these things are possible in this real world here and now? If so, then I would rather be lost in my insanity and still give hope for a sensible safe and happy world devoid from hate and prosecution. Sigh!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Tell Trump You're Fired!

Tonight Trump is in France and he told the French President’s wife, “You know you are in great shape.” REALLY? Was he also motivated to grab her by the pussy too as he was checking out her body? What is wrong with this sexist pig? Why is he always making rude or lewd comments about women’s bodies? I don’t think he can ever say anything remotely Presidential! With more analysis it is becoming clearer why he is such good buddies with Putin. In Russia the women are treated like property and are abused daily and the government is deaf to the pleas of women needing to prosecute the bullying men who physically and mentally abuse them.  In America his policies are all about taking women’s rights away from abortion legal rights   to limiting health benefits for women’s needs.
In Russia 36 thousand women are beaten by their partners daily. Wives are considered property for men to take their frustrations out on like punching bags and the government looks the other way saying that they have no right to interfere in a man’s home life. Should a women’s home be a place of persecution by her own family members? Domestic abuse isn’t even a term there. Every 40 minutes one woman dies from domestic violence in Russia and our President is best buddies with Putin! Trump expects Americans to like Russia too? He is truly insane!
Abusers have enjoyed impunity for years. Beating a family member only became a crime there in 2016. Women are treated for broken limbs over 20 year periods and the government police do nothing to the abusers. Over seven years one woman wrote 5 to 7 complaints a month to the police while she was experiencing many beatings every month with serious injuries all over her body and mind. The police dismiss her complains by saying that there were no other witnesses even though she was treated in hospitals for serious injuries. Even his mother wrote a complaint. His mother went blind after he beat her up. Did the broken bones happen by themselves? What kind of animal beats up their own mother? I don’t think even animals do that sort of thing. It is hard to believe that these atrocities are happening in this century and that Russia   is a big influence on our President.
Recently in 2017 the government in Russia softened their stance on domestic abuse. After February in 2017, just a few months ago an abusing husband will spend just up to 16 days in prison. He will complete just up to 120 HOURS not even days of community service. He will be fined up to 30,000 rubles which is just $500 dollars. Remind you these are maximum sentencing. What kind of rehabilitation or shame does any of this mean? It all is just a temporary setback in the abuse time line. I am sure other abusing men set these guidelines and not any woman. The men politicians defend this little sentencing on the fact that anything more would be coming from a liberal point of view. They said that it would rudely involve government into your bedroom and that isn’t good according to them.
The term “fake news’ is a product of Russia. When they are told that this is inhumane by all other countries they simply call the criticism “fake news”. Donald Trump seems to speak that same language. The damage Russians do with their fists, Trump does with his filthy mouth! In Russia there has been an increase in domestic violence. Family violence has always been a problem in Russia. Putin has been Russia’s leader for 17 years and he has done little or nothing on this issue there. The attorneys are told to uphold traditional family values”. That means a wife’s purpose is to be a husband’s punching bag? How is that a “value?’’ A man beat his daughter to death and got only 6 years in prison. We need to go back to the good old days when we ignored Russia, had good rights for women here and accepted anyone into this country who has been persecuted in their homeland for any reason. Let’s ban abusive Trump and his abusive buddy Putin. Use Trump’s term, ”You’re Fired!” on Trump!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Come Clean

At the G20 Summit with leaders from countries instead of being unprepared and spending two hours with his good buddy Putin, it would have been a good opportunity to seek support from other countries to find a way to control young Kim Jun Nut Job in North Korea   from lighting his fireworks nuclear missiles all the time. Trump didn’t do that. He could have at least learned from China in how they are dealing with their failed coal production and are trying to have clean energy now. Trump didn’t do that either. It is quite apparent he is only concerned with ways internationally to increase his personal wealth all over the world. His meetings with China and Russia was about branding deals in China for him and Ivanka. In Russia he wants the Polar Ice Caps to melt so they can find shorter ways to ship their junk around the world. Well their wish is coming true. It has been reported that a iceberg the size of the state of Delaware has just broken off and is floating in the sea waiting to melt that will cause catastrophic flooding over time. Russian real estate money laundering deals got him cyber election influences that helped him win the Election. Don Junior’s e-mails proved the collusion. This Presidency is all about the Donald and F everyone else.
He needs to learn from China. Trump leaves idle threats out there against North Korea that will just incite them to be more aggressive with their weapons. China is more sensible and wants to take a more diplomatic way to deal with the problem.  China is often thought of as one of the world’s biggest polluters but lately China has been making huge strides in making their country a greener place. An area in China that was once used for coal mining is now used for solar panels that is creating huge amounts of electricity. Right now China owns the biggest floating solar field in the world. A great idea since soon much of the world will be covered by a lot of water due to climate changes melting the glaciers. The solar panel field stretches over 13 hundred acres of water. It encompasses 6,600 panels. It provides enough electricity to power 13,000 homes right in the heart of China’s coal country. America borders two oceans of water. Why can’t we do this kind of project too?
Related image
Congress is preparing now for their August vacation so nothing there is getting done anyway. How many days off from work did they vote themselves paid? All American poor slob tax payers can’t even take off from work to get a serious operation for more than two days sick pay. They have to get a leave of absence just to recover from an operation.  Trumps health care bill will even give the rich tax breaks. Don’t get sick over all this. It will only cost you thousands of dollars since no one is talking about reducing the high prices hospitals and doctors charge for their services. Meditate with breathing exercises to relax until they find a way to tax us for breathing too. In China the solar panels are floating where coal mines used to be. The area is where abandoned coal mines collapsed from over mining. Yes they left huge craters in the land from all that extracted coal they burned recklessly that most of the population breathes through masks and can’t see the distance from more than a block away from the polluted air.
Rain and flooding water created the coal craters into a giant lake. China has been long addicted to burning fossil fuels but now solar provides a large percentage of China’s energy. Trump wants to open up our polluting  coal mines again.  China admits that they started later than other countries to go with other ways to generate energy but their technology is catching up. Like in the United States there is real conflicts between renewable energy and the powerful coal industry. The complaint is that people lost land due to the flooding and jobs from the closed coal mines. China realizes that the old coal sentiment has to change. They are creating new different jobs in renewable energy. China has invested more than three hundred billion dollars into renewable energy. They are clearly making a shift into how they will supply their energy needs. Soon with that kind of investment they will become the clean energy leader of the world. The only thing we seem to be doing in this country now is following the stupid Trump-Russia connection daily.