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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Must biker gangs really live up to their reputation? In the movie called Bad Grandpa the gang members took care of a kid for a while and in real life you would see the bikers donating teddy bears and carrying them in the passenger seat behind them to   Toys for Tots but not anymore. Now they are bad assed criminals again. What is worse is that the gangs all look like out of shape greying middle aged men. Not the look of James Dean or Marlon Brando on a bike. Recently in Texas there was a deadly showdown between 5 outlaw biker gangs over territory. Really? Is this the Wild West all over again?

Bikers are known to have routine meet ups at restaurants and various locations but it is not supposed to turn into a full blown gun battle.  This event eventually had a parking lot littered with dead bodies. Hundreds of bikers from 5 rival gangs including the notorious Bandidos, Seimitars and Cossacks descended on a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. Just their names sounds like this nonsense id from a cartoon but no these wacko’s from Waco are very real. This group of people get together to socialize armed with brass knuckles, knives, chains, clubs and guns. Let’s sent these idiots to war zones. They might enjoy themselves.
When it was over there were 9 dead and 18 injured just feet away from families having lunch.  Maybe these guys watch too much TV. It could have been a scene out of the violent crime drama called Sons of Anarchy .Diners and employees locked themselves in the freezer to escape the violence. The bikers gathered for an event at the restaurant called Twin Peaks known for waitresses with great twin peaks for boobs. They advertised the event on Facebook and the police already expected trouble and were there at the site. A fight broke out in the men’s bathroom and continued onto the street. After the dust settled, 170 men were arrested and charged with engaging in organized crime.

The FBI calls biker groups a serious threat to domestic peace. The restaurant was warned not to host this even but they did it anyway. Now the Twin Peaks Corporate offices have decided to shut down the location altogether. The Banditos have a slogan, “Cut one of us you cut us all” so authorities are afraid of continual fighting in retaliation.  Their ruthless behavior is featured on the TV show Gangland. Edward Winterhalder is a former Bandito gang member for 6 years who wrote 10 books on the biker culture.   He says for bikers turf is everything. It sounds like bullies on the playground all over again. Maybe we should sent them to fight over the Gaza strip over land instead of funding people in the middle east over their stupid turf wars too.

Half of the gang members are full time criminals who sell dope or are involved in prostitution or illegal gambling or any other type of crime you can think of.  Yes, the true American Outlaw is alive and well browsing the great highways of America. Groups of bikers attack cars sometimes over disputes on the road as in 2013 in New York. There are groups of bikers that are not affiliated with gangs and who are just a touring safe driving non-violent group. However, I would still keep any eye out for those gangs with the jackets. They seem to be a vindictive group of we’ll get you back guys.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

STOP WAR! Can that ever be possible? Just stop it! Sounds simple enough but apparently impossible. All my life I have heard the words conflict, War, Gaza, Israel and Palenstein. Then I read the Bible and saw the words again but now these places were considered the most religious places on earth. How can religion and war be so intertwined? I am old now. What about the children of these places? How can they ever think of peace as an attainable thing if they never get to see peace? Are we raising natural born killers?

The most recent war began with the murders of three teenage boys. By the time it was over, 500 children were dead. For 50 days this past summer Israel and the Palestine’s of Gaza fought their bloodiest war since 1967. The question is, Can peace be taught to children who have only learned war? The first boy to die was from Israel. The next day Israeli terrorists kidnapped a Palestinian   boy.  He was burned alive. Within days, there was war.  The typical child now lives in fear.  In the past 60 years the United Nations have discussed and heard both sides of constant conflict between these neighbors.

Image result for gaza stripThey formed the United Nations Relief and Works Agency which oversees 252 schools, homes and jobs in the Gaza area for seven decades. Apparently that is not enough for these people. Hate and war must prevail. It is difficult to be a child in Gaza. They have no idea what it is like to have electricity 24 hours a day or heating all the time or the stability of homes and schools since all that has been destroyed many times over. That must all take a toll over children who need stability over all else. The schools soon became homes and shelters for over half a million people in Gaza. I say stop the fighting over such a   small strip of land. Make no one live there and make it a national park for visitors only.
Some of the UN schools were attacked and a UN investigation found that Israel hit several schools killing 4 people but the UN also blamed the Palestinian militants for hiding weapons in vacant UN schools that were not hit. The history of this nonsense began in 1947 when refuges of Israel’s creation compressed into a strip of land 32 miles of land by 7. In 2006 Guzan’s elected a government led by Hamas that the United States says is a terrorist group. Israel responded by sealing the borders and bankrupting Gaza’s economy. Hamas burrowed tunnels underground for trade and terror. This summer they attacked each other again over the borders and the tunnels.

So, how will the children answer the question “What do you want to be when you grow up? If war is all you see and all you learn than war will never end. About 2 million people live in Gaza and half of them are under the age of 18. A survey found that about 20% of the children witnessed a death in the family.   35% saw destruction at or near their home and 40% are suffering from Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder. Even the successful are in ruin now. Contractors who were wealthy enough to build homes for all their family members are standing in their ruined shells of buildings after war. War solves nothing only promotes more hate. Stop it now! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

On Thursday just a few days ago I wrote about the beauty of a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean called Palau. Well, maybe they are beautiful because there are the souls of at least 200 American soldiers listed as Missing In   Action since World War II where there were heavy fighting there in the Air Force whose planes were gunned down. Part of celebrating Memorial Day is to never forget the soldiers that never came back from war and another part of   Memorial Day is to thank the people at their own expense that take the time and effort to find the remains of our fallen heroes

It is amazing that the one place on earth where there is a lake that is full of jelly fish that don’t sting because they have never had to protect themselves from predators that their stinging just stopped, is one of the areas during World War II that America lost at least 200 fighter planes and the brave men who flew them have all gone MIA, Missing in Action. These now peaceful beautiful islands were the place of extreme violence. More than 400 thousand died fighting the Second World War. Adding to that staggering number, nearly 1 in 5 were considered missing in action. To this day some 73 thousand unaccounted for service men have lived with the mystery of how they died and have been deprived the comfort that comes with a burial.

At the end of the war the technology we have now did not exist to find many of the missing. There are volunteers that spend their own time and money to look for these servicemen. A few days ago I called the Islands of Palau a rare paradise but 70 years ago during the war it was known as “A Forgotten Corner of Hell to the Air Force. Now the terrain looks like a paradise but look closely and you can find the remnants of military warfare metal. In the ocean the aircraft have become barrier reefs covered in coral till you see a propeller or two sticking out. It is in these things they are finding bones and bodies of our fallen soldiers still in their planes. You will find Hellcats, B24s and Avenger planes. The B24 could hold a crew of ten men. Dr. Pat Scanlon leads crews of volunteers to find these planes and bring home remains and closure to American families.

The government of Palau gives the crew permission each year to look for wreckage with whatever equipment they want to search the sea and land. When they do in fact find the remains of Americans they inform the military who then confirms the identity of the remains and informs the families even 70 years after the war. We should remember these hero’s everyday not just today once a year. Scanlon decided to do these fact finding missions after while vacationing saw a wreckage of a plane in the water at low tide. Since then 20 years ago he has devoted his life to finding dead airmen. To me that makes him our Memorial Day hero too.  Looking at old records and talking to local fishermen are their best clues to finding a particular number on a plane that never returned.

B24’s are big planes and at times they might find them down a mile away from where it was originally thought of where it had fallen. Often relatives of their dead descendants are invited to dive and see the wreckage. Some family members choose to believe that their relatives somehow survived the war and started a new life somewhere else but that is not the case here. The team can only find soldiers on the barrier reef. Outside it the ocean drops to 2,000 feet deep. The University of Delaware has been providing the team with high tech machines to help in the hunt for Veterans. There is a poem that was written during World l War I that he says every time he identifies a veteran. It says, “They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old. They shall not worry or ever be condemned. As the sun goes down in the morning we will remember them.”

Sunday, May 24, 2015

In 2000, Congress established a Memorial Day moment of silence—asking Americans to pause Monday afternoon at 3:00 as an act of National unity.  I am sure there will not be pausing anywhere. No one even knows about this pausing thing but we should do it. Memorial Day is supposed to be the day we visit the burial site of a fallen soldier. Someone who volunteered to risk their life in some war and lost it. That still has to be the bravest thing of all. Yet there are Memorial sales in every store urging you to go there and forget about the graves. Some people get paid time and a half if they are chosen to work on Memorial Day.  No time for graves or pausing. The American soldier returning home has changed too.

Society has changed. After World War II soldiers came home to loving waiting wives and were given them back their old jobs or were at the top of the list for a new job. Their deployment was for a short time and if a soldier had children they were sent home first to be with their young families and to pick up where they left off in life. Things have changed. Our newest soldiers have been deployed for multiple tours of duty some of them in the military for 15 years since 911. Divorce is common. No home or woman to come home to. No job. These guys do have booze addictions, and pain killer addictions and messed up lives now.  Should we pause for these new guys with nothing in their hands but Gin, pills and their Purple Star for bravery?

A classic example of the new soldier is the life of Staff Sargent Tommy Rieman who is a certified American Hero. He received the Silver Star for valor in Iraq. He was proud to wear an American soldier uniform and in 2003 his three vehicle convoy drove into a death trap. They were ambushed by 35 guys and most of his buddies were killed. He survived shots in his arm chest and legs. When he got home he traveled the world as a military spokesman. He even has a feature role in a combat video and an action figure. President Bush personally thanked him for his service at the State of the Union Address in 2007. You would think that it doesn’t get better than that for a returning soldier but in reality he did not feel like a hero as many soldiers feel. He was haunted by PTSD and Alcoholism.

He lost his marriage and child and house. Everything that was special to him. He was full of hatred and tried to commit suicide twice and survived that too. He had hit rock bottom. Now he was arrested for drunk driving but was sent to a new popular kind of court. It is called the Veterans Treatment Court designed for Veterans and the special issues that have confronted returning soldiers.  It is modeled like other special courts around the country like Drug Treatment Court. These specialty courts are designed to keep nonviolent offenders out of court. It is estimated that one out five soldiers suffer from PTSD and 1 in 6 has an issue with substance abuse.

Tommy got help with all those issues in court. It is the one court where you salute the Judge. It is a mutual sign of respect. There are now as many as 220 Military Treatment Courts in America now across 33 states. The first one was established in 2008. They are all mentored by other Vets and find even housing and rehab treatment centers. The program demands accountability. If the Veteran completes the rehab or treatments the sentence is reduced or forgiven.  Roughly 11,000 Vets are now receiving help through the Veterans Treatment Courts. 98% of Veterans have not been rearrested for crimes. Only now for that 98% do the Veterans feel they have a new beginning in America because now they have jobs and homes and a reason to live again. God Bless America when we finally do right for Americans and our most faithful men and women our Veterans.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Why can’t porn be considered an addiction? For some people, they    can ‘t    get enough of watching it. For women addicted to porn, there are not even any support groups out there to help them sort out their addictions. Why? Women need help too. The business of porn is already a multi-billion dollar business and now there are big investments into virtual reality porn. I can only imaging the impact a new kind of porn will have on the already addicted porn lover. The virtual lover is an avatar who hooks up with people or other avatars in the virtual world. According to Tech Addiction it is already a $97 billion dollar industry.

The desire for porn never went away for Russell Brand either and ruined his marriage to Katy Perry. He chose to play oversexed characters as in his movie called Forgetting Sara Marshall. Russell admits to having to check himself into rehab. Porn addiction is a highly debatable topic where there is as many as 35% of Americans involved and inflicted. Porn is involved in half of all divorces in the United States however porn addiction is not recognized as a clinical condition.  Sex is a natural drive so can we really be addicted to it? Food is a natural hunger drive but it is the obese that abuse the food and hunger drive.  Porn can be a best sex educator but it can also set up some bad expectations that they can get from a partner.

The movie Don Juan explores the problems of porn vs. the real bedroom. Porn addicts try to hide their addictions.  They watch it being up late at night or anywhere they can get a private moment. Quite often a spouse does not even know this is going on. To the addict it can become a second life.  When the spouse finds out they feel a huge sense of disappointment in themselves. What were they doing wrong to make him or her seek and desire others for pleasure? New technology is taking things to a whole new level where partners don’t have to be physically there to have sex.  There is virtual porn software that when paired with a reality headset transforms you to a 3-D world where you are not just watching porn, you are in it.

Brian Shuster is the Founder CEO of Utherverse which your avatar can be completely customized according to date, clothes, age and height right down to your desired sexual skills. It is all captured by using actual porn stars as the actors. There are instances where both partners choose to have a virtual relationship together. There are 17% of women who are sex addicts. Some watch the stuff up to 8 hours a day. Many lead a double life. Women have a hard time seeking help because there is not a place   for them to go.  The only way to turn   around is for someone to see where they are now and not where they have been. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend is near and it just makes you think that you want to get away for a while. Someplace remote and far away. Somewhere that might make you appreciate home when you return but also amazed you and will fill you with a good memory. There aren’t too many places like that left on earth anymore but I found one.  Summer is near and you may see some great fish when you hop into the water but on a journey to the other side of the planet you will see fish that you cannot see anywhere else.  There is a very real underwater water land not offered by Disney. It is offered to us for free by our creator.  It is a mysterious place that is a swarming blue color pallet teaming with the magnificence of a healthy marine life. A place that is untouched and should be also gleaming in our parts of the world if we didn’t ruin it with pollution and over exploration.

The place is called Palau that is a string of 300 tiny islands in the North Pacific Ocean southeast of the Philippines. The tiny island nation is a underwater utopia with the world’s first shark sanctuary. There are gigantic clams in the sand and it is not uncommon to have a 400 pound Napoleon Wrasse fish swim side by side you for the fun of it. They are curious too you know. Palau is also home to a fluke of nature called Jellyfish Lake. You have to hike about 20 minutes to get to the lake where the jellyfish are located.  Take a dip into the lake surrounded by lush trees and vegetation and before you know it you are surrounded by fluff balls of jellyfish that do not sting at all. You suddenly feel like you have emerged into a giant lava lamp.

Jellyfish nation has been caused by the lack of predators in the water that not only caused the jellyfish to multiply but it also has caused them to lose their stinging cells. Evolution works in mysterious ways in this paradise we live on called earth. They look like swirling globes of marshmallow puffs that just move about you in the water. It is so special and so different it is hard to not react with caution out of habit.  The truth is that weather you go to Palau to snorkel at a sunken ship turned barrier reef or scuba dive with the sharks and giant Napoleon fish or swim with the jellyfish, just being in such a clear clean remote place engulfed by the wonder of nature will make you feel like a kid again and be so grateful to be alive

Yes Memorial Day is approaching and weather you have plans for a beer and BBQ in the yard or an exotic adventure to Palau be grateful for whatever you have and preserve it. Take care of it. Paint it or sweep it. Hold her or his hand and tell them something you like about them. Or get as far away as you can reach halfway around the earth and appreciate nature in it rawest most unspoiled form and preserve that too. Make plans to appreciate life.  Your life and the lives of the people,   places and things around you. We only get to take this ride of life once.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Where did all the black fans and baseball players go? Of course it is racist but it is also easy to pick out a group of people based upon their looks. We observe Jackie Robinson day every year in baseball but as we did, there were fewer black people in the stands and on the field than ever.  Is black fathers not bringing their kids to the game? Is it too expensive to go to a game? Where are the new young black athletes?  Blacks and baseball don’t seem to connect anymore and there are startling numbers to prove that statement. According to the Maris Poll for Sports Communication, compared to white respondents, blacks are half than likely to say their community follows baseball and half as likely to say that it is the most popular sport in their town.  What happened and when? Some of my favorite baseball players were black guys.

Why is a black baseball fan an endangered species? When I was growing up the Mets were the thing and in 1986 we won it all with black players like Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Kevin Mitchell and Mookie Wilson. Back then 20% of all Major Leaguers were black guys and back then you could talk to a black guy about last night’s game. Now a black guy says,” What’s   a Met?”  Last year the San Francisco Giants won it all without any black guys on the team.  The closest thing to a person of color in the stands was their mascot which is a bi-racial seal. The team the Giants had to beat, the Saint Lewis Cardinals had no black players either. Where did they all go? We all know that black people are the best athletes in the world.

Saint Lewis is full of black people. You tell me none of them play baseball anymore? The crowds attending games are more than 90% white. Baseball is now about 2 black guys per team and those 2 pore black guys have to pretend they like listening to country music too. Stillman College founded in 1876, is one of the oldest black colleges in America. Every kid there is black except for the 36 white guys on their baseball team? Where did they find 36 white guys at Stillman anyway? Ok they have one black kid and 35 white guys.  At Howard University known as the Harvard of black colleges, they just cancelled the baseball team altogether. They still have volleyball, tennis and even Lacrosse but no baseball.  What is America without baseball and all that work Jackie Robinson did to get black guys in the Major Leagues?

Why? Some people say it is because of money and that baseball is too expensive. Bull crap!  People from the tiny poor third world country called the Dominican Republic play it all the time in the dirt with sticks for bats, diapers for gloves and Haitians for bases and they are great players. You can’t tell me blacks can’t afford baseball when they are all buying Jordan sneakers for $150 per sneaker.   The problem must be the game. You got the white haired white guy announcers and the old organ music.  Every new stadium is being built in an old style to remind you of the 1920’s.  The game is too slow and boring. Last year the Mets played a half inning with no hits and it took more than 20 minutes. This year they already had a 12 hour game that went into another day.

Baseball has a boring attitude. When a guy scores a touchdown in the end zone in football the guy slams the ball down and does something wacky to celebrate. When you score a home run just run the bases as slow and nonchalant as you can in boring baseball.  I blame it all on Fitty Cent when he couldn’t even throw a decent first pitch to a game. Embarrassing! We don’t really need baseball but baseball needs good black players again.  Magic Johnson is a part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and he was a black basketball player and he don’t even have a black team. Little League participation has dropped by 20% since 1995. The World Series viewership is down 50%.  Of the people that watch baseball on TV 5 out of 6 are white and their average age is 53 years old.

Baseball is dying. If only you can find a black father taking his kid to a park and tossing the ball around, maybe there would be hope for blacks in the sport again.  First try to find a black father taking responsibility for their bare assed kids roaming the streets in the middle of the night. The police look to arrest the mother and are lucky to find the 80 year old big Mama raising the kids.  Maybe big Mama should learn how to play the game. Ok, by now you are totally enrages and can’t believe these racist remarks but I must admit that I stole most of them from Chris Rock a comic and Bryant Gumbel a sports reporter who do they happen to be black. Do they play baseball?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

So you got the kid to mind for a few hours. What can you do with an 8 year old kid that won’t give you a heart attack trying to keep up with him? That is why TV was invented. All ages of folks love it. But what can I watch with him that will not all of a sudden turn into a sex scene or some gender issues kissing or too much violence, crying, dirty jokes or begging to go to Disney? A good old baseball game seems safe enough until the players are stuffing tobacco in their checks and start drooling and spitting and then the why questions start. Why do they do that? Why do they want to? Why are they addicted to it? And the big why. Why can’t I do it and they can if it is so bad for them? So now I am asking why too.

There is the late great Tony Gwynn a Hall of Famer who for 20 seasons engaged in the worst of Baseball habits, dipping smokeless tobacco. As he was dying from throat cancer last summer blaming his fate on years from dipping many do feel besides the 8 year old kid that there should be a ban on the cancerous stuff at Baseball games. It turns out that the Players Union is stopping the ban on the stuff. Now I want to know why? It is bad enough that TV cameras can close up on everything a player does during a game even in the dugout, so kids can see every bit of tobacco being shoved in the face. Tony Gwynn was a great role model to kids and even to his own son who is involved in Baseball now. Tony was one of the greatest hitters of all time but he was known for leaving spit cups all over the place even at home. A bad memory for his kid.

When Tony Gwynn Jr. made it to the Major League, her started chewing too. All players have their rituals but in a long boring shut out game sitting in the dugout, you need something to do. Something that is widespread and accepted there. Chewing tobacco has become as much as a ritual at games as Cracker Jacks, the National Anthem or the 7th inning stretch. Bret Butler defends his habit as part of the game. College coaches tell kids they are going to have to learn to chew so they have a reason to spit on an opposing player’s shoes. Sure it is the dirty, messy and down rite gross   not so little secret of baseball. Now I am guilty of letting this 8 year old kid notice chewing tobacco and be interested in it. I thought watching a game was safe TV!!!

Now kids playing little league can get their hands on the stuff and some by age 18 get stage 4 throat and lip cancer.  It can require 34 surgeries to remove lymph nodes, and half his neck muscles and 1/3 of the tongue even with no cancer in his background. If it hits you, it is devastating. Half the people are dead within 5 years. How can we tell someone to stop doing something when it is legal? Baseball bans smoking on the field why not chewing I Tony Clark is the   President of the players union who does not want to discuss this issue. Over the years the habit has dropped about 17% but it is still there and present in baseball. Chewing tobacco is still ten times more used in baseball than the general population.

We should legislate and make the deadly substance unlawful that ruins great players their lives. I wish I could tell the 8 year old kid they were only chewing gum.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

All the power and suspense and glory has been over for months with the March Madness crap. I have been thinking of the way college sports is handled is just as corrupt and unfair to many as the NFL is. College coaches usually earn more money than the college presidents now and most of the college revenue comes in from the efforts of the college athletes. So the kids have to concentrate on an education and be available for every game during the season. They do not get paid for their efforts. Now I find out that the NCAA does not provide long term medical coverage for their athletes who get injured during a game. If a referee falls down and is hurt he gets workman comp. If the guy who sells peanuts falls down and gets hurt in the grandstand, he gets workman comp. All workers are covered except the people doing the most work and bringing in the most money for the college, the players with the highest risk of injury. They are not covered by any medical plan from the universities. Outrageous!

Some athletes are left in comas from injuries suffered during a college game. If they even wake up, they can be classified as learning disabled if they have still sustained a partial injury. They certainly can’t play football again and when they leave college cannot hold a job. The lesson to be learned here is that once you are done with college, college is pretty much done with you and your medical bills pile up being unpaid by anyone even if you went back to the college doctors for treatments. A 25 year old can be stuck with the injuries he sustained and stuck with the medical bills too.  A career ending injury is the start of poverty. The school will help while you are still a student but once you leave for any reason, you are not covered meanwhile you could be suffering from a life changing injury.

Even if you have medical insurance and now under Obama’s Affordable Care Act you have some form of medical insurance, the co-pay costs can bankrupt these already poor injured students. The NCAA always say they are protecting the students by keeping them as amateurs and not as paid employees who could be exploited by an overly aggressive athletic program but it turns out that by not being classified as an employee is perhaps the very thing that puts student athletes at risk because it deprives them a benefit that virtually every other worker is guaranteed by law called worker compensation that pays for all medical bills, including co-pay. In fact there are no co-pays or deductibles.  By not covering the athletes, it is saving the college a fortune.

An Indiana study last year found that college athletes will have chronic injuries by the age of 50 from their over the top workouts and college sports schedule. Are our kids just mules for our enjoyment? That is a rate twice that of non-athletes. A catastrophic injury that a kid can carry for the rest of their life should be tended with and should be compensated for or stop these contact sports altogether. I had a scholarship once to play football for Notre Dame in my youth. I am glad I did not walk on that field and take a chance with my long term health.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pretty boy Tom Brady received a 4 game suspension as a punishment for not keeping his balls full. We are all distraught as fans. That means he gets to stay home in his mansion with his super model sexy wife and just watch the game with his perfect little children. Yeah, life is tough for liars and cheats but that is the definition of the NFL   National Fucking Liars. An organization built on juiced up players who suffer terrible injuries and then spend the rest of their lives drug addicts from an organization that doesn’t play taxes or their cheerleaders.

To many Americans Tom Brady is a national treasure but the new report released on what will forever be called deflate gate doesn’t make him look like the golden boy he still claims to be. He will not admit to any wrongdoing when it is obvious he does not deserve the most recent Super Bowl Win and that he had a big part in having deflated balls. Most men know exactly what is going on with their balls. He didn’t know how soft his balls are? He refuses to discuss his balls. He refuses to even believe that he has a tarnished legacy. Other teams that played fairly deserve the MVP and the win. National Football League investigators released a 243 page report into the deflate gate scandal.

The report said that Brady was at least   ”generally aware of the inappropriate activities” surrounding those now infamous deflated footballs. The report found that minutes before Brady took the field for the AFC Championship game, Patriots employee Jim McNally reportedly carried the game-day balls out of the official’s locker room   to   a bathroom. There is no reason to carry anyone else’s balls to a bathroom. One minute and 40 seconds later he carried the balls to the field. Can you deflate your balls in such a short time? I guess it depends on how pumped up you are.

That trip to the bathroom was a breach in protocol. Later they found the balls to be deflated. Most damaging evidence is the texts sent between McNally and his equipment assistant John Jastremski. The text messages are as follows: Jastremski:  ”Talked to him last night. He actually brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done…” Later McNally called himself “the deflator.” McNally was then talking about being compensated for his work on the balls and said, “Better be surrounded by cash and new kicks.” Tom Brady still says that he would never do anything to break the rules but he will not give his phone to investigators. Why not Tommy boy if you got nothing to hide?

It makes you not want to watch football any more. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Nature has its own way of cleansing the earth. This year on April 27 the earth shook and cleared all the pompous idiots off Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world and said enough. It covered them and all their trash and within minutes had an avalanche that made the mountain pure pristine and white with snow. Many people died. Important executives from big corporations died in the adventure vacation of a lifetime cutting their long lives very short in their efforts to impress. Nature has cleansed the mountain once again. They have now closed the mountain to all exploration.

It is located half a world away in Nepal where large earthquakes have been happening. It is a place where mountain climbers come from all over the world to get their rush at the top of the world. The world’s tallest peak was once considered one of the world’s most difficult endeavors. Fewer then ever thought the assent was even possible but in recent years more and more people have spent lots of money to make the journey possible. It has now become a bucket list item for a certain kind of affluent traveler. As a result, the number of people with little or no climbing experience has increased. The only way any of those climbers can get even close to the summit is literally and figuratively on the backs of the local Sherpas, mountain people of Nepal.

The Sherpas are the people that carry everything up that mountain for the climbers and are experienced climbers themselves with cargo now and with rich people, there are a lot of non-essential items to carry. That creates a tremendous risk to the Sherpas. Every past spring hundreds of tourists arrived from the west chasing a dream to stand atop the world. There were lines of hundreds of people making the climb every day but none of them could make the climb without the assistance of an experienced Sherpa. I could care less about the deaths of the big shots on the big mountain. I feel sorrow for the hard working underpaid Sherpas who made the climb safely every day until the avalanche was too much for most to survive.
In an avalanche bodies in that line will be buried on top of each other. The job of a Sherpa is now considered the most dangerous job on earth because of the amount of people getting instant death from falling or avalanches. So many died in April that they closed the mountain to all climbers this season.  The people used to live on the mountain and some men would walk for 26 hours at a time. They were the most remote community on the planet and were exploited by rich people paying them little to carry on their backs chairs and tables and fine wines to the summit. The mountain was covered literally with trash and discarded used items. Many rich people wouldn’t even make the trip back down the mountain but be airlifted off leaving all supplies and trash.

The Sherpas were living on the mountain for almost 100 years but it seemed that almost overnight that tourism companies were arriving from the west offering the Sherpas money to assist them in their quest to the top. With pay as much as $5,000 per year the people would pitch tents, haul mattresses,  prepare meals, whatever the westerners would need or simply not want to do for themselves.   Companies like Alpine Assents from Seattle have made lots of money on the backs of the Sherpas. Climbing the mountain is a risk to anyone but the risk to them came first   Once   the big shots died, they decided to leave the mountain alone. Nature has won yet again and put pompous humans back in their place. Standing at the top of the world was once the ultimate selfie.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

She is big, busty, black and bossy and quite successful. Wendy Williams is a daytime talk show host. She will comment on every celebrity with nothing held back doesn’t hang out with any celebrities and is happy to claim to be a devoted wife and   Mom to her son living in a suburban New Jersey neighborhood. She is TV’s anti-celebrity celebrity. Somehow she has maintained her show for 6 seasons and is one of the most successful talk show hosts on daytime TV. She admits a shameful love of wigs and will adjust them openly on air and her over the top sometimes gaudy sense of style she gets people to watch her brand of shamefulness.

Her ratings this year are higher than ever. She is the unlikely survivor in the fickle world of daytime talk. At age 50 she is thriving as a single host while others like Queen Latifa, Anderson Cooper and Bethany Frankel all have failed. No celebrity is too big or too small when she sits down with her cup of tea to gossip in her segment called Hot Topics. For example, when discussing Bruce Jenner’s decision to become a woman she had the courage to comment, “I feel duped because he has become the same fame whore that the rest of that family has been.”  I like her because she has the balls to say stuff that few others say. That must be the not so secret, secret to her success.

If and when celebrity publicists call to complain, she keeps them away from her and doesn’t even want to know about it. She makes her staff deal with them but does that just put her in her own jaded little world? She is happy to admit that she has no celebrity friends in her telephone. She has no need to be out to lunch with a group of celebrity girls. Sure, how is she going to gossip about them openly on TV if she is friends with anyone?  She got her start as a shock jock radio DJ. Now she sits atop a fast growing multi-million media empire that includes a production company, best-selling books, a clothing line and even comedy shows but she is happy to keep it simple in the suburbs of New Jersey.

She is happy to describe herself as being a little tacky but lovable. Once she was in tears on the show saying that her son doesn’t love her anymore and that is the way she is. Wendy Williams speaks without filter or pretense. She will catch a kiss from her screaming audience and tell them that she just put it under her wig.  Who would say something like that? Only Wendy Williams.  She was banned from radio broadcasts in 1998 after making accusations about Sean Combs. In 2003 Wendy, a former cocaine user herself pressed Whitney Houston about her cocaine admissions in an on air fight.  Despite her bumpy past, Whitney says she has no regrets. She is living her dreams in her own unique way and taking her brand of style all the way to the bank. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

 Has any of you really done it? Be completely alone? I didn’t say be lonely but be at peace with yourself and be alone. There is someone who found a place where it is even possible to be completely alone and it does involve severe weather where most people would avoid but I think it is nice and would be a great adventure. It would be winter in southwestern Wyoming.  The man lucky enough to be completely alone for winters is Steve Fuller, the winter Groundskeeper at Yellowstone National Park.

He gets to see an extraordinary landscape covered in white snow all winter all by himself. The elk and herds of bison come out in winter and take over where campers lived all summer. To understand Steve Fuller’s passion for solitude, you have to understand his job. He is the winter caretaker of Yellowstone National Park. He is one of just a handful of workers who remain in the acres of wilderness after the summer tourists have gone and the park is closed. The lodge is deserted and everything touristy is bordered up and packed away for a long snowy winter.  He gets to be snowed in till one day he gets plowed out. It takes 2 hours by snow coach to get to him deep in the park. His job is not by the calendar or by the clock. He works with Mother Nature and when it is kind he gets to survey damage to buildings and clear roofs of heavy snow and find roads again that are now invisible.

The Parks Department provides him a cabin on a hill with enough food to last a winter and the lights in his cabin are the only lights for miles. In the cabin the walls are lined with books. He prefers a good book to any TV show and doesn’t own a television.  At night the temperatures can dip to 20 degrees below but he has never been cold. He does have 2 cats to keep him busy but is never lonely. What value can you place on solitude? He finds it an opportunity for self- knowledge and reflection.  Most Yellowstone winter keepers last only a few seasons before they quit. Steve has stuck out this solitary existence for 42 years, ever since the winter of 1973.
At the time he was the only applicant and therefore got the job. He was paid $13.25 per day. Even the meager pay did not deter him. He raised a family there by homeschooling his 2 daughters and taught them the ways of nature. They have gone to live their own lives as well as his wife leaving him. He fits best staying put with nature. Is her a hermit or an eccentric? I don’t know but somehow I envy his life.  In an elevation of more than 7,000 feet, transition from summer to winter can be fast so he is always busy.  In a matter of days with a good storm there are no roads and no parking lots visible to the naked eye. He erects markers to see what is below feet of snow.

He maintains about 100 buildings for the winter. He in his seventies will saw off sections of roof snow and watch it all avalanche off a roof. He has a method and a science to his work now. It is not all work. Every winter he captures the winter’s crystals of ice in the sun with his camera. His photos are breathtaking examples of what our earth should look like devoid of angry never happy people never at peace with anyone and never at peace with themselves.  I think he has the best of live sometimes. All of the steam and moisture there becomes super cooled so anytime they touch something they flash freeze. Frost and ice crystals are light catchers like jewels. National Geographic Magazine has featured some of his photographs.

About 3 Million people visit Yellowstone National Park each year. Now in spring the great primate migration is descending on the park again as he describes it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sometimes I think the human race is determined to ruin just about anything they can get their hands on. All we do on earth is constantly kill each other. We polluted the oceans before we even explored the depth of them and now we are on a mission to pollute space. There was a scene in the Sandra Bullock space movie where they encountered a assault on them from a blown up satellite. That is true and there is much broken parts just orbiting the earth. Now the Air Force has to defend the satellites in space not from little green aliens. That would make sense but from other humans here on earth. I say keep war out of space and continue to bash each other’s heads in here in the dirt.

There are satellites that warn us of long range missile attacks. You would think that anything some 20 thousand miles from earth would be safe from attack. Deep space is no longer the sanctuary it once was.  2 years ago the Chinese tested a satellite that went higher than previously ever looked at. The Secure World Foundation supports the peaceful use of space and keeps tract of everything that is shot into it. In 2007 a missile hit a satellite and created debris. In May 2013 a satellite was sent into new heights never used before. It was shot by China.  The International Space Station orbits at about 200 miles from earth. The GPS Satellites orbit at 12,000 miles from earth but the Chinese satellite orbits at 18,600 miles away from the earth giving it a vantage point over everything else. Men always boast about who has the longest measuring stick.

Now America has stored some of our most valuable missile warning sensors and top secret communication devices that serve as our eyes and ears in time of war.  You would assume that something so far away from earth would be safe from attack however China has satellites also even in the highest of orbits.   They are all juicy targets because they are very expensive satellites that have a lot of capability packed onto each one.  A spokesman from China’s Foreign Ministry admitted to testing an anti-satellite weapon in 2007 but China has denied conducting subsequent tests and told us that it is committed to the peaceful use of outer space. They said the 2013 launch into space was simply a science experiment.

America has concluded that the satellite “science experiment” was fired by a military Launchpad in China. It is expected that within the next to 5-10 years that China will likely be able to hold at risk all of the United States Satellites in every orbit. It is a wonderful way to say thank you for our free GPS!!!! NOT! China’s might is growing on earth and in the skies.  Our Air Force Space Command is now working on a way to make our satellites more maneuverable to avoid attack.  The United States is building a new radar system that will enable the Operation Center to track down everything orbiting in space as small as a softball.  The US is deploying 2 satellites in the highest orbit to keep watch on what other countries are up to now.

Now we have satellites watching other satellites. Usually spy information was always top secret but now the United States wants other countries to know that we are watching them hopefully to act as a deterrent from them trying to ever destroy our work in space. The Pentagon plans to spend an additional $5billion dollars over the next 5 years to protect its satellites. A great threat to our satellites would be a Lazar, jamming capabilities or an anti-satellite weapon. Both China and Russia are working on such space weapons. When will the insanity of war and war threats ever end? 

Monday, May 11, 2015

We worry about all the war and destruction on earth and then we also must worry about   war in our skies. Why must there always be a threat somewhere? Without even noticing much of our daily activities depend on satellites in space and for our Military, even war depends on things in space.  Satellites are used to communicate with troops, gather intelligence, fly drones and target other weapons. We have arrived in the Star Wars Era. Now we have to worry about how safe are our satellites in space. China in particular has been testing anti-satellite weapons that could break our eyes and ears in space. It would cripple our society in general.

No one wants a war in space but we must protect our work there orbiting the planet. There is a branch of the Air Force called Space Command that is our watch dog in space. You have never heard of Space Command because none of its activity takes place here on earth. In Albuquerque, New Mexico there is The Starfire Optical Range which is a research center that becomes very much alive at night. The roof opens and the outer layer of the building retracts and a object that could be part of the Star Wars Movie appears.  It shoots a high power Lazar into the sky that has a high power telescope in it so the Air Force can get a better look   to   space.

Remotely powered aircraft and   most   weather related information did not exist before space exploration.  Now we can attack any target on the planet at any time in any weather thanks to our space communication. Without our satellites we would go back to industrial age warfare as seen in World War II.  So keep feeding those pigeons in case we need them to put paper messages around their ankles and set them in a direction. No, we have to realize that U.S. Satellites are no longer safe from attacks. 11 countries including Iran and North Korea now have the ability to launch objects into orbit. Russia and China have been testing new anti satellite   weapons.

If we are threatened in space we have the right to protect ourselves. Space Command is not NASA. It has 38,000 Airmen and 134 locations around the world. One of their most important missions is to make sure that satellites can get into space like the Launchpad in Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.  The United States has more satellites in space than any other nation; over 500 and counting. More than 30 Military and civilian launches will take place this year from space command centers in Florida and California. The Pentagon reports that it spends more than $10Billion dollars per year per base. The price of technology is costly. It could be as much as $25Billion dollars per year if you add on the cost of spy satellites and other classified spending. That is more money being spent on NASA and any other space program in the world.

America provides free to the world our GPS Satellite technology. The United States has 31 active GPS Satellites in orbit working now. A lot more than cell phones and smart bombs depend on them. Your bank AT Ms, Cell Phone Towers and Power Grids use those signals. Farmers use GPS to work their fields. Most of the world relies on our GPS Technology yet they are not grateful and we feel the need to protect them. It takes 8 people to direct them and some of our directors are as young as 19 years old. Yes, our youngsters who were brought up on sci-fi games are some of our brightest assets today in space.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

It is Mother’s Day and it is about time someone recognized the women that gave us life. According to History.com, Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis of West Virginia in 1908. It soon became so commercial that Jarvis spent the rest of her life trying to remove it from the calendar. Well it has become a bit commercial with restaurants catering to special menu’s and flower companies having lots of business. Chocolate companies do well too as well as spa and self-care gift cards being sold. It is all about looking at Ma and saying she is a good woman who always wants the best for her children no matter what sacrifice or what cost to her. It is a popular time to give back.

It seems that a mother will do almost anything for her child most recently seen among the tragic destruction of a poor Baltimore city in chaos. There was one video of a women rushing through the debris and crowds of people dodging herself from things being thrown around to find her teenage son and bitch slap the black off of him and make him stop participation in the riots to go home . It was a disturbing sight on many levels but it did make a nation stop and watch and bond as parents do and all agree that family and humanity counts. Moms have crazy courage that way when it comes to their children.  The scene was funny and it was also sad but no one disagreed with her decision.

All women or prospective Moms need to be respected. Being born a girl means you have a body that is curvaceous and beautiful but built to provide children. Women have mood swings, PMS, bleeding every month, breasts built to hold milk just large enough for a tiny baby’s arm to hold while sucking on the perfect size nipple to receive the best nutrition at the perfect temperature. Women are amazing.  Yet the most perfect of Moms do not receive any social security funds for the years they stay home raising a family. The workplace considers those years not working as lost years putting a woman back in line for good jobs. Yes, having a child these days requires much sacrifice for women. They are not even compensated for their pain and suffering during childbirth. Most women are sent home with their newborns that need constant care while they themselves are not healed and continue to bleed.

In parts of the world there is a drop of newborns. Yes Moms are becoming scarce. On the Italian island of Sardinia   the number of babies being delivered annually has dropped by 70%. Babies are increasingly rare in Italy. In 2014 there were fewer babies born in Italy than any other time since 1861. Now women there seek education and employment first before families if at all. Quite often a woman is 40 years old before she can afford a home for a family. Then a family would probably be only one child. No one wants to raise many children in poverty which is a true sentiment spreading across most of the developed world.   The birthrate in Russia and Europe and America is already below the replacement rate of about 2 children per couple. In Italy one quarter of all women have no children at all.

It is partly because of a system that gives women no support. More than 50% of Italian women are in the workforce outside their home and yet there is no affordable daycare services, no school meals and no after school programs. They are trapped into a situation of “only” being housewives that earn them no money.  Young women have dreams of college and a good career, not husbands or children now. They are giving up the dream of having it all because they realize they can ‘t do it all. The days of the big families with 10 children are gone. So, the answer now is to cherish any new Mom willing to become a Mom.   

Saturday, May 9, 2015

What is wrong with young handsome smart guys at college that think they need to rape girls? We need to call the National Guard on their fraternities against their racism forget about landing in Baltimore. College fraternities are mecca for sexist and rapist activities.  Why don’t we change the rules? From now on have fraternities to allow women and a diverse group of different races and ethnic groups. Make it so much a melting pot of people that you would feel awkward making fun of any   

So boys with a diverse group in your fraternity you will not be needing your beer funnels and ass paddles and cross sticks and your big red drinking cups and leave the fraternity if you still want to be an asshole. For now on if you want to live with 40 other guys and hold secret homo-erotic ceremonies, you are going to have to join the seminary. They will never let women be Catholic priests. It is so strange that college campuses is  where political correctness is so stringently enforced and yet stuck in the middle of all that good is disgusting frat houses. These little Vatican places of depravity that seem to enjoy diplomatic immunity from the rest of civilization. There was a time when fraternities fit in society as a whole but that day is long gone.

In 1978 the movie Animal House came out and has become a frat house Bible. In that movie a guy is considering having sex with a flat out cold high school girl and it was something for 20 years we all considered hilarious until real guys did it to real girls and got thumbs up likes on Facebook for having the most outrageous party.  Fantasy became an ugly reality.  The movie Revenge of the Nerds made in 1982 has a scene where they break into a sorority and they   install cameras so they can watch the girls take showers and we all laugh but recently Penn State’s Kappa Delta Roe Fraternity was caught doing the same stunt but this time no one is laughing.

Institutions that go out of their way to have no women around it always leads to abuse and rape. The women that are found raped   lying in ditches are usually one night stands like prostitutes or girls you pick up at bars. Liquor is always involved.  All men only golf clubs and social clubs usually disrespect women and regard them as sexual subjects. No one would violate someone they know and respect. Women’s abuse aside, every year fraternities kill someone during their initiation rituals. Since 1970 there has been at least one hazing death every year as prospective frat students have to go through alcohol poising, sleep deprivation, water boarding, being dressed in diapers, buried in trash, force fed cat food or any other humiliation and disrespect for human life.

A cult is a cult and that is what a fraternity is. It is a place where they strip you of your personality and rebuild you In their image much like any terrorist organization. When a girl says she is dating a frat guy, no one asks what he is like. We know and wish her luck.  Why would any guy want to live with a bunch of guys in a fraternity when you finally had the freedom to live with anyone you wanted to like women?  Well they say that fraternities are a tradition. The Bible in the old testaments would suggest sacrificing even your own children to God but we don’t do that. If you think tradition is a good enough reason to paint your face, degrade women, drink yourself sick, or if you think a good place for a bottle rocket is your ass, then maybe college isn’t good for you anyway.

Of all the bad things fraternities do, the absolute worst is that they take young people at the exact time when they should be learning to be individuals and turn them into insensitive animals doing crimes to humanity following group thinkers who are thinking about all the wrong things. There are a number of republican candidates who all agree that they should be in control of a woman’s vagina.  Sounds like a group of frat boys to me.