Thursday, December 13, 2018


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Enough is enough! This monstrous idiotic Trump and his evil dictator selfish counterparts MUST be stopped with all this weaponry at the ready to kill us all.  Our climate must be preserved. Our ice caps must be restored so that methane gas released will not kill us all. There are highly intelligent well  schooled climatologists, bacteriologists, physicists,  graphologists, Nobel Prize Winners, all who did all the numbers, did the math predicted our daily decline unless the human race does something every day to try to save this planet. Their conclusions ARE consistent. Our globe is warming. Our marine life is confused. Our coral is dying. Our oceans are rising and heating up. Our hurricanes, tornadoes and forest fires are out of control. We are all witnessing the extreme. America deserved better leadership. Trump is the ONLY WORLD LEADER who REFUSED to comply with steps to save the earth. No matter how humanity will end from pandemic disease, malaria, contaminated water ruining our crops, ruining our fortification, nuclear destruction, We are here and now in the eventuality of humans disregarding human life. Sure we can spend billions of dollars on going to Mars, the Moon and vacation trips to outer space. We can spend billions on so called safe communities deep into the earth but none of that money wasted preserves the already extinct  species gone or in rejuvenating all the life we sustain on here on this beautiful earth made somehow just for us.   
With all our great intelligence we are being very stupid now. Alligators have survived 200 million years with the brain the size of a walnut but humans   at the top of the food chain are going to destroy us all? Yes, people have been predicting the end of the world for thousands of years. Must we make it really happen in our generation? The holidays must be brought back to mean something more than just buying gifts for each other. Each and every one of us must strive to do more to give each other the gift of life and sustainability and a safe clean disease free future any way we can even if we can’t control that easily our bold forceful evil leaders who selfishly care for nothing but their own personal wealth and so called preservation no matter what.
Give the easiest gift of all CARE ABOUT SOMETHING!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

America's Authoritarian

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We just saw a clear example of our President trying desperately to protect his strength by threatening to close down the government if he doesn’t get his way. We saw him demonizing his enemies in the Oval Office by insulting our highest Democratic   leaders and we are witnessing him dismantling our institutions that are there to protect our environment and safety. Donald Trump is a classic authoritarian.
He loves the other authoritarian leaders popping up across the globe who also like to appear to be strong leaders by having lavish military parades that he wanted tax payers to pay for in America. He is happy to deaminize immigrants blanketing calling them all criminals. He has twitter feuds with just about anyone who dares to analyze his erratic behavior. Trump praises evil Dictators like Duarte who kills folks on the streets who might   be doing drugs with no judge or jury. Trump tweeted a slogan that Mussolini used that said, “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep” Very much like Hitler’s mantra.
I guess he thinks Mussolini is just an Italian sheep. Trump won and is still running as an unapologetic strong man and his supporters love it. They all have photos on their social media pages posing with weapons, their monster trucks in the background and disrespectfully draping their walls and clothing in the American flag that only belongs to be flowing high and proud on a flag pole or draped over the coffin of a dead soldier. Luckily he has NOT succeeded in ruining everything that America stands for yet.
He has NOT managed to shut down the Mueller Investigation that is trying to protect America’s voting that will not be corrupted by foreign powers. He   has NOT been able to end birthright citizenship yet. He has NOT been able to ban the free American press from the White House although he has tried to do so. He has tried to alter the American Way by hiring our Justice Department   leader based on loyalty to him. He has appointed two justices to the Supreme Court based on loyalty to him. He has fired judges, FBI and CIA officials based on loyalty to him. Yes, our democracy and democracies globally are in danger of extinction by authoritarian men ruling successfully globally oppressing and controlling innocent people robbing them of their rights.
The scales of justice shows a blindfolded lady holding up a scale. The image means that she is blindfolded to discrimination and will put on the scale all the pieces of evidence to have a just and fair outcome. There is NO justice with an authoritarian leader. It is just their way and some of them represent the largest countries on the planet.  Right NOW Russia, China, the Philippines, Venezuela, Brazil, North Korea, Turkey, Hungary and Italy have authoritarian leaders. Our Constitution is the   only thing holding Trump back. We must never have a leader who threatens his own people with jail, torture, putting political opponents into exile, destroying the free press and encouraging a civil war over a border wall.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Beauty of Balsamic

What does it mean to be Italian? It means to care, be patient, and have discriminating taste where nothing but the best can be acceptable and to expect beauty in fashion, engineering, food and in craftsmanship. You can see it all in Modena Italy where they make the finest cars and black gold, balsamic vinegar. The very special vinegar begins at the vineyard. It is the skin of the grape that gives wine its color and vinegar the texture. Italians make good lovers because they are patient and savor every moment together. A good balsamic grape vinegar will take 25 years to be worthy of consumption.
Image result for modena italyThe Northern Italian city is called the home of black gold because some of the most expensive vinegars are stored and produced there. They also make great cars there too. Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati are at home there. Balsamic vinegar can be so expensive that at one time it was only given as a gift to royalty. The making of the very special vinegar is a family affair that goes back to many generations just to make something that is ready to consume today.

Image result for modena italyThe grapes are heated for 24 hours and then put in giant vats for at least two years. As it reduces in a process called trivazzo, it is poured into increasingly smaller barrels made of various woods like ash and chestnut all of which give the liquid different flavoring. There is a balsamic that has been aging for 100 years and retails for more than $1,000. Many generations of families take care of the product and are patient for the best results.
Balsamic is so important to the city that there is a giant sculpture of a drop of it sitting in the middle of a traffic circle there. Yes you can buy some balsamic for 5 or 10 dollars at the supermarket but you can also buy a Fiat for a lot less than a Ferrari, Lamborghini and a Maserati. The vinegar is more than just a food. It is Italian. A long laborious very special product worth waiting for.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Sexism in Sports must Stop

The double standard must end with the different ways women and men are treated in the world of professional tennis. Most recently is the way the best woman in tennis was treated in losing her ranking because she had a baby and Serena being fined $17,000 for defending herself from accusations from a line judge at the most important tournament of her present career, the U.S. Open Championship final match loss.  There has been discrimination faced by American women champions in tennis that no man has ever endured. It all must stop and stop now!
Image result for sexism in sportsThe fact is that Roger Federer yelled at a judge during the 2009 finals saying, “don’t fucking talk to me” and he wasn’t fined anything. Jimmy Connors called an official, “an abortion” during a match in 1991 and wasn’t fined anything.  None of those matches were even as important as Serena’s title match that her win was taken away from her ruining her impeccable career status. John McEnroe was more famous for his insulting antics on the court than even his tennis abilities who also got away with all his emotional outbursts.
Serena Williams is one of America’s biggest superstar athletes of all time and she has been disrespected for her sex and Serena’s   on court performance like no other tennis athlete has been. Her discrimination even out shadows the discrimination tennis champion Billie Jean King had to endure in the 1970’s during her prowess in tennis.  Billy said, “When women react adversely to a heated professional situation, far too often, we’re labeled hysterical. That must stop. Tennis is a game, but for Williams and Osaka who was handed the win, it’s also their job, their life’s work.”
The first violation came from the umpire who accused her of getting illegal coaching during the match meanwhile all she did was look at her husband and coach in the stand who made some encouraging gesture. Serena said that she would rather lose than   cheat. Serena has participated in thousands of professional matches and never cheated. The second violation was for smashing her racket on the floor. Other men smash their rackets all the time and never get fined. Her third violation was imposed after she accused the umpire of being a thief and taking her win away. That made here lose the point and ultimately lose the game and ultimately lose the U.S. Open Championship.
The umpire awarded the game to Osaka citing a verbal abuse call. And then each violation came with a fine. $4,000 for the coaching violation, $3,000 for smashing her racket and $10,000 for verbal abuse towards the umpire. The total $17,000 violation fine is outrageous and Serena said that she was being attacked for being a woman. This harsh sentence is reeking with sexism. It is also sexist that men can have all the children they want and never lose their ranking for it but when Serena took time off to have her baby she was ranked Number ONE in the world. After giving birth her ranking dropped to 453. No woman should ever be penalized for having a baby. Despite her ranking loss in 2017 she has won every match and restored her rank to 16 in the world. Her deserved win at the U.S. Open would have brought her closer to   being the number one ranked tennis player in the world which she is and belongs.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Give the Gift of Civility

Related imageThe best gift we could give each other is the gift of becoming good citizens. In many schools they don’t even teach Civics anymore. Civility is being lost in this all so present divided country. Civics is the study of how to be a good citizen. Many citizens don’t even know how government works. Many don’t even know that the Capitol is part of the Legislative Branch, the Supreme Court is part of the Judicial Branch and the White House is part of the Executive Branch. People don’t even know that there are three branches to our government. The great divide inn our country is because people are uneducated and just take a loudmouth side.
Only 25% of Americans can name the three branches of government. 10% even believe that Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court. So instead of just letting you and your kids play Grand Theft Auto video games or watch FOX News daily, go to Icivics where you can play video games teaching you how to navigate OUR government. On the site called icivics. Org you can play the popular game called Win The White House where possibly you can win the Presidency without insulting and name calling everyone in your path. Have you and your kids learn the laws of this country and play the game called Do I Have A Right? Maybe with knowledge we could have better discussions and less discord among this now divided America.
In that game you learn about the Amendments to the Constitution. It is time that we the people run our government and not just wealthy guys chasing evil Dictatorships for personal wealth. We need to learn how to be civil towards each other. Can we go back to just agreeing to disagree on any topic without being shot at or being threatened to do or have horrible things done to our private parts? We need Civics!
Looking at Trump’s twitter posts is a lesson in how he doesn’t know how to be civil towards anyone. Should we be thanking Trump for constantly giving us such an outrageous example of how one shouldn’t be towards anyone? Yeah Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln are dead and the Revolutionary War was a century ago but what it all stood for should never be dead. Our democracy can survive the rise of dictators if we just relearn what this country is all about. Collusion, Obstruction of Justice, Treason, the 25th Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, freedom of speech environmental laws, inflation, taxes, lobbyists, political campaign contributions by the NRA, gun manufacturers, prescription medical companies, Congress voting on great perks in salaries and benefits just for them can all be curbed by we the people if we vote, participate in lawmaking and just caring instead of just following the shouting mobs.Give the gift of knowledge and civility this season.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The end of Ethics and Morality

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Apparently ethics just don’t exist in the world anymore. Ethics is the motivation of right vs. wrong and a quest for moral values. So what is morality? Is it morally correct for TV commercials showing women leaving their Thanksgiving Dinner and their friends and family at the table to run off to a sale at some store because now they are open for business during dinner time on the only American holiday that spreads family values and togetherness? That looks ethically wrong to me. Is it correct that a scientist from China is now boasting that he was able to alter the genes on humans and now there is a child out there that is resistant to a certain disease? Is that ethically correct that we can and have created a master race of humans?
There is also cloning that is ethically correct now that even a famous Polo player has a barn full of his favorite horse cloned by 15 all with the exceptional ability at the sport. Soon will we clone the favorite child? Or worse yet can evil   Dictators clone themselves with altered genes so that there could be a Trump, Putin or Assad always around forever? It all sounds ethically wrong and quite frightening to me worse than the fictional favorite Halloween story of Frankenstein everyone is always intrigued about.
The author of the famous book was first listed as anonymous   because in 1818 women were discriminated in soo many ways that men wouldn’t even give the ladies credit for any sort of thinking. At least that has changed for the better to be ethically and morally correct. SHE wrote the Frankenstein story about the mad scientist who created the monster like man who became his own doom. Two centuries ago a young woman who was 18 years old warned us about all the Frankenstein’s that are now being created without any ethical or moral challenges. She is Mary Shelley and her handwritten manuscript is housed in Oxford University’s Library in England.
The original published copies of HER story was just 500 copies that have now blown up to many promotions in many ways of her classic story. She wrote it while being in a large house on a scary stormy night. If the weather wasn’t so bad, we probably wouldn’t have the story of Frankenstein to warn us NOT to mess with our creator’s intentions. But here we are, two centuries later doing the moral and ethical disaster in plain sight. Do you care?
Her story of the manmade monster turned into murderer has been translated into many languages, shown in many movies and adapted stage plays so by now everyone in the world knows the story. There are comic books and even the famous song called the Monster Mash always enjoyed on Halloween. A perk of the story was that the monster was often misunderstood just like the famous story of Beauty and the Beast where the monstrous bestial men were really sensitive guys just looking for love. There is always a woman to love a bestial man even the criminal men in prisons have wives.
We must not forget that Frankenstein is the name of the evil unethical and morally devoid scientist who created the sensitive creature longing to belong in society. Fiction now has become the new sad fact. Life as we know it has been changes forever now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

An American Holiday of Thanksgiving

It is never too late to be thankful about something.  Be thankful no one chopped your head off for doing your job like they do to journalists in Saudi Arabia and ISIS  Be thankful that you did not get killed by a spray of bullets coming from strangers you never met trying to kill you. Take a deep breath and be thankful that you are still alive able to  eat all that great food soon and even if you don't have plans to eat the turkey with all the trimmings or meet people you haven’t seen in a while, shut up and find something to be thankful for.

Related imageNearly a quarter of Americans eat turkey only around Thanksgiving time.  Maybe because they come from cultures that just don’t eat the bird or were too busy working some retail selling job to even have the time to cook the bird. There are still people who want to go back to basics and are willing to change their lifestyles in order to do it. There are communities being developed where 85% of the food they eat are grown within five miles of their community. There are organic farms within their backyards. The development called Serenbe is located south of Atlanta and can have small homes as well as 5 bedroom homes with the farm within sight of their windows.
The community has more than 200 homes and is growing. The big draw is not swim, tennis or golf but fresh vegetables from a real working farm with chickens and livestock for real fresh meats and poultry. The farm is cared for by professional farmers. The farm is at the center of a 60 acre community where the road signs say be careful of our four legged moving lawn ornaments or beware of children at play.  The owner of the land grew up on a farm and made his wealth by eventually owning 30 restaurants and bought the sprawling farmland and tried to preserve it. There are walking trails and horse stables nearby for all to use. The 25 acres at the center of it all is set aside for agriculture and they are thankful for the abundance of seasonal food it provides at great prices.

The first 20 lots were sold within 48 hours. The next group were sold within six weeks. So, it is obvious that there is now a marked demand for people wanting to somehow to get back to basics and get away from the boxed foods sold at supermarkets full of preservatives, salt and sugar. There are people who wish to get away from all the fast food corporate foods full of trans- fats and calories giving all of us horrible diseases like diabetes and heart disease. A lifestyle change can be the answer to the health crisis in America. Our doctors fill us with prescription drugs and few other alternatives. Be thankful that there is still hope for better futures out there and safe healthy communities full of educated consumers that want to put their money in safe healthy places. 

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Now there are hundreds of Agrahoods popping up in places all over America. The Cannery near Sacramento has a seven acre farm in the middle of their community. Prairie Crossing outside Chicago is anchored by a hundred acre farm. Willowsford is just outside Washington D.C. that has 300 acres set aside for a fruit orchard chickens and goats. Agrahoods already have become luxury living. The average home can be $700,000 dollars that can be 5 times more than other homes in the area. The farmers have a kinship with the children who often choose to help out and pick their own food for dinner. The people share the recipes they chose to cook the vegetables with the farmers and all have a feeling of self- worth and   pure happiness.
Fine, if you live in a small apartment in a big city you can still eat healthy and most of all enjoy a truly American Holiday of Thanksgiving which is a beautiful representation of the people of America. 


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Speculation has taken over History

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If I learned anything so far in life it is that stupidity is on the rise. Now that pot smoking is legal in many states more likely when a cop stops you in your car and you have been smoking pot asks you for your license, you tell him that it is right there on the car bumper. Stupidity is on the rise because people believe what they see and not what they learn. Trump supporters are stupid because they believe everything they see him say and not what they have learned.  There are people that believe that the earth is flat because that is all they see as far with their naked eye and not what scientists learned.
There was a time when smart people were respected and got paid well for their time to get educated. Now football coaches at colleges get paid more than professors. People trust You Tube videos that anyone can post more than proven theories written in books. When did it happen? When did knowledgeable educated folks who can even write simple sentences in good spelling and grammar become the ones to be attacked? Can we blame it all on Trump who consistently hires incompetent unskilled people to top positions in our government based on his own narcissist loyalty?
This way of thinking is something new. People have this idea now that if it is not part of their direct experience, that it didn’t occur or never happened. History is being tossed aside in favor of speculation. People have lost faith in experts. There is a reverse snobbery developing. If you have advanced degrees from respected institutions now you are branded as a liar. It has happened to Obama, Michelle, Hillary and scores of fired judges and experts at the CIA and FBI by ignorant pompous Trump. For those of you who care, there is a book   out called The Death of Expertise that explores the campaign against established knowledge and why it matters. The author is Tom Nichols who won Jeopardy five times and he is a National security expert who teaches at Harvard University at the Division of Continuing Education.
Often time’s young people will say that the internet is a giant library. That is wrong. The internet is a big dumpster of whatever crap anyone wants to share. There is no guarantee that anything you find on the internet is true.  Liars like Trump likes to call anything that is unflattering to him personally fake news. He likes to call any reporter who dares to point out his fallacies, the enemy of the people. He likes to banish reporters from the American people’s tax paid White House. When it comes to knowledge the democratic approach is not good. Facts are facts and they can’t be changed according to public opinion or as in Trump’s case. His opinion or nothing else.
We can’t decide on how things are happening in a vacuum by simply voting on it. Climate change is real and it must be taken seriously as storms and fires are consuming this country daily. This week Trump sadly said that leaves should be raked up in forests to prevent fires. His ignorance is astounding on so many subjects.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Trump Declares that he is a Nationalist

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There are two dichotomous definitions of nationalism — one being patriotism, and the other being globalism with an emphasis on state sovereignty. President Trump recently called himself a nationalist and claimed to be aligned with the first definition, but in doing so, he disregarded all the contexts that define the word “nationalism” in today’s political discourse.

Nationalism was a tool used for the unification of Germany that led to the start of World War II. It was continually used throughout the war as justification and eventually led to the tragedies of the Holocaust.

Groups like the Ku Klux Klan have rebranded themselves as white nationalists. This repulsive movement reared its ugly head in last year’s deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Many people at the rally described themselves as Nazis, and Trump responded to these rallies by famously stating that there were “very fine people” on both sides, implying that the Nazi sympathizer group included some “fine people.”

A year after the Charlottesville rally, Trump took to Twitter, claiming to “condemn all types of racism and acts of violence.” But many questioned the motive behind the tweet, as a “Unite the Right” rally was expected to take place in D.C. that day.

How can Trump label himself a nationalist when the term has repeatedly been used to justify hate and bigotry?

Recently 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh fell victim to a shooter who reportedly frequented white nationalist websites, according to The New York Times. Yet Trump continually refuses to backtrack and admit that calling himself a nationalist does not have the same connotation as calling himself a patriot.

Could it simply be that Trump refuses to admit that he is wrong, or perhaps that he enjoys the attention? Or has he doubled down on his “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan that has emboldened individuals and groups to take the concept of American exceptionalism to an extreme level?

Trump’s inability to act presidential in the wake of tragedy will undoubtedly swing many purple districts blue. It will certainly solidify his supporters in their convictions. Is this what Trump wants? Do those who still support him also support nationalism? After years and years of nationalism supplementing racism and xenophobia, one has to question the intent and motivations behind those who still support Trump.

Disregarding the connotation that the word “nationalism” has taken on throughout history is ignorant. It’s dismissive of the tragedy and suffering that has been endured under the behest of the word.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans Day Means Vetted in Love for Country

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This Veteran’s Day instead of just going to get more junk you really don’t need at some sale, go to the movies and see a rare glimpse into combat deployment through the eyes of an Army Chaplain in Afghanistan, a war there against terrorism that has been going on for at least 17 straight years now. It is called No Greater Love and it is the first documentary filmed and directed by an active duty soldier. We have soldiers defending our country now for 10 tours of duty and who have spent all of their adult lives killing people in defense of our values. The freedom to go buy junk on sale on Veterans Day.
The film was shot and directed by active duty Army Chaplain Justin Roberts. For three years he was assigned as Chaplain to the second 327 Infantry Battalion also known as No Slack. How hard is it for a religious person to serve in the military when one of God’s Ten Commandments says, Thou Shalt Not Kill and he has to sooth the fears and the guilt of having a job where you are there to kill and prevent death to your fellow countrymen? He went to his deployment armed with a camera. He filmed the thoughts and reactions of fellow soldiers having to go into uncharted territory where no one had invaded yet, not even the Russians.
He records the facial expressions of the men who heard the combat bombs and automatic weapons going off and watched the bodies go down into instant death. We have to thank all those in uniform and all those who have served. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength. We must always show our love for the flag they wear on their uniforms and the bravery they have to WILLINGLY go out into the most dangerous places on earth in defense of the people and the country they love. Loving someone deeply gives you courage. Our service men and women must love us deeply because they are the most courageous people on earth.
We could be doing better for them. In just the past 20 years we have more soldiers away and home now that are broken in bodies and in minds. Are we doing enough for them? They return to no meaningful relationships here because they were in some foreign land having more of a relationship with their weapons. We could be supporting the USO more and be giving every veteran discounts to shops and entertainment and anything else they want when they return. THEY DESERVE THE SALES IN STORES MORE THAN US COUCH POTATOES!
One of the Navy Seals who killed Bin Laden had to write a book for income because he doesn’t have a pension. EVERY SOLDIER DESERVES A PENSION.
We have returning soldiers who are homeless and jobless. EVERY SOLDIER DESERVES A HOME TO HAVE. Use our tax dollars to pay for that.
Mental illness is on the rise because our government allows our soldiers to get more and more tours of duty till they don’t even remember how to live a “normal” life in peace. GIVE THEM ALL THE MENTAL HELP THEY NEED AND MAKE IT MANDATORY so we don’t have home grown terrorists.
Parades are nice. Visiting the graves is nice. Posting a picture of your relative or friend in a uniform is nice but it is not enough. Go to the movies and support some film about a soldier. Sigh! Better yet elect officials who care about the needs of our volunteer military. Elect a President who can say the words Peace On Earth instead of scaring the world with instant death and destruction. Have an economy that cares more on restoring the destroyed towns to make them livable instead of having displaced refugees tossed all over the world having to live in places where they don’t want to be in places where they aren’t wanted.
Let’s have an army of religious folks TALK to ISIS following folks and discuss what the hell is right from wrong so we can all live happy lives here on earth and not do stupid acts of terrorism in the name of some God we hope to meet in some afterlife that no one has returned from. At least pause and reflect on those who have served and deserve the respect for putting their one life here on earth in danger for the love of all of us.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Treasonous Trump

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Trump and his bromance with Saudi Arabian Princes are the “enemy of the people” and not the free American press when it has been weeks and Trump still has decided to do nothing about the outrageous murder of a reporter who worked in the United States and has two American born children. His motivation to do nothing has to be his ever ending self-promotion and greed for personal wealth. The reporter’s name was Jamal Khashoggi who was murdered over a month ago. As usual Trump lied and said that he would act in a swift and tough way and to date he has done nothing.
Instead of visiting our allies in Europe as all Presidents do shortly after being elected, Trump made Saudi Arabia his first stop to do sword waving with the Princes for no other reason than to get a part of their extreme wealth for himself. The Saudi’s gave him and his Son –In- Law big hotel contracts in Saudi Arabia. Trump bragged that they gave him personally hundreds of millions of dollars   during the campaign.   In Trump’s America he thinks that it is fine to sell out our ethics and values to bribing evil Dictatorship   countries who also had all the terrorists who did 911 from Saudi Arabia.
The fact of the matter is that America needs nothing from Saudi Arabia. We are energy independent and   we don’t need their money. The fact is that our government is made up of millionaires who have been bought and sold by the Saudi’s in the past. Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia have a part in solving the endless war in the Middle East? Why aren’t they taking in refugees from war torn areas? There are countless lobbyists doing all the work for the Saudi’s in Washington. Meanwhile the reporter was sawed up while alive for criticizing a Saudi leader.
So many bad things happen in the world daily but Trump’s inaction on this very bad thing is a blow for democracy and our right to freedom of speech and his relentless taunts of calling reporters revelations fake news and the free American press the enemy of the people.  Bullying words never ever heard from a sitting American President in history that just point Trump to acts of treason in his inactivity on this attack to a reporter who lived and worked in America.
Americans must NOT let this one go. The United States foreign policy is a joke when Treasonous Trump sides with the Saudi’s, Russia, China, North Korea and Syria. This is why everyone who gives a damn just voted and more people voted than in the Presidential election so our democracy will never be compromised. Our freedom of speech will never be stifled. We owe it to all the dead soldiers who fought and died for our freedoms. Trump must be finally called out for the criminal that he is. If Charlottesville didn’t ignite suspicion, if Trump banning 1.5 million people because of the God they worship, if calling all Hispanics rapists and criminals  tell you that Trump is the enemy of the people than you need your head examined. Our Constitution is the greatest document ever written in the history of the world and many countries try to model their governments to be just like our laws and checks and balances. Trump must be removed because he is an inept mobster and could care less about America.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Trump's New Bumpy Ride

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Trump is in trouble and he knows it but of course still will never admit it. Record numbers came to the voting booths in the Midterm Elections, more than even came to Trump’s election because people are fed up with him. As a result the Democrats had more than even needed votes and they took back the control over the House of Representatives. Trump is in trouble because now he has a whole new America in front of him. The Committee Chairwoman will have the power to subpoena him and make him testify all about the subjects he has been avoiding for more than three   years. Questions remain about the whereabouts of his tax returns that he never disclosed as all Presidents do. Reviewing them can disclose his close relationship financially with money laundering and Russian collusion that is a crime.
The Trump family organization needs to be exposed for Treasonous activity financially and conspiracy in using the Presidency for his own personal wealth with foreign powers. His branding deals with China and now trademark deals of Ivanka is a Conflict of Interest. A President should NOT personally profit from his position while in office. The fact that he only golfs at his personally owned resorts for charging double the price in membership simply because members could be seen with the President is illegally profiting from his position. The secret service costs for him and his extended family is costing the tax payers way too much money.
In policy Trump will no longer be able to just push through Republican causes with no checks and balances. He will finally have to adjust and listen to the other half of America. He will have to deal with Nancy Pelosi and no longer his yes man Paul Ryan. A lot of veterans were just elected and they care the most for this country since they put their one life on the line for this country. Our 5 time deferment President just does not respect or even know what it is like to fight with your heart and soul for the values of this country. People are very concerned about spending money on the infrastructure of America. We want our roads and bridges to be safe, our water supply to have new safe piping and a cleaner safer environment. All issues that Trump so far has ignored.
In one day many areas of America that was even traditionally Republican states turned to Democratic leadership. In the Governor races the leadership has turned Democratic in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Kansas   and Nevada, all states that practically handed the Presidency to Trump.  Trump can have all the violent political rallies for himself that he wants but in the privacy of the voting booth, America has spoken and they want change.
With women people have decided to take a chance on more women in government. In 1975 there were only 17 women in Congress. Now we have voted in more than 100. We all know that when a woman gets her wheels rolling they can get things done. They always do in households and now with the remarkable amount of women that CAN do it all at home and in business. Besides, women get along better than men anyway. Buckle up Donald Trump! You will get that bumpy ride you have been looking for with all your bad boy behavior towards everyone and about everything that is no just all about you and your own self-promotion that is old now. America knows Donald Trump and it is no longer a pretty fun picture!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Midterm Elections 2018

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It is time that the adults listen to the teachers because they know and they see it all. Teachers are the ones who see the kids daily sometimes for more hours than their parents. The teachers are the ones who see the bully in the schoolyard making fun of others and calling people names. The teachers tell that bully to cut it out and don’t do it again. Trump needs a teacher to tell him to stop the bullying. Teachers are the ones who tell kids how to spell and write with correct grammar. Most Trump supporters never learned that to well.
There are over 50 teachers who ran for political office in this Midterm Election. Why were there so many teachers who decided to be political? They decided to run for political office because they are not stupid. They are educated and are educators. They are sick and tired of being last on the list. They don’t get paid a decent wage and most often have to supply their students with basics like books and pencils out of their own pocket. They don’t have adequate health care yet the health care providers’ are very wealthy. Teachers have said that they should finally just get up and do something about all that isn’t being done for the American people. Like they care for their students, now they care about all Americans.
Teachers are now leading the way because it is the teachers who see it all. When a   child   attends   school hungry, it is the teachers who see that and must do something about a child’s hunger. When families have to choose between health care or food or rent, because the minimum wages hasn’t risen in the past ten years, teachers see it. They see a parent struggling to be home for their children but have to work endless hours for not much money per week.  When politicians tell teachers   to just shut up and teach, it is the not so stupid teachers who see their own mistreatment. Hopefully the rich people who now govern who have no experience in the fields that Trump has given them ruling and policy power will now from this election will learn how to govern from teachers who just got elected and who know the streets and homes and children of America like no other people on earth.
It is the teachers who remind us all about the lessons that must be remembered from real history. They remind us of the Civil War that divided this great country over slavery. They remind us that prejudice must never be tolerated in a good society. It is the teachers who remind us of the fiscal crisis of the Great Depression where the stock market crashed leaving millions of hard working Americans penniless. The greed of big corporations only investing in their own salaries and corporate stock. The teachers remind us that we must learn from history to never repeat the mistakes of our past. It is the teachers who remind us of World War II where millions of Americans died fighting the NAZI invasion of all of Europe. We must never allow NAZI’s rise in this country yet they are right now.
The teachers remind us that Regan told Germany to “tear down that wall” and allow peace and prosperity reign to all of Germany. Now our Dictator in Chief in America is striking fear in our hearts believing that only a wall between people is the answer for humanity to exist. It is the teachers that know right from wrong. If they get elected or not, America will always need teachers and America must listen to them.  

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Nastiness in the Neighborhood

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It is ironically horrible that this week’s   horror of mass shootings done by yet another idiot hiding his gripes behind a weapon aimed at innocent people was committed at another place of worship that was called The Tree of Life; yet so many people died for no reason at all. It is also horribly ironic that it was done in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood where his motto on his wonderful children’s show was to sing everyday “Won’t you be my neighbor.” He spread messages always of love and inclusiveness to all people even when the world and America was not so divided. He said, “No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor. He never ever told children to build walls or point weapons at our neighbors yet that is exactly what our President and his followers want America to do.
There are too many weapons in the hands of just about anyone now. This time terror was inside the Synagogue. Squirrel Hill   is an unassuming quiet neighborhood in central Pittsburg that is the home to ¼ of the cities Jewish Community. It was also Mr. Rogers Neighborhood where he taught generations of children to accept yourself no matter who you were as well as your neighbors. Apparently the sick shooter never saw that popular TV show. Fred Rogers lived just blocks from the Synagogue. His fictional neighborhood honored all humanity in all of its colors and in all of its manifestations. Now the neighborhood will always be remembered by tragedy.
Can anyone find hope or meaning anymore or reason for all the constant tragedies happening all over this country daily? In this past October there were 28 mass shootings reported. When will it all stop? After the tragedy of all tragedies happened on 911 Fred Rogers spoke of not hate but of pride and how wonderful everyone tried to heal, save and clean the scars of tragedy away. How do we even get through times like these anymore? In any catastrophe we have to look for and forward to the helpers. The helpers showed up in his Neighborhood and he would be proud of them. It is time for our leaders to stand up and be helpers and not just over thoughts and prayers. America needs help to control idiots with lethal weapons.
There shouldn’t be any taking sides. This crisis involves all of us.  Pittsburg Muslim’s   leader stepped up to the plate to offer any help his community could provide. America is not Israel or Palestine. America is people from all regions and religions living peacefully and productively together in harmony. He has already raised more than $150,000 to be used for the victims and their families from his religious community. Wasi Mohamed is the Executive Director of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh. He remembers that it was the Jewish community that helped American Muslims feel safe in America after the 911 tragedy.
With all the tragedies happening daily all over America we all need to just take the time to help us all heal. Donate blood, donate your services and donate your heartfelt feelings towards all humanity suffering at our borders, in our schools, places of worship and at our concerts. It is time to change the climate in America. VOTE for a change in your neighborhood. VOTE for hope!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Our Journey with Journalism

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The media is our citizens best friend because it is all the hard working journalists that keep us all informed on any subject anywhere especially from dangerous places that most of us would ever venture to. Donald Trump is a Dictator who criticizes our good press daily. In Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Trump’s friends, in those places they don’t have a first Amendment. There is not any freedom of speech. There is not an independent press. The people of those places are only told what the government says they need to know and that is NOT necessarily the truth.

In those places they will abduct a journalist, put one in jail, and even kill them as we have seen very recently done to the body of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was dismembered after he was strangled as soon as he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. He was barbarically murdered for simply telling the truth. We can’t allow this kind of attack on democracy to keep happening. If Trump aligns himself with Dictators and Communist countries what is America’s place in the world now? America’s place in the world historically has been to lead. Since World War II there has been a Liberal world order. America gave the world for 70 years now the economy, alliances, security and defense cooperation and moral leadership.

Now Trump is telling the world that America wants to retreat. He now is saying that we will be friends with you if you pay us back in something. He is treating America as something one can bargain with. That is NOT what we should be doing to our allies. In the past two years of the Trump Administration we have seen our allies being assaulted by him and his policies. Should we be beating up on our allies? How can we be a strong country if we don’t have alliances? How can we be a strong country without military bases all over the world? Trump’s foreign policy of alienation of our allies will change America drastically for the worse. Trump has No political experience and has never governed anything. He has NO knowledge even of our Constitution since he has never attended law school that dwells largely on understanding America’s most important document that defines what America is.

It is difficult to sing God Bless America when now we need God to help America considering all the changes Trump wants to do to this country daily. His narcissism has him giving himself self-praise no matter what and insults and degrades seasoned journalists as the creators of the term he created ’fake news” making up lies that journalists are “the enemy of the people.” Our journalists must be resilient and maintain their professionalism and not cave into his bullying. Freedom of speech must prevail. Integrity, morality and ethics must prevail.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

It's fine to be frightened today

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Halloween! It is the one day of the year when kids are allowed to break the rules and adults have a reason to act and dress stupid. Kids can talk to strangers and try to get away with eating as much candy as they can. Men can dress like women but not be transgender or gay. Labels are not put on anyone and for once no religion is being offended by having fun on this day. For once we are not being abused by some religious persecution but we like to be creeped out anyway so the scary of Halloween is very present today. Some doctors are even saying that being scared can actually be good for you.
Related imageThere are haunted houses everywhere and even haunted fields where people flock to today. There are also scientists from the University of Pittsburg studying fear. Why are we drawn to scary movies like Polterguist or zombie films like Night of the Living Dead? Do we really want to feel discomfort or be shocked? Do you feel wonderful after you leave that haunted house? Yes, because you survived that ugly lunatic with the bloody knife in his hand without a scratch. So you smile and feel good again.   Greg Siegle, PhD a Psychiatric Doctor    from the University of   Pittsburg, School of Medicine is studying the effects of scary things on your brain and he says your head could actually get warmer from fear.

Related imageThe National Retail Federation predicts that Americans will spend $7 Billion dollars this year on Halloween dresses like Caitlyn Jenner’s or Donald Trump masks along with all kinds of other decorations and costumes. In the dark and in a uncertain situation you will experience fear and your palms will sweat and your heart rate will rise. Almost as euphoric as sex but certainly not that.  Margee Kerr just wrote a book about fear called Scream. When we scream we are alerting others and trying to protect ourselves by startling our attacker. Our face becomes contorted as we scream to alert the attacker that we can be ugly too.  It is all an amazing immediate response created without much advance thought.

We could even look scared while being on our couch watching The Walking Dead. Fear is a result of the disruption of our prediction systems. When something happens that isn’t supposed to happen, we get fearful. Clowns can be deceitful. Clowns are supposed to make us happy but if we detect something unpredictable with their eyes or stare or grin that all of a sudden goes from being silly to evil, our fears kick in. It is a lot of work on our brains and bodies all this fear.  Halloween can be exhausting. Ghosts are scary because it brings in thoughts about our unknown mortality. We can’t control our mortality. We have no control of the dark. Anything can attack us without our knowledge.
Yet there is a part of us that wishes to discover and to challenge ourselves. Can we survive? Face it! Your life is too boring and structured. Halloween   is the one day where it is ok to be unpredictable and take chances and that is a good thing. All our traditional worries go out the window on Halloween. Today we get to worry about all sorts of other challenges.   A Haunted House can be so bad that the stresses of our real lives suddenly don’t appear to be so stressful. So do something good for your health, get the crap scared out of you! Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Our Confederacy in Crisis

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America is in crisis and it is not the first time. The difference now is that some of our greatest Presidents got us through bad times because well, they were just great Presidents. Everyone   is fighting over politics these days and our nation is as divided as ever. The crisis has already gone into not just verbal debating but into death threat bombings on our former Presidents and everyone wants to lock up a different politician somewhere.
Abraham Lincoln entered office with the country about to erupt into a civil war that would lead to 600,000 dead. Teddy Roosevelt was thrust into office with the rich and the poor hating each other so much that the talk of revolution was in the air. Franklin D. Roosevelt came into power when the Great Depression ruined our economy that Americans were thrust into extreme poverty. Lindon Johnson was thrust into his Presidency in one night just after John Kennedy was assonated. He had a civil rights bill that was filled with controversy where rioting over racial issues divided our country. Although these four Presidents expressed skills and strengths they had real problems controlling outrage in our country. There is outrage now in our country and Trump is doing nothing to calm people down. He encourages the divide.
Leadership in a Democracy requires a two way street. After each crisis the four Presidents faced, a healing process followed. Can or will Trump heal our current wounds? We as Americans got through the anti-slavery movement despite what Krazy Konway says. We got through the Progressive Movement and the Civil Rights Movement all that laid down the foundation   to enduring change. Disunity is not in our present but it is also deeply damaging to Democracy as a whole. Trump and all his Dictator friends would love to see him ruin America’s great democracy that our Constitution was built on. Trump would love to be a Dictator granting him the Presidency job for all his lifetime.
Theodore Roosevelt   warned us that Democracy is ruined and gone when regions, classes, race and parties regarded one another as the other folks rather than as citizens marked by fellow feelings and thoughts banding together for the best possible solution to a dire problem. I will never forget how nothing else mattered anymore and All Americans banded together after the 911 disaster. Do we need to have another horrific disaster for us to band together? Is the world on the road   toward  World War III since refugees are running everywhere to get away from their homelands?
Franklin Roosevelt insisted that problems created by man must be solved by man so long as we pull together toward a common end. We do have many encouraging signs of healing despite daily tragedies of senseless shootings everywhere in America.  Activism is a good thing. It means that we care enough to protest and stand there peacefully and willingly get arrested for a greater cause even if it ruins our lives personally. When young voices get involved there is hope for our future. A diverse group of new candidates including many women in politics is a good thing since more than half the population is women. If the change we seek in November will be positive and inclusive depends not only on our leaders but on us all. What we as individuals do NOW how and if we unite can make all the difference in a good and United States of America.
It is time for us to revisit   Lincoln’s want that we engage together in calm and   in enlarged consideration ranging far above personal and partisan politics. I believe in the moral vision and purpose that saved America in past turbulent times in American History. If we can do all that then America will be restored to greatness again and Trump has nothing to do with it anymore. The people have got to be civil, moral, and show some integrity toward each other in this country for us all to survive yet another crisis in America.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Terrorist on American Soil to our Presidents

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The new Civil War in America has begun since Trump still occupies our Presidency and even through an act of domestic terrorism where the lives of two Presidents were in danger on American soil, Trump does not call for unity and does not say the great divisions must stop. Instead he threatens that his rants could get even worse and more dividing. Putin loves this because he knows that a nation divided is a nation in peril and is vulnerable. He has even called the crime that will give the criminal 58 years in jail a media hoax just to influence the election in less than 2 weeks. No President ever would discount an act of domestic violence as a media hoax especially when there is media evidence that Trump spews insults and has his crowds shouting “Lock Her Up” daily rallying up the divide for violence at the opposing political party leaders. Does he know that this is America and dictators have never been tolerated here?
It was all discovered in one week where the FBI investigated   14 bombs sent to Trump’s highest profile critics. Is it over? Maybe not since there are hundreds of thousands of his supporters who attend his highly angry mob like rallies he finds the time to perform at, all across America. He has created   possibly more domestic terrorists. Yes, America needs to be great again and Trump and his constant call for hate about just about anyone and anything must stop for the preservation of this country at home and abroad.
The American terrorist was a man with a past criminal record who lived in his van that was covered with pro-Trump photos and messages. The very people he tried to bomb were on the van in photos being demonized.  All 14 bombs were addressed to prominent figures in current American history who Trump has criticized past and presently often. The first package was found at the home of Democratic philanthropist George Soros on Monday. Then on Tuesday another bomb at the home of President Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary. Hours later the 3rd bomb sent to the home of President Obama who lives just doors away from Ivanka Trump. On Wednesday morning the office of CNN received a bomb addressed to former CIA advisor for 30 years John Brennan with his name misspelled who works for the news outlet.

Then another bomb sent to Congresswoman Ms. Waters. More bombs were sent to Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. That device was addressed to Former Attorney General Eric Holder but had her return address written on the package that looked the same as all the other bombs. The FBI does NOT believe that she was in any way associated with this Terrorist act. By Wednesday night 2 more bombs sent to Former Vice-President Joe Biden. On Thursday a bomb sent to Robert De Niro’s home. More bombs were sent to Senator Cory Booker, Former Director if Intelligence James Clapper by Friday a bomb sent to Senator Harris. The 14th bomb sent to Political Activist Tom Steyer.

The Terrorist is Cesar Sayoc who displays the same mental illnesses Trump displays. The motive is his extreme political hate for Democrats. The devices were sent to leading Democrats and liberals. Sayoc’s own former lawyer said that he is “immature, a confused individual who sufferers from psychological limitations, and other symptoms as Trump is a monster who creates division in this country daily. He is a racist, misogynist, dishonest, self-obsessed, corrupt, narcissist, bully, arrogant, incompetent, unhinged, paranoid, piggish Hero of the Stupid who he has turned into domestic terrorists. Make America Great and have Trump impeached. VOTE!

If you care, VOTE!

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You need to vote in 2 weeks no matter who you like in politics especially if you are an older American because the future funding and structure of Medicare and our health care system can go under big changes. Many states are considering making changes to worker discrimination, retirement savings, underfunded pensions, Medicaid, and care-giving. The people we vote into office this time will have the power to change things for decades.
Some of our leaders like Mitch McConnell wants to cut Social Security to use funds for deficit reduction. Who you vote into Congress can influence the voting changes in Congress. If the Republicans win and still control Congress they will change the cost of living adjustment to Social Security. You won’t even get a few bucks more while the price for anything you need to buy is rising.
The price for medications is rising fast too. Many states have been trying to pass laws to put restrictions on the drug companies so that they can’t just increase prices on medications. More than 80 bills were submitted to Congress for approvals to restrict drug   company pricing but the current folks in congress didn’t do anything. So maybe you need to vote for a different congressman in your state if you care about the rising prices of medication.
If you care about Medicare you need to vote out the current members of the House of Representatives because they want to change the system to a voucher-type option to enroll in private healthcare plans. That would squeeze out billions of money to Medicare and the elderly needs to find a provider who will take their many medical needs. Should we be putting that kind of pressure on the people who just need help the most? Some states want to implement work-requirements before you can get Medicare other states want to increase benefits to Medicare. You need to vote for who and what you want! Never in history was there ever a requirement to work for the very sick who probably can’t work due to their illnesses.
Who you vote for in the House and Senate can change Obamacare. That means you can face an “age tax”. Yes some in our government want to tax you for just living a long life. No joke! They also want you to lose medical coverage if you have pre-existing conditions. So that means if you are really ill all the time with no hope for a recovery you get NO medical coverage WOW! That is pretty mean.
Traditional pensions are disappearing at jobs. Older Americans count on their 401K Retirement plans to help fund their old age when they can’t work any longer. Sure there is not a job shortage but most of these jobs don’t offer any pensions or retirement funds. We all know that if they take a few bucks out of your pay check to put aside for your future works better than anyone trying to do that for themselves. You need to vote for people who will keep your saving plans at your jobs. In some states they want to tax your retirement savings. Vote them out. You pay enough taxes. You need to keep some of your money for yourself.
The reason to Vote for Democrats is not just for a party faith. You need to vote for Democrats NOW just to save the benefits you have and to keep benefits that benefit YOU and I and all Americans. The current Republican dominated House, Senate and Congress wasted a lot of tax payer money and just want to burden the tax payer even more or take your badly needed benefits away to pay for their excessive spending. Protect yourself. Vote Democrat this time!