Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Making who great again?

We were doing well with the environmental problems for a while during the Obama administration. At least we were on the right tract. The facts are in. This administration and our leader Trump is more concerned with world domination, increased weapons and never speaks of peace or preserving the environment. He is now in Saudi Arabia where he orchestrated a weapons deal worth about $110 billion dollars. I guess he believes that the world needs more war and less peace. The deal will be worth over $350 billion dollars over ten years. So, peace is not over the horizon anytime soon. The State Department approved the sale of combat ships, battle tanks, cargo helicopters and a range of missiles and ammunition. Trumps view of how to “make America great again” is to supply the world with American made weapons.
Obama had a legacy geared more towards preservation of our environment or at least he tried. He encouraged new eco-friendly companies with renewable energy companies but the Republican majority Congress saw to it that these companies went nowhere but despite that opposition we were going in the right direction. When President Obama visited other countries he did not make big weapons deals, he signed international climate deals. Obama protected the most amount of Federal land that any President focused on protecting, 553 million acres of lands and waters. Obama cancelled pipe lines and promoted renewable energy. According to the Energy Information Administration, Obama in 2008 increased 7.2 quadrillion BTU’s of energy through environmentally safe means. By 2015 we were producing 9.5 quadrillion BTU’s of safe to the environment energy.
America was on the right tract to being nearly energy independent from world oil. In 2015 89% of America’s energy was being produced from domestic resources. They were predicting that by the year 2027 America was going to be able to be 100% in energy from domestic recourses. Now our head of the Environmental Protection Agency is Scott Pruitt, who did not have a good track record in saving the environment when he was Oklahoma’s Attorney General. He is an oil and gas man. He has a reputation for attacking the agency he now leads. He filed 14 lawsuits against the agency he now runs. He promoted fracking in Oklahoma. He did not prosecute any companies who were found to be ruining the environment. Pruitt’s style is through litigation and de-regulation.
Now Oklahoma is having sink holes and earthquakes from all the fracking. In Flint, Michigan the water is totally polluted meanwhile the place is near the Finger Lakes which is the world’s largest supply of drinking water. The new EPA has no intention of fixing the problem with all the lead in the water in Flint. Residents can’t trust their tap water. A long term solution to fix the infrastructure to repair new pipes for the water there is not even on the agenda but we seem to need to supply the world with more weapons. We still don’t know what involvement Saudi Arabia had in the 911 disaster. When will Trump focus on “making America Great?”

Monday, May 22, 2017

Tell Them What It Was

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The Circus is gone. I guess the Circus song is gone too. The only place I had the opportunity to pet an elephant was at the circus and they are gone too. Even if you are a wealthy person who can afford an African safari trip don’t necessarily get up close enough to an elephant to pet them but the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus provided to the delight of children and adults that live and close up experience of wild animal as well as skillfully trained acrobats and funny clowns. It was an experience like no other in life and it is sad that future generations will not be able to experience it anymore.
I find it odd that video games like Grand Theft Auto is popular with its extreme violence that anyone can play for hours on end is not banned as harmful to humans. They said that the Circus was harmful to wild animals. Well, why couldn’t they simply provide a large amount of land behind the Circus show for the animals to have some freedom? They could have made their lives more humane and still put on a delightful show. Now we have the popular and expensive Cirque Du Soleil shows that I think is cruel to humans with their constant contortions they do to their bodies. Barnum was right when he said,” There is a sucker born every day.”
It is an end of an era. They could have tweaked the circus into being a positive experience with anyone to be able to see exotic animals up close and personal. It could have been an educational and positive animal learning experience. Instead the Circus is gone along with a horrible reputation for cruelty to animals. Throughout the years the reputation at least got a bit better when they abolished the side show where they exploited human oddities like the bearded lady or the tallest man or someone born with three legs which doesn’t seem to be so odd anymore. We are more tolerant of each other these days.  
The Ringling Circus show entertained all for 146 years. The last performance featured 14 lions and tigers. The Ringmaster had his job for 18 years. What kind of job can he get now with that kind of experience on his resume? This Circus began in 1871. The elephants were removed from the performance last year after there were fierce and very vocal protests from animal rights groups. That kind of publicity had already failing ticket prices falling even further. I still don’t understand why people would go to Disney or to a movie where you are not entertained by a single live person or animal group? The Circus had a 500 person crew, 100 animals and a mile long train to transport the crew to your town. Yes, entertainment by delivery!
It is the closing of history and a historic form of entertainment.   The Tiger Master said, “People are not really concerned with wildlife unless they can see it, feel it and enjoy it as much as I do.”Hopefully people will still support well run zoos.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Time to Graduate

There is no turning back of time and Cher’s song is stupid. As I was sitting in my own bucket of tears yesterday at my daughter’s Graduation, I realized that the umbilical cord we shared 23 years ago is now rotted and non-existent. I should have been able to be so happy at her achievements and there were many. I was grateful that she in some way survived college and did all the right things. On her own she maintained 4.0 average and graduated with Cum Laude status. She worked hard to submit all the requirements that managed to get a Benefactor to pay $250,000 for a four year scholarship. Then completed her Master’s Degree in one year after writing a 400 page thesis. Passed her licensing exam on the first attempt. I should have been ecstatic over her achievements but society and its lack of ethics wouldn’t allow me to enjoy the moment in time.
Instead my thoughts wandered during the two hour event to sorrow over the countless number of college students who do not survive the college experience that exists now. Parents are stuck in a time zone about college that just doesn’t exist anymore.   They are suffering from the guilt and feelings of failure because they can’t afford to pay for their kid’s education and they realize that their precious child will be beginning their adult life being buried under a mountain of student loan debt. We can’t turn back to the time when I attended college and I only had to pay for fees and books.
I found myself sitting there in deep sorrow and yet gratitude that my daughter survived terrorism during the Boston Marathon. As we frantically tried to find her we were relieved to learn that she didn’t even know it was happening. She wasn’t listening to the horrific news, wasn’t there but was working in her dorm room. Many colleges have riots, shootings and now political protests on campus that is hard to escape. I don’t remember thinking about any of that when I attended college.
I will never forget years ago when we toured the college and noticed that the cafeterias provide breakfast foods till four in the afternoon on Sundays. Why? Then I realized that there is a large population of students that are up all Saturday night drinking, drugging and having sex till dawn.  If they survive all that then they can have Sunday breakfast in the late afternoon. That is how school administrations deal with the problem. Just this week in the news there was a highly publicized murder of a handsome 19 year old who died from a Frat Party prank and was left to die. I wanted to be able to turn back time when ethics mattered.
School administrations care only about their tuition and look the other way at the dangers of student life or in reality death at their colleges. The administrators have a lack of morality and ethics and the students are failing in that department too. I have to be proud that my daughter did not date much in college because most young women are being raped or assaulted if they try to date. Dancing now is twerking while the guy’s rub their penises as close to your body as they can and you don’t really know the guy at all! There is no turning back time where there was that square dancing or renaissance dancing where people hopped around the room exchanging glances and barely holding hands on the dance floor.
She didn’t get raped thankfully. Many college girls are drugging and drinking and don’t even remember how many guys raped her on those Saturday nights. Health insurance provides guys Viagra where their penises can stay hard for hours but health insurance will not provide birth control or the morning after pill for the violated and degraded girls on campus.  School administrations don’t believe the violated girls and do not claim any responsibility for the behavior of the students.
She didn’t get involved in the drug culture thankfully. Prescription drugs are easily available on campus and pot and cocaine is easy to get too. The new pot is often laced with PCP that causes one to hear voices and   do crazy things while under the influence. Your healthy child is now bi-polar and schizophrenic and needs constant mental medications to control their visions of suicide. They drop out of college and have a lifetime of therapy. Colleges just want their tuition and their dorm rooms filled.
She didn’t get involved in sports either thankfully. Colleges now spend more money on their lavish sports teams and stadiums and coaches than they spend on teachers and classes. They recruit athletes because they are the money making slaves who fill up those stadiums with their great unpaid athletic services. The winning coaches get million dollar salaries while the student athletes don’t even have time for studies or classes because they are always at travel games, or team practices. Many don’t even achieve all the credits needed to graduate. There is no ethics at colleges anymore.
Last week my daughter was in tears after she finally realized that it was all over. The distraction of working hard at her studies and at her campus job of dishing out mashed potatoes was all over. Instead of her tears of happiness she had tears of sadness. Did she have regrets that she was supposed to be somehow related to terrorism, should have had empty relationships with aggressive boys, should have partied till she didn’t remember anything and ate breakfast at 4 P.M. on a Sunday, should have been a sports slave for the college?

I cried yesterday for her grief and the breakdown of ethics and morality at colleges. Later last night she went out with her friends and brother to dance to live music and have a few drinks. I knew they would be asked for identification to prove that they were over 21 years of age. I wouldn’t even think of joining them because I knew that my identification would just prove that my uterus has expired and that I don’t belong there. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time where we could all be happier even when we do achieve all the right things.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Will he drop the ball again?

Who is this new guy Robert Mueller who was just appointed Special Counsel to oversee the Russian probe? He was hired by the last new guy, Deputy Attorney General Rod  Rosenstein who has been on the job for just weeks and who originally said that he didn’t think there was any need for a special prosecutor in the Russian probe. Is that why he was hired?  Can Mueller be trusted to do a fair investigation? Will he be fired too if Trump doesn’t get his way? The new administration is all about paid people from Russian funds declaring loyalty at all cost or reason to Trump, the Russians and their increased personal wealth. The man at the center of the investigations, former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn was also being paid as a lobbyist for Turkey during the campaign and all the Trump guys knew it before he came to his new job at the White House. It was a secret job. Did security advisor mean to him give Turkey and the Russians our security secrets?
Flynn took $500,000 dollars from Turkey for his services and then stopped a United States military plan that Turkey opposed. We know whose side these traitors are working for and it is not American interests! So is Mueller just another of Trump’s guys appointed to squash the investigations? Comey refused and got himself fired. We need to know many unanswered questions:
How will the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel effect Congressional investigations that is already Republican dominated who most of the members are silent on this subject?
What happens to ongoing Justice Department and FBI Investigations?
What is the scope of the investigations?
What resources will he have for the investigation? When Comey asked for more resources for his investigation, he was denied funds and was fired.
Will the public be updated on the investigations or will it be a closed door private whatever?
How can there be a fair investigation when all the appointees to the investigation has been hired by the guy, Trump who is under investigation? Why can’t I bring my buddies to court to judge me when I am accused of a crime?
On September 6, 2016 Trump said in a speech.” We can’t have someone in the Oval Office who doesn’t understand the meaning of confidential or classified.”   Can Trump look in the mirror and see that he doesn’t even listen to himself?
Robert Mueller spent 12 years as the former FBI Director. He is the second longest FBI Director to hold the position. J. Edgar Hoover held the position as FBI Director for 47 years. Mueller was hired by George Bush and one week after his appointment, 911 happened. UGH! Shouldn’t the FBI Director have known something about the terrorists plans to kill 3,000 innocent civilians in the World Trade Towers? No one was ever held accountable for that terrible tragedy from knowing about the plot to not monstering the air space over Manhattan to the origin of the blasts heard in the buildings seconds before the planes crashed into the sides of the buildings.
Let’s all hope that Mueller is on top of this investigation even if we have a slew of unanswered questions about this Trump self- serving nonsense.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Obstruction of Justice

Finally will someone look into the Trump Presidency and his desire to obstruct justice? It was all too obvious when Trump asked the Director of the FBI to drop the investigation into Flynn. Then he blatantly shared secrets with the Russians in the White House putting all Americans in danger for a variety of reasons. The evidence of collusion with the Russians from election tampering to now our safety issues are mounting that finally a special prosecutor is now investigating this mess too. We need to observe a time line of outrageous activities done by this President.
In December, on the 29th in 2016, Obama unveiled new sanctions against Russia. That same day General Flynn spoke with Russia’s Ambassador to the United States, Kislyak. Why? Was that call to assure the Russians that they would be taken care of?
This complicated past continues with January 14, 2017,   when Flynn misled Vice President Pence. He told the Vice President that he did not discuss sanctions with Kislyak.  Pence defended Flynn the next day.  Then on January 22, 2017 Flynn is sworn in as National Security Advisor. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned the White House four days later   that Flynn may have been compromised by the Russians. She did not know that even Trump was bed fellows with the Russians too.
  On January 30, 2017 she was fired for refusing to defend Trump’s temporary travel ban. Or was she really fired for exposing Flynn’s collusions with the Russians?
February 13, 2017 General Flynn resigned after the controversy was made very public. The very next day Trump asked Comey  to “let it go” and not to investigate Flynn’s relationship with the Russians. Meanwhile it was revealed that Flynn has accepted large amounts of money from the Russians.
Nearly three months later Trump fired the FBI Director. The President admitted that it was the Russian investigation was on his mind and a reason for the firing. In fact any players close to the Russians have resigned or recused themselves.
This time line proves that Michael Flynn who was an important figure in Trump’s election campaign having monetary dealings with the Russians then, did not report the money they gave him. Flynn lied to the Vice President about conversations with the Russians. The President misled the country. The President did not take any action on the private dealings until it all became quite public. Trump attacked the press and called their reporting of these treasonous activities as “fake news.” Then the firing of the investigative FBI Director all adds up to obstruction of justice.
All the Republicans are being tight lipped about all this probably in fear that Trump will try to ruin their careers too if they admit that these activities are indeed treasonous. Everyone should at least be alarmed that this administration is in constant turmoil. They are not helping the needs of the American people. They are lining their own pockets with Russian money for favors and influence over our democracy.

Today it was announced that a special independent council has been chosen to head up the investigation into Russian interference with the election. Congress wants the fired FBI director to testify. The Department of Justice announced that it will appoint former FBI Director, Robert Mueller as special counsel for the Russia investigation. Will this guy be blackmailed too? After all it was Trumps new Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, hired just two weeks ago by Trump who appointed the new guy to investigate. Will that be an impartial investigation?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Double Standard Donald!

Double Standard Donald! We all should have expected Donald to turn our entire government into a bad reality show. Even the head of his Republican boys in Congress, Mitch said we need less drama from him.  Most recently his arrogance took him to another level of treasonous activity. Trump invited and shared confidential American information with high level Russians in the White House with only the Russian press invited. It is obvious that Trump could care less about his young son or his wife since he played golf all day on Mother’s Day. Maybe he should get a dog to soften him up? All Presidents have dogs. What is most disturbing is his care about Hillary’s confidential stuff on her phone but he thinks it is all right to share confidential material with the Russians in our White House? What an arrogant slap in the face to the FBI and the Russian ties investigations, the free press and to the American people in general.
This time he sent the General out to deal with the press to thwart off real answers. He couldn’t even answer a yes or no question about the confidentiality of what was shared in that meeting. Does Donald even know the seriousness of his outrageous actions? Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador. Yes, Russia wants pay back for helping him get elected. Donald is officially Russia’s bitch!
We need to add this meeting to the long list of Trumps treasonous activity. Not only did he throw American intelligence under the bus but he jeopardized our relationship with other spies and countries that share confidential information with the United States. President Trump is creating a mistrust for America that is echoing all over the world.  He is jeopardizing our good reputation as the leader of the free world globally. It is obvious that he has been hypnotized or is just in too deep with his Russian ties. George Bush and Obama was not knee deep up Putin’s ass as Double Standard Donald is!
If other countries can not be confident that we can safeguard the information they share with us on places like Syria or with ISIS that is a global problem with refugees and terrorism, they will not share important leads with the United States. So many terrorist plots have been halted with the aid of friendly informants globally that have saved America from more acts of terror like 911. Trump’s people said there was nothing confidential revealed at the meeting. Why was there a meeting and why was the American press thrown out? What is he hiding if there was nothing unusual? In television dramas we get a break from the drama. There is commercials and or something new happens each week. With this insane man we get outrageous happenings daily. If he doesn’t want to spend time with his wife, young son or even a dog, can someone babysit him and keep him busy with normal activities sometimes?
According to the former National Security Council Senior Director Ned Price, if you had to choose the worst intelligence service in the world to share top secret code information it would be the Russians. They have a hostility towards us especially in Syria since they are funding the extinction of the people there. The Russian bed fellows are the Assad regime and Iran both of which are extremely adversarial to us. Russia has made Trump rich they have not made America rich.

At the meeting Trump named a specific city where a formed ISIS attack was being planned. Russia can now give that information to their people in that city and do what they want there without informing us. The Russian knowledge of this key city, the nature of the threat, the operatives involved gives the Russians further insight into how we get confidential information and how we process it for OUR protection. Until Russia stops funding the evil Dictator in Syria and defines their allegiance with Iran as well as other atrocities the Russians commit world  wide, we do not need to share the United States anything with them!   

Ransomware Attacks

Related imageEveryone loves those pirate movies but no one loves a cyber pirate. Internet pirates are attacking your computers more than ever now and there is no way to stop them. You can be aware of a possible attack and steps can be taken to avoid them but once they trap you, it may cost you a lot of money and grief. We value our computers and the amount of work we save on them. The thought of having our information compromised can be devastating. How can we protect our personal data in digital platforms?
There was recently a massive global attack that hit more than 200,000 computers in 50 countries. This is only the beginning of these type of attacks. It can be compared to a thief breaking into your home and demanding $300 ransom for your stuff he stole only this time you are notified of this attack on your computer stuff. The practice is known as Ransomware Attacks. Your computer will give you an announcement that you need to pay them in order to get your files back. The computer pirates usually demand their ransom payment to be made in Bitcoins that is an untraceable digital currency. This piracy is effecting individual computers as well as the computers of large companies.
The FBI says that 4,000 Ransomware attacks  happen daily targeting companies and individuals alike. So, what can you do?
Anytime you see that there is an update for a software that you have, you shouldn’t install it because those are usually security holds that they are plugging.
When your operating system asks to run a system or security update, say Yes! everytime  and if you can, choose to make it automatic.
Try to avoid the attacks entirely. According to Quincy Larson, the founder of Freecodecamp.com. You personally need to be active in not downloading anything that could hurt you. That means,  don’t click on strange attachments. Don’t click on attachments that you are not 100% sure of.
Finally, back up your computer regularly. If you frequently backup your files then you have very little to lose.  Regularly put all your data on an external hard drive or cloud storage service. These precautions will generally give you more control over your data and have them stored in alternate places.  Take your hard drive and reinstall from your backup and you should be safe from those pirates.
The internet is a great place to get information from everywhere on the globe in an instant but it can also be a very dangerous place. The entire idea of sharing currency through Bitcoins is suspect since the practice is totally unregulated and you really don’t know where your money is going to once you change your currency into Bitcoins. So, do not support any site that wants to be paid in Bitcoins. It is too risky.
This society is now trained to go to the internet for all our information needs. Most of our bills are being paid on the internet. Our banking information is on apps now. We purchase most items on an internet site. And now most thieves are on the internet too. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Dump Trump!

Now that we are seeing Trump’s true colors more clearly, there is a majority of Americans who wish to Dump Trump. Our American values are being compromised daily with the uncontrolled leadership of this man. Issues from immigration, healthcare, education, the arts and science are being compromised and the entire view points and beliefs will be changed for the worse. If someone doesn’t agree with him he simply hires someone who pledges loyalty to him in his decision making process. When America wanted to know why our FBI Director, Comey was instantly fired, the initial reason from our Vice President, Mike Pence was that it was under the advice of the new Deputy U.S. Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein who was appointed for his job just two weeks ago.
Dictators are popping up all over the world changing the entire landscape of countries. Russia has taken over the Ukraine and funds the Syrian Dictator’s war. Both places, and including the Russian people are suffering from lack of services or the country is completely destroyed for political reasons. The Dictator of the Philippian   people kills in the streets just for suspicion of violations of his strict religious rules. The ISIS leaders are taking over Afghanistan in its continuous war providing decades of unrest for its people. Africa is full of Dictators running whatever lands they can control raping women and taking anything they want while the people of Africa are starving and or dying of disease. Venezuela used to be a beautiful place and now people are fleeing that country because the Dictator there is also starving them and they have no medicine.
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It is sad for the world when the “leader of the free world”, America joins the group of self-serving rich Dictators at the expense of justice, healthcare and the general well-being of the people they rule. People don’t become refugees and flee countries for the fun of it. It is because they have to flee unimaginable persecution from the evil powerful leaders. Trump has surrounded himself with loyal Republicans who still haven’t responded to his outrageous accusations and deeds. He has chosen people in all aspects of our government and Supreme Court to do it his way or you are out. Our only hope for saving America and our values is to somehow get him out of the job. Trump is already organizing re-election events.
Watching our country and many parts of the world unraveling is a frustrating and sad feeling. Venezuela is fighting the anti-dictator protestors daily too. Violent clashes have become the norm there. Many Venezuelans have been fleeing the country into neighboring Columbia. In the 1980’s Columbia was the illegal drug capitol of the world. Now it is a safe haven away from Dictators. In Cucuta, Columbia refugees are storming the border. Tens of thousands of people from Venezuela cross the border every day. Sometimes they cross the border just to buy food and medical care that is scarce in Venezuela now. Many people are crossing with suitcases ready to stay and live in the mountains in homemade shacks if they have run out of money and can’t afford housing or get jobs. The quality of life has diminished greatly but they are happy just to be able to get food and be free of persecution.

Columbia is feeling the pressure from so many people there now and like Europe are beginning to hate the refugees. Is this the path Trump wants Americans to follow? We already protest daily and he is already making approved plans to cut us from medical care and freedoms. Will we get increasingly violent to get him the message that we do not like how he is leading this country? Is justice being compromised beyond belief here too? Every day a new frightening event emerges from decisions made in our White House, our Congress, our Supreme Court and now our Justice Department. Should we start packing our bags too or will we Dump Trump!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! But what if you  don’t have a Mom? Today’s modern family could have two Dads. The new modern family seems to be widely more accepted in society each year.  Other than giving a biological birth, are we really sure   what a Mom is?  Even female stay at home caregivers can   assume many different roles.  Many of us honor our   Mothers   today by giving her    flowers or take them out for dinner or buy them chocolate or maybe even orchestrate an event where all the famlies get together with the various Moms.  You will get a lot of family photos out of   that one.
Today is at least   a day for proclaiming that we are   family and the makeup of family has certainly changed in recent years.  In schools the teachers don’t say anymore, go tell your parents to sign your homework, they know better.  Now they say,    seek   the adult you live with and have them sign your homework. Like many other things in life, the definition of family is changing.  The cereal Cheerios recently had advertisements for   their   breakfast food that featured a white   Mother, African American Dad and an adorable mixed race child.  The overwhelmingly response to the ad was positive but there   was hateful backlash on the Internet much of it were overtly racist.  There was so many negative comments, the company chose to take down the comments section off of the website for a while.
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It did not stop General Mills from running follow up ads with this same kind of family on Super Bowl Sunday, the most watched advertisement day of the year.  This time the family was going to share their Cheerios with a new family member.  It was the same company,   General Mills that commissioned Norman Rockwell to paint scenes from American family life in 1938.  The American family now is looking less and less than the images that were painted half   a century ago.  The difference in the family of 1965 and now is enormous says   Sociology Professor Andrew Turlington at John Hopkins University who has   been   writing about the American family for over three decades.
We are currently going through a period of extreme change in defining a family.  Marriage has hit an   all   time   low of 51% of Americans.  More than 15% of marriages are either interracial or inter-ethnic or both.  As for raising children, more than one million homes are raising children by a single parent. The  number of same sex parents with  children has risen to an all time high of 120,000 families.  In the 1950's, the  message was that there was only one kind of family.  It was the  married family as seen in the popular  Leave it to Beaver Show when dad was male and mom was female and they had biological children. He left home for work and she ran a perfect household with their perfect children.
Now we have popular TV shows like Mom’s and Modern Family that shares with  America  the new type of family.  We have gone to diverse pathways to  achieve happy families.  Should we even bother to have a Mother’s Day anymore?  There are blurred lines between even gender roles and   the   type of chores that men and women handle at home.  There are many stay at home Dads now making the cupcakes.  There are many same gender couples who have been married for many years choosing to be parents now.  No set Mom no set Dad.  Could Mothers  actually become a thing of the past?

Much of America still does not accept same  sex marriage.  It is legal in many states.  Even interracial couples on TV can draw a  negative response.  There’s definitely two groups of people out there.  One that accepts change and one that refuses   to change.  I think more emphasis should be spent on analyzing the quality of  life  children are receiving in any kind of family.  Perhaps they might be doing better without  a traditional Mother around.  We are not two Americans.  We are one  America going through a rebirth.  What will never change will be a desire to nurture children in a loving and tender way and that is what Mother was to most of us if we were lucky.  A Mother loves  you no matter what.  Love whoever raised you  today.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Disclosure and Investigation

Disclosure and investigation are two words that Donald Trump feels could never apply to him.  He has fired anyone who dares to mention Russia and his relationship with Putin. For years he demanded full disclosure wanting proof of Obama’s very existence. According to him, Obama’s birth certificate needed to be published everywhere or our nation couldn’t function. Donald was shouting from the mountain tops demanding disclosure and investigation even now about fake Obama issues. Obama showed the world that he is an American and an investigation proved that Obama did not wiretap Trump’s home. Now Trump is shouting about Comey recording conversations Trump had. Must we waste tax payer dollars investigating that too? Much time and money was wasted in asking for disclosure and an investigation into Hillary’s e-mails that has proved to not be a problem.
There is a double standard when it applies to disclosure and investigation of Trump. Why won’t he reveal his tax returns? Knowing how and where he earned his income from would immediately clear up many questions the American people have. Instead he ignores that question and throws out the press whenever they mention Tax returns. Trump fires anyone who has an investigation about his Russian ties even if you are the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His reason for the firing is simply, he wasn’t doing a good job. ”
The FBI has multiple inquires in progress. Will they just disappear with Comey’s firing? The House investigation seems to have disappeared. Why should Trump be at war with our FBI? He could clear up his innocence with full disclosure and an in-depth investigation and then this nation could go forward with issues to help the American people at large! We could care less about his bromance with other male Dictators until his dealings effect our money and influence. Questions being asked by FBI investigators include, “…there is the business side: Was there money laundering going on? Money from these Russian plutocrats that’s been washed through Trump’s real estate and businesses? That’s gotten overlooked, but Preet Bharara and the Southern District were supposedly looking into that.” Preet Bharara was one of 46 United States Attorneys who were suddenly and without notice fired by Trump in March. Obama never fired anyone for disclosure or an investigation into him.
What was notable about Preet Bharara getting fired in particular was that his jurisdiction in the Southern District of New York not only included the headquarters of the Trump organization but he was the prosecuting Attorney put in charge of investigating money laundering cases since so many banks are headquartered in Manhattan.  Trump has a history of firing anyone that gets too close to him. Included in Trump’s many lies is the fact that he mentioned that Preet Bharara would be able to keep his job if he became President. That all changed when Trump found out that the investigations were about his bank accounts. Then 47 heads rolled and lost their jobs. There still has not been any reason from the White House as to why the President changed his mind on that issue. Was Preet just “not doing a good job” too?
 How can ongoing demand for disclosure and the investigations be protected? American tax payers are supposedly getting answers from ongoing investigations from Congress, the FBI, money laundering investigations happening from the Treasury Department, and the Federal Prosecutors Office. Should Trump be able to pressure these investigations with people “recusing” themselves and instant firings?
We need to preserve the integrity of our Constitutional laws and the reputation of America. Trump is trapping himself as he hides under his new job and the self-imposed veil of secrets. Donald needs to display some integrity by freely disclosing and allowing investigations to continue and end with answers. What is he afraid of? What does he have to hide?

Friday, May 12, 2017

Trump Wins Again!

Trump wins again. The ethics in our country is no longer duty, honor and country. It has all been reduced to simply loyalty. Loyalty to Donald Trump. When Trump inherited Comey,  the Director of The FBI, who has been there all of Obama years in office and was hired by Bush as Attorney General, Trump asked him the most important question to Trump. Will you be loyal to me? Comey replied that he will always be honest. That answer was adequate as long as Comey was in fact loyal to Trump. Before the election Comey only made public the investigations into  Hillary and not into Russian intervention that his department knew about. Even after the election Comey was investigating whether to or not to prosecute Hillary for wrongdoings. That was fine with Trump until the Federal Bureau of Investigations decided that Hillary would not be prosecuted and that the Russian meddling in our government investigations would begin. When Comey asked for more money for the international investigations, he was denied and fired instantly. That proved to be disloyal to Trump. The longest serving FBI Director was J. Edgar Hoover who had his job for 47 years.
Trump won again when the House investigations went nowhere with its leader Nunez, resigning after it was known that he was supplying Trump with their leads. Now it is up to the Senate to investigate the Russian intervention. Trump already said he intends to cut funding to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He intends to hire a loyal servant to him for the replacement of Comey. The FBI Directors boss is Jeff Sessions, a loyal servant to Trump. He heads the Justice Department and in the recent past recused himself after failing to disclose his own contacts with the Russian Ambassador. His loyalty to Trump has him still in that job. The Trump investigations are going nowhere despite mounting incriminating evidence. Trump has loyal servants in every job that could incriminate him. The President recently threw all the American press out of the White House, invited the Russian press in to a meeting in the Oval Office with Russia’s Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador Kislyak who was the Russian that the now Fired Flynn was having dealings with about sanctions. Trump wins again.
Trump will win again even if a special prosecutor is chosen to lead an investigation into Trumps shady dealings with the Russians. The problem with a special council is that it will have to be appointed by   the FBI Director, the President   or the Deputy Attorney General. All these people are either Trump or his loyal subjects. A special prosecuting council will still have to report to Sessions in terms of bringing charges against him. Jeff Sessions is too loyal to Trump to bring any charges against him so, Trump wins again.
In the past special prosecutors brought charges against Nixon and Bill Clinton for offenses and successfully got them impeached. In this Presidency,   Trump fired just about everyone in our government and replaced key very important positions with his personal appointments regardless whether they   were qualified for the jobs they hold. The Secretary of Education never set foot in a public school but she contributed vast amounts of money to the Trump campaign. This nepotism and loyalty is now spread all over our government for Trump including the Republican led Congress and it will be virtually impossible to impeach the man.
Must the American people now band together and storm the gates of the White House and drag the imperialist dictator President and his family out of the premises and banish them from the land as the French people did many years ago during the French Revolution? Even that will be difficult to do since pussy hat protestors do not have the might of the additional $69 million dollars Trump just took out of tax payer dollars  for increased military spending that he would probably use against Americans if the protesting got to close to his palaces. Trump wins again.
Can we impeach Trump? There appears to already be 4 grounds to impeach Donald Trump with a fifth ground on the way. He has violated Article II Section 2 of our Constitution that states that he took an oath to, “ faithfully execute the laws and  the Constitution.” Trump is unfaithfully executing his duties as President by accusing Obama of doing an illegal and impeachable act without any evidence at all to support his accusations.
Article I Section 9 of the Constitution “forbids government officials from taking things of value from foreign governments.” Trump is making big money off his Trump International Hotel where foreign diplomatic delegations are being told to have their stay in America at his property. Also Trump gains to make millions of dollars by having his Trump brand being sold in China due to negotiated deals he made with China while he is President.
The First Amendment to the Constitution Bars any law “respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercising thereof. ” Trumps ban into America from six Muslim Countries which he initiated, advocated for and oversees violated this provision.
The First Amendment also bars “abridging the freedom of the press”. Trump’s labeling the press as “the enemy of the people”and choosing who he wishes to invite to news conferences based on whether they have given him favorable news coverage, violates this provision to the Constitution.

A fifth reason for impeachment of Trump, if the evidence is there, is, Article III Section III of the Constitution that defines “treason against the United States” as “adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort.” Evidence is mounting that Trump and his aids colluded with Russian operatives to win the 2016 Presidential election. Presidents can be impeached for what the Constitution calls “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” The question is no longer whether there is grounds to impeach Trump. The question is who will go forward with an Impeachment of this President? It is unlikely that the Republican majority Congress will go forward or the Head of the Justice Department will go forward or the Supreme Court will go forward with his new loyal appointment who holds the swing vote there. Trump wins again with his loyal appointments all over our government poisoning our Constitutional Rights for his personal and financial gains!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Corporate Food

Don’t teach your kids that old song O McDonald Has a Farm because the old farms with a chick, chick here and a chick, chick  there don’t exist anymore. The family owned farms are gone with their variety of farm goods and animals. Now, worldwide we have giant corporate farms that go on for acres propagating the same crop for automation. There are even “corporate seeds.” It is the way of farming for the future. But what happens if the system is compromised? Do we have worldwide famine and starvation? Variety and the prospect of mom and pop farms everywhere was better in that if one failed for any reason, there was another farm in good shape a few miles down the road.
The world’s agricultural systems are being threatened by the use of the same seeds. Bananas are one of the world’s most popular fruits eaten by billions of people every day. There was a British explorer in 1829 who brought the Cavendish type of banana to Europe and increased its popularity. Now practically every banana grown around the world is this variety of banana. They do not have seeds but they have the same genetic material. A fruit without seeds became very popular.  They can only grow by planting identical offshoots. So the hundreds of billions of bananas we all eat worldwide are direct clones of the Cavendish type.
Bananas are so cheap because the labor and land is corporate controlled. There is even the dancing Chiquita dancing banana girl in commercials who was born in 1944. The banana was virtually unknown to the western countries, but a massive corporate marketing effort has made it popular worldwide and available in supermarkets any time of the year. It is the cheapest fruit in the supermarket. How did they accomplish that? By military force to take land and force laborers in tropical places where the banana grows. Business has always been ruthless. The banana companies   took over countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia.
This corporate domination led to bloodshed, genocide and the term Banana  Republic which meant that the farms were not controlled by the native people and they were not being paid well for their labor. Corporate fruit companies have made these countries full of poor people. So, not only is a single crop dominating these areas, so is the same genetic material everywhere. Now generations of poor people cultivate the banana. Harry Bellefonte made famous a song called Dey- O describing the struggle of the poor plantation workers. In an average plant, 8 thousand boxes of bananas are shipped out every day 365 days of the year.
The problem with massive amounts of just one crop, disease can destroy an entire food supply quickly and that is what has been happening in many of these areas. What used to be green as far as your eye can see is now massive portions of land brown and barren. There   is   unusable land because of widespread disease. There is now a fungal reproduction Panama Disease running rampart that is devastating banana crops around the world. The disease can spread all over a country within 4 years and not only does it destroy a crop but makes the land diseased also. In Mindanao, Philippines the epidemic has destroyed the industry there. It used to be the second largest banana exporter in the world.

Corporate farming has created environmental disasters. These disasters can ruin our entire food supply and not just banana crops. When our crops are destroyed can chemists create new varieties of food?  Buried in the artic are seed banks trying to preserve in cold climates our so fragile seeds. 50 years ago there was a larger sweeter banana that suffered from disease and the smaller less sweet banana is what we eat now.  Chemists are now working on a new disease resistant banana. Corporate farming is halting the diversity of food on earth now. We must preserve that diversity of food and the diversity of farming in general. Support the Old McDonald farm and buy his products on the road side of the small farmer. It is the least we can do to preserve the world. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Apprentice Reality TV Show goes to Washington

The White House has become just another season of Trump’s reality show where he fires someone every week from their job. He has fired more people than any recent President. He has fired people who had jobs there for decades. Many voters only voted for him because he was well known on his TV show called The Apprentice. Even then he sat in the largest chair in the room surrounded by his kids criticizing   people and firing them. Most people don’t mind fresh faces in any job but this bully is taking over the entire school yard and only allowing those who wouldn’t dare to criticize him like any Dictator does. The problem with that mentality is that this is America where we welcome many points of view.
Related image
This dangerous ego-maniac is playing with too many lives. Even his ever so faithful Kelly Ann Conway hasn’t been seen lately. He just fired his ever so faithful FBI Director James Comey who only spoke out about Hillary’s e-mails and never got to testify about all the mounting evidence into Russian influence in our election. Is there anyone in our government who can stop the carnage of firings by Trump simply for his own self- preservation and not for any reason involving the real needs of our country? Comey’s departure can impact the investigation and Trump knows it. Trump plays a chess game by making up all his own rules and if anyone gets too close to his kingship he just throws them off the chess board. Well, the American people are not just pawns and he shouldn’t be able to simply toss people away for no good reason other than his paranoia.
James Comey was leading the investigation into whether associates of Mr. Trump aligned with the Russian Government to influence the American Presidential Election. That job puts Comey in a middle-man position. His boss the Attorney General in the Department of Justice was hired by Trump. Jeff Sessions is also suspect in his relations with the Russians. So, how can you investigate, find crooked dealings and have to report it to the very people who are accessories to the crimes? And then they have the power to fire you and they do? Our American government is a joke full of self-serving corruption. The majority Republican Congress has an agenda to erase everything that Obama touched from history at all cost as seen in their approval of a new inferior health care bill.
The White House has even fired its Chief Usher, Angela Reid. The person who simply opens the door and usher’s people into the place they wish to visit. Other duties is to “provide guidance on the furnishings, art and d├ęcor.” Maybe she got fired for suggesting that Trump shouldn’t put gold color in every room. She was the first female White House chief usher. There is video where she faithfully ushered out the press when he simply decided not to answer their pertinent questions. She was only the ninth chief usher since 1885. She is a black woman. Did Trump fire her due to racism, he seems to always surround himself with old white guys. One   historian Douglas Brinkley has suggested that “The Trump Administration seems worried about Obama’s spies…” What spies and for what reason? Obama is having the time of his life vacationing and going back to his love of public speaking on social issues. Obama’s days are been there done that. Trump even drove Comey crazy investigating his false accusations of wire-tapping his Trump Tower. Trump needs psychiatric help. Police Officers need to go under psychological testing before they get their job, why not a sick delusional President?
Comey was also appointed by President Obama and had about another six years to go on a ten year appointment. Trump allowed him to investigate Hillary and was disappointed that Comey did not prosecute Hillary for any wrongdoing. If she didn’t do anything wrong then how can she be  prosecuted  for something? Trump fired Comey because it was time to investigate and prosecute Trump!
Less than a month ago Trump said he had complete confidence in the FBI Directors decisions. Now he is fired. James Comey is only the second Director to be fired from the FBI. Representative Ron White of Oregon said in reaction to the firing news,”no one in Trump’s chain of command can be trusted to carry out an impartial investigation.”

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Power Hungry Putin

It is no longer a conspiracy theory. Too many factors point in the direction to the quest for world domination by Russia’s Putin. He has already overtaken the Ukraine, is financing the dictator in Syria, financed Trump and gained influence in America and just tried the same antics of intervention to sway the election in France. He has been in power in Russia for no other reason than he has successfully eliminated all opposition in their elections. Opposition leaders in Russia have gone missing, been murdered and put in jail for demonstrations. Our own FBI director has been influenced by Putin since he failed to report his known facts of Russian intervention in our election process yet in just days before the election, he made a very public yet another investigation into Hillary’s e-mails that swayed voters. Even now the investigations are bogus since his boss is an appointee by Trump.
Related imageSomeone in France saved the election there by disclosing in just 4 minutes before there could be no more discussion on the subject that Russia was hacking and publishing lies about their opposition candidate. We will never know if that disclosure of facts saved the election but it was crucial to get the information out to the voting public. In America it is clear that Putin’s boy was elected and that our election was tainted by the holding back of information by the FBI. It is clear that Trump and his boys should be held up for treason and that Hillary did nothing wrong. Now the American people must suffer too as the people of the Ukraine and Syria are suffering from the leadership of bad power hungry Dictators.
Power hungry Putin tried to get his newest Dictator into power in France but failed. It is almost the same events that happened in our election except Putin was successful in our election and got his guy elected. The exact same Russian hackers that influenced our election was working hard to influence the election in France. The French Presidential e-mails were leaked on line. What was different in France is that they have a rule dating back more than half a century that imposes a 44 hour timeout ahead of the polls’ closure. Luckily with just 4 minutes to spare someone told the public of the intervention. In America, Russian intervention could have been exposed up to the day of voting and no one exposed the truth. Putin won in America.
It was revealed in France before the election that the candidate Marine Le Pen received a $2.6 million payment from Russia to be wired to her personal account. Why? And why did Trump receive millions of dollars of Russian money for overrated real estate deals? Putin pays lots of money for his loyalty. His candidate vowed to pull France out of the EU and NATO. She wanted to promote France First policies and not to cooperate with other European nations. Trump has been alienating our traditional allies too. His policy is Trump first and has brokered big personal business deals with China and the Dictator of the Philippians who has not been fair to his own people.  
She like Trump was totally anti-immigrant. The same Russian hackers who targeted Clinton attacked Franc’s candidate Macron. Luckily the more popular candidate with the French people, Macron won the election despite the Russian intervention.  The Russians knew that Macron was the popular candidate and in a last minute attempt to destroy him they hacked his world. The fake data consisted of “diverse documents such as e-mails, accounting documents and contracts” hacked from the personal and professional accounts of some of his staffers all printed on line. Hillary didn’t have the opportunity to respond to her hacking but Macron condemned the “massive” hacking attack as the documents were being leaked. His campaign said that genuine files were mixed up with fake ones in order to confuse people. Maybe Clinton’s failure to be elected should be blamed on her campaign staff to not be more vocal in her defense. It is too late now in America for the blame game. The damage here has been done.
The Russian hacking group is called APT28. They are a hacking group associated with Russian intelligence. Last year they went under the name of Fancy Bear, APT 28 and it was determined that they were the group that was responsible for hacking the Democratic National Committee last year. Our FBI knew this and said nothing. At least Frances equivalent FBI exposed the truth there before it was too late. Four minutes before the silence deadline before the French election now President of France a statement from Emmanuel Macron on the Hacking Attack was released to the public. “EN MARCHE! Was the victim of a massive and coordinated piracy action this evening causing the dissemination of internal information of various kinds (e-mails, accounting documents, contracts…) on the social networks…” If Hillary was advised or knew this and published a similar statement, she probably   would have been our President now.
In just 4 minutes he was able to save his EN MARCHE! Campaign. Congratulations France for making truth and honesty prevail in your country.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Get Better in Cuba

If you have diabetes or lung cancer grab a raft and paddle your way to Cuba. You can’t take a flight there because they beat you up on flights now. You can’t get good health care in America because our lawmakers are having beer parties celebrating that they have achieved 1/3rd approval to cut about 26  million people from health care that won’t be covered for treatment either. In Cuba you will take a cab to the hospital in a well   kept classic car from the 1950’s and get a vaccine that will add at least ten years and more to your life. Only 10 years so far because the vaccine has only been available for the past 10 years. It will   stop the disease from spreading to your probably amputated limbs if treated in America, and clear your lungs so you can breathe again without coughing. Besides, the music in Cuba is uplifting too. Thanks to Obama, relations with Cuba has softened and only now are they trying clinical trials in America to see if these treatments can be approved in this country. To me the proof is in all the people of Cuba who are living good quality longer lives despite that their main products are sugar and tobacco.
Lung cancer and diabetes are only the beginning. There is the potential for an entire range of  Cuban drugs for breast cancer and even brain cancer to be used. In Cuba they also do a service to their communities that has never been done here in America. A doctor and his team will go door to door and give evaluations to each and every member in that home. That is what I call room service!Related image
In 2016 Obama became the first President to visit Cuba in nearly 90 years. He created the loosening of trade and travel restrictions to Cuba. What most people don’t know is that it also made it accessible for Americans to receive widespread medical advancements there. The door to door service that doctors provide is essential to the health care successes there. They can focus on preventative treatments by catching diseases before they do too much damage to your body. In America all too often people drag themselves to the doctor when it is too late to save their bodies. The costs are low and they are contributing to longevity in Cuba. Life expectancy in Cuba matches that in America but it costs less than one tenth of what we spend in America per capita.
While most of Cuba might look like it is stuck in the 1950’s their medicine is not. Cuba is producing more doctors than any other place in the world. The infant mortality rate is better than the numbers in America. As a small Communist country their health care system was built out of necessity. The 1960 trade embargo restricted Cuba from importing medicines from America so they had to develop cures and treatments on their own. Now they are at the forefront in innovation and inexpensive treatments. Their Diabetes drug Heberprot is eliminating 70% of diabetes related amputations there. It is a drug that heals foot ulcers and prevents amputations. Heberprot stimulates tissue growth and makes you heal quickly. In America they amputate your limbs.
Hundreds of thousands of people from 20 countries have saved their limbs thanks to Heberprot developed in Cuba. Anyone who has had to have a limb amputated could only expect another 4 or 5 years of life due to depression and the  problems associated with mobility without your limbs. So, the treatment is saving limbs and saving lives. That is enough of a “clinical” trial for me!
The United States has 30 million people suffering from diabetes. Because of the long standing trade embargo, Heberprot can not be used in America despite its excellent track record in the treatment of diabetes. Since we live in a global society it is time to keep politics out of our medicines and needs to help people all over the world!
It is not just medicines. All Cuban products have been banned for over 50 years. Their most famous exports are sugar and cigars. They know how to treat complications from over use of those products. Lung Cancer is the number one cancer in the world. Half of those diagnosed die within one year. Cuba has a life changing treatment for lung cancer. Cimavax is a lung cancer vaccine recently developed in Cuba. People suffering from stage 4 lung Cancer who are told they have less than one year to live are seeing a reversal in their Cancer and living ten years longer and counting with this new drug treatment. Cimavax is a vaccine that targets the immune system that stumps tumor growth. It was developed at the Center for Molecular Pulmonology and treated more than 5,000 patients. After 5 years 25% of the patients are still alive. It is impressive that any of them are still alive. So pack your bags and find your way to Cuba and bring your diseased body there for life saving cheap treatment. Yes, good health care is hard to find these days.

Dr. Kelvin Lee head of Immunology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Western New York in Buffalo, is the first doctor to attempt to bring this treatment to America.  Before clinical trials for FDA approval can be done here, additional road blocks must be overcome because permission must be given from the U.S. Treasury Department who must grant an exemption from the Trade Embargo. Political red tape must be stopped when saving lives is concerned! So make your raft to Cuba! Cimavax is now being tested in the treatments for colon cancer, head and neck cancer and prostate cancer. There is a whole range of Cuban drugs waiting to be used around the world to treat breast   and brain cancer too if only political differences could be put aside. We could all benefit from Cuba’s low cost and beneficial treatments. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Unfriendly Skies

There was a time when traveling by air was a pleasurable, luxurious and restful experience. What happened? There used to be trusted airliners like Pan Am and TWA, Trans World Airlines. They are gone now. Travel Agents used to hand you all you needed. Now you have to book your own flights. Pilots were the epitome of professionalism and handsomeness. Now many pilots are removed from flights for arriving to work intoxicated. There was a standard for stewardesses to be beautiful, thin and all within the same height. Now they come in all shapes and sizes. If you are into gay guys who like to bend over and hand you a drink, you will find him on a flight. If your flight was delayed for any reason or cancelled the airlines would offer you complimentary hotel rooms for a night. Now people sleep on the cold floor in the terminal. If your   flight was delayed  sitting on the runway they used to offer you complementary blankets, pillows drinks and snacks. Now you are told to shut up and sit down indefinitely. If you dare to go to the bathroom the entire flight will be cancelled. Quite often there would be empty seats next to you and you could spread out. Now flights are usually overbooked and you have to give up your paid seats for flight personnel or get beat up and dragged off the plane.  Do you wonder why frustrations are high on air travel these days and horrific tempers are raging in that small space of an airplane?
Related imageTraveling by air has become a living nightmare. There was a fistfight on a plane at the gate in Japan on ANA Airlines. Two girls were thrown off a flight for wearing stretch pants on a United Airlines flight. A doctor was assaulted and was dragged off another United Airlines flight bloody and with broken teeth after he refused to give up his paid seat. A family was thrown off a Delta flight because they refused to give up their paid toddler’s seat. American Airlines took a stroller away from a mother with two babies on board. United also killed a passengers large bred bunny on a flight with no explanation. This is all so outrageous it should be scenes on those old Airport comedy movies from the eighties. But this is no joke it is our present reality. Why?
Congress is having hearings on how air travel can be improved. I am not sure how much progress they will have on the subject since they are now on another two week vacation they voted for themselves. They are so rich that they probably take only expensive private planes everywhere and get to avoid the evasive pat downs allowed in some of your most private areas by the TSA. They also get to avoid getting their belongings taken away too. Most people get their shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and shaving cream taken away which is pretty much everything a terrorist doesn’t use but you can’t have it either. They just walk on their flights. You have to strip down first and remove your shoes, belts and all your valuables   during  the two hours you need to arrive early for your flight. Could all this have something to do with tempers flaring?
United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz was at the Congressional hearing but no executive is even addressing the problem where it starts with the various costs for the same seats on the same flights now! There is no apologizing for the price gouging. You can be bumped from a flight because of the type of ticket you buy.  United Airlines policy says, “ The priority of all other confirmed passengers may be determined based on a passenger’s fare class… frequent flyer program membership” as stated in their United Airlines Contract of Carriage. So, simply buying a ticket is not good enough.

Do you even know what fare class you are buying? Most people search to try to find the cheapest deals. Ask anyone sitting near you waiting for the same flight and no two people will have paid the same price for their same type of seat. Prices can change usually to a higher price while you are booking the flight. With Memorial Day approaching and you want to get out of town quickly. They say to be a loyal flyer with the same airliner. You might not get thrown off a flight if you have a spending record with the airline. Avoid hub-to hub flights. Choose off days to travel not busy times or days when business travel is at a peak. So, Bon Voyage maybe! Take your chances with the friendly skies!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Trump's Playgrounds

Does this ego-maniac care about anyone other than himself? He apparently does not care about the deficit since his habits cost us millions of dollars each day as he moves somewhere unnecessarily. Donald Trump has not even visited Camp David which is traditionally the Presidential playground. He prefers to visit his properties on weekends disrupting the peace of the towns they are in and causing much more work for our Secret Service and the small Police forces of the areas. Why can’t Congress reel him in and control his spending of our tax paying dollars? Did we vote to keep his properties protected and have him   live in the lap of luxury at our expense   while most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck?
Related image
Just flying Trump to Mar-a-Lago twice cost at least $1.2 million dollars. He already did 7 trips to Florida so far; so do the math. Soon Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida will be closing for the season. Do you think we will be finally saving some money? Hell NO! He has already moved on to visiting his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster Township, New Jersey. Meanwhile Trump Tower in New York about an hour away is getting 24/7 Secret Service protection too. He can’t even choose among properties near each other. Selfish!
Bedminster   Township is an affluent community where the average household earns at least $200,000 per year. They like their quiet peace there but with Trump descending on their town now as President, attention and disruption has already caused havoc there that they didn’t pay for or want. The infrastructure in this town isn’t set up for large crowds that he seems to draw where ever he goes. The Presidents club is about a mile down a two lane road that doesn’t even have room for the large amounts of media that covers his moves all the time. We have to foot the bill for the extra security in New Jersey too?
Related imageTrump National Golf Club sits on a 36 hole  golf course. The place includes a pool, dining area and several cottages and suites. Membership costs about $300,000 per season. It is the location   where the President’s daughter Ivanka married Jared Kushner in 2009. It is also the place where Trump once said he wanted to be buried. He spent days there as President-elect interviewing potential Cabinet Members. Protecting the President could be costly for the Town of Bedminster since the town has only 16 Police Officers. The security costs around the areas near Mar-a-Lago cost Palm Beach about $3.5 million dollars. No other President has ever been so selfish! They stayed and moved into the 132 room   White House and relaxed at Camp David that already has budgeted excellent security in place.
Related imageThe Mayor of Bedminster predicts that it will cost the town about $300,000 dollars in extra security for just this summer alone. Trump could afford his own army of security to follow him around. It shouldn’t be costing the citizens of any state for his playgrounds. These towns do not even have that kind of extra money in their budgets. Many residents of the town are not happy and want their privacy. The Mayor is already asking for Federal funds to defray the costs of Trump’s impromptu visits. There are already flight restrictions in place in the area. A ten mile no flight zone will impact flights in and out of Newark Liberty International Airport. Americans are already experiencing too much stress involving airports and flights and do not need more delays for Trump to play golf. Smaller planes from smaller airports in the area will probably not even be allowed to take flight anymore from that location.

Somebody put a leash on the man and encourage him to go bowling in the White House lanes or something!

Friday, May 5, 2017

The New We Could Care Less About You Health Plan for America

The unhealthy health care bill was passed in the House yesterday just 6 weeks after another attempt was voted down. This disappointment was passed without a single Democratic vote and now gives credit to Trump for having achieved his first legislative victory. The Republicans just wanted to erase another trace of Obama from current history at the expense of all Americans. It is a horrible plan that excludes many from basic healthcare. It is ironic that the bloated rich men from the House have an excellent health care plan provided to only Federal employees that they voted for themselves years ago. They could care less about the average American because they receive 5 plans to choose from that all includes a wide range of benefits. The elite bastards get hospital, surgical, physician, mental health, prescription drugs, emergency care and even “catastrophic” benefits. They even gave themselves a HRA that is a Health Reimbursement Arrangement! So, then what the hell do they care about John Q. Public’s health? This plan proves they could care less about you plan!
The greatness about Obama care is that it included everyone. The main problem with Obamacare was the cost it was costing to the middle class with deductions from their pensions and pay checks to pay for all that care. Why couldn’t our precious lawmakers just come up with a better way to pay for the monster cost to insure everyone? They could have offered a bond program to investors or better yet taxed the billionaires. They wouldn’t even notice the cost that they could probably deduct from their taxes. No, they have to erase all the good in Obamacare too for their own pompous reasons.  The only good in this is that the passing of this new plan is only one third into the final approval process. It still has to be approved in the Senate and more approvals after that. Hopefully it will get shot down again in the Senate.
This inadequate plan will still  cost the middle class to brunt the cost of it and will exclude many American’s from health care. So what have they accomplished here? This plan wants you to buy insurance and get tax credits. The problem is that many low income and older Americans would get less than under Obamacare. The baby boomers are all senior citizens now. That is a lot of seniors that need healthcare not less care. This unfair plan will allow insurers to charge older people 5 times more than younger people. This nonsense reminds me of the banks who give loans out to only the people that can prove that they have assets and don’t really need a loan.
This plan will leave 24 million people without coverage. 14 million people will have Medicaid cuts. The fact is that many millions of people will be left to die if this plan gets final approval. The Senate won’t be going to tweak this plan till June so go to the doctor now while you still can. People with pre-existing health problems should really be concerned. Obamacare covered your ongoing health problems. This selfish plan wants to allow states to file a waiver from the requirement that guarantees coverage so if your state doesn’t want to have it, you die!
America has a population of people that do not get health insurance from their jobs, Medicare or Medicaid.  With this horrible bill we will be going back to the problems before Obamacare where you had to be able to afford healthcare and where conditions like Cancer, Heart Problems, Obesity, Sleep apnea, Mental disorders,  HIV, Pregnant or Transgender  of which insurers could now deny you coverage or jack up rates for these people with pre-existing conditions. Do we want to be charged more for insurance if we need ongoing health care? Many of these people with these types of conditions are too sick to even work. How the hell are they going to pay for the care they need to survive?  The lawmakers don’t care about us because as Federal employees they get all the care they need for just about anything.
The vote to repeal and replace Obamacare is a disaster. Obama care provided “maternity care, emergencies services and preventative services” it was simply help for all. This new plan allows  “ states to waive the benefit rules and set up their own standards.” Do these bloated lawmakers think that people get sick differently from state to state? Sick is sick and it can happen anywhere! Ready to get really sick? This new bill will cut taxes for the wealthy up to $883 Billion dollars! Now I feel really sick and better get some help before my state decides to opt out and not cover my illness and my insurance company will raise the rates just because I am so very sick!

So I just took what is left of my blood pressure pills and hope they will last before they aren’t covered under my prescription plan either. Now the complex approval process continues for them to say that Obamacare is dead. The new plan now goes to the Senate and has to be discussed in front of a committee and then gets debated on the Senate floor where Amendments can be added to then be voted on by the Senate version of the bill. Then a conference committee irons out the differences between the two versions of the bill to then be voted on again this time by the House and Senate and then sent to the White House or whatever resort the main blowhard President is at for him to sign into law. So, they are just winners at the beginning of a very complex process. It is so sad that Obamacare that already went through this very complex process and was approved couldn’t have just been tweaked to be even a better plan than this mess we have now!