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Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to make beautiful hairstyles for long hair (Entertainment)

Your hair is very important to others. It speaks volumes about you before anyone even knows your name. Yes, appearance is everything at least at first meeting. With just one look, people can make a quick assessment if you are rich or poor depending on the quality of your clothes, they will look at your skin, feet and nails to decide on your hygiene and most of all they will look at your hair and in particular at your hair style to determine whether you are trendy, conservative or just plain clean. The most care on a daily basis must be done to your hair and if you dare to grow your hair out long you are asking for a lot of maintenance to look just right.

Related imageIf you are skillful and knowledgeable, it is possible to manage your own long hair however there are professionals that make a living managing other people’s long hair. There is a reason for this lucrative profession because most people don’t have the time or the skills to maintain that unruly mop of hair on their own head.  Men are now trending to spending time on their man bun on the top of their head as a cool hairstyle for long hair on men. Long hair on men used to imply that they were probably a rock star or punk or that they were more frivolous or less successful. Not anymore. Not only are men growing their hair long, they are regularly even for businessmen putting it up in a man bun.

For women, every pony tail, plait and chignon is an important do in order to look great and be noticed. If you have curly or wavy hair there are certain hairstyles great for your natural texture. If you have straight hair, braids are always easy and beautiful. A good up do hairstyle can take you anywhere from the gym to an elegant affair if done just right. Hair only grows about a half inch per month so if you have a really long mane, you might just want to show it all off in its long glory but you still need to maintain it in a good shaped cut with no split ends and a good healthy texture. Yes, wearing it all out is a hairstyle too.

Related imageTo make any beautiful hairstyle for long hair you will need tools and some basic ideas. For a long curls hairstyle use a mouse to damp hair then blow dry sections using a paddle brush for loose curls on the ends. Another hairstyle is a sleek low ponytail. Use a sleek heat spray then flat iron the mane in sections.  Then tie it in a low pony tail. A favorite hairstyle with many women is the timeless side part. Flat iron the hair as you would do for the pony tail hairstyle but this time use a tail comb to part it deep on one side. Brush the hair to smooth the part and then blend in some hair oil to smooth out the top finally use fine control hairspray to keep the part in place no matter what your activity rate is.  Most of all enjoy and flaunt your beautiful long hair.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

How to Bring Taste in Cooking Foods (Others)

Related imageWe are all living beings that need essential food to live and exist. There will always be different kinds of foods that people prefer especially depending on the region where they live but the basic ingredients are world- wide. Where ever we travel most of us are used to a vegetable, bread or rice, meat or eggs. With these   basic ingredients, something editable can be cooked for someone else in your particular style or preference to share.  Then the worry sets in. Will they like the foods I have chosen to share? Are they allergic to some ingredient? Have they chosen to be Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Carnivores, Macrobiotic? Should I throw out most of the ingredients and then serve what is left raw? Forget dinner, let’s go to a movie!

No, regroup and eat that meal that others have prepared especially for you. Weather it is a friend or relative or a new restaurant, others prepare a lot of your meals yet they do not know your exact taste preferences. It doesn’t matter what they serve you including exotic things, chances are you will eat anything as long as it tastes good.  Tasting something is like a sexual experience bringing in all the emotions and sensations of smell, looks and sound along with the sensation on your tongue of sweet, salty, bitter or sour that can bring on any number of instant facial expressions for your tired hosts to see. Tasting cooked foods is an experience for all.

Related imageRestaurants want you to return again so they take no chances with your preferences. They will put on the table for you all sorts of spices and herbs to try to satisfy your taste preferences before you even order anything. Most places will have the salt and pepper shaker. Others will include the butter or oil and vinegar bottles. Pizza places will have an assortment of spices like oregano, parsley, hot pepper, parmesan   cheese all in shakers so you can make the taste in their cooked food explode. Even coffee houses have shakers with spices like vanilla,

chocolate powder, nutmeg, cloves and ginger to satisfy your taste buds while drinking their coffee. Then it is rare to find two people who like any food or beverage exactly the same way.
We are spoiled when it comes to our food. We want it all the way we like it. If it is boiled food we like to add salt or butter or sugar   or all of it to bring out flavor in hot soft foods like vegetables or rice or mashed potatoes. On our meats we like the spices or rubs that include hot sauce or catsup or cumin. Each region on earth has their particular spice preference to create Italian or Indian or Middle Eastern tasting foods. Without spices there wouldn’t be much to taste on anything anywhere. Then there is Chinese and Tai or Vietnamese foods with their unique sauces and spices.  Now I’m really hungry!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Some New Ideas for Business in Your City

Everyone wants to make more money, a new source for income but how? A new business is the way to go but what new business? In my city, New York City new businesses crop up all the time but what is a really new idea that everyone can benefit from? If you look in any business directory there can be as many as 85 Million businesses out there making money. The real question is what business is perfect for you to be happy with and will keep you motivated to want to make it grow to its greatest potential? Yes, a wish list just like we hope for in our children.

Related imageA new idea that is trending lately is clubbing for children. You already bought them everything they need or want, the TV, I Phone, I Pad, X Box all the video games they want but what you didn’t get them yet is the fun they see the older kids having. The dance club life. Imagine the music thumping, the lights flashing, the bar has requests for Shirley Temples with two cherries and the six year olds are having a blast! A great deal would be to manage a business geared to children aged six through twelve to buy a membership at a VIP club located at any already established hot night club only you only want to rent the venue for Sunday afternoons.

To add to the fun and excitement you can have 8 year olds being the DJ or add balloons, hats, glow sticks or even party games. Yes, a party every weekend with Mom or Dad on the sidelines taking pictures and swaying to the beat too. We all could use a bit more fun in our lives and there is no greater fun than good music   along with other people who crave fun and not just clicking at all our electronic devices. What could be better than safe fun where kids can feel like grownups and enjoy an activity they always hear about adults doing while they get to stay home with a babysitter?

Related imageThe business plan would be to sell memberships, advertise on all social media, organize thematic events and increase your e-mail and credit base with new locations and the focus on memberships by even advertising through schools. You can even offer contests for free memberships for the   child who reads the most books in a time period and get all the kids in his or her class involved in asking for a club membership on their wish list.

Even if you do not like this new idea, whatever your new business dream is, you will need a practical action plan, education and tools to open your doors to the public to establish a good customer base.  Get your dream business started and then work on increasing profits, improve employee and customer satisfaction and most importantly, achieve a work/life balance for yourself. Do not let any business venture take the fun out of your life. Go clubbing! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Your Country

America has some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. We are probably most famous for the Great Lakes region   in Northeastern North America. They comprise the largest lakes on earth and  are five interconnecting lakes known individually as Lake Erie,  Ontario  near the Canadian Border, Superior, Michigan-Huron that interconnect. Their beauty lies in their vastness and source for great drinking water that is bottled for sale. The waters are so deep and vibrant that they are also known as the Inland Seas. Their characteristics are much like the ocean with currents and waves from the winds.
Related image
The Finger Lakes of Upstate New York is number nine   because of the beautiful foliage around the eleven long and narrow roughly north and south lakes. Tourists   love to visit   since their coastlines are dotted with lodges and resorts and restaurants. There are organized   festivals   to enjoy as well as the lake life of swimming and fishing.

Eight is Lake George also located in the north eastern region. This calm lake is popular to relax near and simply take in the breathtaking views of the Adirondacks Mountains surrounding the lake great for horseback riding and camping.

My seventh choice is to go across the country to California and see   Lake Tahoe known for its activities like hot air ballooning, kayaking, fishing and touring the historic mansions that dot the coast line. There is even a casino nearby if you are the gambling type.

Visit the lake part of the Colorado River in Texas as my sixth choice, Lake Austin is   a reservoir where people from the city of Austin often visit to get cool.  This lake is also used for power generation and flood control but beautiful.

Related imageTry some different lakeside activities for my fifth choice at Lake Geneva.   We have a Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. Most people here enjoy activities like sailing, parasailing and playing golf along the scenic shoreline.
The ultimate in lake activities is my fourth choice at Table Rock Lake in Missouri. It is a massive lake of 50,000 acres of water surrounded by the Ozark Mountains and a great place to jet-ski, speed boat racing and scuba dive.

If it is the scenery you crave more than activities, visit my third choice lake area Crater Lake in Oregon where   water circles   the collapse of the Mount Mazama   Volcano and   is the deepest lake in America.

Number two is Lake Powell in Utah that is a man-made lake reservoir known for its beauty; the contrast of blue clean clear water against the backdrop of red rising sand-stone rocks of a desert is beautiful.

Related image
The number one most beautiful lake is Yellowstone Lake in Wyoming in the winter that is magical beauty with nature at its most powerful showing us mere humans the power of the earth and its geysers along the West Thumb shoreline.  What makes America’s lakes so beautiful is the lake themselves and all nature provides not the playground humans make of the waters.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Engineering Education Departments Degrees and Directions in your Country (Education)
Related imageIn the United States my Country, the emphasis on educating our students in the fields of engineering is not as great as in other countries yet we still produce most engineers. It is difficult to compare schools around the world because each engineering school has a different emphasis. Overall United States and just about any other developed country like Japan produce the most engineers in the world. Russia leads the way followed by the United States but even that statement could be wrong since no one really tabulates the amount of engineering education department degrees found   in China or India.

We will focus on America’s schools. The important focus is to find the schools that emphasize not only the various types of engineering subjects to major in but to also focus on the schools who will be training teachers of engineering schools. One that stands out further than all the others is Clemson University that has a Department of Engineering and Science Education with various teaching courses one can take. Utah State University also stands out because they have a Department of Engineering and Technology Education. East Carolina University in Greenville N.C. has a Department of Engineering, College of Technology and Computer Science. At Purdue University there is the School of Engineering Education in Indiana. They are all fine schools that have extensive studies in the field of educating engineers. America should be proud of the teaching possibilities offered in the country.

Related imageSo if you have narrowed it all down to about five key choices to choose from now choose what type of engineering you are interested in. There can be as much as 40 very different types of engineering degrees to choose from. Subjects like aerospace, biomedical, construction, civil, industrial, computer, electrical, electronics, mechanical, robotics and the list goes on and on. The choices are all so interesting and all vital to assist in a growing economy that is in constant need for professionals in each and every one of these fields.  Important is the science and math of these degree types but equally important is to have the ability to teach these detailed subjects and that involves an entire different talent. Science and math geeks are easy to find but to find one who is also talented in sharing their experience and knowledge in an easy and understanding way can be the most valuable teacher, employee and director of any project.

Related image

We discussed engineering, departments, degrees but what about the directions America is going to stress? All fields of engineering is very important to a thriving economy however, the United States spends most of its budget on the Military. America may not be sending men to the moon anymore but this country is the leader in satellites and military operations through aerospace. America gives the world navigation satellite technology for free. We need to continue our superior strength in aerospace engineering and produce the best teachers and students in this field. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Related imageThis country has so much cleaning up to do even in areas you would think were covered and done well. Look at the court rooms and you will see the same lawyers there every day and nothing goes to trial and most people are convinced to take a plea bargain just to clear the room. Are they really guilty or have they been advised to make a deal? Who are these public defenders anyway? We know them mostly as the people they talk about when you are being arrested and your Miranda Rights are being said to you. You know the stuff that says, “You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. If you can’t afford an attorney we will provide you with the   most overworked underpaid non caring lawyer on earth!” Well maybe not exactly like that.

The right to have an attorney is one of the greatest things provided to everyone arrested. It is a law that we only had since 1963. When the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that any person who is too poor to hire a lawyer cannot be assured a fair trial unless a lawyer is provided for them. It is a concept so obvious you find it hard to believe that there was a time we didn’t have the law. The problem now is that the public defender’s office is swamped with too many cases. It seems that no one can afford to pay a lawyer to defend them these days.  Now there are anywhere from 60 to 90% of defendants who need a publicly funded attorney.

It is not unusual that 20 public defenders could be handling up to 250 cases. In New Orleans each public defender has 350 cases   to defend at a time. In Fresno County they handle 1000 felonies per year meanwhile the state guidelines state only 150 felonies. The states aren’t even following their own rules. With caseloads that heavy a public defender does not have the time to prepare a proper defense. Some counties don’t even have a public defender’s office.  So their solution is to never go to trial. The lawyers try to convince their many clients to plead guilty and end the case. 90-95% of people end in guilty pleas.

Related image

It is easy not to care about poor criminal types but a lot of them are poor and not guilty of any crime, they just don’t have anyone to prove it for them. Some plead guilty because they feel they have no alternative. They want to get back to their families. If they don’t plead guilty they can remain in jail just waiting for a trial. If they do plead guilty they get years on probation where they can not apply for welfare. The system is flawed and needs to be run properly. I place total blame on Congress who pays attention more to their own vacation times and perks than straightening out the judicial system. Any one accused of a crime should be able to have more time to make decisions that can affect your entire life.

Related imageThe public defender’s system is dangerously under resourced. 40% of all county-based public defender offices have no investigators staff. Without someone to research a defiance how can anyone represent a client? It is the old age story. If you have money you can buy the best representation in court. If you are poor, good luck finding a poor lawyer who has the time to discuss your case. Access to a lawyer is supposed to be a Constitutional right that seems to be coming more often a threat. In 4 states, Maine, Virginia, Nebraska and Missouri you can make so little money that you can apply for food stamps but still not be poor enough to get state funded representation in court. If the Supreme Court can rule on same sex marriage for every state why can’t they vote on same representation for poor people in every state?

In at least 40 states you can be billed for a public defender. How can you tell someone the service of an attorney is free and then charge them for it? This is not Candy Crush this is the way our nation performs justice! People are being held in jail simply for fees they can’t pay. How can you work to pay the fees if you are being held in jail? The cost to keep in jail are more than the fees. It is all so stupid. So here we are 50 years later where poor people are being charged for an obviously broken system. Hold hope that a politician somewhere in America will take on issues that ate important to all Americans.    

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Related imagePoor Mr. Trump. It seems that things are beginning to backfire for him even more. Ever since his opening statements on the first day of his Presidential campaign promises to build a wall on the Mexican border he has lost endorsements, TV shows, most Mexican voters and a few key associates. Trump fired his chief political advisor Roger Stone who in a Tweet said he quit. I wouldn’t build a wall in front of anyone who wanted to come to this great country. I would document each and every one and make sure they had a job and paid taxes. They all want a job and a safe place to live.
This time of year is harvest season for the north east but in Florida it is picking season all the time and they need the workers there willing to make a fair wage. The problem is that for years there was nothing fair for the migrant worker. Trump should be talking more on how we can become a more fair and vibrant country to the world. Most news of our workers re of harsh conditions and poor wages. It is time that things get turned around for our farm workers so that every piece of editable food can be picked for someone to enjoy and be fortified.

Related imageFor decades the tomato farms of southern Florida were well known for their terrible working conditions. The area was known for sexual harassment, wage problems and child labor. Now there is a growing grass root program that is working to make things better there. It is costing us a   little more at the checkout but the benefits are helping the poor workers make a better living. People have been discussing the migrant worker problem for 50 years. In 1960 there was a show called Harvest of Shame that for the first time showed America the poor conditions these people had to work in. It was a Edward R. Morrow documentary. Farmers said that we used to own our slaves, now we just rent them.
Americans were so horrified by what they saw that Congress passed new labor laws but little changed and no one enforced them. In 1985 Dan Rather reported another story called Harvest of Shame. He emphasized that the conditions were still horrible. There are about a million migrant workers in the United States. Towns like Immokalee swells every winter with workers looking for work. Farms in Florida grow 90% of the tomatoes we eat in the winter. A group formed the CIW the Coalition for Immokalee Workers to take care of worker’s rights.  For 7 years the CIW tried marches and strikes. Tomato farmers refused to talk to them.

Related imageIn 200 the CIW began to pressure fast foods and grocery corporations. In 2005 these buyers with clout like Taco Bell signed on to the CIW’s Fair Food Program. Buyers agreed to pay an extra penny per pound for tomato. The money would go to workers. More than a dozen fast food chains and retailers like KFC, SUBWAY, Pizza Hut, Whole Foods, signed on to the program. Recently, McDonald's, Trader Joe’s and last year Walmart joined in the group which sells 20% of the nation’s tomatoes. Walmart was featured in the 2014 documentary called Food Chains. Tom Leech a Senior VP, of Walmart said they are proud to pay more to help the workers. Now the tomato farmers finally got the message to stop the mistreatment of their workers.

Now there is a Fair Foods Counsel that is an independent group that inspects participating farmers and holds them accountable. There is zero tolerance for forced labor, child labor and sexual harassment. They will provide mandated shade. The supermarket chains have not signed up into the program.  The large corporations who have signed up have generated $20 Million dollars for the workers according to the Food Standards Council. That translates to a typical food picker worker an additional $60-80 dollars per week.  But nationally 58% of all U.S. farm workers make less than $20,000 per year according to the U.S. Department of Labor. 25% of them live in poverty.

Mr. Trump should be picking on the billionaires like himself who eat the tomatoes the poorest people in America pick for him. The penny extra a pound program is having a big impact for the poor people of America. It has taken 50 years for the people of America to ignore the farmers and work for the people and help them directly. The program needs to expand to every crop in the country and help any worker who wants to work here.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Related imagePucker up is what you do when you want to take that friendship to the next step. Or it may be the last time you are going to see this person again so you leave with a goodbye kiss. It is all about intimacy, really meaning something to you. There are many different ways to be with someone but kissing is a way to intimacy and closeness, According to scientists saying that a couple has chemistry isn’t a cliché. Most folks remember their first kiss better than they remember their first sexual encounter and about 2/3 of people tilt their head to the right when they kiss according to a national study.
At the moment of a kiss there is a very complicated exchange of information involving cues, logistics and odors and even the exchange of saliva according to Evolutionary Psychologists. The cues can also determine for you if she or he would make a good genetic match according to Gordon Gallop Jr. an Evolutionary Psychologist at the State University in Albany.  A kiss can become a test for finding a mate.  He surveyed thousands of college students and he has found that a kiss on the first date can be the kiss of death for a relationship. They thought they were perfect for each other until that first awkward sloppy kiss that said, ”Stop! No More! Ugh”

What interests  analysts about kissing the most is its universality. 90% of people around the world kiss as part of their culture.  The first examples of people kissing comes from ancient India in their primitive sculpture. That is about 3,500 years ago. There is a book out called The Science of Kissing by Sheril  Kirshenbaum. She suggests that even when animals push their lips or faces together, it can involve an emotional connection. Men and women  do kiss differently. Men seem to want open mouth kissing sooner than women. Open mouth kissing with tongue contact is 3 times more likely to end up with sex.  Saliva has trace amounts of testosterone. Kissing may raise the level of testosterone and bring on the sex.

Related image
OK I know I am making kissing sound disgusting and I should probably stop reading books altogether from now on but another interesting fact is that saliva can contain as much as 80 Million bacteria that you are swapping with a good tongue kiss with a mate. So, in essence you can be catching someone’s cooties. The good part of this germ exchange is that it can be a boost to your immune system. So, the kiss is one of history’s most enduring activity and still can contain mysteries. As the scientists are studding we still have a lot to prove as to why a kiss is still just NOT just a kiss.  Mwah Baby!

Fact: Passionate kissing burns 2 calories a minute. A Hershey’s kiss is 22.2 calories. So find a mate to kiss and lose weight.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

In the first game of the season the Dallas Cowboys came from behind and won over the New York Giants. The National Football League is full of arrogant billionaire owners of teams who   often mistake their good fortune for good business sense. Jerry Jones even thinks he is the only person who can also be the team’s manager. He is in his 70’s and still feels like he is the only one to make the big decisions. In Dallas football seems to be more of an obsession than a sport. He bought the team back in 1989 but still acts like it is the first day at the job full of excitement. After 26 at the top he has accomplished the impossible.

Related image

Related imageHe needs to be respected because he built the most spectacular stadium in the NFL and sells more tickets, merchandise, advertising just about more anything than any other owner. It has made the Dallas Cowboys the most valuable sports team on the planet. They are worth 4 billion dollars.  How do you do that when your team hasn’t gone to the Super Bowl since 1996? He makes losers look like winners and for the past 20 years he has been in charge of every major decision. The New England Patriots have gone 7 times to the Super Bowl in this time period and they are not worth as much money as Dallas. How does Jerry Jones do it?

He spent $100 million dollars on his star quarterback Tony Romo trying to get to the elusive Super Bowl but after only 2 weeks of play he is already out with a broken collarbone, who is 35 years old and has never been to the Super Bowl. Jerry and Tony are too old for the sport.  Jerry was a football player and won a national championship for Arkansas many years ago. Then at age 23 he gave up playing and decided to be an owner and spent many years getting money together to by a team. He borrowed money from a labor union, yes, Jimmy Hoffa to open up a chain of Pizza Places.  Hoffa had ties with the Mafia so in essence Jerry became married to the Mob.  

Related image
They gave him enough money to buy the Chargers. He left the deal because he was afraid he would never be able to replace those men. So Jerry found another line of work in the oil and gas business and struck it rich enough that he could buy the Cowboys. He paid a staggering $170 million dollars for the team. It was more then than any owner paid for any team. He was 46 years old at the time. He turned the team around quickly and won 2 Super Bowls then silence because he fired the General Manager who was winning and hired himself. There wasn’t room for the both of them in the organization.

People love and hate Jerry   He even hires players who have criminal pasts. Star player Greg Hares  who  was   arrested for trying to kill his girlfriend and was not fired by Jones.   Owning the largest stadium is not enough for him. He is also building a large development dedicated to the Cowboys that will include fields, shopping, office space, hotel and practice place for the team covered and air conditioned. Another first for America. Now he still needs to win a Super Bowl with an injured highly paid old quarterback.                                                                   

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Related image
The Pope has taken his first trip to America and he is here now. I find it amazing that millions of Cubans filled the streets singing religious songs and reciting prayers and The Pope saying Mass from a giant Cathedral in a country that is   Communist and not worshiping any God for the past 50 years?  Yet, there he was to the delight of millions.  I am a practicing Catholic and my wife will tell you that I need to practice.  The Pope is known throughout the world and is the spiritual leader to over a Billion Catholics. Being Pope must be a tough job because the last Pope quit. The Vatican says you are supposed to speak for God until you die. Most people don’t list Pope as a possible   career goal.

Related image Pope Francis is looking forward to making people want faith again, He is warm and genuine. While Donald Trump wants to build walls to keep people away and other Presidential Candidates are saying h would never accept a Muslim into higher office. This Pope says,   “Who am I to judge others?’ Meanwhile the world expects him to be the most judgmental of all people on earth. This Pope speaks about tolerance and acceptance of all people. He does not threaten you that he will chop off your head if you do not follow his religion.  The world is responding to his humility.  In this world of Putin, ISIS and Trump it is so nice for a world leader to say. Peace to all.

This Pope is more popular than ever because he is different. Before this Pontiff came to his position the Catholic Church was known for all that it is against. Against abortion, against gay marriage, against birth control and widespread pedophilia amongst their Priests. Pope Francis comes along and he is known as a Pope who really cares about the poor, he is concerned about the environment and he wants to preach the love of God and how we should stop senseless war and suffering among people.  He has a message that we all need to hear. Since March 2013, when he came to the title of Pope he said no more business as usual. It started with his choice to be the first ever Pope Francis taking the name of a Saint who lived in poverty.

Most Americans approve of the way he is leading the church. This month he decided that Priests can absolve women who have had abortions. He gives us all renewed faith that all will get better.

Monday, September 21, 2015

How did one old unfit man be a billionaire selling an idea called Cross Fit? We know that there are gyms all over America but we are more overweight than ever before. Greg Glassman is the creator of the idea Cross Fit that is becoming the new addiction. Can you be addicted to being fit or to a sport? The people who are involved with Cross Fit look that way and they look damn good physically. It is a unpredictable workout program that is raw and very serious and business is booming. In just 15 years, Greg has created the largest gym chain in history and turned fitness into a spectator sport. Yes instead of just looking at your muscles in the mirror at the gym, there are places for the public to stare at them too and why not? You worked hard for that tight body.

Related image

Last summer the finals of the Cross Fit Games were broadcast on ESPN. 45,000 people showed up to watch contestants heave, jump and lift until a champion was named. They will call him the fittest man in history. Before Cross Fit became a competition, Greg formed it as a way to workout. He says it can transform anyone at any age. He says he can make you become your genetic potential. The limping unfit old man created a work- out program that includes lifting weights, calisthenics [cs1] [cs2] and gymnastics. The classes take place in what Cross Fitters call a box. It is a stripped down place with just the equipment needed. It all made Greg a college dropout a multi-millionaire.

This guy did not invent weight lifting, calisthenics or gymnastics but he says he invented that doing lateral raises and doing weight curls while eating pretzels is dumb. He says that for decades gym owners have ignored the importance of diet   and are all too happy to watch the members of their gym fall into a trance on the treadmill.  He believes the fitness industry is wrong. There has to be more than just going home a bit tired and sweaty. His classes usually don’t take more than an hour and athletes compete against each other and the clock. To keep their energy up they suggest keeping up a paleo diet that consists of meat and vegetables. Greg says that Cross Fit is creating a new super breed of human.
Related image
The focus is not on big muscles but very fit bodies from squatting and movement weather you are 25 or 75 years old. Greg had Polio as a child and did gymnastics in order to gain strength. In high school a gymnastic fall left him with a permanent limp. He became a personal trainer and began developing his loud and disruptive workouts that gym owners didn’t like. He opened his own gym in 2001 and now there are 12,000 Cross Fit Boxes around the world. His company is private but is estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Greg Glassman owns 100% of it. He has no board men or room or directors and says he never had a business plan. He recently found himself at Harvard Business School where he spoke and boasted that he is the fastest large growing chain on earth. 

He insists that he is not trying to just grow a business. He is trying to do the right thing for people. One reason that Cross Fit has grown so fast is that just about anyone who wants to open a Box can. After paying a $3,000 yearly fee, and passing a 2 day seminar, it is how the company makes most of its money. He has no iron fist as to where or how you want to run your Box. At his media outlet they publish more information about Cross Fit than you would probably want to read. They publish a different workout of the day every day. All the information is provided free. Cross Fitters have created a huge virtual community of postings of workouts and competitions from people from all over the worause he is providing a new kind of business that is attainable by all.   

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Related imageDo you want to live a long and healthy life? How can we do it? What can we learn from people who have reached 100 years old? Where are these people living to even have the peace and tranquility to achieve a long life? There is a Book called Blue Zones Solution by Dan Buettner Eating and Living Like The World’s Healthiest People  that can answer many of these questions and I bet you will make some extreme changes in your lifestyle to try to reach a long and satisfying life and why not? What we have in the here and now is all we have guaranteed. Why not make a few changes and hope for a better life?

This is a follow up to a book he wrote 5 years ago. If you don’t know, Blue Zones is the term used to describe the areas in the world where   people live well into their 90’s and 100’s. The oldest living humans on earth. They live about a decade longer than most old people. In a Blue Zone area there could be as many as 10 times the amount of old people living in that area. The author visited 5 places.  They are Icaria in Greece, Costa Rica, Sardinia in Italy, Okinawa in Japan and   Lama Linda   in California. The one group that is in our country are Seventh Day Adventists a highly restricted religious group.
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They all eat a Biblical diet meaning traditional home grown foods. They take their guidance right out of Genesis Chapter One Verse 29 in the Bible that talks about every plant that bears seeds and every plant that bears fruit can be eaten. Have a mostly vegetarian diet. Eat nuts and beans for protein.  The author took 100 years of dietary research from all 5 of these places and concluded that a person there eats about on average a cup of beans per day. That alone can add 3 to 4 more years to your life.   Are   you doing that now? It makes a mulch for the good bacteria in your system. Move naturally. Walk whenever possible. Do not necessarily go to a gym and set aside time just to exercise. Do every movement in moderation but move your body.

Related imageExercise   as an event has become a public failure in America. In Blue Zones the people move about every 20 minutes. They tend to their gardens at any age and eat their own produce. They live in walkable communities.  They will burn more calories in the course of a week than you would even if you did show up three times a week in a gym. If you live in a walkable community you would probably be 30% more active than if you lived in a suburb somewhere. To relieve stress in Japan they meditate. In Greece they take a nap   and something like that will lower your chance of heart disease by 30%.

Drinkers as a whole live longer than non-drinkers.  So, happy hour is OK or consuming some alcoholic drink during the day is fine. Up to 3 drinks per day is OK. Saving up all your drinks for the weekend during a football game and having 21 beers is NOT OK.

Do NOT eat much meat. On the average the author saw Blue Zone people eating meat only about 5 times per month. So put that hamburger down you have every day for lunch. Who knows what the exact formula is from drinking to beans to meat but we do know they all led very simple lives. So don’t bend down in the smelly gym. Bend down to smell the roses you tended to in your flourishing garden. Almost all of the people were faith based. They did not believe in the same faith but they prayed to something somewhere.  People who believe in a faith strive for a future with their God in a better place and are less risky with their lives here. They want to be on their best behavior and in the best condition for their God. They strive for the future always.

In his 10 years of research he noticed that the people never tried to live a long life. They just did.  It was all organic to their way of life. How are we going to pay for all of us older people? We can expand Social Security by lifting the cap. Any Congressman makes $175,000 per year. They only pay into Social Security up to $118,000. Let’s have them pay their share of the extra $56,000 they earn into Social Security for each member and there would be enough money for all of us in the future. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

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When will men and Republicans realize that the greatest gift on earth is women? We have gone through 2 Republican debates and have learned much about the ignorance of much of America. The second debate was the most watched program in CNN history. At least America is finally interested in what these mostly men have to say. The one woman running for President, Carly Fiorina, might as well be one of the insensitive men in the race. She doesn’t stand for equal pay for women, maternity leave, abortion right or contraception as part of health care. As a woman you would at least think that rapists should be sterilized.  Jeb Bush was the first to brag that he was one of the first states to defund Planned Parenthood.  Should candidates be that interested in women’s vaginas?

Donald Trump spent the first debate talking about how ugly he thought Rosie O’Donnell is. Then spent the second debate telling Carly she was pretty. There are so many problems to discuss about America that is infinitely more intriguing than the issues they talked about. It is embarrassing to know that these people are Senators, Governors, CEO’s and Billionaires. I agree completely with Jennifer Granholm the former Governor of Michigan when she points out that when Jeb Bush was Governor not only did he defund Planned Parenthood but he actually took his power and influence to intervene in two cases to prevent a 13 year old girl and a mentally challenged woman who was raped from being able to get an abortion.

Related imageHe went further and allowed a Bill to become Law that is called The Scarlet Letter Bill which requires women who are single Moms who want to put their children up for adoption to publish their sexual histories in the newspaper so that the father would know even if they were raped. Then he writes in his book that he published called Profiles In Character that “public shaming of single mothers or promiscuous teenagers is a good thing to prevent them from misbehaving.   That is just one totally outrageous disrespect of women and their intellects. When will men be chastised for supporting teen porn sites, not having to have any laws demanding that they raise the children they father or sterilizing them in society?

Related imageOur Congress is already very anti women do we need views like these to be promoted in the future? The Feds already voted against The Anti-violence- Against Women Act, they voted against equal pay, they all want to shut down the government to defund Planned Parenthood meanwhile  60% of all women, Republicans too favor the various services Planned Parenthood offers Americans. Not just women. Americans. It is about time men even take responsibility for the children they father.  This should NOT be considered a woman’s issue. The debates did not even talk about the middle class but they were interested in the vagina's.

Even 60% of Republicans support an exception to the ban on abortion for rape and incest. There are candidates at the debates who do not favor exceptions for anything like Scott Walker who does not even favor an exception for the life of a mother. Such disrespect for women is outrageous. Republican candidates need to know more about the mysterious people who aren’t men.  They are not motivated by a penis. They are your Mom, your Aunt, your sister your daughter. They have all been much more to us than just barefoot and pregnant. They gave us love, advice, wisdom and lunch every day. They are forgiving and still are the ones that change most of the diapers and clean the toilets. Of course they are mad at men a lot, you would be mad too if you were the chosen ones to have to carry a fetus and menstruate every month.

Women can do it all and choose to step back and let men feel important. Men need to admit women exist even when we are not horny. Stop the nonsense and admit that women need to be respected and they and only they should decide what is best for their bodies, their future and their children.  

Friday, September 18, 2015

Where is the involvement of the United Nations and the Peace Corp, The Red Cross and countless other charitable organizations that millions of people pour billions of dollars into to help the poor people rushing to save their lives from suffering and starvation in the Middle East? Europe is trying their best to accommodate human lives that arrive with nothing but they need help. Help from all over the world including the orient. It is a humanitarian crisis of Biblical proportion.  The photograph of the beautiful little boy washed to shore lifeless is a photo as memorable as the naked girl who was running through the streets of Vietnam years and years ago. Why must there always be a tragic memory?

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The drowned toddler wash up from the sea is a story from one of thousands now dead at sea simply because there is no safe passage for the people to cross a mere 8 miles from the Middle e\East to a Greek Island to safety. There in never a shortage of smugglers willing to take a families’ life savings for a unsafe passage across the sea. This is 2015 not centuries ago. We can put satellites on the moon but no country in the world can provide a save ship to carry refugees? Where is the humanity in the world?  A photograph of a lifeless Syrian little boy washed up on a Turkish beach should at least be a symbol of unity to save lives.

Related imageThe boy was just one of his family who died. His brother and mother was washed up at sea. Their home was bombed by ISIS militants in Syria. They had to leave but like this? They fled to Turkey paying smugglers $5,000 for passage to a Greek island in a 15 foot rubber boat holding a hundred people.  The Greek morgues are full of dead refugees. This family was from one of the hundreds of thousands currently from the Middle East and Africa fleeing the battle worn and poverty stricken countries, It is the biggest mass migration in Europe since World War ll.  They come from Syria, through Turkey then to Greece, Macedonia. Serbia to Hungary finally Austria, Germany and the rest of Europe.
At least 350,000 refugees and migrants have illegally entered Europe this year. That is nearly triple the number of last year. There have been more than $3,000 migrant deaths this year. Even if they survive and make it to Europe, they are met with the crushing realization that they are not welcomed. Why aren’t the streets lined with charitable organizations helping these people to assimilate somewhere in the world? There is chaos in Hungary that at the Budapest train station the military are fighting to keep the people away.  This year more than 2,300 people have drowned in the Mediterranean trying to get to Europe.  The smugglers offer only miserable conditions.
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Donate a aircraft vessel or just one cruise ship to help these people.  Bionce and Jay Z are in the Mediterranean too upon their $900 thousand dollar a week rental yacht this summer.   The rich and famous don’t care either. The sea is a rough ride even though it is only a 8 mile journey. In an inadequate vessel it is deadly. Even if they survive the journey at sea they have nowhere to go, no welcome.  They stop and give up once they learn their family has died. There is no reason to try to go anywhere anymore. Who needs safety when all you love has died.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Related imageLet’s get back to nature. They are using a type of wool for high performance athletic wear. My first thought is running in my grand ma’s wool scratchy sweater. Ugh! The wool from these sheep in New Zealand are producing an extraordinary product. All the biggest and most well- known brand names have found the wool and are using it in all their styles of clothing. The brave new wool comes from Marino sheep. It is a unique breed of sheep that produces a unique coat that is so soft and so fine that is having consumers redefining how and what they wear.

It is revolutionizing the world of performance outerwear. Visit the farms in New Zealand’s Southern Alps and not only witness a beautiful landscape, meet fine wonderful people but meet the sheep that graze the area and run your fingers through their amazing coat of wool.  You can understand why and how you can just wear the stuff against your scalp and skin because the fibers are so thin and yet so soft.  The thick fibers of normal wool can be itchy and uncomfortable. Marino wool is light and breathable but warm.  Icebreaker is a New Zealand clothing company that not only specializes in Marino products but helped pioneer them. How nice to discover something new and great at Christmas time, the time to give sweaters.

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Rob Fyfe is the CEO of Icebreaker and remembers when it was just his company telling people to use this lighter better natural wool rather than synthetics for clothes. Lots of competitors are switching and making athletic wear using the new wool now.  It is much more than cold weather clothing with an appeal   and feel. Many manufacturers from Smart wool to lululemon, Patagonia and The North Face all are touting the durability and green ability of the natural product that is even odor-reducing not like all that polyester outer wear out there. Unfortunately it is still more expensive than synthetic fibers.  Now that shoppers have caught onto the benefits of this new wool, they are buying it more bringing the prices down.

You can cozy up in Marino wool from head to toe including your underwear.  It breathes, doesn’t hold odor and is great for dealing with moisture.  Some people wear the underwear nonstop for 40 days without needing a wash. The hope is that not just the extreme outdoors man will want the product but that environmentally savvy consumers will want the product too.  We need Eco-friendly clothes. Boor from nature.  We need to connect back with the land again.  Stop covering yourself in synthetics and plastics.  Tell a marathon runner to run wearing wool sounds crazy but they are doing it now.  Nature’s miracle fabric is just at home in the mountains of New Zealand and at home in cities on marathon runners backs.  Try it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Related imageDo you believe in an eye for an eye kind of justice or should jail time be the only alternative for a criminal? On the internet a small town tough talking judge is gaining fame for his unusual choices for justice after a criminal has admitted to his or her crime. His unique way of dishing out justice is shockingly successful.  He is Judge Michael Cicconetti a Municipal Court Judge in Painesville, Ohio.  In his courtroom the rates of repeat offenders are much lower than the national average of 75%. His courtroom produces only 10% of repeat offenses. Why?

Most people do not go to the felony stage of offence. They start out with petty crimes seen from his kind of court the Municipal   Court. He believes that if they get into jail they only learn how to become a better criminal from those around them. He gives them a choice, a humiliating chore or jail time. Most people choose to be humiliated than to go to jail for any length of time.  For example, once case before his bench was a case where Animal control found an abused dog living in a filthy house.  He was left alone in the house for a week to live on the filth and trash left in the house. The owner plead guilty to animal neglect and cruelty.  He told the owner that the dog probably felt lonely and scared and got sick from the filth. He told the owner to spend a day at the county dump or landfill and organize trash or spend 90 days in jail. The owner chose the dump.

Another case was the case of the stolen bicycle. The man who stole the bicycle had the choice of 60 days in jail or to have to ride the bike in the town parade with a sign on his back all day. The Judge calls these alternatives to jail community work service because they send a message to the community. He also turned down jail time. They rather be embarrassed for a day than go to jail. The dog is now up for   adoption and the man is working towards paying for a bicycle.  All too often extended jail time even for petty offenses disturbs the life of the often minimum wage worker that they cannot get time off from their meager jobs to go to jail. They end up losing their jobs and costing the county even more money on welfare. But is humiliating them the answer?  This judge thinks so and it is working in his town.


Monday, September 14, 2015

Related imageWorld leaders do not take responsibility for their actions and their actions are horrendous. George Bush never took responsibility for his weapons of mass destruction invasion that proved to be false and now two years later the Syrian leader still does not take any responsibility for inflicting on the people of his country lethal gas that killed hundreds of children and citizens. It happened about 2 in the morning August 21, 2013 when they were awakened by the sound of a bomb and then the immediate burning in their throat and lungs. They were experiencing the horror of a SARIN gas attack. No one has been held responsible even now.
Citizens of a country trying to get a night’s sleep found death all around them if they survived by morning. No one new how or why. This was a new kind of war. Generally mankind does not outlaw weapons. Anything that a military can think of,   is in the arsenals of the world.  There are a few exceptions and one of them is for a weapon so horrible that virtually every country has banned not only its use but the mere possession of it. The weapon is called SARIN and it is nerve gas. On that day in August it was unleashed on Syrian civilians and could only be called a crime against humanity. 2 years later no one has been held responsible.

Related imageVictims were the smallest of children and their tiny lungs who gasped for air and was actually ingesting more nerve gas killing them. Nothing could be done to save them.  Their nerve took over their bodies and moved arms and legs uncontrollably while their faces were motionless and dead already.  Their pupils in their eyes contracted to look like tiny dots surrounded by the color of their eyes. It was anyone’s worst nightmare brought to life while life became death.

This is what happens to the people who object to their leader in Syria. He starves the people not allowing food to enter the country and destroys homes with bombs. You would run in any direction too to get away from this horror. The nerve gas bombs were heard hissing through the sky but they did not explode like a normal bomb would. They landed silently but deadly. Within seconds the ability to breath was gone. Their homes were destroyed so women and children slept in basements. SARIN is heavier than air and reached the basements quickly. There was no real hospital to take the children just another basement with little supplies.

Related imageSARIN has no color and no odor. The dead drop never knowing what happened. I guess their world going dark was in a way a blessing for these people. Should people be allowed to exterminate people? Dying this way is ugly and not noble warfare to any leader. The history of nerve gas begins in the 1930’s as a result of a Nazi weapons program. The name is an acromion of the last names of the 4 scientists who created the lethal gas. Their names were Schrader, Ambros. Rudiger and von der Linde.    SARIN

In 1997 SARIN and other chemical weapons were outlawed and the world set up the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. Chemical weapons shut down your respiratory system. With the threat of air strikes, President Obama forced Syria to stop the weapons.  United States intelligence claims that 1,429 civilians were killed that August day. 426 of them children. Syria will have to pay the price for these deaths someday. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

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Related imageWe are not shocked. We have a country full of American Hero’s from all kinds of wars and situations throughout history. I am talking about the three American men who recently received France’s highest honor. The young men fought, tackled and hogtied a heavily armed gunman on a crowded train even though they themselves were unarmed.  There was another American, a college professor that lea pt into action and received serious wounds from the attack. They should have killed the guy but who likes to play God in any situation. The fact is that they immediately made the train a safe place for all again.

The guys showed the world their valor as well as their humanity meanwhile all they wanted was a peaceful train ride while on vacation. The entire incident is just another grim reminder that war and danger is all around us and can show its ugly head anywhere at any time. What would you do if faced with a terrorist? The guys were childhood friends from Sacramento but it is great that 2 of them has military training. Airman First Class Spencer Stone, Army National Guard Specialist Alek Skarlatos and college student Anthony Sadler. I think all kids right out of high school should spend a mandatory year serving our country in the military to learn how to be brave and skilled as these men were in this situation.

Related imageThey were on a high speed train bound for Paris and heard from another place on the train a gunshot. There are some great photos from the incident because Christina Coons a Brooklyn Social Worker small at only 4 feet 11 inches hid on the floor with the food tray extended over her head. The gunman emerged from the bathroom with an AK 47 in his hands. She at age 29 was on her first trip overseas.  She saw a bloodied man fall to the floor. It was the other American passenger Mark Magalia who confronted the gunman first.  He grabbed the gun trying to protect his wife. The gun jammed but then the gunman pulled out a pistol and it was then Mark got shot in the back with the bullet piercing his lung and neck. By then the three hero’s arrived.

Related imageAlek told Spencer “Let’s GO”   Alek grabbed the gun while Spencer put him in a choke hold. Another British passenger helped him hold him down. They found yet another hand gun and a box cutter. Alex Stone almost lost his thumb from that box cutter flailing around in the scuffle. The gunman managed to stab the passenger Mark in the neck. Christina saw a duffel bag falling on the seat next to her covered in blood. After they beat the gunman and hog tied him Spencer Stone had the courage to place 2 fingers into the neck wound of his friend to stop the bleeding.  Blood was pouring out from the wound.  Both men admit that their military training had a lot to do with their confidence to take action to help stop the gunman.

French authorities have identified the gunman from a DNA saliva swab as being Ayoub El Khazzani born in Morocco and was on the French security watch list having ties to Islamic Extremists. In France the life saving men get awarded the Legion of Honor, France’s highest medal. In America Spencer will be dancing on Dancing With the Stars this season.  Did America run out of Medals to pin on a soldier? Well he is a star here now.   Their courage and valor is an example to all the world.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Related imageWe spent yesterday being sad so today let’s laugh but what is correct to laugh about? Will I be offending someone if I make some jokes? Who can the jokes be about? The Fashion Police show disbanded for a while over comments over someone’s hair, Basketball team owners lost a fortune over his comments, Hulk  Hogan lost his career over stuff he said in his home. Everyone is so sensitive. Black people can say the N word buy white people cant. Really? Why? As a result there is a shortage of good comics. Most of them now make only penis and vagina jokes because that can offend just about everyone at the same time.

There is an article in The Atlantic magazine   called Better Watch What You Say by Caitlin Flanigan. She explores the root of the problem that comics used to test their jokes at clubs near college campuses rather than at the drunken cesspools of idiocy that are open to comics now at the Yuck Yuck   Club in suburban boring neighborhoods where a good night out is to get dead drunk and cheat on your spouses and blame it on the booze in the morning.  Current comics like Seinfeld, Chris Rock and  Larry the Cable guy won’t perform at colleges anymore because they are too politically correct. Why?

Related imageWhere are the Beatniks? The political activists? The poets? The thinkers? When a kid goes to college they are ignorant and it is up to the professors to educate them, to make them think.  The system is broken because college is so expensive. The rich kids that pay the high tuition run the colleges. The professors just give in to their demands in order to keep their jobs. The administration looks the other way to rape and bullying just to keep any kid with money in the school. Sports programs are the most important revenue at colleges. College has become a country club of biased fools who can’t even have the confidence to laugh about our flaws, our different races and religions without disrespecting each other. Where the hell did celebrating the races go?

The kid who had progressive ideas had some skin in the game. They were estranged from their parents and not depending on their money for tuition. They were poor and paying a tremendous personal cost for their independent views.  The opposite of the college kid is the 19 year olds roaming the south Bronx with no education pointing a gun at everyone for entertainment and a living. We need free speech again where we could write about anything, joke about everyone and not have to worry about World Leaders or vigilante groups chopping off our head. There is a National Association for Campus Activities where they hire comics to perform at colleges.  They never hire the funniest for fear of offending a particular group.

Related imageWe lost the war! The Cultural Revolution is gone and free speech is nothing but a nuisance now. The University of New Hampshire drew up a “Bias Free Language Guide” that includes the latest socially accepted titles for groups. You can’t say senior citizens anymore say people of advanced age. I say old folks and am wrong. You can’t say poverty stricken anymore, say experiencing poverty; I say poor people. You can’t say rich people anymore, you can say a person of material wealth.  You can’t even say obese, the nice word for fat, say people of size! Tom boy~ gender nonconforming. Foreigner~ international people. Homosexuals~ same gender lovers.

It seems to me to be all a tedious game to mask people’s insecurities. So be brave. Keep away from the colleges and bars and lock the bathroom door, look in the mirror and tell yourself a good polak, ginny waop, Nazi, spic, nigger, faggot cheap Jew, priest pedophile, nun beater, whore, bastard kid joke, then another about the midgets and retards for an encore;  laugh, put yourself together again and then never reveal to anyone what was said in that room sigh.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Today is another September 11, fourteen years after the devastating attack on America’s working civilians in the World Trade Towers that were demolished within one hour. Thousands of citizens were killed. People are still dying from the cancer it caused from breathing in the debris ashes. There are 14 year old teens now that know nothing about the attacks but from a history lesson while there are people that will never forget the event like it happened this morning all over again. The problem is not over. People are under attack every day. It is as if no lessons have been learned from the tragedy at all.

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We were attacked again last November on our computers. Again by an impoverished country against a major corporation Sony. Not much could be done about it. The cyber-attack exposed a new reality that you don’t have to be a superpower to inflict damage on the United States. All our military power did not save the Twin Towers then   and the personal information lost now,   is very devastating.  The big significance of the Sony hack is that the North Korean government felt that it could do something to the United States and get away with it and they did just like the suicide bombers killed thousands of our citizens on our soil 14 years ago.

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We have criminals stealing money, Russians stealing intelligence and the Chinese stealing the latest technology. They are all still attacking America.  The Sony incident qualifies as an attack because it was destruction of data with an intent to hurt the company all over a stupid Seth Rogan movie. They succeeded in bringing a U.S. entertainment to their knees. More than 3,000 computers and servers were destroyed by the cyber attackers after they had stolen business secrets, unreleased   movies and unfinished scripts. The personal records of 6,000 employees were exposed. Sony was then cut off from the world limited to land line telephone calls. Is the new normal not feeling safe anywhere anymore? At the computer in your office as well as on the computer?

How can we defend all employees and all their work and information? Well we aren’t. What they did can work to destroy 90% of existing companies. There are easily 5,000 hackers who can destroy companies today. There are still self- destructive terrorists willing to do another Twin Tower disaster today. Cylance is a company organized just for the purpose of stopping cyber wars. Our military is organized just for the purpose of protecting Americans and our interests. Both have been violated in the past 14 years.  Both major attacks on our civilians and our information were not very sophisticated attacks but they worked to completion.  

Related imageBoth attacks prove that it does not take a lot of sophistication to compromise our lives. In 2012 Iran was blamed for an attack on Saudi Arabia’s Oil Company that destroyed 30 thousand computers. The Internet is unregulated and is the Wild West of hackers and crime with no Sheriff in sight because there is no law. Then why is so much of our lives disclosed on the Internet? All our information and all our finances? There are no easy solutions on line just like there are no easy solutions with ISIS terrorists chopping off the heads of innocent reporters and civilians.  Populations are running out of countries seeking solace in Europe as we breathe right now.

How do you respond to all terrorism from all sides? We have to go after the leadership of terrorism and the revenue of the leadership then maybe we can at least see evil within our sight. As usual Congress has been reluctant to force legislation requiring American companies to invest in more cyber-security. The Sony incident has proved that we are vulnerable to other leaders and other countries. Faith is not enough when it comes to security. The Bush Administration dropped the ball today 14 years ago and their elderly misinformed Congress is dropping the ball now with cyder-security. God Bless America to wake up and protect all we have worked so hard for.