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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The morning after is never good!

Did the first Presidential Debate last night change anything in our thoughts? No! Do we want the most experienced person ever to lead our country? Yes Hillary.  Do we want a no nonsense tough guy to finish off ISIS and terrorism in the Middle East finally? Yes Donald. Can we have them both? No everyone. They are both old and could lean on each other for support. He can rail everyone up and then she could clean up like in most bad marriages that are train wrecks but seem to last forever.  The most interesting scene of the evening was when Donald’s hot wife shook hands with Bill Clinton. Imagine the scandal that would bring. Every American would pay attention to the blah blah then!

When you have a nation dominated by stupid hit shows like The Bachelor that is renewed every year America wants a dirty old man like the Donald. When all off business America is dominated by companies that pay off their Congressmen as business usual you want Hillary who knows all about their shenanigan they could agree on was the state of the people they want to govern. Americans are tired. We are sick of jobs that never pay enough, we are sick of no good investments while our roads and bridges are crumbling. We are sick of young men with guns everywhere most of their black fathers are in jail anyway. We are sick of college grads with no jobs and big debt. Our homes have been taken away from us and now we can't afford the down payment for the next home. Yet we all took the time to watch the latest train wreck in American politics last night. It was the most viewed debate ever in American history. 

Why? Were we looking for an installment of the Jerry Springer show? Fans of that kind of “entertainment” fuel Donald’s temper and increase his votes. Anyone with even half a mind left is in shock that these two very different people are even so close in the polls. Perhaps if Hillary was a man she would be getting the free ride do not pass go, go directly to the White House AGAIN she deserves.  So here we are this morning left exhausted and even more confused as ever. All those poor kids at Hofstra University reminds us of the army of young educated Americans  Bernie assembled through his efforts on Facebook wandering now on campuses like living members of the Walking Dead zombie show.  They had hope for something different with Grandpa Bernie.  They don't want rasit Donald  and they don't want the same old America Hillary either. It was a very sad night for America.
Now there are “fact Checkers “  listening to every word from each candidate. Does Americans need an interpreter to find out what is really the trublack
Now there are “fact Checkers “  listening to every word from each candidate. Does Americans need an interpreter to find out what is really the truth? They both lie with such an ease and the words just flow from their mouths like a bad case of barfing food poisoning that we don’t want to see it, smell it or even be around for the clean up. Maybe we all want to sit down during the singing of a National Song with the well paid black men football playing role models for our youngest of kids who didn’t find daddy’s guns yet to shoot at anyone. So who is left? A few veterans who still have a mind and hopefully still haves legs to stand on and have the bravery yet to shake all this disgusting stuff off and move on and hold our people still proud to be an American.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Let Rare Diseased People Live!

There are people in the world that have diseases that the medical field has no intention of trying to find a cure. One is called Vanishing White Matter Disease that only 250 people have in the world. No it is nothing racial. It is a brain disorder that destroys white matter which is the substance that transmits neurological impulses and leads to the loss of motor control. In essence, eventually you can’t do a damn thing but think. The disease has no cure and can be fatal. Sure I would want to die an early death if my life was reduced to such little function. It is Sunday. A traditionally prayer day. Stop killing each other and be grateful that you are healthy enough to hate anything.There are people in the world that have diseases that the medical field has no intention of trying to find a cure. One is called Vanishing White Matter Disease that only 250 people have in the world. No it is nothing racial. It is a brain disorder that destroys white matter which is the substance that transmits neurological impulses and leads to the loss of motor control. In essence, eventually you can’t do a damn thing but think. The disease has no cure and can be fatal. Sure I would want to die an early death if my life was reduced to such little function. It is Sunday. A traditionally prayer day. Stop killing each other and be grateful that you are healthy enough to hate anything.There are people in the world that have diseases that the medical field has no intention of trying to find a cure. One is called Vanishing White Matter Disease that only 250 people have in the world. No it is nothing racial. It is a brain disorder that destroys white matter which is the substance that transmits neurological impulses and leads to the loss of motor control. In essence, eventually you can’t do a damn thing but think. The disease has no cure and can be fatal. Sure I would want to die an early death if my life was reduced to such little function. It is Sunday. A traditionally prayer day. Stop killing each other and be grateful that you are healthy enough to hate anything.
It is so difficult for parents of kids suffering from rare diseases. 96% of all rare diseases have no treatment at all.  With so few people suffering from them there is no incentive   for research and development for a cure. So bring in the sensitive, the caring the artistic people of the world to at least care. There is an Art Exhibit touring the country called Beyond the Diagnosis. It is a collection of portraits of children with rare diseases where the artist draws the figure with a syringe and dots the paint on the canvas. The artis is Lucas Kolasa.  Some of the diseases the children suffer from are San Phillippo Syndrom  or CDKL5 Disorder even Undiagnosed Metabolic Disorder.
There is a portrait   of the first person   ever diagnosed with Ngly1Dificiency in the  Gallery. That child has hundreds of seizures every day.   The objective through art is to humanize these diseases with real portraits of the real children suffering every day. There are diseases like Timothy Syndrome which is a fatal heart condition. I80-Syndrome is a rare chromosome disorder that slows the blood to their heart and lungs. Maybe someone will go beyond the diagnosis and try to find a cure. There are faces to all 7,000 rare diseases. Even if the parents find a lab willing to do the research for a cure they have a hard time being funded to continue the research. The children are then born with a death sentence.
There are experimental drugs out there to try to treat the symptoms but there still aren’t any cures. There are only about 100 children in clinical trials. Why is the path to drug approval not such an easy one since these people are willing to try anything to help themselves? Four months ag, a  FDA panel got together and held back drugs until the company proved that it actually worked.  That could take many years to prove meanwhile the drugs could at least be a comfort now.  Without approvals, for many access to the drugs at all can become impossible. It is like dangling a steak in front of a starving dog and saying you cant have it because you are not in a pack of dogs.
When did the entire drug industry become so rich and elites at the same time? Wealthy people and organizations are supposed to be generous and help the sick and the poor! What happened to the ethics in this country? Gone! At least visit the Art Gallery in Warwick, Rhode Island where artists are literally putting the faces to the diseases in portraits.  

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Surviving College

Finally a movie about the truth of fraternities. It is the beginning of a new semester at colleges across the country. It is also a time when young guys have to decide if they will try to join a fraternity. The rituals of acceptance re out of control and have been having deadly consequences on some young men. Finally a movie has been made starring Nick Jonas showing the graphic suffering that takes place. Fraternity hazing is a big problem and t some colleges fraternities have been banned from campuses like at Dartmouth. We all want to be accepted especially when we are suddenly thrown into a new place far from our home and controlling parents. At what price must it come to be accepted?
The movie is called Goat and is not even as graphic as some colleges’ antics. They call it hell week when all the suffering and endurance trials take place. This movies shows men in their 20’s that have no real consequences for their actions. There is a pact mentality that even leads to rape of women on campus. So far in movies the view of fraternities have been looked at as the ultimate in uncontrolled fun. Animal House was a movie where the main character maintained a 0.0 grade point level for q7 years. The movie Neighbors presents college as one continuous party. The movie called Goat is set at a fraternity and is not a comedy. Finally reality is being shown in the movies where shy, virgin males   are being killed, tortured and ruined for the rest of their lives. The reality of fraternity life on campus.
There are more than 6,000 fraternities around the country. The on line videos depict the cool kids just having a party and of course all the pretty girls that just want to hang around with you.  Meanwhile at least one person has died from hazing every year since 1969. That seems to be the real tradition.  In 2013 a young man from Baruch College was forced to run across a frozen field blindfolded carrying 30 pound backpacks all while being assaulted. He passed out and it took the fraternity more than 2 hours to call 911. He died.
It is not friending or acceptance. It is about manipulation and the abuse of power in a mob. Read Rosalind Wiseman’s book called Masterminds and Wingmen to find out more as to why the boys do this to each other. It is bonding in a superficial way to being a man. Drinking and partying as much as you can wins points  or likes not good behavior or good grades. The movie is graphic and yet many men say that in real life the hazing gets to be even worse. What is worse is that the pressure to be part of these groups is immense on college campuses. They got you believing that there is no social life without a fraternity.

I never thought I would have hoped that anyone would watch Nick Jonas do anything but this movie deserves to be watched and a discussion should be made with your sons and daughters and campus officials to stop the violence. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

I hate country music but if I need to play something quickly with little or no prep time, country is the way to go. The one, four and five chord in any key will get you going .Add a sad story and there you go. Even you can be a country western star. The music has been around for a long time. There is a new video out playing homage to the 50th Anniversary of the Country Music Association Awards. If you feel a need to go country, at least watch the video. It is an elaborate country western star studded sing along. There aren’t too many times to hear so familiar songs sung by so many famous people.
Image result for 50 anniversary country music
See and hear Carry Underwood, Tim McGraw and Luke Brian to name just a few. The video is called Forever Country.   It is a medley mashup of three country music classics. We all remember John Denver’s Take Me Home Country Road. Willy Nelson’s On the Road Again. Why is country music always talking about roads? Then there is Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You that Whitney Houston gave the song a life of its own on the Popular Charts  for a long, long  time. Dolly is the Queen of Country Music and has been for about 50 years so it is almost fitting that she ends the video with her version of her song.  You can always see more of these guys at the Country Music Awards. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Image result for lying politiciansThe election debates are down to 2 candidates and many are still not sure they want to vote at all for a new President. The American people distrust both candidates and believe that they are liars or have lied in the past. I say what else is new? Most of our recent famous politicians have lied and been exposed about some change of event or policy from their own previous words. Lying is nothing new. We have been doing it since the beginning of time. Even in the Bible in the Garden of Eden the first woman Eve told Adam all the fruit was good to eat. Until he ate some forbidden fruit and nothing has been the same since.
No one trusts anyone that there even exists lie detector machines around. Then there is the quality of the lie to take into account. Was it a big lie or a series of little misunderstandings? Most recently Lochne embarrassed the American Olympics teams by lying to everyone about getting mugged in Rio.  But let’s talk about some serious lies found in American politics. Remember when Colin Powell announced that there were weapons of mass destruction? Lies. Remember when the first George Bush asked us all to read his lips about no new taxes? He raised our taxes anyway and lied. In baseball our hero Pete Rose swore he never gambled. He lied. Even Bill Clinton pointed his finger at us and declared that he did not have sexual relations with that woman. Lies. Somehow his sexual DNA got from his penis to her dress! There was President Nixon who said on camera on a podium in front of the world that he had no knowledge of the Watergate break in. LIES.
Watergate was the mother of all recent lies. It took 2 years and millions of dollars to figure out that he was lying.  The concern is that we are numb. There is no respect for the truth. Excuses are made to toss the excitement over the lie away. There is such a complete lack of respect for the truth. Even if you get caught there are no meaningful ramifications that people are literally lying to our faces. No one was arrested for 911, for the Wall Street Foreclosure mess or for the bail out of the auto industry.  Now we have Hillary saying she never e-mailed classified information to anyone yet 30,000 e-mails were deleted.
Trump is going around saying that President Obama is the founder of ISIS. Anyone can say anything at any time with no slap on the hand.

How are we going to make America great again without liars? So the next time you call someone a liar. Ask them what the definition of is is. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Time to move

They keep telling us how close the election is. Sometimes Hillary and Donald are very close in the polling numbers. One thing for sure we are just months away before we have to have a new president. I keep hearing more and more that if either one is elected, people will be moving to Canada. They don’t trust her and well he is just crazy. Do we need to pack up before he decides to build a complete wall around the country? Why Canada anywThey keep telling us how close the election is. Sometimes Hillary and Donald are very close in the polling numbers. One thing for sure we are just months away before we have to have a new president. I keep hearing more and more that if either one is elected, people will be moving to Canada. They don’t trust her and well he is just crazy. Do we need to pack up before he decides to build a complete wall around the country? Why Canada anyway?
What makes Americans think that Canada would want them anyway? It is kind of insulting to Canada to know that they are the refuge of last resort. If Hillary or Donald become President should we be shooting ourselves in the head with Canada? What could possibly be a fate worse than Canada? Ok Six months of winter sounds pretty bad. Some Canadians even spend their summers on ice. Ice skating is fun, exercise and is social and needs plenty of cold weather.  On the ice is probably the only place that Canadians are aggressive. Canadians are too apathetic to protest anything.
The last time Canada accepted a flood of immigrants from America   was during the Vietnam War. People were burning their draft cards and running to the border. 240,000 Americans fled the draft to Canada.  Over the last decade only about 9,000 Americans have moved to Canada each year. There they have a Prime Minister not a President. At least the Canadian   pleasure for Baseball is as fearless as Americans. They do not have Trader Joe there for natural foods or Target for whatever else.  Tim Hortons is the name of the popular chain store there.  The favorite to eat is Poutine which is French fries, cheese curd and gravy.
Your biggest adjustment will be having to carry the Queen in your pocket. Her picture is on the paper money. You have to pledge allegiances to her majesty the Queen Elizabeth the second. It will be odd to be living under the same monarchy that Americans defeated in 1776. While some Americans will be considering a move north this year there are about twice as many Canadians that are willing to take a chance with their lives and move to America. I don’t think there are many Americans that are willing to head north, no matter   who wins the election. Americans don’t flee their problems. We protest and attack them head on. We value free speech and don’t shut up.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

We all reflected and mourned all those 3,000 innocent workers who died in 911 for yet another year without total closure.  Maybe that is why an arrogant brash- nut job non politician is doing so well in the polls. Could Donald Trump be that tough guy to get rid of the terrorists once and for all? We have to go back to the President Clinton era to also try to get some closure. Jeb Bush wanted to be President but couldn’t even campaign using his Bush last name. The entire Bush Presidency years was an embarrassment. We need to now pay tribute to the 6,000 soldiers who signed up to defend this country willingly with no draft who lost their lives in the Middle East over the past 15 years.  Where is their 911 memorial building?
Image result for wall for 911 soldiersThousands of Americans have lost their sons and daughters since 911. There is no term or word for a parent who has lost a child. There is only one place in America that pays tribute to the parents of lost men and women who like Jesus gave up their lives for their country. It is a place where at least these survivors of families could bond in their endless grief. They get together only once a year in San Francisco simply to share. Yes people need to share happiness but we also need to share our grief. It is the bonding that helps one heal and an opportunity for you to boast about what real bravery is. The coward football players who will not stand for a song about the bravery of Americans who defended our freedoms should take their hate for this country a few steps further like out of this country and give their six figure salaries for throwing a ball around to someone who is proud to be here now in the present and who can be a good role model to our children.
In the Marines Memorial Club & Hotel it is an atmosphere that now honors all Veterans every February. When these people find out that their child died in a war not much matters anymore. Most parents live for their children. When they are young their health and wellbeing is our first priority and when they grow up to be taller than us we hope and pray for their happiness. What is left when they die young handsome and beautiful men and women who gave us their ultimate sacrifice, their lives so we can remain free? The  event is by invitation only and is not covered by the press. They talk to remaining brothers and sisters of the fallen hero’s too.

Part of the hotel has become a Memorial Wall where every lost loved one since 911 is listed. 6,850 names. 6,850 stories. All the parents experienced a visit to their homes from a Chaplin and 2 soldiers to tell them their child has died defending America. There will never be closure but it is nice to know there is something out there to recognize these people and to ease the pain of these parents.  They have their memories and their death story. They didn’t have this after Vietnam or any other war. The Chaplins’   who deny an invitation by the families to stay for dinner now regret their anxiousness today because now they realize is that the only thing the families wanted to o was to share how great their kid was over a slice of bread. They realize that their kids knew that every day was a dangerous day but they would stay there anyway. Lives are lost but love never ends. , 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

We need to be like Australia

What if all guns were tranquilizing guns? Shoot all you want at each other till you fall asleep for a few hours. Hopefully by then you have cooled off and move on to a more productive life. None of this lethal stuff. Wild Game hunters could have the rush that they stopped a wild beast in their tracks but then after a few hours the beast can rise again just to be shot again by some other nutty human. Sounds crazy but to me a good solution to an out of control disrespect for lethal weapons. Lethal is forever dead. We need to respect life more. Instead of the right to bear arms we need the right to respect life more.
We need to follow what Australia has done with this problem. In 1996 there was a deadly shooting rampage in Australia. The Australian acted quickly and all important branches agreed to a solution not like all the divisions found with our Congress. They acted to ban certain guns.  When you lose your parents you lose your past. When you lose your child you lose your future. We don’t need to be left in the present frozen in time of grief as we see the loved ones of the tragedy of 911 and the mental state they are in year after year.  At the time it was called the worst shooting in modern times. It took place in Australia in Tasmania in a town called Port Arthur.  Twenty years ago 35 innocent people were randomly killed for no reason.
To be involved in a mass shooting is horrifying because with every shot fired you know that means that there is another life gone. You are left sitting there waiting for it to be your forever dead turn.  They were family and friends having a meal in a cafĂ©. For hours no one knew if their friends or relatives were dead or alive. This tragedy came just 6 weeks after a new Prime Minister had been elected.  He felt compelled to react seriously in order for him to be taken seriously as a leader. Prime Minister John Howard a conservative politician pushed through a real changing legislation just 12 days after the killing spree. The tough new law tightened up even the rights of his supporters. THE LAW BANNED THE SALE AND IMPORTATION OF ALL AUTOMATIC AND SEMI-AUTOMIC HANDGUNS AND RIFILES.
Related imageIt forced people to preset a legitimate reason for gun ownership   and wait 28 days to buy a firearm.  He also called for a mandatory buy-back of all guns.  The Australian government confiscated or destroyed nearly 700,000 firearms reducing the number of gun owning households by half. People protested even then that when you took away their gun you violated their civil rights.  They also agreed that the greatest gift of all is to lead a safe life without fear of random murder.  In the 15 years before the law change there were 13 mass shootings. IN THE DECADES SINCE THE LAW CHANGE THERE HAS NOT BEEN ONE MASS SHOOTING IN Australia.
Gun homicides decrease by 60% since the law change. There has also been a 74% reduction in gun `related suicides. If you are allowed to have a weapon you must lock the weapon separately from the also locked bullets. There are surprise inspections by police to make sure there are two safes. The Australians see gun ownership as a privilege not as a right. Life is so short and every one of us is someone’s child. Why must our hearts blead in America? We need to be more like Australia!  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Our most outdated department keeps tract of guns

Related imageguns? We know that the FBI does background checks on buyers. If you use a gun illegally then it is the job of the ATF to investigate. It is the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco. They are supposed to regulate gun shops. The agents also investigate arson and explosives. Their main activity is the pursuit of gun traffickers. This agency finds themselves working with some of the most dangerous individuals in America. In Detroit they are rounding up gang members and looking through their inventory. Apparently a tough guy is no tough guy unless he has a rapid fire gun at his disposable. It is easy to hide behind one of them.
The bureau put behind bars more than 6,000 thugs last year for illegal weapons possession. So they should be rock stars here. Why aren’t they respected? After all the idea was started by the all too popular Alexander Hamilton in 1791. He wanted at the time to collect taxes on whiskey. So the whiskey rebellion broke out to protest the Act. The Agents who collected the tax money were tarred and feathered.  By the 1920’s it became the Bureau of Prohebition. But what about the guns? It was an era when the mobsters were glorified in the movies. Agent Eliot Ness became some kind of hero who took down Al Capone.
At this time the Thompson Machine Gun was popular also called the Tommy Gun.  It was easy to buy and was sold in hardware stores. Maybe we shouldn’t be selling guns in places like Wallmart.  It was such a popular machine gun that it led to the National Firearms Act of 1934.  So now this agency was in charge of the crackdown of booze and guns. They never cleaned up either area completely. So this Agency is not so popular on either side. The Agency is backward and needs a lot of help to at least be organized technologically. They still trace guns the old fashioned way. On the phone.
Why isn’t there a nationwide gun registry? The government keeps tract of everything else through computer lists. As usual the problem lies with Congress and the influence the NRA has on them. Congress has refused a national data list to be organized. We do not have a computerized searchable data base of gun manufacturers and sales.  Without a searchable data base it took 12 hours to find out who owned the guns used in the San Bernardino Massacre last December.  How can we say we have a hold on terrorism when our own government doesn’t want to keep tract of the guns in this country?
Taxpayers would benefit immediately and the thugs wouldn’t be able to get a gun so easily. The ATS Gun Tracing Center is stacked with file cabinets filled with paper record often falling apart and unreadable. We take care of our old cartoons in this country better than we take care of old gun records. There are gun shops listed that aren’t even in business anymore. It is very easy to loose tract of a firearm.  There are 139,000 gun dealers who are still in business.  The ATS has just 620 investigators to keep an eye on them.  How about we spend some of our Homeland Security tax dollars on hiring more investigators? Nope. Our elected officials are either on vacation or  out campaigning for more money for their re-elections.
Is there an effort to keep this Agency outdated and ill funded?  After the San Bernardino Massacre, President Obama proposed to hire 200 more workers to the Department.  A year has gone by and he leaves office within months. Expect nothing to be done.                                                                                   .                                

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The view of guns is different depending on where you live

Related imageShould guns be easily available or should they be only issued to law enforcement and the military? We would care less if there wasn’t so much tragedy lately due to random gun use. The nation seems to be divided on this issue. We all don’t want mean thugs having a gun but we all want our freedom to so what we want. Then there is the crazy person shooting up schools or other public places causing many people to die for no reason in an instant. The guns are serious weapons. There is no return no rewind once you pull that tiny trigger. There are children “playing” killing their sisters and brothers. It is obvious to get rid of the things and all our problems are solved. There are powerful forces out there that would never allow a gun to be gone and seen only in a museum.
In Wyoming there are more guns registered than there are people. The town of Cody was the home of Buffalo Bill and his town is one of the most law abiding no gun violence places in America. So the key word is to stop the violence. Stop the rapes, murders and robberies. Be law abiding and honest because even if everyone has a gun the police has no way of knowing who are the bad guys and who are the good guys in a gun fight. Having no gun areas with signs showing a circle with a picture of a gun and a slash on it is just an invitation for the thugs to prey on law abiding people who are not carrying their registered guns. They have just become sitting ducks for the violent criminal. Giving a gun to every teacher would create only more chaos and more gun fighting. Good guys with guns doesn’t necessarily save the day.
Being a good guy with a gun is not a political issue but a personal decision. Even if you use your gun to defend yourself, your life will never be the same again. Meanwhile when the Constitution was written, the second Amendment about the right to bear arms was not written for the ordinary citizen. It was not written for children to bear arms to kill wild game. It was written for the Militias who in each state required that every white male over the age of 16 to own a musket. They had laws then too. They prohibited that guns be fired within city limits. In 2008 they changed the law now permitting all citizens the right to have a gun. Now women are the fastest group of gun owners.
Big business is going into bullet proof vehicles that can stop hand guns up to grenades. They take the vehicle apart and line it with steel and other bullet resistant products and put together the vehicle again. These types of businesses are profiting right now. The bullet resistant vest was invented in 1893 and was proven to be effective in saving lives. Most heads of countries wore the vest. The Archduke of Austria forgot to wear his vest on the day he was shot and killed. His death prompted the beginning of World War I.   The wars have never stopped.
Already with over 300 homicides this year Chicago is the deadliest city in America in almost 2 decades and most of the victims are black people. Nationwide homicide is the leading cause of death 41,866 deaths of black men ages 15-24. 92% of those deaths are by gun.    Nationwide more than 100 children are killed accidentally each and every year. More than half of children do not know the difference between a real and a fake gun.   In Kansas most ranchers wear a gun.   In Wyoming most homes have a gun. Both states are below the numbers on gun violence.  They have one cop for every 600 miles. For these people gun control is for how steady you can hold your gun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Related imageIt was a beautiful day like today when it happened. The sky was a clear beautiful blue and the wind was gentle and refreshing. Then it happened. Chaos in America! In Manhattan! Two of New York’s most famous buildings just falling to the ground like finery building blocks! Impossible! America is well protected. New York is a financial mecca. We must be safe there but we weren’t and thousands of people died within an hour and now on September 11 America remembers and morns and is still angry. People are still dying from the burnt chemicals that settled in their bodies while they searched endlessly for days looking for survivors but if you didn’t get out before those buildings just crumbled, you were dead beyond recognition.
This year is a little bit different. Brokerage firms are giving jobs to the sons and daughters of 911 dead workers of their firms. Some financial institutions that had main offices in the World Trade Center lost 2/3 of their staff on that beautiful morning. We have 15 years of war in the Middle East to morn that our brave young men and women freely signed up to go there and give the terrorists our revenge American style. We did it proudly in our uniforms identifying ourselves and got our revenge killing a lot more than they killed here but at what price? Retaliation war never brings back those innocent workers who lost their lives. Now we have a population of sick wounded soldiers who lost limbs and have mental issues for their rest of their lives.
Congress is so political and driven at any cost to work on their own millions of dollars simply to be used to re-elect themselves that they too have forgotten the American soldier and their selfless commitment to our country. There was too much trust. We trusted George Bush to never let a disaster like 911 happen. Our kids trusted America that they would get one maybe 2 tours of duty. Most got 4 tours being taken away from those they love for so long that there was no one left to come back to. Many soldiers don’t even know how to be a civilian. Most came home to no jobs and no training for a new job being offered. Yes, 911 is a bunch of very sad numbers. 911 means a disaster now. Once it meant a phone number to get immediate help in an emergency. Now 911 means the worst disaster ever on American soil.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Related imageGreat songs are created much from the lyric. The words to some are more important and memorable than the melody or the tune. Simon and Garfunkel wrote about Joe DiMaggio in their 1968 song called Mrs. Robinson. If you are a millennium you have no idea who the hell I am talking about. Some of you are singing it to yourself right now. Words to a song can be more emotional than love or hate or breakups. Taylor Swift and Adele has a good career just making up songs about their in and out of love lives. When you make historical references in your songs it shows at least you know history. Who the hell is Joe DiMaggio?
Ironically, it was on July 17,1941 that 75 years ago day when the legend Joe DiMaggio a Yankee baseball play ended his hitting streak of 56 consecutive game hits. As the games passed and the hits came, the baseball began to take notice of the player and gave him instant fame within 56 days.  At 44 hits he smashed the old record of consecutive hits. So how else celebrate? Let a big band orchestra like the Les Brown Orchestra write a song about your success. It was called Jumpin’ Joe DiMaggio.  In 75 years no one has even come close to DiMaggio’s record. Even after retirement after the 1951 season Joe remained in the public eye.
He married the iconic gorgeous Marilyn Monroe to every ma’s jealousy. Even as he got older he became very rich telling people to buy the then famous Mr. Coffee machines. The prizefighter boxer George Forman took the idea and at one time was making $* million dollars per year just suggesting in his commercials that we all buy his George Forman grill that was simply an endorsement. He knows nothing about making a machine just eating the food cooked on the machine.  In the song lyric of Mrs. Robinson they sing, “Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you”
Yes even in the late 60’s we were craving a kind of national hero again even if he existed from some overrated game. Joe died in 1999 at 84 years old. His hitting record survives along with his songs.  

Monday, September 5, 2016

Related imageIt is Labor Day a day where Americans celebrate their working class. There is no celebration for many who need the day off from work the most. Most  lower paid workers are working extra hard on Labor Day. There are Labor Day sales in every retail store. Maybe your company will pay you time and a half for a Labor Day extra work day. Even then they only assign you a half day’s work.  How can you celebrate Labor Day if you have to work even a half day on Labor Day? It just doesn’t make sense. If you got a good job you took off the entire weekend but then you get every weekend off from work. There used to be Unions that protected the labor force. Now if the boss finds out you even discussed what your co-worker is getting paid you can get fired.
W work to have what we need not usually have the luxury to work at what we love to do and make a living. Without money we can’t have a home or food to eat. We all must work. In return we request a bit of privacy in what we do and who we like to be with off the job. Now technology has taken that away from us too now. A lot of our lives are interconnected through the internet now these days. There is a global empire full of devices and machines.  We have auto navigation systems, smart TV’s, thermostats in homes, security systems, telephone networks and on line banking much of which operate for us with a series of passwords from us. Now almost anything you can imagine is linked to the World Wide Web.
The emperor of it all is our smart phone. Now everything you say or do can be looked at  and listened to by some hacker. Your phone even off can be hacked into and someone somewhere is looking at you while you think you have a dark screen off. As long as you have a camera phone and some passwords for something, you got no privacy.  Without your personal comfort why do anything at all? We labor loyally at our jobs so that we could enjoy the comfort of family, friends and all our junk we buy. Some of the world’s best hackers are in Germany.  Many hackers have doctorate degrees in Computer Engineering by day they work for places like Security Research Labs doing security for Fortune 500 companies but at night these same people are listening to our conversations and looking into all our banking or any information on us that we once thought was our privacy.
Our smart phones, sim cards and USB sticks  are all looked at every day. They say they are trying to finc volunerabilities before the bad guys do. What about me the victim? Shouldn’t I get to know something? Why bother to get upset. Most of us lead boring lives working laborousely on Labor Day and have no money for someone to steal anyway. Fine, go look at my bank account and see how many times I have been charged for overdraft fees. I don’t have time to make deposits I have a crappy job that makes me work on Labor Day. Banks are closed on Labor Day!  

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Related imageIt is finally cooling down but the days are still long and beautiful. A great time for a ride with the wind on you in your Harley Davidson bike. A true American experience on a distinctly American bike. Not true. In Shanghai, China the ultra- rich are going wild on their weekend club adventures. People from all over the world love their Harleys because it invokes freedom and self-expression. American executives living in China love belonging to a Harley riding club because sitting  on the machine and riding  it makes you feel a little like home.
Play the song called Born to be Wild as you rev up that deep popping engine and you are good to go. Except in China they love the Terminator experience  grow the pony tails and wear the leather jackets with the Harley logo on back but at a price few can afford. A good ride is to depart east of Shanghai along China’s east coast and then head west to the Chinese countryside for about a 90 mile ride. The best part of riding is that each weekend you get to leave your e-mails and text mess ageing and just go. Not thinking about work could be priceless to most people that live anywhere but in China the Harley experience is expensive.
A dealership in China would probably only sell about 300 bikes per year. The big gasoline powered motorcycles are banned in 200 cities in China for a range of reasons including pollution concerns. I think they are just a bit Anti-American since they still have large polluting old factories everywhere. Then there is the $100,000 dollar price tag there. Import taxes triple the cost and then you still have to buy it and register the bike. Just the license plate in Shanghai can be $15,000 because the registrations are limited to a certain amount issued.  Something tells me the government there just doesn’t want to see too many of these on their roads. So, the bike goes into the you gotta be rich category of toys a big boy can have.
The thrill is worth it for all owners of a Harley Davidson bike owners in China.  So, get on your Harley this fall and make American roads roar with the sounds of good old American made bikes. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Related imageShould a miracle drug also be a bitter pill to sick people? It seems that daily the price of essential medicines and their supplies prices are rising to the point that no one can afford to buy the essential drugs that have been developed and researched to keep people alive. Again this is yet another important issue that our paid off elected officials are looking the other way and doing nothing to regulate the greedy owners of these drugs. For example, juvenile arthritis is a serious condition. No child should have to suffer from severe joint pain especially when there is a perfectly good solution out there to help. Children deserve to run and play freely without pain and it is every adult’s job to help the children.
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis can keep some children wheelchair bound from the pain.  A simple cure is to give the kids Humira which  is one of the nation’s top selling drugs. With treatment administered by a pen device, the kids are on the playground and the wheelchairs are collecting dust in the garage where they all should be. Humira is just one of several drugs like Enbrel that helps stop joint damage have transformed the painful lives of millions of Americans who are in pain. Thirty years ago pictures of groups of people suffering were taken with them all in wheelchairs. Now groups get together and the kids are playing Twister and just having fun.  Who are the monsters price hoarding these treatments from easily getting to the sick?
Similar problems are happening with valuable life- saving drugs that treat Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Hepatitis C. The drugs are too damn expensive for no other reason but greed. We should be praising the pharmaceutical companies for manufacturing such life- saving drugs instead families are left to writing hand written signs and shouting throughout American streets. How very sad. Last September one of the greedy snakes were at least exposed to all. The owner of Turing Pharmaceutical was asked why a pill that should cost about $13 dollars a tablet was raised overnight to $750 dollars per tablet.  The tablet is a drug to treat Aids patients and rose 5000% per cent.  The reason way was simply because they can. There is no laws regulating prices from drug companies. In essence they can charge anything they want.
Well then the answer is for America to own their own drug companies paid by our tax dollars and offer all Americans the damn drugs FOR FREE!
Throw these bums out!  All the drug companies are taking more and more money for their products each and every year. This was one company that was the most extreme offender. The reason? There is no competition to even keep the prices down.
According to Reuters the List Price rose from 2010-2015 for these popular drugs:
Nexium 24 hours  rose up by 54%
Neulasta (pegfilgrastym)  rose up by 55%
Advair diskus rose by 67%
Lantus soloStar rose by 94%
Abilify rose up by 96%
Crestor rosuvastatin calcium rose by 113%
Copaxone (glatiramer acetale injection} rose by 118%
Enbrel etanercept rose by 118%
Humera adalimumah rose by 125%
Humera rose from $20,123 dollars per year in 2010 to $45,565 per year by 2015
Thank goodness many insurance companies are picking up the price increases but for how long? We need to be like Canada, Great Britain and Germany where the government puts limits on how much their drug companies can charge consumers. Congress needs to return from vacation and do something we all need!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Related imageYesterday I ranted more about the history and fascination of guns in America. Today is all about the problem with guns today. The gun enthusiasts think of  guns as if it is a kind of toy.  They go into exotic places to kill the wildlife for no particular reason but boredom with their lives.  Meanwhile we have lost yet another living example of the beauty of the earth. Then we have the thugs on the street who know they are worthless but with a gun in their hand they immediately have power and control.  They don’t realize yet that killing someone else doesn’t really change their self-esteem at all. It does not make them a great person. In both cases guns do make life final before our time of a natural death for no reason.
Today in California where the streets are hunting grounds for thugs, they are paying cash for peace.  In California they are paying potetionally violent people cash not to use their weapons.  Why is it still so easy to get a weapon? Thugs are now being rewarded with monthly checks and even free cross country sightseeing trips. Is this  the only way to make a thug care about his decisions regarding death? This nation is now plagued by gun crimes everywhere. How else can we stop the cycle of bloodshed.  So, just give them money so they will not rob us at gunpoint for our money.
This August was the deadliest month in Chicago in 20 years.  There are 19 year old kids who have already lost about 10 friends or family members to death by the use of a gun. The cycle of death needs to be stopped. Retaliation is not even a consideration it is expected.  In Richmond, California there is death by guns every night. In 2007 the city came up with the idea to pay thugs not to pull the trigger. The better the behavior the better the paycheck. The maximum is $1,300 per month. The money is taxpayer money being given out by a fellowship that is being run out of an Office for Neighborhood Safety. So far they have been approved for enough funds to last 18 months. Dozens of thugs are participating some with more success than others. Apparently no amount of money will not make some of them to stop killing people.
It is wrong to pay a kid not to kill someone. We are thinking humans with feelings and emotions. We are not just killing machines for a price. Someone with ethics and a brain is pulling that trigger. They should have the morals and education to realize that it is wrong to kill our fellow man and exotic animal.  Is paying someone not to kill more cost effective to deal with a dead victim? Let’s go further in the moral depths of nothingness. Let us put more of a price on human lives. One murder cost $2,350 for a police response, $600 for emergency transport to the morgue endless hospital costs in trying to save a dying person due to bullet wounds but we will estimate a basic cost at $12,700, family mental health for victims’ families $13,800 courts $2,400, prison $434,500 annually. Almost all of it, a total of $466, 350 dollars paid by taxpayer money not the thugs  who pulled the trigger.   All of a sudden 13 hundred bucks  doesn’t sound like a lot of money.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Related imageWhat is so fascinating with guns? They are simple pulling the trigger devices with lethal consequences. An easy way to kill. Why do we want to kill anything? From the minute we are born the struggle is to breathe and stay alive. Guns should have been under close watch the day they were invented.  Among all the artifacts found on the Mayflower ship to America, not a single gun was found. Historians believe that they were probably there with the Pilgrims walking along Plymouth Rock. We all know how the virtual extinction of the American Indians happened probably due to guns. No battle is good if the weapons are better on just one side. It is not a battle anymore it is a form of extinction.
Guns are so woven in the fabric of this nation that on the 4th floor of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History there is a vault of thousands of various guns used in this country throughout the past 200 years. Americans have used guns of all shapes and sizes and calibers and everyone has a historic reason for being here. The Musket is in every history book and sculpture symbolizing freedom and independence even on Broadway in that new musical called Hamilton. Were we born a gun culture?  Pamela Haag wrote a book called The Gunning of America where guns are described as tools to convey thoughts. Point a gun in the face of someone and they will listen carefully.
At the start of the Revolutionary   War we didn’t even have enough guns to outfit the continental Army. Today we have more guns than people. According to a Congressional Research Service we have 357 Million guns in America to 317 Million people. How did the gun industry get so big? They keep making guns and don’t even care who the hell has this lethal weapon. The original gun manufactures like Oliver Winchester and Samuel Colt did their best to create a market for their guns. Do we really need a weapon to live? They had factories in Connecticut that became known as gun valley. Soon they were producing so many guns with more speed than Henry Ford could produce cheap cars.  The best known guns were a long barrel handgun  called the Winchester 73 and a riffle called the Colt single action Army revolver. They were the 2 guns that won the West.
As the frontier disappeared, so did the desire of many Americans to own a gun. Peaceful civilized people do not need guns. So to increase sales the gun makers were marketing the guns as a toy for sportsmanship and fun. I grew up with all the toy guns anyone could have. We all played cowboys and Indians with our cap guns. Good guys and mobsters with long guns. Then we gave our kids all kinds of long range water guns. Guns were everywhere in entertainment.  In TV shows like The Searchers in 1956, movies like True Grit in 1968. Winchester in ’73 with Jimmy Stewart pulling the trigger in that movie western in 1950. As the mobsters came to America so did the change in guns. But TV still immortalized the entire hate concept. There was the movie called Scarface in 1983. Al Pacino says, “Go ahead and say hello to my little friend” as he kills everyone in the room with a weapon. In the movie called Sudden Impact made in 1983 there is Clint Eastwood saying, “Go ahead, make my day “ as he points a gun at someone.
Now we do take our guns seriously. Owning a gun is a Constitutional right. We also try to legislate how to control them. President FDR signed the first gun legislation in 1934 hoping to reduce the number of bootlegging gangsters all over the streets of America. Then 30 years later President Kennedy is shot. Now they won’t open any windows in the White House.  Robert Kennedy and Martin King Jr. dead from guns. That made President Johnson push the Gun Control Act of 1968. There was too much anguish then. But what about now? People say “ pow pow “in airports and create mass hysteria In LA and New York.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Related imageBack to school now so fight to get your kids into a Charter school.  What is a Charter School anyway? Perhaps if Pink Floyd went to one he would have learned that the lyric should say “We don’t need any education” in his famous song I would reluctantly sing every year as I tried to finally get the chlorine smell out of my bathing suit and put it away. Millions of kids will be lucky enough to attend a Charter School this year. The politicians love to praise them in all their speeches as if they invented the notion.
In 2008 President Obama vowed to double our investment in Charter Schools. George W. Bush was a big believer in Charter Schools. Bernie Saunders said he believes in public Charter School even Donald Trump has said that Charter schools work and that they work very well. Mitt Romney spoke at the NAACP Annual Convention and said that, “ charter schools are so successful that every politician can find something good to say about them.” Then why don’t all you blow holes simply support elite schools that are already out there? The whole point of a public education is that it is basic and simple and it is free to all the public.
Charter Schools are basically public schools that our tax paying money is funding but is privately run. Is that fair? The first ones emerged about 25 years ago as an experiment into new ways to educate to promote new educational approaches. The idea since then has exploded. There are now over 6,700 charter schools in America today educating almost 3 Million students their way. They even have popular stars backing as a promotional effort from Puff Daddy, Andre Agassi and Pit Bul. There is a positive looking KIPP charter schools network TV show. It boasts how difficult it is to get your kid into one of these elitist schools. Most kids are chosen by a lottery but almost all meet federal poverty guidelines.
Yet, 82% per cent go off to college. The critics say that charter schools over state their successes, syphon off talented students from the regular public schools and divert precious funds from the normal school district. Public means public elitism doesn’t belong here! The nation is going full stream into separating our children. 42 states already have charter schools. When did we get to vote that our tax money should go to elite schools? By just giving money to privately own school we are finding that the charter schools quality is uneven across the states and across schools. Some charter schools are so flawed that they don’t stay open throughout the school year. Then with that closing, your kid is back to public school.
Without supervision these private schools can just close suddenly without any notice to anyone. In some states many charter schools have failed. In Florida since 2008 119 charter schools have closed their doors. Fourteen have never even finished their school year. Who is even regulating if a reputable school is getting our tax dollars? Not Congress! They are still on vacation. Yes tax dollar paid 7 week vacations voted by them for them.   Well! Good luck with your children going back to some kind of school.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

It cost the life of yet another beautiful young American trying to do compassionate things in the world but at least her life made President Obama change his policy towards terrorists. We have the Peace Corp, the United Nations Army, the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders all desperately trying to get to help those people suffering from the deadly hands of ISIS. We have young people who give up their careers and hope for a good financial future to help people. They are the saints here on earth. ISIS should respect the work ethic at least if they will not respect any other religion in the world. Yes she is dead now but Obama said that private funds can now be raised to appeal to terrorists demands for hostages.Related image
She is the girl that was left behind. She was captured tortured and killed in Syria. She was a typical All American girl but who dared to travel the world as a humanitarian worker.  At age 24 she was captured when ISIS took over an orphanage where she was working for Doctors Without Borders. If America has the most powerful military in the world, why aren’t these global saints given military protection? Her name was Kayla Mueller and already no one even remembers her. That alone is pathetic since she was raped and her fingernails torn out while in captivity in  a  12 foot cell like a snake. How is it that we know all this and her life was not saved? For political policy?
Her parents were simple people a auto mechanic and a nurse who had hoped that the forces we pay for in our tax money each and every year would protect our brave children who dare to face the enemy for us. She left America in August 2013 with Doctors Without Borders to help deliver equipment to Syria. In just 24 hours later after crossing the border she was captured and held by ISIS for ransom. She was held for months forced to wear all black. Her ISIS guards were  led by the British group led by Jihadi John.  NO HUMANITARON GROUP WOULD HELP NEGOTIATE HER FREEDOM.
The prospect of a negotiated release was very unlikely. The United States Policy is NOT to make concessions to terrorists. Other female prisoners who were from countries who paid randsom   fees were released. Kayla was left behind to die. Who the hell is Obama to tell me I cannot buy my daughter’s freedom If I want to? I bet policy would have changed before his daughter died if it happened to him. In May 2014 Kayla in a simple e-mail informed her parents the demands. ISIS wanted no media involvement, and a cash payment of five million euros to ensure her release. To me this is a simple request since nothing in this life can be obtained or attained without filthy money. A Go Fund Me Account would have probable compiled the funds from every American who wants our kids free and safe for their heroic efforts in the world.
The White House stuck to its policy of no ransom.  ISIS killed Kayla Mueller.
The parents were threatened with criminal prosecution if they tried to raise funds to release their daughter.
They were told that Al Baghdadi the leader of ISIS chose Kayla to rape to symbolize his version of raping America.
February 6, 2015 her death was revealed.
Since Kayla Mueller’s death the Obama Administration promises that it will now allow families to privately raise fund for hostage releases with out the threat of prosecution.

Kayla should have NEVER died! Are we now just saying here we are! Come get some money ISIS? 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Related imageShould Olympic professional athletes be paid? Yes the games are over now for a while. The dust is settling on the fields. The pools are drying up and soon the padlock will be going on the entrances to the buildings constructed just for the games. The corruption is still going strong among the Olympic Committee members who line their own pockets first with all the sponsored corporate money thrown at the games. There are the heroes who get to go home with a medal. What about all the others who strived equally hard to win and just didn’t this time? Do they deserve nothing for their efforts?  Reform is necessary!
The Olympic Committee is as fair as The National Football League that won’t even pay their cheerleaders a decent salary. The OLC turns a blind eye to the slavery abuses that goes on in Communist countries to show their might as humans are being abused to construct the pavilions to host the gams soon in China. Should the Olympic games co-exist with labor camps, modern slavery and crimes against humanity as seen in the construction of the lavish Dubai?  Abuses have been found in 9 different countries in 9 different continents. It is a world -wide problem. The Olympic values are supposed to be tolerance, solidarity and peace but are their values being taught?
We know that the games are about the world in peace and making the world a better place but at what price? Policy must change. Look closely at the people in charge, the people that make up the Olympic Committee and you will find that they are all border line criminals in practice. Two are convicted criminals and people that were part of the Salt Lake City Scandal and yet continue to serve in high positions on the Olympic Committee. Two members have been exposed for plagiarizing their PHD one of them wrote about the Olympic movement ironically. Some committee members like the African Commander in Chief of Uganda’s Army  during the Presidency of Idi Amin that was hardly humane to their own people.  Until the 1980’s there wasn’t even any women on the Olympic Committee. There are Sheiks and Sultans that do not wish for women to even compete even now in games.
The real objectives of this committee are to maintain their positions and power over the money and to hell with supporting the people of the host cities some who were violently removed from their homes to pave the way for a new stadium.  When a committee member votes for a city as in Salt Lake they ask for bribes for their votes like cash or favors from the city.  These demands remained a secret for a long time until a document was released in Norway that exposed people.  When Norway requested to host the 2014 games they were given 7,000 pages of special perks to be given to the committee.  Things like 24 hour room service including butler service. Things that Norway doesn’t even have. Corruption is alive and well at the Olympics. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Related imageDid You Know that Life Insurance Companies are not required to notify you when or if you are due money from a diseased person who named you as a beneficiary? What the hell???I buy life insurance so that people will be secure after my death. It is my entire reason for buying a policy. Congress needs to get back from vacation and get after this industry! Apparently the only way to get your money is to ask for it when the person named you in their policy died. What if you don’t know if Uncle Harry wrote your name on his life insurance policy? You won’t be notified and the money will be spent by the insurance company! This just is not fair, just or ethical!
When you take out an insurance policy you sign up and give them money on a regular basis with the expectation that your spouse or children or you from Uncle Harry or whomever will receive the benefit. Well through audits of the nation’s leading insurance companies, they are getting richer and richer and simply not paying out the $10,000 to Million dollar insurance money to the people that have been feeding the company for years till they drop dead! It is a systematic industry practice to just not tell your people that they have money coming to them. Why? Because they simply are not required by law to inform you.
Well then somebody make a damn law! Our family and friends deserve this money! 25 of the nation’s largest life  insurance  companies are sitting on $7 Billion Dollars in back death benefits un paid to your friends and relatives you wanted the benefit to go to. Many times the beneficiary is unaware                                             they are even entitled to this money.  The companies don’t pay unless the specific person named in the policy makes a claim. There are millions of policies un- paid out just in Florida. There are policies that should have been paid out and have never been distributed since 1960.  The billions of dollars are sitting in the investment part of the insurance companies bank accounts.
John Hancock, Met Life, Prudential to name a few of the largest companies having this unfair policy to their customers. They do pay out when a beneficiary files a proper claim.  If no one comes forward to file a claim, they reinvest the money. There is a death master file that insurance companies have access to so there is no reason for them to not even know when someone has been declared dead. Often the insurance siphon fees off the top of the policy till there is no money left to the policy even if you claim it. Remember that those of you who have paid in full a say 20 payment policy years ago.
Under the law they are allowed to pay themselves premiums using their customers accumulated cash while they are alive. This law was designed to protect the policy say if you lost your job and can’t make the recent payment. They will use built up cash to pay the payment. The abuse here is that now you are dead they didn’t pay anyone because no one asked for the money so they continue to pay themselves till there is no money left. Congress we need a new law!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Related imageCorporate America is doing it again and again no one cares. People are used to suffering anyway. We all signed up for new homes and new mortgages only to get bankrupt and eventually loose all our investments to foreclosure because the adjustable rates allowed wall street banks to raise the payments every month meanwhile our salaries were not getting any raise. The lawyers are happy because they get fees and the judges are happy because they are busy and the banks are happiest because they get even your bed.
Corporate America is doing it again and again and still no one cares. They allowed us to have a credit card from just about anywhere and charge just about anything till our foreclosed houses were full of stuff and then they charged us late fees and raised the rates to double digit interest on some crap we don’t even remember buying that is now costing us the price of gold and diamonds. They even sold wallets that could accommodated about 20 cards at a time. Now we have no credit yet again and the lawyers can now get the judges to approve taking money at their will out of our bank accounts that we scraped together to pay for the almost foreclosed house to pay just some interest on all those credit cards still around from 10 years ago.
Not done yet!!! Yes, Corporate America is doing it again and again and again and still no one cares. They say once you have been slapped around so much it just doesn’t hurt anymore. We are numb. What do we have left? No home. No credit. No savings. The car!!!!!!! Yes!!!!! Corporate America is now fucking everyone over with their own car loans! AND NO ONE CARES!
Just look at the roads. Everyone is driving a new car now. Look at the TV commercials. Everyone is approved regardless of your credit problems. Even if your trade in is the wreck under the weeds on the back lot? APPROVED! Even if I am unemployed? APPROVED! Even if we have 2 repossessions, a foreclosure, and a bankruptcy? APPROVED! Sounds great for America but America they are fucking us yet again. They are approving you for a sub-prime loan. The economy is now at a 10 year high for these sub-prime loans. It is just another trap to get you to pay more than the car is worth. These loans are 19 or 24% just like all those bad credit cards.
A crappy car worth about 3 grand with a loan payment at 24% is now an 8 grand car. If you pay off the loan over three years you will pay $13,000 for a crappy car that was only worth 3 grand when you bought it. But You are approved nevertheless. Most people can’t pay their loan over three years so the car company repossess the car. You lose all your investment and the so kind car company is and can sell the crappy 3 grand car again and again.  Right now the default rate on car loans is high. 
In order to threaten you to  pay these loans, now the car companies are allowed to install a beeper in the car set to go off every 5 minutes once your payment is late. Now that is harassment. After a while, the device can also not allow you to even be able to start the car till your payment is made. God Bless America the  land of the homeless, carless and penniless.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Related imageWould you like to visit somewhere no one else has seen yet? Then go to China and visit the newest Disney World. Shanghai China is the location of Disney’s most expensive overseas location as of yet. The place is now open with new attractions that you won’t be able to see at any other theme park even if you are a devout Disney park fan.  It took 50 thousand hours of construction and 100,000 workers from engineers to imaginers to create the resort. It has been opened already for just 2 months and is bringing in profits already. Bob Iger the CEO of The Walt Disney Company should be proud.
Already there have been over One Million guests and counting. There is also no shortage of people in China which is good for Disney. This is the sixth resort for the company. The project took over 5 years to complete and at a cost of $ 5.5 billion dollars. They call their Castle the Enchanted Storybook Castle and is the largest Castle the tallest and biggest of all Disney castles. Everything is large and wide in China. This place is spread out in over a thousand acres of land and 12 thousand trees have been planted. This massive project is finally complete after a decade of stalled negotiations with the Chinese government.  Disney was finally able to break ground in 2011.
Disney only owns 43% of the park. The rest is controlled by a Chinese group that is government controlled. After all China is still a communist country. So, Disney does not have outright editorial control. This place is still the largest and most expensive International  Resort for the Disney brand. The location is within 3 hours by plane or car of 330 million people in a country with a booming middle class with more and more disposal income. If they get even just a fraction of those 300 million people to visit Disney, it has the potential to really boost Disney’s park/resort revenue. The amount of money, planning, construction, and imagination is a huge gamble in hoping the Chinese will actually like the place and support it.
What they did different to even lure you the regular Disney Park customer was to make the place more hands on than line friendly. There is a maze of ropes and ladders and adventure to go through. Camp Discovery as it is called is a place where you can create your own treacherous trail to get through the place. Adventure at its safest. There are three different levels; easy, intermediate and advanced therefore something for everyone. There is a man- made waterfall over a 100 feet tall mountain. The Pirates of the Caribbean exhibit that most are familiar with that is hugely popular is different in China in that it is more of a story explaining much about pirate life and historical facts in general.
The robotic caricatures are more real like than ever that it is easy to forget that you have just been entertained all day by not a single human. The gift shops are now   selling more and more copies of the Disney film than before. Are we making China more American? Educating the Chinese will be the most difficult. Not that they are not smart but will they even care who Mickey or Minnie is? They did not grow up with those icons; Americans did. Chang Xu is the Cultural Analyst for Disney and it is her job to keep track of China’s questions about the vast amount of Disney stories and characters that we all fell in love with. To make the Chinese people feel comfortable with the place familiar things have been planted in the resort you cannot find in other places.
There is the Wandering Moon Tea House that celebrates the diverse landscapes of China while enjoying soothing healing exotic teas. Now that sounds more enticing than swirling tea cup rides for no reason but I guess I am old now.  We just hope this will be a fairy tale ending for Disney’s investment. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Related imageThe road out of Rio is both rewarding to American sports in general but also dangerous. This year’s events is just a testament to how strong our country really is. How we find the money to support good healthy events to support our youth and encourage them to excel and succeed in anything they want to. How our government is good and trustworthy. How we were able to have hundreds of Americans competing in the events. Many American athletes also competed for other countries as well. It is sad to see that much of the youth in Rio is abandoned and that many of the great sports pavilions that Olympic money builds after the events are simply locked and abandoned in most countries while the poor citizens still have nothing much to do. Why strive for a medal anyway?
Yes Olympic medals are worth more than their weight in gold. Olympic medals have not been made out of solid gold since 1912. Today’s Gold Medals are only 1.34% Gold the rest is Sterling Silver. Taking home the Gold Medal today is worth about $564.00.  Some Gold Medals wind up being worth more than others. The medal from Black Jesse Owen’s track and field event where he ran better than  all of Hitler’s men in 1936 recently got $1.47 Million dollars at auction.  What makes a gold medal valuable is the stories behind the thing. Michael Phelps with the most medals ever and the final five gymnastic girls from this year has legendary stories attributed to their medals making them valuable ones.
 These games at Rio will be awarding 812 medals to people from all over the world. If you are a world class athlete you should have represented Kazakhstan in some event. That country is paying $250,000 to anyone that brings home a gold medal to them. Malaysia awards its winners with a solid gold bar if you bring home a gold medal there. America gives their gold medalists $25,000 that Uncle Sam will tax as income from abroad. So we obviously don’t win here for the money.  Americans’ love fair competition. So how are we going to bring home our 80 or so gold medals home safely to the United States?
The safety of Athletes in Brazil is still a big concern. There is a violent drug war raging just minutes from the Olympic Village which is supposed to be a safe haven for the athletes. It is difficult for the Rio swat teams to keep it safe in the village. There are gangs that dominate Rio’s slums. Some are criminals and some are dirty ex-cops. Gold medalist Brian Lochte claims to have been robbed and mugged for money recently. They were hanging out and getting drunk till 4 A.M. at Club France one of the nightclubs created just for Olympians. How do you get mugged there?
Crimes were happening almost daily throughout the events. Rocks broke windows in an Olympic bus, stray bullets hit an Equestrian venue and a Judo medal winner was mugged and suffered a black eye in the process. It is just a spillover of the vast amount of crime in Rio. This month 5 people on average have been wounded by gun violence each day in Rio. Last week 3 Olympic security officers were shot and killed because they patrolled and turned into gang territory. You really do not want to get lost in Rio.   

Monday, August 15, 2016

Related image\\Why does America treat their citizens so badly? Imagine being in jail on a 30 year sentence or even on death row, new procedures find that you did not commit the crime and they let you out of jail. They literally open the door and shut it behind you. They don’t even give you a set of new clothes. You should be getting back pay for each year behind bars wrongly plus a few bucks for your future too especially if you never committed a crime. There are adjustments to be made to even get used to the futuristic things like a GPS navigation girl talking to us that an incarcerated person never ever heard before.
We take for granted our freedom because we are free. Just the luxury of being able to take a bath whenever you want to was not allowed in jail. Many wrongly incarcerated individuals are not let out of jail until their case is argued up to the Supreme Court. By then you are an old man. What job or career can you have then? Law enforcement can be quick to accuse someone of a crime and pursue the punishment but years later with new evidence they are not even saying that they are sorry. Someone should be held accountable for ruining a man’s innocent life.
Congress needs to act and set some federal guidelines for the now wrongly accused innocent citizen. Every state has their own rules even on the death penalty. In Alabama if the incarcerated individual had committed murder and was released on parole after serving some years, he would have been eligible for career training, housing assistance and a bus ticket home where ever that is now. For most people jail became home and the only home they have known for decades. It should not be set up in your state that you can have an easier time if you admit to a crime that you really did not commit. Something should be rewarded for unfailing honesty as long as we still pledge to honesty in the courts.
  Their convictions can be embarrassing by incompetence by prosecutors or police law enforcement. How can you traumatize someone, try to kill someone, lock someone down for 30 years and not feel some responsibility for what you have done as a law enforcer. There are growing number of organizations and law firms dedicating their practices to overturning false convictions. These people suddenly being let out need medical, housing and economic support. They need mental health care. They need to know that their abuse is now being taken seriously
Connecticut has a new law that compensates the wrongly convicted. There is one case where a  man was convicted of rape and murder where witnesses collected a $20,000 reward. He spent 20 years in jail until new DNA testing proved him innocent. Connecticut gave him a job with the parole board after 5 years. He was at first a counsellor for troubled kids. The state also gave him 6 million dollars in compensation for his troubles. Many states do not offer compensation at all. Our tax dollars put these people away should our tax dollars also pay when we let them out? We need a national law on this one.   

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Related imageAre you still on vacation? A summertime trip to a National Park is an American tradition but at some point it is time to leave the place. Thousands of stressed out over civilized people pack up a camper and go to the mountains to clear their head and feel insignificant in the broader sense of this world.  You spend all year trying to be somebody to be better than someone else to get that better job better car bigger home. You must unwind to the wilderness to be humble again and see that we are just specks rambling over the surface of this beautiful earth waiting to just shake us off at its will.
The wilderness is a necessity. There was a great book written in 1901 called Our National Parks by John Miur that is a collection of essays describing the various places designated for underdevelopment by our Nation. Since then not like thousands of people have flocked to our National Parks but more like 300 thousand people flooding the parks lately. In 2015 that was a record breaking number of visitors. UTAH has many National Parks and Zion Park there has broken records lately with the amount of people that have visited it lately. In the last 5 years visitors have increased by 35%. Zion is one of the mighty 5 National Parks in Utah. Getting more than a million extra people there can be annoying.
These beautiful mountain ranges parks are Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands and Zion. With low gas prices and terrorism in Europe staying home to a National Park seems to be a good idea for a vacation lately. These parks in particular have become bucket lists for destinations. Tourists from all across the world are increasingly visiting here. How do they deal with crowd control? On Memorial Day Weekend this year they shut down the entrance to Arches National Park for two hours because the traffic jam was so bad. During peak season cars aren’t even allowed in Zion National Park anymore. The park instituted a shuttle bus system.  Now lines to get on the bus can be over an hour long. I went to a National Park to get away from the lines like at Disney!
The shuttle system has become too busy. The seating comp asity of 68 people in the peak season runs loads of 100 people on the bus. Yes, like at work, standing on the bus. Sigh! People will largely say they had a good experience because somehow they still got to see places like The Grand Canyon. They need crowd management specialists now. Should there be permits or timed reservations? This year lining the landscape is Port-a-Potties sadly badly needed. Not something you want to see but with no privacy bring out those smelly plastic toilets. Ugh! The maintenance of those things the Park Rangers like to contract out.
Arrive early enough and wander far enough and it is still possible to escape the crowds. If you do have to wait a bit well, there are worst places to be stuck in traffic.