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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Related imageBack to school now so fight to get your kids into a Charter school.  What is a Charter School anyway? Perhaps if Pink Floyd went to one he would have learned that the lyric should say “We don’t need any education” in his famous song I would reluctantly sing every year as I tried to finally get the chlorine smell out of my bathing suit and put it away. Millions of kids will be lucky enough to attend a Charter School this year. The politicians love to praise them in all their speeches as if they invented the notion.
In 2008 President Obama vowed to double our investment in Charter Schools. George W. Bush was a big believer in Charter Schools. Bernie Saunders said he believes in public Charter School even Donald Trump has said that Charter schools work and that they work very well. Mitt Romney spoke at the NAACP Annual Convention and said that, “ charter schools are so successful that every politician can find something good to say about them.” Then why don’t all you blow holes simply support elite schools that are already out there? The whole point of a public education is that it is basic and simple and it is free to all the public.
Charter Schools are basically public schools that our tax paying money is funding but is privately run. Is that fair? The first ones emerged about 25 years ago as an experiment into new ways to educate to promote new educational approaches. The idea since then has exploded. There are now over 6,700 charter schools in America today educating almost 3 Million students their way. They even have popular stars backing as a promotional effort from Puff Daddy, Andre Agassi and Pit Bul. There is a positive looking KIPP charter schools network TV show. It boasts how difficult it is to get your kid into one of these elitist schools. Most kids are chosen by a lottery but almost all meet federal poverty guidelines.
Yet, 82% per cent go off to college. The critics say that charter schools over state their successes, syphon off talented students from the regular public schools and divert precious funds from the normal school district. Public means public elitism doesn’t belong here! The nation is going full stream into separating our children. 42 states already have charter schools. When did we get to vote that our tax money should go to elite schools? By just giving money to privately own school we are finding that the charter schools quality is uneven across the states and across schools. Some charter schools are so flawed that they don’t stay open throughout the school year. Then with that closing, your kid is back to public school.
Without supervision these private schools can just close suddenly without any notice to anyone. In some states many charter schools have failed. In Florida since 2008 119 charter schools have closed their doors. Fourteen have never even finished their school year. Who is even regulating if a reputable school is getting our tax dollars? Not Congress! They are still on vacation. Yes tax dollar paid 7 week vacations voted by them for them.   Well! Good luck with your children going back to some kind of school.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

It cost the life of yet another beautiful young American trying to do compassionate things in the world but at least her life made President Obama change his policy towards terrorists. We have the Peace Corp, the United Nations Army, the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders all desperately trying to get to help those people suffering from the deadly hands of ISIS. We have young people who give up their careers and hope for a good financial future to help people. They are the saints here on earth. ISIS should respect the work ethic at least if they will not respect any other religion in the world. Yes she is dead now but Obama said that private funds can now be raised to appeal to terrorists demands for hostages.Related image
She is the girl that was left behind. She was captured tortured and killed in Syria. She was a typical All American girl but who dared to travel the world as a humanitarian worker.  At age 24 she was captured when ISIS took over an orphanage where she was working for Doctors Without Borders. If America has the most powerful military in the world, why aren’t these global saints given military protection? Her name was Kayla Mueller and already no one even remembers her. That alone is pathetic since she was raped and her fingernails torn out while in captivity in  a  12 foot cell like a snake. How is it that we know all this and her life was not saved? For political policy?
Her parents were simple people a auto mechanic and a nurse who had hoped that the forces we pay for in our tax money each and every year would protect our brave children who dare to face the enemy for us. She left America in August 2013 with Doctors Without Borders to help deliver equipment to Syria. In just 24 hours later after crossing the border she was captured and held by ISIS for ransom. She was held for months forced to wear all black. Her ISIS guards were  led by the British group led by Jihadi John.  NO HUMANITARON GROUP WOULD HELP NEGOTIATE HER FREEDOM.
The prospect of a negotiated release was very unlikely. The United States Policy is NOT to make concessions to terrorists. Other female prisoners who were from countries who paid randsom   fees were released. Kayla was left behind to die. Who the hell is Obama to tell me I cannot buy my daughter’s freedom If I want to? I bet policy would have changed before his daughter died if it happened to him. In May 2014 Kayla in a simple e-mail informed her parents the demands. ISIS wanted no media involvement, and a cash payment of five million euros to ensure her release. To me this is a simple request since nothing in this life can be obtained or attained without filthy money. A Go Fund Me Account would have probable compiled the funds from every American who wants our kids free and safe for their heroic efforts in the world.
The White House stuck to its policy of no ransom.  ISIS killed Kayla Mueller.
The parents were threatened with criminal prosecution if they tried to raise funds to release their daughter.
They were told that Al Baghdadi the leader of ISIS chose Kayla to rape to symbolize his version of raping America.
February 6, 2015 her death was revealed.
Since Kayla Mueller’s death the Obama Administration promises that it will now allow families to privately raise fund for hostage releases with out the threat of prosecution.

Kayla should have NEVER died! Are we now just saying here we are! Come get some money ISIS? 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Related imageShould Olympic professional athletes be paid? Yes the games are over now for a while. The dust is settling on the fields. The pools are drying up and soon the padlock will be going on the entrances to the buildings constructed just for the games. The corruption is still going strong among the Olympic Committee members who line their own pockets first with all the sponsored corporate money thrown at the games. There are the heroes who get to go home with a medal. What about all the others who strived equally hard to win and just didn’t this time? Do they deserve nothing for their efforts?  Reform is necessary!
The Olympic Committee is as fair as The National Football League that won’t even pay their cheerleaders a decent salary. The OLC turns a blind eye to the slavery abuses that goes on in Communist countries to show their might as humans are being abused to construct the pavilions to host the gams soon in China. Should the Olympic games co-exist with labor camps, modern slavery and crimes against humanity as seen in the construction of the lavish Dubai?  Abuses have been found in 9 different countries in 9 different continents. It is a world -wide problem. The Olympic values are supposed to be tolerance, solidarity and peace but are their values being taught?
We know that the games are about the world in peace and making the world a better place but at what price? Policy must change. Look closely at the people in charge, the people that make up the Olympic Committee and you will find that they are all border line criminals in practice. Two are convicted criminals and people that were part of the Salt Lake City Scandal and yet continue to serve in high positions on the Olympic Committee. Two members have been exposed for plagiarizing their PHD one of them wrote about the Olympic movement ironically. Some committee members like the African Commander in Chief of Uganda’s Army  during the Presidency of Idi Amin that was hardly humane to their own people.  Until the 1980’s there wasn’t even any women on the Olympic Committee. There are Sheiks and Sultans that do not wish for women to even compete even now in games.
The real objectives of this committee are to maintain their positions and power over the money and to hell with supporting the people of the host cities some who were violently removed from their homes to pave the way for a new stadium.  When a committee member votes for a city as in Salt Lake they ask for bribes for their votes like cash or favors from the city.  These demands remained a secret for a long time until a document was released in Norway that exposed people.  When Norway requested to host the 2014 games they were given 7,000 pages of special perks to be given to the committee.  Things like 24 hour room service including butler service. Things that Norway doesn’t even have. Corruption is alive and well at the Olympics. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Related imageDid You Know that Life Insurance Companies are not required to notify you when or if you are due money from a diseased person who named you as a beneficiary? What the hell???I buy life insurance so that people will be secure after my death. It is my entire reason for buying a policy. Congress needs to get back from vacation and get after this industry! Apparently the only way to get your money is to ask for it when the person named you in their policy died. What if you don’t know if Uncle Harry wrote your name on his life insurance policy? You won’t be notified and the money will be spent by the insurance company! This just is not fair, just or ethical!
When you take out an insurance policy you sign up and give them money on a regular basis with the expectation that your spouse or children or you from Uncle Harry or whomever will receive the benefit. Well through audits of the nation’s leading insurance companies, they are getting richer and richer and simply not paying out the $10,000 to Million dollar insurance money to the people that have been feeding the company for years till they drop dead! It is a systematic industry practice to just not tell your people that they have money coming to them. Why? Because they simply are not required by law to inform you.
Well then somebody make a damn law! Our family and friends deserve this money! 25 of the nation’s largest life  insurance  companies are sitting on $7 Billion Dollars in back death benefits un paid to your friends and relatives you wanted the benefit to go to. Many times the beneficiary is unaware                                             they are even entitled to this money.  The companies don’t pay unless the specific person named in the policy makes a claim. There are millions of policies un- paid out just in Florida. There are policies that should have been paid out and have never been distributed since 1960.  The billions of dollars are sitting in the investment part of the insurance companies bank accounts.
John Hancock, Met Life, Prudential to name a few of the largest companies having this unfair policy to their customers. They do pay out when a beneficiary files a proper claim.  If no one comes forward to file a claim, they reinvest the money. There is a death master file that insurance companies have access to so there is no reason for them to not even know when someone has been declared dead. Often the insurance siphon fees off the top of the policy till there is no money left to the policy even if you claim it. Remember that those of you who have paid in full a say 20 payment policy years ago.
Under the law they are allowed to pay themselves premiums using their customers accumulated cash while they are alive. This law was designed to protect the policy say if you lost your job and can’t make the recent payment. They will use built up cash to pay the payment. The abuse here is that now you are dead they didn’t pay anyone because no one asked for the money so they continue to pay themselves till there is no money left. Congress we need a new law!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Related imageCorporate America is doing it again and again no one cares. People are used to suffering anyway. We all signed up for new homes and new mortgages only to get bankrupt and eventually loose all our investments to foreclosure because the adjustable rates allowed wall street banks to raise the payments every month meanwhile our salaries were not getting any raise. The lawyers are happy because they get fees and the judges are happy because they are busy and the banks are happiest because they get even your bed.
Corporate America is doing it again and again and still no one cares. They allowed us to have a credit card from just about anywhere and charge just about anything till our foreclosed houses were full of stuff and then they charged us late fees and raised the rates to double digit interest on some crap we don’t even remember buying that is now costing us the price of gold and diamonds. They even sold wallets that could accommodated about 20 cards at a time. Now we have no credit yet again and the lawyers can now get the judges to approve taking money at their will out of our bank accounts that we scraped together to pay for the almost foreclosed house to pay just some interest on all those credit cards still around from 10 years ago.
Not done yet!!! Yes, Corporate America is doing it again and again and again and still no one cares. They say once you have been slapped around so much it just doesn’t hurt anymore. We are numb. What do we have left? No home. No credit. No savings. The car!!!!!!! Yes!!!!! Corporate America is now fucking everyone over with their own car loans! AND NO ONE CARES!
Just look at the roads. Everyone is driving a new car now. Look at the TV commercials. Everyone is approved regardless of your credit problems. Even if your trade in is the wreck under the weeds on the back lot? APPROVED! Even if I am unemployed? APPROVED! Even if we have 2 repossessions, a foreclosure, and a bankruptcy? APPROVED! Sounds great for America but America they are fucking us yet again. They are approving you for a sub-prime loan. The economy is now at a 10 year high for these sub-prime loans. It is just another trap to get you to pay more than the car is worth. These loans are 19 or 24% just like all those bad credit cards.
A crappy car worth about 3 grand with a loan payment at 24% is now an 8 grand car. If you pay off the loan over three years you will pay $13,000 for a crappy car that was only worth 3 grand when you bought it. But You are approved nevertheless. Most people can’t pay their loan over three years so the car company repossess the car. You lose all your investment and the so kind car company is and can sell the crappy 3 grand car again and again.  Right now the default rate on car loans is high. 
In order to threaten you to  pay these loans, now the car companies are allowed to install a beeper in the car set to go off every 5 minutes once your payment is late. Now that is harassment. After a while, the device can also not allow you to even be able to start the car till your payment is made. God Bless America the  land of the homeless, carless and penniless.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Related imageWould you like to visit somewhere no one else has seen yet? Then go to China and visit the newest Disney World. Shanghai China is the location of Disney’s most expensive overseas location as of yet. The place is now open with new attractions that you won’t be able to see at any other theme park even if you are a devout Disney park fan.  It took 50 thousand hours of construction and 100,000 workers from engineers to imaginers to create the resort. It has been opened already for just 2 months and is bringing in profits already. Bob Iger the CEO of The Walt Disney Company should be proud.
Already there have been over One Million guests and counting. There is also no shortage of people in China which is good for Disney. This is the sixth resort for the company. The project took over 5 years to complete and at a cost of $ 5.5 billion dollars. They call their Castle the Enchanted Storybook Castle and is the largest Castle the tallest and biggest of all Disney castles. Everything is large and wide in China. This place is spread out in over a thousand acres of land and 12 thousand trees have been planted. This massive project is finally complete after a decade of stalled negotiations with the Chinese government.  Disney was finally able to break ground in 2011.
Disney only owns 43% of the park. The rest is controlled by a Chinese group that is government controlled. After all China is still a communist country. So, Disney does not have outright editorial control. This place is still the largest and most expensive International  Resort for the Disney brand. The location is within 3 hours by plane or car of 330 million people in a country with a booming middle class with more and more disposal income. If they get even just a fraction of those 300 million people to visit Disney, it has the potential to really boost Disney’s park/resort revenue. The amount of money, planning, construction, and imagination is a huge gamble in hoping the Chinese will actually like the place and support it.
What they did different to even lure you the regular Disney Park customer was to make the place more hands on than line friendly. There is a maze of ropes and ladders and adventure to go through. Camp Discovery as it is called is a place where you can create your own treacherous trail to get through the place. Adventure at its safest. There are three different levels; easy, intermediate and advanced therefore something for everyone. There is a man- made waterfall over a 100 feet tall mountain. The Pirates of the Caribbean exhibit that most are familiar with that is hugely popular is different in China in that it is more of a story explaining much about pirate life and historical facts in general.
The robotic caricatures are more real like than ever that it is easy to forget that you have just been entertained all day by not a single human. The gift shops are now   selling more and more copies of the Disney film than before. Are we making China more American? Educating the Chinese will be the most difficult. Not that they are not smart but will they even care who Mickey or Minnie is? They did not grow up with those icons; Americans did. Chang Xu is the Cultural Analyst for Disney and it is her job to keep track of China’s questions about the vast amount of Disney stories and characters that we all fell in love with. To make the Chinese people feel comfortable with the place familiar things have been planted in the resort you cannot find in other places.
There is the Wandering Moon Tea House that celebrates the diverse landscapes of China while enjoying soothing healing exotic teas. Now that sounds more enticing than swirling tea cup rides for no reason but I guess I am old now.  We just hope this will be a fairy tale ending for Disney’s investment. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Related imageThe road out of Rio is both rewarding to American sports in general but also dangerous. This year’s events is just a testament to how strong our country really is. How we find the money to support good healthy events to support our youth and encourage them to excel and succeed in anything they want to. How our government is good and trustworthy. How we were able to have hundreds of Americans competing in the events. Many American athletes also competed for other countries as well. It is sad to see that much of the youth in Rio is abandoned and that many of the great sports pavilions that Olympic money builds after the events are simply locked and abandoned in most countries while the poor citizens still have nothing much to do. Why strive for a medal anyway?
Yes Olympic medals are worth more than their weight in gold. Olympic medals have not been made out of solid gold since 1912. Today’s Gold Medals are only 1.34% Gold the rest is Sterling Silver. Taking home the Gold Medal today is worth about $564.00.  Some Gold Medals wind up being worth more than others. The medal from Black Jesse Owen’s track and field event where he ran better than  all of Hitler’s men in 1936 recently got $1.47 Million dollars at auction.  What makes a gold medal valuable is the stories behind the thing. Michael Phelps with the most medals ever and the final five gymnastic girls from this year has legendary stories attributed to their medals making them valuable ones.
 These games at Rio will be awarding 812 medals to people from all over the world. If you are a world class athlete you should have represented Kazakhstan in some event. That country is paying $250,000 to anyone that brings home a gold medal to them. Malaysia awards its winners with a solid gold bar if you bring home a gold medal there. America gives their gold medalists $25,000 that Uncle Sam will tax as income from abroad. So we obviously don’t win here for the money.  Americans’ love fair competition. So how are we going to bring home our 80 or so gold medals home safely to the United States?
The safety of Athletes in Brazil is still a big concern. There is a violent drug war raging just minutes from the Olympic Village which is supposed to be a safe haven for the athletes. It is difficult for the Rio swat teams to keep it safe in the village. There are gangs that dominate Rio’s slums. Some are criminals and some are dirty ex-cops. Gold medalist Brian Lochte claims to have been robbed and mugged for money recently. They were hanging out and getting drunk till 4 A.M. at Club France one of the nightclubs created just for Olympians. How do you get mugged there?
Crimes were happening almost daily throughout the events. Rocks broke windows in an Olympic bus, stray bullets hit an Equestrian venue and a Judo medal winner was mugged and suffered a black eye in the process. It is just a spillover of the vast amount of crime in Rio. This month 5 people on average have been wounded by gun violence each day in Rio. Last week 3 Olympic security officers were shot and killed because they patrolled and turned into gang territory. You really do not want to get lost in Rio.   

Monday, August 15, 2016

Related image\\Why does America treat their citizens so badly? Imagine being in jail on a 30 year sentence or even on death row, new procedures find that you did not commit the crime and they let you out of jail. They literally open the door and shut it behind you. They don’t even give you a set of new clothes. You should be getting back pay for each year behind bars wrongly plus a few bucks for your future too especially if you never committed a crime. There are adjustments to be made to even get used to the futuristic things like a GPS navigation girl talking to us that an incarcerated person never ever heard before.
We take for granted our freedom because we are free. Just the luxury of being able to take a bath whenever you want to was not allowed in jail. Many wrongly incarcerated individuals are not let out of jail until their case is argued up to the Supreme Court. By then you are an old man. What job or career can you have then? Law enforcement can be quick to accuse someone of a crime and pursue the punishment but years later with new evidence they are not even saying that they are sorry. Someone should be held accountable for ruining a man’s innocent life.
Congress needs to act and set some federal guidelines for the now wrongly accused innocent citizen. Every state has their own rules even on the death penalty. In Alabama if the incarcerated individual had committed murder and was released on parole after serving some years, he would have been eligible for career training, housing assistance and a bus ticket home where ever that is now. For most people jail became home and the only home they have known for decades. It should not be set up in your state that you can have an easier time if you admit to a crime that you really did not commit. Something should be rewarded for unfailing honesty as long as we still pledge to honesty in the courts.
  Their convictions can be embarrassing by incompetence by prosecutors or police law enforcement. How can you traumatize someone, try to kill someone, lock someone down for 30 years and not feel some responsibility for what you have done as a law enforcer. There are growing number of organizations and law firms dedicating their practices to overturning false convictions. These people suddenly being let out need medical, housing and economic support. They need mental health care. They need to know that their abuse is now being taken seriously
Connecticut has a new law that compensates the wrongly convicted. There is one case where a  man was convicted of rape and murder where witnesses collected a $20,000 reward. He spent 20 years in jail until new DNA testing proved him innocent. Connecticut gave him a job with the parole board after 5 years. He was at first a counsellor for troubled kids. The state also gave him 6 million dollars in compensation for his troubles. Many states do not offer compensation at all. Our tax dollars put these people away should our tax dollars also pay when we let them out? We need a national law on this one.   

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Related imageAre you still on vacation? A summertime trip to a National Park is an American tradition but at some point it is time to leave the place. Thousands of stressed out over civilized people pack up a camper and go to the mountains to clear their head and feel insignificant in the broader sense of this world.  You spend all year trying to be somebody to be better than someone else to get that better job better car bigger home. You must unwind to the wilderness to be humble again and see that we are just specks rambling over the surface of this beautiful earth waiting to just shake us off at its will.
The wilderness is a necessity. There was a great book written in 1901 called Our National Parks by John Miur that is a collection of essays describing the various places designated for underdevelopment by our Nation. Since then not like thousands of people have flocked to our National Parks but more like 300 thousand people flooding the parks lately. In 2015 that was a record breaking number of visitors. UTAH has many National Parks and Zion Park there has broken records lately with the amount of people that have visited it lately. In the last 5 years visitors have increased by 35%. Zion is one of the mighty 5 National Parks in Utah. Getting more than a million extra people there can be annoying.
These beautiful mountain ranges parks are Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands and Zion. With low gas prices and terrorism in Europe staying home to a National Park seems to be a good idea for a vacation lately. These parks in particular have become bucket lists for destinations. Tourists from all across the world are increasingly visiting here. How do they deal with crowd control? On Memorial Day Weekend this year they shut down the entrance to Arches National Park for two hours because the traffic jam was so bad. During peak season cars aren’t even allowed in Zion National Park anymore. The park instituted a shuttle bus system.  Now lines to get on the bus can be over an hour long. I went to a National Park to get away from the lines like at Disney!
The shuttle system has become too busy. The seating comp asity of 68 people in the peak season runs loads of 100 people on the bus. Yes, like at work, standing on the bus. Sigh! People will largely say they had a good experience because somehow they still got to see places like The Grand Canyon. They need crowd management specialists now. Should there be permits or timed reservations? This year lining the landscape is Port-a-Potties sadly badly needed. Not something you want to see but with no privacy bring out those smelly plastic toilets. Ugh! The maintenance of those things the Park Rangers like to contract out.
Arrive early enough and wander far enough and it is still possible to escape the crowds. If you do have to wait a bit well, there are worst places to be stuck in traffic. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

I wish I invented Q-Tips. They are a small wonder of the world. Everyone needs them but they are used for a variety of uses even becoming flowers when stuck in Styrofoam balls. What is wrong with a bouquet of Q-Tips? It should make somebody smile. The everyday product is used by women when doing their nails, men use it to clean hard to reach places and any art product can do with some paint on the tips of a Q-Tip. I did not run out of things to write about but just let me be on this one please.
Related imageHow much work went into even inventing cotton balls on the end of a stick?  The mastery of the product keeps this brand in business. Sure there are cheaper knock offs out there for you to buy. I can go to CVS and find an entire wall of their brand of Q-Tips for a cheaper price but I learned my lesson when instead of a soft bendable cotton stick I had a plastic weapon with fall off ends approaching my body or project. Not going to happen again. I will go to the bottom shelf in the store in the corner to find my name brand more expensive Q-Tip.
Don’t mistake simplicity for the master of engineering of this small product. The Q-Tip hit the market in the 1920’s as a tiny tool for baby care. They even put a picture of a baby on the box. Since then it has gone to wooden sticks for hospital care. Despite the changes what has never changed was the amount of cotton used on each tip. The diameter of each tip is exactly the same for every swab.  It is that precision that make Q-Tip lovers just want to stack them somewhere and all fit nicely. You Tube has plenty of uses for the product displayed in all kinds of videos. Use it for a fire starter, stir your coffee with it make designs with it. With water and baking soda it can become an improvised tooth brush.
The one most common use even the manufacturer says as a warning NOT to use it for. To stick it in your ear. I use it to absorb the water in my ear cup after a shower. I guess some idiots stick it deep in their ear and puncture their drum. Don’t do that. It has to be painful too. The warning on the box says: Do not insert swab into ear canal. Entering the ear canal can cause injury. If used to clean ears, stroke swab gently around the outer surface of the ear only.  Keep out of the reach of children.  Those little bastards will stick them all over you when you are sleeping.
The product is still made from 100% pure cotton. Whatever you decide to do with them it is good to know that the company is still doing well and doesn’t expect to run out of them anytime soon. They make a billion swabs each year. That means if you laid them out you could go to the moon and back three times. So go have some fun with your Q-Tips. Sigh!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Related imageIt is time to close down Craig’s List. Yet there are laws that protect them despite they are promoting child sex. The internet sex trade is thriving thanks to sites like this. Backpage.com is the controversial site that has children for sex for sale. Why  aren’t they closed down? They make sex trafficking possible. No daughter says that they want to be sold for sex when they grow up. Why should they be subjected to the idea when they are still young teens? The kids are abused with having to perform hundreds of sex encounters with stupid selfish men. A lot of it would have not been made possible without the help of Backpage.com. Why isn’t the bastard who owns this site in jail?
Backpage.com is similar to Craig’s List in that it is a basic classified ads site. It has racy adult sections like Escort and Body Rubs. To me these places are just code for prostitution which is illegal. The majority of children that were found to be used for sex were found on Backpage.com. They are  under investigation by the United States Senate but they seem to be moving very slowly with their investigation meanwhile there are girls running away from their homes every day getting caught up in this disgusting behavior. Pimps pick them up and offer them places to stay. Before long they have multiple acts of sex many times of the day.
A promise for shelter should not lead to rape. The pimp sleeps near the doors so they are not allowed to leave the premises. A title on the page saying well worth it and it won’t take long at all  leads to the hook-ups. Before long the children are earning $4,000 a weekend for sex. They hand over all the cash to their soon to be abusive pimp. It is a simple I agree click on the site that leads to the girls. They can be getting as many as 30 calls per hour.
If a faulty working motorcycle is advertised for sale on the site they are not held responsible for the repairs or having it working properly at the time of sale. That fight is between the buyer and seller.
We are talking about our children not about machines. Close the site down !!
If we can catch the pimps they can get about 25 years in jail for the commercial sex abuse of a minor.
 We need to work with police departments to do stings, find our children who are missing get thee girls to testify on the stand and stop this abuse. Any advertisement that mentions a younger friend is a clue for this kind of abuse. The men paying for these services should be held just as accountable as the pimp selling the little girl.
Carl Ferer is the CEO of Backpage.com.  He own other escort service sites in other countries. He failed to testify at a Senate hearing on sex trafficking. He was charged with contempt of Congress. This is our same Congress that left on a seven week vacation on the taxpayer’s dime and never bothered to appropriate millions of dollars set aside to combat the Zika Virus that is now plaguing our country.  At least they had a unanimous vote on the sec trafficking. Meanwhile Carl is still in business. Backpage .com has refused to even disclose their policies for screening advertisements on their site.  The site must be making a lot of money selling children and not broken motorcycles.
The site has a revenue of $173 Million Dollars this year alone. They will not say what percentage of their money comes from the adult advertising. Backpage.com is currently fighting the contempt charge saying that it violates their First Amendment rights to free speech.
We have a National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in this country. If you find abuse happening on line. Save our kids. Report. 73% of the Center’s reports involve a Backpage.com post. Save our little girls and let them be what they really want to be when they grow up.    

Monday, August 8, 2016

Related imageYour views about the Olympics in Brazil. (Sports)
Yes it is Olympic time again and already the United States is dominating in medals won. Michael Phelps the guy with the most gold medals already won another one. Brazil should take pride in their opening ceremonies that took place and educated the world about how precious the earth is and how we need to plant trees and restore our eco-system and do everything we can to stop global warming. On August 5th Rio De Janeiro hosted the Olympics from its huge Maracana Stadium with a light show and fireworks. It is the first ever Olympic Games that is taking place in South America. It is packed with activities that make two weeks seem so short.
The story of Brazil was retold in a stunning show beginning with the birth of life itself and continuing with a representation of the countries rainforest. I am surprised to notice how Brazil’s football team is havin problems even staying in the games. America with 12 medals won is already the most won medals country in the Olympic Games so far. Brazil who could only draw with South Africa in their opening match had more of the ball and pushed forward in droves as the match wore on but they could not find a way past the Iraqi safeguard. Brazil had 20 shots at goal to Iraq’s eight but they lacked composure to  score.  
The Olympics in general represent fairness in competition. It like the United Nations is one of the few venues that can and do bring the world together in peaceful competition showing off the best of the best in sports competition from all over the globe. Race or religion take a back seat to physical endurance and might. We need more Olympic competitions in science and preservation to  see how everyone on earth can make the globe the safest, healthiest most peaceful place since it is humanities only place. Ironically the globe is still an unsafe place everywhere. Terrorism is the new enemy that is in every country and wears no proud uniform to represent the reason for its hate to all.
Only the Olympics could cram in 100 major events in only 2 weeks yet there is no shortage of media coverage. It is important that every inch of the globe can witness the two weeks of peaceful competition and witness some of the finest human specimens of life on earth. Without the media we would not have press releases about the changes that happen. With their help we learned that there were changes with the executive board with seven new members and two new vice presidents. We learned that the( IOC)International Olympic Committee approved five new sports for competition in the 2020 Olympics.  They are baseball/softball, karate, skateboard and sports climbing. The Olympics are a good thing fun and fantastic for all people. A woman is to head the athletes Angela Ruggiero. She is a former ice hockey player who has played on many American teams in her past.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Related imageI saw a video where there were about 30 people coming from everywhere. All young in their 20’s wearing backpacks staring at their cell phones and running to the same place under a tree. What the hell? One word describes the latest mania. Pokemon. At least they were all happy, no stabbings, no shooting over a destination game. Is this what is driving our young minds? Ugh!
We have racial unrest out of control again, another terror attack in France, more fighting in Turkey. At least we have assembled and Captured Peek-a-Chew on our phones. Am I the only one that thinks this mobile Pokemon craze is just plain crazy?  It has been downloaded more times in one week than Tinder has been in all its four years of existence. Does this mean that Americans would rather catch Pokemon than have sex?
The craze is also dangerous. Senator Al Franklin said the site is collecting too much information on you. It knows someone’s e-mail address, google account, location and knows you don’t have a normal life. Is it just that people are finally capturing something on their cell phones that is not police brutality? Somehow this Pokemon Go game on your cell phone has become the most popular mobile game in history. About 15 million people have downloaded the game. It is a augmented reality game in which players battle to capture cute monsters that pop up in the real world on a user’s smartphone.
The Pokemon fever has reached such a high pitch that doctors have warned about injuries associated with the game.  The police has warned of their concerns and yes crimes have been staged and committed at locations listed in the game. It is like the robbers and thugs are just waiting for you to show up and take all your stuff or even more of a crime.  In the game participants can load up on Pokeballs. Once a user has encountered a Pokeman they can take aim by using the back-facing camera on your smartphone and throw what is known as Pokeball to catch the creature.
Gamers using the app can explore cities and towns where they live and even around the globe to capture as many of the 722 Pokemon species that exist using the back-facing camera on their phones. It is silly . It is stupid . But it is fun and you can get cought up in the drama  of it all really soon. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Best places for a honeymoon in Kashmir. (Entertainment)
Related image
Why Kashmir for a honeymoon? Because it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. There are many activities to do when you finally emerge from the bedroom and need some fresh air for a while. Kashmir receives thousands of tourists every year so some of the finest hotels are there too for a great intimate experience indoors. The place encompasses historic cities, a beautiful countryside, wetlands, great food, beautiful artwork and lots of lakes.
If you don’t want a fancy hotel for your bedroom activities you can rent a houseboat on the beautiful Dal Lake from economy to deluxe. Some compare the boats to Venice. Italy but you cannot compare the view of spectacular mountains from this calm lake. Visit Srinagar to see a tour of the city. Nearby are beautiful well-kept   gardens at Mughal. There they have the Nishat Bigat also known as a romantic destination. What is amazing about Kashmir is the various types of natural wonders to enjoy in the region.
One area to visit is Gulmarg. It was discovered as a tourist destination by the British in the 19th Century. Prior to that, Mughal Emperors vacationed in the Gulmarg Valley which is at a high altitude. It has one of the world’s highest green 18 hole golf courses with a clubhouse.  If you are seeking adventure with your partner there is much to do. Kashmir offers horse riding, a cable car ride and skiing.  Visit the pine forests of Kishtwar where the mountains offer much fun hiking in the woods. Visit Bhaderwah for picture perfect beauty. There are beautiful flowers growing  with forests in the distance and a sky full of a sky of blue and white mountain.
Mamal Temple is interesting to visit as you discuss the many children you want together. Mamalika temple is one of the ancient temples in the Pahalgam. It was built in the 11th Century by King  Jayasimha. Itt is situated on the right bank of the Lidder. This Temple has a pedestal. A pure water spring rises out of the site covered by a basin.  A honeymoon should be a beautiful magical place where you and the one you love can wind down and relax from a big exciting noisy wedding.
Kashmir is just that place where you can be alone but never bored. Short trips bring you to new adventures as you surround your adventures with wild love making totally uninhibited. There is no one around to pass judgement. You get to make your own decisions about what you want to do.  Not many places are surrounded by cold mountain hills to ski in and just below low valleys of beautiful flowers and vegetation to grow anywhere. There are waterfalls and pure water springs and horse riding and sports to do. In every area there are developed accommodations for you to choose from since the area of Kashmir  has been a honeymoon site for many years.  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Related imageHow to get rid of pimples in summer? (Health)
For many people summer means pimples. For them it is difficult to have a summer without pimples. How do you avoid getting pimples? I have seen some people taking an ice cube to their face to keep the cold moisture on their skin. We know that pimples pop up on the body due to excessive heat on your face. Excessive heat on your body can also occur by heat building up inside your   body depending on what you eat too.
The other reason for pimples in summer is dehydration. Water helps to flush out the toxins in your body. If you do not drink enough water on a hot summer day, the salts and toxins can build up in the form of pimples and float to the surface of your skin. Your body doesn’t even want the stuff in your pimples in your body. There are at least 10 homemade remedies you can do yourself to avoid developing those annoying summer pimples only if you promise to take the 10 minutes per day to deal with the problem.  Nothing happens by itself and spas and treatments cost lots of money and time.
Make it a habit to wash your face at least once a week with coconut water.  The natural sweet water will help to add a glow to your face. Try rose water too. Have you heard of Neem water? Go by some Neem leaves and soak them in water overnight. Wash your face in the morning with this water to avoid the growth  of pimples. The Neem will also help get rid of the wrinkles in your face. Drink water that has been stored in copper pots. You can also wash your face in this water to avoid pimples in the summer. Copper stored water is also good to avoid scaring on your face after the pimples are gone.
Finally plain good old clear water does wonders for your face. It is that hot sweaty gross feeling on your face that promotes the growth of pimples. So, find even a water fountain somewhere to simply toss good old clear water on your face at least 3 times per day. In essence, find a way to avoid a sweaty face. It will eliminate the impurities on your face and increase a healthy glow.
Most importantly do not do what most people are inclined to finally do. You see that mountainous thing growing on your face with a white head on it too. It was even painfully awful   to feel and watch it grow from a rising pink splat to this ugly mountain.  You approach it and start squeezing it and feel or even watch it splat that ugly white goo all over your face to simply lubricate more toxins on your face. Gross! Even if you approach the pimple with both hands with peroxide or some type of washing solution the pressure of the open volcano eruption of goo will cause scaring or at least dark spots till the stressful event on your skin heals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
It is what every camper and smoker needs. An amazing little book of matches that can evoke such power, The power of fire.Forest firers are now going wild just seven miles from Los Angeles. When will they call in the National Guard or even better give shovels out to every citizen to do something to put the fires out?  Sorry if I am always looking for a solution to a problem wacky or not. What is amazing is that small book of matches that has the power to invoke havoc on a civilization.  You used to get the phone numbers for dates on those tiny books of pleasure too. 
Related imageThey come in different shapes sizes and colors. A simple fire starter can become a small work of Art.  Are you a Phillumenist? Then you are a collector of matchbooks. They are becoming rare now since people don't smoke everywhere. Every restaurant and hotel would give them out for free at one time. Unfortunately the ones we see the most now are those ugly white ones. Some have glossy covers, artwork, some are round, or flat. The matchbook is a mini billboard for advertisers.  
There is a debate as to who invented the matchbook. In 1892 Pennsylvania Patent Attorney Joshua Pusey  filed a patent for what he called the flexible match. It was meant to be attached to and enclosed by a suitable cover. Folded and adapted to be opened and closed as the covers of a book. Some collectors have a quarter million matchbook boxes which is remarkable since institutions are not making matchbooks any more due to the lack of new smokers and the invention of the portable lighter. The finest restaurants and bars still have matchbooks available for their clients.
Even if you don't smoke or start fires, they are a good reminder that you have been to a notable place. The memory box all of a sudden becomes the focus of a conversation. Matchbooks tell a story. The good  the bad and the ugly at only one square inch in size. What story does your matches tell?

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Related imageEffects of smoking during pregnancy on the growth of fetus and child (Health). Any doctor will tell you that smoking while pregnant is the single worst thing you can do to the development of your fetus. Complications happen. Babies are born pre-maturely, babies are born too small, some babies die before they can even be born at all.  It is so bad that doctors cannot control the problem. If the mother had diabetes or high blood pressure it wouldn’t be so bad because doctors have treatments and drugs to control those problems. Smoking is self- inflicted by the will of the mother and or polluted air from other smokers near the pregnant woman.
Smoking is dangerous while pregnant because it contains more than 4,000 chemicals in the smoke. It includes nasty things like cyanide and lead and at least 60 cancer causing compounds. When you smoke during pregnancy that toxic brew of chemicals gets into your bloodstream. You are harming your baby because your bloodstream is the baby’s only source for oxygen and nutrients. Two compounds are especially harmful to your baby.  Nicotine and carbon monoxide are in cigarettes and are the worst. These two toxins account for almost every smoking-related complication in pregnancy. These two work together to reduce the baby’s source of oxygen. Nicotine chokes off oxygen by narrowing blood vessels throughout your body including the ones in the umbilical cord. It is like forcing your baby to breathe through a straw and then the narrow straw doesn’t even hold as much oxygen as it should.
A shortage of oxygen has the devastating effects on the growth and health of your baby. Your baby will probably be born if born at all at about 5 pounds which is too small. Healthy babies are usually about 7 pounds at birth. Just one or two cigarettes per day will increase the nicotine levels in the blood stream to do some harm. It will significantly tighten the blood vessels.  A pack –a-day habit will shave off a pound of the birthweight alone. Smoking two packs –a –day will shave off two pounds of the baby’s birthweight. Ok so what woman wants to have to pass a big baby through her body anyway? Well, along with a smaller baby comes a smaller developed brain and possible long term brain damage which I am sure no woman or man really wants to deal with.
Small weight babies often have underdeveloped lungs. They will have to spend the first week of their lives in the hospital hoping that their lungs will grow. Small underdeveloped lungs leads to breathing problems in life. Asthma can be a life- long condition.  There is also the chance that young babies will die in their cribs from SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. So, so far I couldn’t find or think of a single reason a woman should light up a cigarette or even be in homes, bars, casinos or restaurants where smoking is still permitted. It is not good for you and anything inside of you.  


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Related imageWays to get pregnant fast with  irregular periods is not an uncommon problem. In fact the condition for it has a name called  anovulation. It means that you are not ovulating regularly.  Ovulation can usually be treated with drugs but are they fast? You might also be experiencing other problems too that can interfere with even the drugs.  You should be evaluated for other conditions that could also interfere with the ovulation process like thyroid conditions or abnormalities of the adrenal or pituitary glands.   Once your doctor has ruled out these other possible conditions they he or she can go ahead with the ovulation drugs to assist you in a fast pregnancy.
The drug called Clomiphene is often a good choice because it is effective and has been prescribed with no problems for women for about 20 years.  It is available by pills or injection so it is easy to take. It  should help by inducing ovulation and correcting irregular ovulation by increasing egg production in the ovaries. About 10% of women using this drug will get pregnant with twins.  The typical starting dosage for the drug is 50 milligrams per day for five days beginning on the third, fourth or even fifth day of the beginning of your period in a particular month you wish to begin the treatments. You can expect to start ovulating after a week after taking these dosages of the drug.  If you don’t ovulate quickly then the dose can increase by 50 milligrams per day each month up to 150 milligrams. If none of this works to get you to ovulate they you must go to a fertility expert to try something else.   
Sometimes fertility drugs make the uterus reject sperm. If this is happening then your doctor can inject the sperm directly into the uterus to fertilize your egg development in the ovaries. The injection is given through your skin and not put into your vagina.  A problem might exist that the process might overstimulate the ovaries causing you to feel bloated and abnormal discomfort. If this happens you then have to go to the hospital to be monitored. In the hospital they will monitor you with frequent vaginal ultrasounds. Blood tests will also be given to you to monitor estrogen levels. About 90% of women ovulate with these treatments and about 60% become pregnant.
If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than a year you might have infertility.  Infertility is a disease of the reproductive system. One of the basic functions of a woman is to be able to have children.  The conception of children can be complicated or can be a pure naturally unexpected gift. This is why romance, loving, caring and feeling, touching can all help in the romantic excitement of creating childen through a natural  old fashioned sexual way. More children are conceived in this way through a complete romantic date ending in a hot all night sexual experience where there is no stress no worries just free sloppy sex. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

We are stuck in the middle of summer when the humidity really kicks in. How about we do something different to pass the time. Have you ever heard from someone that they saw someone that looks just like you?  Or have you glanced at a stranger and thought you were looking in a mirror? Well if any of this has happened you are not alone. So many people  believe that there is a double of themselves out there on the globe somewhere that there is a website dedicated to help you twinsies but not really twins find each other. 
Related imageThen the doubts kick in. Oh! This is dumb. What if my double is an evil tyrant or criminal? What if he owns a Chateau and winery in France and would love to have me there just to drink wine everyday and sleep. Ok!  Stop dreaming and just do it. With a few clicks from your mouse, you might find out something really revealing about you. 
Research says that we each have seven looks a liker's in the world.  Some people have already  traveled and met 3 or 4 of their look a liker's. Go to TWIN STRANGERS.com to find more information. There are over a million people registered to the website. They have thousands of matches of people. On the site you are bringing people together with the same facial types from all over the world. 
Once you meet yourself. Twin strangers bond together very quickly. Sometimes your twinsie will even do the same type of gestures as you do like eat the same way with a fork or spoon or brush back your hair in the same way. Is there a genetic reason for all these similarities. Some have taken DNA tests to find out. Ancestry.com will process DNA tests for free and within a few weeks the answers are in. 
Quite often they are 100% per cent not related but they will have similar regional roots like from Europe, Asia or the Middle East.  Despite the results a newfound bond between people might grow. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Related image
We are   deep in the 2016 Republican Convention where it is payback for the entire Grump family. I mean Trump family. Donald doesn’t have any friends in the   Republican  Party. So,  he made his wife and all his kids say something nice about him in the main speech’s  each night.  His wife went first on the first night and couldn’t think of much to say so she looked up Michele’s speech and tried to read that again hoping that no one would notice but we shouldn’t be too harsh with his current wife because she is victim to all his demands. Not many candidate wives even expose themselves to public scrutiny so soon.
Like watching home movies of a family you really don’t care about, it was painful to see one of his young daughters Tiffany not named after relatives but named after an expensive diamond jewelry store in New York City, who he hardly lived with and did not raise as a  child say nice things about her father. She also recently graduated college and needs a job.
Then his other sons did their part too who also are employed by Donald. I guess they need to keep their day jobs. Ted Cruz came out to denounce him to make the events very depressing so far. In essence no one elected is endorsing Donald Trump for election. The protestors are being herded seven blocks away. It reminds me of the bullying Bush era. The most important people in our government now just don’t want him. America is going to have to have a leader who can penetrate the Republican elected House and Senate to get Bills passed and things done, all the cooperation that Obama never got.

It is Donald’s ignorant brashness that has made him so popular. Can it work to penetrate the American brass of uncooperative Congressmen? We don’t know. Donald is still busy with his wall around Mexico. What did a Mexican do to him to piss him off so much? In his long speech he never mentioned just how he was going to pass legislation. . Loud whiney bullies cannot change laws. He   mentioned   bringing back coal and steel manufacturing without any environmental concept. As long as his hair still grows, we will be fine. He is such a simple soul.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Related image
It is time to get into the Olympics again. We need to cheer our old friend Michael Phelps who at age 31 qualified to LEAD America to lots of swim medals. I guess he is competing again just to fill his checkerboard with more medals. The other   favorite to watch is our very ready and very professional women’s gymnastics team. They will be led by a 19 year old who should be able to win a medal in just about every category. Simone Biles is doing things no other gymnast has ever done. She hasn’t lost a competition in three years.  She has qualified and has won every award in the sport except an Olympic medal and that is only because she was too young the last time to enter the Olympics. At only 19 she is the three time World All-Around Champion.

Simone has earned 14 medal in the World Championships ten of which are gold. An Olympic champion trains about 32 hours per week. Bella Corella   who has coached 9 Champions is still around and attests  that Simone is among the best in Olympic history, she just has to collect her medals.  It is her time now. Simone’s biological grandparents adopted her from foster care and at a young age noticed Simone’s natural ability to flip and turn effortlessly. She has already caught the eye of corporate sponsors like Tide who has her in commercials already without having won a single medal YET.

Working in the gym 32 hours a week forced her to be home schooled and she regrets missing out on school activities and Prom or other dances; however everyone who goes to Prom doesn’t  get   three World Championship Wins. Simone is the favorite to win gold in five of the six Olympic events. She needs only three medals to be considered the most highly decorated gymnast of all time.  So if you can watch                                                          


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Related imageAmerica is now in black and white. I guess killing because of color is easy. Just like in the Vietnam, Korea and even the end of World War II was easy to just kill anyone with slanty eyes.  Asians. Blacks are killing cops. We now have Black Lives Matter rallies just to propagate the ignorant hate against the people who put their lives in danger every day so that it is safe to protest. At one of these rallies 5 cops were shot. Many police forces around the country are now giving Black officers the Police Chief’s job in an effort to calm black guys and their guns down. People have the right to be angry and protest but  we cannot put justice just in black and white. That is discrimination.
Part of the reason I became a cop years ago was because I thought the hiring system was fair and just. You took a written test, passed a physical test, a psychological test and then was put on a numbered waiting list based on your grades. The ones with the best grades deservingly got the job first. Plain and simple where race or color never factored in.  Corporate jobs was full of discrimination. You got the job solely based on who you know in the corporation and not on what yu know in terms of experience or knowledge. Now race has swept into the corporate atmosphere too. The best person for any corporate job to have now is a black woman lesbian who adopted Asian children. BINGO JACKPOT in the minority discriminatory chat fest. Oh and if a white male is around he should definitely be gay or transgender. Everyone likes them too. We need to stop the race nonsense and just treat all people with respect and fairness.
The President stresses unity and non-violence in all his speeches. The right to protest must be honored but we all have the right for it to be peaceful. I understand that if you are a “normal” white American that you do not feel the amount of discrimination that a black male has to face every day however in many respects being black and male has earned the mistrust of many. Cab drivers don’t get robbed by white customers. Young girls get raped by black males, businesses’ get robbed at gun point by black males. Our prisons are full of black males. Have they earned the general public’s mistrust?
Killing cops randomly at Black Lives Matter protests will not help the situation. We must continue to remember the officers because they wake up every day dealing with discrimination against   them for simply choosing a job that they thought was a fair job. They still have the bravery to put that cop’s uniform on. The 5 cops killed just for wearing the uniform have names and families. They are :
Brent Thompson  Age 43,   Lorne Ahrens Age 48, Michael J. Smith Age 55, Patrick Zamarripa Age 32, and Michael Krol Age 40.
I understand that the bad black people make it difficult for all black people. A Black Lives Matter protest rally wouldn’t be necessary if all black people didn’t feel like they were being serotyped or racial profiled. Black people have to be extra careful to obey commands and the law. Distrust is nationwide. The only way for a black person to investigate is through their own civil litigation. How many tragedies are based on fear and not on discrimination? We all need to stop hiding behind our guns.  Only 13% of Americans are black yet they account for about 30% of problems involving police shootings. There are a lot more calls for the police to go into black communities to stop disputes so there is much more contact in some communities.

There is more crime in communities of color than there is in white communities. All of this mistrust must be factored into any altercation.  Maybe  segragation   

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Related imageThere are people in your life you should be able to trust. Your parents, wife or children clergy and physicians and some special friends who are just like family. Doctors provide us knowledge and comfort sometimes at our darkest moments. The relationship we have is often built on trust and respect.  What do you do when you find out that that trust has been violated? If it is a relative you just don’t bother with them anymore. We saw the terrible scandals of the clergy violating the trust when they seduced young boys and then somehow just got transferred to new locations.  If your lawyer doesn’t do right by you, you just get another lawyer to sue him. What do you do if your doctor is bad news?
There have been reported increased complaints of sexual abuse by doctors. Some scandals are popping up with not just the neighborhood metafiles but with important guys with big credentials. It usually happens in a hospital room as the patient is regaining   consciousness and is sexually molested by her doctor.   It amounts to be the ultimate violation of mental and physical trust. As patients recover they remember kissing, touching and penetration of their private areas that most times have nothing to do with an examination remotely related to their original illnesses. They remember the doctor taking their own hand as he brings it to his genitals to give him pleasure. A doctor even had the nerve to say that this is how we wake you up. This type of sexual harassment was testified by thousands of patients.
Now women are coming forward telling their   abuse in public. One doctor received 24 years in   prison for assault on at least 23 women. It is happening across the country but many doctors are being protected and many other health professionals are simply looking the other way than be involved in any scandal.     A newspaper The Atlanta Journal Constitution   has been doing an at length investigation into the matter much like what was featured in the movie Spotlight about the priest investigation. They found 2,400 documented cases over the past 16 years of doctors who have sexually abused     their patients. Why have more than half ben able to keep their licenses to continue their practices?    
Carrie  Teagarden was the lead reporter from The Atlanta Journal Constitution who noticed that some offenders have even grown to further their careers despite the allegations. Dr. Neuman who lectured about ethics at Mount Sini was himself indicted for sexual abuse of 4 women and has since had his license to practice medicine revoked.     Michael Hestrin a District Attorney in California, Riverside County is currently prosecuting an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor John McGuire   with   26 counts of sexual abuse of his patients.   Many doctors get of easy. Why? Some who have pleaded guilty have only received probation and no prison. Why? Are doctors being protected ?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Related image

The pharmaceutical industry is alive and well in America. Are Americans over medicated? What about our pets? Do they need anxiety medication? In the summer months at times they get over anxious and are left home alone for more hours because we tend to spend more time outdoors and not necessarily with them. Our pets give us unconditional love anyway. Our pet could suffer too from a disorder called separation anxiety. They will let you know by digging at doors and scratching on doorsills or any place they think they can get out to be with you. Like in anxious humans there is powerful drugs out there to help your pet cope. Yes there are doggie anti-depressants available. It is like Prozac for pets.

Nearly 3 Million dogs are already on anti-anxiety medication to at least save your doors and moldings in your home. The author of a new book called Animal Madness by Laurel Braitman tells us the difference between a healthy pet and a crazy pet. It was recommended last summer as a good summer reading book. Should we be reading about our pets or just spend more time playing with our pets? There are various therapies and treatments out there to help pets cope with life. Some of them cost upwards of $5,000 dollars. Consumers nationwide are expected to spend more than $7 Billion dollars worldwide on their pet’s illnesses; more than ever before.

If your pet is unhappy for more than 55 hours with whining or howling without you they think Prozac could help according to Erica Lieberman Wittenberg the head Trainor at Pawsibilities. Do I really want to give my pet a brain altering medication? What if they turn into a wild beast wolf? According to her,yes you do want to alter their brain when the dog is going through so much fear and anxiety. Some sugar and or peanut butter helps the medicine go down and your pet could be good for even 8 hours alone if you have to .

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Related imageIt is time for the summer Olympics where we find new heroes for old sports. Maybe we need some new sports too. ESPN has been televising mind games like the Spelling Bee why not more competitions involving the mind? What actually defines a sports competition? There are video game competitions that do not involve physical prowess. Even poker competitions are slowly getting labeled as a sport. Let’s call it brain games and put that in the Olympics too. Then we would be including more exceptional people from places like India and Korea. The people involved in the Mind Games like to call themselves Mental Athletes.
The National Spelling Bee has become the Super bowl of smarts broadcast live  on  ESPN every year. It includes the thrill of victory when they spell correctly and the agony of defeat when they misspell a word just like any sport. The winner receives a trophy and a check for $40.000.  Some of the kids in the spelling bee could spell spoon before they could use one. Most of the children are homeschooled. Most in this contest are from India. If Dominicans dominate baseball and Canadians dominate hockey, Blacks dominate track these kids dominate mind games.  The last 10 winners of the Spelling Bee have been from Indian dissent. These kids not only compete in spelling bees but also in Science, Math, Vocabulary and Geography competitions.
Hershey High School in Hershey Pennsylvania, a place known for chocolate making is now known for brain making. It is the home of the best memory athletes in the country. The memory exercises started there in 2007 and since then the graduates have been competing   in major memory competitions. Last year they won in all 4 events. It is an emphasis in higher order thinking.



Monday, July 4, 2016

Related imageMy wife thinks all the fireworks is for her. Her birthday is July 3. Her Dad’s birthday was July 2nd so for years the Patriotic holiday just turned into a 3 day Birthday Party. By the 4th we were still so drunk that we said Happy Birthday to you America too. Is the day so important or is the event important? One thing that is for sure is that when America wants to celebrate, America can do it well. It even says on the Declaration of Independence that we should celebrate.
John Adams the founding father who later became our second President put the day down on the 2nd but the Continental Congress approved the day on the 4th. The document was written by Thomas Jefferson our 3rd President. For John Adams the true holiday was the 2nd the day Congress actually voted on Independence. He wrote about it in a letter he wrote to his wife dated July 3rd 1776. 240 years ago today.                                                                                                                                                  In the letter he wrote, “ I believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding celebrations as the years of the great anniversary move on. It ought to be showed with pomp and circumstance with games and parades. I believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding celebrations to come with barnfires, guns and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other from this time forward forevermore.”
And so our Independence is celebrated on July 4th. For the rest of his life John Adams declined to take part in any July 4th celebrations. But in the end the 4th sought him out.  On July 4th 1826, the very same day as Thomas Jefferson on the 50th Anniversary of the first celebrations,  they BOTH DIED. Can we say this country took the living daylights out of them?  Have a brew in honor of those two hard working men for this country today too along with her birthday.