Thursday, August 17, 2017

Everyone still loves Elvis

Related imageSome people never die. It has been 40 years since the death of Elvis and still there are millions of people who can’t get enough of the singer. He did not last to be old, he died at the age of 42 years old. Four decades have passed and products and his albums are still selling. He surely is not a forgotten man. This year his granddaughter Riley Keough was nominated for a Golden Globe award. They still call Elvis the King of Rock and Roll. How did he survive fame when there were clearly other great folks who contributed to the rise of rock and roll music?
Elvis was young and ruggedly handsome at 19 years old who got a big break in Memphis in 1954 while working as a truck driver who as of yet never even sang with a band but there he was recording his first song called That’s All Right. Two years later he was on TV performing the song called Heartbreak Hotel. There people saw his hip thrusting brand of sexuality never ever seen before by any performer when he performed the song called Hound Dog. Even the back -up singers noticed that Elvis was different in even the way he took the mike and stand in his hands and walked around with it. Before that, guys would just stand straight behind the microphone stand. Even just his little movements or his string of hair hanging down his forehead got noticed by all.
Related imageRead the book “A Little Thing Called Life’ by Linda Thompson who was a college student that had a relationship with then 37 year old Elvis. She saw his decline with drug use, weight gain and ultimate death a few years later. Linda was also married to Olympic decathlon winner Bruce Jenner. Her book reveals the soft relationship she had with Elvis. In those days there wasn’t dancers, smoke machines   and fire torches going off on performer’s stages. There were just guys like Elvis and he was the best to capture the attention of men and women alike. Elvis will always be remembered as that rugged sexy guy with the smooth voice. We saw him decline but we never saw him age. Although he abused himself with drug use it is nice in a warped way to never see icons get old. He is on that pedestal with James Dean, Anna Nicole Smith and Marilyn Monroe never tarnished by aging.

Graceland is a 13 acre property with a mansion on it where Elvis lived. The place draws millions of tourists every year. The museum there has all sorts of items he touched on display. His family has a candelight vigil on the property in remembrance of the remarkable entertainer. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Nuclear Pride in North Korea

Why does America have such a war of words with North Korea? Does the threats have to involve the ultimate in human destruction, nuclear weapons? Is it a call for attention with both sides just feeling a need to be noticed or heard? Peace and diplomacy used to be the quiet heroes. Not anymore. People need to hide behind their guns and the bigger the better. Intellectual reasoning has clearly taken the back seat to brash tactics.
Tensions have increased recently with a war of words between the leaders. Why? America knew that North Korea wanted more weapons for years. America spends most of the taxpayer funds on the military and their expensive weapons. We need to calm everyone down with reassurances that we all wish humanity to exist and that there is no intention to use these powerful weapons any time soon. Like any Mom would say to two bickering children, that’s enough now go to your room and do something else besides prepare a fight. Instead with Trump’s infinite wisdom as a world leader he says, “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”
So, should we just say good bye to those we love now?  Do threats ever stop the hate? NO. So, in response North Korea has announced a detailed plan to launch missiles towards the United States Pacific Territory of Guam. Trump then said, “Maybe I wasn’t tough enough!” What could be tougher than fire and fury? Who the hell is North Korea anyway? The place is one of the most isolated places on earth. Their leader spends all their money on the military and expensive weapons. North Korea’s military is the 4th largest on earth. In contrast the North Korean economy is estimated to be smaller than that of Birmingham, Alabama. People do not even have electricity at night. From space North Korea has no lights seen. It is run by a family dictatorship that only provides its own propaganda as news stories. The place holds 24 million people. Like in Venezuela, this dictatorship starved the people till they got total control over them. In the 1990’s between 600,000 and 2.5 million people died from hunger. There are large prisons where political prisoners are held along with their extended family for an infinite amount of time. Every night someone tries to escape. They strip the prisoners naked so that if they escape they will have nothing.
We think of Kim Jun as a madman but instead he is just worried about his own safety. There are 30,000 American troops stationed in South Korea ready to strike. Trump already doesn’t have a good   record in convincing people to do what he wants. Mexico said they will not pay for the wall Trump wants to build. His Republican government can’t approve of a health care bill He even thinks China is going to take sides with us. Does he even know that China shares an 800 mile border with North Korea? China likes the communist state of North Korea. China accounts for as much as 90% of North Korea’s total trade.  They do not want South and North to be a democracy. Does China want the United States at its border? Hell NO.
The United Nations have already tried hard sanctions on North Korea but that is no threat. North Korea has found easy ways around it. So if a company gets punished, North Korea just changes the name of the same company to something else and then they are back in business. China could increase their sanctions but they don’t want to. If North Korea collapses from shortages of supplies then millions of people from North Korea will flood China with refugees. China supports enough people. China also doesn’t want North Korea pointing their nuclear weapons at them either.
We should understand the fear Kim Young Fuck Nut is feeling. When the President of Iraq Saddam Hussein and the Libyan Dictator Muammar Gaddafi agreed to cut back on their nuclear weapons, they both lost their power and were eliminated from their dictatorship. Young Kim is not about to let that happen to him!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Everyone's Environment on Earth

Flooding water slides in the Phoenix desert? Never heard of that before. Yet, Trump says that climate change doesn’t exist. Then why is unusual things like this happening in our environment? We need to thank former Vice-President Gore and Presidential candidate for all his efforts to at least educate the public as to some of the extreme changes going on in our environment now. Experts used to predict doom and gloom within the next 100 years or so and no one cared simply because they would probably be dead anyway. The reality is that the expert predictions are happening at a much faster rate than originally predicted. We are already experiencing problems now from environmental disasters.
Gore released his sequel to the Oscar winning movie called An Inconvenient Truth. This one is called An Inconvenient Sequel Truth to Power that is also a book written by Al Gore. In 2003 they predicted that something had to be done within the next ten years. Well here we are and not much has been done to really stop environmental pollutants. Trump in his interest to attract large companies to create jobs is trying to lure them back to America by ending environmental restrictions for large polluting industries. With that point of view, things are sure to be catastrophic.
A very large part of the west Antarctic Sheet the size of Delaware has broken off and is floating in the ocean. That will never go back to solid ice. For sure it will result in considerable rises in sea levels as the thing melts. When the sea levels rise we could lose Venice, Florida, the California coast land etc. There are a lot of coastal cities that are in clear danger. New construction in Florida are building properties on stilts about four feet higher than the land in anticipation of rising sea water. In Norfolk, Virginia where the largest Naval Base is in the world is going to have to be moved because of sea level rise. The largest danger is with poor people in places like Bangladesh, Calcutta and Mumbai. Those people are too poor to move away.
China is doing more now for the environment than America now. They are closing most of their coal burning plants in favor of solar and wind power. Trump snubbed the Paris Agreement meanwhile India just announced that within the next ten years ALL of their cars will have to be electrical vehicles. TRUMP HAS NO ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PLANS FOR AMERICA. As for jobs, solar jobs are growing 17 times faster than any other jobs in the economy. The single most growing job is Wind Turbine Technician. Somebody tell Trump that the really good source for new jobs is in the fields of renewable energy and sustainable solutions. We should be investing in those goals America!
Trump recently went to West Virginia promising those poor sick people with black lung that he would be opening the coal mines again. In Russia it is a punishment to be sent to work down in the filthy coal mines, here Trump thinks it is a reward meanwhile most of the mines have converted to automated mining machines anyway; so where are these jobs Trump spoke about? UGH!
We do have an obligation to those miners because they are generations of men who helped build this country but at what price? More deadly sick illnesses? Congress and Trump’s Executive Pen needs to write up new opportunities and training for these men to earn a good wage not in deadly coal for all of us but in renewable energy jobs. If China and India can do it why can’t America be a leader in good things again? The Paris Accord was a massive undertaking to get 190 countries to agree on environmental concerns. It was a giant embarrassment to the democratic world that our President pulled OUT of that so very important agreement. It has been revealed that Trump wants the polar ice caps to melt so that he can ship his branded items at a much cheaper price if the northern shipping lanes would be open in our northern seas. He is a selfish bastard!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Invest in Venezuela

Trump said that he would “not rule out a military action” to stop the actions of the Venezuelan Dictator from making his people suffer. Perhaps he should be talking of a peaceful resolution, diplomatic relations, the option of the United Nations getting involved or at least humanitarian aid to the poor starving people there who need medicines and food to survive. How does the threat of dropping bombs solve the anguish of the Venezuelan people? Surely the Dictator will find a safe place to hide anyway.
Venezuela was once an oil rich tropical paradise but now the place is sinking into chaos, oppression and poverty. Like Putin likes to do in Russia, the Dictator in Venezuela is rounding up political opponents and putting them in jail. For at least 124 consecutive days protests have brought the streets of Caracas looking like war zones. Like in America, protests have been growing increasingly violent. The death toll is up and there are at least 120,000 people injured. The people have been protesting President Nicholas Maduro’s strong hold on the people. Their democracy is being tightened and smothered by this man. Nicholas even dragged on film the former mayor Ledezma publically from his home in Caracas.
The people are being punished with no food and the quality of their lives have been diminished. The people don’t want confrontation but Maduro’s police is aggressive. Now Caracas has sunk into being the murder capital of the world. Its inflation is well above 1,000%. Even if people can get goods and services, everything is outrageously expensive. Venezuela was once the richest country in South America. The place still sits on the world’s largest oil reserves. Now Venezuela has the worst preforming economy. How did all this destruction happen?
In the schools children are fainting from hunger. Many children don’t even go to school because they are standing in food lines with their parents. Children say that they haven’t had milk in over a year. The teachers and parents go to bed without dinner. More than 1/3 of the teachers miss school because they are also standing in food lines. They wait for government subsidized items and many times after waiting in long lines they get nothing at all. What kind of animal lets people suffer this way?
Many people had to sell their cars to survive and now hitchhike on trucks to get around. Parents alternate eating food on days to make sure their kids eat something each day. Unlike all our fat Americans, the people of Venezuela are gaunt   from starvation. Trump wants to put sanctions on Venezuela. The people need help and not more goods being taken away from them Mr. Trump!
It is very hard on the people of Venezuela because the parents used to have great lives in a democratic society where most people were very wealthy. Not anymore and they are so depressed that they can’t provide for their children. At the supermarket shelves are empty and process are shockingly high. Just two apples costs about 5% of the average person’s wages there. The people don’t have flour, bread,   butter and milk the staples of life. People risk their lives if they dare to complain. The world needs to get involved and realize the people are dying of hunger. All the world leaders are too rich and make sure they get every comfort for themselves and the people are last on their list of protection.
If the people speak out they send the militias to harm them or kill them. Oppression is the new normal. These conditions are forcing hundreds of thousands of people to leave. Venezuela is leading in the world for requests to leave the country. The hospitals have no antibiotics not even in injectable form. Hospitals are now under military control. Armed guards are at the doors not to protect people but to take any donations that might make its way to the hospital. In cities like Valencia the horrors are even worse. The city holds 2 million people. In the pediatric ward the women get a bed and a doctor. Everything else they need they have to bring themselves.

Basic medical supplies are rare in the country. Mr. Trump the people need help not threats. Work on that from your golf course!  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

America at war with America!

Now America is at war with America! What should have been a peaceful protest resulted in one person dead and 35 injured in Charlottesville, Virginia over statues being taken down of Confederate well known military figures from the Civil War. The death from an intentional car plowing into a crowd is being investigated as a criminal homicide. That city has been in a state of tension for weeks since a KKK march on July 8, 2017 near the Robert E. Lee statue. They were protesting the fact that the city was going to remove the monument from the park. There was violence then but this protest was much worse now with many injured and death. Should we be dying over past history?
There didn’t seem to be much police on the streets where the white supremists and protestors were getting into physical battles. Hundreds of KKK members arrived with torches, guns wearing helmets in what seemed to be a rag tag army of sorts looking for trouble. The KKK were chanting “blood and soil” that is a slogan associated with NAZI Germany. Have we forgotten that there is only one side in America that stands united against bigotry and hatred? Where is the outrage from our political leaders on this incident? Oh Yeah! The bloated politicians are all on their yet another vacations. President Trump said from his luxurious golf club that violence needs to be condemned “on many sides.” How about condemning the KKK red necks from going there with their weapons and helmets of various kinds! Those were the folks craving for violence!
The police there seemed to just have an observing role for just too long. They allowed KKK folks to march holding sticks, bats, rifles and helmets. Just looking at them proved that a peaceful statement was not their intention. This was not a civil disobedience march against a policy or a rule at a  local or Federal Law that people are disagreeing with. This was more of a conflict between the First Amendment of free speech and the Second Amendment of people being allowed to bear weapons. What was their intention showing up with weapons? Americans performed a terrorist attack on other Americans! What happened to all the unifying pride ALL Americans had together after the 911 attacks?
This idea of white nationalism being used in the streets and now acting with weapons in the United States is very dangerous. Our nation needs to create laws for every state that restricts anyone to march with weapons of any kind when making protests or public statements on any subjects that can hurt people! Virginia is an open carry state in regards of weapons but it must be restricted during protests of any kind when tensions are high! Without new laws how can a police force restrict people from bringing their weapons to the streets when it is an open carry state? You can’t go to a football game with a gun. Lawmakers need to get to work and figure out how to make our cities safe! Virginia is one of the easier states to acquire a firearm legally.

This is no longer a discussion of beliefs. This is hatred by hate groups creating havoc in society. The Attorney General needs to look at this event and convict the entire KKK responsible for hate crimes. America is supposed to be the most democratic nation in the world and there should NOT be any tolerance for this kind of hatred. Trump needs to publically denounce the KKK and White Nationalism. He should not allow this hate group to march in our city streets with weapons threatening anyone. His advisor Steve Bannon is a member of the alt right group that promotes white identity, racism and anti-Semitism. Trump and his close advisors are ruining this country in so many ways!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Related imageShe is the hot blond that thought Chicken of The Sea was chicken and not a can of tuna. She even said she likes chicken and not fish while eating it. She is Jessica Simpson and has become a very wealthy woman. She claims   that once she was a cheesy pop star but now lots of women love here shoes and clothes. The Jessica Simpson Collection has products ranging from clothes to accessories to home products that is a billion dollar business. She has become a quality cheesy pop star. The 36 year old beauty is involved in every aspect of the design process of her signature products. In 2005 she was the slender hot chick in the cowboy boots that strutted around to the tune of the song These Boots Are Made for Walking in her daisy dukes shorts.
She is a preacher’s daughter who began singing in her Pastor father’s church. Soon she became one of the first reality show stars in her show called Newlyweds Nick & Jessica. The show recorded her every burp and wacky statement. Soon everyone tuned in to see what she would say and wear so Jessica started her own fashion line. It was just selling shoes at first but then expanded. Although her marriage to Nick and her TV show didn’t last for long her business thrived and has endured for more than a decade. The reason is her relatability to the ordinary woman. When she put on a lot of weight having her first child, she fought back the comments and said that she was having a child and that she deserved a friggin’ doughnut! Soon she defended all sizes of women. If she makes a shirt she makes sure that every size is available because she admits that she has been every size.
Now she has a new husband and two kids. It has been a decade since she recorded a new song. She feels that the success of her business now makes her want to be creative again with music. Jessica is proud not to have a record deal. She is rich enough to produce her own records. With a lot of money it is refreshing that finally nobody tells her what she has to look like, sound like or what to say. Take her anyway you want to but at least Jessica is out there in her thoughts and feelings through her designs and music. Later this year she will release a new album and a new pricier clothing collection. Yes, the once projected as a dippy blond is a very busy   entrepreneur now. Her independent success story is an inspiration to all of us.
If her achievements win her more money and respect, Jessica’s goal is much simpler. She just wants to be someone’s friend in some way.

Friday, August 11, 2017

War brought to you by Trump!

Yes, Trump has proposed war brought to you by Viagra and Trump’s Product line. He wants to privatize soldiers and have their uniforms look like race car drivers with all the sponsor patches on it. Jobs, jobs jobs! Soon you too can be in the business of hunting down not only wild animals but people too. So sharpen your skills red necks, shoot them cans off the logs and go hunt down some people! You wanted that weird looking business man as president so now here you got him working out a way to make money through war. Is there anything ethical about the man? Should hunting humans be a business?
Reports have surfaced that the Trump Administration is actively considering sending a for profit army into Afghanistan to run that war as a for-profit mission instead of having the United States Military run  it. This man already ignores the advice of the 16 surveillance branches of the government so why not ignore our military too.  The guy has no respect for anyone in their field. Is the Pentagon going to allow a rag tag red neck  army to go to dangerous places? This is an idea put forth by Steve Bannon one of the President’s closest advisors. Steve has already had meetings to discuss how to promote the idea with the Secretary of Defense. The Secretary just says that he meets with a lot of people when asked about this outrageous idea. Our military protects the American people. They are not in the business of hunting and killing people.
Meanwhile, Steve Bannon’s people are shopping the idea around.  Should we empty the prisons of the people who are convicted of murder and give them a job? More than 5,000 private contractors have been notified many of them former Special Forces members who don’t even get a pension for putting their heroic lives on the line. He is also looking to devise a private for-profit air force that would be used to replace the United States military operating in Afghanistan. So now we want uninsured mental soldiers roaming America with their Post Traumatic Diseases as well. If they hear a car exhaust backfire they will crack and kill someone on the street! Why don’t we just send spoiled brat billionaire sons to war first!!!
Meanwhile, Trump likes to threaten Kim Yon Fuck Nut with a big retaliation but doesn’t have any concrete plan to deal with the Southeast Asia problem. Does Trump even know how to pronounce the word PEACE? The problem is that anytime the President of the United States puts an idea in front of the Pentagon, as their Commander in Chief, they have to consider it now no mater how outlandish the idea is! Is that how Hitler won the backing of Germany’s military forces? America is a land of 300 million people and Trump is the only guy we could choose for the most important job in America? Shame on us!
Trump urged Obama to end the war in Afghanistan and pull out all our troops out and bring them home. Obama did it. Trump now has ordered more troops to be in the region. The only brave soldiers coming home are our brave transgender military folks. Trump just likes to know what is in everyone’s pants. He wants to grab a girl by the pussy and not a girl by the balls. Sigh! This administration also wants to send several thousand more troops to Afghanistan willing to get paid. This is a slap in the face to the Commanding General who has been there for 18 months now.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Trump's Mind Control

Who knew how well Trump has learned to run a dictatorship? Now he has taken extreme measures to control the media and manipulate the content of the news that will be offered to Americans. Putin has won his influence through cyber hacking and has managed to only provide his media outlets to all of the Ukraine. Trump lies all the time. Without our various news sources with reporters investigating the news, we wouldn’t know what the truth is. Trump calls it “leaking” when it is in fact the revelations of the truth.
Trump is already profiting from his “Trump News” shows that is airing more than three times per day. Trump TV began on Facebook during the campaign. He is already using re-election campaign donations to fund future broadcasts from Trump Tower. His son’s Eric’s wife Laura Trump is the host of the show. They call his views the real news. Now he has recruited a broadcaster from CNN, Kayleigh McEnany to also host shows. Trump’s broadcasts are reaching beyond Facebook. Now Trump’s reach has expanded to Sinclair Broadcast Group that own stations in various markets across the country. Like what happened in the Ukraine, Trump is pushing his “FAKE NEWS” across the country now.
Sinclair said that it will increase “must run” shows called the Bottom Line With Boris hosted by Boris Epshteyn who has always been a promotor of Trump. His show already airs 3 times a week but will now run triple in frequency. Wars used to be won with weapons but mind control is a far more dangerous weapon when you are forced upon you just one point of view over and over again. He broadcasts topics the White House wants you to hear framed in a very positive way for the administration. Sinclair is currently in negotiations to make a broader deal so that they can be in 72% of all households throughout the nation. That is beyond the reach typically that the FCC allow, but of course Trump hand- picked the new FCC Chairman who will allow the deal to go forward. Yes, Trump’s band of bullies are all over our government like a disease.
Trump’s FCC Chairman revived old loopholes in the law that allows Sinclair to vastly exceed a maximum amount of stations. Should Trump’s rhetoric be allowed to creep into our daily news diet? Read the book called Whose Global Village? By Ramesh Srinivasan who explores the rethinking of how technology shapes our world with all the social media we rely on for all sorts of information rather than on highly researched news outlets. Things like the United Press are shrinking. The free press is becoming more like the press that Trump and his appointed bullies approve of.
How could one company that exists of primarily propaganda reach 72% of the country? If stuff like this is going on in America, the world’s symbol of democracy, then how safe is democracy across the world? This is a massive assault on democracy and on our media institutions. Air America was destroyed years ago by Republican pressure. UCLA has a Center for Global Digital Cultures that is researching the vast influx of dictatorial influences in media across the world. Our media outlets are voices in our head wherever we are. It is a powerful medium for any kind of influence and when our varied influences are suppressed we are in a NAZI state of mind and we all know what that resulted in.
Growing up I never understood how Hitler got millions of people to follow him and got his faithful followers to incinerate innocent civilians, make their skin into lamp shades and try to take over all of Europe and eventually the world. How does cultures allow insanity to prevail? How much longer can we allow Trump’s insanity to take over our world in America? Putin has already taken over the minds of Poland and Syria and the Ukraine. Putin wants Alaska and America too. Trump is allowing this all to happen one chip at our minds at a time.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Let Women Work!

Sanctions were just imposed upon North Korea in an effort to punish them for all their dangerous missile launching. All that accomplished was a reply from North Korea that we should feel even more threatened. How has that solved anything? The world is stressed. Punishment doesn’t solve anything. We need to all relax and calm down. It is possible if only the world leaders would STOP playing their literally war games and showing off their military might. Does humanity really want to use all those weapons on each other and eradicate the human race? As in schools, put down the fanny paddles and everyone go in their corner for a time out! This is why we need women to be world leaders because they are built to take care of humanity and with their nurturing innate qualities, they would be able to have a calmer, peaceful place to live. Women don’t have time for stupid war games!
North Korea is showing off nuclear warheads on their missiles. In Syria they are targeting their bombs to hit hospitals. In the Ukraine Russia has taken over an invasion over that country. War ships are trolling all over the South China Sea. Was the world supposed to be this way especially after all those deadly World Wars? Has humanity learned nothing from those disasters? Enough with the senseless wars! But how do we get world leaders to calm down with their deadly proposals? For starters get those rich leaders who live like kings out of their palaces and have them negotiate with each other in the middle of a war zone where their lives would feel threatened and see how quickly peace will be achieved but that would make sense and we live in a senseless world where women are still being suppressed on a large scale.
In the decades after World War ll it was the United States who led the world into order. No matter how the world changed American moral and  military dominance never seemed to waver. Regan told them to ‘Tear Down That Wall” and the Cold War ended while Democracy won. So how did we get to world instability with Dictators dominating so many people in a harsh way? From Syria there are more than 6 million displaced people just looking for a free place to raise their children. What kind of relationship should the United States have with the world?  It is obvious that Trump only cares to open new trade routes with Russia in the northern hemisphere. He just wants to make more money for himself.
Read the book called A World in Disarray by Richard Haass where he describes the evolution of chaos that we are living in now. Now for the first time after World War ll the United States is struggling to be at the helm of world order. With Trump as our new leader, America is losing even more respect. In only months Trump has been more of an embarrassment than an enlightenment to the world. He likes to sign his name to executive orders and  fire people from their jobs but offers little else than playing golf. In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed and we were supposed to get a new world order according to our first Bush President. Instead we got the rise of an evil Dictatorship run by Putin.
It was in 1991 when George H.W. Bush organized an international  coalition to stop Sadam Hussain in Kuwait. His vision then was expressed in a speech he said to Congress on January 21, 1991that said,
“It is a big idea, a new world order where diverse nations drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal  aspirations of mankind. Peace and security freedom and the rule of law.”

Instead after 20 years of involvement in the Middle East, the 911 Disaster, freedom is threatened everywhere. How did we all fail since then?  It is obvious that men are NOT doing the job to achieve world stability peace and justice for all. Give the women of the world more power, less children, less rape less religious oppression and with their freedom and respect and less exploitation of their beautiful bodies we can celebrate their sensible minds and let them figure out how to control the world chaos we are barely living in now. Let them put the necessary controls on human destruction to our land and seas and polluted air. Let them control greed and famine and save us all!  

Monday, August 7, 2017

Bad Boy Jersey Boys get Trump Jobs

Related image
You know there is something really wrong with this administration when the bad boy, Jersey boys get good jobs in our government. The New Jersey Governor, Chris Christy soon will be out of his job. He will be leaving with really low ratings for his work. He will be remembered by his Bridgegate scandal. When Christie was running for re-election his campaign and his administration tried to get a Mayor from one New Jersey town to endorse him for re-election. The Mayor said NO and Christie struck back. The town that the Mayor was from had an access lane to the George Washington Bridge that happens to be the busiest bridge in the world. Christie’s administration shut that lane to the bridge down. They deliberately created immense traffic jams for days.
We know that there is no Constitutional right to a lane on a road that leads to a bridge, but blackmail can not be in our government and should not result in ruining taxpayer’s lives just for the soap opera revenge of politics! It is Corruption when there is political revenge then lied about and a cover-up is revealed by the Christie people. The abuse of power is Corruption! The Department of Justice deemed that the events were grounds for federal charges. It ended up that three members of Christie’s appointees in his administration were found guilty of conspiracy and corruption. One of the names that came up hundreds of times at the Bridgegate trial was a person who never was actually charged for anything but was fired by the Governor for his role in the scandal.
That guy was Christie’s Campaign Director, Bill Stepian, who after being fired gets REWARDED with a good White House job as being the current White House National Political Director. WHY? Why does the guy involved in a corruption scandal get rewarded with a White House job? Is it because Trump needs a guy who knows how to skate around political scandal? There are so many other qualified folks in our country who deserve a good White House job that were never part of any scandals and they don’t get the job? Bad boys from Jersey fit in well with Trump’s agenda.
Just two months after the Bridgegate trials, Bill Stehian, the ex-Christie aide who was cited in the Bridgegate scandal  goes to the White House and gets a job. He is not the only bad boy from Jersey who got rewarded after his bad boy antics in Jersey government. Chris Christie’s former personal attorney has been nominated as the new FBI Director pending a Senate vote. He is Christopher Wray who billed New Jersey taxpayers more than $2.1 million dollars in legal fees to defend the Governor of New Jersey before, during and after  the  Bridgegate scandal trials. Wray wasn’t even the face of litigation during the trials but he was hired and managed to bill the taxpayers for taxi fares, meals, parking and plane trips. Wray is Trump’s pick to replaced fired James Comey as FBI Director. Wray didn’t even disclose all the money he got paid from taxpayers for the defense of the Governor.

So the message from Trump’s White House is that if you manage to skate Corruption charges in government and manage to keep a Governor away from convictions in scandals, you are rewarded with top White House jobs. Apparently Trump likes criminal types close by. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Break the Rules?

It is obvious now why Trump doesn’t like his good old buddy Jeff Sessions. If he hired a new guy to head the Department of Justice he could stop the efforts of Mueller to indict him for Obstruction of Justice. Recently Trump had nothing but criticism for his man Jeff Sessions. The FBI independent investigation is now the biggest threat to Trump. So now Trump wants to change the rules to our democracy as all Dictators do. He wants to eliminate that independence the FBI has to check on what is going on in the White House independent of his rule. A democracy needs checks and balances. A dictatorship is his way or no other way!
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This President is proposing that the FBI Director should report to the President and only to the President. Right now the FBI is part of the Department of Justice and is kept independent of the White House and the Presidency for a reason. Our writers of the Constitution did this purposefully so that America would NOT be run by a dictator but rather by representatives of all states and elected one person as a spokesman for the majority of people. The Department of Justice foresees justice for all and not just protections for one person, the president to do as he pleases. Donald Trump said he will make that radical change in our government policy.
For now, the FBI reports to the Justice Department and their Attorney General. Jeff Sessions recused himself from the campaign investigation. Trump wants Jeff to resign and criticizes him daily now. Jeff said he will not resign. He is old now and this has been the best job of his career. If the President does find a way to replace Jeff Sessions or if Jeff Sessions finds a way to un-recuse himself from the Russia investigation since that is the source of Trump’s criticism, then what could happen? How could Trump oust Sessions if he declines to quit? What could a new attorney general do?
An attorney general who is not recused from the investigation could fire Mueller either by declaring that Mr. Mueller has overstepped in one way or by first modifying Justice Department regulations to eliminate the rule protecting special counsels. Bullies like to change the rules of the game because it is all about winning and nothing about fairness. We learned so much in our youth from those school yard practices. If he gets a new attorney general Trump can say that the regular Justice Department can handle the investigation and disbanding Mr. Mueller and his staff of legal experts. That would leave no one around to investigate the wheeling and dealing Trump likes to do for his self- promotion and personal profiting. When did our government turn into such a nightmare?
New people hired by Trump could then direct investigators to swiftly wrap up their work while narrowly interpreting their jurisdiction, such as limiting their ability to scrutinize whether Trump’s interactions with James Comey , the former FBI Director fired by the president, amounted to obstruction of justice. Remember Trump had no problem with Comey as long as he was investigating Hillary. Once Comey started investigating Trump, the President had no use for the guy. Trump obstructs justice in so many ways!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dictators Everywhere

Dictatorships are popping up in countries all over the world over democracies. In our government the Justice Department wants to crack down on “leakers”. They mean the people who manage to show the world what is really going on in the White House and the REAL conversations Trump is having with other world leaders. Why should spreading the TRUTH be such a terrible thing? Dictators like things to be their way with no room for any other way. We need to take a closer look at what is happening in Turkey and to examine why Manafort a key person in Trump’s election, is getting paid so much money from Turkish leaders. Manafort now works as a foreign agent to Turkey and gets paid millions of dollars to lobby for the new Dictatorship there.
Image result for map of Turkey with bordering europe and the middle east
Are we going to let Trump turn America, the ultimate symbol of democracy for all in the world, turn this country into his own personal Dictatorship? Money and power is the most important thing to dictators; justice takes the back seat. The recent changes in the Turkish government can influence and change democracy in Europe. The government there is more like North Korea than anything they have ever known in recent years. Their new leader used the military against their own people to take over the government. Turkey was a member of NATO and a friend to the democracies of Europe. Not so much anymore. This past April a dictator won all the power in Turkey. His name is Recep Tayyip Erdogan the new President there. After World War I Turkey was declared a democracy.
The land is important because it serves as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East. After Erdogan served three terms as Prime Minister, he rose to power and is now essentially re-writing the Constitution there. His changes will put not the Prime Minister to head the Executive Branch and change that to be the President’s authority.  He has changed the rules that now the President will appoint members of the high council of judges and prosecutors. The President has also increased his time in office so that he could remain in power till 2024 in order to cement his one man rule. Why is our key American ally pulling away from democracy?
Turkey is a divided place of protestors and a harsh government now. Turkey’s relationship with the European Alliance is at an all- time low. Why should we care what happens in Turkey? Well, without it democracy is threatened. We need the support of a country that is mostly Muslim as friends. Turkey is supporting over 3 million Syrian refugees, more than any other nation in the world. Turkey is also fighting the forces of ISIS. In July 2016 this new President there shocked the world when he lured thousands of his citizens to take to the streets one evening then jets from the skies and military men began killing their own unarmed citizens as a show of power and might to suppress any opposition to what this Dictator who now is in power wants to do. Trump is hiring only military generals to his inner circle too now. He wants them to crack down on the “leakers” in our government too.

Between Putin yielding his power over the Ukraine and Poland, Kim Young Ass Hole in North Korea, Venezuela being ruined with starvation and oppression, Africa’s Dictators raping women and starving their people and now Turkey being run by an evil Dictator, Trump and his lying antics forcing our judicial system to get a grand jury together, the world is a real scary place just waiting to burst from all the hate, greed and confusion. The human race should know how to do better. Animals don’t even treat their own species in such a violent greedy way. SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take Trump to Court!

As Trump leaves Washington to play 17 continuous days playing golf at one of his golf clubs in Bedminster, New Jersey, at extra security expense to the taxpayers, at least someone is moving forward at their job there. Robert Mueller impanels the grand jury in the Russia investigation into campaign tampering. He is also investigating any possible collusion between Russia and Trump and whether the President himself engaged in obstruction of justice. Yes, the investigation gets much closer to Trump. For once there will be a lot of Americans that wish they had jury duty on this case. Americans are fed up with all this Russia crap. I don’t know how they will be able to find unbiased people to serve on that jury since unless you have been living under a rock, the election nonsense seems to never stop cropping up in the news every day.
This news means that the investigation into Russian medaling brings things up to another level in importance. Grand juries are powerful investigative tools that allow prosecutors to subpoena documents, put witnesses under oath and seek indictments, if there is evidence of a crime. It doesn’t mean that there is going to be a trial yet but it is a serious step forward into providing closure on all this crap to the American people. We all need to know the real facts to provide some closure. In only months in office our President should not be under investigations for crimes but Trump has lied so much about so many things, it would be good to finally take some steps to clarify the possible obstruction of justice that is a serious crime in this country.
Will this result in the end of the Trump Administration? If so, then I will have time to write about other important subjects involving corruption as Serpico the cop exposed in the New York City Police Department.  As Trump and Congress leaves Washington to go on vacations, it seems that Mueller and his team are the only ones in Washington working. So where in this country can they possibly have a trial where the jury doesn’t know about Trump? Legal experts said that Washington would be the appropriate place to convene a grand jury to examine actions taken by Trump since he became president and took up residence at the White House. Many of the crimes Mueller is investigating would have taken place in the district. Washington is the place where the Trump aids or advisors made false statements and disclosure records or lied to Federal agents. It is all like a bad movie where all the scenes take place in the same place.

All of Trump’s lawyers are saying the same thing that they do not believe that the President is under investigation. His lawyers are John Dowd, Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow.  Senators have unveiled two proposals to protect Mueller’s Russia probe just in case Trump decides to fire Jeff Sessions and Mueller from their jobs too. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Fix The System

The United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. A staggering 80% of the prisoners are represented by court appointed lawyers. These lawyers have enormous caseloads and sometimes never even meet the prisoners they have to defend for long periods of time. Often they only meat their clients moments before they have to appear before a judge. Many ask the judge for permission to delay the case in order to give them   more time to establish an alibi. This means more prisoners are in prison even longer just waiting for a trial or court appearances. As lawyers ask for delays judges are frustrated too because that means their court is backlogged and he too has too many cases to eventually decide on. Our justice system is slowly grinding to a halt because there are not enough public defenders hired by cities.
These over worked lawyers don’t even have a staff to help them. Jails are more crowded now than they ever has been. Many are innocent just waiting to be heard. People are being held for months just waiting to see their public defender. Court dates could be put off as much as six months with nothing going on to help solve a case. Prisoners who can’t afford a lawyer usually can’t afford bail either so the jails are filling up. Single jail cells are now sleeping as many as 4 people in a small area with mattresses on the floor. Before you know it, fights break out and frustration is high that can only bring even more charged against a prisoner. To make matters worse a prosecutor can earn as much as $15,ooo less than hired lawyers.
Folks who went through all the work during law school find themselves in a poorly paid job with too much work to do. They are frustrated because even if they knew they could make a difference, they can’t. The Constitutional right to an adequate defense is often overlooked. If people had lawyers at their first appearance, if they had lawyers when bail was being posted, there would be far less people awaiting a trial. Today we have over 2 million people incarcerated for much of the reason that our government is not funding an adequate number of prosecutors and are not funding the proper staff needed in a prosecutor’s office. Our government needs to address prison reform starting at the first appearances after being arrested for something.
America has the largest incarceration rate in the world simply because our government judicial system can’t get their act together. States are not contributing more than 2% of their budget nationwide to judicial reform in defense funding. The South Bronx is the poorest funded place in America. The office there combines their poor pay with fundraising. They hire specialized lawyers who work in teams. That team can encompass immigration attorneys, housing attorneys, family court attorneys and social workers because we all know when an adult is arrested and put in jail for any length of time, their family structure changes dram tally especially if they have children who didn’t do anything wrong but they suffer too. Our nation needs to at least learn from the South Bronx if they aren’t going to clean up the system.

Our new Justice Department with Jeff Sessions at the helm wants to put more people in jail from immigration reasons to smoking pot. Trump is spending a fortune hiring more ICE police to arrest people but is doing nothing about our failed courts and bulging prisons. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Amazing Amazon

Related imageAmazon is America’s retail giant. It is the one place where you can purchase just about anything and get it too within days not weeks. Now the retail online giant is offering enough jobs to fill an entire town. The lines for these offered warehouse jobs formed long before the job fairs even opened. Places like Baltimore Maryland, Kent Washington and Kenosha Wisconsin had parking lots filled with people in a maze of lines looking for those jobs. The jobs don’t pay much but what they do offer is valuable medical benefits. Many companies hire people part time, make them work 30 hours a week anyway and do not offer them any benefits. Most of these jobs will be full time jobs with much needed benefits.
50 thousand jobs are being offered at once at Amazon in their three football field sized warehouse centers all over the country. Kent, WA,  Kenosha, WI, Romeoville, IL, Whitestown, IN, Hebron, KY, Oklahoma City, OK, Chattanooga, TN, Depew, NY, Fall River , MA, Etna, OH, Robbinsville, NJ, and Baltimore, MD. These cities had simultaneous job fairs yesterday filling entry job positions in the $11.50-$15 dollar per hour category. Most positions do not require experience. Amazon will train you. Amazon was nice enough to provide free cooling Slushie drinks for all the people on line waiting to submit their applications. People came in suits and had resume’s in their hands. Everyone took this event quite seriously.
They applied to be sorters, packers and shippers who will work side by side robots that will do the long leg work around the very modern and organized warehouses. Amazon is growing as traditional retail stores are shrinking. Malls are closing and even big stores like Macy’s are closing stores. People are fed up with poor product selection in traditional stores, few employees at checkouts, violence and robberies in the parking lots. Women are fed up with robbers and rapists following them home from the mall just to be robbed and raped. Buying from the comfort of your home has become the purchase place of choice.
Over the last 15 years E-commerce has added 167,000 jobs while department stores lost 456,000 retail jobs. The numbers reflect that shopping migration from stores to on line buying on the internet. Many people were hired on the spot and will begin their jobs within days. For once there was smiles on the job lines in America. The people on line said that somebody has to fix the robots. It was the largest jobs fair in the United States to date. They asked people to apply for jobs in person unlike all the sites that take applications on line. The Robbinsville, New Jersey warehouse had 1,500 jobs up for grabs alone. This was not Amazon’s first big hiring event. In the past they had events where they hired hundreds of people at a time in Hillsboro, Oregon, Fall River, Massachusetts, and Everett, Washington. Amazon’s Vice President of Human Resources, John Olsen was not surprised at the large successful turnout.    


Diplomats Must Leave?

Related imageHow is it possible that Trump is all of a sudden silent? This past weekend Putin expelled 755 Americans from the United States Embassy Diplomatic Staff in Russia, the most amount of Diplomats thrown out of any country EVER in American History! Trump says nothing? Our Secretary of State does nothing? No diplomatic talks? No reason given for such a harsh action? Putin claimed that this was due to economic sanctions and seizures. He must have really wanted those free mansions on United States soil back again. How does this help anyone in both countries? Lack of a presence or communication helps no one.
Is this retaliation for Obama’s decision to expel 35 Russians who Obama said were spies back in December? Obama seized two Diplomatic properties. The President or the State Department has made no statements about Putin’s retaliation. Is the bromance over? Since when is Trump speechless? Michael McFaul the former United States Ambassador to Russia under the Obama Administration said that this is the largest expulsion in the history of American Diplomacy. Is there anything Trump can do right? How can he be silent on this issue? Trump needs to push back on this issue because now he looks weak to the world. He has already alienated all of Europe at the Paris Climate Accord.  Unless this was planned in Trump’s three hour personal meeting with Putin. Dictators hate to consult anything with anyone so who needs Diplomats? It seems to be becoming a new world order for the worse.
Is Putin trying to cut some kind of deal? What is Trump’s policy towards Russia in general? It has just been revealed that our President dictated his son’s misleading statement on that meeting with the Russian lawyer. It is such a crazy spider web of deceit and lies coming from everywhere with people in high positions dropping like flies in the White House.  Don Jr. said the conversations were about adoptions. Well the adoption issue was really about sanctions. The Russians then wanted to lift sanctions. Back in 2012 America adopted a set of sanctions against human rights violators in Russia very similar to the atrocities that are happening now in Venezuela under their vigorous evil dictator arresting opposition leaders, killing protestors and starving people from food and medicines.  America wrote the Magnitsky Act formerly known as the Russia and Moldova Jackson-Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012, intended to punish Russian officials responsible for the death of Russian Lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in a Moscow prison in 2009. Is Trump such bed fellows with Putin that he will allow such a harsh retaliation by Russia?

Those sanctions were put in place because Russia should not be allowed to kill opposition leaders. There is no fair elections in Russia. That is how Putin has been able to be in power there for the past 17 years. Then Putin retaliated by putting Americans on a sanction list and went further and he banned adoptions by American citizens. So, when you hear about adoptions it is really a discussion about sanctions. What the hell was Donald Jr. doing talking about adoptions anyway? Did we elect him too to conduct our nation’s laws with other countries? Trump is really out of control of everything.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Trump's Personal Wall

Related imageTrump’s big mouth about others is always critical but he hardly talks about his ever so conflicting practices between his businesses and politics. Now he is clamping down on unheard of disclosure restrictions from all his employees. His double standards are incredible. He likes to keep secrets while he questioned Obama’s citizenship and Hillary’s e-mails. Where are Trump’s tax returns? How many real estate deals did he make with the Russians? How many products is he making and selling in China? His international relations as President seems to only be entertaining world leaders who do business with him and the meetings take place at his hotels. How does any of this help Americans who don’t even manufacture any of his products he sells at high personal profits?
Americans give up their lives for their country without a draft. He keeps secrets and expects all his 22,000 employees to keep his secrets too or they are fired as well. Did he go to dictator school? He demands that his employees at the Trump Golf properties, Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C., Trump International Hotel & Tower and the Trump Hotel Collections various properties to keep tight lips on their jobs. Throughout his career he put an emphasis on his fame. In a NBC Meet the Press interview in 1999 he boasted that, ”My life has been a very, very open book.” Yet, now after the election Trump is firing everyone in the White House calling them “Leakers and that they must go!” He recently imposed a new “Confidentiality Agreement “rolled out after the election. The Trump organization is requiring all employees   at all levels to sign it or they will lose their jobs.
All employees must agree to keep secret, “any information about anyone in the Trump family including their present, former and future spouses, children, parents and in-laws.” So, you have to keep quiet about new wives that aren’t even there yet or just planned on? COLD! Debra Soltis has specialized in employment law for over 25 years and she says, “I have reviewed confidentiality agreements in international family run hospitality organizations and I have never seen a loyalty code to a family like this.” She goes on to say, “This confidentiality agreement looks more like what you would expect to sign if you were a nanny to famous celebrity’s children where you were being brought into the home and exposed to private information.”
Trump’s Confidentiality Agreement to all his employees specifically states that is off limits, “All political, legal, social,  religious, health-related affairs, activities, views and or opinions of any member of the Trump family. All photographs, movies, sketches, videos, sound or image recordings or likenesses of any member of the Trump family.” All of a sudden he thinks he and his crowd can be invisible simply because he says so? What religious beliefs? The only thing they all worship is money!
The agreement lasts forever and is retroactive. He hopes that this very detailed agreement could discourage whistle blowers.  At the very least, the man has a lot to hide. A company code of conduct requires employees to be truthful in any inquiry. The confidentiality agreement clause states that if an employee is required to disclose confidential information, they need to notify the Trump organization. What if an employee has information that the public has every right to know? With this signed agreement, they could not share it. This is all lessons on how to be a dictator. It is deeply troubling to have your hands tied if you have seen something and know something that is questionable!

Trump has been on a firing spree yet it has been reported that HE told his Don Jr. to LIE that the meetings with the Russian lawyer was about adoptions and not about campaign intervention. How high a wall can Trump build around himself?