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Sunday, December 4, 2016

What is his plan?

Ethics, Business deals, favoritism is all Trump already in a very toxic cocktail.  He has already   annoyed China by bothering Taiwan with phone calls.  Tried to influence the governments of Ireland and Scotland to get rid of their offshore windmills which ionically make the value of his shore line golf courses undervalued. Can he possibly be using the Presidency and the value of the America brand to enhance his personal wealth already even before he is sworn in?
Trump always brushes asides questions involving potential conflicts of interest between his duties in the Whitehouse and his business interests abroad. The fact remains that he has unresolved financial conflicts. The United States problem is that we have never had a President with so many global deals. It is uncharted territory for the United States. Is Congress going to give him compromises in corruption or throw the bum out? For example he has relations with a Philippean developer building a Trump tower there. Jose E.B. Antonio is Trump’s business partner. Already Antonio was named a special envoy to the United States last month.  Antonio and the Trumps have a number of projects in development.
Trump doesn’t know much about White House policy since he does whatever the hell he wants to do randomly anyway. What he does know is that there is a 1978 Ethics and Government Act that the President is exempt from. I am sure he will hide behind that document. Keeping it short, he could run his business out of the oval office but says he won’t.  He has already met with the Indian government and has discussed several projects built through companies with ties to prominent political parties according to the New York Times. Trump met with several Indian business partners at Trump Tower after the election. He is NOT slowing down his business endeavours for this country.
Trump has golf courses in Ireland and Scotland. The Trump organization executives are fighting to build a sea wall on the Irish coast preventing sea life from coming ashore. He has executives lobbying against wind farm development in Scotland. Trump reportedly discussed wind farm with the United Kingdom leader Nigel Farage.  Then there is his own self- imposed ban on Muslams here in America that now   they want to remove his name from the buildings. The Trump Towers in Instanbul has become a insult to the country. Developed by the Dogan Group it is run by media mogul and a highly influential political family. At least on this one Trump acknowledges a conflict of interest in one 2015 interview. How does he feel now since he changes things all the time.

Only Congress can stop him. Will they? We have the problem of in Nixon times, the President Richard Nixon said “ When the President does it, it is not illegal.” That is the type of attitude Trump will have and will try to strut on. The problem is that this attitude can’t work when you have business interests across the globe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hockey and Curry in Canada

Time for winter sports. There could not be any sport more for winter than Hockey. Playing it, following it, watching it and listening to it. Lately listening to the hockey broadcasters ha e gotten an Indian flavor to the sound of their voices probably because they are Indian-Canadian. Just listen to Hockey Night in Canada that is the longest running show, since the 1930’s of all male talking heads sports shows. They say women like to talk a lot but I think when it comes to a male sports enthusiast, they will win a sports talk challenge.
Canada has become more diverse and has a growing Punjabis population. viedAlthough they don’t play hockey in India, the people like it in Canada.  The Punjabi announcers put a new twist on everything in the game. Whenever a fight breaks out they play Indian dance music. They sing short songs whenever a goal is scored. When a player gets a call against him, he doesn’t go to the penalty box but goes to the box of punishment. It was last season when one of their cat calls went viral on the internet   when the team won the Stanley Cup. The announcers were invited to the championship festivities. They are becoming famous for their antics.
Now people who don’t understand Punjabi listen to the game and enjoy it just for the antics. The announcers still fill the distinction of being dorkey walking status machines. A huge population of the Siki people have adopted the game as their own. They have become hockey fans. It is interesting that a population of people who look different, speak a different language and listen to different music have a sport in common that they love. Suddenly classmates are being accepted wholeheartedly because of their common love of the sport.
The more the turban wearing people knew, the more they assimilated into society until 911 came and the terrorist era began. When those planes crashed through the World Trade Center buildings and fell, instantly all that was achieved fell as well too. Even here in America the fear of any Muslim in the country prevails. Donald Trump got elected partly for his very vocal opinion to round up the turbans and get them out of the country. All of a sudden these respected and loved sports announcers were looked at like they were the enemy too. Anyone with the last name of Singh approached the problem with dignity and education. They went on with their lives peacefully and ever the so knowledgeable about their still love for hockey.

It is odd even today to see a person with a turban and a beard on television being a basic broadcaster but for these guys on this show to look like that and to also be able to deliver a fun informative satisfying hockey experience is simply amazing. They have been more amazing than even the teams they discuss. Mr. Singh is probably the only man to ever have his traditional wedding in a hockey rink. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Where do you want to eat?

Tis the season to go to dinner with special people to special places. There are many notable restaurants that have been successful for centuries in America. Delmonico’s in New York has been setting the table for its namesake steak for nearly two centuries. It was the first to call it’s self a restaurant. Located in lower Manhattan it is the nation’s first restaurant and still very much still in business. Now restaurants is a $780 billion dollar industry. Then there are the traditional dishes of eggs benedict, baked Alaska and steak dishes that never go out of style.
The history of the restaurant dates back to 1837 and has gotten recognition in many movies. It was mentioned in the 1968 movie Funny Girl, the 1993 film The Age of Innocence, The 1967 film called The Producers. Most Presidents have dined there including Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. Delmonico’s is on the cover of a new book out describing the 10 best restaurants. The book by Paul Freedman called The Ten Best Restaurants that Changed America will tell you why it is so important.
Another great is Mandarin in San Francisco. Try Sylvia’s in Harlem or Antoine’s in New Orleans,Louisiana. Now if you want the ultimate in elegance go to Le Pavillon in New York City or Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, The Four Seasons in New York City. For good food and not the fancy tablecloths or dress code there is Schrafft’s in New York City. Whatever is your good old favorite restaurant it is a pastime for most Americans. We spend more money eating out buying food than buying food to cook at home.
Even if you never ate at Delmonico’s, the place that started it all, your favorite place still must have a lot in common with the fancy well established restaurants. It is all food after all unless you like it hot! Hot and spicy food is in a world of its own. Often it isn’t even served. You stand at a roadside hut and get some of the best hot food served on paper in a cardboard palm sized crate. At Hattie Bee’s in Nashville, the line goes around the block of people sweating waiting to sweat and groan from the hot food she serves. It doesn’t matter if you are getting chicken, pork or beef it is hot and spicy to make your eyes tear up. Of course there is plenty of pickles and French fries to cool it down a bit. Anything with enough cayenne pepper and enough spices fit the hot category.

I don’t know why people would want to eat and pay for things that would cause them pain but they do. Even hot chicken started about 80 years ago. It was revenge from a woman who added spices to her man’s chicken to punish him for cheating on her. Instead of hurting him, he loved it. He loved it so much he started a restaurant called Prince’s Hot Chicken and is still in business today. After all these place maybe I’ll stay home tonight with a cup of soup.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why do they cry?

As Americans are cheering in the streets that the evil dictator is finally dead, millions of Cubans are in tears in sorrowful mourning because their beloved leader is finally dead. Why the contrast? Although separated by some water, Cubans are very different from Americans and we all  lead very different lives and we can all credit that to the now deceased dictator of his socialist country Cuba. I already wrote a post on the death of Fidel Castro from n American’s prospective but it is time to realize what he meant to the people of his country. He was their only leader to many and they although poor, felt safe under his rule.
He was able to rule his tiny country for 50 years since 1959 until 2008 when he handed his country over to his brother to rule. How did he manage to have so many years of isolation while the rest of the world was at war with someplace somewhere? He was always skeptical and indifferent, defiant towards the giant and mighty powerful United States. He was only in his thirties when he became a leader himself. He was born in 1926 out of wedlock to a wealthy landowner and his maid. He was educated in catholic schools and then studied law. He loved baseball and politics. He became an activist for the poor and working class. In 1956 after being expelled by Cuban-Americans and their leader Batista, he returned with his brother and Argentina rebels and hid in the Sierra Mountains and declared a gorilla war.
Fidel took over Cuba and promised a democracy but squashed all jails and executions. He nationalized all businesses. In 1961 President Kennedy approved the import of Cuban exiles. Castro stopped people from leaving the country. He had America worried about nuclear war with his alliance with Russia and their weapons. He made sure every citizen had an education. But with the demise of the Soviet Union, he was dry of imports and the country became poor. He fought back by promoting tourism with Europeans. He was considered the George Washington and protector of his people.
Because of his nationalism he will remain a very important figure to his hard working and faithful people. He fulfilled his promise to his people that they would never be dominated by the United States. He liberated Cuba from the United States. Before his reign in 1958 Cuba had gambling and lots of hotels run by the American mafia. He cleaned that all out and he removed the class system. The peasant class didn’t know how to read or write before he took charge in 1960 and there wasn’t any formalized medical care. Now all Cubans are educated and have health care. They didn’t have electricity out side of Havana till he took charge and provided electricity for all his people.

Do the people of Cuba have all the freedoms of the American people? No they do not. They know what they have and have felt safe for 50 years. So, now they cry. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Greatest Gift of All

We all have survived yet another Thanksgiving Dinner with those we love. Hopefully there wasn’t too much drama and the meal was satisfying and good. No doubt you ate some goodies that you normally don’t eat at most meals but that all goes with the holiday. I did have a bitter taste in my mouth when I thought of those poor native Indian Americans who literally still have nothing but their reservations and sacred burial grounds being hosed down as they try to protest silently against a giant pipeline of oil being transported from Canada to South America. The white people already said not in my backyard.
Then energetic 82 year old Florence Henderson suddenly died from a heart attack. It seemed like yesterday that she in her elegance and looking good health was just being twirled around on the show Dancing With The Stars. Fidel Castro died at age 90 living in a country that literally has nothing. Now we are between holidays when all the office parties begin and we get to indulge in more bad for you snacks and lively drinks. Yes it is perhaps the most fun time of the year right into the next year. How do we remain healthy? We don’t have time for good eating or sleeping habits. This time of the year we need a quick fix or a new miracle drug or holistic spice.
Lucky for us I found a spice that has been around since the beginning of time that is very good for holding back popular ailments. Some people believe that it is the true spice of life. In Hawaii local farmers are growing a golden spice called Turmeric. It is the root of a lively plant like Ginger but uglier and harrier   that can be your secret to a longer healthier life. The stem of the plant is where all the good stuff is found. It is a spice native to India. Recently it is showing up in all the health bars. The Hawaiian farmers are getting rich from the constant demand of Turmeric.
The people of India use it in their curry, they throw the orange powder at each other in their ceremonies, it has also been used as a die for fabrics and it is what gives mustard its bright yellow color. There is also a compound in it that makes it a powerful weapon against disease. Doctors have been conducting successful trials and found that Turmeric is helpful in fighting just about anything harmful. Alzheimer’s disease, Parkenson’s Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes all have a new weapon kicking them. Turmeric is a wonderful compound that is working on all these diseases. Thousands of studies are being conducted at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. Thousands of studies have shown that in concentrated doses the substance in Turmeric has proven not only to be an effective anti-oxidant and an  anti-inflammatory but also shows promise in preventing and treating Cancer too. They don’t know why it is working but they know that it is a very good thing happening.    

So do some good shopping for yourself and find a bottle of Turmeric as a gift for yourself and your longevity. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

He led his people for 50 years

The Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died at age 90. He was the reason we built the bunkers during the Kennedy Administration to safeguard our leaders. America has feared Castro for 50 years. Cuba had ties with the Soviet Union and had access to their nuclear might. Before Castro Cuba was America’s wonderful playground. The days of I love Lucy where Americans would take a short cruise from Miami to Cuba and drink and shimmy to salsa music all the way there and back. Everyone hated Castro but he sure was respected and outlasted 11 American Administrations.
He was born in 1926. In 1960 not long after he took power the Trade Embargo began. The poor people of Cuba are still driving cars from 1960 since it was the last year they have been allowed to receive new items. Things got worse. In 1961 we had the failed “Bay of Pigs’ invasion. It was our failed attempt to over through Castro. Tensions increased with the Cuban Missile Crisis with a nuclear bomb standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union. We as children then were told to hide under our desks in case of a nuclear attack meanwhile as you can read in yesterday’s blog post our government was building bunkers with five feet of protective walls for their safety. I have only known the days of not so good U.S. and Cuba relations.
In 1980, 125,000 Cubans flee to Florida that was known as The Mariel Boat Lift. During the Bush Administration tensions still remained high with the opening of the Guantanamo Prison Camp housing our most dangerous terrorists. Castro’s rule has spanned throughout 7 decades. So now that he is dead are we free of his iron fist in Cuba?  The Obama Administration is the only one of our 11 past Presidents to open friendly relations with Cuba. Our College Baseball students are going to Cuba now to participate in a friendly baseball game series in Cuba. It is amazing how Castro and his iron fist of thinking has outlived so many Presidents?
Castro has to be given credit for being the major leader of his land for so long and being able to keep America on edge for so many decades. Only a cleaver leader can do that and he did till his death. American world leaders don’t last to be 90 years old.  Now more than ever the American Cubans want to help their families in Cuba who are in desperate need of modernization. What step will Donald Trump take? He has already threatened them if they do not cooperate with us that he will take action. The bully he is wants to start a fight. He already has 75 pending lawsuits against him. What is just more suits? He has already picked lawyer Donald McGahn               White House Counsil.

Castro’s remains will be cremated and his brother will remain as leader. For older Cubans Castro is bitterness for separating them from their families. For  younger Americans, Cuba is an untapped paradise of clean waters and beautiful beaches just waiting for their next party.  

Friday, November 25, 2016

They will save themselves not us

Trump is already costing Americans millions of dollars in secret service money. He refuses to conduct his Presidendial duties of finding a staff in Washington. Interviews for various positions he chooses to conduct in Trump Tower in the middle of Manhattan. He chose to spend his Thanksgiving at his lavish club in Florida. The secret service of protection must follow him everywhere. With all the emphasis we take to protect our leaders, he should make it easier for them to protect him and not worse. Since he is a spoiled brat he feels more comfortable conducting his obligations   in his palaces rather than in the White House despite the cost to the American taxpayer.
Since 911 America has been on the more alert against terrorism and has taken steps not since the Cold War to open places to protect our leaders in case of a disaster. There is even a new TV show about a designated leader to be President in case all of our chosen leaders die for some reason from terror. Each year during the State of the Union address there is one person ready to assume the Presidency in case all of our leaders are wiped out.  The “designated survivor’ is there to lead the country once there are no more leaders. It would have to be a catastrophic disaster on United States soil where the President, Congress and the upper levels of government all die. It is a subject that has been talked about in the past and has been acted in dark thriller stories, it can possibly be a very real situation.
The TV series stars Kiefer Sullivan as a low level worker who suddenly becomes President. The very real position falls under a provision called the “continuity of government”. Counter terrorism director Dick Clark is the creator of this notion. It was used during 911 while our alive leaders were being scattered in different directions for their safety.  They were sent to different locations. Staffers were also sent to underground bunkers. There are several of these hideaways. There is one in Colorado nicknamed The Mountain. In Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station there is hidden in 2,000 feet deep of rock behind multiple 25 ton doors each three  feet thick a habitat of 5 acers of living space. The place is built to withstand a nuclear bomb. Like a shock absorber the floors rest on 13 hundred of half ton steel springs. It has its own power plant and a  six million gallon water supply all for the President and the staffers.

Another elaborate shelter for our rich and famous leaders is tucked away under a hotel in West Virginia. It is called The Greenbrier Bunker that has five feet thick walls and floors. This place was built after the Cold War in case of a disaster. During the Bush Administration former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was chosen at one time to be the designated survivor and wrote a book called True Faith and Allegiance where he describes his experience. Should I be building my own bunker?

Monday, November 21, 2016

Stay home and shop for food

Thanksgiving Dinner is soon and it is time to start buying all the choices of food you want to eat and share with those you love. Should you gas up the car and find all the supermarket flyers to see what is on sale where and then fight the little old lady for the last package of walnuts or mushrooms? Hell no not this year. The pre-thanksgiving dinner rituals have changed. It is officially time to entertain those on line entrepreneurs who say they deliver to put them to the challenge. They say on their websites that they will deliver everything you need for a good meal. They even claim to be more affordable, more efficient and better for the environment. How could anything ever go wrong?
So this year I will go shopping by starting my computer and waiting for the doorbell to ring with everything I want to eat in a box. Now we worry so much about serving the perfect table of goods meanwhile at the first Thanksgiving, Pilgrims ate with spoons, knives and fingers. No forks. You can get groceries from Amazon from the companies new service called Prime Now service that is super fast.  Give  it a trial run and  stay up late at night watching movies and then go on the computer and order ice cream and within the hour some guy is delivering it to your door.  Wow! No more gas statiinon purchases late at night . No even leaving the house! No guilt if I want to order just stupid junk food. No more looks from others into my basket at all.
What these box at your door food services really are is a way to save you time. Lots of people do not want to be in lines. Amazon’s Prime now service also sells books, electronics, toys, sporting equipment as well as your basic foods. Should I ever leave the house again? For larger orders, the company offers Amazon Fresh that is an online grocery store with even larger warehouses. It is not just Amazon. Grocery chains like Safeway and Whole Foods Market and even Google are among at least 50 major outlets offering on line food delivery. Sales are up 15% from 2015. It could top $12Billion dollars this year.  You are not limited to that just favorite box of cereal delivered to your door in a brown paper bag. Now there are entire chef inspired meals delivered to your door in a box complete with every spice or ingredient you will need perfectly proportioned for you to cook the perfect exotic meal for those you love. You even get instructions with pictures so you don’t screw up the meal. Blue Apron is the largest food kit maker in America. It all reminds me fo when I would order  the how to make a car kit complete with glue included for the pre shaped parts to put together.   Shopping and eating can be fun now? Try it and watch the entire movie this time and simply wait for the doorbell to ring.

Monday, November 14, 2016

He is already a different man

The Donald had his first interview since being elected. Like any schoolyard bully, he has backed down in his outrageous comments on just about anything. The half of America who voted for him should be disappointed already and the other half of America who didn’t vote for him should be a bit relieved. It is obvious he had no idea of the scope of the job he undertook already. He met in Washington with the usual Republican puppets and the President who did a complete about face to “make him comfortable “ in the White House. True politicians can turn their opinions like a coin.
Protestors are marching daily since his election and bomb safety equipment has been set up where he lives. Manny people hate him. He has not spent one day at the job yet of President but has already flip flopped on issues that he got elected on. He has admitted that on election night he became completely silent and realized what damage he has done. After his 90 minute meeting with the President that was scheduled for 15 minutes he said he found the President to be terrific. During campaigning he thought even his very existence with all the demands of a birth certificate to be in question. He hated Obama.
He said he would build a wall and now he said there will be some fencing.
He pledged to deport millions of undocumented immigrants now he said  he would deport the criminals.
He met with Paul Ryan and the Republican leadership who has now won even more power in the House and Senate and said he wanted to throw out Obamacare now he wants to make adjustments to the healthcare plan.
He said he wanted to get rid of all lobbyists but have already hired two to his inner circle of influence.
He says he could “make America great again” but now already he says there are restrictions meanwhile he should be having the best backing ever.
He was pro- life during the election now he says if he upsets the law than the decisions would go back to state wide acceptance of abortions.
During the campaign he said he would hire a special prosecutor to look into Hillary’s  e-mails now he says that isn’t important any more Why? Because he won the election?
We a ll need to be frightened of this man who changes his opinion with the wind on very important issues. The only effective thing we can do as citizens is to support the organizations that have been set up to protect the very people he plans to destroy. Either work for these organization’s or send a donation so they can do the heavy lifting for the issues that give you a headache in this election.  
If you are concerned about women’s health donate to Planned Parenthood or The Center for Reproductive Rights. Repuctiverights.org
If you don’t feel that global warming is a silly issue, donate to the National Resources Defense Council NRDC.org
If you don’t think that refugees are terrorists in disguise, donate to the International Refugee Assistance Project REFUGEERIGHTS.org
Given how Trump and the majority party hates immigrants support  IDP Defend  Educate Empower, NAACPLDF.org
Support the TREVOR Project for LGBT youth THETREVORPROJECT.ORG
Support the Mexican America Legal Defense and Education Fund MALDEF.org
Trump is the master of manipulation. He will kick you in the nuts and say your penis did it.  

Saturday, November 12, 2016

More of America will be in a drug haze

Yesterday was Veterans Day and we need to thank every man or woman who now can add the name Veteran to their name proudly. New York City had the largest parade in America honoring our bravest of citizens.  Many people marched and more people cheered them. A good parade. Somehow I miss the old parades where you didn’t see many marchers but some old men from World War II. There were even less people cheering because war was a thing of the past then. Now even after our 15 year stay in the Middle East we worry about more war and the streets are filed on Veterans Day, the day to honor the living soldier are filled with young fit men and women missing their limbs, eyes or mind from the terrible aftermath of war.  Pray and honor and support them always.
for. California, Nevada, Maine and Maryland legalized recreational marijuana. Florida and North Dakota voted for medical marijuana and we will need it all to calm us down. Every day in cities across America there have been protests against the Presidency won by Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton won the election by more than 1 million votes but didn’t get the job because we still grant the job based on electoral votes.   If all that pot doesn’t work, Colorado legalized assisted suicide. So take a tour through these states and be done with life in Colorado.
We might as well just throw out the entire Democratic Party with Hillary. They don’t exist in our governing nation. This election won for the Republican Party the White House more votes in Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Now there is no balance of opinions in government or checks and balances. The fairness of the Supreme Court is still in question. It is also a bad time to be an animal or plant. Trump plans to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency. How long will we live without any safety regulations in our food and air?  He plans to get rid of Obamacare so millions will revert to no health care. He wants to get rid of Roe vs. Wade so millions of unwanted children could be born with no one who wants  to take care of them. This is a victory? Someone with a private e-mail server was really that worse?

Since 2000 it has happened twice to the Democrats that they won elections by popular votes but lost the election to the electoral vote. Al Gore and Hillary was cheated. The solution is to get rid of the outdated Electoral College. That is   easier said than done. It would require an Amendment to the Constitution. The fact that in some areas there lines around the blocks in cities waiting to vote and in other areas no wait at all violates the equal protection clause of the Constitution. All Americans should have had the same opportunity to vote and that was not provided. So, fasten your seat belts America and prepare for the next 4 years of the truly unknown with our leader at the helm with no experience in politics and no military knowledge given the codes to nuclear power.   

Friday, November 11, 2016

Who does he represent ?

He has lots of American law suits against him and he has made hundreds of millions of dollars in Russia. Yup Im talking about our newly elected leader Trump. There are conflict of issues problems already and dozens of law suits pending. Most people don’t get new jobs with that kind of background. He and or his companies are being accused among other things fraud, sexual harassment and failure to pay his bills.  I agree with Samuel Issacharoft a Professor at NYU School of Law that there is no immunity from suit for anything that happened before his election to office.  He cannot hide behind his Presidential shield for any crime he may occurred previously to his new job.
Some of the more serious lawsuits refer to his Trump University. Students who paid the $35,000 feel claim fraud when he falsely told them he would make them rich. Does Middle America who voted for him think he will make them rich too? He said he was hand picking the faculty that didn’t happen. The students said they would be given some kind of involvement the next time he opened another property. The only thing classmates got was a life sized picture of themselves next to a poster of Trump.  The only thing they received   was embarrassment and a lack of self-respect. While Trump was at the White House his lawyers were at the court house for a hearing  where the presiding judge he publically denounced for being of Mexican heritage were preparing for a trail to begin with the same judge at the end of the month.
There are sexual assault suits against him pending. One of which is from Summer Zervos a former “The Apprentice” contestant. Her and other women are being represented by Gloria Allred who is known for famous attention grabbing lawsuits. He has time to be a productive President too? Donald is thick skinned and history proves that he has never been shy  about going to court. He has a history of lawsuits. His legal business interests may also prove to have fraudulent interests. I guess he does belong in Washington where other political snakes seem to gather.
Nothing raises more question than ties to his Russian investors. Should our political leader be in bed financially with the Russian mafia? Trump has been selling his beauty pageants and hotels in Russia. He travels regularly to former Soviet   Moscow with his children. Meanwhile during campaigning he minimized any business relations with Russia. Sergei Milian the President of Russian-American Chamber of Commerce in the USA says it is well known that Trump received hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian businessmen.  His beauty pageant rights were sold to a good friend of Putin;  a top mafia figure invited into the VIP section of men.
Russia language videos invited Russians to buy condos in Trump licensed projects in Florida until United States sanctions cut off the flow. During the campaign Trump promised that his children would run these businesses through a Blind Trust. Richard Painter a former ethics Lawyer for the White House says how can you have a blind trust when you know what is going on with the business dealings? A foreign country should NOT have any influence over the President of our country!   

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thd Other Candidate Won

Your Hero of the Stupid has won the right to be President of the United States. Yes America wants you if you are completely not qualified for the job. Donald Trump is our new President because he has never held any government position before or has never been in the military. Blame it on the white unemployed working class who came out to vote and they voted for him. Those stupid people are desperate. They don’t care that coal mining and steel making were highly polluting occupations. All they know is that they can’t afford to buy a new pick- up truck this year. So of President Trump promised to build a wall, fight with the Muslims and find ISIS in the Middle East even file criminal charges against Hillary; go get em!
Already, the morning after the election all Mr.  President Trump’s people are offering a kinder gentler form of President Trump by saying that many sensational things were said  during campaigning that there is no rush to do. So. Is he lying already? One thing for sure it will be the first time in a neighborhood that when the black people move out of a house and the white people move in that the property value goes down. What exactly are we in for in the next four years? Is he playing golf at Camp David already?
Should we be proud that a reality TV star can and is now our President? Yes Ronald Regan became President after a career as an actor but he was also a Govnenor [cs1] of a   State before he became President. Did Hillary lose because men still can not embrace a woman in charge here in America? It is shocking that a woman who even as a law student traveled to places to help children’s causes, worked pro bono or for free even after she became a lawyer, somehow is the threat and doesn’t get the vote.  I can only hope that he becomes a big liar and doesn’t do any of the horrific things he pledged to do during campaigning now that he is President.
We have gone backwards to the Bush years where the Senate and the House of Representatives are dominated by Republicans. With the FBI being so vocal where they shouldn’t have been and a incomplete Supreme Court, America is not balanced and has no checks. What have we learned? That men can get away with everything?  and women are held to a higher standard?  Education and hard work mean nothing? What do we tell our kids now? Be a bully, be disrespect vie.  Is bad behavior normal?
Hillary lost the election but won the popular vote. We have never had a President who has made the empowerment of families and children foremost and still won’t. The results of this election has many people  visibly upset but I will never endorse boldness and brash bullying over education and experience.
She is a classy lady and will not sue everyone for her loss. He threatened to sue everyone before he would have and should have lost the election.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

will you use a voting app today?

Trust is the key to this new and creative and legal way to try to ensure that your candidate wins in a state where their numbers are down. There is an app for that. Today most of us will get up and find our way to the local middle school and flick the lever for our gal. Well we can instead go to an app and give our vote to someone in that state. It is literally a way to make your vote count where the numbers are needed to win a state. The app has been created for you to get in contact with people in other states and swap your votes. Today is the voting day and in such a close race every vote counts.
So if you want Hillary, swap with someone and instead vote for Jill Stein and trust your vote to someone in a swing state. The app is #Never Trump. Your vote then can go for Hillary in Arizona where it is not such winning   Democratic State. There are other swapping sites like Trumptraders.org or votepact.org. Despite the name of these swaps it is more about the voting process than being particularly against Trump. In past elections vote trading existed and were shut down saying they were illegal. Time has passed and now they are legal as long as no money is passing for these trades.
People have died for the right to vote in the past how did it become a kind of gaming? Is this the new poor but not so stupid millenniums revenge for not getting grand pa senator from Vermont a candidate? Maybe we all should try to vote for Hillary in any state because when will we even get another qualified female candidate? If Trump wins women will be brought back to the cave man days and have their pussy’s grabbed, tongues thrust down their throats, must look hot at any age, and have all the babies men feel like injecting them with till they die. There will be no time for another girl to even think. Getting your head banged against a bed head board knocks the brains out as the sperm goes in. Just saying!
Vote swapping is legal. It is not a new idea. Back in 2000 vote swapping got introduced to help Green Party candidate Ralph Nader get enough of the popular vote without taking votes from Al Gore. Vote swapping websites were set up but at that time they were quickly called up to be in question. The Republican secretary of state and Attorney General sent threat letters to the operators of the websites saying that they were engaged in an illegal vote buying conspiracy.  At that time they succeeded and shut the websites down. A law suit followed and finally in 2007 it was ruled that vote trading is legal as long as no money or anything of value is traded. So, you are now trusting someone in another state that they will  vote  behind that all so private curtain with your decided candidate of choice vote.

Just get out there and do it yourself. VOTE TODAY!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Google visit my ballot"

It is time to go on Google and type “view my ballot” spend some time reviewing what you will see when you enter your voting booth. Look over all the names even the local judges they will want you to vote on. Research whatever bill they want you to vote yes or no on and for once know who and what the various candidates are. Perhaps then you will have some closure after you vote that you had more of a command on the people and the issues presented to you behind the curtain.
Most Americans are angry at the candidates they have been offered and are angry at the voting process. If we can transfer all our money on our cell phone to somewhere why can’t we also vote by phone? A recent poll found that more than 82% of the voting population are disgusted rather than excited over the vote this year. It is a dark and ugly election that we have to shield our children from rather than show off our election process with them and be proud to be an American parent. We have become dark and ugly people over the issue of world leader. Who ever heard of a political candidate no less than a choice for President being offered that doesn’t leave us proud but pissed?
There is an anger across America that crosses political, racial and economic boundaries and their voices are not being heard by the candidates. This is a vicious and angry election. People are upset and the only way we get to blow off steam is to flip a switch behind a curtain? We want more! Especially since Gore lost his Presidency to Bush over a few hundred questionable votes. People mistrust the media. Our information comes to us from places who battle for ratings and profitability rather than information and knowledge. We can’t even trust our broadcaster who we see every night anymore. The Williams guy lied on air about his accomplishments. There is no longer good old Dan Rather.
Americans can’t even agree on the same facts so of course we can’t agree on the same solutions. What happened to our youngest of voters with the Bernie Saunders situation was sinful. Finally we have grandpa getting all the millenniums all excited on social media taking only 40 bucks from all of them and promising them no more school bills. Now he is gone and so are those hopeful kids. Now our kids have to listen to their real parents getting a divorce and their battles and listen to dirty old man Trump and tricky Hillary fight with their on air divorce. NO Enough! They have just decided to spend their next 40 bucks on some beer and pot.

Voter disillusionment   runs much deeper than just Trump or Clinton. We want to know why our pensions were depleted by a large amount to pay for health care for all. Why a neighborhood that lies in the middle of the Finger Lakes, the world’s largest source for healthy good drinking water doesn’t have any. Sigh! All of us have an issue bugging us. Go ahead and vote anyway. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Presidential wish list

Voting should be like Christmas. We tell the candidate we want them and trust them but like Santa we have a wish list. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all submit our wish list in the voting booth.   I want the candidate of my choice to know what issues are most important to me. Just like my favorite toy at Christmas. I wanted the media to report on the issues important to America and Americans. Not about a probe into Anthony Weiner’s penis. I don’t care about Donald’s dating techniques of grabbing pussy and thrusting his tongue into unwilling women’s mouths. I don’t care about Hillary’s e-mails. I would have liked to hear a speech from President Bill Clinton as to what he will focus on when he gets into the White House again. We could sure use his suggestions on how to get the trillion dollar deficit down to a balanced budget that he achieved as President. I do not care about Melania’s views on bullying.
It is just a few days away from the election. I will make a list of the issues I think are important to improving or achieving in this country. Then I will decide on who I think can bring me the gift of a safe secure healthy happy country. My wish list is as follows:
1.       Call me a socialist like Obama and Bernie but somethings just should not be in the  “for profit” industry like prisons, health care, the military, elections and news reports. Our taxes and thirst for fairness and the truth should not be offered to the highest bidder and their opinions. Socialism has a bad taste in most people but in any economy there are simply some things that are and should be offered to all people. Thus, Social Security should remain for the needs of our elderly. We all hope to be able to be old and have some money to live on. Public schools and Medicare are also a necessity for all.
2.       A single payer system for Health Care.
3.       Anyone can marry whomever they want.
4.       Pot and booze laws need to be regulated for the same rules in all states.
5.       Purity of our foods  should be important in all our food not in just expensive organic varieties. Our food should not be full of pesticides and our animals should not be tortured. Factory farms should not be full of antibiotics. We eat too much corn because we grow too much corn because we subsidize too much corn.  Obesity needs to be looked at carefully.
6.       Change our priority from a disease care to a health care policy that pushes nutrition and exercise.
7.       Keep pesticides out of our food production.
8.       Support Unions to protect the American worker.
9.       Have Congress support stricter child sex laws.
10.   Give us all a tax break.
My wish list for the next President of the United States  

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Is it a conspiracy theory to have Paul Ryan President?

For sure it is all a conspiracy for the insiders to create their own President. It looks like Hillary is destined to win the election. If that happens there will be possibly 8 more years of a Republican congress saying NO to every proposal put on their table as they successfully blocked many of Obama’s proposals. The richest controlling powers in America want  the  control back but can’t trust that baboon Trump who wants war with everyone and will press the nuclear weapons   button like it was just a floor on an elevator.  The plan is to find something after she gets elected president that she will have to be impeached for and according to law then the Speaker of the House becomes automatically president. Yes the Republican congress wants Paul Ryan for president. Call me crazy but that is my theory.
This entire election process has been the most undignified crap filled process of events that mean nothing about the ability to run a country but about who has the most sensational gross discoveries about the other candidate. The real controlling rich cannot wait any longer to exercise their influence no matter what. They have exhausted the investigation into Hillary’s e-mails and found nothing terribly improper. They are determined to find a way to discredit her even if it takes longer than the election. On Friday it was revealed that the FBI was renewing  its investigation of Hillary’s use of a private e-mail server while she was Secretary of State after the discovery of new e-mails that seem to be pertinent to the case. Really?
They didn’t find anything the first time! What is even worse and more sensational is that these new e-mails are from another FBI investigation into disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner who thought it was a good idea to post his Weiner on social media. This is just more disgusting things to come to life in this election. We don’t know if this is a huge problem or just no problem at all. What we do know is that they are as we speak picking apart more computers and their e-mails  searching desperately to discredit Hillary. Why? Because they want their boy  Speaker Paul Ryan to be President.
We are virtually days from the election and these e-mails could possibly reveal a lot of something or nothing at all. What a FBI Investigation tells the American people is that even they still don’t trust her meanwhile she has done nothing out of the ordinary EVER.  Will people change their vote? Some have already submitted on line ballots. With thousands of e-mails on the computer to examine it is doubtful they will have a decision made before the election.  They have to go through the courts because this is an investigation that Anthony had sexual relations with a 15 year old girl.  Must Hillary always be the victim of a sexual investigation that doesn’t involve her?

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Create your Halloween story

Once upon a midnight dreary … The opening words of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. It is all about the annoying bird black and powerful picking at the bodies of anything dead. The piercing eyes that look like they never blink. To graveyards, to scarecrows to anything that makes you say Boo. That is the charm of Halloween for all ages. Halloween spending this year is expected to reach $8.4 billion dollars a record high. More than 171 million Americans are expected to take part in Halloween activities. Why?

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary… continues the poem. It is a perfect poem to read at Halloween. It is a dark story of death and a grieving lover haunted and taunted by the hovering presence of the raven. The bird has such a nasty reputation for such a bird that is actually very smart. Some say they are as smart as a dolphin or a great ape.  The bird has a large brain compared to the rest of his body. They are crafty and can hide food. Some can mimic the human voice. They are often confused with crows, the raven is much larger. With a wedge shaped tail.

Ravens are in scary movies. Alfred Hitchcock’s the Birds, Game of Thrones and are just associated with evil. Probably because they are scavengers. They like to pick at corpses. Ravens are evil birds written about going back all the way to Shakespeare. They are mentioned in Macbeth and in Othello. In a Midsummer’s Night’s Dream there is a reference to trading a rave for a dove in Noah’s Ark. So, does all this reality and history make Halloween real? Ravens have been associated with death and evil for hundreds of years. Is this through experience?Once upon a midnight dreary … The opening words of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. It is all about the annoying bird black and powerful picking at the bodies of anything dead. The piercing eyes that look like they never blink. To graveyards, to scarecrows to anything that makes you say Boo. That is the charm of Halloween for all ages. Halloween spending this year is expected to reach $8.4 billion dollars a record high. More than 171 million Americans are expected to take part in Halloween activities. Why?

Ravens are in scary movies. Alfred Hitchcock’s the Birds, Game of Thrones and are just associated with evil. Probably because they are scavengers. They like to pick at corpses. Ravens are evil birds written about going back all the way to Shakespeare. They are mentioned in Macbeth and in Othello. In a Midsummer’s Night’s Dream there is a reference to trading a rave for a dove in Noah’s Ark. So, does all this reality and history make Halloween real? Ravens have been associated with death and evil for hundreds of years. Is this through experience?

Want more evil in literature? Try JK Rolling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them that is a spinoff of her Harry Potter series. I think I will read through Halloween. Sure call me boring but I won’t be bored. Instead of the main character being Harry Potter he is Newt Scomander played by 34 year old Eddie Redmayne  who travels to America with a suitcase full of magical creatures. Remember this actor played a transgender artist  in the movie called The Danish Girl as well as playing an ALS patient in the movie about Steven Hawkins. This guy knows how to act difficult roles. This creature film will be great for new costumes since it will be the first film of five in the series.
Halloween is all about the stories and how we react to them. Create your own story this Halloween! 

Should they win the World Series?

How about them Cubs? Looks like they ain’t doing so well in their everlasting World Series quest even though they have gone closer than ever before in attaining their dream. Tonight is game 5 of the World Series in Chicago. They finished the season with the best record in baseball. This is the team with not getting near the World Series in 108 years. Generations of Cubs fans have been born and died without a single World Series win. There have been so many losses that for most fans it would be ok if they lost again. They aren’t used to winning after all. How will they react?
There are all kinds of silly myths as to why they just can’t win. In 1945 there was something about a smelly goat for their losses. In 1969 right there at home plate a black cat crossed the path of a Cubs batter just before he struck out. In 2003 a idiot guy wearing glasses reached for a foul ball that was a good ball that could have let the opponent out if he let the Cubs catcher catch the damn ball. This crap is the kind of history the poor team carries with them. Without all that loosing history the Cubs wouldn’t be unique. If they won the World Series they would become just like any other team. Would they even have so many fans if they weren’t such losers?
If they weren’t such losers would George Will have written so many columns about the romance of sticking with a game of losers to have life lessons?  Would long time broadcaster of baseball games, Jack Brickhouse even come up with his famous slogan, “Everyone is entitled to a bad century”? At least when they lost the games were well, personal to the fans. They were there for the Cubs no matter what. This week the tickets are expensive even if you can get any and the place is filled to the top. For most of the century their stadium was so empty, they didn’t even bother to open the upper deck.  Most of the time it isn’t even hard to sneak into the box seats. Not this week. Their winning is just no fun. LOL!
So admit it. Many of you miss your losing Cubs. Good luck tonight anyway!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

She will save us

It is time for you to decide if you want more of the same or a complete upheaval in government. We should be eternally grateful that war on American soil has not happened in the past 8 years. At least give Obama credit for that. We now have horrible weapons available for any government willing to pay for them.  Blowing up the world is something that could actually happen. Governments are not being run by reasonable people. The guy in Syria poisons his own people. Putin has Russians starving. The kid in North Korea is itching for a nuclear bomb to kill people just about anywhere and now you want Trump here?
If it is popular to be crazy, I prefer a boring peaceful life. Thank You. Since most Americans are ignorant we can only put the reality of imminent war in terms of our popular movies that you can watch at will as many times in a row as you want. That should make you a warfarin lunatic in just one day voting for Trump. Somehow movies always for see the future. In Star Trek we saw for the first time the flip phone. In Minority Report we saw touch screens for the first time. We saw I-Pads being used for the first time in the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. We saw Black Presidents in a few movies before Obama like Chris Rock.  We saw in the movies spectacular terrorist attacks on American soil before 911 in movies called The Siege, and Black Sunday. The movie called Network predicted in 1976 that Fox News and reality TV would clash. The movie called Blade Runner shows future Los Angeles bleak, overcrowded and de-humanizing on a normal day.
Now we have movies predicting earth after a disaster that wipes out civilization. The move The Hunger Games, Divergent, Mad Max, V is for Vendetta, The Maze Runner, The Matrix, Interstellar,The Postman, The Book of Eli, The Road, even Disney’s Little Wall.E are all dismal aftereffects of the loss of living as we know it now.  Do movies predict our future and is it dismal at the hands of Trump?
In the movie called The Day the Earth Stood Still the star Keanu Reeves plays an alien sent to earth to exterminate mankind because stupid selfish humans are destroying a perfectly good planet that has everything they need. They don’t need a few very wealthy people gobbling up more money than they will ever need or use.    Trump is proud to be one of them.  His wife has never even visited the White House. Hillary lived there for many years.
Americans are stupid. We measure our cancerous tumors by the size of fruit and not by kilometers. We have a candidate called Johnson who couldn’t even name another world leader. We know that we live in the greatest country but only 35% could recite the 3 branches of the government and most don’t even know why we learn algebra or physics. Please vote for the `woman in the boring pantsuit.    

Thursday, October 27, 2016

He chooses to lose the Latino vote

Donald will lose the election because he has never courted the Latino voters. Hispanics have been part of the fabric of America for many years. We all loved Desi Arnaz in the old show I Love Lucy and now we all love Sophia Vergara from the show Modern Family. We love George Lopez and Jennifer Lopez. Even our Supreme Court Justice Sonia we love. Why can’t the Donald say anything nice about Latin people? Surely he needs the votes to win.  Whether he likes it or not, the Latino influence has become a thread in all of American life. The Donald screams at his events that Latino’s are taking our jobs, our money and our manufacturing. They are taking everything and the criminals are crossing our borders. Are there any good Latinos?
The issues about the undocumented Mexicans has become one of the most important ones this election. Mexicans have been misunderstood throughout  American history. Before the American-Mexican War from 1848-1853 Mexico traveled up through half of what is now half of California. In that case they did not cross the border, the border crossed them. As America grew many did cross the border only then there was no Donald Trump and they were invited.  At the turn of the century Mexicans were recruited  to the mining industry and agricultural jobs.  By World War I and II America is welcoming Mexicans to our mainland to do jobs that are now vacant because literally every healthy man has gone to war.
Today we still have about 57 million Mexicans working in America. There are people doing research at the Pew Research Center in Washington D.C. on the Latino workers. During the past 59 years the Hispanic population in America has more than quadrupled they found from just 4%   in 1965 to 18% today with California, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois with the most Latinos settled in. About 2/3rds of the Hispanic population live in just those few states. So this epidemic that the Donald is so afraid of doesn’t even effect the majority of Americans. Why is he so upset and even willing to lose an election over a type of people?
Yes the growth of the Latino population has so far hit the southern states now including Georgia but America is a large country. It takes generations for people to disperse throughout a country. The fact is that there are 27 Million Hispanics voting for a new president too. It couldn’t be any worse between Donald Trump and Hispanic voters.  Over 70% of Hispanic voters feel that Trump is a racist. The same thing happened in the last 4 elections. Florida remains the possible tipping state. 25% of the population there is Hispanic. Hillary has a massive lead over Trump with Hispanic voters. There is an active voter registration group out there called My Family Votes trying to get more Hispanics to even want to vote.

In 2012 Obama got 60% of the Hispanic vote. They are hoping that Trump’s nasty remarks will entice more Hispanics to vote and not to vote for him.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Choices for health care depends on where you live

Best health insurance services and facilities in your city (Health)
How do you know which one to choose? In the northeast of America there are a number of health Insurance companies to choose from. Here they are from worst to best. Blue Cross  & Blue Shield of Rhode Island,
AultCare Insurance Company
 Anthem Health Plans, Inc. dba Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield-Connecticut
 Anthem Health  Plans of New Hampshire, Inc. d/b/a Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in New Hampshire
 Anthem Health Plans of Maine, Inc. dba Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Maine
 UPMC Health Plan, Inc.
 UPMC Health Coverage, Inc.
 UPMC Benefit Management Services, Inc.
 Tufts Benefit Administrators Inc.
 Tufts Associated Health Maintenance Organization, Inc.
Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan (ME)
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc. Northern California
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc.
Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan
Capital Health Plan, Inc.
Capital District Physician’s Healthcare Network, Inc. (CDPHN)
Capital District Physician’s Health Plan Inc. (CDPHP)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts HMO Blue Inc.
What determines a good health care plan from a not so good one is your individual health needs and if any company can provide you with your wishes. Perhaps you want a plan that starts at 0$ premiums. Some policies are under $50 per month. Everyone’s needs vary so much that there is no best plan for everyone. How much choice you have in picking one of these providers can vary just because you do or don’t live in a geographical area.
Generally, if you live in a big city there will be many providers competing for your business. If you live in a rural area there might be just one health care provider to get any insurance.  If you wish to spend the time in comparing all sorts of plans, J.D. Power and Associates offer a 2015 New Member Health Plan Study. Thy rank several providers by United States region. Blue Cross and Blue Shield ranked at the top of the ratings. Another good source to compare plans by your region and needs is to look at Consumer Reports.  The publication obtains Data from the National Committee for   Quality Assurance. You can search for plans in your area by selecting plan type such as HMO, PPO, Medicare or Medicaid and your state.
HMO is a Health Management Organization that has a network of doctors and specialists that are all part of the organization. It is a good provider but if   you wish to go to your own doctor or specialist that is not part of the HMO, you will probably have to pay all costs out of your pocket and that can be very expensive. Cost management is the main goal with going with an HMO.  
PPO is a Preferred Provider Organization that gives you more choices if you decide to pick a doctor or specialist out of your PPO. At least half of your costs for your hand  picked  professional will be paid for.

Monday, October 24, 2016

How is the five year old?

IBM and Google are investing billions into their five year old child.  It is their robot that is learning fast. As it is given data and given outcomes, it learns and as it interacts with humans, it gets even smarter and most of all it never forgets. It already has all the elements that humans have some of but wish we had more even at our peaks in life. We are all already sharing in the capabilities because elements of the genius are already in your cell phone and car and helping patients and doctors in ways at top speed that was never even imagined before. The field is called AI Artificial Intelligence.  We are definitely on the path of creating the monster. Robots that are smarter than humans and that are immortal.
What was once only found in the world of science fiction has become now day to day reality. It is no longer just a large computer able to store lots of information. Now it can take the information and make judgement calls as to what to do with the information. Yes it can think like a human. Sometimes thinking creatively with better judgement that the best intentioned human. The technology is so promising that IBM is betting it all on their 5 year old child Watson. Remember the computer that played with the smart guys on Jeopardy? Watson lives and has gotten better. Watson now has the capability to read a million books per second. It is a child with little intelligence but as it is given data, it learns. That makes it dramatically different from any other computer in business. As Watson interacts with humans, It  gets smarter and never forgets.
In 2011 Watson was featured in a game on Jeopardy called the IBM Challenge where humans went to task against the machine with facts. It took 5 years for Watson to learn English and facts from all sources to prepare for the challenge. Watson  won a clear victory and won 1 million dollars. The other 2 contestants won 2 and 3 hundred thousand dollars. A big difference. It was just the beginning of Watson’s expectations.  Fast forward to 2016 and now Watson is deep in Cancer research and data. 20 medical institutions are injecting Watson with dilemma’s and research. Watson’s job after going through medical school is to go through patient’s records and to come up with another solution for a patient that has already gone through the standard treatments and have failed. Yes, Watson is another doctor’s suggestion for treatment.
To keep track of all the trials for Cancer treatment being conducted all over the world is a daunting task. 8,000 new research papers are being published every day in the quest for the cure for Cancer. Now Watson recommendations are being taken very seriously in the medical world. However, in 99% of the cases, Watson agreed with the doctors and the treatments given. It gives us confidence in our human doctors but we still need that magical cure all.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Who you vote for can determine the fate of Guantanamo Bay

He wants it open and she will close it. Your vote may depend on the fate of where we house our most dangerous criminals our  captive terrorists.  Guantanamo Bay is in Cuba on a United States Naval  Base. Since 911 hundreds have been detained at the Prison. The Naval Base is only 45 miles of land and one can only get there by boat. Once inside it looks like any government base. Recently Governors Island in the middle of New York and New Jersey was a Coast Guard Base that housed families , Mc Donalds and places of worship. A community where the solders live with their families. Guantanamo has that too even a high school but plus a highly protected Prison.
Obama has been working hard to close the place. Recently he approved 19 prisoners to be transported to other countries. As usual, Obama will not have time to really fix this situation either. He seems to never finish what he starts.  The accused mastermind of the 911 attacks still lives there. Some have been there more than 14 years without a trial. They are mostly Muslim and use Army mats for prayer. They are respected and not bothered during prayer time. The guards wear face masks to protect themselves from urine, feces and blood or spit or throw up that will be thrown at them regularly. They call it splashing. There is evidence of the splashing on the ceilings. The video   monitor’s once watched hundreds now look after just 60 detainees.    The State Department says that American taxpayers pay more than $7Million dollars per detainee per year. Remember the Donald doesn’t pay taxes and wants us to keep the place open.
No 911 responder has received $7 Million dollars per year for the past 15 years but the terrorist get 3 meals per day, cable TV, a library, heat, hot water, prescription drugs and medical health. The prisoners are aging. They have a tract for exercise and treadmills for them in bad weather. Hillary wants to continue Obama’s plan to close it down because of what it represents around the world. The place has a history of torture. In fact when ISIS takes videos of them chopping people’s heads off, they make them wear the same orange clothes given to our prisoners at the prison. Obama signed a bill 8 years ago and declared that within one year it will be closed. It is still open.
What should we do with the 41 detainees left? They are the worst of the worst criminals we have left. Ambassador Lee Wolosky is the United States Special Envoy for Guantanamo Closure is waiting for Congress to find a suitable place in the United States to house them. No citizen wants these guys in their back yards. We need a secure place to keep our war prisoner’s and not on U.S. soil. America has been paying Castro $4,000 a year  rent since the 1950.s and he has been storing the un cashed checks in a drawer in Cuba since then. He doesn’t want America’s money. Outrage is flowing across America. Hillary will put the show bomber, the underwear bomber on U.S. soil. So far Congress has blocked the last 41 to be placed on American soil.
711 detainees have now been transferred to 59 countries all over the world. We ask the other countries to monitor them and restrict their travel. Ask? There has been a report that  detainees have gone back to terrorism. 113 returned to terror under President Bush and now 109 returned to terror under Obama. The past 2 weeks all we learned was Trumps sexual style of getting women We have much larger problems that never got discussed at the debates and now they are over too.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Do you have something to sell?

It is nice t know that there are still big guys out there willing to help the little guy get ahead in business. I am not talking about the stature of men but the small business owner who needs a larger venue to sell their products. Yes there is that popular show called Shark Tank where 5 super rich people are willing to take large percentages of your company in an instant in exchange for an endcap in Walmart. Then there is another place called Etsy where start -up companies with their home grown remedies and crafting ideas can get a boost into the large retail stores. Of course a beauty pageant of sorts is required where you present your stuff at a venue and hope to be chosen for the help.
Etsy is in bed with Macy’s and Whole Foods. Most participants are taking their garage created creations cross country to New York to show off their home grown successful creations. Dana Mauriello is the Senior Director of Etsy who has the job of choosing the best new product to be mass produced and marketed. They narrow down the applicants to 100 people and then narrow it down to only 36 people come in person and describe and preset their stuff. Etsy is the home to 1.7 Million active sellers with over 35 million items for sale.  Etsy Wholesale’s mantra is “Where retailers connect with wholesale-ready independent designers. There are success stories that simply list their products with Etsy. A woman sold 6,000 doormats there. Someone else sold 19,000 of his art prints at $395 each. Not such a bad hobby anymore. This is business.
A contract with one of the mega stores can take your business even further. Everything is being sold from cheese boards to children’s costumes.  Amy Mescal is the lifestyle buyer for Whole Food Stores Market in the Northeast region and she sees stuff every day for consideration to be sold in their stores. They love to meet with the creators of the new product. A one on one with the buyer and putting a face on a name is extremely valuable in a new partnership.  So, don’t be shy with your stuff. One person who thinks she is the new Hallmarks includes note paper with the card with the same designs in case you want to write more in the card. Nice idea all for $7 dollars. Prices for any product usually starts at about 7 or 8 dollars.
Claudia Pearson draws designs at her home studio in Brooklyn and is an Etsy success story that has moved on to selling in Whole Foods. It is now her full time job to illustrate buildings for herself. Some hopefuls are as young as 16 years old. At least you know that the people at Etsy will not say you are dead to them or that you have to agree to large percentages of your company taken away from you. Ake something and sell it. You never know.  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hollywood really in reality?

There is a new show on ABC this season called Designated Survivor. It is all about the secret preparations this country goes through in case of a disaster. We had a real life designated survivor during the 911 crisis. Each year one person is chosen yes chosen not voted on to assume the Presidency in case for some reason he or now she may not be able to be President. The whole concept would be used in the doomsday scenario. If all our top officials would die in a catastrophic event one person is chosen to lead our country. This would only occur if the President, Vice-President ,Congress and anyone in the upper levels of government were to die due to a bomb or attack on American soil, one would be chosen and protected to lead.  Sounds like a fictional TV show but it is also real.  
Kiefer Sullivan plays a meek low level cabinet member who suddenly becomes President. He is thrust fully unprepared into the Presidency.  Although the ABC show is fictional our government does have a similar plan called the Continuity of Government classified plan. Richard Clarke a former Counter-terrorism official in our government for ten years ran the program. He is the only official who deployed the system in a crisis during 911. While President Bush was in the air Vice-President Cheney was rushed to an underground bunker.  At that time they asked the Speaker of the House to leave Washington. They weren’t sure that the Capitol would be the next target by suicide planes. Our reality was like something out of a spy novel.
Using secret bunkers suddenly for shelter is a popular idea during a crisis. How about we stop all stupid wars where we don’t have to hide. And where does the ordinary citizen get to hide? Nowhere. We are expendable. There is a nuclear bunker under the posh Greenbrier Hotel in the mountains of West Virginia. It is a remnant from the Cold War but yet each year a cabinet member is asked to skip the State of the Union Address speech where all our top officials assemble. They are then put in a secure location before the speech and are then brought back a day after the State of the Union.  
Former United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was asked to be the Designated Survivor during Bush’s 2007 speech to a joint session of Congress.  He talks about his experience in his new book called True Faith and Allegiance. He got a ride in Air Force 7 and pretended to be President with a staff of people carrying black binders of information he may have to know.  Mostly, he sat back and watched the speech on TV like the rest of us did. Is this enough drama to create a new TV show? Do we need to exploit our secret policies? They are no secret anymore just protected. We have enough of Hollywood showing our disasters.

The White House disaster was shown by Hollywood in the movie called Olympus has Fallen,  double agents in the movie called Air Force One, we has alien invaders in the movie Independence Day. This time the TV show is a terror attack. Is life really that boring that we need these disaster movies and real life drama? Ugh!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Finally the last debate tonight!

Still on the subject of Clinton bashing. Let’s talk about the Clinton Foundation. It was known as a top rated global foundation that helped millions of people around the world receive HIV treatments among other services[cs1] [cs2] [cs3] . There is no problem in taking charitable donations for good causes but there can be a problem taking donations while being Secretary of State. The question was if our foreign policy decisions were swayed by a large donation to her charity? One highlighted donation   came from Russia while she approved one of the largest   Uranium mines to Russia.  There were 4 separate donations totaling 3.4 Million dollars and the donations were not publically disclosed. Hillary was not involved in that decision even though it looks like it was some kind of swap. Eight other federal agencies had to approve the decision including the Nuclear Regularity Division of our government. Could she be THAT powerful?
After 7 weeks of looking through e-mails and foundation activity, they found nothing to directly prosecute her for. If she can irate   you like a persistent pimple, Trump is like a giant tumor that suddenly grew on your face blinding your sight and also preventing you to even eat.  Either way we need a President we can be proud of. If you are troubled by Hillary’s past, Trump’s past is still far worse. A company called Politifact has been keeping track of the candidates and have found that 13% of Hillary’s statements to be false. For Trump, his false statements was a whopping 53% of lies. He supplements his lies with descriptions of his sexual style. He even said that if his daughter wasn’t so young that he would be dating her. We know he likes pussy grabbing and lounge thrusts in women he barely knows as a beginning to possible sex.  Now we can’t even let our children watch the debates because they might turn x rated thanks to the Donald.
Thank God tonight is the last waste of time debate. We know practically nothing about what we need to know about Trump. He is the only presidential candidate since 1980 to NOT release his tax returns to the public. His reason of being audited has nothing to do with a release. He can release the papers and be audited at the same time. There are unanswered questions about his business dealings. His investments, debts and business ties are global. There could be many conflict of interests here. It is suggested that he put all his assets and liabilities into a Blind Trust where an independent trustee has authorization over you’re your investments. This is nothing new. It is usually used for rich people who suddenly have strokes or anything happens where they can’t do business anymore for a period of time.
Donald’s response is no response and shockingly ignorant of what even a “blind trust” is. He wants to put his children in charge of his assets. So what if they run the company. He is still the president and still in control of   his assets. If her foundation worries you his foundation is a complete nightmare. It is supposed to be HIS charitable place. Records show that he has NOT donated to his own charity since 2008. Recently it has been revealed that he spent more than a quarter of a Million dollars of donated money to settle his own lawsuits he lost. He spent $10,000 of foundation money on a portrait of himself that is on a wall at one of his golf courses and is the second time he has done this. Do you think he will help the poor of America? Never!
The portrait stuff would be considered legal as long as it was put toward some charitable purpose. Not legal here! It is not hanging in some orphanage. He also spent $12,000 of charity money on a signed Tim Teboe helmet. He used foundation money to contribute to other political people who were going to investigate his fraudulent University. The list of questionable practices of Trumps is endless. He never took care of anything because he never ran for political office or even worked for anyone else in his life therefore no scrutiny. Just change the name of his foundation to be The National Association for the Advancement of Donald Trump. This is just scratching the surface of his questionable activities that have never been under Congressional scrutiny.  His bogus University, his treatment of undocumented workers on his construction projects,  his illegal big game hunting trips, and an illegal 3 Million loan from his father in the form of a gift of casino chips. Yes the debates have been documented by scandals on both sides but they are not in equal numbers on both sides and have not been dissected equally. You should be outraged by his business dealings, ethics , and disgusting treatment of all mankind. Watch the debate tonight with a tall glass of Alka Seltzer!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Who has scandal in their candicacy?

We all know that the Donald is the schoolyard bully and doesn’t pay taxes and tells us nothing about how he makes his millions of dollars. His parents couldn’t take his bombastic attitude and quickly put him in overnight military school as a youth. Yet he has faithful followers. Followers that got really burned by Obama and his suggestions for a great country. The good once hard working middle class white people of Ohio and Pennsylvania love the Donald no matter what because they have suffered so much. Much are unemployed or living a very poor life. Many are the coal miners who now have no jobs since Obama wanted clean energy and closed the mountains off. He never followed up with those clean energy solar and wind jobs for those people. They are so hurt they will blindly vote for anything as far away as Obama as they can get.
Retired workers in Florida will vote for the Donald because their retirement money and pensions have been slashed by 2/ thirds of their pay going to finance Obamacare. They never voted for that. In just 20 days will we find out anything important about the Donald specifically how he will help his voters? I doubt it. People say they mistrust Hillary yet she has been examined by the Justice Department and the FBI and we know more about her than anyone. Today the FBI released her e-mails that they investigated to the public for their own view. They found nothing worth prosecuting in them. This election is ot about the candidates policies but more about their ethics.
The word scandal has been used about both of them then any word useful to the poor American public. Therefore the people have neither need for any candidate. If you stack up the scandals, Hillary has less than the Donald but that is a real low bar to have to pass. I think she will just die if she doesn’t win the White House this time. Most of Hillary’s scandals have been heavily litigated. For example, Whitewater, There were more than 6 years litigated by three different prosecutors and multiple Congressional committees failed to find sufficient evidence to prosecute her for anything. Then there was Benghazi where there were 8 Congressional investigations that concluded that the State Department could have done more to secure the place but did not find any wrongdoing by Hillary.

Nearly half of all American adults are concerned about her private e-mails and how they lived off their family charitable foundation. The Republican National Convention had speech after speech discussing her e-mails in that she should have had 2 phones and 2 e-mail addresses. There was no law saying that she had to have anything separated. All of the e-mail noise would have been avoided if she has an address that included a state . gov. e-mail address for all her e-mails then her personal e-mails would have been on government servers therefore making them more assessable to be allowed for public records. Ironically, Chris Christy, Jeb Bush, Sara  Palin, Colin Powel, John Carey, Rick Perry, Scot Walker, Bobby Gindall also used one phone. They aren’t getting any soundbites for their devices.