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Saturday, July 23, 2016

We are stuck in the middle of summer when the humidity really kicks in. How about we do something different to pass the time. Have you ever heard from someone that they saw someone that looks just like you?  Or have you glanced at a stranger and thought you were looking in a mirror? Well if any of this has happened you are not alone. So many people  believe that there is a double of themselves out there on the globe somewhere that there is a website dedicated to help you twinsies but not really twins find each other. 
Related imageThen the doubts kick in. Oh! This is dumb. What if my double is an evil tyrant or criminal? What if he owns a Chateau and winery in France and would love to have me there just to drink wine everyday and sleep. Ok!  Stop dreaming and just do it. With a few clicks from your mouse, you might find out something really revealing about you. 
Research says that we each have seven looks a liker's in the world.  Some people have already  traveled and met 3 or 4 of their look a liker's. Go to TWIN STRANGERS.com to find more information. There are over a million people registered to the website. They have thousands of matches of people. On the site you are bringing people together with the same facial types from all over the world. 
Once you meet yourself. Twin strangers bond together very quickly. Sometimes your twinsie will even do the same type of gestures as you do like eat the same way with a fork or spoon or brush back your hair in the same way. Is there a genetic reason for all these similarities. Some have taken DNA tests to find out. Ancestry.com will process DNA tests for free and within a few weeks the answers are in. 
Quite often they are 100% per cent not related but they will have similar regional roots like from Europe, Asia or the Middle East.  Despite the results a newfound bond between people might grow. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Related image
We are   deep in the 2016 Republican Convention where it is payback for the entire Grump family. I mean Trump family. Donald doesn’t have any friends in the   Republican  Party. So,  he made his wife and all his kids say something nice about him in the main speech’s  each night.  His wife went first on the first night and couldn’t think of much to say so she looked up Michele’s speech and tried to read that again hoping that no one would notice but we shouldn’t be too harsh with his current wife because she is victim to all his demands. Not many candidate wives even expose themselves to public scrutiny so soon.
Like watching home movies of a family you really don’t care about, it was painful to see one of his young daughters Tiffany not named after relatives but named after an expensive diamond jewelry store in New York City, who he hardly lived with and did not raise as a  child say nice things about her father. She also recently graduated college and needs a job.
Then his other sons did their part too who also are employed by Donald. I guess they need to keep their day jobs. Ted Cruz came out to denounce him to make the events very depressing so far. In essence no one elected is endorsing Donald Trump for election. The protestors are being herded seven blocks away. It reminds me of the bullying Bush era. The most important people in our government now just don’t want him. America is going to have to have a leader who can penetrate the Republican elected House and Senate to get Bills passed and things done, all the cooperation that Obama never got.

It is Donald’s ignorant brashness that has made him so popular. Can it work to penetrate the American brass of uncooperative Congressmen? We don’t know. Donald is still busy with his wall around Mexico. What did a Mexican do to him to piss him off so much? In his long speech he never mentioned just how he was going to pass legislation. . Loud whiney bullies cannot change laws. He   mentioned   bringing back coal and steel manufacturing without any environmental concept. As long as his hair still grows, we will be fine. He is such a simple soul.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Related image
It is time to get into the Olympics again. We need to cheer our old friend Michael Phelps who at age 31 qualified to LEAD America to lots of swim medals. I guess he is competing again just to fill his checkerboard with more medals. The other   favorite to watch is our very ready and very professional women’s gymnastics team. They will be led by a 19 year old who should be able to win a medal in just about every category. Simone Biles is doing things no other gymnast has ever done. She hasn’t lost a competition in three years.  She has qualified and has won every award in the sport except an Olympic medal and that is only because she was too young the last time to enter the Olympics. At only 19 she is the three time World All-Around Champion.

Simone has earned 14 medal in the World Championships ten of which are gold. An Olympic champion trains about 32 hours per week. Bella Corella   who has coached 9 Champions is still around and attests  that Simone is among the best in Olympic history, she just has to collect her medals.  It is her time now. Simone’s biological grandparents adopted her from foster care and at a young age noticed Simone’s natural ability to flip and turn effortlessly. She has already caught the eye of corporate sponsors like Tide who has her in commercials already without having won a single medal YET.

Working in the gym 32 hours a week forced her to be home schooled and she regrets missing out on school activities and Prom or other dances; however everyone who goes to Prom doesn’t  get   three World Championship Wins. Simone is the favorite to win gold in five of the six Olympic events. She needs only three medals to be considered the most highly decorated gymnast of all time.  So if you can watch                                                          


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Related imageAmerica is now in black and white. I guess killing because of color is easy. Just like in the Vietnam, Korea and even the end of World War II was easy to just kill anyone with slanty eyes.  Asians. Blacks are killing cops. We now have Black Lives Matter rallies just to propagate the ignorant hate against the people who put their lives in danger every day so that it is safe to protest. At one of these rallies 5 cops were shot. Many police forces around the country are now giving Black officers the Police Chief’s job in an effort to calm black guys and their guns down. People have the right to be angry and protest but  we cannot put justice just in black and white. That is discrimination.
Part of the reason I became a cop years ago was because I thought the hiring system was fair and just. You took a written test, passed a physical test, a psychological test and then was put on a numbered waiting list based on your grades. The ones with the best grades deservingly got the job first. Plain and simple where race or color never factored in.  Corporate jobs was full of discrimination. You got the job solely based on who you know in the corporation and not on what yu know in terms of experience or knowledge. Now race has swept into the corporate atmosphere too. The best person for any corporate job to have now is a black woman lesbian who adopted Asian children. BINGO JACKPOT in the minority discriminatory chat fest. Oh and if a white male is around he should definitely be gay or transgender. Everyone likes them too. We need to stop the race nonsense and just treat all people with respect and fairness.
The President stresses unity and non-violence in all his speeches. The right to protest must be honored but we all have the right for it to be peaceful. I understand that if you are a “normal” white American that you do not feel the amount of discrimination that a black male has to face every day however in many respects being black and male has earned the mistrust of many. Cab drivers don’t get robbed by white customers. Young girls get raped by black males, businesses’ get robbed at gun point by black males. Our prisons are full of black males. Have they earned the general public’s mistrust?
Killing cops randomly at Black Lives Matter protests will not help the situation. We must continue to remember the officers because they wake up every day dealing with discrimination against   them for simply choosing a job that they thought was a fair job. They still have the bravery to put that cop’s uniform on. The 5 cops killed just for wearing the uniform have names and families. They are :
Brent Thompson  Age 43,   Lorne Ahrens Age 48, Michael J. Smith Age 55, Patrick Zamarripa Age 32, and Michael Krol Age 40.
I understand that the bad black people make it difficult for all black people. A Black Lives Matter protest rally wouldn’t be necessary if all black people didn’t feel like they were being serotyped or racial profiled. Black people have to be extra careful to obey commands and the law. Distrust is nationwide. The only way for a black person to investigate is through their own civil litigation. How many tragedies are based on fear and not on discrimination? We all need to stop hiding behind our guns.  Only 13% of Americans are black yet they account for about 30% of problems involving police shootings. There are a lot more calls for the police to go into black communities to stop disputes so there is much more contact in some communities.

There is more crime in communities of color than there is in white communities. All of this mistrust must be factored into any altercation.  Maybe  segragation   

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Related imageThere are people in your life you should be able to trust. Your parents, wife or children clergy and physicians and some special friends who are just like family. Doctors provide us knowledge and comfort sometimes at our darkest moments. The relationship we have is often built on trust and respect.  What do you do when you find out that that trust has been violated? If it is a relative you just don’t bother with them anymore. We saw the terrible scandals of the clergy violating the trust when they seduced young boys and then somehow just got transferred to new locations.  If your lawyer doesn’t do right by you, you just get another lawyer to sue him. What do you do if your doctor is bad news?
There have been reported increased complaints of sexual abuse by doctors. Some scandals are popping up with not just the neighborhood metafiles but with important guys with big credentials. It usually happens in a hospital room as the patient is regaining   consciousness and is sexually molested by her doctor.   It amounts to be the ultimate violation of mental and physical trust. As patients recover they remember kissing, touching and penetration of their private areas that most times have nothing to do with an examination remotely related to their original illnesses. They remember the doctor taking their own hand as he brings it to his genitals to give him pleasure. A doctor even had the nerve to say that this is how we wake you up. This type of sexual harassment was testified by thousands of patients.
Now women are coming forward telling their   abuse in public. One doctor received 24 years in   prison for assault on at least 23 women. It is happening across the country but many doctors are being protected and many other health professionals are simply looking the other way than be involved in any scandal.     A newspaper The Atlanta Journal Constitution   has been doing an at length investigation into the matter much like what was featured in the movie Spotlight about the priest investigation. They found 2,400 documented cases over the past 16 years of doctors who have sexually abused     their patients. Why have more than half ben able to keep their licenses to continue their practices?    
Carrie  Teagarden was the lead reporter from The Atlanta Journal Constitution who noticed that some offenders have even grown to further their careers despite the allegations. Dr. Neuman who lectured about ethics at Mount Sini was himself indicted for sexual abuse of 4 women and has since had his license to practice medicine revoked.     Michael Hestrin a District Attorney in California, Riverside County is currently prosecuting an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor John McGuire   with   26 counts of sexual abuse of his patients.   Many doctors get of easy. Why? Some who have pleaded guilty have only received probation and no prison. Why? Are doctors being protected ?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Related image

The pharmaceutical industry is alive and well in America. Are Americans over medicated? What about our pets? Do they need anxiety medication? In the summer months at times they get over anxious and are left home alone for more hours because we tend to spend more time outdoors and not necessarily with them. Our pets give us unconditional love anyway. Our pet could suffer too from a disorder called separation anxiety. They will let you know by digging at doors and scratching on doorsills or any place they think they can get out to be with you. Like in anxious humans there is powerful drugs out there to help your pet cope. Yes there are doggie anti-depressants available. It is like Prozac for pets.

Nearly 3 Million dogs are already on anti-anxiety medication to at least save your doors and moldings in your home. The author of a new book called Animal Madness by Laurel Braitman tells us the difference between a healthy pet and a crazy pet. It was recommended last summer as a good summer reading book. Should we be reading about our pets or just spend more time playing with our pets? There are various therapies and treatments out there to help pets cope with life. Some of them cost upwards of $5,000 dollars. Consumers nationwide are expected to spend more than $7 Billion dollars worldwide on their pet’s illnesses; more than ever before.

If your pet is unhappy for more than 55 hours with whining or howling without you they think Prozac could help according to Erica Lieberman Wittenberg the head Trainor at Pawsibilities. Do I really want to give my pet a brain altering medication? What if they turn into a wild beast wolf? According to her,yes you do want to alter their brain when the dog is going through so much fear and anxiety. Some sugar and or peanut butter helps the medicine go down and your pet could be good for even 8 hours alone if you have to .

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Related imageIt is time for the summer Olympics where we find new heroes for old sports. Maybe we need some new sports too. ESPN has been televising mind games like the Spelling Bee why not more competitions involving the mind? What actually defines a sports competition? There are video game competitions that do not involve physical prowess. Even poker competitions are slowly getting labeled as a sport. Let’s call it brain games and put that in the Olympics too. Then we would be including more exceptional people from places like India and Korea. The people involved in the Mind Games like to call themselves Mental Athletes.
The National Spelling Bee has become the Super bowl of smarts broadcast live  on  ESPN every year. It includes the thrill of victory when they spell correctly and the agony of defeat when they misspell a word just like any sport. The winner receives a trophy and a check for $40.000.  Some of the kids in the spelling bee could spell spoon before they could use one. Most of the children are homeschooled. Most in this contest are from India. If Dominicans dominate baseball and Canadians dominate hockey, Blacks dominate track these kids dominate mind games.  The last 10 winners of the Spelling Bee have been from Indian dissent. These kids not only compete in spelling bees but also in Science, Math, Vocabulary and Geography competitions.
Hershey High School in Hershey Pennsylvania, a place known for chocolate making is now known for brain making. It is the home of the best memory athletes in the country. The memory exercises started there in 2007 and since then the graduates have been competing   in major memory competitions. Last year they won in all 4 events. It is an emphasis in higher order thinking.



Monday, July 4, 2016

Related imageMy wife thinks all the fireworks is for her. Her birthday is July 3. Her Dad’s birthday was July 2nd so for years the Patriotic holiday just turned into a 3 day Birthday Party. By the 4th we were still so drunk that we said Happy Birthday to you America too. Is the day so important or is the event important? One thing that is for sure is that when America wants to celebrate, America can do it well. It even says on the Declaration of Independence that we should celebrate.
John Adams the founding father who later became our second President put the day down on the 2nd but the Continental Congress approved the day on the 4th. The document was written by Thomas Jefferson our 3rd President. For John Adams the true holiday was the 2nd the day Congress actually voted on Independence. He wrote about it in a letter he wrote to his wife dated July 3rd 1776. 240 years ago today.                                                                                                                                                  In the letter he wrote, “ I believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding celebrations as the years of the great anniversary move on. It ought to be showed with pomp and circumstance with games and parades. I believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding celebrations to come with barnfires, guns and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other from this time forward forevermore.”
And so our Independence is celebrated on July 4th. For the rest of his life John Adams declined to take part in any July 4th celebrations. But in the end the 4th sought him out.  On July 4th 1826, the very same day as Thomas Jefferson on the 50th Anniversary of the first celebrations,  they BOTH DIED. Can we say this country took the living daylights out of them?  Have a brew in honor of those two hard working men for this country today too along with her birthday.                                                                                                                                                                            

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Related image
Do you want your girl to look like Angelina Jolie or Giselle Benson? Buy this expensive oil from this exotic place and watch her eat it and hope for the best. They both use it and look great. Of course anything that promising is expensive and from some exotic place.  This elixir is from Morocco. Located 80 miles west of Marrakesh. It is called Argan Oil and is popping up in all kinds of products now from dipping Oil for your salads to facial moisturizers. The surprising part is where it comes from. It is easy to see because there are   goats in the Argan Forest that climb the trees. The Argan Oil is also known for its anti-aging properties. On no label will you find out how the oil is processed. The goats are essential.
The goats climb the low level trees are busy at work eating the seeds which are in hard pods. They swallow the seed shell whole when it is green and fresh off the tree. Easy work for a farmer so far. Now the hard work comes in of going through the goat feces to pick out the now brown seed pod in their poop. Yes the seeds are either spit up or pooped out. It is the goat’s digestive tract that make the Argan nut easier to crack so they can reach the oil inside. The nuts need to be collected by hand. There are no fancy machines in the process.  Women with a hammer hit the pod with a hammer crack it and then ground into a thick paste. Water is added  and made into a thick paste all hand made in this process.

Finally it is all filtered into a golden oil. It all takes about 40 work hours of labor to go from seed to one liter oil. One Argan tree can produce just one liter per tree per year and that is why it is so expensive. The precious Oil is called Liquid Gold. You can dip bread into the oil and eat it. It will have a peanut flavor. The women who process the oil now are wealthy. People are beautiful and rich now. They are the last few drops unable to keep up with modern demands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Related imageShould taxpayers be funding a new religious theme park? Should religions be reduced to theme parks in the respect department? If one religion is getting tax payer money should we let all religions have tax payer money? Broadway is becoming thematic. You have your gay show Kinky Boots, Jewish show, Fiddler on the Roof, Latin show tribute to Gloria Estefan even tap dancing to the Mormons.  At least  Broadway is not being funded by our tax dollars. Our religious beliefs are the most personal thing a human can ever have. We thank God when we are so appreciative and we pray to our God when we want something. Should we demean our innermost thoughts by being spun around in some God like  amusement park ride? If they won’t go to church should church go to them?
The Old Testament is full of tragedies Genesis chapter 6 to 9 is all about Noah and the Arc. This story of survival from extinction because of 40 days and nights of continuous rain and flooding. A male and female of every living species is saved on this arc. Perhaps the story was written as a “be careful” respect life theme  and not to be enacted literally. Try telling that to the people in the mid-west that are trying to recreate a literal version of the story and you get to pay for this nonsense. A man in Kentucky thinks the story is real and wants to create a theme park with the attraction being a life sized replica of the arc. It is 510 feet long , 85 feet wide and 51 feet high. The dimensions set out from the Bible cubic inch by inch.
When finished the arc will be 7 stories tall and a football field and a half long. It will be the largest timber framed structure in the world. The owner calls the project, “Answers in Genesis.” Is this thing good for America or just another propaganda money making machine? Bill Nye The Science Guy believes it all is actually doing Americans a disservice in miss-information. The owner already owns a place called The Creation Museum located a few miles away. It attracts nearly half a million visitors per year. He teaches a young earth theory of creation. The theory that God created earth in 6 days and on the 7th   day he rested like it says in Genesis. One problem is that he, Ken Ham the founder of these 2places   has dinosaurs on exhibit in both places. Let’s confuse everyone about the life cycles of beasts on earth!
Imagine the chaos on board any vessel if 2 dinosaurs were saved!  Bill Nye has to remind us that dinosaurs died out long before and humans were on earth no less humans like Noah or Jesus. There are multiple millions of years between us and to take admission and tax money and to teach young people this farce is a disgrace!!!
These elaborate exhibits are nothing more than religious propaganda. Almost every religion has a flood story and in this era of global warming with rising oceans and flood disasters, well an arc just might look like a good idea to the stupid. This arc story was written 30 centuries ago and yet we are still fascinated with it. The place is a cult. In order to even get a job at the museum applicants must sigh an oath stating that they believe that “the Great Flood of Genesis was an actual historic event.” They also have to be straight, anti-abortion and Christian. What Jesus are they following who as far as I have read loved everyone Muslims and Jews alike!   This Ken Ham is an embarrassment to this country!
Because of his views the State of Kentucky tried to block him and prevent him from taking any public funding but Mr. Ham boneheaded took his case to the State Supreme Court and WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now his $100 Million dollar project takes advantage of Millions of dollars in tax breaks and tourism benefits. Where is God when you need him???
It is projected that the Arc   will attract 1-2-million visitors in the first year alone. Williamstown, Kentucky is now very much on the map. The Arc will open next month.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Related imageNow advancements mean that women can bear children up to age 80. It changes all the options of a woman deciding when to have a child in her life. Now for more women it is a case of never say never. Women are always busy defining themselves, educating themselves and trying to go up that corporate ladder just like men but they also have to budget their time in order to make and care for a child if she wants to include that in her lifetime. Is there a biological clock anymore? I don’t think so.
Many career driven women wait till their 40’s to have a child. By then they are educated, certified as something, has some money and hopefully a man who she wants his seed but we don’t even really need him anymore; there are   donor catalogs to choose his genes from.  There are still concerns for any woman age 40 having children for both them and the child’s   safety. Nationwide the number of children born to women age 45 and over has more than tripled in the past two decades. The average age for first-time pregnancy has also climbed in every state of the country. We can blame this trend on the better opportunities that have opened up for women in the workplace. Women are now staying in school and trying to get and are getting that better job.
The biggest change has been in the attitude of women about raising their children. Sure we would all like to be home to see the baby’s first step or first words but losing a job and pension and then having years later social security give you nothing for the years you stayed home raising your own child  just is not worth it. Women have careers and now pursue them and no longer give their career up. Waiting till you are 40 does have risks. One in 5 couples who are over 40 usually have to face infertility. For those who do have a chance then they have to worry that one in   50 chance that the fetus will have a chromosome abnormality, translation the kid can be retarded, slow whatever, just not normal.
For older women they can also develop diabetes and   high blood pressure during pregnancy. Premature birth and or still birth is also a problem for the older woman. But with advances in medicine, these problems are also becoming manageable. The odds of conceiving are also manageable. The ways to conceive doesn’t necessarily involve him anymore. Yes, all the fun isn’t necessary. Besides sex there is insemination, invertor fertilization, frozen eggs or even donor eggs. Assisted reproductive medicine has more than tripled in the past 2 decades. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars and is not always covered by your insurance.
Despite all these ways to get pregnant now the size of the American family is getting smaller. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Related imageI call this blog The Other Serpico because I am not the famous Serpico who somehow managed to expose corruption in the New York City Police Department and survive. We share the same name and we were both Police Officers. I went on to being a teacher at the Police Academy before I left. He is now retired but this is not about us. I write about just about everything but I am most proud of people who fight the beast in society and somehow win. Most people do not have the courage to fight anyone at their jobs and just go along with anything just to   ensure they continue to be able to collect their pay checks. Today I write about a woman who exposed the most vile racism and vulgar porn traded among high ranking government officials. Unfortunately she is not being able to escape as a hero but is facing a scandal of her own that somehow never existed until she stepped on the toes of the big shots.
She is Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Kathleen Kane who is the first Democrat ever elected to the position and should not have to fear  from her colleagues but from criminals. Her colleagues managed to ruin her career. She filed 383 pages of evidence of disgusting things found on her colleague’s computers.  It was a trove of e-mails made public full of racism, sexism and pornography. Did this stuff only offend her because she is a woman in an all boy’s club? The shocking part is that some of the state’s most high ranking officials were sending this trash to each other. There were a number of Judges, Prosecutor’s and in  law enforcement people who had this stuff circulating on the official state’s computer system. She should be thanked for exposing and trying to clean up this mess on government computer lines.
The pornography was not just some Playboy photos but were graphic acts of sexual violence. Marc Bookman  the Director of the Atlantic Center for Capitol Representation agrees with her that the citizens are not getting a fair shake in the courtroom if their lives are being judged by racist violent porn lovers. What happened to ethics in this country? Among  those who resigned because of the scandal two of them were Court Justices Seamus McCaffery and Michael Eakin  said they didn’t send or receive e-mails. Researchers found 5 million offensive e-mails. Even Michele and Barak Obama were viewed in offensive ways. This was not the type of battle Kathleen thought she would have to fight.
She is a middle class girl from Scranton, PA. Went to law school and became a rising star with Senator Kane in politics. She won and became the States first democratic elected Attorney General and the first woman. Do women have different ethics than men at least in politics? When she exposed the offensive e-mails the old boys club was out for blood and soon she became a target too.  She insists that the porn on state computers being viewed during state working hours between state high ranking employees is not boys just being boys it is an unacceptable insult on the state’s criminal justice system.
Suddenly there arise criminal charges against her and a request for her to resign. The Supreme Court suspended her law license. She could even serve jail time when her trial starts in August. She has been charged with perjury and criminal conspiracy for allegedly leaking grand jury information to embarrass a political rival and then lying about it under oath.  This is what happens when important people get exposed. They have at their disposal even the Supreme Court to bully up on the underdog whistle blower. She is strong and says you can indict a ham sandwich and is willing to fight and prove her innocence.
The saddest part in this mess is that she has lost her spunk to go on. She has decided not to run for office again.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Related imageI remember when pink wine as they call it rose was in a glass in every female’s hand. In the 70’s there used to be wine and cheese bars. Look around at your summer parties. People are going for the pink wine again. I’m telling you so you can be cool again. Wine in general is more than a drink. It is a lifestyle. That pink stuff was once considered the red headed step child of a real earthy dark wine.  But some like the pink look and the light flavor.  Rose sales are up 3.5% since only last year.  Nearly 300 million liters are consumed annually in the United States alone.
A big part of the rose market is millennial’s. They talk about the pink wine all the time .  @RoseseasMLa site that 20,000 people follow and they all snap pictures of their glass of rose wine as they tour the globe in search for the perfect rose wine. Now that is a job I would like to have.  There is a cruise line that fits 1,000 people that will taste more than 150 different rose varieties. Pierrick Bouquet is the Founder of  La Nuit En Rose that organizes these cruises. All rose wines are different in their blend and maturation process in how long the juice gets to blend with the dark grape skins to get the perfect color.
America isn’t just drinking all the rose wine but is also now the third largest exporter of rose wine. The United States is right behind France with Italy taking first place. With the pink stuff it is best to NOT go vintage. You want to taste a young wine and all pink goes well with a nice cookpot. A decent bottle of rose will cost you about $20 dollars max. So, it is all good. There is new stuff out there called Babe which is a sparkling rose in a can. I am not sure I would like any wine in a can but it does sound convenient .Davin Oliver Cohen is the Co- Founder of White Girl Rose who doesn’t think pink wine will go out of style anytime soon.    

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Related imageThere are new ways for the skier to take even more chances with his life. Ok it is June so book a flight to a cold place to read this. How about the Eiger  Mountain in the Swiss Alps. It is a monster of a mountain and attracts guys who like to take chances with their lives. More than 60 climbers have frozen or fallen to their deaths. The sides of this mountain are nearly vertical slopes. A new breed of daredevils are approaching the mountain in a very different way now.  Instead of climbing up the sides they are being airlifted to the top of the mountain and choosing various ways to get down in the same run.
The mountain rises to 13,000 feet. It is too steep and rocky to simply ski down. So guys  are getting down the sides by combing 3 extreme sports They start with speed gliding. They hook small parachutes to their belts and let the wind take them down for a part of the mountain.  They  also have skis on where they finally reach some snow. They have learned to transition in and out of flight at will. Both hands and feet are busy controlling the body. Speed riding will only take him down part of the mountain. They ski off a cliff and then freefall the rest of the way. All in a no stop breathtaking ride.
Three sports in one run. Fierce winds change the conditions every day. The experienced skiers must memorize the safest path to the descent for safety. They use the speed wings for much of the way down till they reach a snowy sloop and prepare to touch land with their feet. They cut the parachute off so that it won’t slow them down. They then ski off a cliff do some back flips. It is a very scary trip. The men have become dare devils now and probably will never do straight skiing again.                                                                                   

Monday, June 20, 2016

What are the results from that very successful campaign to cure ALS last summer? You know the bucket challenge where it seems that just about everyone was willing to dump a bucket of ice over their head. Sure millions of dollars were raised but where did it go? People are still dying from the still incurable disease. The Federal Drug Administration is slop in approving the few new available drugs to treat the suffering patients. Congress is too busy doing nothing to help out here. Where is the public outrage with their empty  bucket’s’ now?
Related image
ALS is a fatal neurological disease  that seems to attack people who are athletes and in perfect health. Lou Gehrig,  the famous baseball player was the first to give the problem a real spotlight in 1939. Then the disease was ignored for 75 years. Maybe the bucket challenge gave people more spotlight than the disease but it also raised hundreds of millions of dollars this time in the process. The disease attacks very normal people in a very subtle way.  It starts in the hands where you begin to notice that simple things are hard to do like picking small things up or holding on to things. Paralysis shows it’s ugly face.  The disease moves quickly to destroy your body and it is still difficult to find any kind of treatment.
It is more like just getting a caregiver to assist with the bathroom, cutting food, feeding yourself, walking and even talking. Before you know it all your muscles and systems shut down until you don’t even have the energy to breath. No one wants to loose your independence while your thinking process is still quite normal. No one wants to be trapped in their own failing body. No matter how horrible this is people do think there can be a cure someday. ALS researchers are fighting the clock trying to find an effective treatment. There is the ALS Therapy Development Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts is a place that solely focuses on this disease.
The disease is unrelenting muscle loss from all over your body. Your brain stops telling your muscles to function. There is NO EFFECTIVE TREATMENT TOWARDS A CURE TODAY. THIS HIGHLY SPECIALIZED PLACE RECEIVED ONLY 4 OUT OF THE $220 MILLION DOLLARS RAISED FROM THE BUCKET CHALLENGE.
Where did the money go?
The place immediately spent their meager 4 million into developing their most promising drugs. A lot of their drug research is put into slowing the disease so patients can at least have a longer more rewarding life. They tested more than 300 various drugs. Those that are ready for clinical trials are being halted by the slowness of the FDA to approve the process. Patients are lined up willing to try anything to be the human research mice just to try something since there is still nothing out there treating the disease. Many suffering from ALS are going abroad to seek treatment from other countries.
What  is the harm in releasing a drug that sufferers are willing to take a chance with? NP001, Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a promising drug that is not allowed to sell it’s product in America to help Americans. They need money to continue their research and in America they are not allowed to charge for unapproved drugs.
If this company had some of that money, they could be giving out the drug for free!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Related imageSo it is Father’s Day. Whatever that means anymore. I remember trying to become a father was a lot of fun. For once we could have sex without having to wonder about birth control. To be able to have care free love is a gift from God along with that squirming thing they give you 9 months later to care for and love for the rest of your life. Father’s don’t get any training manuals with the baby either and we have to kick into the whole parenting thing right away. Men have no excuses about swelling breasts or any discomfort from the birthing process except for the injuries we got from our wives who curse us out publicly and declare to the world with all the venom from the devil that we did this to her and she feels like death.
Do we even need Father’s anymore? Women are self- sufficient now. They get good jobs, make their own money and can hire the best care givers to take care of the children. No one stays married these days. For most the baby daddy is just a child support check.  When a neglected child is found wandering the streets the authorities always look for the mother to arrest for child abuse not the sperm donner. Even the boy scouts have female scout leaders. All types of people are parents now. Lesbians and gays can adopt children and many transgender people can become the mom and dad at some point in the child’s life.
Yet they say that a Dad is a special person. I guess if you have one you are lucky to have him these days. Whom  ever is that Father figure in your life deserves a hug today. Usually the memories of a Dad is that he was the guy who always picked you up from basketball practice or some mundane task but he said he would be there and he always was and that was fine. Father’s don’t need to be much anymore. I guess a bride is always happy to have their dad there to walk her down the aisle when she gets married. It is a Father’s honor at her wedding but we all know that our daughters would get married and walk themselves down that aisle at their wedding anyway with us or without us.
I guess Father’s day is good to have and to know that we will always be there if you need us but we know you don’t really need us.  

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Related imageThey were America’s black handsome heroes. Now they are ugly, old or dead. They have failed us and the millennium generation that has now surpassed the baby boomers in population hardly even know who they were when they were the greatest. I am talking about Mohammed Ali who even though he was only a boxing champion he was the greatest in that he brought all people together and helped America to understand the peaceful Muslim in this country. For the past 20 years his voice has been silent due to terrible illnesses and now he is dead.  Bill Cosby was America’s educated comedian who would never be confused with a Black Panther or a Super Fly as they called radical blacks in those days. Now he is a pathetic ugly old man who has more sad memories of his past than good ones. America trusted him. Then there is our All American once handsome football hero O.J. Simpson who all women fell in love with. His black handsomeness next to his blond beauty of a wife made all Americans understand inter racial marriages and accept them. They looked great together. Now all we hear about is the terrible violent unsolved murder of his wife and a friend and his involvement in it all. We lost our black heroes.
It is now twenty years later and for some reason we need to relive the sensational O.J. Simpson trial.  Now there is even a documentary being made on the trial. If they are not going to find a killer well then enough is enough. If anything all this coverage has only destroyed race relations even more. There was already the CBS Made for TV Drama, the hit FX Miniseries and now photos of O.J.in jail. Ugly and old greying at age 68. Our hero is just another old black guy in jail for life. He has been locked behind bars for 8 years for robbery. He is no longer the charismatic man who once was on the cover of many magazines.  The guy who one a Heisman Trophy as a running back.
Even just in college not only did he cross color lines he seemed to erase  ]ines.  No black athlete had the trust of all America before O/J/ that he was doing Hertz commercials. He sold cars and soda and stared in comic movies. People was suddenly appalled that he was being accused of domestic violence and then a horrific murder of his beautiful wife. Tens of millions of Americans were riveted by the trial that suddenly divided us by black people for O.J. and white people for the prosecution or  his dead white folk.
Racial tensions poured out onto the streets. His arrogance would say” I’m not Black I’m not white, I’m O.J.” After 9 months of testimony, the jury came to a decision in just a matter of hours.  It showed all Americans the circus a courtroom can become. He was found libel in the trial and ordered to pay the families of the deceased 33 million dollars.    

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

We said yes in the 70’s and now we are saying yes again for very different reasons. We try to get old healthy. We go to the gym. We make healthy shakes with chard for our cholesterol. We do it all. Many of us use marijuana to stay healthy too. There is marijuana   that is produced like a gummy bear but is not a snack. We use it when our joints are in pain or when we need sleep. We used to preach about the danger of drugs but as we got older and more knowledgeable about the plant many are now advocates for its medicinal purposes.
Related imageThe statistics from the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration   prove that Marijuana use among people age 55 and older is growing. In 2013 2,812,000 used the stuff and in 2014 it rose remarkably to 4,309,000 adults using pot. The reason is that mostly senior citizens live in states where marijuana is legal for recreational or medical purposes. In California medical marijuana only requires a doctor’s prescription. For senior citizens marijuana helps them with their arthritis. There are pot rubs and creams that you can rub onto your joints and legs or across your back or wherever you are expiring arthritic pain.
There is not enough money being put into research to substantiate these claims further. Many adults have nerve damage caused by chemotherapy or from diabetes.  Americans over the age of 65 account for only 14% of the nation’s population but they use more than 30% of all prescription drugs including highly addictive pain killers like OxyContin. There are now clubs in senior centers that get together to become knowledgeable about pot. They urge seniors to stay away from edibles and start slowly use late in the evening to see how their bodies respond to pot. A lot of education goas along with it including advice not to drive or use booze with it.

Senior citizens are more worried about the stigma associated   with pot use.  Our nation’s pot paranoia dates back to the 1930’s. During the Nixon administration the federal government declared pot as a Scheduled 1 drug. The same category that includes heroin and LSD. Even today pot is still illegal under federal law. In Colorado, the first state to sell pot for recreational use, it is surprising how it all has worked out over the past two years. This fall states across the country will vote on legalizing pot. Seniors’ across the country don’t want to get high but they do want a way out from their aches and pains.   

Monday, June 13, 2016

Related imageToday is rant and rave day. I have written in the past about the dangers to all who send their 18 year olds off to colleges for advanced degrees. Well in the news is yet just another tragedy to all. The stupid boy rapes the drunken girl in plain sight and tries to get away with it. He is a swimming champion the college would have liked to be p0roud of. She never expected to be treated like dirt from others who could have stopped her drinking and definitely stopped the violence. Then there is the idiot father of the rapist who says that the kid should not have his life ruined for ‘20 minutes of action.” Rape is a crime nit action. Then the crooked judge gives the rapist only a 6 months sentence. There is so much wrong everywhere you just don’t know where to start punishing who. The College should be sued too.
Moving on in the news is now the worst disaster in America with assault weapons now with 50 people killed by an ISIS Muslim nut because gay people went to the place to have fun. I have also written in the past about how dangerous these weapons are in society and that they were built for the sole purpose of a war. I have written about how miss-guided these new Muslims are in the dangerous and not peaceful interpretation of the Koran. The killer was an American citizen. I have written about how we must have their internet movement to keep track of dangerous killers in our society simply because they don’t believe in our freedoms anymore.
The Tony Awards were dominated by a new rap artist and his musical about the life of Hamilton. The entire Broadway community  gave tribute to the victims of the ISIS attack in Orlando by wearing silver ribbons. We have so many ribbons to  wear for solidarity to many causes that we have run out of colors for ribbons. We could cover our entire bodies in ribbons.  We need solid solutions to the causes not ribbons. The cast of Hamilton performed at the Tony’s without their guns. If you don’t think you can now see shows on Broadway with 2 hours of rap music, just go to the very last song performed at the end of the Tony show where the cast of talented singers and dancers from Hamilton sings a pretty normal touching song that will make you feel some tolerance and less anger with current news.
My millennium children do not want to watch the news because there is never any good news. They are correct. I want to know why there are not and cool car commercials or food and beer stuff advertised during the news. There is only depressing advertisements from pharmaceutical companies wanting you to tell your doctor that you see all the time to prescribe some new miracle drug. An entire song can be heard as the list the worst side effects ever while taking their drugs. I wrote in the past how the drug lobbyists received a green light from Congress to sell to Americans any crap they can produce.
There. I ranted and raved. Feel better. Sorry. This life is exhausting but we must be grateful that we have spent another day escaping death from the hands of idiots.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Related image                            Everything costs a lot to buy. We need to walk around with more cash it seems. You used to be able to buy something small for 5 or 10 bucks but not anymore. Twenty bucks might suffice. Now they are changing the faces on our currency. Andrew Jackson the guy from the Caribbean who suggested to the founding fathers that we should have Banks in this country is now getting his portrait tossed for a woman.  The fact that he is the closest guy of color to have a hit Broadway show and had remarkable influence in shaping this country didn’t help him keep his status on the 20 dollar bill that we all use too often.
He will be replaced by a black slave woman later changed abolitionist Harriet Tubman. Maybe these are the years to celebrate women in our country again. Last week Hillary Clinton became the first woman to win the support of a major political party running for President Over the years not all of our currency has stayed current.  We have cash that is no longer being printed but it is still as good as gold if you can get any of the bills. We have the 500 dollar bill that should be used more now. President William McKinley is on the 1,000 one.  Madison is on the 5,000 bill. A guy named Chase is on the 10,000 bill who was also the Treasurer under Abraham Lincoln.
Lastly is the 100,000 dollar bill that has President Woodrow Wilson’s face on it. It is the largest note ever printed by the United States. It has only been used by federal Reserve Banks. They made 10 MILLION OF THEM. So America has money and lots of it and we are spending more cash everyday even though spending money on your phone   requires no currency and is becoming more popular daily.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Image result for donald trumpDonald Trump has finally revealed some real information about his life and it is incredible. Incredibly insane. He always mentions that he will sue anyone who disagrees with him on just about any subject but we never knew just how often he does sue people. A new report from USA Today found out that Trump and his businesses have been involved in at least 3,500 law suits over the past three decades. That has been never heard of   for a Precedential nominee. To put that amount of discourse in prospective let’s think of each suit as a TV show. That amount of litigation would represent:
All 456 episodes of the original Law   & Order
All 389 episodes of Law & Order Special Victims Unit
All 195 episodes of Law & Order Criminal Intent
All 22 episodes of Law & Order Los Angeles
All 168 episodes of The Practice
All 112 episodes of Ally McBeal
All 101 e3pisodes of Boston Legal
All 193 episodes of Night Court
All 158 episodes of The Good Wife
All 195 episodes of Matlock
All 227 episodes of JAG
All 271 episodes of Perry Mason
All 138 episodes of Judging Amy
All 67 episodes of The Guardian
All 69 episodes of The Public Defender
All 34 episodes of Harry’s Law
All 9 episodes of Courthouse
All 76 episodes of Suits
All 68 episodes of Family Law
All 22 episodes of Sweet Justice
All 15 episodes of the District Attorney
All 4 episodes of the 2004 District Attorney
All 44 episodes of Reasonable Doubts
All 59 episodes of Damages
All 38 episodes of SHARK

All 18 episodes of the Defenders
All 58 episodes of The Paper Chase
All 2 episodes of Head Cases
All 50 episodes of Judd for the Defense
And all 3 episodes of First Years and after all that we are still missing one l law suit to compare Trump’s legal career to. Now he complains about the Judges in the litigations against him. Donald hates Mexican heritage Judges too. Yes, now he feels that people are unfit to do their jobs because of their etnic backgrounds. Imagine what he has planned for us as a nation!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Related imageHe was self-proclaimed as the greatest. Tomorrow 15,000 free tickets were given out for a big memorial service in his honor. If you didn’t remember him he reminds me of Donald Trump in his bold brash pompousness.  The legend who died last week at ussions and Parkinson’s disease. It all started when someone stole his bicycle as a child. He went to get it back and realized that he couldn’t fight.  It was then that he learned and then eventually became the one holding the title as a three times  World  Champion Boxer.
It was the time in history when segregation was a problem. How can he be an American hero with an Olympic Gold Medal but then told that because he was black that he wouldn’t be served food in the same place as white people? That is when he became a lightning rod both in the rink and out of the boxing box. In the rink he had a mouth. He would say stuff like, “I’m handsome, I’m fast and can’t possibly be beat,I’mlikI’m light as a feather and I sting like a bee.” He was born in Kentucky and even after he won a lot of stuff at times he felt like he was being treated like a second class citizen.  He threw his Olympic medal into a river in disgust. He then began to win every boxing match and spoke out politically to all.
It was the beginning of the civil rights movement and he was a fan of Dr.  King and joined him in his marches. He joined the Nation of Islam and rejected what he called his slave name. He was a revolutionary by race and stood up for his politics.politics. Like Donald Trump he was vilified by many people yet also admired  by people for being aan outspoken black person. He refused to serve in the Vietnam War arguing that it violated his Muslim beliefs. Donald refuses to run his campaign like any other candidate.  Ali was convicted of draft evasion and stripped of his title  Maybe he should have kept his old name Cassius Clay. He was banned from the sport.
Who has the nerve to give up a career for their beliefs? He would have verbal debates with reporters and join in with celebrity appearances and entertain audiences. It took Ali almost three years to win on appeal from the Supreme Court to be able to get back in the rink. Then he fought Frasier in The Rumble In The Jungle a highly advertised match and recaptured his title.  Ali had some of boxing’s greatest fights.  He became one of the most popular figures of his time. He had the cover picture on Sports Illustrated magazine 35 times from 1963 to 1998. The years of getting pounded to his head took all the speech out of his mouth. Imagine what must have been going through his mind. What frustration or perhaps finally peace.
Ali retired from boxing in 1981 three years later at the age of 42 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Who gets an old man’s shaking disease at only 42? This man had gone through many obstacles in his life. He continued to raise millions of dollars for charity.  Recently Will Smith played him in a major movie.  Obama gave him a medal of honor. Joe Lewis was the first well known American boxer but Ali made everyone listen to a black man.                                                             

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Related imageHe is packing his bags and moving out in 5 months. He is our well-spoken, soft spoken, intelligent and peaceful President.  H has served his country as President the most amount of years allowed according to our re-election laws. He has served us as well as he could. Could he have accomplished more if we had a better Congress? Yes. How he remained calm meeting such opposition day after day every day while in office is truly amazing for anyone.
The recent appointment of Supreme Court Judge is his right to do as our current President. Why is he being met with opposition.  He is so disrespected by our Congress that they won’t even meet his choice. It is all politics at its dirtiest. The Republicans have made the decision in this very toxic political year to not cooperate with anything Obama has to say. In 7 years it doesn’t seem that he has a single Republican friend.  The leader in the Senate Republican Mitch McConnell just flat out told Obama that  there will not be any hearing on his Supreme Court choice despite the fact that the D.C. circuit which is the next most powerful court in the land back in 1997 the majority of Senate Republicans voted for the same judge.
Obama never achieved a good relationship with Republicans. It was not in the self- interest to support Obama on anything in the past 7 years. The Republicans never even showed up at the White House for dinners at a receiving line. They didn’t show up to a state dinner   at the White House. They should have been at the White House all the time. They have snubbed him for 7 years to the detriment of the American people. Everyone should have been able to come to the table with their individual strengths and shared their ideas and beliefs. Michele Obama is no ordinary First Lady but even she was cast aside.  She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and all the American people know about her is how good her arms look
Was  Obama shunned because he was born in Hawaii and spent 4 years of his childhood in Indonesia? Was he considered some kind of foreigner and not truly American?  Obama couldn’t even keep his own Chief of Staffers for a full 7 years. Many of his top aides left him throughought his reign. The President has had 5 chiefs of staff. The President’s goal to control guns and efforts to improve immigration were ignored by Congress. Obama came to Washington full of enthusiasm wanting to push change but repeatedly was met with opposition even on issues that previously  was agree to by all. In his final year of office there doesn’t seem to be any hope or change that was the slogans that got him reelected.
Yet he has accomplished much. The unemployment rate went down from 10 to 5% per cent. He got our automobile industry back on tract. 20 million people have health care.  He never got a real friend in the west wing.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Related imageRemember when you would look through the tiny ads on the back pages of a magazine and saw all sorts of sleazy things for sale? It was an education but at the same time revealing and disgusting. Well, nothing has changed except that the disgusting sleaze has of course moved on to the internet. Now combine that with a population of young teens who want nothing more than their computer and to be as far away from their parents as possible you have the site called backpage.com where your young teenage daughter will be literally put up for sale.
Underage sex trafficking is big business in many countries due to poverty but we would never expect it to be happening here in America and finding our baby girls caught up in the world of prostitution disappear in the internet sex trade. Thankfully there is an ongoing major lawsuit involving hundreds held hostage and forced to be sold for sex. The site is now under investigation by the United States Senate. The kids run away from home taking busses to other states. Older women meet them and take them to youth centers and make friends with them.  Before long the kids are taken to secure homes  where they are raped, held hostage, forced to get paid for sex.  Ads in backpage .com say stuff like well worth it. $150 per hour and it won’t take long.  Soon a 14 year old is making $4,000 a weekend for sex. The money goes to the guy who owns the home she sleeps in.
The owner sleeps near the doors so the kids won’t leave. The advertisement asks if the girls are 18 and over. Not true. A simple click gets you over that question. The girls work every day. By now their pictures are being displayed on milk cartons. By now their daughters are not on the streets anymore. They are kept indoors being sold for sexual favors. The girls receive 25 to 30 calls per hour from creepy guys looking for sex. Right now the United States protects backpage. Com from being legally held responsible from what users post on its site. If a broken toaster is posted for sale on the site, the site wouldn’t be held responsible for the broken toaster sale.
The only way to find these kids and return them to their homes is to do a sting and have cops pretend to buy the girl’s services and then jail the homeowners who are holding them hostage. Some are then given about 25 years in jail for promoting the commercial use of sex abuse of a minor. The girls never want to go to court and testify. They are just in grief and want to move on with their lives. Now the police are posting their own ads under escorts on backpage. Com. Within minutes an advertisement can be up selling an underage girl for services. Within a half hour the requests pour in. Backpage never takes down the ad.
Perhaps if we went back to the practice of castration of a man’s genitals this would prompt the courts to work faster, men would not solicit services, other men would not provide the places for the underage sex to take place and the venue of backpage would not exist.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Related imageIt is an era of the app revolution that we live in now. All sectors of our economy is being assaulted by apps. Hotels, bookstores, taxi’s almost anything you want or need there is an app for that. Why isn’t the banking industry on apps more these days too? Thousands of young people with their engineering degrees are challenging many aspects of the banking industry. They even have a name for it. FINTECH the Financial Technology Revolution. One new company is founded by two young brothers who started like the founder of Facebook and Microsoft. One is a Harvard dropout and the other is a MIT dropout. Patrick and John Collison quit college because they had an idea of how to modernize the banking industry. 
We live in an instant gratification world where we are used to even on our tiny phones being able to order up photos and documents instantly and also to be able to send this stuff instantly wherever we want to across the globe. We are spoiled and we also want to vote and bank instantly too. These two brothers age 25 and 27 want to be pioneers in the New banking industry that is devoid of marble buildings, long waiting periods and lengthy applications to get loans, make investments or deposit and withdraw funds. The boys noticed the problem while they were in high school.
FINTECH sites are already changing the way we bank. Their apps are hooking up borrowers with lenders directly. The process is called Unbundling  the Banks. Algorisms are replacing human advisors for financial planning. Apps like Venmo  let people click money to each other similar to texting. If you want to wire money across borders. A company called Transferwize is an app that can transfer money abroad and convert currencies without bank tellers or high exchange rates. Users just swap with each other. Do the big banks even realize this banking revolution that is going on? Why aren’t they at least competitive?
The computer has put travel agents out of business with apps like Air B & B. Taxi services are in an uproar over Uber. Will your bank be the next economic fossil? All these new companies are no problem with the newest generation of clickers on their mobile phones. This new generation has 70% of them who would rather get their teeth pulled at a dentist than go to a bank. They would rather put their social security number on the web than fil out forms at a bank. We have learned from the financial crisis that banks are more concerned with their welfare than the needs of their clients. In the last year and a half investors have poured 20 billion dollars into the brother’s app called Stripe.
The apps offer services to lower income families that banks would never approve loans for. 10 million American households don’t even have a bank account. Bank fees, exchange rates and commissions all add up at traditional banks that people just can’t afford to contribute to a loan any more. If an internet company charges you fees it will be much lower than a traditional bank’s fee. Why aren’t we all caressing our phones and clicking away then? An app eliminates jobs and rental fees on bank properties because they are gone. We just don’t need Betty at the Bank to click away at the computer for us when we can just do what we need ourselves. The shame is that she used to be a travel agent too.