Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Has Britain gone Black?

Image result for british royalty gone blackBillions of people watched Britain go Black if you took any kind of notice at how different the most recent royal wedding service was for British royal weddings. Nearly 30 million Americans watched this event on their TV’s. That is more than game 7 of the World Series last year. People stayed tuned in for this event probably because they wanted to see what is going to happen next since the church service was unlike anything we have ever witnessed at a royal wedding before. From the beginning of the ultra- white ginger Prince of England decided to date and fall in love with a mixed-race divorced older woman, people began to take notice.
Meghan doesn’t even look all that black with her freckles, light skin and straight hair but somehow her blackness became an issue for some. She is now an important historic member of the British Monarchy and she did it in a very unconventional way starting with walking into the church at Windsor Castle alone not even with a maid-of honor at her side. That was the beginning of a marriage between two cultures. There was a king mentioned by the black American Bishop Michael Bruce Curry but it wasn’t any English king. He spoke about the message and power of love from Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. We thought we tuned into seeing a royal wedding and then a black wedding broke out in a church filled with stiffed upper lipped extremely formal white British royalty, celebrities and just plain rich white folks in the congregation. You just can’t stop watching that!
Then there was the music that also had an extremely black presence. The black Gospel choir, The Kingdom Choir, sang a moving rendition of the classic song called Stand By Me which is never sung at weddings. Even the choir’s founder, Karen Gibson was surprised at the couple’s request for that song to be performed at their wedding. I have been involved in church music all my life and never saw a wedding quite like this. That song is such a deeply American song. You couldn’t tune out because then the 19 year old proficient black cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason performed a moving performance of subtle   classical music along with the traditional Ave Maria. This young accomplished performer   was personally asked by Meghan to perform at her wedding. Now this unknown talented young man is famous too.
British royalty has gone black when an American bi-racial woman is welcomed into the Royal family, a gospel choir performs at the event, a black preacher says the homily, black classical performer is featured, Oprah  and Serina Williams are guests and the mother of the bride shows up wearing dread locks. The recessional song was This Little Light of Mine, a negro spiritual traditional as a slave song from the south. When did you ever see a woman wearing dread locks sitting across from the Queen of England before? Never. That woman was Meghan’s mother the only family she invited to her wedding.
It is astonishing to be able to witness so many barriers being torn down in life and now to see it in British Royalty is a big step in unifying the world. It was a scene of inclusivity and warmth not usually seen in British Royals.  This event was a symbol that race differences and class differences are not all that important anymore. It is a new day in the Royal Menarche.  We all hope that this unique couple   can extend their reach globally to unite people and promote causes to help the world be on the same playing field in terms of eradicating disease, poverty and discrimination.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Rules, Royalty and Regulations

Image result for british royaltyShould a rich prince have to say the part in the vows that go for richer or poorer when he is already one of the richest guys ever? Being able to see hours and hours of all the elegance and life of those British royals made you learn a lot about the British protocols. We saw the majesty, the pageantry and the luxury where a girl out of Compton can marry a rich prince. We live in an age where anything goes even in terms of sexuality but somehow the British manage to keep centuries of rules and actually want to still follow them. Amazing.
Here are a few amazing facts I learned in the past week: Rules, Royalty and Regulations
1.       Royals are expected to be politically neutral. So that means that Meghan must have a big sacrifice and get off all social media. Also refrain from expressing her political views.
2.       The invitations had strict rules for how guests should dress. The dress code for men in the church service is to have a morning coat or suit, women must wear a dress that covers her shoulders, a hat and closed toed shoes with no high heels. The Queen likes women to look just like her.
3.       You are not allowed to touch the Queen. Not even a handshake.
4.       You can’t even speak to the Queen unless she speaks to you first.
5.       The Crown Jewels are kept in the Tower of London and are only taken out for special occasions like the marriage of a royal prince.  
6.       Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world. Kings and Queens have lived there for over 1,000 years.  It also hosts receptions for other world leaders.
7.       The Queen has her own guards that date back to the 17th Century. Each member wears a real Canadian bear skinned hat. Each year the British Army take about 100 skins to make new hats.
8.       The Queen personally names the black and only white horses in her cavalry used only for special occasions.
9.       At 3 or 4 in the afternoon the British stop their lives to indulge in High Tea a time where citizens stop to discuss politics, the Queen or fox hunting over a hot cup of tea eat scones, tiny sandwiches or pastries  and cheese.
10.   There is a 2.5 mile straight path on the way to the castle that has been carved out from generations of royalty.
11.   Windsor Castle is surrounded by 450 acres of gardens and is considered to be the Queen’s weekend home when not living at Buckingham Palace.
12.   The embolism of 53 commonwealth British countries were represented in the brides dress. The flowers of commonwealth countries were embroided  into her veil.
13.   Meghan wore Queen Mary’s diamond tiara that has been in the Royal family for 100 years.
14.   The Royal family paid for the reception but the taxpayers will be paying for security costs.
15.   Harry and Meghan have already started a charity called Sentebale that has a focus in stopping HIV in Africa.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Wedding

Image result for prince harry wedding

Today I finally recovered from drinking 5 hours of Mimosases while watching the Royal Wedding that started at 5 in the morning yesterday. It was a historic event because a bi-racial American actress got married to an unemployed British prince. It was interesting more than any reality show because she came from a white trash family and a poor Yoga instructor mother and didn’t have any other family attending the most lavish wedding we all would ever see. Now the not so famous actress has a new name. The future king of England walked her down the aisle too, Prince Charles.  Marvelous Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He would be closer to being king but his poor brother’s wife keeps getting pregnant and in the last six years popped out three kids that are closer to the throne than Harry could ever be. Even the Queen at age 92 is the longest reigning Queen of England.
A few drinks later and I swore I saw a black choir and an outspoken black preacher in the middle of all these starched stiffed upper lipped British super rich people. Today I realize that it really did happen. It is wedding season anyway and we all want to see a good lavish wedding and the House of Windsor always puts on the best weddings. I felt that it was important to see this one because it will be the last big wedding that British Royalty will put on till those three young children marry in at least 20 years from now. Meghan’s guests included movie star royalty like Oprah, George Clooney, Serena Williams, James Cordon,  Elton John and her cast mates from her TV show called Suits. Left out were every family member she has except for her Mom and every world leader.
She didn’t even choose a Maid of Honor but the prince has his prince older brother William to be best man. But most importantly the Queen of England attended the wedding and paid for the entire event. Usually the bride’s father pays the wedding bills but his story is another story that required a few more early morning cocktails. Her dad, Thomas Markle left her Mom when Meghan was very young yet he was doing photo shoots trying to make six figures from the publicity shoots. Meghan’s half- sister Samantha Markle has been trash talking Meghan for 2 years and she too wants to cash in and write a book called “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.” Meanwhile she hasn’t seen Meghan for 10 years. You can’t make this stuff up!
The weirdest white trash guy is Meghan’s half-brother Thomas Markle named after her father, had a rap sheet along with his criminal wife. Once he put a gun to someone’s head. He wrote a two page hand written letter that was published in IN Step Magazine trashing Meghan with Dear Prince Harry on top. Now it is all a comedy. Most brother’s wish their sister’s well even if they haven’t spoken for a while. Instead this white trash wrote, “The wedding should be cancelled. That it will be the biggest mistake in history. That Meghan is jaded, shallow and conceited. She will make a joke of royal heritage.” Now it is all very clear why she rather invite her work friends instead of this wacky family to the biggest wedding , her wedding ever.
Most of you will still say who cares about this wedding even though it involved an American but in my early morning haze I still found it refreshing and better than watching another tragic shooting in Texas, an erupting Volcano in Hawaii and Ebola disease in the Congo.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Trump never looks to his spending and the Deficit

If Trump really cares about reducing the deficit he needs to start first with his spending on security for himself at golf resorts and his extended family as well as the outrageous spending his cabinet does in the White House. His solution is to sell more food to China meanwhile United States farms and factories can’t produce enough to meet the White House goals to cut the China deficit. Trump needs to do more research before he barks out demands.
Image result for cartoon of Trump's deficitThe White House is likely to fall short of a plan to slash the United States trade deficit with China by half because American farms and factories will find it hard to produce enough exports to meet that goal. Trump wants to reduce the deficit with China by $200 billion dollars by the year 2020. Even if China and America could target on specific items, we don’t! Even if China cooperated by lowering import barriers, trade experts say that America doesn’t have the capacity to ramp up production to even make that high priced goal. So what is Trump talking about??
America is currently operating pretty much at full employment and it doesn’t help that Trump just deported most of our Mexican farm workers. It is unrealistic to ask China to reduce the deficit by a certain amount within a certain period of time. Last year America ran a $375 billion dollar merchandise trade deficit with China, and a $337 billion dollar shortfall when including the trade in services. Trump wants China to purchase from America airplanes, liquefied natural gas, cars, agricultural products, and computer services. Even big changes in exports are unlikely to reduce the trade gap by so much money in just two years.
Does all this have something to do with Trumps hopes for re-election? For example, his goal to sell more airplanes is unrealistic. American plane maker Boeing has already almost 6,000 planes to be made in orders which equates to a seven year backlog. How can we make even more planes by 2020?It is an unrealistic goal. Trumps wishes to sell natural gas is unrealistic too.  America has only two export facilities for natural gas available. They are hoping that another four plants   will become available by the year 2020.
Curbing spending is the only way America can get better with our deficit problems.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Action will prove no Collusion

Image result for cartoon of Trump collusion

If there isn’t any collusion as Trump insists all the time then why doesn’t he treat Russia like every other country does in the free world? Never before has a president ignored such a clear national security threat. There are 19 different European countries and Russia has tried to interfere with all of them. Other countries have come up with strategies to fend Russia off. Shouldn’t America at least have a game plan to recognize that   Russia is trying to influence our global policies and elections? After the 2016 elections European countries took steps to protect their election systems. In France they took actions recognizing that Russia would be active and they were successful in blocking the impact of Russian influence.
In Germany the same thing happened. Russia attempted a coup in Montenegro. They recognized that Russia is trying to bring down their democratic institutions. Trump has not taken this seriously.  We know for sure that Russia meddled in our elections. Trump must act to prevent Russian meddling in our elections. Trump has no game plan to thwart the threat Russia has to our national security. Congress voted on and expects that our State Department Global Engagement Center monitor Russian activity. Trump so far has not gone ahead with Congresses wishes. Our Senate even appropriated resources to work with our European allies to combat the Russian problem and Trump does nothing.
The cyberattacks and criminal acts have to stop with Putin. The president has been negligent in dealing with this problem. It is not just a problem with our elections. Russia wants to change our government. He has manipulated the government over 17 years and recently manipulated his own elections to give him another 6 year term there. Putin has made himself extremely wealthy while the Russian people suffer. Senator Ben Cardin a Ranking Member on the Foreign Relations Committee wrote a 200 page report on the matter that Trump ignores.  His State Department leaders ignore.
It is not a partisan report. It is a national report representing both parties. The fact that the Trump administration continues to ignore the issue leads us to believe that he is colluding with Russia for personal financial wealth and thank you’s  for the money laundering of his bad properties, the financing of his new hotels and bringing him back from the brink of his 5 bankruptcies. Yes, now that Trump has been given the gift of the Presidency by Putin it is payback time. Trump is under a lot of pressure.  Trump is a smart man by immediately in his first year fired all that dare to not follow his game plan. He hired family and friends to key important government positions. Trump owns the Justice department, wants to control the FBI, fired 30 judges and hired a Supreme Court controlling member in his favor. He has a Republican House and Senate on his voting side.
Even the Mueller investigation is simply that, an investigation. This 2018 elections in Congress is very important that new people are voted in who can and will have the sense to vote in Congress to stop this dangerous dictatorship that Trump and Putting want in America.  

Poor Puerto Rico

So how does any land associated with wealthy successful America become so poor? Why isn’t Puerto Rico America’s premier resort island paradise? The place doesn’t have any devastating volcanoes like Hawaii has. Why isn’t America supporting the island instead of ignoring the beautiful place? Puerto Rico has had a sad history that contributed to all its financial problems.
The recent hurricane in Puerto Rico didn’t even get as much attention as the hurricanes in Texas and Florida got Hurricane Harvey and Irma was even more popular than hurricane Maria. Puerto Ricans aren’t shocked.  They are used to being treated poorly. For 400 years Puerto Rico was a Spanish colony until 1897. In 1898 Spain granted Puerto Rico automate. They formed their own elected government. Sounds good but then the place became a football in the Spanish American War. When all that fighting was over Puerto Ricans were told that they were part of America. That meant that their peso currency value was reduced by 40%. Within 10 years United States banks and corporations took over most of Puerto Rican land. In 1902 the people were getting poorer and poorer.
In 1917 the United States granted Puerto Ricans American citizenship just in time to have most of the men die in World War I. And so began Puerto Rico’s hundred year history of getting screwed with their pantalones (pants) on by the United States. The average pre-hurricane income of Puerto Ricans was only about $15,000 per year. That is less than half that of Mississippi, the poorest American state. Meanwhile food in Puerto Rico costs twice as much as it does in Florida. How did all this injustice happen? There was a thing called The Jones Act that was passed in 1920 after World War I that was to protect the shipping industry. The Act requires all trade between   United States ports be done on American Merchant ships to the United States and manned by American sailors. So everything supplied to the island has to be shipped by boats. Puerto Rico can’t even benefit from other countries products from their ships.
Add all that sadness to a thing called Operation Bootstraps in 1976 that made the island full of debt. Yeah! Really poor. The program gave tax advantages to companies who would locate to Puerto Rico compounded with another law that would allow companies to re-patriot earnings TAX FREE so what that all meant as a result is that manufacturing flooded to Puerto Rico and Puerto Rican dollars flooded back into the United States that had NO requirement to put ANY money back into the Puerto Rican economy. The place was still poor.
Bill Clinton tried to come to the rescue and revoked a multibillion-dollar tax break for American mainland companies operating in Puerto Rico in 1993 but all that did was encourage all the companies and jobs leave the island. So, they were left with high debt and no jobs. How can the people be always dancing all the time? By 2006 the island was left without the manufacturing and pharmaceutical jobs. Why wasn’t the place filled with tourism? The economy never recovered by 2011. Trump in 2017 threw the mayors of the region paper towels. Literally!
If you are disgusted with all this hardship you can still donate to a great organization called AYUDA a los Pueblos, a Hispanic federation. Donate on line or call (866)HF-AYUDA. Trump could pass some kind of Bill to encourage corporations to develop there again and allow the economy to at least tax them but nah. He won’t do anything unless he could personally profit from it.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Money Has Been Followed

Image result for cartoon of Trump collusion or money laundering
There IS Collusion. There IS Money Laundering and the news is NOT fake.  Since Mike Flynn pled GUILTY to lying to the FBI back in December of 2017 Trump has also been trying to discredit the United States FBI. Mike, since then, has been cooperating with the Russian investigation. Trump’s lawyers say that the “President cannot obstruct justice because he is the chief law enforcement officer under the Constitution’s Article II and has every right to express his view of any case. “ Trump has gone further to fire judges, the FBI Director and many others including in the Ethics Committee. He has appointed his own choice to the Supreme Court. This President has done more damage to our judicial system than any other President has dared to do in American history. Maybe because he is so much a bigger player in the international world and in Russia than even in America even though he has cheated his way into the White House and has managed to become the Hero of the Stupid American.
Trump’s lawyers go further and claim that the President cannot obstruct justice because he represents justice in America by holding the position of President of the United States. There is not a statute that refers to criminal collusion. There is no crime of collusion. So Americans are to sit back and just watch Trump rape this country and sell our soul to the Russians just because he did? Does Congress need to use the 25th Amendment and have him forcibly removed from the Presidency?  
Mueller’s Trump-Russia Investigation has been pointed to Deutsche Bank. The bank received a subpoena from the U.S. special counsel investigating the collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia. This bank is full of Russian money laundered funds. Stolen money from the Russian people are put into this bank where the funds won’t be taxed, and can be viewed as legal money to buy any kind of other asset they want. Transactions look legitimate and the currency is changed from Rubles to any other countries money preferably to American dollars. From 2011 to 2015 hundreds of millions of dollars flowed through this bank. The money flowed through real estate properties that Trump sold to Russian buyers using money deposited in this German bank.
This bank also laundered money through a practice called “mirror” trades. Regulators found that a client would ask Deutsche Bank in Moscow to buy Russian blue-chip stocks using rubles then tell the bank offices in London to sell the same amount of shares at the same price for dollars. There was a steady flow of small trades, typically $2-3 million each, totaling about $10 billion of deals over about four years, according to regulators. The parties often lost money on the deals due to fees and commissions but then they had cash to spend in America. Trump's’ highly inflated junk properties.
At least 6,000 of these mirror trades were found. Most just through two Russian clients that were closely related, said the New York State Department of Financial Services such as through common ownership. None of this could have happened without Putin, the large bank and Trump. Our President has now used his influence to arrange personal profiteering deals with cell phone companies in China. He has given himself tax breaks for the rich. Cancelled all environmental regulations on corporations. Meanwhile the average American is burdened with large debt, no tax breaks, student loans, poor health care, an opioid crisis, pharmaceutical companies charging whatever they want for life saving medications and poor infrastructure. Trump’s money has been followed despite his refusal to disclose his tax returns. Who will have the courage to stop Disastrous Donald?

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! But what if you  don’t have a Mom? Today’s modern family could have two Dads. The new modern family seems to be widely more accepted in society each year.  Other than giving a biological birth, are we really sure   what a Mom is?  Even female stay at home caregivers can   assume many different roles.  Many of us honor our   Mothers   today by giving her    flowers or take them out for dinner or buy them chocolate or maybe even orchestrate an event where all the famlies get together with the various Moms.  You will get a lot of family photos out of   that one.
Today is at least   a day for proclaiming that we are   family and the makeup of family has certainly changed in recent years.  In schools the teachers don’t say anymore, go tell your parents to sign your homework, they know better.  Now they say,    seek   the adult you live with and have them sign your homework. Like many other things in life, the definition of family is changing. A few years back, the cereal Cheerios  had advertisements for   their   breakfast food that featured a white   Mother, African American Dad and an adorable mixed race child.  The overwhelmingly response to the ad was positive but there   was hateful backlash on the Internet much of it were overtly racist.  There was so many negative comments, the company chose to take down the comments section off of the website for a while.
Related image
It did not stop General Mills from running follow up ads with this same kind of family on Super Bowl Sunday, the most watched advertisement day of the year.  This time the family was going to share their Cheerios with a new family member.  It was the same company,   General Mills that commissioned Norman Rockwell to paint scenes from American family life in 1938.  The American family now is looking less and less than the images that were painted half   a century ago.  The difference in the family of 1965 and now is enormous says   Sociology Professor Andrew Turlington at John Hopkins University who has   been   writing about the American family for over three decades.
We are currently going through a period of extreme change in defining a family.  Marriage has hit an   all   time   low of 51% of Americans.  More than 15% of marriages are either interracial or inter-ethnic or both.  As for raising children, more than one million homes are raising children by a single parent. The  number of same sex parents with  children has risen to an all time high of 120,000 families.  In the 1950's, the  message was that there was only one kind of family.  It was the  married family as seen in the popular  Leave it to Beaver Show when dad was male and mom was female and they had biological children. He left home for work and she ran a perfect household with their perfect children.
Now we have popular TV shows like Mom’s and Modern Family that shares with  America  the new type of family.  We have gone to diverse pathways to  achieve happy families.  Should we even bother to have a Mother’s Day anymore?  There are blurred lines between even gender roles and   the   type of chores that men and women handle at home.  There are many stay at home Dads now making the cupcakes.  There are many same gender couples who have been married for many years choosing to be parents now.  No set Mom no set Dad.  Could Mothers  actually become a thing of the past?

Much of America still does not accept same  sex marriage.  It is legal in many states.  Even interracial couples on TV can draw a  negative response.  There’s definitely two groups of people out there.  One that accepts change and one that refuses   to change.  I think more emphasis should be spent on analyzing the quality of  life  children are receiving in any kind of family.  Perhaps they might be doing better without  a traditional Mother around.  We are not two Americans.  We are one  America going through a rebirth.  What will never change will be a desire to nurture children in a loving and tender way and that is what Mother was to most of us if we were lucky.  A Mother loves  you no matter what.  Love whoever raised you  today.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Irrating Iran

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Disastrous Donald just proved once again that in reality he is the master of the Art of the NO Deal. Iran was just becoming a stabilized area with good power plants and a growing economy with aerospace partnerships with American companies, good cheap oil for Americans and building projects rather than chaos and a war torn mess of poverty and destruction. Trump on his own, against the advice of our allies decided to end our partnership with Iran. Trump is NOT making America Great Again.
Trump announced that he will be ending the ”Iran Nuclear Power Deal and will be instituting the highest level of economic sanctions”. Trump is now reinstating the penalties   against   Iran. During the Obama era America waived the penalties in exchange for stopping their Nuclear weapons plan in exchange for Power plants. The lifting of sanctions helped commerce and business was booming in the region. There were strict limits and great scrutiny on what Iran was doing with their nuclear capabilities. Trump makes NO sense when he says that he is tearing up the agreement that prevented Iran from making nuclear weapons and now gives Iran the freedom to make nuclear weapons.
Trump’s careless decision not only harms international businesses but America’s thriving businesses as well including Boeing, America’s greatest performing company and General Electric. Boeing was expected to create 18,000 jobs in the United States and had a deal to sell 30 planes to an Iranian airliner. The Boeing deals was even greater than that. They had a deal made in 2016 to make at least 80 more planes. It was the biggest contract Boeing had in all of 2016. Already Americans have seen a rise in gas and oil prices. This break in the Iran deal is putting pressure on our allies to NOT buy Iranian oil. Just a fear in the oil markets can drive up oil prices.
Trump had NO deal. He didn’t even give some exemptions for some companies to continue business with Iran. He is giving American and foreign allies companies just 90 days to wrap up any business deals with Iran. His point is to squeeze Iran’s economy, make hardships in the region so that they will come begging to America for whatever he desires. Does Dumb Donald even know that his reversal with Iran just opens the door for Israel, Russia and China to thrive in the region? What did our military fight for there for many years if Trump can just open the flood gates to other leadership in the region?
NONE of our international partners are on Trump’s side. Other governments will just find other ways to continue business in Iran without America. Sure Trump will be creating economic problems for Iran but they can do business with the rest of the world. How does this help American companies thriving in the region? This no deal deal is harming American companies.
What do we get out of this decision?  We  lose respect and allegiance from our allies and now Iran can go full speed with the help from Russia and China to use nuclear capabilities  not for power but for weapons. America is NOT getting ANY benefits from this mad man’s decision. We must get Trump out of office before he ruins everything for Americans!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Image result for mothers
Soon it will be Mother’s Day but we need to recognize some of the recent accomplishments that women in general are achieving besides raising the best kids, having the cleanest house and cooking all those delicious meals. I believe that if women ran the world we all would be living in peaceful, healthy safe lives full of compassion and love for each other because that is what makes up any woman.
The classic American dream for women is coming true when a stripper can become a famous rapper called Cardi B who currently has 13 songs on the Billboard Top 100 list. She is very popular in social media. That kind of fame has never been done by a woman before. It is time for women to take over the world and stop the sexual predators, the rapists and all the famous men that think they can just pay off a woman for silence about their unwanted sexual advances.
Last week it was a woman pilot who made an emergency landing of a plane after an engine exploded. That pilot is Tammy Jo Schultz who earned her flying striped in the military. Last year one of the highest grossing movies was Wonder Woman that was all about amazing women. It was directed by a woman and stared a woman. It even had Woman in the title. The movie made more money than Iron Man which was directed by a man, stared a man and has Man in the title.
The top Instagram account is being held by a woman, Celina Gomez. She has 136 million people following her. I hope she knows where she is going.
The person with the most Twitter followers is a woman, Katy Perry. We need women to support each other so if you follow Celina Gomez and Katy Perry follow any other woman that has made a difference in your life.
The person who has the title for the most re-tweeted tweet photo is a woman, Ellen DeGeneres with her celebrity selfie taken at the Oscars. Face it, women are doing great things in every field. We even had a woman, Hillary Clinton who won a Presidential Election by 3 million real votes. The Electoral voted literally Trumped the win though.
Apparently we have a giant wave of women who are no longer afraid to be who they are and proudly wear their pussy hats in protests for the years of disrespect and pay inequality they have previously endured in the past. So at least this week respect and honor the women in your lives for the great impression they have made in your life.