Monday, June 26, 2017

We all had hope for Ivanka Trump and expected her to be able to reel her father in and control the outrageous things he says all the time. One of the most recent is that in a rambling statement he admits that there are no recorded tapes of his conversations with Comey. He originally brought up the subject of taped conversations and wanted the special prosecutor to investigate Comey further on that issue.  Trump always tries to deflect the scrutiny of him by throwing out there some false statement. He tried it when he lied that he was sure Obama was wiretapping his home. That proved to be a lie too. Sadly Ivanka is a disappointment too.
When the President of China visited America she managed to manipulate him at the White House into giving her branding rights to sell her products in China. I guess she doesn’t have America’s back but her own profits in mind. Ivanka went to Saudi Arabia to represent America and managed to get them to donate millions of dollars to her charity boosting HER and not necessarily America. The most disturbing is her stupidity. All the profiting she is getting by having an official White House position is only an example that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Donald’s rotten apple tree of pompous selfish stupid kids.
On April 4th Ivanka did an interview on CBS This Morning with Gale King. She was directly asked if she was responsible for her father’s policies. Now his focus is on ruining health care for millions of needy Americans and offering tax credits to the rich through a hastily another attempt for an  approval plan drawn up in secret to be voted on before the other jerks go on yet another vacation in Congress.  They need a lot of vacations since they are all so old, with their own elite health care and no term limits to their jobs. 

The question posed to Ivanka was, “We hear the phrase complicit that Jared and Ivanka is complicit in what is happening in the White House. Can you just weigh in on how you feel about that?”
Ivanka responded by saying, “If being complicit is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then I’m complicit.” Clearly she doesn’t even know what the word complicit means!
It is defined as meaning involved with others in illegal activity or wrongdoing. The dictionary adds being a force for good and making a positive impact, under complicit the total opposite of.
You just can’t reverse the definition of a word to make you sound better Ivanka! It is like saying that if being a Nazi is a fight for human rights, well them yeah I’m a huge Nazi! The girl is as stupid as her father!
In the televised interview Ivanka spoke about her influence she has on the President. It was the only hope we had for her to say, Dad don’t do that to just about everything he does. She said, “For me this isn’t about promoting my view points. I wasn’t elected by the American people.”

To be fair Donald wasn’t elected by the American people either. It is a fact now that Russia elected him to be our current President by manipulating voting procedures making it hard for people to vote in key states where he would have probably lost if there wasn’t so many delays at the voting booths where people gave up waiting in lines and went home. He was elected by the Electoral College. Hillary was to be elected by the people since she still had more actual votes than him. What is clear is that we have a divided nation because of all this stupidity. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Must have Mike?

Related imageIf Trump does   resign or gets impeached what will America be like with Mike Pence in charge of America? They are very different men in their thoughts, values and probable policies. It has been proven that Russia did in fact played with the voting registrations and cause many lines in key possible Hillary winning states. Without the Russian intervention into our voting process perhaps Trump would not win in all those states. There are so many people associated with Trump including Jared who had meetings and business deals with the Russians that had or still has important positions in our government that it all is suspicious. Now that they are investigating Trump for many of his lies we need to look at Pence a bit more.
Let’s start with his relationship with his wife. Trump so far was hardly seen with his wife. But it is reported that Pence hardly does anything without his wife nearby. Mike Pence never eats alone with a woman other than his wife, Karen Pence. Why? Is Mike more of a wandering eye towards women than Trump that she has to keep her eye on her man even at all meals? Is there snow on Pence’s roof but there is fire in his furnace? Mike won’t attend events featuring alcohol without Karen by his side. Is Mike a closeted alcoholic and she has to keep tabs on his drinking too or do they get freaky sexy and she wants to make sure she gets in on all that freaky action too? UGH!
Their whole relationship is strange. Mike told the story of how they got engaged. Mike said, ”I hollowed out two loaves of bread, placing a small bottle of champagne in one and the ring box in the other for her to discover as she tore off pieces…” ok so far a cute story. The weird part is that later they got the bread shellacked and is displayed everywhere they go. Many believe that Mike Pence’s policies are weird too. On May 21 a group of graduates at Notre Dame walked out on his speech at their Commencement. Pence was there to receive an honorary degree from the Catholic University located in his home State of Indiana. They were protesting Mike Pence’s policies from his time as governor, when he tried to implement RFRA (The Religious Freedom Restoration Act) without civil rights protections for LGBTQ people. This Act would have also targeted undocumented students and their families.  
One student protestor, Jenn Cha summed up their feeling by stating that, “It is an egregious insult to invite Pence to speak at the celebration of the accomplishments of university graduates, many of whom are LGBTQ, first-generation, low-income, and people of color he has actively supported legislations against.” Is America who has traditionally been known as the world’s powerful melting pot of people drawn together from all nations being represented by this guy? We are still in torture over Trump as our representative leader of the free world.
Another student protestor Liz Hynes said, “Pence represented the kind of intolerance Notre Dame had sought to eliminate. His anti-LGBT, anti-refugee, and anti-health care policies have harmed people in ways for which no religious justification can be made.” Thank God that a religious conservative Catholic College can still produce open minded graduates who can see the big picture of what America is made from and realize we need policies that include all law abiding people of any religious preference, gender or health issues. Trump or Pence can’t deliver what America needs.  

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Amazing Amazon

Related image
No company can compare to the amazing Amazon that seems to sell everything now and is always expanding. The best part is that they don’t punish you with excessive advertising but you know where to buy stuff on line and now in their stores popping up. I call it industrial selling with their quick service and 7 football field size warehouses that employ about 2,000 people in every location that is also popping up everywhere. The CEO of Amazon produces on his promises unlike Trump who promises to save jobs and lure companies to stay in this country and now we find out that companies like Carrier in Indianapolis who Trump said would save 1,000 jobs and now they decided to move to Mexico. Can all our companies scale his Mexican wall to get away from him?
Amazon recently bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion dollars. Now even supermarkets will probably be in fear of closing their stores as retail malls are closing across the country because you can get your lettuce and other fresh foods delivered right to your door quickly. Amazon already put book stores out of business and is selling anything else you can think of too. The Whole Foods deal will scoop up 460 stores and can double as distribution centers for Amazon Fresh that already sells food on its on line delivery service. Amazon already has 45 million Amazon Prime customers; do they need to expand their food business? Sure, why not! Until the forbidden thought happens and for some reason Amazon fails and we will have nowhere to buy stuff and food. It could be the end of civilization as we know it!
Amazon Fresh has fewer than a million customers and now they expect to have about 15 million food customers in the future. Since 1994 Amazon has acquired more than 70 companies and dominating most industries they enter. They are a player in electronics, computer software, CD’s and videos. Amazon is like the three thousand gorilla that wants to play in your back yard. The company seems to be unstoppable. Amazon and its new acquisition has caused other food companies stocks to go down. Acquiring Whole Foods has its advantages because the company will give a new start up product the opportunity to have some shelf space. Also much of Whole Foods products are in jars or are canned or in packaged goods that is the easiest things for Amazon to ship.
Whole Foods was in business for nearly 4 decades and never worried about the competition because they were so unique offering new types of food and prepared foods always with the healthy shopper in mind. Other supermarkets sell all kinds of things that are cheap but mostly unhealthy foods. Who would imagine that a delivery service like Amazon would be interested in the risk of shipping fresh food products? Whole Foods stuff is too expensive, its selection is poor and attracts a select group of people that would eat healthy grass over tasty bad stuff that most of America is hooked on thanks to the fat food industry of burgers and fries. Will Amazon also make America healthier?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Trump's Treasure

It is close to vacation time for the Republicans and all they want to do is to try to pass a hastily thrown together health care bill that will probably leave more Americans of any age left without any or good coverage. So, did Trump at least fulfill his promises to make your lives any better? I don’t see any evidence. He seems to be quieter since his wife finally moved into the White House and they convinced him to hide out at Camp David away from the public eye. What he did do quickly was to increase his personal wealth since his election really well. Did he help you get extremely wealthier since the election? NO
Trumps Florida White House took in millions of dollars since the election. His personal property values has surged since last year. Revenues at Trumps Mar-A-Lago Golf Club surged more than 25% since last year. He doubled membership fees since he took office. The club took in more than $37 million dollars. His Bedminster Golf Club took in nearly $20 million dollars since he took office. His new Washington D.C. International Hotel took in an additional $20 million dollars since he took office. The building is owned by the Federal Government but he profits personally from the day to day operations as the management company. Whatever personal fame could one get from being President? This guy knows how to personally capitalize from that fame even though he has done little good  for the country to add to his credit.
It appears that Trump hasn’t even eased tensions with North Korea. In fact things are getting worse that now North Korea is torturing Americans there. A 22 year old finds himself in a coma and dies being punished for months for stealing a poster in a Korean hotel. Trump said he was going to get China to police North Korea and that didn’t happen. Trump said he would impose consequences on trade with China if they didn’t step up. That didn’t happen instead he did secure very lucrative branding deals for him and his daughter to sell their personal products in China. In Sept 2015 Trump insulted China in a campaign speech where he said, ”We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country.” On March 30, 2017 Trump tweeted a warning to China. “We can no longer have great trade deficits with China” Since the visit of the Chinese President ‘s  visit to Trumps resort, there has not been any significant trade deals for this country.
Trump promised to label China a currency manipulator on his first day in office. That didn’t happen. During the campaign Trump promised to impose a 45% tariff on Chinese imports. That didn’t happen even though it would require Congressional approval.  He did sign two executive orders on trade but that didn’t go anywhere. Why not order the Commerce Department and the United States trade representative to at least write a report on what exactly is causing the trade deficit? Why isn’t he jumping on trade violations and enforce that? China has nothing to worry about since they still have trade advantages. Trump only cares about his own personal wealth and is capitalizing on his   new international contacts given to him as our President.  
He always takes photo opportunities showing him shaking hands with foreign leaders as if they agree on something new but in actuality he has done nothing with these world leaders to benefit our country!


Thursday, June 22, 2017

House the Homeless

It is easier to be homeless in the summer. So if you are homeless should you wander to a place that feels like summer year round? Hawaii has the highest number of homeless people than any other state. It is the first state to declare the problem an official State of Emergency. In desperation to solve the problem the state is trying a radical new approach. Lawmakers there this past March debated considered homelessness a medical illness. So, you will be able to get a prescription from your doctor for an apartment? Hmnnn! Maybe Trump will like this idea and build Trump Towers there for the homeless and bill the government for that too.
Related imageNow it can be doctor’s orders to get off the street. In Honolulu, Hawaii the homeless epidemic is very real. Our beautiful paradise is littered everywhere with people living out of their shopping carts. Gary Grinker is a homeless guy who is the highest uses of Medicaid in Hawaii. He walked out of the emergency room hospitals there 241 times last year. He cost the tax payers over $1.2 million dollars. The hospitals know him on a first name basis. He is just one of 1,900 people in the state who are sick chronically homeless people. They live on the streets for extended times and have on going medical conditions. Hawaii Senator Josh Green who is also a practicing Emergency Room doctor wants to redefine homelessness as a medical disease and allow doctors to   prescribe housing using Medicaid funds.
He says that the average life span of homeless people are age 50. He also believes that each housing prescription will cost an average of $20,000 dollars per year. Currently Hawaii spends about $95,000 on the average Medicaid user. So a prescription for a home is a real bargain and will keep the homeless out of the costly emergency rooms?  Neither the American Medical Association or the American Psychological Association considers homelessness a medical disease.  Medicaid doesn’t let the state spend money on rent. Hawaii is a great place to be homeless because the weather is great, mobility is easy, food is everywhere and there is a sense of freedom there. Everyone goes to Hawaii to have fun.
So, is homelessness a social condition or a medical condition? Hawaii gets $2 billion dollars a year to be used for Medicaid. The homeless population uses up 60% of that money in the emergency rooms. The ambulance costs $1,000 and the emergency room costs for basic vital sign tests cost another 2-3 thousand dollars. They get checked out, get a few pills and are out on the street again. The homeless are repeat visitors to the emergency room at times for basic care. The doctors who treat these people know what is best for humans and not the bloated rich people in Washington, the Federal government lawmakers. Should Medicare pay for a home? No But these people would benefit greatly from being off the streets and would lead healthier lives. Even just clinics for the homeless would be a better funded idea to treat the homeless than have them clog up the costly places geared for real emergency treatments. The whole system needs to be revamped.

The Federal Government is always trying to cut costs and it is highly doubtful that they would vote to start a new entitlement program for the homeless even if it would be proven that it would be less costly   than emergency room visits. Do politicians want a reputation for spending money for anything?    

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wonderful Walls?

The world is still an extremely divided place with actual walls everywhere determining who can go where. Border police doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. It is sad that the highest level of the food chain, humans can’t think of a way to respect our differences and beliefs and literally move on with our lives where ever we choose to go. It reminds me of the free wild horses on the open range in America that face walls of barbed wire to stop their freedom just because someone else owns a ranch. Some countries take a zero-tolerance approach to immigration and they do it by erecting walls with round the clock surveillance. The borders don’t look like a welcome sign but more like the walls of a high security prison. Are they keeping people in or out of their country?
This is how a part of Europe is responding to the refugee crisis. Hungary that is a border country is currently on lockdown. A 180 mile border fence was built in 2015 to stop the flow of refugees from entering that country from Serbia or Croatia. The border surveillance of the Hungarian-Serbian border is very effective. Along the chain link fence topped with barbed wire is the deployment of foot patrols, dog patrols, mounted officers, vehicle patrols as well as helicopter patrols. Heat-seeking devices are also applied. Do you think they are getting the message out there for humans to go away? Trump wants to build a 30 foot high concrete wall.  
Hungary’s overall crime rate is on the decline in all major categories since the building of their wall. The rural farmers feel safer now that they do not have anywhere from 20 to 150 people knocking on their doors looking for food, water or shelter. The farmers say they love freedom of borders very much, and free crossing would be great but they felt their lives were in danger being so outnumbered. They also felt that they must be able to protect themselves and Europe as well. Do we need similar walls in Britain and France that is under constant terrorist siege lately? In order to justify the closing of what used to be an open border Prime Minister Viktor Orban cited terror threats as the primary reason. He said that open borders represents a public security and terror risk.
Europe is locking down and becoming compartments on the globe because of the increased terror in Germany, France and Britain.  They feel now that the most important part now is to prevent immigrants from getting across the technical border. Europe used to be a wonderland of cultures and languages that just a train ride in any direction would bring you to another country   full of their traditions and different language to enjoy. Must we lose the cultural diversity of Europe to  border walls? Perhaps if the world spent more money on the plight of starving people in their own countries they would want to stay in their home towns. Does an unfriendly wall really solve the problems or just make people more angry and isolated on either side of the wall? When will peace and co-habitation enter the discussion to solve humanity and our collective needs?
After Hungary’s wall was built, tents and refugee camps sprouted up on the Serbian side of the border. No one wants to make a long journey starving, thirsty and dirty to find a wall and nothing else. Children walking from Afghanistan should not see walls with razor wire and spend their childhood looking at a prison environment and expect to grow up without even more hatred in their hearts. They walked to the wall where there is nowhere else to go followed by no hope for any kind of good future. It is unfortunate that the countries like Germany, France and Britain who opened their doors to refugees are living in constant fear of random attacks while Hungary who closed their border to refugees is becoming a safer place to live. So people from the Middle East are taking out their frustrations where ever they can?
Now gun loving anti-Islam politicians like Trump are gaining power in Europe; people that we have not seen in 50 years. The freedom party is founded by ex-Nazis who founded the party in post- World War ll in Austria.  Their candidate Norbert Hofer is part of an extreme right-wing German national fraternity that hates Muslims. They also stand for a worldview that is clearly racist, xenophobic, sexist,  anti-Semitic and making people very paranoid. Walls and discrimination is a probable cause for the end of the European Union. Hofer lost the election to the more moderate candidate Alexander Van der Bellen in the election but still got nearly 50% of the vote.  Trump is under investigation for stealing the election from Hillary. Walls and the great political divide is spreading all across Europe.

Germany took in more refugees than any other country in Europe and has the highest number of attacks on refugees in shelters. In 2016 there were more than 35 hundred   attacks. Locals are burning hotels that were being converted into shelters for refugees. Part of the fear is that Islam will take over their traditional religions of Christianity and Judaism. Integration into a new society will always be hard if faced by discrimination for who you are. Over a million refugees settled in Germany since 2015 and families still live in one room hotel rooms. There will be no peace or civility till a clear solution can be made for people to live in peace in their own countries.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Powerful Polluting Putin

It is clear now that Trump’s quest for constant wealth and power actually trumps every other possible thought. Most of his success as our President has obtained more personal wealth for himself than any amount of funds to support the people of this country. He has successfully branded his products in China, has diplomats filling up his hotels for profit, charged double the membership price at his resorts and is even supporting Russia’s quest to profit from the horrible effects from climate change. It is clear Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement to try to save this planet for the reasons of greed and personal profit.
Russia sees climate change not as a threat but as an economic opportunity. It is no longer all that cold in Russia in the winter anymore. The people love it because the shipping industry is now thriving because of the melting polar icecaps. Their ports are very important because they have a direct connection to the world’s oceans. So, access to the Northern Sea route cuts travel by sea in half. With no ice blocking the ships, travel around the world can happen all winter long. The Northern Sea route is a legionary shipping lane along the Russian coastline that has traditionally been inaccessible in winter because of ice. There is 1/3rd the ice left in the Arctic Circle since 1984. Without that ice covering everything, the sea shipping lanes have opened up unobstructed by ice and now vast oil reserves underground is also accessible. Putin loves climate change and so does his greedy friend Trump. Their motto is, who  cares if the world is burning up, let’s make money.
Even China signed the Paris Climate Change Agreement maybe because the amount of unclean air there allows people to just see 4 people in front of them instead of the billions of people that live in China. While the rest f the world is in fear of catastrophic climate change Russia seeks to capitalize on it. Already America’s soy bean crops are destroyed and now our corn crops are in jeopardy from dry fires or severe twisters, hurricanes and thunderstorms that are so fierce they cause flash flooding that disrupts the soil ruining the crops. Putin sees access to new found oil and Trump sees cheap ways to send his products for personal profit cheaper across the globe.
Just one port used to send cargo ships is worth more than $20 billion dollars. Just 30 years ago cargo ships leaving Russia had to navigate around the world through the Suez Canal to reach Asia getting around three continents and often traveling more than 10,000 miles. Now the melted Northern Sea Route cuts that distance in half and saves up to 15 days in travel time. In Norilsk, Russia the mining industry is now booming. Pollution from the mining is putting dangerous chemicals into the air.  There so much acid rain has entered the air that the land is considered a dead zone. Heavy metals released into the earth has made this area one of the most polluted places on earth. Nothing grows there and no people can live there. Just last year the Russian river turned red from all the metal waste they brought up from the depths of the earth.
Within the industrial areas of Norilsk water pollution is seen everywhere. The residents don’t seem to mind. They have jobs. It sounds very similar to Trumps solution for poverty. Pollute the earth with nasty jobs and employ people in unsafe occupations. The Russian people have been convinced that climate change is a benefit to them. They even celebrate National Oil Day there. The gas company offers free parties and celebrations for the gas workers. Populations have grown in port towns. Trump’s specialty, real estate development is booming in areas that used to be covered in ice winter and in very cold summers. The American taxpayer is paying for Secret Service   Protection for Trump’s family to personally get wealthier from policies he is promoting globally.
Within 15 years, port towns have grown to be double in size. Russians do not take the threat of climate change seriously. Trump doesn’t believe the scientists either. The Russian media plays down the effects of climate change Yet Lake Baikal in Russia show that wildfires have burned hundreds of thousands of acres around the lake. It used to be a wildlife tourist area that is now destroyed. It is the world’s largest and deepest freshwater lake.   The government there downplayed the ongoing destruction. Russia’s pledge in Paris actually promises to increase emissions. They refuse to stop economic growth for the environment. Climate change there has opened the door for more trade cheaper and more mining of oil and minerals. America used to be a leader since the industrial revolution in caring for the earth. Not anymore. Dictators like Putin and Trump has risen to power and have changed the entire focus of the world to greed, personal wealth and F the earth.

Billions of private money is being spent to develop habitat in space and not in preserving the habitat we were all so well suited for here on earth. Nuclear weapons are everywhere just waiting for our stupid leaders to finish us all. Most of us is now destined to burn to death with our burning polluted planet. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Parallel Scandals

The 45th Anniversary of Watergate was two days ago on June 17. The events that could possibly be leading up to Trumps Impeachment is eerily similar to the events that led   up to President Nixon’s Impeachment. A few vice-presidents became President too. There was Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush. Will Pence become President too? It could be possible since now President Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice in the Russian probe. It is a Federal crime and to prove wrongdoing the new FBI Director would have to find that Trump had the specific intent to impede an investigation or judicial proceeding. Normally that would be difficult to prove intent since intent is largely what someone is thinking but Trump put his own foot in his mouth when he told Comey to stop investigating Flynn and when Trump admitted to firing Comey because of the Russian investigation. That is revealing the intent to obstruct justice.
The case has to go in front of Congress that is a Republican Congress so will they impeach their boy? As in Watergate, leaking of classified information is never appropriate. Yet Trump met with Russian officials just days after Comey’s firing and leaked to them information about our informants from Israel. It is about time that we are finally talking about the crime and not just about the leak of information. Trump calls all this investigating a “witch hunt” that is the exact term Nixon called his investigation back in 1973. Both Nixon and Trump denied doing any illegal activities. They both attacked the media and called them “the enemy.” They both fired the investigators. Nixon fired the Special Counsel, Archibald Cox and Trump fired the FBI Director Comey. Just watch the old movie called All the President’s Men to refresh yourself on President Nixon’s demise. It was two reporters from the Washington Post, Mr. Woodward and Mr. Bernstein that took down Nixon. Trump calls his revealing reporters also today from The Washington Post dealers of “fake news.”
People care and are interested in this scandal. Over 20 million viewers tuned into the testimony of Comey in the morning on a weekday. America cares and wants to know. Participation defines our democracy. Watergate began with the break in at the Democratic Headquarters and ended with Nixon’s resignation. Nixon’s demise became the Political story of the century. Nixon’s story was a plot of espionage, lies and secret dealings. Watergate was the name of an office building where police was called to investigate a break in. On June 17, 1972, there was a break in at the Democratic National Committee’s Headquarters that had their office in the Watergate Building. Police did not expect to find Republicans there. They thought they would find a typical robbery. Instead they found that at the center of it all were two men, G. Gordon Liddy an ex-FBI Agent who had been hired in President Nixon’s Campaign to run covert operations and James McCord the security chief of the committee to re-elect the President. This sounds very similar to Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor, who was dealing with the Russians and Manifort, Trumps Campaign Director, who knew about the interference into the election by the Russians on Trump’s behalf.
The guys from the Nixon scandal were to get negative information out there about the Democratic Candidate as Trump’s guys did against Hillary. Breaking into Watergate proved their intent. Police found 10 people not looking like the typical robber in Watergate but men with bugging devices, tear gas pens, many rolls of film, locksmith tools and consecutively numbered 100 dollar bills all stuff used to obtain political information. Trump’s people did their crimes with e-mails and cyber computer intrusion into the election process. Then and now it is the journalists that are piecing the story of the crimes committed together. Typical burglars are not the important guys from the CIA but the night the burglars from Watergate were being arrested it was James McCord the security chief and CIA Agent working for Nixon’s Campaign that was arrested. Flynn was one of Trump’s big shots who has been found to collude with the Russian intervention into our election process.
Nixon and Trump are part of political break-ins and dirty tricks to insure their election. Nixon and Trump took steps to end the further investigations into the crimes. Nixon tried to stop an FBI investigation into the money the burglars had for bribery purposes. Trump fires Comey and admits it is because of the FBI investigation into Flynn and the Russians and the bribery there for influence. Both Presidents involvement is for their own Political purposes and not for any reason to protect the American people. Both administrations can have the motto,  ”follow the money” and illegal things will be revealed. They found a $25,000 check from Nixon’s campaign money that went to one of the burglars. The Russians were heavily financing Trump’s boy Manifort.  The money trails in both administrations show collusion. Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchel was the highest law official in America who controlled the secret fund that paid for undercover activities against Nixon’s political opponents. Trump’s appointee, Jeff Sessions conveniently never remembers the answers to specific questions under oath concerning his involvement. During Nixon's investigation John Elirkerman had memory loss too. Comey had detailed notes during Trump's investigation and John Dean's elaborate and meticulous testimony during Nixon's investigation made the investigation not to go away.  Dean testified 60,000 words describing instructions involving paper shredding, hiding possible evidence and money laundering instructions to him by Nixon's people.  Comey's details recently provided the need to investigate Trump and move forward.
Nixon’s Watergate scandal was the first of its kind in American history. Nixon even had tapes where he colluded to crimes in his recorded voice. Nixon was never indited despite the evidence on the tapes and in the documents that made it clear that there was a criminal as our leader in the White House.  Nixon never acknowledged guilt and could have survived with an apology. Trump won't admit any wrongdoing ever. Trump's saga is all too familiar and an embarrassment to our Country. Nixon and Trump was elected and they both rejected the investigations as a waste of time “witch hunt.” Both investigations lead straight to the White House. Trump apparently has not learned the lessons taught from Watergate. He needs to know he can not F with our Democracy!