Monday, January 15, 2018

Trump's Gifts

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Our world is changing rapidly due to irresponsible Trump. Places that former Presidents saved are now being exploited and raped by Trump’s policies. America’s natural resources and environment will be destroyed and will never be the same. On January 4, 2018 Secretary Zinke   announced a plan for unleashing America’s offshore oil and gas potential. The draft proposed program considers nearly the ENTIRE United States Outer Continental Shelf for potential oil and gas lease sales. The 47 lease sales is the largest number of lease sales ever proposed in American history.
Trump goes further to stop the pollution restrictions. Where the hell was he when oil rigs were burning up polluting the oceans really badly? The Trump administration will overhaul safety-monitoring rules for off shore drilling. They are revising a pair of rules that were enacted in the wake of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill on the grounds that they are overly burdensome on the industry. Yup, filthy rich billionaires just want to be able to make more money at any expense. Rex Tillerson, our Secretary of State is a big shot from Exxon Oil.  He wouldn’t mind taking advantage of the opportunity to make even more money from his industry. The problem with billionaires being in the countries’ law making position are so greedy and self- serving that they couldn’t even think of what their job is to do now. Their job now as America’s lawmakers is to PRESERVE AMERICA AND TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THIS COUNTRY and not for the best profits they can make. They were NOT elected to take advantage of America. They are raping our environment and stealing our natural resources with no restrictions for personal profiteering. Trump is even getting rid of the tax that would fund clean-up efforts if there is a disaster. It is a sweet time to be in the oil industry because everything is going your way.
Every governor on both coasts of this country expressed disapproval of the proposed new drilling rules. Without much fanfare, oil companies just received a tax break on New Year’s Day. Congressional Republicans ALLOWED a tax on oil companies that generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually for federal oil-spill response efforts to expire. The tax generated an average of $500 million dollars in federal revenue per year. Donald is making America bankrupt too as he did four times in his personal life. So will the average American see a lower price and lower taxes taken out of your gas prices at the pump? Probably not. The oil companies will probably just re-invest their profits back into their own companies and just make them bigger and more profitable. HOW DOES ANY OF THIS HELP AMERICANS AND OUR LAND AND OCEANS DONALD? Donald doesn’t help us at all!
It was the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill that highlighted many of American’s concerns about the ruination of our waters and wildlife and our health. To safeguard ourselves Congress then established the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund (OSLET). Trump just ended it all. Recently there was an oil tanker that crashed and was on fire for a week in the South China Sea. It carried nearly a billion barrels of oil that was burning into the air and leaking into the sea. There will always be the potential for more oil disasters especially now that Trump is opening our national parks to oil production   and cancelling the tax to have funds for oil disaster cleanups. It is no longer God Bless America. We are in God Help America mode.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Our Hero of the Stupid

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He is America’s hero of the stupid. Trump still has many followers no matter what! Name calling, offensive comments, wrong facts, false accusations, sexual misconduct, you name it, Trump has done it and they love him. I guess it all just is a reflection on how dumb Americans are. Now even the little things are mounting up in the giant pile of shit that Trump is.
Here is just a small sample:
1.       The White House put out a press release saying that the Prime Minister of NORMAY, Erna Solberg was visiting America. Donald, the country is called Norway.
2.       The White House put out a press release saying that Trump’s visit to Israel was to “Promote the possibility of lasting PEACH.” We all know that Donald never likes to even say the word peace but it is spelled peace.
3.       When Prime Minister Therese May visited America, the White House misspelled her name three times in the press release describing her schedule for visits with Donald.
4.       Yesterday Donald said in a speech that “in November we started delivering the first F-52s and F-35 fighter jets to Norway. The fact is that there are NO F-52s. A plane by that name only exists in the video game called Call of Duty! The F-52 is a FICTIONAL jet only available to fly if you are a gamer at the controls of the video game called, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that is an old game released in 2014. A correction by Donald is never made.
5.       The White House released an Inauguration Commemorative Poster of Donald that has a quote by him. It said, “No dream is too big, no challenge is TO great. Nothing we want for the future is beyond our reach” Despite the incorrect spelling of the word too, is Donald’s message here that nothing is beyond reach even if you are ignorant and unqualified to reach and receive the Presidency?
6.       Donald tweeted in August, “Our great country has been divided for decades. Sometimes you need to protest in order to HEEL, & we will HEEL, & be stronger than ever before! Despite the incorrect spelling of the word heal, is he encouraging Americans to protest and the bigger bully should win somehow?
7.       Trump in November made up a fake story, a bizarre claim that Obama never got to land his plane in the Philippines. Donald went on to repeat his made up story two times to the press.
8.        Trump contradicts his OWN FISA Policy in Tweets.
9.       Trump made up a nation called Nambia that doesn’t exist.
Is the new normal the embarrassing incompetence spewing from our President and his White House? Every single day for the past year Americans and the world have been hit with outrageous nonsense.
When Donald received some statistics referring to immigrants and their numbers, he could only insult every group. He received a document from his domestic policy advisor, Stephen Miller. The document listed how many immigrants had received visas to enter the United States in 2017. More than 2,500 were from Afghanistan who he called a terrorist haven. Haiti had sent 15,000 people. The President said, “They all have AIDS.” 40,000 people had come from Nigeria. Donald said, “Once they had seen the United States, they would never “go back to their huts in Africa.” What names would he have called your grandparents when they came to this country?
Sloppiness, ignorance and bias should have NO place in our America unless you are sloppy, ignorant and bias too. Trump followers.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Trump's Shit is Hitting the Fan

America! Bad Grand-Pa Trump did it again. What did he do now? He told the world bad things about people! What did he say now? He said, why are we having all these people from shit hole countries come here? HAAAAA! The President said shit hole!!! Go to bed America and don’t listen to that dirty old man President anymore! Sigh
Apparently Trump was ALWAYS a member of the top 1% of rich people in America who had the poor immigrants building palaces just for him. People from all over Europe flooded the WELCOMING Ellis Island as they fled potato famines in Ireland, earthquakes and volcanoes in Italy, and poverty in Poland. We had slaves from Africa picking our rich 1% of people cotton and fruit plantations. We had Chinese immigrants build our railroads. Yes, most immigrants fled the shit holes where they lived all over the world in search of a better life for them and their children. Have Trump supporters forgotten their heritage too?
Our President’s crude statement was thrown at and was referring to African Nations and Haiti. Do ya think he is a white supremacist? You gave him a hall pass when he said that people was at fault from both sides when the skin heads killed a woman from the other side in some protest! Someone needs to educate bad old grand-pa that people came to America from all over the world to live here in peace and prosperity!
Trump’s views is making America a shit hole country to the rest of the world. American Ambassadors to Haiti, Botswana and Senegal were summoned to give a formal explanation to what the President said. A White House spokesman said, “Certain Washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries, but President Trump will always fight for the American people.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN????????
Is Trump going to throw all people out of this country and   give it back to the American Indians?  They are the true American people in this land. How many casinos will we have then? Delusional Donald is at it again! That asshole knows only about his shit hole of a mind.
All this uproar started when negotiations turned to protecting immigration from Africa, Haiti and El Salvador. He went further to say he wanted more immigrants from places like Norway here. What makes him think that people from Norway want to come to this shit hole America? Norwegians are laughing at him and America and would never want to step foot in this country because we offer our immigrant based people not much.
Norwegians have many things included in their taxes to help the people from Norway live a better life that Trump is taking away or is not offering Americans. They have Universal Health Care
Five Weeks Paid Vacations for All
 Parental Leave for one Year
 Tuition Free Universities
  Pay Equality
  Free Birth Control
  Strict Gun Control
Can we take our children on a one way Norwegian Cruise Line to Norway where all the citizens are happy, healthy and prosperous and most of all doesn’t have an ass hole for a leader spewing shit from his mouth?  [cs1]

Friday, January 12, 2018

Federal Felons

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The aught to be a law! Convicted felons and people who are convicted of other offenses who are not allowed to vote anymore should NOT be allowed to run for political office. There are criminal folks running for office who are not even allowed to vote for themselves but expect the population to vote for them. Years ago, if you were convicted of a crime, after your prison sentence was up you would fade away into society and try to live a peaceful life unnoticed.  Not anymore. Now criminal types are arrogant and forceful and are trying to be elected to important positions that can determine how the lives of innocent civilians will be run. That is wrong and unfair. Congress as usual, do something!
Convicted criminals have already been investigated and have been proven to break the laws of this country. They should therefore not be allowed to judge us and how our country should be run. They should not be allowed to run for political office along with their past not allowing them to ever be allowed to vote again in this country. Ethics, morals   and accountability should have more emphasis in this country.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a convicted criminal is running for a Senate seat in Arizona. He has only a 37% approval rating in Arizona but is still running in the race. His past experience has all kinds of bad things in it but yet he can run for political office. While being Sheriff in Arizona he made a woman give birth while wearing shackles being tied down. He withheld resources for investigations into sex crimes in his jurisdiction. He restricted food for inmates while he allowed them to watch the Food Network. He burned a dog alive and laughed while the dog’s owner cried. The prisoners in his jails died at alarming rates with no explanation given. He constructed tent cities where temperatures could rise to 135 degrees and the structures were compared to conditions that were last seen in concentration camps. He is a convicted criminal who Trump pardoned anyway. All this is an outrageous insult to the American people.
Why are Americans being subjected to vote for really bad convicted people? Why is this allowed? When bad people get elected we lose voters. People get disheartened with the entire system and just don’t want to be part of the sham that American politics has become. During elections all candidates look like criminals. The propaganda spread from opposing opponents make everyone look like a criminal even if they aren’t. Why do criminal types get elected?

Yet we need people to dig their heels in the dirt and still vote for the best possible candidate in order to stop the criminal types from getting into the most important governing jobs in our collective lives. This country should have NO room in our government for racists, womanizers, self- promoting millionaires or convicted felons. There are currently four Republicans running for political office. At least stop them with your vote!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Team Sport Gambling?

Do you want more gambling in New Jersey? Chris Christie wanted it. Now he is leaving as Governor of the state. He wanted more of it but traditionally gambling on sports games by players were unforgivable. Throughout the years the sports leagues have avoided the gambling capitol of America, Las Vegas. But now that view is all changed. The NFL recently broke ground on a large stadium on the Las Vegas strip. It will soon become home to the Oakland Raiders. Soon after the NHL arrived in Vegas. Now the newest hockey expansion team called the Vegas Golden Knights is in Vegas too.
Image result for vegas team sport gamblingNow they want every sport imaginable to have a home in Vegas.  Why all of a sudden pro sports is in Vegas? Because the big leagues want to strike it rich too and Vegas is helping to foot the bill to create new stadiums there. Even the sin city aspect of Vegas wants to cash in on the idea. The Bunny Ranch owner plans to open a Raiders-themed brothel just outside of Las Vegas. Yes, boys you can go the  game  at the stadium and then go to the whore house where she will be waiting for you wearing just a jersey.  Then your personal games can begin! Sigh!
Image result for vegas team sport gamblingNew Jersey said they are ready for legalized sports gambling. Chris Christie wanted it at his stadiums and race tracks. The Jersey voters approved of Christie' s proposal. Then the sports leagues sued him and stopped his plan dead in its tracks. So why are they going to Vegas? There is even a radio station in Vegas called VSIN that is all about gambling on sports games. People think that legal gambling will make the sports be more honest and exposed. With legalization comes regulatory agencies as watch dogs. Now the N.B.A. Commissioner Adam Silver wants to legalize and regulate sports betting. The sports leagues don’t trust Christie because they don’t believe that he will share in the profits and they want a piece of the action.

The Supreme Court will hear the case. All we know is that legal betting in Las Vegas is worth about $5 billion dollars but illegal betting going on everywhere else in America is worth $100 billion dollars. That is going to be a bad habit hard to break. Who can ever forget all the crap Pete Rose took when he bet on his own baseball games. He lost his career and he was one of the best players in baseball. The country’s opinions have changed on sports betting and is more tolerant of the practice. We should just leave the gambling to Vegas where they are being regulated and watched all the time. Can we even trust the players to perform an honest game or will they purposely lose a game because they themselves bet on their loss? We can’t regulate what is going through the minds of the players who are in control of a game’s outcome win or lose.   

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wellingnes in the White House

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Should every President of the United States be required to take a mental fitness test? Most Presidents HAVE taken mental exams for their prior jobs in law enforcement, as lawyers or in the military. Police Officers are required as well as folks who pass the Bar exam to be lawyers, take a mental illness exam. Yes, America doesn’t want crazy people determining our fate on the streets with an authorized gun as in police officers and we don’t want the crazy people defending us in court or sentencing us to jail if they are crazy. It all makes sense but it doesn’t make sense to have a crazy person being able to make the decision to launch nuclear weapons or determine our financial fate. After seeing all the crazy Trump has already done in the White House, Congress needs to get busy and pass a law requiring that ANY President should take an Are You Crazy test!
The author of the now famous book called Fire and Fury that is an insider’s look at what is going on in the White House now is revealing that there is a lot of crazy going on. People are resigning or getting fired all the time. President Trump will not disclose his tax returns and now refuses to take a mental fitness exam. Why? If he is that confident that there is no fraud in his finances or mental illness, why not agree to any test? He is always vocal demanding all kinds of disclosures from Obama and Hillary from birth certificates to murder. All of his allegations towards them have proven to be false statements and unwarranted hysteria.
Trump is the oldest elected President and a mental capacity component as well as the physical exam should be required for such an important job that puts the world at edge. We need a certified sane person as our President. We know that President John   F. Kennedy as well as President Richard Nixon took daily psychiatric medication but did that on their own. There was no requirement to do so. Their mental issues did not disqualify them from the Presidency. The problem with Trump is that if he does have mental instability, he needs treatment.
There was passed by Barry Goldwater a law in the 1960’s called the Goldwater Rule that states “that it is unethical for a psychiatrist to offer a professional opinion unless he or she has conducted an examination with proper authorization for such statements.” Violations of the rule will get you kicked out of the American Psychiatric Association and your license to practice medicine can be revoked. So a doctor will not say he is crazy until he is evaluated and fails the test!
It was President Carter who pushed for the creation of a panel of physicians who would routinely evaluate a President to determine if a President’s judgement was clouded by a mental disability. COMGRESS BRING BACK CARTER’S IDEA. There is no such medical commission currently in place. Tax payers would love to pay taxes for the cost of insuring our safety from a possible nut at the controls in the White House.
It is widely known that mental issues can hit someone at any given time. Now that a President can and is voted to be President without any qualifications for the job; no military experience, no law enforcement experience and no law degree, that all require mental fitness exams for those jobs, we need it to also be a requirement for the Presidency.  Make your Congressman demand it!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Oprah's Oration

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It was a speech that only Oprah could do. The entire Golden Globes award show was unique given by the Hollywood Foreign Press in that all the actors and actresses chose to wear black in solidarity for the “Me Too” and “Time’s Up” movement of people having the courage to speak up and protest sexual abuse everywhere. Even the press spoke about the assault on them with all the fake news out there. It was an award show like no other.
Oprah was there to receive the Cecil B. Demille award for career achievement like George Clooney won in 2015, Denzel Washington got in 2016 and Meryl Streep was awarded in 2017. This year it was Oprah’s turn and she accepted the honor in her own unique way that we are all accustomed to hearing from her. We all grew up with her watching her talk show for years, viewing her movies , reading her magazine, craving her generosity when she gave away cars to her entire audience or granting full educations to the suppressed  and listening to her warm inspiration on serious issues. She never spoke to just a black audience, she spoke to everyone.
Oprah has been speaking up about sexual harassment all her career. She spoke about harassment in many places but she left out speaking up about the sexual predator in the White House who likes to grab women by the pussy and has 19 women speak up about his unwanted sexual advances. Why isn’t the cry loud enough demanding that Trump steps down from his job? Well, now people are wishing that Oprah will make a run to be President in 2020. Hey! If Trump can be President with no political background, no military service or knowledge of international affairs, I guess another TV personality can be President to. But she in her acquired wealth came from a humble background and spent her life uplifting people, being empathetic to people’s needs in a humanitarian way. Trump’s popularity rose from being a powerful driven leader who took pride in firing people. Sigh!
Award shows aren’t supposed to be about activism but between giving actors and actresses awards for their film prowess, a message of no nonsense anymore came out clear. Her acceptance speech was an unscripted natural and free from inside her,  master class in speech making. Unlike Trump who makes you cringe every time he opens his mouth, she was inspirational.  She said that she was hopeful for the time when no one has to say “me too” on sexual abuse ever again. She is the living example of overcoming obstacle’s. Her life was a path to overcoming rejection, discrimination and being marginalized.
She spoke of the inspiration of seeing the first black man receiving an award on TV, Sidney Poitier but she didn’t mention our first black President Obama. She spoke of a little known black woman who was raped and law officials did little or nothing to find her rapist. Oprah didn’t mention hew own sexual abuse as a child. There is a new documentary called The Rape of Recy Taylor for everyone to see. Many black women were raped since slavery days and their cries went ignored but Recy Taylor spoke up and exposed the lack of justice for rape victims.
In 1988 Oprah spoke up on a show about her abuse from a 19 year old cousin who raped her. In 1986 she became the first black woman to host her own nationally syndicated talk show. Oprah never shies away from discussing uncomfortable topics but she does it in a natural comfortable way that includes you in the discussion. Her platform throughout the years is to give a voice to the voiceless and to empower us all. Trump has managed to divide the world and made us all just want to scream out loud wearing our worn out protest shoes.
Before this year when so many famous and important men have fallen off their pedestal Oprah did a popular show where grown men held up their photos of them at the young age when pedophile priests abused them. That was years ago. She gave those abuse victims a voice. Will she give America a new voice in 2020? She just might be rich and powerful enough to take on Trump and his thugs in the next election.


Monday, January 8, 2018

Information Warfare

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 America’s most dangerous war is the most influential war. It is now information warfare. What is presented to us in the news can be fake or real. Who knows? Powerful media companies can tell us just about anything and we are forced to believe whatever because what else do we have to try to keep current in terms of our safety and interests? We live in a world of instant photographs being sent everywhere in the world without censorship or even quality control. We live in a world where a green screen of any image can be placed in any photograph leaving us possibly with people even in false locations. Anyone can post any text anywhere without a fact finding background. So, everyone in the world is left to their own personal judgement to decide for themselves what is real or fake and what to believe in. The problem with all that is what if the truth just doesn’t get as much publicity or media coverage as it deserves? Does that mean the truth possibly doesn’t even exist? Information warfare is truly dangerous because it fucks with our mind! The fucking with our minds are the only common ground between all humans and that is the scariest thing of all!
We have intelligence reports that Russia’s influence campaign targeted the United States Presidential Election. How did they do it? Not with guns or bullets or missiles. But with information warfare and they were successful in getting their paid off American guys into the White House. Flynn, Manifort and Trump play and played key roles in our government. There is nothing illegal about spreading influence in the media. Russia has a media group called RT for Russia Today spread everywhere in the world. It can be found on many of our satellite and cable systems. NOW our Justice Department is insisting that RT register as a foreign agent to the United States under an 80 year old law that was written to stop the spread of NAZI propaganda. Why doesn’t the Justice Department use this law to stop the spread of ISIS propaganda and homemade bomb making information on media outlets like the internet? If America has to go to war with information, do it with all our information enemies!
Related imageThis information war opens up a new can of worms. What if Russia cuts off all American media in their country because they deem it as mostly anti-Putin? Then what does the world have? Selective propaganda forced on our intellect? How valuable must “freedom of the press “   be in the world; whatever the press wishes to print? So then we have to hope that ethics, civility and morals kick in with the deciding factors of media spitting out information to us all collectively. RT is a vast state rum media network from Russia with 2,500 employees. They broadcast around the world with a Spanish channel for Latin America, an Arabic channel for the Middle East and four English additions including a show called the Brexit Poll in England. In America RT is available on cable but not a lot of Americans watch RT on television. Russia Today is widely spread on social media like Facebook, YouTube   and   Twitter where it has collected more than 2 billion views. Yes, America is listening and watching Russia Today’s influence.
The CIA, FBI and NSA views RT as a weapon and is involved in an information war. A movie should be made about the fascinating life and career of Margarita Simonyan who for the past 10 years started at the age of 25 to run the successful Russian state owned media empire, handpicked by Putin for the job. She claims what the Russians have done successfully on social media outlets is legal and the successes of their messages should not be censored. So what if Hillary lost the election? People lose elections all the time. Except Putin’s success in all of Russia’s elections have made that country and other countries like The Ukraine and Poland become Putin’s personal playground. Dictators with their one sided opinions about just about everything from economics to weapons to power is ruining   basic freedoms all humans deserve.
Image result for information warfareMichael Flynn pled GUILTY to lying to the FBI in the Russia investigations. In 2015 Flynn was invited to RT’s 10th Anniversary gala and sat him right next to Putin. The media group paid Flynn $45,000 just to attend the dinner. It was a photo opportunity reality that proved to Russians that Putin had it in good with America and Russia’s foothold in American politics and power.  RT’s powerhouse, Margarita said Putin didn’t know who Flynn was. REALLY? WHO WOULD SEAT RIGHT NEXT TO THEIR LEADER SOMEONE NO ONE EVEN KNEW? Sigh! Flynn failed to disclose these contacts on his security disclosure forms.
RT used to have human interest stories about the wonderfulness of Russia. Under Margarita’s rule the media outlet has become a propaganda platform for Putin’s needs. RT’s budget provided by the Kremlin soared to over   $300 million dollars per year, a tenfold increase over the past 10 years.  Russian Military has stated that, “in warfare information can be more effective than any physical weapon.” The view was put into action 5 years ago. Margarita used to love the United States. In college she even had an internship in New Hampshire that she loved. Until then President Clinton in 1999 bombed Yugoslavia.
She hates the Clintons. The bombing was a NATO humanitarian intervention to prevent ethnic cleansing. To Russians it was viewed as a sign of United States aggression. Now Syria is being backed by Putin money and is killing innocent people in Syria where the Dictator Assad there is performing ethnic cleansing on his own people. Throughout the 1990’s Margarita said that Russia was under the influence of the United States. Now they want to influence America. Russia did not want to see the Clinton’s in the White House again. RT’s massive media influence posted a thing called Teaching A Master Class that got over 10 million views that posted Hillary as being corrupt. That media war was successful!
The RT’s goal is to dis-inform and distort truth. RT spread the rumor that the Clinton’s took personal money from their Foundation. Alex Jones, a radio host that dwells on conspiracy theories against democracy traffics an Anti-American democracy theory. European leaders agree with the Justice Department’s report and feel that Putin is very aggressive worldwide in self-promotion and aggression to a dangerous level. Both France and Britain accused Russia of trying to interfere in their elections. In Britain the Prime Minister, Theresa May reported that,” the Kremlin has weaponized   itself   by deploying its state run media empire   to spread discord in the west and undermine our institutions.”
Recently in America YouTube has downgraded RT’s preferred status and has banned RT’s ads from their platform. The Justice Department has labeled RT a foreign agent. Margarita says the restriction is a fly in the face of America’s policy of freedom of the press. Is she right? Or are we protecting ourselves from yet another Hitler type Dictator who wishes to take over the world? Yes, the difference of opinions is a good and healthy discussion of ideas but not when it involves successes in deceit and the destruction of innocent lives.

Russia has already retaliated. In the information war,   Russia has hastily passed a law enabling its Justice Ministry to label United States government media like Radio Free Europe and Voice of America as foreign agents. So where are we all now without not much faith in the human race? We have to seek guidance from our worshiped Gods. Good luck with that!