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Sunday, August 2, 2015

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Supreme Court your work is not done. Another type of family wants to be recognized too in this world we live in of anything goes and it is all good and marriage means more about commitment than man and woman as husband and wife. We have a new culture of acceptance and another twist on the modern family. It features two moms and one dad and they call their relationship Polyamorous and they all are parents. The bed they share is just more crowded. There are families where the women love the women and have decided to include a man and have babies from him and he is their husband who has fathered children with both women.

These triads want to make it clear that they are not polygamists where the man had many different wives but the wives are not lesbians too.  Don’t get a headache. Just try to figure it all out too. They are not like the families that was made famous in the TV show Big Love or the other show called Sister Wives. This is just a want to validate a very busy three-some bed. They also share parenting responsibilities equally. Is it wrong or even confusing? Say some lesbians in a committed relationship also want to have babies in a committed relationship with the father too? It is a busy bed and more help in raising the children. There is almost always a parent present with the children.

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Their intimate three –way wedding ceremony seals part of the deal for them. They all have a husband and a wife. Polyamorous   families are not legally recognized. They hope to be able to share assets in three-ways but they also have the problem of being able to share benefits. We are living in a time where attitudes about marriage are shifting. Only last month the Supreme Court handed down the historic decision that states are required to allow same –sex couples to marry. What about the polyamorous trios? They are just extended gay people who also want to not be gay sometimes to have the father of their kids in bed too. I need some headache medicine now.

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The polyamorous families are pushing their type of love and family in the web series called Looks Like Love to Me.   It   is unusual for a lesbian couple to all of a sudden say they need a man too but here we have it happening. They find a guy who loves them both. They feel their relationships are a healthy way to raise a family. Poly amorous families have been around for a long time but they never wanted the legal recognition too in the past.   So, it is harder to be poly than gay or lesbian.   Diana Adams runs a Nontraditional Family Law Practice as an Attorney in Brooklyn N.Y. and she says that she has TGthe new frontier in terms of family definition. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Related imageWatch your head! Amazon drones have been cleared to fly! The FAA approved testing for Prime Air deliveries. Yup the Federal Aviation Administration approved Amazon Logistics Inc. to fly drones experimentally last March and now more of them are in the skies. The approval allowed the company to conduct research, development and crew training for deliveries called Amazon Prime Air. With great permission like that, Amazon could one day put all the other delivery companies out of business. The approval allows the company to fly remote-controlled aircraft lower than 400 feet during daylight hours and the pilot must have a pilot’s certificate. So all those years you told your kids to put their remote controlled toys down and do something constructive just made you dead wrong.  The kids could have had a pilot’s license   by now.

Related imageOther restrictions include keeping the aircraft within view of its pilot or partner called a “visual observer” and   flying at least 500 feet away from people not associated with the experiments. While Amazon is the highest profile company to get FAA approval to fly drones commercially, the agency granted 48 petitions through for purposes such as movie-making, smokestack inspections and aerial photography. But hundreds of pending more applications are wanting the same favors Amazon got. If you don’t like the idea you can blame it on Congress who in 2012 ordered the FAA to integrate drones into the skies with passenger planes by September 2015. Well, her we are and the skies are a mess with now drones being sucked into jet engines along with birds. Then there are the laser pointers being pointed in the cockpits just to make the landing of a plane more interesting for the pilots. Those guys need combat pay to land a plane at any airport during peace time.

The approval was granted under an airworthiness certificate that requires Amazon to report monthly to the FAA. The reports must include the number of flights, a pilot’s duty time per flight, any malfunctions, deviation and instructions from air-traffic controllers and unintended loss of links between the aircraft and remote pilot. Why can’t we vote on these decisions? Now our local air space is polluted. Shouldn’t these drones be taxed for at least some money our government is always crying that they don’t have enough of? And give those jerky Air Traffic Controllers a raise in salary now that they have to worry about these mechanical pests flying into things too.

It is nice that the FAA released a long-awaited proposal for rules governing remote controlled aircraft weighing up to 55 pounds. Ouch that is like a child being propelled in the air and hitting you in the head! There better be a pilot to be required foe that size drone. I could care less if more requirement could hinder deliveries envisioned along automatic flying directions. Keep track of those things! Now Amazon sounds like a Domino’s Pizza Commercial. According to the company’s associate general counsel, Stephanie Burns, Amazon’s Prime Air, the new delivery system expects to get they will get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using small aerial vehicles that the company is still very passionate about. Engineering   companies are still working on perfecting the next great drone. Look OUT! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Related imageWe need so many common sense laws that should apply to all 50 states. By taking action in some cases you can be considered a hero or having charges given to you depending on the laws of that particular state. Being in the middle of summer, most of us are facing sweltering heat and when you see a toddler locked in a car are you a hero for cracking the window to free the child or did you just become a criminal for defacing someone else’s  property? Believe it or not, it depends where you did it that determines whether you are hero or criminal. Most people would break the window anyway to save the child but others think twice and simply say that it is none of their business.

The summer months are always the time when children and pets are the most vulnerable to the heat yet there has been an alarming number of children and pets reported left alone in locked cars with the windows closed even if for a few minutes, the body temperature can soar to 105 degrees and that is lethal for children and pets. So far this year alone 10 children have died because they were left behind in hot cars. One child died last week in Texas. You can call 911 and the police will break the window to get the child out. New car technology has made it harder to pop the car door open with a tool or hanger. Carrie Underwood tweeted earlier this month that she broke her own window to get at her pet and child and keys left locked in.

Related imageBreaking into someone’s car is still considered breaking the law no matter the reason.  There   are only 4 states in America that has the “Good Samaritan Law’. They are Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma and Indiana where you will be thanked by law enforcement for being the first responder to stopping a possible tragedy. Why isn’t this the law in all the states? There are so many different rules and regulations from state to state from drugs to taxes to emergencies that one should be afraid to ever leave their state just from ignorance of each states very different laws. Our Supreme Court and Congress does not do enough to unify this country on every issue not only gay marriage.

The temperature in a car can climb 20 degrees in only ten minutes in the heat. Even an adult under the extreme temperatures can get an irregular heartbeat from the extreme temperature. The Internet is full of videos of people showing the effects on their bodies from the extreme heat in closed cars. The videos on You Tube from PITA get a million views. NFL player Tyrone Matthew has a video showing him suffering from the extreme heat. This month in Tennessee a law has been extended to allow good Samaritans to break into a car to also rescue dogs.
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Earlier this summer there was an arrest in Athens, Georgia after an Army Veteran broke the window   of a car to rescue a small Terrier. The charges were later dropped only after a protest. ABC has a show What Would You Do where they conducted a social experiment of seeing the reaction of people to these situations. Some people were outraged and others  didn’t care.  Anyone in this country should not be in fear of prosecution when they step in to help a neglected child or pet   left alone in a hot car.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Related imageIt must be hard to hear anything good about you brought out in the past tense while you are still alive. Bill Cosby was the whitest black guy in America and everyone seemed to love him. He acted white and spoke like a white man even wore bad sweaters like white men do. His jokes were all about conservative fatherhood and raising children. His TV show was about being successful and professional as a black man.. He was America’s role model got awards from a President and sold America’s Jello to all. We all loved him.  Yes and now we have to speak of him in the past tense because his secret life has been officially exposed.

There is a magazine with 45 women on the cover who claim to have been taken advantage of sexually by him in the past.  There is a deposition from 2005 that has been exposed where he in his own words confesses about his possession of drugs to be used on women for sex. It is no longer an allegation. His testimony is now proof.  Americans were still hoping that he would come forward in his own words now but he still has not. For a while the women were not believed and thought of as gold diggers. The women deserve to be believed and deserve some closure for their assaults. They are victims to a sexual predator.

Related imageYes our squeaky clean family man is now an ugly old liar in reality.  Everyone is sad and feels betrayed.  It is a bombshell 1,000 page deposition. In it Cosby describes the sexual relationship he had with one victim called Andrea who accused him like the others of drugging her and sexually abusing her without her consent. The deposition took 4 days to complete where he says that she didn’t appear to object to anything so he continued. The document describes his sexual encounters with at least 5 women.  It just fueled an exploding scandal that now includes more than 2 dozen women that has come forward with their story of abuse.

The deposition became part of a current civil suit by a victim. The most damaging thing about the document is his attitude throughout the pages where he doesn’t ever consider his behavior a serious wrong. Even today he can’t bring himself to say he his sorry to anyone which just makes him look like even more of a sick monster.   He settled out of court and the deposition was never used in a lawsuit back in 2005. In the document he admits that he never took drugs for himself but he did get Quaaludes for young women that he wanted to have sex with.  Now his futile efforts to hide has been unsuccessful and he is never going to be able to keep this secret again.
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Gloria Alfred is a famous Attorney and represents 17 women in a current civil lawsuit. It is a fall from grace from a man who once was   admired by all. His squeaky clean image has been shattered by his own words. All the good things he represents in the past has been erased. There is no morality in this man and he can no longer make moral positions. Even our current President describes what he did as rape. This document is making even his oldest friends finding it hard to defend him any longer. How the deposition became public without a court sanction is a mystery and does violate his confidentiality agreement. However, there is no way to restore his legacy.  The courts will be busy on this matter very soon.    

Monday, July 27, 2015

Related imageAmerica should stop funding the NFL and their huge stadiums and then there would be plenty of money that taxpayers gave to spend on our crumbling roads and bridges sadly in need of great repairs. What   is wrong with our elected officials to not be able to see this problem and change things on the nation’s behalf as a whole? Is there any cap on how rich the team owners can be? America has a lot of stadiums to host sporting events. They are becoming more expensive with strange amenities. The home of the Dallas Cowboys boasts giant expensive murals painted by famous artists. There are 14 party cabana rooms overlooking the field with leather seats and private bars. There are swimming pools that look down at the end zone inside the stadium. Yes, you can now watch a live game from a swimming pool extended over the field all paid by your tax dollars through municipal bonds not being used on our roads and bridges.

Related imageThe Miami Marlins have a new ballpark too. In their ballpark there is a giant fish tank that goes all around the ballpark. Do we need an aquarium behind home plate? Hell no.  Ok it is cute and nice however we get no revenue or tax money from all the fans these things attract. Taxpayer money just pays for all of it. That is wrong. All that stuff is expensive. $12 billion dollars was spent on 51 new facilities that have been opened between 2000 and 2010.  We could have had state of the art roadside bathrooms with that kind of money.  Why are we funding the bills for professional teams? Sports teams are successful businesses with wealthy owners. They don’t need our municipal bond money.
Two years ago Detroit got permission to spend $283 million dollars of taxpayer money, two-thirds of the cost of a new $444million hockey arena. Detroit is black and they don’t even like hockey. Yeah I just said that too. Detroit could have used that money to improve communities and create jobs in economically depressed areas. The owner of that hockey team is Michael &Marian Llitch the founder of Little Caesars Pizza Chain worth $5 billion dollars. Let him pay for his own stadium. Taxpayers not only just give away money to build these stadiums, we let them keep virtually all the revenue those stadiums then produce.  What do we get out of the deal? Nothing!

Related imageThe president of the Miami Marlins David Samson admitted on film in a Bryant Gumbel interview show that   they get the income of naming rights, they get the income from concessions, they get the luxury box income,  they receive the income from all other events held at the stadium too. He said the object of “all this” is to get all the revenue. Not only are they greedy they are arrogant like they actually deserve all the profits from the building tax money built. Naming rights is a sham too. If you sell the name of your building you get to keep the money even if it is a stupid name.  The New Orleans Pelicans are going to play all their home games at the Smoothie King Center. How can you pretend to play a macho sport when you have to go to a place named after soft creamy stuff ejaculated from a machine? Yeah I said that too.
Teams are so successful for pushing for upgraded stadiums that since the early 90’s we have had a replacement rate of over 90 percent. None of our infrastructure has been properly replaced. Almost every team in America gets some kind of public money. The New York Yankees built their own stadium but were given land rent and property tax free costing NYC hundreds of millions in lost revenues. Other teams get their stadiums funded by tax free municipal bonds.

Municipal bonds are the way for a city to take out a loan which they are to pay back later. They usually pay it back by new or existing taxes. These bonds should have never been used to pay for stadiums. It is time to tax the leagues, the owners, the property that these profit making stadiums produce to fix the roads that lead up to them. The team threaten to leave the cities unless they get their free stadiums. The stupid crazed fans protest and lobby for their stadiums. Dumb asses. Yeah I said that too.  They provide no help to the community. People park and buy their beer at the stadium not in the nearby neighborhood. There is no proof that a new stadium creates increased jobs, incomes or tax revenues. I’m   done. Maybe we need a nut like Mr. Trump   to be on the taxpayer’s side and demand something back to the community that we need for a change.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

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Stop heading in soccer for women and girls.  Change the rules and do not allow a girl to hit the ball with her head. None of the federations want to change anything especially now while they are flying high on the success cloud recently of women’s soccer winning the prize in America. Thousands of little girls and their soccer moms lined the streets of Manhattan to see the victory parade and in essence validate the need for a soccer Mom. More now than ever the rules need to be changed to save thousands of girls from severe head injuries that the officials are ignoring.

In soccer fast feet are crucial but good plays can be made without hitting back a speeding ball through the air with your head. The thin graceful neck muscles of a woman were not designed to take the pressure of a hit to the head like that. I am not being sexist. It is true that women’s bodies are different from men in many ways including the much more fragile neck muscles of a women. Unfortunately hitting the ball with your head is still a very important way of playing the game. No one does it better than Abby Wambach the United States Captain in this year’s World Cup Champion Team. She is an inspiration to young girls nationwide. Abby has won more international goals from headers than any other woman ever.  The dark side is that many girls trying to be just like her are getting severe head injuries that just will not go away.

Related imageAs with any injury some people escape and others have long term effects. Girls can have multiple concussions from heading. Sensitivity to light, many headaches and nausea, sensitivity to noise and music or TV is a major problem after a concussion.  The result is that girls are being pulled from school and all other activities because they are in such pain and confusion. Should you be risking your daughter’s life for a sport? It is a very popular girls sport now. I say keep it simple. Change the damn rules. Perminent damage is not worth the risk to our beautiful athletic young girls. There is a concussion specialist, Dr. John Leddy has seen more and more of these types of injuries lately. There are at least 100,000 reports of concussions from heading reported each year.

With weaker neck muscles than boys, their head is left to be more easily shaken. If you have stronger neck muscles your head doesn’t move around as much after a hit to the head. Some girls as young as 8-11 years old are already heading the ball.  Some already have lasting headaches and miss months of school. Cindy Parlow   Cone was one of the best headers in the world. She was part of the legendary United States Nationals Teams that won 2 Olympic Gold Medals and the 1999 World Cup.  Now she suffers daily from concussions. Years of heading has taken its toll on her brain. There is nothing that she can do about it at this point but cope but we as a nation can protect the next generation. Why not?
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Developing brains need protection and coaches can tell girls not to head the ball. Christopher Novinsky of Boston University has conducted numerous studies on head injuries in sports and agrees that something needs to be stopped in placing the pressure on the brain. All it would take is a stroke of a pen on banning heading from girls’ soccer ages 9-12 for starters to reduce injuries. He is credited for forcing the National Football League to address their concussion problems with players. Hockey raised the age of checking from 11 – 13 why can’t they change the rules for girls’ in this age group too?

The organization U.S. Soccer has refused to make any change.  Parents filed a law suit on this matter in California. No federation wants their successful sport to be labeled a dangerous sport. U. S. Youth Soccer is ignoring the issue too.  Some soccer stars are getting together to address this issue. If their fame is going to attract more girls to the sport they want them to be safe.  

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Related imageHow can you survive summer safely? It is tough. There should be nothing finer than a nice boat ride on a summer’s day but the guys who own boats these days are usually idiots. Sure they made a lot of money this year and was able to buy the sea vessel but they usually didn’t have the time to really learn how to operate the thing safely and then they invite you on board. Tnanks? Should I be thankful for the invite or worried for my safety? Boating can actually be more dangerous than you think.  Many people at the helm are not trained enough and there is no regulations in effect for training before you drop a pile of money for ownership of one of these vessels of the sea.

Before you know it the show off will go to full speed within minutes and then accidents take place within a blink of an eye. The boat will lurch forward and toss people like leaves in a breeze. Then if you didn’t get thrown from the boat you find yourself with serious injuries from being tossed into fiberglass and steel at a high speed.  According to the Coast Guard last summer there were over 4,000 accidents on the water that resulted in 600 deaths. There were 2,700 injuries from recreational boating. So how do you avoid a boating disaster once you do in fact climb aboard?

Related imageThere is no driver’s license required for even speed boating. You can just go on line and answer a few questions and get a operator’s card. Beyond that there is no school or skill required to operate a speed boat. I think you need a lot of skill to be able to read the waves, judge your speed so you can get some height out of the water at a high speed but not to flip over from too much wind under the boat. That definitely takes experience and skill in order to survive fun of that kind on a boat.

You should always expect the unexpected. Put down the drink and put on a life jacket and use a fuel switch. Yes attach the key to your boat to your life jacket so that if you are thrown, you take the key with you and the boat shuts off. You don’t need a boat still running while you are not at the controls. A kill switch can save your life.  It is not unusual for some idiot to be flying at 130 miles per hour at sea in a speed boat. There is no speed limit on the open water. It takes a lot of concentration to operate the throttle and steer with little movement while traveling a football field every three seconds.  But what should you do if the boat does flip and takes on air or the steering is too erratic and you find yourself thrown into the water and suddenly no one is nearby to rescue you?

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People from survival schools say the first thing to do is to take your shoes off and tie them around your neck. It is hard to tread water with them on your feet and might act as a flotation device for a while. You may be there for a while so slow down, and have a calm heart rate and breathing. Take your pants off and use them as a flotation device. If you are too tired, do a dead man’s float with your face down in the water for strength and time. Some simple tips can mean the difference between your life and death this summer. I think maybe a house boat that doesn’t go anywhere might be the safest on the sea.  Sigh. Good luck.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Related imageSupplements are totally unregulated by the government yet many of our military are hooked on the stuff. For some the stuff can be the worst enemy they can ever face. We all realize that there are physical demands of all athletes and from our soldiers who do look very good and are people who are in great physical shape. To get and maintain a great physique many turn to supplements but some substances contain potentially very unsafe ingredients. They can cause illnesses or even death. Why are they allowed to be used in the military?

Military enlisted soldiers are dying not from combat but from supplements. 22 year old soldiers are dying from heart attacks during a routine morning jog. Jack3d is one of the countless work our supplements being widely used by pro athletes to add speed and strength. The military uses it more than any other group. Up to half of the U.S. Military is estimated to take workout supplements. For them, being physically fit is a way of life. Their careers and lives depend on it.  Jack3d was supposed to be the safe alternative for a skinny guy to get bulk without taking steroids. It killed young soldiers. The stuff is not only available at your local GNC store but it is available on any of the 130 military bases around the country.

Related imageThe General at the military base did an investigation into the soldier’s death and found that a main ingredient in the Jack3d supplement is DMAA. Two more soldiers died from taking products that contained DMAA at Fort Bliss. Some products seem to be marketed to attract soldiers jut by their names. Stuff called Target or Explode. There are hundreds of health risks associated with supplements. They are not tested on animals or held back to be tested and monitored on humans. There is a law from 1994 that insulates supplements from supervision. Laws are supposed to protect people not companies. How the hell was this passed?

Drug and food laws are there to protect the people.  This clearly was designed to protect the industry against regulations. The law   that is still in effect was sponsored by Oren Hatch from Utah. He is also the number one recipient of campaign contributions from the dietary supplement industry. In 2010 he was still the largest recipient of campaign contributions from this industry and he wasn’t even up for reelection. We need to throw all these bloated overpaid congressmen elitist people out of our government that only have their own best interests at hand. Our people are dying from these unregulated substances being allowed to be sold to our people. It is all wrong.

Since that law was passed, supplement revenues sold at places like GNC have exploded from $9 billion dollars per year to an estimated $30 billion dollars per year. No state has benefited more than Utah the home state of Oren Hatch. The industry has hired lobbying firms to stay out of their business. His son Scott Hatch had a high position in the lobbying agency. Yes, the rich people just get richer. In 2012 another Senator, Dick Dunphy,   proposed for legislation to require supplements to list the ingredients   and that was shut down by Hatch.  How does any of this support the troops?
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Soldiers are dying from the use of supplements and some are seriously ill and being terminated from the service. This is certainly an unregulated industry and needs to be torn from Senator Hatch’s protection.  Why doesn’t the Pentagon get involved and at least not provide supplements to be sold on military bases? Why sell poisons to your service people? It is a crap shoot if you will get a good supplement or one might possibly kill you but so is the military. They are gambling on living a long life anyway. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

He is probably   the biggest criminal on earth and the hunt is on again for him. He is the notorious drug lord Joaquim   Guzman Loera who is known to be the most dangerous and richest man in his business. His drug cartel from Mexico is estimated to be 25% of all drugs trafficked to America. He escaped from a maximum security prison for the second time. It seems lots of really bad criminals are able to get out of what is called maximum security. Do we need double maximum security places now?

Related imageHe was serving a 400 year sentence as if anyone could even live to serve 400 years. Just say a life sentence for being the head of a cartel that sold drugs. The maximum security prison is located 55 miles outside Mexico City. The authorities quickly cancelled flights out of the airport and took 18 prison employees for questioning.  What is most interesting about this guy is that he is both on the DEA’s list as one of the most wanted men but he is also on the Forbes list as one of the most powerful men in the world now. His net worth is estimated at $50 Billion Dollars at age 54 from drug trafficking.

The cartel is believed to be responsible for thousands of deaths. He is the largest trafficker of illegal drugs into the United States. He ships cocaine, heroin, meth, dangerous drugs and designer drugs. It can all be directly or indirectly be connected to this man.  What is also so interesting is the easy and relatively luxuriously he escaped from maximum security prison.  It all sounds like a movie but it is real and true. He was last seen in the shower area of his cell but under the stall was a dug out area just 20 inches square that had a ladder in it that went 30 feet down. It led to an elaborate mile long tunnel that was as tall as himself   just 5 feet 6 inches but was well lit with electric lighting and a motorcycle that rode on a track. I guess this is escape billionaire style.

According to the Chief Investigative Consultant Mariana Van Zeller, this is a man that is known for building tunnels and who employs teams of engineers and miners who are some of the best in Mexico. The sophisticated tunnel led to a nearby construction site and came out into a small   house. The house was heavily guarded and surrounded by tall cornfields. The house was located near the prison. There are hundreds of similar tunnels built along the United States Mexican border.  Mr. Trump if President wants to build a wall? Wait until he falls into one of these tunnels.

Related image
According to Pierre Thomas a U.S. Justice Correspondent, noticed that the tunnels are well ventilated and well lit and have motorized vehicles to move product back and forth. It is a business that is well funded and organized. A tunnel found near San Diego leading into Tijuana Mexico in 2013 revealed bales containing more than 8 Tons of Marijuana and 325 pounds of cocaine. The tunnel was just like the prison one. In 2013 Laura Duffy the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California called it a super tunnel and was the 5th super tunnel they have found  since 2010. They included hydraulically controlled steel doors.

Joaquim runs a good business even though his business is all about bad goods. He was first captured in 1993    but escaped then too in a laundry bin after 8 years in a maximum security prison. I am amazed how he can still orchestrate such a large business while being in jail. He managed to bribe himself out of that prison then. For over a decade he evaded capture until he was caught in a hotel room. When they captured him in February of 2014 Mexico declared victory and touted themselves as an effective Government bigger than the drug cartels. Now Mexico feels defeat again with his latest elaborate escape.

Image result for drug lord escape billionaire jocqmeEven then the United States wanted to house him in our prison system but Mexico refused. In Mexico he is becoming a kind of brave folk hero. Rappers make up songs wanting to be like his nickname El Chapo   controlling   billions of dollars in pesos. Not only does he control the Arizona Southwest Border they also have the wholesale contacts of Colombian   Cocaine.  This can only result in more pain on both sides of the border. He makes Al Capone and John Gatti   look like  Boy scouts.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Related imageIt is courageous to be transgender now. I learned that when I watched the sports awards show. I must learn more. I am still getting used to seeing the White House covered in gay rainbow colors and the Supreme Court ruling 5-4 that gay marriage is legal in all the States which includes the 14 states where it was against the law.  There is real competition for the best dates and wedding rooms for couples this fall. There are Vanity Fair covers featuring not so woman on its cover and TV shows like Transparent in the media. But there are news shows making mistakes in even identifying a transgender person.  They feel that they have to go to the genital questions and which bathroom do they choose.

It is not ok to ask people about their sex organs just like it is not ok to ask if the penis is circumcised or not.  Now that transgender people are out in the open we need to understand what it means. Transgender people have a gender identity that differs from the one they were born with.  That gender identity is not the same as sexual orientation. Gender identity is who you are and sexual orientation is who you love.  Some transgender people do go under hormone therapy or sexual reassignment surgery as part of their transition but some do not and   their decision on this matter is none of your business. Just like circumcision of a penis is not a public issue.

Related imageMy only concern is with 7 year olds in public bathrooms. However a giant woman will not go to the men’s room and take out his penis at a urinal. She will go to a stall in the woman’s bathroom. Maybe the kid will notice the feet turned the opposite way when hearing the tinkle but they shouldn’t be looking anyway. I am sure transgender people will always choose stalls in whatever bathroom gender they now identify with. Call a transgender person whatever they want to be called. It seems ok that we call the black guy Puff Daddy or   P Diddy and he is the same person. Arizona says that the sex on your birth certificate will have to match the sex of the bathroom or locker room you use. The target is transgender folks. They will get 6 months in jail and a $2,500 dollar fine for peeing somewhere. I think the Supreme Court needs to rule on this issue too. 13 Bills have been brought to the legislatures in various states on the bathroom issue.
There are more than 700,000   transgender individuals in the United States. That is more than the population of Boston and does not include just gay or lesbians. A 2011 Survey done by the National Center for Transgender Equality found that 41% attempted suicide. They are more likely to make less money a year compared to the other general population.  Those who expressed a transgender identity or gender non-conformity while in grades K-12 reported alarming rates of harassment (78%), physical assault (35%) and sexual violence (12%).  These children need support and help.

Related imageNow take DMV the Department of Motor Vehicles problems when a woman lists herself as a male. In West Virginia she was called it and was told to put her hair back and take her   earrings off, makeup and wig for the photo.  Getting a driver’s license can be a humiliating experience. The whole point of the photo is to identify you how you look from day to day. They let you say whatever weight you want.   No one smiles for those photos because no one is happy anyway.

In the military President Obama said he is open to transgender people serving in the military yet they are still banned from enlisting because of the genital issue. Meanwhile quietly there are approximately 15,500 transgender individuals on active duty or in the Guard or Reserve forces. You can be discharged for being transgender but the rules are enforced inconsistently depending on your branch of service and commanding officer. The experience can vary wildly. Where can a person be who they identify with? It is a civil rights issue and we all know how long it takes for civil rights issues to be settled. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

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I write nearly every day because I want to talk to someone. I call this The Other Serpico because I love stories where people find and expose corruption and stop it at least in that time and place. My name is Serpico, I was a cop and I like the fame that Frank Serpico and sacrifice he brought when he exposed corruption in the New York City Police Department in the 70’s. He is a bit older than me but I wish that his story stays alive so find the movie or read his book.

Thanks to a relatively unknown man a greedy physician will probably spend the rest of his days in jail for harming patients with false diagnosis for illnesses they didn’t have, prescribe medicines they didn’t need in order to steal millions of dollars from the health care system.  He took close to $20 Million dollars and if it wasn’t for the person who turned him in to authorities, he would still be harming hundreds of people. Many of his victims in Detroit feel that 45 years as a sentence is not enough for the crimes he committed. Like Police Departments you should be able to trust, you should be able to trust your doctor who took an oath to do no harm.

Doctor Farid Fata intentionally misdiagnosed more than 550 people often prescribing treatment for cancer they did not have. His practice billed more than 34 Million dollars to patients and insurance companies. Hundreds who were at the court house had feelings of sorrow for their relatives and friends who died under his watch.  The 50 year old doctor pleaded guilty to 13 counts of health care fraud. One count of conspiracy to receive kickbacks and 2 counts of money laundering. His admission of guilt was no consolation who saw their people suffer through unnecessary cancer treatments simply because he was greedy for money.

He was a respected doctor in his community and trained at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He founded the States’ largest cancer practice. He had a great background in Michigan. It was his former practice manager George Karadsheh who had the courage to expose his wrongdoing. In 2013 Karadshsh filed a Federal whistle-blower lawsuit. The U.S. Attorney arrested him quickly.  His former patients still have lasting side effects from his unnecessary treatments and drugs prescribed. Corruption needs to be stopped in any decade.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Related imageIn the middle of summer you just have to go to the beach and smell that salt water and maybe even get into the surf. These days getting into the water requires great courage. There have been multiple times when someone is in knee deep water and suddenly a shark decides to make them an instant tasty treat. In the blink of an eye they have lost an arm or leg or both. This is quite unusual for sharks to go practically out of the water but this year it seems to be a trend. If you even get over the fear of that happening, you then have to worry about the strong tides that can whisk you into deep water in an instant. Having fun yet? My neighbor is converting their built in pool to salt water sigh.

There have been many rip current rescues. What does that mean? It is all about powerful currents in the water. Part of the appeal of the ocean and the beach is all that sand and the powerful waves   and currents but we don’t need to be overpowered by them. The force can drag you under the water and take you away from the shore. Rip currents are one of the most deadly things in the ocean. It counts for over 80% of ocean rescues every year. Nearly 100 people drown in the United States every year as a result of rip currents. They can form when water piles up close to shore held back by escaping from an underwater sand bar.  Then when a break in the sand bar occurs a fast moving river of water rushes back out to sea carrying along   anyone caught in the currents.

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The strongest swimmer does not ever match up to the power of the ocean. In seconds you can be sucked out to sea. You can be pulled hundreds of yards in minutes out to sea.  Now what to do? People look at where they started and that is where they want to swim.   The   waves deter their progress in getting back to shore. You are tired of swimming by now. Sgt. Bill Bender from   the San Diego Fire and Rescue Lifeguard Services reminds us not to panic and not to try to swim straight in to your original location. Put one arm up and hopefully the life guards see you and rescue you. If you are not that lucky, swim parallel to the shore trying to get closer and closer to shore until you can get out of the water even if you are miles from your original destination. At least you are not forced to swim anymore and someone will help you or wait for the strength to walk back.
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Rip currents can pop up anywhere along the beach. Usually they are by piers or docks or jetties so swim near open water. Respect the power of the ocean. An experience will make you appreciate life. Hopefully your beach experience will only be in calm waters safe from predators and rip currents but be careful and alert. Happy summer sigh. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Since the election circus is assembling so are the issues to discuss. Donald Trump already made it clear that he has very unusual ways to deal with people and has lost many corporate endorsements due to his lip flapping about his hate for most Mexicans. Many candidates are also lip flapping over women’s vaginas.  The pro-life movement seems to be gaining ground. I thought freedom for a woman to decide what she wants to be done with what comes out of her body was her decision and was decided decades ago with the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court Decision. These new activists are being forceful lately. Why aren’t they fighting to sterilize rapist men?

Related imageThey have parades called March for Life that are well attended now. Even if they win their cause and no woman has the right to an abortion, forced to give birth to an unwanted child, who is going to raise all these unwanted children? The pro-[lifers don’t tell us how. Over the last few years the anti-abortion movement has been gaining ground. There have been over 200 restrictions passed on abortion access demanding mandatory ultrasounds across many states in the country.  Those states are, AZ, TX, La, MS, Al, FL, WI, In, Oh and Vermont. The anti-abortion movement claims that they are on the winning side.

Kristan Hawkins is the President of a group called Students for Life who is pushing the movement to take away choices for women. No one ever talks about responsibilities for men.  Why? They are waging a media war against Planned Parenthood which has been a good advocate for woman’s needs nationally. They give pregnant woman choices like adoption and are reputable. Why wage a war against a national organization that is there to help women with their very unique needs? Go out and protest lack of parenting by the sperm donor fathers who have been very irresponsible in recent years.
Related imageThe activist group have many Facebook and twitter fans under the name Live Action.  They post untrue videos in abortion clinics. They omitted testimony where the people at Planned Parenthood always offer adoption services. Live Action uses deceptive editing. Liberal watchdog groups like Media Matters for America have accused Live Action of deceptive editing. They reorder audio or omit critical portions of conversations. Planned Parenthood said that Live Action is an organization that has been widely discredited for years because they deceptively edited videotapes and make claims that are flat out false.
Planned Parenthood is proud to stand strong against unethical, illegal, and misleading attacks from political groups whose goal is to ban abortion completely. Meanwhile conservative media loves Live Action. They are young and loud but thank goodness mainstream America is still pro-choice. How will abortion rights play in the next election? It is a shame that a woman’s private parts should even be an issue meanwhile it is the men who have no ethics and as early as in their twenties are raping women at college parties and elsewhere.  The issue should be fought about men’s ethics and for once when young children are abandoned found wandering the streets, for once they should be looking for the fathers of those kids and put him in jail.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

President Obama made history in the past few days. Too bad everything he does has to be an uphill battle from other countries approval and from the Republican Congress. It was a historic deal. Yes, for decades now Iran was called by Bush,   The Axis of Evil, that Iran was hiding weapons of mass destruction, we killed their leader the Shah of Iran who was hiding in a hole in the ground for no reason at all.  It IS time that America did something to create peace and stability in the Middle East and that is what he just did with this deal. What is our alternative?  More war? More hate? More suffering for innocent civilians of that region?
Related imageIran and the United States are now entering uncharted territory. It is a diplomatic agreement to reduce Iran’s suspected nuclear threat. This agreement forces Iran to be good guys and report to us everything they are using nuclear power for. Our alternative was unfriendly secrets that only lead to more wars. Yes, peaceful relations are the uncharted territories sadly but true. We just sealed a deal to REDUCE Iran’s nuclear capability. What the hell is wrong with the Republican Congress now to not give support to this agreement? It was done in exchange of billions of dollars in crippling sanctions. Yes, now commerce can get back to usual for the poor suffering people of Iran who can’t trade or do business. Let these people work and live peacefully now and have the ability to buy much needed food and supplies there, It has to be better for the world economy.

The agreement is that Iran accepts limits on its nuclear production for 10 years and on nuclear fuel and equipment for 15 years. Yes we get to monitor their activity. What could possibly be wrong with that?
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Iran promises more access for United Nations Inspectors.In exchange we give them an economic lifeline. Hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief. The people are happy and no longer feel the need to burn American flags. They will get reentry into the world economy and 5 to 10 years from now an end to the United States missiles embargo.  John Kerry our Secretary of State said that the United States does not lose anything by giving them the opportunity to prove that this is a peaceful program, No one believes that Iran will behave.

Related imageIn Tehran the people are cheering and Israel is criticizing the deal before the ink is dry. In Jerusalem there is nothing but mistrust for the Iranian people. Israel feels that the deal gives away far too much. Saudi Arabia is also worried that Iran will cheat.  The opposition in Congress is pretty deep too.  While Congress has some oversight it will be hard for them to stop the deal. Overriding the veto would have to be a 2/3 vote in the House and Senate. It requires 13 Senate Democrats and 44 House Democrats plus all the Republicans to kill the deal. That probably will not happen.

The President compares what he just did to what Regan did to China and pass the peace pipe to open normal relations with the countries. We didn’t know if the China deal was a good one for 2 decades this deal might take 10 years of oversight too see if he made a good decision for the world.