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Sunday, February 19, 2017

A fine mess

How can he say that his administration is running like a fine-tuned machine? How disillusioned is this mad man? There have been many people who got fired or who just did not want a job with Trump.  Before he campaigns for re-election he should at least address how he is going to get the deficit down. The personnel debacles and serious scandals that already are with this 1 month Presidency are unlike anything we have ever seen at the start of a Presidential term. He has signed into law zero policies other than his failed Muslim ban that the courts shot down indefinitely. So, his one major decision has failed.  As he was crowing about how great he is during his solo press conference the lawyers for the administration was writing to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals asking to vacate its previous ruling striking the ban as unconstitutional.
They wanted to uphold a stay on those grounds. The court denied the request. Now no one wants to see the United States fail but we need the Donald to fail in his crazy requests despite his attempt to appeal his decisions. He seems to be failing in every way! One of the first noticeable indications of chaos in the administration was when he wanted to hire Monica Crowley for a national security job. In 2012 she was exposed for plagiarizing multiple sources in her book called, What the (Bleep) Just Happened? Soon thereafter her book sale was suspended. It was also reported that many of her newspaper columns were also plagiarized. She also plagiarized parts of her Ph.D. Dissertation. I guess that is all acceptable to him since his own wife plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech.
Soon though Monica Crowley got thrown out as a National Security Advisor. The first person Trump picked as Secretary of the Army was a finance guy Vincent J. Viola who donated a lot of money to Trumps campaign. His nomination was stopped because they found out that he was arrested for punching a guy out at a recent horse auction. Then there was the shortest tenure of a   National Security Advisor,  General Mike Flynn resigning. He lasted only 24 days which is the shortest tenure in American History for that job. It was all about his involvement with the Russian government before and after the election. He got fired mostly because he lied about his involvement with the Russian government. He lied when he denied discussing sanctions with the Russian ambassador. He may have also lied to the FBI about his Russian contacts. If that is proven then he committed a felony.
There are transcripts and recordings of Flynn’s contacts with Russian officials yet he lied and denied ever having those discussions. The January 24 interview potentially put Flynn in legal jeopardy. Lying to the FBI is a felony offense. If he was prosecuted he could be looking at serious jail time. The situation thickens. The guy to prosecute him would be in  the Justice Department. That is now being run by the Chairman of the National Security Advisory Committee from the Trump campaign. Jeff Sessions refused to prosecute the liar. So Flynn walks because they are all in bed with trump and the Russians.
The day after the Flynn resignation Trump also had to pull his Labor Secretary nominee  choice Andy Posner. Then Trumps next choice to replace Flynn, Admiral  Robert Harward  turned down the job. He said he was “conflicted between the call of duty and the obvious dysfunctionality.”

We shouldn’t forget that Senate Democrats are opposing the nomination of Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency. 3,000 pages of information emerged about him withholding discussions with oil and gas companies. He did not release the information. How can he oversee the protection of our environment when he is in bed with the major polluters of our environment? He also sued the EPA 14 times and lost 7 times so far. The Republican Senate just approved him according to party lines. Pruitt is a conservative that hates environmental regulations. His law suits as Attorney General were against smog limits, mercury level regulations and pollution regulations.  Does Trump even know what a fine tuned machine is?

CBC Blues

This nut job is now running to his fans for re-election after not even 2 months in office. He has already caused people all over the world to protest something he did. He has already cut ALL funding to the National Arts Program   in the U.S. in Education. I guess we don’t need no stinkin’   education. But we do need Air Force gassed up with taxpayer dollars for now his re-election efforts. Speaking of education, I must go back to his obvious ignorance about the CBC that was part of a question to him at his only solo press conference. At first he didn’t even know what the letters stood for and then asked a reporter to set up meetings. Meanwhile he says he hates the press. Anyone willing to put their lives on the line as the press does to give us all accurate information should be worshiped. We lost many reporters alone in the world to ISIS. Trump should be ashamed.
Dummy Donald is un-informed by this group probably by his racist Chief Political Strategist Bannon who is a white supremacist sympathizer. Bannon was in charge of a white supremacist publication.   CBC stands for the Congressional Black Caucus and   as of yet no meeting has been scheduled. I guess The Don is too busy running for re-election to discuss Black lives issues. If such a meeting will ever take place much needs to be discussed. The Caucus already reached out to him last month and was ignored. There has to be a meaningful discussion of important issues involving the Black community and beyond. Issues like criminal justice reform to end mass incarceration in America. He needs to repair the Voting Rights Act that was devastated by the Supreme Court back in 2013. He needs to develop an economy that helps hard working ordinary Americans and not just big business.

At the press conference, Trump declared that he is the least racist of all which was simply a display of his narcissism and self- acclamation. Trumps history with dealing with the African- American community and people of color has been terrible. Trump perpetrated the racist lie that Obama was not born in America. It was just an attempt to de-legitimize our first Black President. How can Donald not be a racist with influences like Bannon around him constantly? He has not been well informed about the truth of the matter on many issues. Even the amount of people that attended his Inauguration Ceremony he is not accurate about. Simple numbers seem to be a problem even when they are in his favor. Perhaps his choice to run for re-election already is his   attempt to be happy and to always surround himself with supporters and never have to deal with the real issues. The press is informed and deal with real issues every day. Perhaps that is why he hates the press. In his dictatorship ways he wants to remove the free press and surround him with only those who will write about his ways and opinions. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Private Presidential Profiting

Is Trump profiting from the Presidency? Yes. Is it unethical? Yes. Sigh! Since taking office Trump spends a lot of time at his Florida Property in Palm Springs called Mar-a-Lago. It took three years to build the lavish estate from 1924-1927. Yes it is lavish and opulent in comparison to the White House or even Camp David which is where most Presidents live and relax. Not the Donald. He prefers jet setting to his Trump Tower in New York City where his wife and son still lives or jet setting to the Florida estate at the taxpayer’s expense. He has already cost us millions of dollars just in secret service security and town security in both places. He also now has the advantage that no planes can fly over these properties also for security purposes.
Related imageThere are tiles all over Mar-a-Lago that say PLVS VLTPA that means beyond the ultimate. Fitting to Trump’s personality. The elegant dinosaur was vacant for a while till Trump bought it in 1986. Palm Beach is an island off the coast of Florida and was a pretty exclusive place until Trump was a gate crasher and demanded attention there. No Kidding? At the time of his arrival the residents despised him from day one and did everything in their power to get rid of him. Sounds familiar. Trump didn’t care and was going to do what he wanted anyway. He turned the large private estate into a social club for profit. He accepted just about anyone just as long as they could pay and he never questioned where the money came from. Soon there were all types of people descending on the island.
Related imageHe did it because he was motivated by money and cared about no one. The town fought him about everything. They fought over the height of the flagpole to the increased jet travel to the island. Now that he got himself elected President, no jets fly over the estate and there is more scrutinany to the people who arrive there.  Now they call it the Winter White House. Even in Palm Springs with all the wealthy people who live there they did not believe that Trump could become and did become President. The previous owners of the property would invite friends to stay for free as anyone would for their guests. Donald changed the place into a country club and charged people an initiation fee.  His invited friends till recently had to pay $14,000 dollars in fees and an additional $100,000 initiation fee.

Related image
In January now that he is President the fees have changed.  The membership fee has doubled to $200,000 that is non-refundable. The all of a sudden doubling of the fee has most questioning that this is a conflict-of-interest problem. Most say it is unethical and downright greedy profiting over his new status. What happened to being a humble servant to the people? HA! Not this guy. After only 5 days into his Presidency Donald Trump was cashing in and getting full protection over his properties. The relationship between Palm Beach and the Donald has changed. Although it is more crowded there, the locals love all the increased security at no cost to them. Yes, Trump is a hero to the rich.  Before the election no one there said a good word about him. Now they love him. 

He is unhinged

America froze yesterday for one hour and 17 minutes not because of the weather but from the rambling off the cuff thoughts of our very own home grown disillusioned paranoid dictator Donald Trump. What is even worse than his comments are being spewed  while he is up front and personally insulting everyone.The Republican leaders in the House and Senate are quietly dismanteling all the good policies that Obama put in place by finding a little known way and hardly ever used act to even erase Obama’s legacy.  They have unearthed a thing called The Congressional Review Act which gives them the power to undo executive orders made by a previous administration. What is more is that once they undo an order, it can never be made again.
This is all so devastating for all those Americans who worked hard on making the globe a better place in the past 8 years. The Act has been used only one time until now. They already voted to undo an Obama administration ruling related to gun control.  It had stated that if you were receiving Social Security checks and had been ruled mentally unfit to spend those checks on your own, you couldn’t buy a gun. You had to prove that you are competent to own one. That has now been erased. Apparently the Republicans are owned by the gun lobbyists and are even willing to put guns in the hands of the extremely mentally ill who can’t even have the abilities to cash their own checks. Insane!
The Congressional Review Act is being used fast and furiously by this Congress. Donald just signed a document to undo   Obama’s pollution regulation. Who the hell want’s more pollution? That is how the Donald gets into bed with corporate polluting companies. Did we vote for these kinds of deals? They even said that they want to undo about 50 regulations Obama put into place. It is obvious that the Congressional Review Act is a easy way to get their agendas put forth quickly. Now back to Trump’s first solo press conference. Just him alone shows his mental problems. He complained about the chaos. Why doesn’t he realize that all the protesting all over the world started in the last 2 months since he has been in office.
He said he inherited a mess. No Donald, you inherited a fortune, we got the mess. His own people didn’t even give him accurate information about the Electoral Votes he still wants to dwell upon. He said that his 306 votes were the largest amount since Regan. WRONG! Obama got 365 votes in 2008 Donald. When a competent reporter quickly told him about the correct numbers , he still berated the press as being the evil people, his enemy. How jaded is Trump? Who is spewing out the fake news Trump? YOU! In his typical bullying ways he verbally assaulted a CNN reporter and said he reports very very fake news. How infantile is this man? He is in bed with Putin but yet he won’t figure out how to deal with their aggressive military getting so close to the coast of Connecticut.

About black relations he suggested that a black reporter set up a meeting with the Congressional Black  Caucus. He assumes that all black people know each other? Forget God Bless America. God Help America!

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Was Mary Tyler Moore just another old actress that died at age 80? She died from complications from type 1 diabetes. She was much more because she changed popular opinion of women. Her shows gave women confidence to try to make the world see their roles in society in a new and more liberating way while doing comedy and just make all smile at the antics of the shows. On The Dick Van Dyke Show she was the first TV wife to wear pants. There was a real chemistry in their TV marriage. Once she said that if they weren’t already married to other people that they would consider a real life romance between her and Dick Van Dyke.
Related imageShe blossomed even more when she got her own show called The Mary Tyler Moore Show that ran from 1970 to 1977. Her character named Mary Richards was an inspiration to all neglected working girls in offices throughout America. She worked in an office full of chauvinistic men. She was always polite and a good worker but she always battled to decide if she could fight the male status quo. Occasionally she would get up and march into her bosses’ office to speak up for herself. Women would be glued to the TV to see how she handled the situation.  Now women shout out for their rights all the time anywhere but 47 years ago it was an entirely new kind of behavior. There were other strong women like the brassy bossy Bea Arthur’s Maude that was a completely different approach to feminism.
Maude aired in 1972 and somehow she got laughs for getting away with insulting just about anyone including men openly. There was no second thoughts or embarrassment or even doubt with Maude. Mary showed the inner struggle to be a nice person but to express her discrimination over wages and office work. In later years Mary spoke more about her personal life and how it was so difficult growing up with alcoholic parents. Women who grew up in similar circumstances learned how to cope from her. In the 1950’s as seen in the other popular TV shows, men came home from work greeted with a cocktail and happy hour was all the rage. Men had bars fully stocked with booze in their offices and women went out for cocktails with the ladies in the afternoons. She grew up in an alcoholic era.
Mary Richard’s persona was successful because it was rooted in something real. Three years after the Mary Tyler Moore show went off the air she stared in a movie with Robert Redford called Ordinary People. She turned off her niceness and played the role of an icy non-emphatic overly defending person that she really was. She stared in a TV movie called Like Mother   Like Son where she murders Edith Bunker. It must have been liberating to once play not such a nice person. Mary’s movie career never went anywhere but she continued to delight her fans in projects like   the movie in 1996 called Flirting with Disaster. She plays a bitch but manages to make it all be funny.

She will always be remembered for turning life’s despair’s into a coping situation that  you could actually laugh about in a sarcastic way. See ya  in the reruns girl!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

As the White House Turns

It is worse than a bad soap opera. The political drama began close to Election Day where rumors were swirling that Trump was in bed with Putin. Trump has his Beauty Pageants   in Russia and many real estate deals. Trump even publicaly told Putin to sabotage Hillary’s campaign. Since his election he has been rude and crud to just about anyone including people in his own camp. No one knows anything about how to run a government so they are all doing their own thing. Should we be leaving a bunch of old men in charge of our lives? Trump is the oldest President ever at age 70. All his nominees for top posts are senior citizens too.

His picks for Secretary of Commerce was Wilbur Ross at age 79. Secretary of Defense General James Mattis at age 66. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson at age 65. Secretary of Homeland Security General John Kelly at age 66. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at age 64. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry at age 66. Secretary of Labor Andrew Puzder at age 66 and Attorney General Senator George Sessions at age 70.   That makes this the oldest administration ever. A generation ago people in their 60’s were thought to be near or at retirement. They are at least very set in their ways and mostly not open to change. But now in the White House soap opera they are turning on each other in not a good way.

The President’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn age 70 years old abruptly resigned before any Congressional Committee could investigate what he has been up to involving conversations with Putin that no one else knew about. Why? It has been a very busy 3 weeks of Presidency where Trump has pretty much pissed off everyone. Now including his own people. This guy was warned three weeks ago by the Justice Department and the White House was warned too  as soon as he got the job that he could be vulnerable to blackmail for talking about sanctions with the Russian Ambassador.  He then lied about it all to the Vice-President. Trump is already using his denial card and says he didn’t know anything about it. Sigh! Flynn sets a record with only 24 days as national security adviser. It is so stupid that the guy didn't even know that all calls to or from Russia are recorded. As national security adviser he should have at least known that evidence of his conversations are taped. 

Why does Trump get to dodge the real question here yet they gave Hillary so much crap over her e-mails? I guess that is the green light or the just look the other way approach when you have a Republican House and Senate that is going to allow Trump to dig his own grave for him and his old age cabinet members. It sounds like this guy is a threat to our national security. In subornation is rare in the military   since it is all based on rank and file. Flynn was in war zones He should know better. Everyone told Trump about this problem because Flynn put himself in a place where he could be bribed. M r. President has to be lying on this one too. He must have known. Our national security is in danger and no one cares and Trump doesn’t listen to anyone who knows their job. The further question is, Did the Russians hand the Presidency to Trump? Is this a bad game of Clue where we need to know who knew what? Too much drama for me. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of people are being evacuated from their homes because a dam in California might give way. As usual the needs of the people of America go ignored.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Related imageThis year finally be different! It is the designated day to express your love toward someone. Yes Valentine’s Day is a day of rituals. So, this year forget the card that eventually ends up in the trash. Forget the expensive flowers. They die as soon as you take them home. Forget the chocolates. You already have diabetes. Stop with the just giving stuff. This year do stuff together. Dress up in the least amount of clothing as possible. Make Valentine’s Day hot and spicy.
Start with going to see the newest installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie where the girl is either crying or having sex. The music is usually good at least and it can get you quivering a little. At least hold hands on the sexy scenes. Then go home and bring out the props, I mean the gifts. Have some wine to relax with but you don’t want to waste any time having to constantly fill each other’s glass for another taste. Buy the “Plug it and Chug It’ that are amazing wine glasses. I know you already have plenty of wine glasses but not like these. This has the typical glass top to sip from but instead of a stem it has a bottle stopper bottom that fits snuggly in the top of a wine bottle. The hole in the stopper allows just enough wine out when you tip the bottle to keep your glass with wine till the bottle is empty.  Nice and convenient. Go ahead and order it on Amazon for about 22 bucks as the” Guzzle Buddy.” Hey! It is classier to drink from a glass than just from the bottle.
So you saw the movie, had some bottles of wine. Now what? Jewelry always helps. But don’t buy a boring heart shaped necklace she will only wear sometimes. You saw the movie so buy a leather whip necklace that is fashionable and useful to have some tantalizing fun. You are tipsy anyway and won’t remember much anyway. Buy it at “The Leather Atelier” on line for about 90 bucks.
Related imageOk so no one wants to be whipped into shape. Look just go to   “Unbound Box.com” and shop around for something she will like. At least this company was founded by women and picked erotic stuff that women would like to have in their bedroom for romantic enhancement or just for a laugh. At least this company pledges to donate 6.9% of its profits to nonprofit organizations that support female sexual health and willingness. Who doesn’t want a sexually healthy female? It can turn into a win win once she gets over that she thinks you are a pervert. It is important to keep our favorite women sexually healthy especially since Trump is trying to cut off funds to Planned Parenthood and other places for women’s health.
I still can’t believe that most prescription plans will cover Viagra but hardly any products for women’s stimulation or general sexual health! Look, this year just go shopping for the fun and unusual. We live in a very unusual time and we all need a hug and some fun.

Related imageI love to report on first time anything. This time it is about royalty which has been around for centuries and still exists to this day in some countries. Thank goodness we don’t have any royal families to support in America. That would just be another tax to pay. Most countries love their royal families and are perfectly willing to support them no matter how expensive their lifestyles are. Some become kings or queens even as children and the population has no problem with that if you read through history. Well, we are living in an era of a new first in royalty in our lifetime and that makes it exciting at least to me.
Related imageIn British royalty King George VI died in 1952 and his daughter Elizabeth became   Queen of  England  at the young age of 25 years old. The important thing is that she has now kept the throne warm for 65 years.  That makes her the first British Monarch to rule for so long since she is 90 years old. She could have retired at any time and make her son Prince Charles King of England but she refused. Elizabeth likes her throne and can keep it warm till she dies if she wants the job. Besides, how many jobs can one even keep till death? Not many.  Queen Elizabeth is now the oldest and longest serving monarch in all of the long and proud British history.
65 years commemorates her sapphire jubilee. She has a royal photo with her wearing her new sapphire and diamond gems larger and more valuable than anyone could even think of owning just one of these magnificent gem stones. The Queen spent her Anniversary Day in private with no big celebrations.  The moral of the story is be grateful of whom ever you are born from. Be extra grateful if you are a new born royal. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Related imageTonight the 59th Grammy Awards air on TV. It is a good time to take a break from protesting, shoveling snow and politics. Just sit down and see your favorite musical artists that you have been singing along with the past year to calm you down. Sounds easy but some of the artists are boycotting the event and won’t be there so don’t look too long for your favorite in case he didn’t show up to an event that recognizes and awards his work.  Don’t look for Kanye West, Drake, Frank Ocean and Justin Bieber because they feel that the Grammy’s don’t respect young black artists. I think some of our best music throughout the years came from the black community of artists. So, three of these famous guys known for their music are black and they won’t attend. It will only make the place whiter if we must judge musical artistry by skin color. How about these guys   sponsor new young artists as long as they are their skin color preference and use their money to give the new kids more fame and exposure?
Image result for justin bieber ageDo these awards really matter to you? If your favorite song doesn’t win a best song category will you stop listening to it? I doubt it. People like what they like no matter what the critics say. Kanye and Drake are making a big statement because they have 8 nominations. Bieber has 4 nominations and he isn’t even black. Ok, he is making a statement on behalf of his black unknown friends. So should we watch a show where the recipients of the awards don’t even attend to thank anyone? Maybe I won’t watch it after all either!
Related imageFrank Ocean’s album is more critically acclaimed than popular.  Beyonce  has never won the big award of album of the year.  Beck won her out in 2015. The person who has won the most Grammy’s ever is a bluegrass singer Allison Krauss. You know her? She won more Grammy’s than any other female artist owning 27 trophies. She beat out Little Wayne in 2009. All award shows like the Oscars, Grammy’s and Tony’s to me are more about the red carpet to see these iconic people in their own element act like normal people despite their beauty and talent.  The Oscars years ago would only have 5 films to choose from in the best picture category. Now there are 9 films to choose from. More choices do not make it special anymore.
Drake’s next move is that he wants a late night talk show. He should be happy with what he is already successful at which is music. He wants to sit and talk to people and then go home? It sounds easy but it hasn’t been for a lot of famous people who tried and failed. Do you remember these people talk shows? Here are some failed talk show hosts: Magic Johnson, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Karen from Will and Grace, Ryan Seacrest, Jeff Probst, Khloe Kardashian and her mom Chris Jenner, Wanda Sykes or even others.  Just be glad that people love your work and thank them for your awards. 
Related imageThere is an entire population of people seeking independence and simply want to lead good productive lives here in America. We also have good furry friends that give you unconditional love no matter what. Yes our dogs are surely therapeutic to anyone and then they have the plus that they can be trained to do a multitude of things.  Maybe Trump would benefit from and soften up from a White House dog. The only thing we ever see him pet is his wife sometimes. Does he ever spend time with his youngest son?
88 years ago on January 29, 1929 is the day the organization called The Seeing Eye Inc. was founded in Nashville, Tennessee. The co-founder frustrated by his own blindness went to Switzerland where he took place in a pioneering guide dog program. Our eyesight is so precious and often ignored like it will always be there. Advances in medicine have not gone as far with the eyes as they have made advancements in dealing with and conquering with many other diseases. For years if you had a problem with an eye you were simply told to wear a patch and cover the thing up. At least with your furry friend, the dog to guide you the blind know now that they have some independence and simply help.
Related imageFreedom is what so many people desire globally but freedom comes in many ways. The man brought to America what he had learned in Switzerland and his new guide dog never seen before in America. Yes, Donald Trump we can learn from other countries and their people. The man’s seeing- eye dog transformed him immediately from a charity case just good for begging for money and food to a independent productive person who can at least get around town easily. The dog is also a reassuring companion just to pet who needs the blind person to feed him or her. Whom ever really needed a blind person for anything before? They were not treated like productive people before. Meanwhile some of our greatest musicians are blind.
Related imageMany people close their eyes just to concentrate for a while. It is much different if you are unable to   possess the ability to see. The relationship of the blind man and his dog soon captured the attention of the American public. A decade later the man and another guide dog was walking to many one’s dismay through the 1939 World’s Fair. Yes, ten years had passed and most people still did not know about the amazing good service a seeing-eye dog can perform. The organization had exclusive trademark rights to the term Seeing-eye Dog. Now over the years the organization has matched over 16,000 blind people to their special helpful trained dogs.
Now the headquarters are in Morristown, New Jersey. The Seeing-eye services an average of 260 people a year helping the blind navigate busy streets and subways independently. Independence means so much to  so many kinds of people Mr. Trump. Training of the people to their dogs lasts only 25 days. The training is paid for by charitable contributions. The dogs have regular lives with their puppies who are soon trained to do their special service. Today there are some 500 puppies born into their breading program. God Bless America’s charitable organizations. Hey! maybe we should get these kind of dogs to help those people who text and walk themselves into dangerous situations!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Related image Whenever anyone gets a budget they feel that they have to spend all the money or the budget gets   cut back next year in funds. That is how our military works. Trump wants to give them more money. So, what do they do with all that money? They spend it on new stuff and then ask for more money. The new stuff is the U.S.S.  Zumwalt   that is the newest navel battleship in our nation’s fleet. There has never been a vessel that looked like this, could do things like this and who cost 4 billion dollars to build. It is the most advanced vessel that the Navy is bringing to the fleet. It has been commissioned as a destroyer and yes it can destroy even by sending missiles to land targets 60 miles away.
It has a sleek exterior with no metal sticking out from anywhere making it look very futuristic. They crammed too much technology into the vessel in way too little time just to spend the budget money. The missiles are so powerful that they can reach 60 miles away within 2 minutes of the assigned target. Each shell   costs 800 thousand dollars. I hope their targets are worth more than that. There are only 147 crew members aboard the ship. The ship is so highly technical that more men aren’t needed. There aren’t any windows. They look at video monitors set to cameras to see navigation.
The Zumwalt has already suffered 2 mechanical breakdowns. One in the Panama Canal as it was traveling to its permanent port in San Diego. It is the navy’s most expensive destroyer in the navy’s history. It broke down one month after it was commissioned. How did it happen that the navy has a 4 billion dollar destroyer that doesn’t work? The program to make this vessel started in the early 90’s. Originally as many as 30 ships were planned to build and now they cut that back to only 3 ships. The navy is complaining that when you build only 3 ships the cost of building the things will rise. Building more ships would bring costs down according to them.
All of it is controversial. Its look, costs and even its name is looked at. The new battleship was named after Admiral Zumwalt who was known for shaking up the navy by making sure his ships were integrated with women and minorities. He would send out messages ordering the end to racism and sexism. On the ship named after him you will see all races and religions represented on that vessel. It is only fitting that the man responsible for bringing the navy into the 20th century should have an advanced ship named after him. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Time for movies

Winter has arrived with storms of snow blanketing the northeast. The schools ae closed and you cancelled  your appointments for another day. So, now what? It is a perfect day to catchup on all the movies you haven’t seen this year for Oscar picks. The nominations ha e been announced and the 89th Academy Awards will be handing out the Oscar trophy’s   on February 26.  In November most of the movies were only shown in theaters in New York and California. Now you can find your movie nationwide in the theaters. So, now is the end of peak holiday movie season.

See La La Land just to know why it got so many nominations. It is different because there is lots of singing and dancing that we miss since it is compared to the last great singing and dancing movie called Singing in the Rain released in 1952. If you don’t like musicals then try to see a drama
The movie called Moonlight is another award season biggie.  It is a slow paced gentle exploration of sexual and racial identity. You might like it for its simplicity. Moonlight is the most acclaimed movie of the year. It is nominated for 8 Academy Awards including best picture. The story is about a timid boy having a hard time growing up in the poorest neighborhood in Miami. His single Mom is a crack addict. His surrogate is the local drug dealer and his girlfriend. The movie won a Golden Globe for best drama. Not bad for an Independent film made in just 25 days for just 5 million dollars. There aren't any white people in the movie not that it matters. The director and screenplay writer grew up in the same town the movie takes place, they both had crack addicts for Mothers and one is gay and one is straight. This story must be about their personal lives. This movie is no blockbuster. It only made about 18 million dollars but it is critically acclaimed.

Alot of hype is over the movie called Fences. I is based on a play by August Wilson. This drama is about a husband and father played by Denzel Washington who is warped by racism and poverty that makes him unbearable. Denzel is the star and the director of this movie.
Manchester by the Sea features Casey Affleck up for best actor. So, go see him act in this sad film that has just a bit of hope in it.
20th Century Women  is worth seeing because it is a testament to women that help boys to become men. Annette Bening plays the mother and is up for a best actress nomination.
You know what to do. Make the popcorn and get busy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Snap the fingers

Is there anything that Trump signed that isn’t controversial?  The man got elected because ultimately he has good intentions and in his bull dog way is trying his best to protect the country but his tactics just aren’t working on just so many issues. Judges are overturning his ban on immigrants and now Senators are protesting his nomination of Betsy Devos.   It is sad that the only woman he selected is also surrounded by so much controversy. Two Senators tried their best to vote against her nomination as Education Secretary but then the Vice-President stepped in with his vote and now she has the job.
The Vice-Presidents vote broke the tie in the voting. She is controversial because she is just another wealthy person Trump has decided to surround himself with who has never set foot in a public school and incidentally donated millions of dollars to Trumps election campaign. Shouldn’t someone with experience in a field get the top job? Teachers and parents and education administrators do not support her. At least judges within 24 hours of Trump’s confusing immigration order has been able to stop it and for now documented immigrants are able to enter the country as usual. This past week only caused fear and panic for so many people.
We all agree that we need to protect our nation and keep it safe but we all wish our Constitutional rights be shared with all in this country. We wish that qualified people are getting the highest offices and not just buddies of the President. We want freedom of religion in this country and are proud that people can live side by side in peace no matter where they are from   or what God they choose to worship. His Muslim ban is against our resolve. We have had freedom of religion and kept our nation safe in the past .Why not now? People with green cards go through a process that has 20 steps and it takes about 2 years to get final approval. There is also controversy over Trump’s pick as top judge that will probably be battled all the way up to the Supreme Court. Must all of Trump’s decisions be just plain wrong?
In just weeks in office he has created more confusion and opposition from even the world than possible good. People are frightened about many issues that he has trampled on so far in his term in office as President. When will Trump realize that he can’t just snap his fingers and all can change? We have 3 branches of government for a reason. He has already threatened Iraq on missile launches. Is he looking for war again? Trump threatened to hold Federal funds from Berkley University because they protested a speaker there. Is he trying to control free   speech in this country too? It seems that any subject he touches on is so controversial and he lashes back with intimidation. Only Congress can take Federal funds back anyway. Is all this stupidly a deflection from what he can and did do to change things?
Trump can change Obama’s executive orders but he cannot change laws. He already changed a lot of good things Obama had in place. – removed was a ruling that would have prevented toxic chemicals being poured in our streams and rivers.
-overturned was a ruling that would have kept guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.
-overturned was a requirement to disclose payments made to foreign companies by oil and gas companies.   
-the Agriculture Department has removed from its website inspection reports and information about the treatment of animals   in laboratories, zoos, dog breeders and other facilities.

America did not vote for anyone to crap over our Constitution and our rights!                                                                                                                                                                               

Monday, February 6, 2017

Super bowl firsts

You had to watch the Super Bowl Fifty One. The excitement and the hype is sure infectious whether you like or hate the game. More importantly that after 51 years of the game being played this year’s game was very special. Many firsts happened. Most notably is that quarterback Tom Brady won 5 Super bowl Championships.  It is a first that no other quarterback has achieved in football history and that is only one of the records broken at the game. Here is a list of firsts that were accomplished:
James White scored the most points ever at 20 at any Super bowl.
Tom Brady threw the most passes ever at 62 in a Super bowl game.
Tom Brady had the most completions of 42 at any Super bowl game.
Tom Brady broke the record of the most passing yards at 466 yards.
James White achieved the status of having the most receptions at 14 during the Super bowl.
The Patriots who were losing by a large margin of points early in the game turned it all around to win the game and win a deficit by 25 points that broke a record at a Super bowl game for the largest deficit overcome by a winning team.  
The Patriots won the most points in overtime by 6 points breaking the record.
The Patriots had the most first downs ever by a team at 37.
The Patriots also had the most first downs by passing by a team at 26.
The Patriots achieved the most offensive plays by a team at 93.
The Patriots had the most passes by a team at 63 at a Super bowl.
The Patriots had the most completions at 43 by any team in a Super bowl.
The Patriots had the most passing yards ever by a team at 442 yards passed.
Both teams broke the record of most yards passed at a Super bowl game at 682 yards.
The most first downs passing achieved by both teams at 39.
The most first downs achieved by both teams were at 54.
The game was exciting with both teams achieving good plays all the time. At overtime is when the Patriots really pulled it together for their win. The NFL record books will have to make a lot of changes since so many records were broken during this game.  Tom Brady and his coach Bill Belichick have a record breaking history together. They both participated in a record breaking 7 Super bowls and they also together won 5 Super bowls that no one else has ever done in 51 years of the game. It is all good for those guys. Other guys did notable things for the record books too.
Ultimately it is Tom Brady who goes down in Super bowl history for doing the most ever in any category and he is also married to a Super model. It does not get better than that. Tom Brady has the distinction of having the most Super ball passes at 309:
                                                completions at 207
                                                passing yards at 2,071

Tom Brady even  holds the new record for the most Touchdown passes during Super bowls at 15. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Stupid Bowl

Today is Super Stupid Bowl Sunday where millions of people will be watching the game in America, drinking too much beer and eating all the wrong snack foods all in the interest of supporting a game that is killing their players way before their time and no one cares. No one cares that the NFL doesn’t pay taxes or that they don’t pay the cheerleaders a   decent wage. More importantly is the fine specimens of human worriers dying from ALS due to too many concussions to the brain that eventually all the systems stop working and then they die. There is no cure for ALS.
Look at the life and death of Kevin Turner who was a NFL fullback who died at age 46 from ALS. Within 6 years his hands weren’t able to pick things up not even a coin, his arms went limp, his legs gave way, then he couldn’t speak any longer, he needed a breathing tube in order to live and communicated with his eyes staring at letters on a voice activated computer oh and then he died. All because he played football. The NFL claims no responsibility for guys dying like him. The NFL will not change any rules to minimize the amount of hits to the head these athletes have to go through in the interest of the sport.  There is a college team that will tolerate only chest to chest hits.
Lady Gaga should end her half time show in a wheelchair with a breathing tube attached to her throat because that is how many of the most feverous players will end up because of all the trauma their brain has gone through to be the best players on the field. Kids are starting to get their brains tossed around under a football helmet at age 8. Years and years of trauma on the brain causes it to just shut down. It is a known fact with no cure and yet the game continues with great attendance, fireworks, million dollar commercials during events, tail gate parties like it is the greatest thing on earth. At least most of the world doesn’t play football as we do. Their football is our soccer a much safer game on the brain.
ALS is a fatal disease. It is a disease where a man can see and experience their bodies slowly deteriorate till there is nothing left of them. Why can’t they change the rules to give a team a penalty if they head but someone? Boxers are going through the same problems but most kids don’t start the sport of boxing at age 8. Instead of discouraging kids from participating in the sport and realizing how dangerous it is on the brain elementary school teams are making it more popular with the lure of excitement, fireworks and confetti at games. Who wouldn’t want to participate in anything that came with the amount of hype that American football has created?

Researchers from Boston University are studying this ALS disease very carefully and don’t recommend anyone to participate in the sport at any age. Tell that to the National Football League and their Stupid Bowl. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Four Minutes of Family

They get 4 minutes of family standing in the Rio Grande at the border. Go visit grand-ma because you got the freedom to go wherever you want to whenever you want to visit anyone you want to. It is called freedom and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Recently thousands of people gathered on either side of the Rio Grande River on our southern border. Undocumented immigrants living in America were for the first time being able to see their relatives from the Mexican side of the border. It was the chance of a lifetime with some seeing each other for the first time in   years. Could there really be a human side to the immigration problem at our southern border?
They met and stood in the muddy water of the river and hugged and kissed and surely added more water to the river with their tears. Tears of both sadness and joy. For most from both countries these people have only had photographs and memories. Some hardly even know each other but they know they are family even if they haven’t seen each other for a decade. Many illegal families are separated when some are caught at the border and sent back to Mexico while other family members make it to America and live a life with different names. Some are hugging family members for the first time. It was all made possible by an event called Hugs not Walls.
This was all made possible by Obama’s efforts to unite families when he put in place immigration protections. They can still be deported at any time because they do not have the proper documentation. This event was about reuniting and not deportation. Alisa Wellek   the Executive Director of the Immigrant Defense Project points out how difficult it is to legally enter the country. Some families have not seen each other for as much as 25 years. 6 thousand people participated in the event. The reunion of sorts was sanctioned and protected by the United Stated Customs Border Patrol despite the fact that most people there were undocumented people who emerged out of the shadows. The theme was that it was all about compassion and not papers. Does Donald possess any compassion?
Those on the American side wore blue tee shirts and had good waterproof boots. Those on the Mexican side wore white tee-shirts and wore trash bags on their feet held up with rubber bands on their legs for protection while in the river waters.  Families came from as far as Chicago for this reunion of sorts. The journey was worth it for just 4 minutes with each other touching their closest relatives standing in the muddy waters of the river. Fernando Garcia is the Executive Director for the Border Network for Human Rights who wished the families could have more time together. I think they should have been able to go a step further and be able to share a meal together on dry land at least.

No laws were broken at the event where both sides remained at their borders. The families waited and took numbers till they were able to rush into the water for a hug and kiss. Would you drive 11 hours to see someone for just 4 minutes? Hell yes if you still loved them or was human. They waited behind the fence. Donald doesn’t want a fence. Does he even value humanity? We need proper documentation not walls even if only 4 minutes of family was made possible. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Hunt for Mexicans

They are hunting Mexicans now. Well the gun holding wild game hunters already killed all the large animals so now they are going after the Mexicans at the border and the border patrol is simply looking the other way. The border between the United States and Mexico is about 1,930 miles which gives these gun touting maniacs lots of terrain to cover. Have we all gone insane? Let them in and document them and make sure they have a job and pay taxes and abide by our laws. What is the problem? We don’t need an expensive wall or blood thirsty red necks hunting Mexicans!
They are armed vigilantes that do not work for the Border Patrol. They are unpaid and unsanctioned. They are hunting Mexicans for sport. They will tell you that they are filling a void left by law enforcement agencies that can’t or won’t do the job to stop illegals from entering this country. They track footprints in the sandy soil as they are heavily armed and look like they are ready for combat in their store bought hunting suits. They are a para-military force. They even plant trail cameras to track Mexicans. These guys are not hired by America and are an unauthorized armed force   known as the AZBR. Their title is Arizona Border Recon. There is already a steel fence on the Arizona Border. Sheriff Tony Estrada is the Santa Cruz County law man in Arizona who knows all about these head hunters and simply says they shouldn’t be doing it. Has any of these guys been arrested for doing the job of our legal Border Patrol? NO!
The Southern Poverty Law Center calls the illegal soldiers an active extremist group. The group’s founder is a guy named Foley who was a former construction worker.  He feels that his group is more effective than the Border Patrol especially in areas where there is just some barbed wire on the border that anyone can easily pass through between the wide spaces between the wires. The men are a rag tag team of volunteers. Is this some kind of vicious game to them? They come there on their vacations and act like they are Special Forces on a mission. The Ranchers who own the land along the border allows the volunteer military on their land and look the other way about their activities. They just don’t want illegals running around on their land even though some ranchers own 50 thousand acres of land there which is plenty of running around space.
Jim Chilton is a land owning rancher who compares his land to the Wild West where he is an abused victim where people from all over the world are coming through his ranch and hunters are running after them shooting guns. He says that he is in a foreign occupied area with the cartel scouts on his mountains and that he is not the law. There are also humanitarian groups like the Tucson Samaritans that patrol the desert but instead of carrying guns they leave packages of food and water for the illegals along natural trails. The border seems to be a very busy place. The elderly and children are often found dead because they are too frail or too small to keep up on the journey to freedom. Migrants in the desert are being hunted by men with guns who have no authorization and have little accountability. Is this the America you want to live in?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Poor Protesters

Poor Protesters! They are the common person warrior and they have been way too busy lately. It seems that with every stroke of Trump’s pen, controversy erupts. His staff is scrambling to help him but they don’t know what to do since they have never done a job like helping to run a country before. It all makes you crave Hillary even more now. She would have known what to do better even without her phone and e-mails. The protestors are busy because they just don’t get a break. Now they have to make new signs and run over to the Supreme Court building to protest Trump’s misguided pick for the new Supreme Court Justice.
His name is Neil Gorsuch and at age 49 he is the youngest appointee to the Supreme Court in 25 years.  That alone is a red light. A Supreme Court Judge gets the job for life which means this guy could possibly hold the job for 40 years and he looks fit and trim. That is a very long time for a person’s opinions to be followed as the final law on issues. What if America doesn’t agree with him? This is the one job where older and wiser should prevail in a job position. This is probably the most important job one could get. Neil is a westerner with very conservative views.
You couldn’t have any greater an education. Neil Gorsuch has an undergraduate degree from Columbia University with honors, a law degree from Harvard also with honors and a doctorate from Oxford. He was a great student. He then went on to clerk for two Supreme Court Justices. So why protest the man? Because his values are very close minded. He is against unions and employee’s rights, he is against clean air laws, he is against the food safety agencies, he is against safety provisions in medicine among other simple minded views that everything will watch themselves and that is just not the case in this society. Democratic leader Senator Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are not pleased with this guy. The Democratic National Committee said, “We cannot afford a Supreme Court Justice who doesn’t have the utmost respect for constitutional values of liberty, equality and justice for all.”
It is not good when both democrats and republicans   don’t agree on a Supreme Court Judge pick. The court has had only 8 justices for nearly a year now causing havoc on split votes on issues that need to be solved.  The vacancy proved how stupidly divided the government has been during the entire Obama administration. Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland early in 2016 who was well liked by both republicans and democrats but the republican majority Senate stalled the movement for 10 months denying Judge Garland even a committee hearing. They just did not want the hiring of a Supreme Court Justice to be added to Obama’s legacy as a great President. They considered him a liberal appointee.
The replacement will fill the seat that conservative Justice Scalia   held before his death. He was purely a Constitutional man who judged with a clear definition of Constitutional law and held to its values rather than popular causes.  On abortion he said that it was already ruled upon and that we should obey the ruling.  We have 3 conservative Justices in Judge Roberts, Thomas and   Alito. Gorsuch would be the forth. They would square off with the 4 liberal Judges on the court of Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan.  Justice Kennedy is 80 years old and would be the swing vote. Do we want a very conservative judge for possibly the next 3 decades dictating our laws? Without the 9the seat of the court filled the justices have been equally divided and nothing was being decided. Abortion, contraception, immigration and refugee issues are all in the pile of waiting issues to be judged with clarity. Americans on both sides of issues are just sick of the politics involved in issues important to us to be decided on with a sense of finality.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Stupid Bowl

Soon it will be Super Stupid Bowl Sunday where millions of people will be watching the game in America, drinking too much beer and eating all the wrong snack foods all in the interest of supporting a game that is killing their players way before their time and no one cares. No one cares that the NFL doesn’t pay taxes or that they don’t pay the cheerleaders a   decent wage. More importantly is the fine specimens of human worriers dying from ALS due to too many concussions to the brain that eventually all the systems stop working and then they die. There is no cure for ALS.

Look at the life and death of Kevin Turner who was a NFL fullback who died at age 46 from ALS. Within 6 years his hands weren’t able to pick things up not even a coin, his arms went limp, his legs gave way, then he couldn’t speak any longer, he needed a breathing tube in order to live and communicated with his eyes staring at letters on a voice activated computer oh and then he died. All because he played football. The NFL claims no responsibility for guys dying like him. The NFL will not change any rules to minimize the amount of hits to the head these athletes have to go through in the interest of the sport.  There is a college team that will tolerate only chest to chest hits.

Lady Gaga should end her half time show in a wheelchair with a breathing tube attached to her throat because that is how many of the most feverous players will end up because of all the trauma their brain has gone through to be the best players on the field. Kids are starting to get their brains tossed around under a football helmet at age 8. Years and years of trauma on the brain causes it to just shut down. It is a known fact with no cure and yet the game continues with great attendance, fireworks, million dollar commercials during events, tail gate parties like it is the greatest thing on earth. At least most of the world doesn’t play football as we do. Their football is our soccer a much safer game on the brain.

ALS is a fatal disease. It is a disease where a man can see and experience their bodies slowly deteriorate till there is nothing left of them. Why can’t they change the rules to give a team a penalty if they head but someone? Boxers are going through the same problems but most kids don’t start the sport of boxing at age 8. Instead of discouraging kids from participating in the sport and realizing how dangerous it is on the brain elementary school teams are making it more popular with the lure of excitement, fireworks and confetti at games. Who wouldn’t want to participate in anything that came with the amount of hype that American football has created?

Researchers from Boston University are studying this ALS disease very carefully and don’t recommend anyone to participate in the sport at any age. Tell that to the National Football League and their Stupid Bowl. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Belles of the Balls

Our Presidents and their First ladies are the closest thing America has compared to royalty and nothing could look more royal than them all decked out for their Inauguration Balls. It is a popular televised event that most people enjoy. Some of the best dancing Presidents were Ronald Regan who cuddled his wife, Bill Clinton who danced to a beat with a young very thin Hillary, the first George Bush who was just a natural with his wife  and Melania who looks stunning in anything the Sophia Loren sister look alike super model she is.  How did a girl who came from a small European town of 800 people get such style? Look up their Ball dances and enjoy for yourself.
They are on the world’s stage just for one evening. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the First Ladies Collection at the Museum of American History is the most popular exhibit in the Smithsonian. One of the earliest gowns there is from 1905 worn by the wife of Teddy Roosevelt. 60 years later Lady Bird wore a yellow gown with fur trimmed sleeves. The animal rights people would be after her now and wouldn’t permit it. Fashion design icon Jaquelin Kennedy helped design her own ensemble. It was elegance in a cream colored gown. Mamie Eisenhower wore a pink sparkly gown. Bess Truman looked very matronly in her dark gown. Hillary was gorgeous in her form fitting dark blue lace gown that showed off her very tiny waist. The younger Bush had his wife in bright red sequins.  
There was a surprising parallel to Nancy Regan’s one shoulder dress to Michelle Obama’s one shoulder dress. They were both in white dress with beading.  Melania topped them all with her former model expertise. The powder blue winter sexy tight number she wore all day with her super high heels and matching long gloves was medicine for sore eyes. At night she slipped into an off white dress that could have been painted on the curves of her body. Trump’s entire family who joined him on stage for the first dance looked like royalty at their local event. It wa a place where all the men were tall and handsome and all the women were deliciously elegant and beautiful. America could use more taste and politeness and elegance from the general population.

The way kids dance in clubs is just simulated sex acts with clothes on. Are there even any elegant balls for regular people to go to? I don’t think so. Then get lost in the elegance of our royalty and see the real dresses at the Smithsonian or just find the footage of American royalty at their best at their balls. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Hide the Presidential Pens

Will somebody hide the pens from Trump already? He has now created havoc at every airport in the world. He signed another executive order this time with a travel ban from certain Middle East countries. He left out the three like Saudi Arabia that coincidentally have buildings he built with his name on them there. He is a dictator gone wild and did not contact any government agency or the press in discussing his decisions or even how to implement his rash decisions. God help the world when his itchy palms get to playing with the nuclear weapons buttons. He banned people from entering the United States from 7 Middle Eastern countries. He also suspended the entire refugee program. Travelers were trapped at airports and in mid-flights since he did this without warning.
How selfish and irresponsible is this creature? What about the people in transit or green card holders? Many people have valid visas who are in limbo now. Now we have protestors clogging up the airports too.. The White House refuses to answer reporters or even give a statement to give some clarity to the situation. He signed the order at 4:42 on a Friday to take place immediately. The particular agencies responsible for protecting our homeland were not even notified. Not contacted were Homeland Security or the National Terrorism Center was contacted. Why? If you don’t have the trained officers in the field implementing his highnesses wishes how can you implement them in an orderly and non -chaotic manner? Why weren’t these two agencies made part of the decision process in this matter?
He seems to think that all Muslims are Jihadis. None of the 911 hijackers even came from the 7 countries he banned. He needs to take a deep breath and come up with a more sensible solution to combating terrorism. The chaos happened at the airports because Trump offered no plan to implement to federal or local government officials on how or where to detain hundreds of people daily. The President’s ban violates a person’s civil liberties even if they hold a green card. This executive order makes no provision for those with a green card already on the path to citizenship. It makes no distinction if you served previously in the U.S. Military previously, you could still be detained. In this country the notion of detention without probable cause or due process is simply un-American.

Religious people should be appalled since there is an exception for people who are not Muslim. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Are all terrorists   Muslim? Trump offered no other exceptions.  Is this the first step towards a Muslim registry? Why isn’t there a provision or exception to the ban for a law abiding person with a work visa, doctor or business person   to be allowed into this country? The global world of medicine and business needs these people and we need their insight here.  Civil liberties are now being violated. Our safety of our cities are now further threatened with the Donald’s ban because there will be less cooperation with cops and our government due to mistrust by foreigners. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Presidential First

A home is more than bricks and mortar. It is a feeling of belonging. It is a loving place, a place of hope for the future and no one creates a home better than a woman. Women nurture and care for everyone. They are peaceful and will do anything for the integrity of their family. Then why does society disrespect them and wish to put their lives in danger? The laws do not sterilize a rapist so he can never get a child or woman pregnant again yet every year there is a movement to stop abortions. Viagra is covered by health insurance companies but birth control pills are not. Why? Women are the birthing vessels of the world and they also possess amazing brains to make most of the best judgmental calls in life. Why aren’t we respecting their judgement to do what they think is best for their lives and the lives of the unborn?
Recently the anti-abortion folks were all over Washington as they do every year. The problem is that we know the Trump administration supports their efforts but should a standing Vice-President get involved in the protests? How much divisiveness can this administration want in this country? Mike Pence became the first Vice-President in history to address the annual March for Life Rally. The March for Life happens every January. America’s war over abortion rights have been raging for over 40 years ever since the Supreme Court ruled that it was legal in the case of Roe vs. Wade. Most recent polls say that abortion should be legal in all/most cases to the tune of 64%. 32% of Americans think that abortions should be illegal. Why can’t this administration isten to the opinions of the majority of Americans and
A further threat to the popular view on this issue is the Supreme Court vacancy and a Republican held Congress. It could mean drastic changes to abortion rights in the coming years. Mike Pence is the highest ranking government official to ever speak at a protest rally on the abortion issue. Pence is a long time anti-abortion legislator. He also gives no indication as to what we are going to do with all these unwanted children. Who is going to raise them and at what cost? As a Congressman he introduced a bill to end Federal funding to end Planned Parenthood which is America’s largest reproductive healthcare provider. It simply proves that it is a man’s world. If men had to give birth I bet all jobs would give them the 3RD TRIMESTER OF PREGNANCY off with pay. The government would pay for tampons and menstrual pads for their monthly uncontrollable bleeding episodes. They would probably be able to take off from work to deal with the bloody mess one week per month.
Men feel nothing and know nothing even about the mood changes a woman has to put up with. To men making children is just a night of sloppy wonderful fun and sloppy sex. Then they are done! Women need reproductive care. They do not need to be putting their lives at risk as they did before Roe vs. Wade. Trump already signed an executive order to prevent funding to foreign aid to help overseas to any place that will even discuss abortions. Trump already signed executive orders to build up the military. Most of taxpayer’s money already goes to the military spending. Defunding Planned Parenthood is such more than just trying to stop abortions
Planned Parenthood provides breast cancer screenings, pap tests, birth control, STD testing and treatment and   adoptions   that are all much needed women’s health care that is now threatened to cease. The efforts to reduce abortions will not end abortions, it will only make it less safe.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Gender Revolution

Did you know that all humans start life being female? Soon after in the womb we begin to be male or female, Boy or girl doesn’t necessarily exist anymore. Years ago if a person with a penis wanted to wear make-up and wanted to wear dresses he did it with a hairy body and a cigar in a comedy sketch like Milton Berle  did. But then singers like David Bowie and Boy George became famous who at times wore full female make-up and it was all ok, no comedy. Advances in the medical field and changes in public opinion are creating all new kinds of people. Should applications for anything still say male or female as a check off of identity? Today we don’t know what kind of genitalia people have in their pants. Many don’t know the terminology used for this new kind of sexual revolution. Human life is no longer simply male or female.
The Emmy awarded journalist Katie Couric is sharing a new documentary on gender identity that is worth watching that is informative on where society is on the issue of who we are and who we identify with. Now children who have penises are wearing dresses if they want to and are undergoing name changes and are already planning future medical services to change their gender that are widely available to all now. Years ago if a guy was effeminate he became a fashion designer or a hairdresser. There are no boundaries anymore. There is also a generational divide on this issue. We all need to know the new vocabulary to understand the issues and then there would not be so much fear out there. Fear is usually a result of ignorance. With knowing about things, it is helpful to understand and accept.
We need to know all the biology that is involved in gender. Sexual orientation is completely different from gender identification. In simple terms, gender is who you go to bed as; sexual orientation is who you go to bed with. We all start life as a girl. Men have nipples that are completely useless. In the first trimester of life in the womb gives the fetus a surge in testosterone that forms the gentiles. Depending on the amount of testosterone received, a clitoris becomes a penis and ovaries become testes. If things get interrupted a child can be born called intersex where the child has both female and male genitalia. They can have sex characteristics of both male and female. There is surgical intervention now for these babies of which there are one out of every 2,000 babies born with this type of body.    
These intersex children are unique but now activists are questioning if the surgical intervention is necessary to “normalize a baby’s appearance”. Should we be imposing a gender on these kids or should we wait to see what gender they identify with? However, people aren’t even simply a boy or girl now. A surge in testosterone can make a female feel like a male. The biology is so much more important than just what you are thinking who you are at this moment. There is a lot of support now with gender clinics available now. Parents love their children unconditionally and want to follow the instincts of their children. If a child with a penis wants to wear dresses, parents now are buying them a closet of dresses. They would rather have a child who is living openly and authentically than have the child with feelings of suicide because they are transgender or gender   non-conforming people.
Parents are heterosexual and now are open enough to do anything for their child to be happy and safe. There are more transgender people now than ever simply because we have become a more tolerant and accepting world.  We need to learn words like gender confirmation surgery for when the pronouns change from he to she or from she to he.  No one needs to feel trapped in the wrong body any longer. We are living in a world now where folks can live as who they are and not what they are.  Now the issue of what bathrooms people use is going to the Supreme Court since people are no longer simply male or female. The gender revolution is here to stay. We need to see folks as people regardless of their gender identification. The documentary airs February 6th on the National Geographic Channel.