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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Related imageImagine Michael Jackson and David Bowie  inviting now Prince to the gates of wherever creative souls go to. Yes we have lost the life here on earth to another legendary singer and songwriter and musician of many instruments he mastered to play. We can blame it on the pharmaceutical industry and the toil on the body that it takes to entertain an audience these days. Years ago Bing Crosby would sing a tune sitting in a chair smoking a pipe and he was a star performer. These guys put their every bit of energy into their performances and soon became vessels for prescription pain killers and now they are gone. They were trans-gender before anyone even used that term. Prince even went as far as to be called a symbol to avoid the gender issues. We are all just people.
Prince is dead at age 57. He was a cultural icon. In all his flamboyance he was just a simple guy from Minneapolis who never left his home town. He was raised there and lived there still. There have already been massive street parties in honor of the small 5 foot 2 inch legend. His music will also live forever. His complex was known as Paisley Park where he was found dead in an elevator. He is survived by his sister. He was born Prince Roger Nelson in 1958. He even played basketball in high school. He realized soon enough that music was his calling writing songs in his younger years. By age 21 he made an appearance on American Bandstand. He was always out of the box with his wardrobe feminine but  yet a very masculine man.  
Being bullied in school he compensated the critics by being as flashy as possible. He chose music  simply because he didn’t know much about anything else so he pursued the career. His fame came because he was not content with any particular style of music. He could play funk, rhythm and blues, rock and roll and popular music and do it all at the same time in his songs. He created more albums than his years as an artist. He won 7 Grammys. A Golden Globe and sold more than 100 million records worldwide.  It was his appearance in a movie called Purple Rain that put him over the top in fame of mega stardom in 1984. The soundtrack earned him an Oscar.  He played every instrument and sung every line in his music.
He was beyond any gender becoming a symbol in 1983. It was a transition where he became known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince. He seemed sexually ambiguous but always had a beautiful girl on his arm.  He eventually married one of his back-up singers in 1996. They had a child who died days after birth. His marriage ended shortly thereafter. He maintained a sense of mystery throughout his career. Certainly no ordinary guy but a guy who never left home.  He didn’t die young, he always lived young.



Saturday, April 30, 2016

Related imageIf you are a religious person here on earth then you should be worshiping the three Gods here that can determine where we work, what we purchase and generally who we are. I am talking about your credit score which is the three most important digits possibly in your life except for your weight. It was established to help businesses to know who to lend money to. It always had been critical to our economy. Has credit really helped you to have a better living or has it become a nightmare in your life?
They say you earn credit through your character, capacity to pay your bills and capital meaning the amount of money you already have before you go borrow more money. These three traits determine your score. You just don’t realize how important your credit report number is in determining all aspects of your life. People use it if you want to rent somewhere, Insurers that set your rates and even employers using it to decide to hire you. 47% percent of employers conduct credit checks. It is legal if they get permission from the applicant. The three Gods as I call them determine who you are. They are Equifax, Experian and Trans Union and aggressively promote to companies that they know a lot about you.  You are their product.
Employers feel that if you can manage your own finances well then they could trust you with  an  aspect of their company to manage well.  Meanwhile 1 out of every 4 reports have an error and one out of every 20 reports were seriously wrong. Who is keeping track of these reporting companies? Apparently no one. Yet their job is to accurately keep records on us. Congress doesn’t care. All those people make so much money that they all must have excellent ratings.  The public wants some accountability but how do we get it? The errors could include debt that you already paid to being mixed up by someone else entirely. Just keep getting turned down for loans. It is time to analyze your credit reports.
It can get worse. If the Credit Reporting Companies mix you up with some criminal that has sanctions against them, you may get a listing on your report as a terrorist. Now you can be shot by the authorities. Another nightmare is to be confused with a dead person.  Agencies won’t even talk to you. They will think you are an imposter and literally tell you that you are dead.  You can’t even get a copy of your credit report when you are dead. What is even worse now is that there are hundreds of companies that are in the business of monitoring people. They call themselves background check companies.  If you are going to use a criminal background check company they above all should be accurate and they are not. So, imagine looking for an apartment and before you know it you are possibly being arrested for criminal activity.  Sigh! Life in America!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Related imageIt is good to know that in some countries big shots do go to jail for money crimes. Not in the United States. No one has ever been held accountable for the lack of protection on 911 yet we have various agencies where that is their sole job. No one has been held accountable for the Wall Street Disaster that is still going on since 2008. Many Americans lost their homes to foreclosure since then while bakers enjoy our funds in off shore accounts. In Panama it was revealed recently billions of documents revealing who the big shots are enjoying lots of money they stole. Knowing where the billionaire’s accounts are is new important knowledge.
The Panama Papers are legal documents obtained from a law firm called Mossack Fonseca that specializes in creating off shore accounts. The documents have already exposed Iceland’s Prime Minister to having ties with off shore accounts. The citizens of Iceland are already in a uproar over a huge economic downturn they did not need to hear that their political leader is heavily involved in stealing their tax money. Days after the revelation he stepped down from his elected post in government. In Iceland the Prime Minister is replaced by the Fisheries Minister. Many other leaders from other countries have already been exposed for their involvement in corruption. The President of Argentina, Ukraine and the President of Saudi Arabia were directly linked to bad accounts.
The Prime Minister of England was linked to hefty accounts listed in his father’s name. Shares. Offshore trusts and offshore funds are the concern of all citizens. Some of them have dumped their shares recently in an effort to appear clean but they did own the shares recently. That does not make them not-guilty. Such world- wide corruption should be the exception and not the new rules.  Our worst admitted criminal big shots are in Alabama. The Governor refused to resign over his sex scandal. He had an affair admittedly with one of his to aids at age 73. Sexually explicit recordings of him became public.  The State Legislature has moved to impeach him because he had this affair on state property in his offices.
Alabama politics is a mess anyway. Under the State laws of impeachment the proceedings must take place by the stat’s Speaker of the House who is currently awaiting trial facing 23 felony ethics charges of his own scandal. Once that trial begins it will be presided by the Chief Justice of the State of the Supreme Court who was once removed himself for ethically violating his office on six counts. So to review, the Speaker of the House who is currently going under felony charges will give the articles of impeachment to the Governor accused of a sex scandal who will be presided over by the Chief Justice who was once removed for ethics violations. No wonder people go through many lengths to obtain political office. They get away with a lot. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Related imageWhere does a professional soldier go after your government says no more deployments, we are cutting back on our presence in the war? Killing has become your career. The recruiters signed you up for the military when you were 16 years old and in high school. As soon as you were 18 you were sent to learn how to kill and how to survive. For the past 20 years there has been constant war in the Middle East. You were busy. The instability spreading throughout the Middle East is not confined to the land. Some of the world’s most lucrative and dangerous shipping lanes are between dangerous lands. Places like Yemen and Somalia. Piracy is on the rise yet commerce must continue. Who is protecting the large cargo boats from getting stolen?
There is also war at sea in the international waters in the Gulf of Oman. Iran is at one side and Oman is on the other side and in between are some of the most dangerous places cargo boats must go through. 90% per cent of the goods we consume are on these ships. Everything from phones to couches are on a giant ship in containers. The businessmen who own the ships and cargo have created their own Police Department for the sea. There are now floating armories delivering gunmen and ammunitions to cargo ships that need protection. It is illegal for ships to arm themselves at port but they get away with the ruling international waters. It is all in response to the Somali Pirates who still terrorize ships in the region.
The cost over the last 10 years rose to over 10 billion dollars of goods being stolen by Somali Pirates. By 2012 the industry has been engaging in a new way to combat the problem. They are hiring highly paid former soldiers and training them to shoot moving targets on the water. They are called Private Military  Contractors. Many American professional soldiers re doing this type of work now. Piracy has already dropped to almost zero. The business expanded so quickly that in one point there were more than 30 thousand PMC’s on the ground and at sea in Iraq and the surrounding areas. The oceans have become conflict marketplaces. The sea is a dangerous place to be.
The problem in all this is that not any one nation has control over what happens in International waters. It is a free for all. It could be scenes from a Mad Max Movie if set at water. Today there are more than 80,000 commercial ships at sea. There are  2 trillion dollars worth of goods that travel along the Gulf of  Oman. These floating armories should have some regulation. A professional soldier has a good job at sea.  They are seeing that our goods do not end up in a black market marketplace. They don’t rent or sell guns themselves. They have military grade weapons in order to do the job. They are hired by private contractors. Pirates successfully took over 5 cargo ships since 2013. Now the pirates are terrorizing the Mediterranean Sea. The ISIS takeover of the Libyan coast is a threat to Europe.
The 280 mile stretch of sea between Libya and Italy can now become the new most dangerous waters. There is no army or navy to thank but we are grateful to the brave professional soldiers for hire at sea.                   

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Related imageWhat is wrong with men who think they have the right to rape their wives and literally chop off the noses of their women? Not much has been gained in the last 20 years for Afghan women’s rights. There are mixed gender schools built now after our war there but the boys and girls are taught their lessons separately. They get to have lunch and play time together. The United States has spent almost a billion dollars there to build up schools. America has been trying to give the Afghan woman a chance for equality but the men are unresponsive. As the troops recede there so are women’s rights fading. Afghanistan is listed as one of the worst places to be as a woman in the world.
Everyday there is a report of an act of violence against a woman either in the workplace or at home or in public. Why are the security systems in place there seemingly not willing to protect women? Women do band together and carry the coffins of fellow women on their shoulders for a proper burial. A full 18% per cent of women are victims of violence either sexual or physical. Often women end up in jail under the title of “moral crimes.”  There is no real definition of a moral crime. Rape is defined as an adultery. So a woman who is a victim of rape is supposed to spend 16 years in jail no matter how brutal the rape occurred. The number of women in jail has increased recently. Why aren’t the charges being brought against the men and not the women?
There are shelters created for women who run away from their abusive husbands now. They are afraid. The girls get married when they are 12 years old and flee by the time they are 17 or 18 years old. If their husbands find them they will surely die. None of this abuse would be happening if the government would be enforcing a 2009 law called The Law On The Elimination of Violence Against Women. No one should be allowed to cut the ears, or nose or beat a woman senseless. That is not the right of any man. These are crimes against humanity. Their Parliament refuses to ratify the law so in many cases impunity prevails. Women’s rights have always been a matter of politics in Afghanistan. The Taliban has been taking over towns and cities again after 15 years of peace. They arrive with a hit list of working women who are in shelters and destroy them and their work.
Women are in fear for their lives and are running away as quickly as they possibly can. 2015 has been the worst year of human casualties since 15 years ago. Women are excluded from all political peace talks. We all know that the legitimacy of any process is with participation of all genders and all sectors. This is not happening in Afghanistan. The government is deadlocked in terms of women’s rights and the Taliban is gaining control again. Recently fully covered women has taken to the streets in protest surrounded by American armed forces for protection. It will take more than protests to end the violence against women.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Related imageIt is baseball season again. The time of the year when all fathers can bond with their sons and throw a few on the dirt path. A time of the year where you can enjoy a Yankee Game with the boys and just enjoy spring afternoons at the stadium. Wrong. This season is proving that the Yankee organization is the most elitist bunch of greedy bastards in baseball! This is a team who blew $280 million dollars on A-Rod who is also a pompous bastard. The Yankees have now what they call a Legends Club for Elite Members. So me and my boys are not elite enough for the Yankees?
This Club is just as obnoxious as you would expect. The Legends Club is the first 5 rows of the stadium. So a club member automatically gets the best seats in the house. They don’t get the paper wrapped hot dog thrown at them from the aisle. No, Club members get leather seating, 5 star dining service, a concierge team of employees at your beck and call and a private suite entrance. You also get priority lobby access. No lines to wait on. Yes, the rich and famous get to enter the arena first with their favorite beverage and choice of food waiting for them. Do they have Cracker Jacks in the Legends Club? They need to add a few more versus to the classic song, Take Me Out to the Ball Game since things and priorities have changed.
The worst part is that often you will see these special seats often go empty during a game because the rich and famous don’t even bother to attend the games they have seats for. What a waste.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

  1. Related image

Leave the Chinese people alone. Let them live anyway they want. There has been such a rbuilding boom in China that now it looks like a theme park. The  government tells the Chinese people why visit Europe and America when we can create the places in China? And they have.  There are now entire cities in China designed to look like Paris, Venice, London and even Jackson Hole Wyoming. The Chinese people don’t want to live there. In one city the trees had clothes hanging from the limbs. All the common people want is a simple vegetable garden to tend to and a clothesline to air dry their clothes. They enjoy the simple life that they have had for generations.
  1. The Chinese people have been obedient letting the government tell them how many children they can have and trying to produce the most hard working people to be excellent musicians to top contending athletes. They work hard at their tasks. Must they be forced to live in European replica cities? They have even recreated the Eiffel Tower. Picturesque fountains and spacious public squares representing Europe is the style now. The people feel like they live in a strange place and not at home. The developers copied so much about the west that they forgot to include the Chinese traditional life. They forgot the law of supply and demand and built too many new cities with multiple housing that the average Chinese citizen can’t afford to live in.
    It has affected stock markets world-wide. These picturesque towns are ghost towns with not enough people living in them. The streets are empty and the stores are vacant. Those who do have apartments there have the best apartments with the best views. Even if these cities are undervalued now, they are built well and are considered as designer logos. People say they did all this as a statement about a long generation against Communism where the Chinese people were not allowed to see the beautiful places outside China. Mow China has built the beautiful places in their backyards.
    If you want to get away from China in China, just drive outside Beijing past the Great Wall into the hills and there you will find Wyoming. A replica of Jackson Hole complete with cowboys and Route 66 that doesn’t actually go through Wyoming but they are trying to do something there.  They even make fake snow at times. Some homes go for 2 million dollars because they are only about an hour away from polluted China cities and the Capitol.
    In the suburbs of Shanghai they created a refined city called Thames town as in the Thames river of London. It is more like a British Theme Park with Harry Potter statues and Winston Churchill remembered. Most of the people don’t even know who they are. There is the red phone booths and security guards dressed in the full red British uniform. Most people go there just for wedding pictures. One thing for sure, if you go to China and get sick for your hometown, you can now probably find it there somewhere.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why are all our buildings boxes and then we work in rooms in smaller boxes? When I go on vacation I love to visit buildings that look like cathedrals or pyramids or ancient buildings ornate with all kinds of gargoyles and embellishments.  Some are real  works of art. Anything new looks really boring until this guy emerged. He is Bjarke  Ingels a guy who is 41 years old and looks and acts like he is 21. He is a Danish Architect who has been commissioned all over the world to create new buildings for some very important places including finishing the 911 Memorial Site in New York City. He and his group of workers have designed everything from skyscrapers to a NFL Stadium.
The best part is that his designs can be anything but boring. He currently has some 60 major projects in the works. He is creating a complex of buildings for Google in Silicon Valley, the Lego Building, the new Redskins Stadium designed with a moat filled with water so fans can kayak around the structure for fun. He has a state of the art power plant with a ski slope built on top for fun. Most towns try to hide their recycling plants, he is proud to display the new clean structure. There is a apartment building on West 57th street in Manhattan that looks like a sailboat facing the water. A 3 Billion dollar complex built in the Hudson Yards. No wonder he won various design competitions. He makes sure that he has the best idea that wins.
He is also a master at marketing and selling his ideas. He has a thick skin to tolerate the praise along with the criticism. He is famous in Copenhagen. The city is never complete. He was chosen to complete 2 World Trade Center that will look like the building is growing out from the earth. Norman Foster was originally chosen to create a design for 2 World Trade but this new guy has changed things up. This guy realizes that after he builds something different, the structure belongs to everyone to enjoy. New York has probably the most watched skyline in the world. He gets it right and does not create a boring box.  

Monday, April 11, 2016

Related imageWhy are there so many different laws in different states? There are 4 states that allow you to take your own life. People with brain cancer are being allowed in some states to drink a lethal prescription to end their lives even if they are just 29 years old. Who made these laws and how are we controlling the time and manner of our own death? This is not euthanasia when a doctor gives a patient a lethal injection. Euthanasia is illegal in all 50 states. What is this some kind of pity killing? Who is allowing this to happen? This is called aid in dying or what supporters call assisted suicide. It is also called death with dignity. It allows a patient to take the lethal medication themselves when they are ready to go. Oregon became the first state to legalize this death wish 18 years ago.
It is mostly a private affair since there is rarely a nurse or doctor present. Some are fighting to make this practice behind closed doors legal nationwide. Some people are told they have just weeks to live and are experiencing inoperative brain cancer from tumors that grow quickly and the pressure and pain in the head is unbearable.  They get bloated by the medication to control the brain swelling but they are also in pain. These people are grateful to find a way to end their life. The lethal medication allows someone to slip into a sleep they will never wake up from within a half hour.  The alternative is for one to endure weeks of gradual decline. This is for people who are not afraid to die.
The pain, loss of eyesight and seizures is not a way anyone wants to die from. People are now packing up and moving to Oregon to die. Once a resident, one must make 2 formal written requests to a doctor, fill out a written form called a “Request For Medication to End My Life in a Humane and Dignified Manner,” have 2 physicians to declare that you are mentally competent and are expected to have less than six months to live. The medication often prescribed is Secobarbitol a medication in small doses causes sleep. In large doses causes death. A patient gets a prescription of 100 tablets in which each one must be opened up individually and one by one the powder poured into a glass and the contents dissolved in water.
Since 1997 more than 1,500 prescriptions have been filed. Over 1/3 of people who requested it never took the medication. Some die naturally. Some wait for that last break in discovery of some kind of cure but most take the lethal drink before they get a stroke and can’t do it for themselves. Most doctors won’t describe why they authorized the medication due to doctor patient privacy.  Should we be in control when we are facing the end of our lives? Should a doctor be in control? Who is to judge when the burden of living is intolerable? These are statistics and not emotional deaths. Who should cry when someone doesn’t want to be here anymore? Is there beauty in strugal? Does any God want us to suffer?
Many feel that Oregon’s law is flawed because the doctors don’t know their patients well enough. Lethat medication should not be given for depression. After the prescription is given there is no follow up required of any physician. It is a conflict of interest for doctors because suddenly they are no longer in the business of helping people for their wellbeing but now they are hastening death by giving people massive overdoses. We need a vote on this one for all states to comply.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Related imageTerrorists have gone high tech. They can bring devastation to a region using the push of a button that teens use daily like smart phones and messaging apps.  The encryption debate over Apple and the FBI is now settled but what is not settled is Paris and San Bernardo recent attacks and how to get ahead of these thugs. From a legal standpoint the terrorists are able to communicate with total impunity. There are still phones that police can‘t get into because of encryption.  There are so many software encryption programs out there that they can’t penetrate into certain conversations. It has become a dark zone where there are so many dangerous things being planned that we are blocked from listening to. Years ago everything was given up to law enforcement for the better good of society. Now it seems privacy is more important to people than even safety.
The problem is not just phones. There is a texting app called Telegram that terrorists like to use. Like the new I Phone it offers new advanced encryption. Law enforcement can’t penetrate it and just can’t get into it. Pavel Durov   is the inventor of Telegram. He is a young man without a country. He is Russian born but now is rich and wanders around the world in exile. He created the Telegram app so he could communicate in complete secrecy. It has become popular and is now being used by over 100 million people worldwide. He says he is trying to prevent terrorists from using the app but how do you do that? The app is perfect for ISIS to send private messages to each other to covertly plan and coordinate attacks anywhere in the world.
In Telegram they have a secret chat feature which provides a self- distruct time. It reminds me of the old Charlie’s Angels show where the tape recorder would go up in smoke after they were told their mission. Ok, so I am old now.  In this app you can set a specific time seconds, minutes or a week in which the message would appear to the sender and then disappear. Terrorists love for their evidence to “disappear.” Long before the invention of Telegram, Pavel was known as the Mark Zuckerberg of Russia since he created a popular equivalent of Facebook in Russia.  In 2011 when anti-Putin protestors filled Moscow’s streets, the Kremlin demanded he take down the organizers sites. He refused and has been on the run ever since. There was continual pressure put on him to hand over users personal data. The government in 2014 was even successful in having him thrown out of his own company.
That was his motivation to create Telegram and encrypt it so as no government could ever access their personal data.   It seems that every great invention could be used for good or bad. He left Russia with a reported $300 million dollars which he single handedly uses to fund Telegram. He says it costs him over a million dollars per month. He created it to allow democracy to flourish but is now allowing terrorism to flourish. God help us all in this tech mess.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Related imageAs we get closer to the big Presidential Election we get to know much about those who dare to step up and declare that they are the best representation of who and what the American people want. How pompous can one be to even think they can appeal to most Americans.  Now they have all landed in New York to try to appeal to us. We are not falling for any of their crap. They eat our pizza with knives and forks and don’t even know how to get on our subway system. They forget that after 911 there were NO riots, NO looting just people of all races and religious beliefs picking us up and dusting us off and helping us to peacefully gather our families and loved ones together making sure we were all alright. New Yorker’s are unlike any other city people in the world no less America. We make sense of things.
Let us go back to the time recently when Donald Trump lined up on stage a sampling of all the products he slaps his name on as if that would impress us. The only view we saw was an extreme confidence man. Then when they analyzed his products, they revealed he was showing stuff that really wasn’t his products. He was blatantly lying. The hallmark of a psychopath and a con artist is one who deceives you for their own ends. He is trying to convince us to support him, vote for him by tactics that aren’t real. Did he think he could con all of us? Even just standing in front of steaks. Many Americans won’t even eat meat anymore but for those who still do, he is saying if I vote for Trump I could eat more steak yum yum.
He is a very good con man and that is why they are called con artists. We see him trying to get the popular vote. It is the same appeal that he makes all the time that he is not like those politicians he is a businessman.  He tells everyone exactly what they want to hear yet he doesn’t really say anything. That is what confidence artists do. He is a very good con man and that is why they are called con artists. A con man doesn’t take anything from anyone. They convince you to give it up willingly. People are willingly giving their trust up to him. Trump’s University 98% approval ratings is proof of the confidence game he is. The people who enroll there get nothing in return yet they approve of his blah blah.
Read Marina Konnikova’s book called The Confidence Game for more insight into how these traits seem to be total representations of our  candidates. These people have narcissistic personality disorders. They have an inflated   sense of self-importance as seen in the boldness of Cruz who says nothing important. They have a need for self- admiration.  They lack empathy on the abortion issue. They need excessive admiration. They believe that others are envious of them. Arrogant, haughty contemptuous attitudes  can apply to all the candidates.  Soon the big money spending on TV commercials will be haunting us. Can we be strong and take all this crap till November?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Related imageIf you think you have heard it all well, you haven’t. One California city is paying thugs not to shoot each other in their gang violence that seems to be in every city now.  It is a revolutionary new way to curb street violence. Yes, they are paying young men who are often armed and dangerous not to shoot. Do we really need to beg the thugs to stop doing illegal activities? We can’t seem to hold gun manufacturers responsible to who they sell guns too, we can’t seem to pay to get all the guns off the streets and everyone is screaming about their Second Amendment right to carry guns. Meanwhile we know that the guns are in the hands of just punks who can’t seem to talk things out.
When there is a street shooting there is a retaliation planned which usually ends up with more dead bodies.  It is a potent mixture of teens with anger and pain and `lots of energy to put towards the drama. Richmond, California was once one of the most deadly cities in America. The streets are just hunting grounds where young men are running from the bullets that follow. Every night the news report on another killing. It can be compared to a war zone in the Middle East. The city came up with this solution to pay the men in 2007. The better the behavior the better the pay check. The maximum per month is $1,300 to not pull the trigger.
They must choose not to avenge their friend’s death. There were about 18 men participating in the program. It is a program mostly funded by taxpayers. DeVone Bogaan, is the Founder of the Office of Neighborhood Safety pushing the program. Many people do not want to fund teens that should be obeying the laws anyway. Progress for young men who get arrested at age 12 for armed robbery is slow because they don’t know of any other kind of life but a life of crime. The only people eligible for the program are young men that already have long rap sheets for violent crimes. Their jobs now is to intervene and to stop potential shootings. In a 5 year period the number of homicides dropped 76% per cent across Richmond
It is important to expose them to a world from not caring about much to caring enough to try to stop a bullet. The next step in the reward program is to be able to travel with someone you want to kill or who wants to kill you. The program will pay for a trip to New York or Chicago as a vacation. Face to face meetings can turn deadly in an instant so they prepare them with supervised meet and great meetings first. They get to discuss how they have been disrespected. Talking with words and not bullets is something new for both of the men.  They still carry their guns but don’t use them. So many armed men on the streets is not a number that police are comfortable with. Even a traffic stop can end up in an armed stand off.
Other cities also struggling with armed street violence like Washington D.C., Baltimore and Oakland are looking at this program carefully to be used in their cities. This is a coddling, coaching and discipline approach to a problem rather than jail time alone. The men shoot to matter and to be noticed. They need to be noticed for other things and not this. They need to learn a new perspective of the world around them and a life without violence. It is a lot harder to shoot someone you know, like or respect. We can only hope that this change is for the better.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Related imageCan I call that picture my Mom took when I was a baby revenge porn with my naked behind fully exposed? It seems to be the latest in hurtful things people can do with social media and their stupid phones. Or should I say stupid people with smart phones. All I know is that it is a serious issue that the United States has yet to deal with legally properly that England and other countries already have laws set in place to protect the innocent. As usual, our Congress is dragging its feet on this issue. Sorry, let me clarify, the issue is not my naked baby picture.
For example, there is a problem on college campuses of young men taking advantage of women. Apparently this generation’s only definition of having fun is going to a party and getting high on drugs and booze till they pass out or at least have the excuse afterwards that they don’t even remember what happened. Well after they get the girls drunk beyond recognition, they take a video on their phones of them having sex with the poor girl and post their forwardness on line somewhere. Or if a consensual   sex act was somehow recorded after the breakup it becomes revenge porn. The shock that such video becomes public is the goal.
The links is an assault. It is an on line attack. The intense betrayal is horrific. It is a big problem now and is a form of non-consensual porn. The distribution of sexually graphic images without consent is unlawful. There is estimated to be 2,000 sites dedicated to revenge pornography worldwide. Often it is jilted exes who are posting intimate photos or videos at a former lover’s expense. It is a cyber threat that is difficult to track   and even harder to prosecute in America. Quite often the prosecutors and judges don’t even take these problems seriously and do not take the case to the end result. The issue is growing so fast that there are Attorneys who are taking it on as the focus of their practice. If you can find one they call themselves Internet Privacy and Sexual   Consent Attorneys.
Revenge porn can create intense emotional damage as anyone can feel that they will constantly be exposed on the internet. Hulk Hogan just won $115 million dollars against a site who aired his sexcapade on the internet. A reporter Erin Andrews just won $55 million dollars for her exposed nakedness without permission spread on the internet sites. It is humiliating and one can feel paranoid. The road to justice in America can be long and complicated. Some people are posting the naked material overseas. England and Wales have a revenge law on the books.  In the United States we are left to civil lawsuits against an offender. We should have stricter laws. Why not?
The fight against revenge porn has gone a long way in recent years. 27 states and the District of Columbia have passed specific laws to protect against it. There are online sites working for privacy issues including The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative offering legal support and resources even a crisis hotline. Beyond the legal battlefield technology companies like Google and Microsoft are offering tools for users for people who wish to de-link or remove images. Many are using their You Tube homes as a platform for reform. A Federal Law is needed to criminalize those who post revenge porn. People are not civilized online and probably worse since they can hide   behind their computers.  

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Related imageNeed some extra cash? It is a new way to deal with giant pythons that have invaded and taken over the everglades in Florida. You can hunt them for cash. It is a unique competition to deal with the problem. This particular snake can grow to more than 20 feet long. They have been known to eat alligators whole. Hmmmmn choose your adversity. Alligators or pythons. Right now the snakes are winning the battle swallowing everything and everything from fish to birds to alligators. Are we next? Let us find out. Yes the government has allowed any stupid human willing to dive in the everglades and see if they can just grab a snake for cash? I guess that is also a way to deal with human over population too.
The wild Burmese python is one of the most dangerous and largest pythons in the world. How did they get into the everglades anyway? Someone probably just threw their unwanted “pets” in there and now we have a real problem. There are places where you don’t even see or hear a bird anymore. There can be danger with every step in the everglades now. It is believed that tens of thousands have taken over the Florida everglades now terrorizing everything else that was wild there. The snakes have been overflowing into neighborhoods eating cats and being found in laundry baskets or lurking around on your property.
More than 800 people have come from all parts of America to compete in the 2016 Python Challenge which is a month long contest inviting just about anyone to hunt and grab to trade in these snakes for cold hard cash dead or alive. My question is who will be the dead or alive ones, people or pythons? The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission even has classes to teach you how to catch the slithering monsters. The contest is open to anyone. Some wacko parents are even bringing their children to compete. They must hate their kids. Sure you guys got experience. You went on that Easter egg hunt last week didn’t you? Now get in there and find some pythons for pay!
There is always a group of expert hunters that thrive on the dangerous excitement and within minutes they find a snake just looking at them with their head up out of the murky high grass waters. Within minutes with their bare hands the experts can grab the snake right under the outstretched mouth and holding the long body with their other hand live. The big ones are shoved into barrels. You don’t want to touch them for long because even just the end tip of their body can crush you quickly. The caught snakes are brought to the University of Florida where they will study the snakes for environmental impact.  The competition barely makes a difference but it at least brings attention to the problem and how it is changing the eco-system of the everglades.
A place that used to house thousands of different birds now holds tens of thousands of snakes. PETA isn’t even complaining about the hunt. We all hate snakes. One expert team caught 33 out of 106 pythons caught in the competition. One python was 15 feet long and the winning team won $8,000 in prize money.  Go ahead! Face your fears in the Florida everglades!   

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Related imageBrazil women’s national football team (Sports)
The women are a shining example of professional grade soccer playing. Although they share similar uniforms to their male counterpart players, their professional playing experiences are quite different then the male players. According to Aline Pelegrino, the recently retired former women’s national team captain. She says, “Brazil is not the greatest land of football. It is the greatest land of men’s football. If you are a woman and you want to play, it is not the same.” Sexism in Brazilian soccer is deep rooted. There is smaller crowds for matches and the women receive less media coverage. The same can also be said though for every country in the world.
Young Brazilian girls and women also face drastically limited opportunities in soccer with active discouragement from parents and society and a constant battle against outdated stereotypes. Female players on professional teams have been discouraged from having short hair. Taunts from male spectators frequently included the derogatory Portuguese term for “lesbian”, according to Caitlin Fisher a Harvard graduate and former pro-player who moved to Brazil when the American women’s league WUSA folded in 2003.  People really put women on a lot of social pressure not to play soccer. Soccer is associated with masculinity in Brazil. It is a very traditional male defined sport.
Brazil’s men’s team has   won soccer’s biggest prize five times and its crushing defeat to Germany in recent year’s   semi-finals was considered a national tragedy.  The women’s side has yet to win a world title losing in the final in 2007. Given all the obstacles the players have to overcome, the fact that the women are consistent contenders is a victory in itself. “We are hungry to win the World Cup.” said Marta, Brazil’s standout player and one of the most exciting talents in the tournaments. “But we also want to inspire girls in our country to play and to believe in themselves. That is very important.” While there are still limitations, some progress for women’s sports in Brazil have been made.
At least women’s soccer is not banned in Brazil anymore. It was banned by government decree from 1941 to 1979 in Brazil. By then in the United States as well as in other countries, women’s soccer was becoming very popular. Regardless, women soccer players fight in Brazil for respect. Many learn to play on the streets of Brazil’s slum towns. Brazil has the most successful women’s national team in South America having won the first four installments of the Copa America. Since 1999 they have been contenders for the world title. Brazil won the silver medal twice in the Olympic Games. Marta the star of the women’s national team was ranked the best in the world five times. FIFA International’s governing body estimates that 29 million women and girls play the sport now and that 12 percent of all players are girls. Women’s soccer is here to stay and will grow even faster with more support from governing officials, the public and other sport professionals.  

Monday, March 28, 2016

Related imageIt is the morning after Easter. Is it too late to talk about it? It is never too late to feast on the chocolates though. I never thought I would live long enough for Cadbury to eliminate the word Easter from the labels on their chocolate eggs. Is Easter offensive now? Easter is first and foremost a day of great religious significance yet over the centuries it also became identified with a certain cute furry   animal called the bunny. How did that happen? Is it like what Santa is to Jesus at Christmas? Easter Bunny to Jesus at Easter? A non-religious icon to worship in winter and in spring?
How old is the Easter Bunny anyway? He even has his own song called Here Comes Peter Cottontail. The White House Easter Egg Hunt was started on the lawn of the Capitol by First Lady Dolly Madison in the early 1800’s.   Long before it was a bunny it was a hare. The stories go back to when there was a pagan goddess whose name sounds like Easter. The Easter hare appeared to be German in the first known written reference to the animal in 1682. It was a German book written in Latin about the custom of Easter Eggs but it also mentions the Easter hare as a creature that delivers the eggs. At least that is what the folklorists say at the Library of Congress.
The Easter Bunny or hare story makes its way to the United States at about 1790 brought to America by the Pennsylvania Dutch who were actually German. It is really Pennsylvania Doich.  In an early magazing called the Pennsylvania Dutchman in an 1838 issue there is an article written about the Easter Bunny. He writes that Easter is a time for children to play outdoors in the spring and find eggs that a rabbit laid. Why a rabbit? It doesn’t matter apparently. The kids had fun finding the things and they put the eggs in wicker baskets. The American Rabbit Association recognizes 49 breeds of rabbits anyway. In Washington, Pennsylvania there is a National Show where the various breeds compete for trophies.
The basics are that a female is a Doe. A make is a Boch . Rabbits are capable of breading once a month and their babies are called kits. Ok that is enough! The closest thing I will have to a Jack Rabbit now is a glass of Jack Daniels and a chocolate bunny of course. Happy after Easter Easter. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Most Beautiful Places in Brazil (Entertainment)
Brazil has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as some of the most interesting town to stroll into. The Arpoador Beach in Rio De Janeiro is stunning. Manaus has beautifully decorated streets to see. A not so well known place among tourists is the beautiful quaint city of Salvador that sits in Brazil’s northeastern state of  Bahia.  It is one of the oldest cities in both north and South America and is preserved beautifully with varied colorful buildings. It is the colonial architecture that is most interesting. If you like touristry stuff their street carnival is the largest in the world.
If you like art and nature visit Curitiba, Parana which is home to a French inspired Botanical Garden and has the Oscar Niemeyer Museum which focuses on art and design.  For a complete departure see the exotic sand dunes that have beautiful lagoons of turquoise waters. Lencois  National Park in Maranhao is located in Brazil’s south end. The beautiful landscape is created by rainfall as the area sits just outside the Amazon Basin.  The rainfall collects in the valleys of the sand dunes. The water remains above ground because there is hard rock under the sand. Visiting this park will be tricky since there are no access roads. You must use a 4 wheel drive vehicle.
Related image
The best place to live in Brazil is  Florianopolis, Santa Catarina. This is the opinion of people from Brazil. The place has about 42 beaches to choose from and is a surfer’s delight. Yet it has a friendly thriving city to go along with the beauty of the beach. If you are looking for a romantic paradise go to IIha Grande, Rio De Janeiro. This is an island on the coast of Rio that is still very undeveloped and therefore unspoiled by tourism. You can enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic rainforest here. Unspoiled clear beaches are great for snorkeling while the terrain is perfect for hiking and camping or just plain exploring.
If you are in the mood for great night life and the comforts of large modern hotel suites with a great view of a soft beach then go to Fortaleza, Ceara.  It was developed even more for the 2014 World Cup Games. It is the state capitol but is still not as well known as Rio or Sao Paulo. The rapidly growing city is a popular destination for Brazilians to relax. It is host to 25 kilometers of urban beachfront. It is separated into 4 beach areas. Iracema, Meireles, Mucuripe and Praia do Futuro.
Get out of the city and go to a place where only bare feet and bicycles are allowed. It is the island of orro de Sao Paulo, Bahia. The only thing you will be walking on is water soaked sand. No cars are allowed. If you want excitement at the wonders of a great waterfall, visit Fos do Iguacu, Parana. It is located at the very tip of Brazil where you can see the widest waterfall in the world. It touches the borders of three countries. Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Related imageIslamic Countries and Women’s Rights in Them (Others)
Apparently things have been going on in Islamic countries toward women that are not according to the teachings of the Islamic religion. Assaults on women epically young girls have been increasing in domestic violence. They have been assaulted with acid attacks, honor killings, FGM and forced marriages in some Islamic households. This is barbaric, inhumane and completely contrary to Islamic teachings so, why is it happening? Islam never condones humiliation, beatings, mutilation or outright murder especially as a means to exert authority or to enforce one’s own opinions on another people. Islam teaches us to approach differences in opinion with tolerance and forbearance. They have scripture. “To you your way and to me mine.”(109:6) and “There shall be no compulsion in religion.” (2.229). Only when women and girls can live with dignity, in safety, not fearing bodily harm from family members, and with freedom of conscience as the Qur’an demands, cn a country rightfully call itself “Islamic”.
How do you tell a tradition of people that they have treated women wrongly for 1,400 years? Somehow throughout the years so many tribal practices became religion whether right or wrong. Before you knew it the actual religion got pushed aside and evil tribal practices of abuse towards women took over as the rule in some areas. In tribal Arabia men have the leadership. That is not Islam. In the religion women are partners of the men and in the making of the society.  African women must have the freedom from genital mutilation and early forced marriages. They should have the freedom of education and a choice of mate in life. Successful Iranian women often have to find their success by leaving their home country because of persecution of freedom of thought in their homeland.
Finally many of the abuses done to women are being reported in the media. Most domestic violence is never reported. Husbands will bite their women if they refuse to wear their hijab. Women in Islam are currently guided by primary Islamic sources such as the ijma, qyias, ijtihd in form such as fatwas. In a majority of Muslim countries, women exercise varying degrees of their religious rights with regards to marriage, divorce, legal status, dress code and education based on different interpretations. There are women in select areas of the Middle East who accept domestic violence. In select Arab and Islamic countries the women believe that the man or husband is justified to physically harm her.  That includes hitting and harming her. The role of Muslims and their women is different depending on where they live.
On Afghanistan 94% say that a woman must obey her husband compared with only 34% in Kosovo.  Muslims in former Yogoslav countries Central Asia and parts of North America are more likely to accept divorce .  In the Palestinian Territories there is more acceptance of men and women to support equal  inheritance rights for their sons and daughters. So it depends on where you live that depends on how a woman lives.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Related imageWhen is our government going to take care of us? We pay taxes and now healthcare deductions directly from our paychecks. When are our health care needs going to be adequately covered? Millions of Americans are rushed to the hospital every year. 400,000 of us are transported by emergency helicopters. Many times it is a life or death flight where every second counts. The service comes with a sky high price tag that often in an emergency we don’t even know that our insurance will not cover the cost.
Air ambulances is a big profitable business. Why? Our government should intervene and make this a public service.   It is not a ride for the  rich  and famous. It is for high trauma cases, heart attacks, strokes and very critical injured patients. Emergency workers call it the Golden Hour which represents the crucial 60 minutes to get medical care for a patient facing death.  If we want to call us the best country in the world then we had better start acting that way for our people. The urgent need to beat the golden hour clock is the time often between life and death. It is nice to boast that we have fleets of emergency helicopters at our disposal in emergencies but who is controlling the price gouging costs to use the service? No one!
We have a hard edge Air Ambulance industry that is free to set any price it wants for a ride. Our citizens are left in a very vulnerable moment and would likely agree to anything in the time of life or death to save someone we love. A patient got charged $47,000 for a 75 mile ride. You are lucky if any insurance company will cover any portion of that expense. Hundreds of families are getting ripped off across the country by these unregulated helicopter companies. Many Americans are now hounded by debt collectors or are homeless because of the hefty charges they didn’t even know were coming at their time of crisis. Some people are forced into bankruptcy.
Patients should not be taken for a ride in more ways than one.  One guy was charged $47,000 for a 20 minute helicopter ride. Does the rides really cost that much to fly? Air Methods is the name of one of the aviation companies charging these types of fees. This is the biggest of the for profit ambulance companies. Should there even be a for profit emergency company? This company has more than 370 helicopters operating in more than 48 states. This publicly traded company published profits last year of more than $100 Million dollars. Where are the ethics? This company making huge profits literally off the last life breath of their customers. Even the insurance companies complained that the bills were excessive.
The CEO Eric Todd earned over $5 Million dollars last year. The company says if everyone paid their fees they could cut an air lift to about $12,000 a ride. So everyone suffers even the insurance companies and folks that do come up with a close to 50 grand fee? Who are they to make up these kinds of rules especially when someone’s life is literally in their hands? Congress needs to get off their buts and impose some state laws or regulations. No company should hold and American hostage. Air Methods say the other choice is to let people die and cut off their services. A not for profit company in Dallas set up by 5 hospitals called Care Flight does not use debt collectors and provides helicopter service to their patients at reasonable prices.
The CEO of Care Flights rightfully says how can you be committed to saving a person’s life then turn around and sue them? With all the riots our newest Presidential Candidates are causing we are going to need more helicopters taking Americans to the hospital.   

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Related imageThere was a time when you would tell the children to sit down and watch a Presidential Debate or even have them watch some good public speaking from a candidate at one of their rallies. Not anymore! The networks need to rate these things rated R and when they are on TV make the kids go to bed. Protect the young from the farcical lewdness our political system has become. In recent weeks we have had debates almost every week. I never heard so many penis jokes out of a comedy club late at night as I have heard at these debates. Most recently Donald Trump was saying that he owned Mitt Romney and could have had him drop to his knees. I don’t think he was talking about praying either.  Really? Blow jobs at political rallies?
Before some of the Republicans finally dropped out of the race they were belittling each other over wiener size. Donald Trump said on the Today show that once he is elected he will be very Presidential. So, does that mean until then Mitt Romney can suck his dick? Most of the debates are nothing more than bullies name calling each other and then at the end of the day when they have to drop out, they support each other. Chris Christie was on stage supporting Donald Trump the very next day after he was mud- slinging him? It makes you want to elect a woman now even more especially when all the men candidates are arguing over literally dick size.  
One of the most memorable and hardly Presidential statements Marco Rubio made before he thankfully dropped out of the race was a reference to Donald Trump’s small hands meant that he had a small penis in his pants. What the hell does that have to do with running this country? Is there no intelligent life left on this planet? The idiot Trump is has to inflate the lewd comment and tell all of America that he in fact does have large hands and therefore a big penis. He then proceeded to refer to Candidate Rubio as Little Marco! Unfortunately this is not fiction but facts.
Donald Trump wanted poor Obama to show his birth certificate for so long do we need you to show us your penis size? Ugh! Our kind soft spoken President Obama is manly enough to cry openly at the thought of our young children being gunned down.  All these nuts want to own big barrel guns too. At least they had the wisdom to wait for the black Doctor to drop out of the race before they started comparing dick size. Let’s forget about Delegates and just have a dick waving contest to choose who our next President should be in terms of qualifications. God Help America if these clowns are our best choices for leaders of our country. I never saw people behaving so badly since the George Wallace bigotry days during his campaigns for elections. It was nice to not see our officials being assonated yet it looked like there was already an attempt made on Trump.  Wallace used to drag protesters out of his forums too. Somebody wake me up and tell me that this is all just a bad dream!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ways to Improve Male Sexual Performance   (Health)
Related imageMen are always looking to enhance their sexual performance. It is ok to come once but how can a male last as long as their partner wants them to? While there are plenty of male enhansement pills and  products  being sold in drugstores, there are simple ways to stay firmer and last longer without having to visit the pharmacy. It is science. Your penis works on blood pressure. The brain sends signals to your penis. Then vessels become engorged with blood. Your heart pumps the blood. When problems arise during this process, the penis can go prematurely limp. This happens because the vessels cannot sustain the pressure for as long as you would like.
Other complications can include the inability of the penis to receive a full erection. This is why you want to make sure your heart and circulatory system is working well and that you are in good health. What is good for your heart is probably good for your sex life too. So, stay active. One of the best ways to improve your health is cardiovascular exercise. While sex might get your heart rate up, regular exercise will help your sexual performance. 30 minutes of sweat breaking exercise, running, swimming or whatever you like can do wonders to boost your libido.
In order to stay healthy you need to eat right. Along with your exercise there are also certain foods to enhance your sex life. Onions and Garlic help your circulation. If cooked well it should not effect your breath. Eat bananas. This potassium-rich fruit can help lower your blood pressure which can benefit your all   important lowering of blood pressure. A lower blood pressure can improve your sexual performance. Eat chilies and peppers or spicy foods. All-natural spicy foods help your blood flow by reducing hypertension and inflammation.

There are other foods that can help you achieve a stronger erection. Omega-3 acids are found in fish. Fish like salmon and tuna. Also eat avocados and olive oil to cook in. This type of good fat increases blood flow. Take Vitamin B1 that will help signals in your nervous system move quicker including signals from your brain to your penis. You will not have to beg for your penis to stay hard. This vitamin is found in pork, peanuts and kidney beans. Eggs is high in other B Vitamins. Eggs help balance harmone levels which can decrease stress that often inhibits an erection. Above all get rid of the stress in your life. Stress can rage havoc in all parts of your health including mental health. Stress can increase your heart rate in a bad way. Stress increases blood pressure that is both damaging to your sexual desire and performance. Go back to exercise to also get rid of stress. Talk to your sexuallpartner about your stress and even just a good relationship can releave stress and they increase your sexual desire for each other. Calm down and strengthen your relationship. 
Related imageSmart Leadership of the World for the 21st Century (Others)
Any leader will need to prepare today for tomorrow’s challenges in the world. We are in a new era in the world that requires a new kind of leader to be able to adapt to quick changes. We no longer deal with proud soldiers wearing shiny uniforms proudly defending their country but are now in a world of cowardly warriors who are hidden in your neighborhoods and act as your friend till the enemy will   one day chop off your head.  This new leader needs to have the ability to change and adept quickly with an eye on the future or you may be doomed to be remaining a prisoner of the past ways.
With an eye on the future a smart leader will be able to welcome the 21st Century innovations, be able to embrace change and thrive on the chaos that change often brings.  The 21st Century leader recognizes that only the smartest will survive the future challenges. We can’t hold back the forces of change. We can’t deny that our society and the very nature of business is changing daily. Yet some leaders resist change and then find them fighting the forces of change around them. Global finance is redefining business in a virtual borderless world. In light of all these changes the world will need leaders who are familiar with the global ways and comfortable with dealing with all the different customs and traditions that are still prevailing in regions all over the globe.
It is the leaders that will be the glue that will hold together the organization. Their intelligence and above all their ability to adapt will be of their most importance. The 21st Century is a time of great challenges, opportunities, profits, innovation and imagination. A leader’s openness to change and ability to take risks, ability to have wisdom is an asset. The 21st Century is a place in which involves scientific change. We ultimately want a leader with a smile. Someone who shows us confidence, power and who can ultimately assure us safety, peace and prosperity in our homes.
  The future is always uncertain. Our creator made us to be able to remember things that happened when we were 4 years old but yet none of us can accurately know what will happen in just a moment from now. A secure leader has to be open minded and wise to whatever challenge will happen at a moment’s notice. Our leader will need a strategy to be able to navigate through uncertain times. Remaining cautiously optimistic is not enough. A 21st Century leader needs a 21st Century strategy. Regardless of how chaotic, confused or stressful the 21st Century leader will be since we are still all human so far, he or she needs to constantly be prepared for the possible challenges they might face in the near future. The world keeps a constant eye on who is leading parts of land masses. Everyone is watching everyone else.  

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Related imageOne of the most precious things you are born with is your eyesight yet most of us take it for granted. Without our ability to see our lives would be dramatically different even if we were wealthy and were able to have assistants at our beck and call. Even with all our advancements in science we still cannot grow new eyes in a test tube. However, there have been recent advancements that are changing lives daily now. Cutting edge technology and a revolution in new cost efficient materials have brought new advancements in treating blindness.
The white substance clouding an eye is called a cataract that can cause blindness. New advancements have made it easy to get rid of the cloudy substance and insert a clear protective lens within minutes. There are no stiches needed anymore. This is amazing. Around 19 million people in the world are blind because of cataracts. The number is disproportionately higher in developing countries. In Ethiopia if you become blind your life is pretty much over and forced to spend your life rejected by family and forced to beg for money. No braille or disability or welfare there. An organization called the Himalayan Cataract Project   is providing new lives for these unfortunate people. ISIS should welcome the scientific advances we offer to poor people in Africa and the Middle East.
The organization is working tirelessly to eradicate blindness in these developing countries. Blindness can become a social problem a human suffering problem and might as well be a death sentence. Dr. Matt Oliver is changing lives for the better in record numbers. Having your sight back means that you are independent and not a burden to anyone. Now all the supplies for one case costs under $20 dollars. While he is scraping and lensing the staff is prepping patients. For each eye the surgery can be as fast as 5 minutes. He is able to do about 70 surgeries per day, every day. Doctor Oliver is just one of four Doctors serving over 700 patients over the span of one week. The recovery time is quick. Less than 24 hours. His favorite time of day is when he can take the bandages off 200 people at a time and to experience the happiness of those poor people who can see again. Some of the people have been blind for 10 or 15 year.
Humanity is worth saving no matter where they may live.  The low cost surgical equipment developed now can also give sight to other eye illnesses. A progressive condition called Retinal Pimentos can leave someone completely blind. When you can’t recognize faces any longer you are considered legally blind. Life can be very challenging. The FDA has just approved a retinal implant made by Second Sight Products Inc. Sylmar, California. Dr. Robert Greenberg is the Chairman of the company who manufactures the new device whose objective is to restore shadows with an implant and eyeglasses that go into a device that signals objects in the form of shadows into the implant. Shadows would at least prevent a totally blind person from walking into things.
The device replaces photo receptors back to your brain.  Seeing a crude black and white TV image is better than seeing n images. The devices are implanted in John’s Hopkins Hospital. It is amazing that a tiny piece of plastic implanted in the eye can give the gift of sight. They will wait about a month to turn the device on and then the challenge of learning to see again must be addressed. This is just the early stages of the technology but at least it is available to all Expectations are important since it is still crude vision.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Related image

 Now Lady Gaga sings a song written by a popular songwriter, the Vice President makes an appearance at the Oscars to shed more light on the problem, I have written blogs on it all before but the issue remains the same. Even my most popular posts involve the subject that the most dangerous humans on earth are young males between the ages of 18 and 25 and they are raping the girls on college campuses all over America as if it is just the thing to do. Years ago you met your soul mate at college and you got married and started your adult lives together. Now you hope he doesn’t go to jail and that she isn’t scared physically and emotionally for life.
My daughter is graduating college this spring. She attended college in the Boston area where there is Harvard, MIT Colleges of Music and art and engineering and the sciences. There are college age kids everywhere. She told me repeatedly throughout her 4 years there that she was afraid to meet someone new. That there was nowhere to go to meet and talk to someone who wasn’t high or drunk or the music was too loud.  She has friends who were assaulted and she was happy to leave the frat party before she became a victim too. At first I didn’t believe her but now it is a national problem propagated by the movies and social media where you get likes if you have a photo or video of people behaving out of control. Is it funny? No
The song was written for a documentary on the subject called The Hunting Ground. At least the Oscar audience gave it a standing ovation. On Twitter we saw the best actress winner Bree Larson hugging each young woman as they walked off the stage. They were all introduced on the stage by Vice-President Joe Biden who issued   a call to action. He asked all to take a pledge that said, “I will intervene in situations where consent has not or can’t be given.” Following the Vice-President’s speech the It’s On Us Campaign hit 300,000 pledges. Two rape victims started an end rape campaing on campuseses.Now Lady Gaga sings a song written by a popular songwriter, the Vice President makes an appearance at the Oscars to shed more light on the problem, I have written blogs on it all before but the issue remains the same. Even my most popular posts involve the subject that the most dangerous humans on earth are young males between the ages of 18 and 25 and they are raping the girls on college campuses all over America as if it is just the thing to do. Years ago you met your soul mate at college and you got married and started your adult lives together. Now you hope he doesn’t go to jail and that she isn’t scared physically and emotionally for life.
The girls have had enough .They have taken their problem from the frat houses to the administration to the court houses and now to the Oscars. The song is a lament where Lady Gaga sings “you tell me it gets better?” with all the rage of a angry woman who she was also the victim of sexual abuse. The song is called Till It Happens to You. She sang it on stage surrounded by 50 young women sexual assault survivors who finally had the courage to come forward with their nightmarish accounts of abuse. They had tattoos on their forearms that said “it is not your fault.” Being an attractive young woman should never be a liability in life. The police and school administrators simply said cover up in the future. Our American girls should not have to wear a burka to be safe.  No one is still telling young men to have morals and be gentlemen.
The Universities still are protecting their brand and sweeping the carnage under their rugs. Girls face more embarrassing questions than support even after they have the courage to expose their assault. Quite often they are drunk and don’t even know who raped them. According to the Bureau of Justice statistics only 20% report their assaults to the authorities. Now the girls have filed a Title 9 complaint against the Bureau of Education. They learned about the law in their classes. They were able to apply the law to them by indicating that the universities handling of sexual assault allegations violated their civil rights to education. Maybe with lawsuits against the Universities they will be more concerned with the girl’s safety and not just on their tuition and reputation.  The strong activisms of the girls have changed Federal Law. One girl has already won a million dollars against the University of Florida for failure to protect the girls.The money will be used to protect other girls.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Related imageSecrets for Pleasant, Peaceful and Successful  Life (Others)
Life is precious and we need to get the most out of our lives each and every day. Why let even just one day go to waste? The difficult part is to be able to get through each and every day feeling accomplished and happy. We all want a degree of peace. We all want pleasurable and pleasant experiences. We want all our 5 senses satisfied. We want to see beauty, smell pleasant aromas, taste good food, touch   nice things and hear good sounds. Imagine being able to get all those things in just one day. It is possible if we surround ourselves with pleasant and peaceful things. Place ourselves in the best environment possible.
Success is a completely different attainable thing in our lives that might take more work because there are so many different levels of success and success can be different for everyone. No two people can even achieve the same exact definition or level of success so one must decide first their goals in order to be successful at them. The easiest way to be successful is to not let your talents go to waste. Whatever it is that you are good at make sure you shine at your task. There can be nothing sadder than to let your talents be put aside and never be exposed to others or achieved by yourself with that sense of satisfaction. To feel successful your talents need to be used in some capacity. It is important in also making you feel peaceful and become a generally pleasant person. All three are tied together to make a wholesome person.
What you are good at is irrelevant as long as it gives you and others around you pleasure. Don’t allow yourself to live with any regrets. Start small whatever you have to. It is not about the magnitude but about putting the wheels in motion to leading a more fulfilled existence. Make a reasonable and attainable list of your goals and make sure you attain something on that list every day until you can successfully accomplish all that you wanted to do on that list every day.  No two lists are the same for everyone. It is a personal list just for you, written by you based on your own evaluation of yourself. Sometimes it can just be a picture of something attainable that can give you the jumpstart to success. Some people crave the beautiful vacation spot or that flashy car. Look at that image while you list your goals and before you know it you might be successful enough to attain that paradise or flashy car no matter the cost.
Psyche yourself up. Be in that mindsight that you can indeed do it. Motivation is key to any success. If you need a boost, invest in those self- help tapes to boost your mind to leave depression and anxiety to motivation and drive.  Most of all know yourself and be happy with life.