Friday, August 11, 2017

War brought to you by Trump!

Yes, Trump has proposed war brought to you by Viagra and Trump’s Product line. He wants to privatize soldiers and have their uniforms look like race car drivers with all the sponsor patches on it. Jobs, jobs jobs! Soon you too can be in the business of hunting down not only wild animals but people too. So sharpen your skills red necks, shoot them cans off the logs and go hunt down some people! You wanted that weird looking business man as president so now here you got him working out a way to make money through war. Is there anything ethical about the man? Should hunting humans be a business?
Reports have surfaced that the Trump Administration is actively considering sending a for profit army into Afghanistan to run that war as a for-profit mission instead of having the United States Military run  it. This man already ignores the advice of the 16 surveillance branches of the government so why not ignore our military too.  The guy has no respect for anyone in their field. Is the Pentagon going to allow a rag tag red neck  army to go to dangerous places? This is an idea put forth by Steve Bannon one of the President’s closest advisors. Steve has already had meetings to discuss how to promote the idea with the Secretary of Defense. The Secretary just says that he meets with a lot of people when asked about this outrageous idea. Our military protects the American people. They are not in the business of hunting and killing people.
Meanwhile, Steve Bannon’s people are shopping the idea around.  Should we empty the prisons of the people who are convicted of murder and give them a job? More than 5,000 private contractors have been notified many of them former Special Forces members who don’t even get a pension for putting their heroic lives on the line. He is also looking to devise a private for-profit air force that would be used to replace the United States military operating in Afghanistan. So now we want uninsured mental soldiers roaming America with their Post Traumatic Diseases as well. If they hear a car exhaust backfire they will crack and kill someone on the street! Why don’t we just send spoiled brat billionaire sons to war first!!!
Meanwhile, Trump likes to threaten Kim Yon Fuck Nut with a big retaliation but doesn’t have any concrete plan to deal with the Southeast Asia problem. Does Trump even know how to pronounce the word PEACE? The problem is that anytime the President of the United States puts an idea in front of the Pentagon, as their Commander in Chief, they have to consider it now no mater how outlandish the idea is! Is that how Hitler won the backing of Germany’s military forces? America is a land of 300 million people and Trump is the only guy we could choose for the most important job in America? Shame on us!
Trump urged Obama to end the war in Afghanistan and pull out all our troops out and bring them home. Obama did it. Trump now has ordered more troops to be in the region. The only brave soldiers coming home are our brave transgender military folks. Trump just likes to know what is in everyone’s pants. He wants to grab a girl by the pussy and not a girl by the balls. Sigh! This administration also wants to send several thousand more troops to Afghanistan willing to get paid. This is a slap in the face to the Commanding General who has been there for 18 months now.

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