Saturday, August 12, 2017

Related imageShe is the hot blond that thought Chicken of The Sea was chicken and not a can of tuna. She even said she likes chicken and not fish while eating it. She is Jessica Simpson and has become a very wealthy woman. She claims   that once she was a cheesy pop star but now lots of women love here shoes and clothes. The Jessica Simpson Collection has products ranging from clothes to accessories to home products that is a billion dollar business. She has become a quality cheesy pop star. The 36 year old beauty is involved in every aspect of the design process of her signature products. In 2005 she was the slender hot chick in the cowboy boots that strutted around to the tune of the song These Boots Are Made for Walking in her daisy dukes shorts.
She is a preacher’s daughter who began singing in her Pastor father’s church. Soon she became one of the first reality show stars in her show called Newlyweds Nick & Jessica. The show recorded her every burp and wacky statement. Soon everyone tuned in to see what she would say and wear so Jessica started her own fashion line. It was just selling shoes at first but then expanded. Although her marriage to Nick and her TV show didn’t last for long her business thrived and has endured for more than a decade. The reason is her relatability to the ordinary woman. When she put on a lot of weight having her first child, she fought back the comments and said that she was having a child and that she deserved a friggin’ doughnut! Soon she defended all sizes of women. If she makes a shirt she makes sure that every size is available because she admits that she has been every size.
Now she has a new husband and two kids. It has been a decade since she recorded a new song. She feels that the success of her business now makes her want to be creative again with music. Jessica is proud not to have a record deal. She is rich enough to produce her own records. With a lot of money it is refreshing that finally nobody tells her what she has to look like, sound like or what to say. Take her anyway you want to but at least Jessica is out there in her thoughts and feelings through her designs and music. Later this year she will release a new album and a new pricier clothing collection. Yes, the once projected as a dippy blond is a very busy   entrepreneur now. Her independent success story is an inspiration to all of us.
If her achievements win her more money and respect, Jessica’s goal is much simpler. She just wants to be someone’s friend in some way.

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