Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Trump's Mind Control

Who knew how well Trump has learned to run a dictatorship? Now he has taken extreme measures to control the media and manipulate the content of the news that will be offered to Americans. Putin has won his influence through cyber hacking and has managed to only provide his media outlets to all of the Ukraine. Trump lies all the time. Without our various news sources with reporters investigating the news, we wouldn’t know what the truth is. Trump calls it “leaking” when it is in fact the revelations of the truth.
Trump is already profiting from his “Trump News” shows that is airing more than three times per day. Trump TV began on Facebook during the campaign. He is already using re-election campaign donations to fund future broadcasts from Trump Tower. His son’s Eric’s wife Laura Trump is the host of the show. They call his views the real news. Now he has recruited a broadcaster from CNN, Kayleigh McEnany to also host shows. Trump’s broadcasts are reaching beyond Facebook. Now Trump’s reach has expanded to Sinclair Broadcast Group that own stations in various markets across the country. Like what happened in the Ukraine, Trump is pushing his “FAKE NEWS” across the country now.
Sinclair said that it will increase “must run” shows called the Bottom Line With Boris hosted by Boris Epshteyn who has always been a promotor of Trump. His show already airs 3 times a week but will now run triple in frequency. Wars used to be won with weapons but mind control is a far more dangerous weapon when you are forced upon you just one point of view over and over again. He broadcasts topics the White House wants you to hear framed in a very positive way for the administration. Sinclair is currently in negotiations to make a broader deal so that they can be in 72% of all households throughout the nation. That is beyond the reach typically that the FCC allow, but of course Trump hand- picked the new FCC Chairman who will allow the deal to go forward. Yes, Trump’s band of bullies are all over our government like a disease.
Trump’s FCC Chairman revived old loopholes in the law that allows Sinclair to vastly exceed a maximum amount of stations. Should Trump’s rhetoric be allowed to creep into our daily news diet? Read the book called Whose Global Village? By Ramesh Srinivasan who explores the rethinking of how technology shapes our world with all the social media we rely on for all sorts of information rather than on highly researched news outlets. Things like the United Press are shrinking. The free press is becoming more like the press that Trump and his appointed bullies approve of.
How could one company that exists of primarily propaganda reach 72% of the country? If stuff like this is going on in America, the world’s symbol of democracy, then how safe is democracy across the world? This is a massive assault on democracy and on our media institutions. Air America was destroyed years ago by Republican pressure. UCLA has a Center for Global Digital Cultures that is researching the vast influx of dictatorial influences in media across the world. Our media outlets are voices in our head wherever we are. It is a powerful medium for any kind of influence and when our varied influences are suppressed we are in a NAZI state of mind and we all know what that resulted in.
Growing up I never understood how Hitler got millions of people to follow him and got his faithful followers to incinerate innocent civilians, make their skin into lamp shades and try to take over all of Europe and eventually the world. How does cultures allow insanity to prevail? How much longer can we allow Trump’s insanity to take over our world in America? Putin has already taken over the minds of Poland and Syria and the Ukraine. Putin wants Alaska and America too. Trump is allowing this all to happen one chip at our minds at a time.

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