Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Let Women Work!

Sanctions were just imposed upon North Korea in an effort to punish them for all their dangerous missile launching. All that accomplished was a reply from North Korea that we should feel even more threatened. How has that solved anything? The world is stressed. Punishment doesn’t solve anything. We need to all relax and calm down. It is possible if only the world leaders would STOP playing their literally war games and showing off their military might. Does humanity really want to use all those weapons on each other and eradicate the human race? As in schools, put down the fanny paddles and everyone go in their corner for a time out! This is why we need women to be world leaders because they are built to take care of humanity and with their nurturing innate qualities, they would be able to have a calmer, peaceful place to live. Women don’t have time for stupid war games!
North Korea is showing off nuclear warheads on their missiles. In Syria they are targeting their bombs to hit hospitals. In the Ukraine Russia has taken over an invasion over that country. War ships are trolling all over the South China Sea. Was the world supposed to be this way especially after all those deadly World Wars? Has humanity learned nothing from those disasters? Enough with the senseless wars! But how do we get world leaders to calm down with their deadly proposals? For starters get those rich leaders who live like kings out of their palaces and have them negotiate with each other in the middle of a war zone where their lives would feel threatened and see how quickly peace will be achieved but that would make sense and we live in a senseless world where women are still being suppressed on a large scale.
In the decades after World War ll it was the United States who led the world into order. No matter how the world changed American moral and  military dominance never seemed to waver. Regan told them to ‘Tear Down That Wall” and the Cold War ended while Democracy won. So how did we get to world instability with Dictators dominating so many people in a harsh way? From Syria there are more than 6 million displaced people just looking for a free place to raise their children. What kind of relationship should the United States have with the world?  It is obvious that Trump only cares to open new trade routes with Russia in the northern hemisphere. He just wants to make more money for himself.
Read the book called A World in Disarray by Richard Haass where he describes the evolution of chaos that we are living in now. Now for the first time after World War ll the United States is struggling to be at the helm of world order. With Trump as our new leader, America is losing even more respect. In only months Trump has been more of an embarrassment than an enlightenment to the world. He likes to sign his name to executive orders and  fire people from their jobs but offers little else than playing golf. In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed and we were supposed to get a new world order according to our first Bush President. Instead we got the rise of an evil Dictatorship run by Putin.
It was in 1991 when George H.W. Bush organized an international  coalition to stop Sadam Hussain in Kuwait. His vision then was expressed in a speech he said to Congress on January 21, 1991that said,
“It is a big idea, a new world order where diverse nations drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal  aspirations of mankind. Peace and security freedom and the rule of law.”

Instead after 20 years of involvement in the Middle East, the 911 Disaster, freedom is threatened everywhere. How did we all fail since then?  It is obvious that men are NOT doing the job to achieve world stability peace and justice for all. Give the women of the world more power, less children, less rape less religious oppression and with their freedom and respect and less exploitation of their beautiful bodies we can celebrate their sensible minds and let them figure out how to control the world chaos we are barely living in now. Let them put the necessary controls on human destruction to our land and seas and polluted air. Let them control greed and famine and save us all!  

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