Monday, August 7, 2017

Bad Boy Jersey Boys get Trump Jobs

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You know there is something really wrong with this administration when the bad boy, Jersey boys get good jobs in our government. The New Jersey Governor, Chris Christy soon will be out of his job. He will be leaving with really low ratings for his work. He will be remembered by his Bridgegate scandal. When Christie was running for re-election his campaign and his administration tried to get a Mayor from one New Jersey town to endorse him for re-election. The Mayor said NO and Christie struck back. The town that the Mayor was from had an access lane to the George Washington Bridge that happens to be the busiest bridge in the world. Christie’s administration shut that lane to the bridge down. They deliberately created immense traffic jams for days.
We know that there is no Constitutional right to a lane on a road that leads to a bridge, but blackmail can not be in our government and should not result in ruining taxpayer’s lives just for the soap opera revenge of politics! It is Corruption when there is political revenge then lied about and a cover-up is revealed by the Christie people. The abuse of power is Corruption! The Department of Justice deemed that the events were grounds for federal charges. It ended up that three members of Christie’s appointees in his administration were found guilty of conspiracy and corruption. One of the names that came up hundreds of times at the Bridgegate trial was a person who never was actually charged for anything but was fired by the Governor for his role in the scandal.
That guy was Christie’s Campaign Director, Bill Stepian, who after being fired gets REWARDED with a good White House job as being the current White House National Political Director. WHY? Why does the guy involved in a corruption scandal get rewarded with a White House job? Is it because Trump needs a guy who knows how to skate around political scandal? There are so many other qualified folks in our country who deserve a good White House job that were never part of any scandals and they don’t get the job? Bad boys from Jersey fit in well with Trump’s agenda.
Just two months after the Bridgegate trials, Bill Stehian, the ex-Christie aide who was cited in the Bridgegate scandal  goes to the White House and gets a job. He is not the only bad boy from Jersey who got rewarded after his bad boy antics in Jersey government. Chris Christie’s former personal attorney has been nominated as the new FBI Director pending a Senate vote. He is Christopher Wray who billed New Jersey taxpayers more than $2.1 million dollars in legal fees to defend the Governor of New Jersey before, during and after  the  Bridgegate scandal trials. Wray wasn’t even the face of litigation during the trials but he was hired and managed to bill the taxpayers for taxi fares, meals, parking and plane trips. Wray is Trump’s pick to replaced fired James Comey as FBI Director. Wray didn’t even disclose all the money he got paid from taxpayers for the defense of the Governor.

So the message from Trump’s White House is that if you manage to skate Corruption charges in government and manage to keep a Governor away from convictions in scandals, you are rewarded with top White House jobs. Apparently Trump likes criminal types close by. 

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