Sunday, August 6, 2017

Break the Rules?

It is obvious now why Trump doesn’t like his good old buddy Jeff Sessions. If he hired a new guy to head the Department of Justice he could stop the efforts of Mueller to indict him for Obstruction of Justice. Recently Trump had nothing but criticism for his man Jeff Sessions. The FBI independent investigation is now the biggest threat to Trump. So now Trump wants to change the rules to our democracy as all Dictators do. He wants to eliminate that independence the FBI has to check on what is going on in the White House independent of his rule. A democracy needs checks and balances. A dictatorship is his way or no other way!
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This President is proposing that the FBI Director should report to the President and only to the President. Right now the FBI is part of the Department of Justice and is kept independent of the White House and the Presidency for a reason. Our writers of the Constitution did this purposefully so that America would NOT be run by a dictator but rather by representatives of all states and elected one person as a spokesman for the majority of people. The Department of Justice foresees justice for all and not just protections for one person, the president to do as he pleases. Donald Trump said he will make that radical change in our government policy.
For now, the FBI reports to the Justice Department and their Attorney General. Jeff Sessions recused himself from the campaign investigation. Trump wants Jeff to resign and criticizes him daily now. Jeff said he will not resign. He is old now and this has been the best job of his career. If the President does find a way to replace Jeff Sessions or if Jeff Sessions finds a way to un-recuse himself from the Russia investigation since that is the source of Trump’s criticism, then what could happen? How could Trump oust Sessions if he declines to quit? What could a new attorney general do?
An attorney general who is not recused from the investigation could fire Mueller either by declaring that Mr. Mueller has overstepped in one way or by first modifying Justice Department regulations to eliminate the rule protecting special counsels. Bullies like to change the rules of the game because it is all about winning and nothing about fairness. We learned so much in our youth from those school yard practices. If he gets a new attorney general Trump can say that the regular Justice Department can handle the investigation and disbanding Mr. Mueller and his staff of legal experts. That would leave no one around to investigate the wheeling and dealing Trump likes to do for his self- promotion and personal profiting. When did our government turn into such a nightmare?
New people hired by Trump could then direct investigators to swiftly wrap up their work while narrowly interpreting their jurisdiction, such as limiting their ability to scrutinize whether Trump’s interactions with James Comey , the former FBI Director fired by the president, amounted to obstruction of justice. Remember Trump had no problem with Comey as long as he was investigating Hillary. Once Comey started investigating Trump, the President had no use for the guy. Trump obstructs justice in so many ways!

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