Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dictators Everywhere

Dictatorships are popping up in countries all over the world over democracies. In our government the Justice Department wants to crack down on “leakers”. They mean the people who manage to show the world what is really going on in the White House and the REAL conversations Trump is having with other world leaders. Why should spreading the TRUTH be such a terrible thing? Dictators like things to be their way with no room for any other way. We need to take a closer look at what is happening in Turkey and to examine why Manafort a key person in Trump’s election, is getting paid so much money from Turkish leaders. Manafort now works as a foreign agent to Turkey and gets paid millions of dollars to lobby for the new Dictatorship there.
Image result for map of Turkey with bordering europe and the middle east
Are we going to let Trump turn America, the ultimate symbol of democracy for all in the world, turn this country into his own personal Dictatorship? Money and power is the most important thing to dictators; justice takes the back seat. The recent changes in the Turkish government can influence and change democracy in Europe. The government there is more like North Korea than anything they have ever known in recent years. Their new leader used the military against their own people to take over the government. Turkey was a member of NATO and a friend to the democracies of Europe. Not so much anymore. This past April a dictator won all the power in Turkey. His name is Recep Tayyip Erdogan the new President there. After World War I Turkey was declared a democracy.
The land is important because it serves as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East. After Erdogan served three terms as Prime Minister, he rose to power and is now essentially re-writing the Constitution there. His changes will put not the Prime Minister to head the Executive Branch and change that to be the President’s authority.  He has changed the rules that now the President will appoint members of the high council of judges and prosecutors. The President has also increased his time in office so that he could remain in power till 2024 in order to cement his one man rule. Why is our key American ally pulling away from democracy?
Turkey is a divided place of protestors and a harsh government now. Turkey’s relationship with the European Alliance is at an all- time low. Why should we care what happens in Turkey? Well, without it democracy is threatened. We need the support of a country that is mostly Muslim as friends. Turkey is supporting over 3 million Syrian refugees, more than any other nation in the world. Turkey is also fighting the forces of ISIS. In July 2016 this new President there shocked the world when he lured thousands of his citizens to take to the streets one evening then jets from the skies and military men began killing their own unarmed citizens as a show of power and might to suppress any opposition to what this Dictator who now is in power wants to do. Trump is hiring only military generals to his inner circle too now. He wants them to crack down on the “leakers” in our government too.

Between Putin yielding his power over the Ukraine and Poland, Kim Young Ass Hole in North Korea, Venezuela being ruined with starvation and oppression, Africa’s Dictators raping women and starving their people and now Turkey being run by an evil Dictator, Trump and his lying antics forcing our judicial system to get a grand jury together, the world is a real scary place just waiting to burst from all the hate, greed and confusion. The human race should know how to do better. Animals don’t even treat their own species in such a violent greedy way. SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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