Monday, July 24, 2017

Viva Volvo

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It is good to know that in the near future there will be a common auto maker that will offer all their cars not powered by gasoline. The auto maker Volvo is the car company of the near future. Volvo is the Latin word for I roll. The cars are not known for their speed but they are some of the safest cars on the road. The auto maker is about to roll differently. Safety is their reputation but their legacy might change to be the auto maker that brought about the end of the gasoline powered engine. I can’t wait not to have to pump that unsafe stinking gas that makes my hands smell all day of the flammable stuff.
Soon they will be the first major auto maker to offer all new models as electric or hybrids starting in 2019.The CEO says that his company is reacting to customer demands for electrified cars. The best part is that they will look and feel just like a good size car and not some experimental looking toy on the road. GM and Tesla will soon follow offering mass market vehicles for about $35,000 dollars. Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota are all expanding their electric and hybrids offerings as well. All of a sudden it seems to be a race to go green. Finally we can all take place in the effort to save our environment despite Trump’s opinions that doesn’t think there is any climate change problems.
Low gas prices have limited   the demand for often pricy electric cars. Electric /Hybrid sales totaled only 3% per cent of all new car sales in 2015. Last year sales for the new type of cars jumped up 37% per cent to about 160,000 cars. That was a wake- up call for major auto makers to get going and provide what we all want in a car but make it not a gas guzzler. Volvo is the first auto maker to bet that what people want will change and change soon. Consumers in the next few years will want a battery or half battery powered car. Consumers will want that option on every new style, type or model car. Volvo plans to continue to make gas cars as well to at least 2024 just in case they need to be traditional.  
This is probably in part why Tesla’s stock has declined by about 15% per cent lately. Tesla’s cars are just too damn expensive. Volvo is the first mainstream automaker to offer a death sentence to the internal combustion engine. It is significant because the decision is the boldest commitment by any major car company to technologies that currently represent a small share of the total vehicle market but   are increasingly viewed as essential to combating climate change and urban pollution. Volvos are sold world- wide so it might turn into a major contributing solution to the pollution problem.

While most major auto makers offer hybrids and battery powered options, none of them have been willing to forsake cars powered solely by gasoline or diesel fuel. The trucking industry has taken over how we move supplies all over the country. Imagine the good to the environment it will be if all trucks got rid of those stinking diesel engines! On the contrary United States auto makers have continued to make S.U.V.’s and pickup trucks whose sales have surged because of low gas prices at the pump. We need to support something new and save the planet!

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