Monday, July 24, 2017

Deal with Disease

America needs to have enforceable laws when it comes to vaccines. In the refugee Somali Community   in Minnesota the Measles Vaccination dropped by 50%. For their religious purposes they are not vaccinating their children and now a disease that America has practically eradicated is now on the rise. Many physicians are not stressing the need for parents to give their young teens the HPV Vaccine that will save them from getting certain cancers later in life and protect them from sexually transmitted diseases. Do we want these diseases to rise just because there is no law making people get vaccinated? If Congress could stop going on vacation and campaigning for their own personal careers or wasting time doing nothing about Trump’s lies and shady dealings , maybe they could concentrate on doing something that is a preventable way to save American lives.  
Parents are worried that there is a connection between autism and the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine despite the fact that there are multiple large-scale studies that found that there is no connection. The Minnesota Department of Health has various outreach educational programs trying to convince the parents that it is a health and safety measure to have their children vaccinated. This country shouldn’t have to just bee cheerleaders for important safety concerns that effect all of us in terms of contagious diseases. We need laws. The epidemic in the Somali Community has grown to 500 new cases per week. People must wear masks upon entering the hospitals. Parents who do not vaccinate their children need to take responsibility for their careless actions. A child with measles will not be allowed in the school population.
Religious beliefs should be only taken so far when it comes to the power of any God’s healing powers. All the Gods people worship have stories in their books like the Bible that say how God healed the sick and fed the poor. Well, that doesn’t happen in real life. Keep spirituality in your personal hopes and dreams but get down to earth and save us all. Get vaccinated. It works for a healthy safe life here on earth. Measles was once eradicated in the United States and now the disease is exploding. The virus is so contagious that if you are exposed to it without the vaccine, you will contract it. People can then have permanent brain damage, blindness or deafness.  There is more measles in Minnesota now than ever reported in all of America. Trump need to stop tweeting about himself and get on this crusade.
There is a vaccine that will prevent cancer if only people would take it. Pass a law and make stupid people take it. 80 million Americans are infected with the HPV virus. Human Papillomavirus is a sexually transmitted infection. We live in an age where people do not save themselves for marriage and have only one sex partner for life. Sex is everywhere now with everyone. With that popular freedom comes more sexual diseases. 30,000 cases of HPV occur every year and that can be stopped with a vaccine. HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer, and the cause of throat, vaginal, anal and penial cancer. Make the kids take the vaccine when they are about 12 years old before they are sexually active and can be exposed to the cancer causing virus.  Why must we simply hope your doctor suggests the vaccine?  There ought to be a law to take the shot.

All too often parents reserve the right to decide what is best for their children based on their personal beliefs. Well, parents are stupid and science is smart. Parents become parents simply by giving birth to a child. They know nothing about how to raise a child and learn on the way. There is not a parenting school that teaches folks about all the worries and dangers and health needs of a child both physical and mental. Well there should be a school for that too required before you give birth. At lease get the vaccines and be greatful that they exist for the safety of your family and our country!

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