Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Good to be Gay?

Should we keep Trump? I never thought I would say that but it is clear that it is Mike Pence’s goal to Make America Straight Again. When he was Indiana/s Governor he signed an anti-gay “Religious Freedom” bill at a private ceremony. He believes that being gay can be treated like any chemical addiction. He believes that treating gayness can be done in three things. Sports exploration, positive male touch and gender presentations. Well, all that touching in sports can be pretty gay!
In his world gay means future straight. In his “gender presentations, he doesn’t even notice that thee men choose to wear the scarves, gold chains and colorful fabrics. The gay women choose to wear the denim and cowboy hats. His form of therapy doesn’t work. He thinks you can pray away the gay. He believes that gay people don’t know what is good for them. He says, close your mind and you will be good. This is why Mike Pence also likes the Russian point of view.
In the Russian Republic of Chechnya the young Dictator is rounding up and torturing gay people simply because they are gay. He will simply say that there aren’t any gay people there. It is a Muslim   Republic in the vast Russian Federation. Cage fighting is the main pastime there. This part of Russia has known fighting and war for centuries. Opposition or a change of opinion from the Dictator doesn’t exist. Punishment is swift. If journalists publish the real news, they are gunned downed. The military state is funded by Putin with many weapons. He wants his mixed-martial arts programs to be the best fight clubs in the world.
The UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship has recruited some Russian men to compete in their fights. Akhmat is the name of the Russian Federation of Fighters. 5,000 people from that area have signed up to join the fight clubs. The Dictator is using these trained men to fight in the military. The Dictator promoting all this hate in his country where he inherited the position when the people killed his father for oppressing the people is Ramzan Akhmadovich.  The slogan is fit, faithful and ferocious. Fighting is the highest form in his society so oppressing the weak is a given practice. Being gay is less than human to them. He calls gays weird deviants and is conducting a purge. There is no human rights there when they beat, torture and kill gay men as public police policy.
Chechnya wants to be a gay free land. Most gay people have fled the country. They run to safe houses as part of an under- ground rescue operation. The country is so homo-phobic that even if there is gossip about a gay man, he is immediately put into danger and if found tortured. A common practice is to attach pliers to their genitals and then electrocute them. They will publically say that gays are the shame of their nation. They encourage the relatives to kill their family members who are gay. The government condones the gay purge. The government is a form of ISIS funded by Putin.
These martial-arts fighters are performing in Americas. Our Vice-President believes that one can pray the gay away. Trump is best friends with Putin. Trump hates the European Alliance yet it is Germany and most of Europe that is speaking up and is trying to stop this horrible violation of human rights. This Dictator is a fighter and is willing to fight to the death, launch nuclear weapons to the west and anyone who doesn’t agree with the Russian views. Peace is a dying word world- wide.  
Today Trump announced a ban on transgender people from serving in the military.

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