Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trump Trash

America’s role model family are natural born liars now all seeking lawyers to defend themselves. The latest revelation in the Trump soap opera of disastrous cheating in the election comes from Trump’s oldest son. It was nice to celebrate some good feelings about this country last week over the 4th of July holiday but it doesn’t last long before more disgusting things float to the surface of our land from sea to shining sea as the song goes. More proof has come to the surface that the Trump’s colluded with the Russians to influence the election in their favor.
We learned yesterday that on June 9th of last year Donald Trump Junior met with a Russian lawyer after being promised damaging information on Hillary. The entire family is a family of scum. Jared has a defense lawyer now, the President has a defense lawyer now and now his son needs a defense lawyer because they all know that the sludge that is their lives are surfacing now. How is America going to clean up the Trumps that is trash?
People in the Trumps campaign were willing to accept Russian help and the meeting took place in New York’s Trump Tower. Don Junior admitted to the meeting. “It was a short introductory meeting. I asked Jared and Paul Manafort to stop by.” Five White House advisors confirmed that the meeting was scheduled with the intent to get damaging information on Clinton. The meeting was with a Kremlin connected lawyer. Jared has meetings with banks that are under sanctions. Manafort got $17 million dollars from a pro-Kremlin Party in the Ukraine for consulting services.  This sounds like stuff right out of a James Bond movie that was never made because it is all so stupid!
The President didn’t know what was happening at the highest levels of his campaign, and by his son? They are all liars. The guys who set up the meeting were billionaire fiends of Putin who sponsored   Trump’s 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Russia. So we have spies, a corrupt family, beautiful women a fake President who doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. A great movie! Sigh! But this isn’t a fictional movie for our entertainment that we can leave at the movie theater in a few hours. THIS IS AMERICA NOW AND IS OUR PROBLEM 24/7.
It has been reported by a publication called The Independent that Trump “was remarkably unprepared” at the world leader summit in Germany. His people even admitted that he has “no set agenda, that he’s just going to talk about whatever is on his mind at the moment.” What? Grabbing the pussy? Sigh! Trump has made a mockery of our election process, mocked every candidate and is now mocking arrogantly the world. He is such an embarrassment that none of the other world leaders wanted to even hang out with him.

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He fired all seasoned competent White House Staff that have faithfully held their jobs for decades serving multiple Presidents that his new “friends” at the White House failed to book a hotel room for the President at the G20 Summit as reported by BuzzFeed News.  What? Our billionaire hotel czar President didn’t even have a room to stay at? What a joke! The City of Hamburg stepped up and graciously let Trump stay at their Senate guesthouse. Unlike Trump Germany is sympathetic to foreigners without a place to stay. They accept refugees. 
The e-mails and meeting from Don Jr. is evidence of collusion with the Russians. It is moving into perjury, false statements and potentially treason. The Trump campaign should have reported the incident to the FBI. So what are the legal implications of all this? Collusion is legal but conspiracy is illegal. Why did Don Jr. lie about the purpose of the meeting? Prosecutors love inconsistent conflicting stories.  Criminal charges can be imposed if it is proven that there were lies or contradictions reported to the FBI. Why didn't Jared include the meeting on the security clearance form? The most serious criminal issue comes down to false statements. It is hard to defend a openly liar. Did they violate election law by soliciting information that could be of value from a foreign agent? Now there are more than a dozen liars emerging about Trump and Russia. People this is all moving to perjury and treason. This is a disturbing pattern always evolving with the Trump people.

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