Thursday, July 13, 2017

Come Clean

At the G20 Summit with leaders from countries instead of being unprepared and spending two hours with his good buddy Putin, it would have been a good opportunity to seek support from other countries to find a way to control young Kim Jun Nut Job in North Korea   from lighting his fireworks nuclear missiles all the time. Trump didn’t do that. He could have at least learned from China in how they are dealing with their failed coal production and are trying to have clean energy now. Trump didn’t do that either. It is quite apparent he is only concerned with ways internationally to increase his personal wealth all over the world. His meetings with China and Russia was about branding deals in China for him and Ivanka. In Russia he wants the Polar Ice Caps to melt so they can find shorter ways to ship their junk around the world. Well their wish is coming true. It has been reported that a iceberg the size of the state of Delaware has just broken off and is floating in the sea waiting to melt that will cause catastrophic flooding over time. Russian real estate money laundering deals got him cyber election influences that helped him win the Election. Don Junior’s e-mails proved the collusion. This Presidency is all about the Donald and F everyone else.
He needs to learn from China. Trump leaves idle threats out there against North Korea that will just incite them to be more aggressive with their weapons. China is more sensible and wants to take a more diplomatic way to deal with the problem.  China is often thought of as one of the world’s biggest polluters but lately China has been making huge strides in making their country a greener place. An area in China that was once used for coal mining is now used for solar panels that is creating huge amounts of electricity. Right now China owns the biggest floating solar field in the world. A great idea since soon much of the world will be covered by a lot of water due to climate changes melting the glaciers. The solar panel field stretches over 13 hundred acres of water. It encompasses 6,600 panels. It provides enough electricity to power 13,000 homes right in the heart of China’s coal country. America borders two oceans of water. Why can’t we do this kind of project too?
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Congress is preparing now for their August vacation so nothing there is getting done anyway. How many days off from work did they vote themselves paid? All American poor slob tax payers can’t even take off from work to get a serious operation for more than two days sick pay. They have to get a leave of absence just to recover from an operation.  Trumps health care bill will even give the rich tax breaks. Don’t get sick over all this. It will only cost you thousands of dollars since no one is talking about reducing the high prices hospitals and doctors charge for their services. Meditate with breathing exercises to relax until they find a way to tax us for breathing too. In China the solar panels are floating where coal mines used to be. The area is where abandoned coal mines collapsed from over mining. Yes they left huge craters in the land from all that extracted coal they burned recklessly that most of the population breathes through masks and can’t see the distance from more than a block away from the polluted air.
Rain and flooding water created the coal craters into a giant lake. China has been long addicted to burning fossil fuels but now solar provides a large percentage of China’s energy. Trump wants to open up our polluting  coal mines again.  China admits that they started later than other countries to go with other ways to generate energy but their technology is catching up. Like in the United States there is real conflicts between renewable energy and the powerful coal industry. The complaint is that people lost land due to the flooding and jobs from the closed coal mines. China realizes that the old coal sentiment has to change. They are creating new different jobs in renewable energy. China has invested more than three hundred billion dollars into renewable energy. They are clearly making a shift into how they will supply their energy needs. Soon with that kind of investment they will become the clean energy leader of the world. The only thing we seem to be doing in this country now is following the stupid Trump-Russia connection daily.

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