Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Related imageWhy should we care? Protesters risk their lives, disturb their daily life for political purposes. Why? Why bother? They all know they don’t have the power to bring a government down but they want change. More and more governments have little tolerance for dissent. In Saudi Arabia a protester will be decapitated. In Poland a protester will be jailed. In Syria a protester will have their home bombed and family killed. How else can we give the finger to bad symbols of power in the world?
Dictators are afraid of freedom. That is why they hire thugs to suppress vocal people that have other opinions than theirs. People need to be free and not to be told by other’s what is their opinion of what is good for them and then to enforce their opinions upon others. Humans should respect their differences and simply live in peace. Dictators have the power to distribute their fake news to make them look better. People have different sources that can provide many views that are real news. Totalitarian societies as in China try to put a lid on the public’s anger by covering up the truth. There is no citizen’s investigation there. By controlling the truth, makes their job of controlling the population easier. Just shut up and sit down!
Challenging a totalitarian government can inspire people to believe that their thoughts and words matter. No dictatorship wants that. Should people be beaten or jailed for their thoughts and words? Seizing the tools of information distribution is a very powerful thing to do. Independent thinking should never be suppressed but noted and then let you decide where you want to place that information. Not a dictatorship forcing one view, their view upon your thoughts. ISIS killed the reporters first. Trump wants to throw the press out of the White House. America has always been special because we welcome people from all over the globe. We respect other religions. We all live together in peace despite our differences. This administration wants to tell women what they have to do with their bodies, they want to restrict good people from visiting us from select countries, they want to deport peaceful Mexicans and displace families and they want to allow more and more people to own weapons. Nothing unified or peaceful about any of that.
Ask anyone from another land and they will say that once you experience freedom, it stays in your heart. Art, music and theater inspires free thinking and expression. ISIS and dictators want to suppress that. Trump doesn’t want to fund the arts and sciences. He promotes gun sales to Saudi Arabia and Taiwan and funds more weapons in our military. If a government is doing ridiculous things, then they deserve to be mocked and mocked on a daily basis if they continue to fuel the fires of dissent with daily outrageous actions. The angry government then tries to break your spirit with jails, surveillance and unethical deeds in order to break you.  Don’t let anyone break you.

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