Saturday, July 22, 2017

The New Guy

Trump hired a new Press Secretary and Spicer resigns. Anthony Scaramucci is the new man on the job that doesn’t have a communication degree or any experience as a spokesman. Trump’s approval rating is now at an all-time low and Trump hopes that this new guy could find some way to change people’s opinion of him. Yet in 2015 Anthony went on TV calling Trump a hack from Queens. So that must be the connection between these two. They are both very quick to name shame people. Trump always tries to discredit the people that call him out for unfair practices. Trump called the Judge in his failed University sham “a Mexican whatever.” Now Trump is trying to discredit the Special Counsel. Trump wrote that he loves getting even. Is our Presidency about personal revenge? Should our law men be held hostage for disagreeing with him?
Anthony  has a tough job making Trump look favorable since Trump is a whiner always complaining about how he is being treated with outrageous silly claims. For example Trump said recently, “No politician in history, and I say with complete surety, has been treated worse or unfairly.” Speaking about himself. Does he know that Abe Lincoln was shot to death by an actor? McKinley was shot by an anarchist? John Kennedy was shot in a car? James Garfield got shot and later died from an infection from the wound? Trump just proves that ignorance is bliss. He is constantly saying such stupid statements that it is hard to take him seriously yet he is the most powerful man in our country now. FRIGHTENING!
Trump hired the head of the Justice Department Jeff Sessions who hired former FBI head Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to conduct an independent investigation into the Trump Campaign’s connections to Russia. Jeff recuses himself so he is not under scrutiny and Trump criticizes him for that. And now Trump is trying to discredit Mueller because he wants to see his bank accounts and tax  returns.  Does Trump want a fair and impartial investigation or does he simply want to surround himself with yes men as Putin does? What is he hiding? Trump’s participation at the G20 summit was all about secret meetings with Putin and not about getting world leaders together to do something good for the globe. The paranoia is completely taking over our President. None of our interpreters or press were invited to the meetings. Should America get information from the Russian state owned media and none of our interpreters be present?

Trump called James Comey a “nut job.”  How is that a Presidential statement? Americans in plain view are coming forward with lots of evidence that they have strong financial ties to Russia. There are three investigations on going into the allegations. In the past six months Trump has not achieved any good legislation on behalf of the American people. He has all the cards in his favor. A Republican House. A Republican Senate. A Republican Congress and now even Republican leaders want to disassociate themselves with the man. The health care bill is dead and Trump is now trying to publicly insult those who voted against the unfair bill. Anthony has a tough job ahead of him to somehow make the Trumps look good to anyone.  

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