Friday, July 21, 2017

Lucky Bullies

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They are our lucky bullies. Today OJ Simpson got his parole. The juice will be loose. He was acquitted for his wife’s murder and Ron Goldman’s murder too. Now OJ is a free man again after serving his minimum sentence of 9 years for armed robbery.  Our other lucky bully is the Donald who threatened Sessions with his job and warned Mueller not to investigate his bank accounts and tax returns. He essentially hired these people and now   threatens them if they actually do their job. Trump wants to pardon his partners in crime. Bullies   seem to be getting their way lately. Both of these men see nothing wrong in their words or actions and they are getting everything their way. In a way they both represent the inner wishes of every man who can’t quite pull off what these two guys have done in their lives.
Many men wish they could kill their cheating wife and her boyfriend but would never do it or even get away with it even though their shoe prints are in the victim’s blood on the floor. OJ got away with that crime. Most men wish they could get away with taking back their trophies and valuables even though someone else bought them. O.J. and his buddies at gun point stole the items and now O.J. is a free man. O.J. didn’t stand with his buddies and testify to help them, instead he only said that he wasn’t the one holding the gun. He will also receive hundreds of thousands of dollars when he gets out of prison in October and receive $25,000 per month from a NFL pension. Every man wishes they can get that kind of cash right out of prison. O.J. won’t even give any of that money towards the civil suit the Goldman family won in a civil suit from O.J. Pension money is exempt.
Today Trump attacked the top officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI. I guess all the meetings Trump had with Putin gave him the courage to attack anyone who just doesn’t do as they are told. For the past 17 years that Putin has been in office opposition leaders have been threatened, murdered and found reasons to be put in jail. The Russian press is simply whatever Putin decides it should be. Bullies like to be bold and get away with any of their wrongdoings. Trump isn’t standing by his buddies that helped him get elected. Now he is snubbing his team. Now the top officials in our government find themselves in a position to fight to keep their jobs. Trump attacked the Attorney General, the former head of the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller who is investigating Trump. So these guys can keep their jobs as long as they don’t sniff too closely at Trump’s crap? Both O.J. and Trump are only loyal to themselves.

Today Spicer resigned and no longer wants to be the White House spokesman. It is clear that the Presidency is a job that should only serve Trump’s best interests even from the jobs of others. Serving the Americaan people or even justice is not in the minds of either of these men.

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