Friday, July 14, 2017

Tell Trump You're Fired!

Tonight Trump is in France and he told the French President’s wife, “You know you are in great shape.” REALLY? Was he also motivated to grab her by the pussy too as he was checking out her body? What is wrong with this sexist pig? Why is he always making rude or lewd comments about women’s bodies? I don’t think he can ever say anything remotely Presidential! With more analysis it is becoming clearer why he is such good buddies with Putin. In Russia the women are treated like property and are abused daily and the government is deaf to the pleas of women needing to prosecute the bullying men who physically and mentally abuse them.  In America his policies are all about taking women’s rights away from abortion legal rights   to limiting health benefits for women’s needs.
In Russia 36 thousand women are beaten by their partners daily. Wives are considered property for men to take their frustrations out on like punching bags and the government looks the other way saying that they have no right to interfere in a man’s home life. Should a women’s home be a place of persecution by her own family members? Domestic abuse isn’t even a term there. Every 40 minutes one woman dies from domestic violence in Russia and our President is best buddies with Putin! Trump expects Americans to like Russia too? He is truly insane!
Abusers have enjoyed impunity for years. Beating a family member only became a crime there in 2016. Women are treated for broken limbs over 20 year periods and the government police do nothing to the abusers. Over seven years one woman wrote 5 to 7 complaints a month to the police while she was experiencing many beatings every month with serious injuries all over her body and mind. The police dismiss her complains by saying that there were no other witnesses even though she was treated in hospitals for serious injuries. Even his mother wrote a complaint. His mother went blind after he beat her up. Did the broken bones happen by themselves? What kind of animal beats up their own mother? I don’t think even animals do that sort of thing. It is hard to believe that these atrocities are happening in this century and that Russia   is a big influence on our President.
Recently in 2017 the government in Russia softened their stance on domestic abuse. After February in 2017, just a few months ago an abusing husband will spend just up to 16 days in prison. He will complete just up to 120 HOURS not even days of community service. He will be fined up to 30,000 rubles which is just $500 dollars. Remind you these are maximum sentencing. What kind of rehabilitation or shame does any of this mean? It all is just a temporary setback in the abuse time line. I am sure other abusing men set these guidelines and not any woman. The men politicians defend this little sentencing on the fact that anything more would be coming from a liberal point of view. They said that it would rudely involve government into your bedroom and that isn’t good according to them.
The term “fake news’ is a product of Russia. When they are told that this is inhumane by all other countries they simply call the criticism “fake news”. Donald Trump seems to speak that same language. The damage Russians do with their fists, Trump does with his filthy mouth! In Russia there has been an increase in domestic violence. Family violence has always been a problem in Russia. Putin has been Russia’s leader for 17 years and he has done little or nothing on this issue there. The attorneys are told to uphold traditional family values”. That means a wife’s purpose is to be a husband’s punching bag? How is that a “value?’’ A man beat his daughter to death and got only 6 years in prison. We need to go back to the good old days when we ignored Russia, had good rights for women here and accepted anyone into this country who has been persecuted in their homeland for any reason. Let’s ban abusive Trump and his abusive buddy Putin. Use Trump’s term, ”You’re Fired!” on Trump!

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