Saturday, July 15, 2017

Shangri - La

Humans need to realize their potential and use their abilities for good. The most advanced computers can’t master our ability to reason, love and have compassion. Attributes we need to use more often. We can achieve Shangri-La if we devote ourselves to attain it. It is a place of complete delight and peace. Earth can become that place if we would all try. The senseless wars need to stop. Dictators need to stop persecuting their own people. Greed and wealth has no place in our lives since we can’t take any of it with us in death.  The great divide between rich and poor serves no one well. Why can’t we strive to achieve a Utopian society that will serve all living things well?
Read the book by James Hilton or watch the versions of the fantasy called Lost Horizon. It doesn’t have to be a fantasy but if we try, a perfect society can be attained. We are all taking more notice on the book by George  Orwell  called 1984 that dwells on the surveillance society we are now immersed in deeply. There is even a new Broadway play that is all about the book called 1984 also written in the 1930’s like Lost Horizon was written in. It is ironic that both books were written just before World War II erupted and both books represented societies that were peaceful and the other immensely mistrustful. We should have learned from the wisdom of that generation instead the world is in turmoil, oppression, starvation and homeless. Why and how did we allow this to happen in the past 50 years? We fight wars to protect what is good in our lives, supposedly. Perhaps we need a different approach to happiness and simply put down the weapons, mistrust and hate and focus on the good in all people.
Lost Horizon is a novel about a group of people who are lost but find a magical land full of   peace and brotherhood everywhere and no one even gets old there.  The cool movie made in 2016   called Passengers staring beautiful Jennifer Lawrence and handsome Chris Prat,   touches on the immortality theme when they are frozen in time till they arrive at a distant land on a spaceship. At least that is what was supposed to happen. In all of these stories the theme is about achieving some kind of perfect society. In reality here and now in our lives we should be doing everything humanly possible to attain a perfect society for all. Not just for rich people hidden behind their walled gates.
The story of Lost Horizon begins in a war-torn city where people are being butchered in a local revolution. The movie starts with a book of pages turning that reads, ”In these days of wars and rumors of wars-haven’t you ever dreamed of a place where there was peace and security, where living was not a struggle but a lasting delight? Of course you have. So has every man since time began. Always the same dream. Sometimes he calls it Utopia.” ISIS folks believe they can achieve their dream by becoming suicide bombers. We live in an extreme world. North Korea has leadership that believes he can be happy surrounded by weapons where all his people are soldiers. Russia has a leader who believes in world domination. Putin already has Poland, the Ukraine, Syria and President Donald Trump. Their versions of utopia is hardly good for anyone.
The civilization found in Lost Horizon is a place where everyone and everything thrives. The living is well and the food is free. People are calm and well where no doctors are needed. People never look at despair in their lives but at happiness and serenity. A place far too peaceful to be concerned with predators because there aren’t any. You don’t need to see what is on the other side of the hill because it is as pleasant as where you are now. The word refugees doesn’t exist. A place where no religion is followed but the belief is in moderation and avoiding excesses of any kind. A place where people are satisfied with moderate obedience, manners and respect for all others. A place where people are obedient, honest and happy. No spite, malice or revenge. A place where no soldiers or police are present. A place where no crime exists. What makes a criminal? Criminals are those who take because they lack money or love. They rob and rape. Respect for people’s needs eradicates crime.
We need a place where viciousness   and envy doesn’t exist. A society where there is no envy for what others possess. If we all have the same, these desires are eliminated. Get rid of the extreme wealth for just a few. Share the wealth.  Courtesy all around helps smooth out all problems even in relationships. A place where there are no marriages for life unless a couple just likes to be with each other for a life. All can be acceptable in relationships as long as people can be courteous and understanding of each other’s needs and wants. There wouldn’t be any crimes of passion.

Am I insane for thinking these things are possible in this real world here and now? If so, then I would rather be lost in my insanity and still give hope for a sensible safe and happy world devoid from hate and prosecution. Sigh!

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