Friday, June 9, 2017

Who is lying?

Trump needs a lawyer. Four top law firms turned down Trump’s request for representation. Trump even called them personally and they just don’t want to touch Trump’s mounting complicated problems. Apparently chasing ambulances is an easier way to get work for lawyers. Trump did eventually sign a lawyer to represent him on the Russian issue of Obstruction of Justice. He managed to get the loyalty from one of his old lawyers from New York who represents him for all his law suits in his private business of casino and real estate matters. The guy is in Washington now and has already screwed up. President Trump’s personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz already publically commented on Comey’s testimony.
This lawyer said, “Comey admitted leaking ‘privileged communications’ to the press”. The fact is that Trump  tweeted that “James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press.”  Was this a threat to Comey? It was TRUMP that made references to privileged communications and not Comey! Trump’s lawyer can’t even   compile a very public time line of events in this mess. The White House has become a bad reality show gone wrong. Let’s call this show The House Boys of Washington!
What REALLY happened is May 9: Trump fires Comey
May 11: The New York Times publishes the “loyalty” story sourced to Comey’s friends.
May  12: President tweets threat about taping meetings.
May 16: Comey asks friends to share his memos and the New York Times publishes a story about Comey’s memos.
Comey’s memo said that Trump asked him to end the Flynn investigation. Marc Kasowits got this very public time line completely WRONG. Trump’s attorney botched the time line in response to Comey’s testimony. It is Trump’s threatening tweet about possible tapes that incites   Comey to get his version of the truth out there. Does anyone really know what the truth is? Testifying   under oath is supposed to have people tell the truth. Trump has a reputation for lying about the truth. So, who should we believe?
Yet Senators claim that the New York Times article on Trump campaign contacts with Russian officials is proven to be untrue. Who is lying and what is true in this bad soap opera reality Washington show?The American people just want good jobs, good schools, a good safe place to live. We don’t need all this costly political drama. So, if Comey and the President claim that they are both lying then it comes down to possible witnesses to testify to back up the allegations of obstruction of justice. Whatever came of truth, justice and the American way? Where is any of that in this Administration? This cast of clowns mantra is more like lies, blackmail and the Russian way!

Comey testified that he told six people   about conversations with Trump in reference to the Russian involvement in the election. The committee is going to have to round up the usual suspects and grill them behind closed doors in order for most of the clowns to comply and answer all the damn questions. Maybe if these guys had more responsibilities they would come to the point, settle this matter and move on in the best interests of the American people.

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