Saturday, June 10, 2017

The rich get richer

We need to thank the Trump family because their priorities and activities teach the ordinary person in the lessons of how to get rich and how to keep your wealth while rising to the top of your game. Most Americans are living pay check to pay check and are happy to even have a miserable job to commute to. We get delays on planes, trains, busses and highways but we still pay the monthly fare, rising airline fees and taxes while we see the population of billionaires skate through life traveling on their private jets, helicopters and limousines. How do they do that? As we get a glimpse into the Trump family we certainly don’t notice any particular brilliance, so how do they get richer and keep their wealth?
We were flattered as Americans to see someone different during the Presidential campaign. For once there wasn’t a politician running for office but what was a successful businessman who had the confidence to even have a TV show where the eclipse   in every episode was the chance to see him tell some hard working failure that they were fired. Such confidence. Such power and when he offered to use his skills in the American government, well, a large population voted for him and gave him our top job as President of the United States. It is another boost in the career of wealthy people who crave more wealth and power over anything or anyone else.
Donald Trump even had the help of his wealthy father who didn’t put him up in a dorm room at college. Instead Donald was given a multiple family property to live in during college where he collected rent and didn’t pay any housing fees to the college. Throughout his career as a real estate developer taking over his father’s already established business he managed to sweet talk himself into buying and developing properties at times with just a handshake. He even managed to escape from his failed casinos and university without any prosecution for his wheeling and dealing. In only about 6 or 7 months as President he has created a Russian intervention into the election that he will probably emerge from the current scrutiny by the most powerful people in our government. He has secured big branding patents in China for his sale of his personal products. He takes in money to house foreign visiting diplomats in his hotels for profit. He has gotten millions of dollars in free secret service security for all his extended family for all their business trips and properties. He has never even seen Camp David the place where Presidents usually go to on weekends to unwind. How has he made Americans wealthy?
We learned that his daughter and son-in law get high powered jobs in our government. Who elected them? Ivanka goes on a trip to China and manages to secure her product line to be sold there to millions of people from China. In Saudi Arabia she managed to get them to contribute 100 million dollars to her charity.  Instead of   getting China to buy American products giving this country more wealth and jobs, this family lines their pockets with more money for themselves. Yes, the rich know how to get even richer.
Her not so brilliant husband Jared didn’t have the best of grades to get into Harvard, so his wealthy father donated two and a half   million dollars to the school and he suddenly was accepted to the school. Jared Kushner has a cushy life too.  He had his share of unsuccessful deals that he emerged unscathed from too. After college he bought with his dad’s money a printed newspaper in 2006 at a time when most newspapers are out of print. Then in 2007 he used his dad’s money to buy 666 5th Avenue in New York and paid the highest price for a building at a time when real estate prices were going down. Maybe that is why he wants a secret line of communication to the Russians because they are helping him pay his mortgage.  Yet suddenly he is the most powerful man in our government being appointed to the tasks of solving peace in the Middle East, trade with China, solving the Opioid epidemic, revamping the criminal justice system and reinventing government. We have never even heard him speak. He doesn’t even have to explain what he has in mind for the American people. We would love to have a job where we don’t have to answer to anyone! How does a 36 year old man who never had a job that his dad didn’t give to him become the most powerful man in America? Jared doesn’t have to speak because he has never had to ask for anything.
Then there is Donald Trump’s second son, Eric Trump who has a Foundation called The Eric Trump Foundation that gives golf outings to children with cancer. Sure sick kids really want to spend exhausting hours in the hot sun on a golf course. Forbes Magazine reported that Eric has shifted kids-charity money into his own business. Donated money that people gave to help kids with cancer found out that their donations of which $1.2 million dollars went to pay for the use of Trump golf courses. The family is profiting from donated money for a cause. That money went into their pockets and not to the Saint Jude Charity. Yes, we have learned how the rich just get richer!

Americans need to stop hating the under privileged who need health care, food stamps, housing, jobs and birth control and start hating the rich who just make sure they acquire  more personal wealth at all cost to others; the Trump Family! 

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