Thursday, June 8, 2017

Who is lying now?

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Today the fired   FBI Director James Comey testified under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Yesterday he submitted for all to see a 7 page document outlining his 9 meetings with President Trump. In 8 years he only met twice with President Obama and one of those 2 meetings were to wish him well as he was finishing his two terms as President. Today he is detailing why Trump had the need to meet with him privately 9 times in such a short time. Russia was never a top subject during the Obama administration.
Comey revealed many strange behavioral incidents he experienced with President Trump that he never had to deal with any other President. Comey very soon became suspicious of Trump. The testimony from Comey today says much about a character reference of the type of sinister paranoid man Trump really is. For once Trump did not have a new appointee of his that he could belittle and bully. Comey testified, “I was concerned the President might lie about the nature of our meeting.” Comey wrote a daily log of all the questionable events that took place with Trump. He testified, “I documented meetings with Trump over worries he would lie.” Should a FBI Director even have to be concerned that a President is lying to HIM?
Comey repeatedly told Trump that he was not under investigation yet Trump made demands. Comey testified, “I felt uneasy with the President’s requests for loyalty.” What did that mean? What events made Trump feel that the FBI director was being   anything less than loyal to our government?  What is Trump hiding? An FBI Director is a political appointee but he also has a duty   of independence to peruse the law against anyone if he finds that that individual is in fact breaking the laws of this country. Why is Trump so paranoid? Trump was not satisfied that Comey instead pledged his honesty and not in particular loyalty to Trump.
Comey testified that he was stunned by the Trump conversation about Flynn. Trump bluntly told Comey to stop investigating Flynn. Yes, Trump is Comey’s boss but he doesn’t have the authority to tell an FBI Director who or what to investigate especially if he believes that someone no matter who is breaking the laws of our Constitution. Comey testified, “I knew it was my word against the President’s.” He also said, “The Russians interfered in the U.S. Election at the highest levels.” Trump made Comey feel uneasy with each meeting. He testified, “ The public should ask why did  Trump kick everyone out of the Oval Office except me?” Comey wanted no part in any secret meetings with the President.

Comey testified, “I said Flynn is a good guy, but I did not say I would let the investigation go.” Comey was very clear that he thought he was fired because of his Russian investigation. That is contrary to President Trump’s reason for firing Comey. Trump criticized   the FBI in general. Trump said that the FBI organization   was in disarray. It was being poorly led and the workforce lost confidence in its leader. Such slander is put out there simply because Comey refused to pledge loyalty? Is Trump some kind of king that needs his loyal servants? Several times Comey called President Trump a liar during the hearing. We all know that Trump is a liar judging from his unfounded claim that Obama was wiretapping his property to many other unfounded lies Trump tweets daily. This President is nothing but innapropriate.

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