Thursday, June 1, 2017

Recuse Who?

Can the American people simply recuse or resign from our responsibilities and expect them all   simply go away? Should murderers and rapists be able to recuse themselves and not be sentenced or go to jail? A lot of Trump’s people are using this as an excuse to not reveal their intentions, relationships and collusion with the Russians and into possible criminal activity. To recuse oneself is to disqualify themselves as a judge in a situation. Well what happens when the judges are possibly doing very wrong things? This is why a special prosecutor should have been hired long ago to investigate these possible criminals’ with their very high official jobs in our government now. Recuse also means that one is incompetent as in civil law. Did many of Trump’s men declare themselves incompetent?  If Jeff Sessions recused himself then he is declaring him incompetent? Why is he still there?
Now with allegations that Jared Kushner is working for the wrong government, the shakeups are still mounting. We need to remember that the day after Steve Bannon was removed as National Security Council then the head of the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes,   recused himself from the investigation into Russian ties during the transition team. Yet he still remains a force as long as the investigation isn’t about his dealings. Why should he still be able to do anything if he refuses to cooperate with investigating him? He is still under investigation by the House Ethics Committee. Is our government still doing what they are supposed to do? Sessions and Nunes both recused themselves but they still have a lot of power.
What faith can we have in our government if no one is governing the bad seeds in our powerful positions? Our allies overseas already have no faith in our government anymore because Trump has alienated all of our European friends. He was the only one who voted against the NATO Climate Accord to save our planet. He has shared government secrets with our untrusted enemies. Trump is aligned himself with pompous dictators that have a reputation for suppressing their own people like Putin, the head of the Philippians and the head of Syria and African rebel militant forces. Trump is increasing America’s military presence all over the world.  He never speaks of peace.
Trump has people in his inner circle who were forced to resign like Flynn because they acted unethically. Bannon’s approach was to overthrow everything. Jared is more of a secret mole wanting private lines of communication directly to the Russians.  Nunez is playing on both teams subpoenaing people from Obama’s administration for questioning without getting signoffs from House members. He investigates as long as it isn’t about him or Russia.  Flynn has moved on to working directly for the enemy. He is a paid contractor for Turkey in information. All these people still have close relationships with Trump.

The White House Security Council is the forum used by the President to consider national security and foreign policy matters. This is done with senior security advisors and cabinet members. Why is those who were taken out of these positions back in our government? The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is now back on the committee. The Director of Intelligence is back. The Marine Corp. General is back on the committee. How much public pressure must the citizens have to force to be heard in reference to these atrocities? It took a year and six months to Impeach Nixon. We must be patient I guess.  

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