Friday, June 2, 2017

Hero of the Stupid!

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Our leader is the hero of the stupid. He has no filter, no education, no research and no ethics and then he wonders why we question his every move. Trump makes up lies and expects everyone else to figure out the true facts. His pussy grabbing comments show no filter. He told Israel that he was “just in the Middle East so, he doesn’t have basic education and doesn’t know that Israel is located in the Middle East.  His speech on the environment shows that he has not done his research into climate change and was the only world leader in The Paris Accord to vote against a pledge to try to save the world against global warming. He has shown no ethics or manners in the way he openly treats people with disrespect and fires and ruins people’s lives randomly judging from all the hard working folks who had their jobs for decades in the White House who he fired for no good reason.
Trump just pulled out of the most comprehensive climate deal on the planet and the best hope for an end to continued global warming. Trump just spoke a 28 minute prepared speech in the Rose Garden of   the White House to his all white male audience of Republicans where he   said things that were simply almost entirely wrong! The fact  of the matter is that now 260,077 jobs are in the solar industry and only 53,420 jobs still exist in the coal industry. No one wants heavy polluting coal anymore. Trumps efforts to create more jobs is misguided if he thinks deregulating pollution efforts will bring back the coal jobs. He should be promoting more clean energy jobs.People just want a job to feed their families and to own a home. They could care less about the black lung unsafe coal job.  

Trump:  ”Even if the Paris Agreement was implemented in full with total compliance from all nations, it is estimated that it would only produce a .02 tenths of one degree, think of that, this much,”
WRONG: Actually the Paris Agreement is not intended to lower temperatures. The goal was always to cap the rise in global warming at 2 degrees Celsius.

Trump:  “India will be allowed to double its coal production by 2020.”
WRONG: Actually India has cancelled plans to build nearly 14 gigawatts of coal fired power stations.

The Paris Agreement did not require anyone to do anything specific. If Trump wants to pull back on air and solar power and increase coal production, he can. The Paris Accord is non-binding and has no penalties. The entire Agreement is a giant promise to simply try to find and promote cleaner energy from all countries. Instead of doing his drastic move to entirely pull out of the agreement he could have modified the terms for himself. He could have simply changed the United States greenhouse targets to make them less vulnerable. The United States has the authority to simply reduce the targets. He could have just excluded his stinking coal plants from the terms of the agreement and they could just go on polluting. 

Trump:  “The reality is that withdrawing is America’s economic interest and won’t matter much to the climate.”
WRONG: The numbers are pretty simple Donald. If the United States doesn’t drastically reduce its current carbon output, it will be responsible for an additional .03 degrees Celsius of global warming by 2100.

The United States withdrawal could harm the climate effort. Trump was the only one not to vote yes on the effort. Who except him doesn’t want a better planet? Trump was not fluent in the facts of the very Agreement that he was trying to pull out of. Thankfully, the United States pulling out of the Agreement won’t stop it from moving forward. Even China affirmed its commitment to the Agreement. Trump has made the United States look like a complete ass to the world. Trump’s “America First” agenda has moved other countries together and are now very mistrustful of America. Must Trump ruin our good reputation with all our allies too?
There are 195 countries in agreement to try to save the planet from global warming then there is Trump in non-compliance. So, the Agreement will go forward without him, without America anyway.  When Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement, Governor Jerry Brown from California immediately formed the U.S. Climate Alliance . So far it includes California, Washington State, New York, Canada and Mexico. Just these three states make up 1/5 of the population and represent 11% of United States emissions.  California has the toughest emissions standards and has promoted solar and electric cars. Jerry Brown says, "Mr. Trump is wrong on the facts, wrong on the science and wrong on the economy." The only thing Trump has accomplished is giving the world more reasons to disrespect America and regard us as a dangerous ignorant people to vote for this arrogant hero of the stupid with no filter, no education, no research  and no ethics as our chosen leader.    

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