Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Be A Centenarian

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Would you want to live forever? It is more possible now than ever with the explosion of the bio-technology growing industry. For as little as $25,000 dollars your entire body can be mapped and watched and steps can be taken to intervene defects in your genetic code to create a healthier body. It is expected that anyone born in the next decade will probably live to be over 100 years old. We are now in the age where we are engineering immortality. We all have been living longer throughout the century. In 1920 life expectancy was only till the age of 50 years old. Now life expectancy is much higher to the age of 75 years old. Bio-technology is making it possible for the next generations to live much longer than 100 years old. Can our minds adjust to our healthier bodies?
It is believed that the first person to live to the age of 150 years old has already been born. Advances in science and medicine is making this all possible. Are you healthy enough to be a centenarian? Now living to be 100 years old is the people of Okinawa, Japan where there are very low rates of cancer, heart disease and dementia than Americans. The reasons why are no longer a mystery. In the past 30 years more than 1,000 centenarians are alive there. Researchers believe that there are four main reasons people live so long there. The people eat a plant based diet high in proteins and vitamins, they participate in physical activity; self-help and mutual help. No one is ever neglected. The elderly is not warehoused into old age homes but still live with family members and are more vital.  
In America, research into aging is working on making old cells into younger functioning cells. Waiting FDA approval is the diabetes drug that could be an anti-aging miracle called Metformin. It can delay life shortening diseases by 30%. There are now stem-cell clinics. Doctors believe that stem-cell treatments have orthopedic help and may also extend our lives. If you are in a constant state of healing chances are that you will not get sick at all. They are putting fiber optic cables into veins. More than 500 boutiques are in business in America without the need for government approvals. Wealthy investors in these businesses like Peter Thiel expect to live till 120 years old. Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin plan to cure aging with biotech ventures.

At Human Longevity Inc. for $25,000 you can get your mind, gait and mental state  tested  instead of just your height, weight and blood pressure. All your traits are tested for possible medical issues now and in the future. The extensive data lets you take steps to control your diet and other well- being factors to avoid potential upcoming diseases before they ravage your body. Interventions can be taken to stop stage one cancers. Massive computers are tracking your genetic codes. The answers to finding a  longer life, lives within your body and knowledge of all aspects of your body is the key to prevention of deterioration of your body. 

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