Saturday, June 24, 2017

Amazing Amazon

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No company can compare to the amazing Amazon that seems to sell everything now and is always expanding. The best part is that they don’t punish you with excessive advertising but you know where to buy stuff on line and now in their stores popping up. I call it industrial selling with their quick service and 7 football field size warehouses that employ about 2,000 people in every location that is also popping up everywhere. The CEO of Amazon produces on his promises unlike Trump who promises to save jobs and lure companies to stay in this country and now we find out that companies like Carrier in Indianapolis who Trump said would save 1,000 jobs and now they decided to move to Mexico. Can all our companies scale his Mexican wall to get away from him?
Amazon recently bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion dollars. Now even supermarkets will probably be in fear of closing their stores as retail malls are closing across the country because you can get your lettuce and other fresh foods delivered right to your door quickly. Amazon already put book stores out of business and is selling anything else you can think of too. The Whole Foods deal will scoop up 460 stores and can double as distribution centers for Amazon Fresh that already sells food on its on line delivery service. Amazon already has 45 million Amazon Prime customers; do they need to expand their food business? Sure, why not! Until the forbidden thought happens and for some reason Amazon fails and we will have nowhere to buy stuff and food. It could be the end of civilization as we know it!
Amazon Fresh has fewer than a million customers and now they expect to have about 15 million food customers in the future. Since 1994 Amazon has acquired more than 70 companies and dominating most industries they enter. They are a player in electronics, computer software, CD’s and videos. Amazon is like the three thousand gorilla that wants to play in your back yard. The company seems to be unstoppable. Amazon and its new acquisition has caused other food companies stocks to go down. Acquiring Whole Foods has its advantages because the company will give a new start up product the opportunity to have some shelf space. Also much of Whole Foods products are in jars or are canned or in packaged goods that is the easiest things for Amazon to ship.
Whole Foods was in business for nearly 4 decades and never worried about the competition because they were so unique offering new types of food and prepared foods always with the healthy shopper in mind. Other supermarkets sell all kinds of things that are cheap but mostly unhealthy foods. Who would imagine that a delivery service like Amazon would be interested in the risk of shipping fresh food products? Whole Foods stuff is too expensive, its selection is poor and attracts a select group of people that would eat healthy grass over tasty bad stuff that most of America is hooked on thanks to the fat food industry of burgers and fries. Will Amazon also make America healthier?

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