Friday, June 23, 2017

Trump's Treasure

It is close to vacation time for the Republicans and all they want to do is to try to pass a hastily thrown together health care bill that will probably leave more Americans of any age left without any or good coverage. So, did Trump at least fulfill his promises to make your lives any better? I don’t see any evidence. He seems to be quieter since his wife finally moved into the White House and they convinced him to hide out at Camp David away from the public eye. What he did do quickly was to increase his personal wealth since his election really well. Did he help you get extremely wealthier since the election? NO
Trumps Florida White House took in millions of dollars since the election. His personal property values has surged since last year. Revenues at Trumps Mar-A-Lago Golf Club surged more than 25% since last year. He doubled membership fees since he took office. The club took in more than $37 million dollars. His Bedminster Golf Club took in nearly $20 million dollars since he took office. His new Washington D.C. International Hotel took in an additional $20 million dollars since he took office. The building is owned by the Federal Government but he profits personally from the day to day operations as the management company. Whatever personal fame could one get from being President? This guy knows how to personally capitalize from that fame even though he has done little good  for the country to add to his credit.
It appears that Trump hasn’t even eased tensions with North Korea. In fact things are getting worse that now North Korea is torturing Americans there. A 22 year old finds himself in a coma and dies being punished for months for stealing a poster in a Korean hotel. Trump said he was going to get China to police North Korea and that didn’t happen. Trump said he would impose consequences on trade with China if they didn’t step up. That didn’t happen instead he did secure very lucrative branding deals for him and his daughter to sell their personal products in China. In Sept 2015 Trump insulted China in a campaign speech where he said, ”We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country.” On March 30, 2017 Trump tweeted a warning to China. “We can no longer have great trade deficits with China” Since the visit of the Chinese President ‘s  visit to Trumps resort, there has not been any significant trade deals for this country.
Trump promised to label China a currency manipulator on his first day in office. That didn’t happen. During the campaign Trump promised to impose a 45% tariff on Chinese imports. That didn’t happen even though it would require Congressional approval.  He did sign two executive orders on trade but that didn’t go anywhere. Why not order the Commerce Department and the United States trade representative to at least write a report on what exactly is causing the trade deficit? Why isn’t he jumping on trade violations and enforce that? China has nothing to worry about since they still have trade advantages. Trump only cares about his own personal wealth and is capitalizing on his   new international contacts given to him as our President.  
He always takes photo opportunities showing him shaking hands with foreign leaders as if they agree on something new but in actuality he has done nothing with these world leaders to benefit our country!


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