Sunday, June 25, 2017

Must have Mike?

Related imageIf Trump does   resign or gets impeached what will America be like with Mike Pence in charge of America? They are very different men in their thoughts, values and probable policies. It has been proven that Russia did in fact played with the voting registrations and cause many lines in key possible Hillary winning states. Without the Russian intervention into our voting process perhaps Trump would not win in all those states. There are so many people associated with Trump including Jared who had meetings and business deals with the Russians that had or still has important positions in our government that it all is suspicious. Now that they are investigating Trump for many of his lies we need to look at Pence a bit more.
Let’s start with his relationship with his wife. Trump so far was hardly seen with his wife. But it is reported that Pence hardly does anything without his wife nearby. Mike Pence never eats alone with a woman other than his wife, Karen Pence. Why? Is Mike more of a wandering eye towards women than Trump that she has to keep her eye on her man even at all meals? Is there snow on Pence’s roof but there is fire in his furnace? Mike won’t attend events featuring alcohol without Karen by his side. Is Mike a closeted alcoholic and she has to keep tabs on his drinking too or do they get freaky sexy and she wants to make sure she gets in on all that freaky action too? UGH!
Their whole relationship is strange. Mike told the story of how they got engaged. Mike said, ”I hollowed out two loaves of bread, placing a small bottle of champagne in one and the ring box in the other for her to discover as she tore off pieces…” ok so far a cute story. The weird part is that later they got the bread shellacked and is displayed everywhere they go. Many believe that Mike Pence’s policies are weird too. On May 21 a group of graduates at Notre Dame walked out on his speech at their Commencement. Pence was there to receive an honorary degree from the Catholic University located in his home State of Indiana. They were protesting Mike Pence’s policies from his time as governor, when he tried to implement RFRA (The Religious Freedom Restoration Act) without civil rights protections for LGBTQ people. This Act would have also targeted undocumented students and their families.  
One student protestor, Jenn Cha summed up their feeling by stating that, “It is an egregious insult to invite Pence to speak at the celebration of the accomplishments of university graduates, many of whom are LGBTQ, first-generation, low-income, and people of color he has actively supported legislations against.” Is America who has traditionally been known as the world’s powerful melting pot of people drawn together from all nations being represented by this guy? We are still in torture over Trump as our representative leader of the free world.
Another student protestor Liz Hynes said, “Pence represented the kind of intolerance Notre Dame had sought to eliminate. His anti-LGBT, anti-refugee, and anti-health care policies have harmed people in ways for which no religious justification can be made.” Thank God that a religious conservative Catholic College can still produce open minded graduates who can see the big picture of what America is made from and realize we need policies that include all law abiding people of any religious preference, gender or health issues. Trump or Pence can’t deliver what America needs.  

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