Friday, May 5, 2017

The New We Could Care Less About You Health Plan for America

The unhealthy health care bill was passed in the House yesterday just 6 weeks after another attempt was voted down. This disappointment was passed without a single Democratic vote and now gives credit to Trump for having achieved his first legislative victory. The Republicans just wanted to erase another trace of Obama from current history at the expense of all Americans. It is a horrible plan that excludes many from basic healthcare. It is ironic that the bloated rich men from the House have an excellent health care plan provided to only Federal employees that they voted for themselves years ago. They could care less about the average American because they receive 5 plans to choose from that all includes a wide range of benefits. The elite bastards get hospital, surgical, physician, mental health, prescription drugs, emergency care and even “catastrophic” benefits. They even gave themselves a HRA that is a Health Reimbursement Arrangement! So, then what the hell do they care about John Q. Public’s health? This plan proves they could care less about you plan!
The greatness about Obama care is that it included everyone. The main problem with Obamacare was the cost it was costing to the middle class with deductions from their pensions and pay checks to pay for all that care. Why couldn’t our precious lawmakers just come up with a better way to pay for the monster cost to insure everyone? They could have offered a bond program to investors or better yet taxed the billionaires. They wouldn’t even notice the cost that they could probably deduct from their taxes. No, they have to erase all the good in Obamacare too for their own pompous reasons.  The only good in this is that the passing of this new plan is only one third into the final approval process. It still has to be approved in the Senate and more approvals after that. Hopefully it will get shot down again in the Senate.
This inadequate plan will still  cost the middle class to brunt the cost of it and will exclude many American’s from health care. So what have they accomplished here? This plan wants you to buy insurance and get tax credits. The problem is that many low income and older Americans would get less than under Obamacare. The baby boomers are all senior citizens now. That is a lot of seniors that need healthcare not less care. This unfair plan will allow insurers to charge older people 5 times more than younger people. This nonsense reminds me of the banks who give loans out to only the people that can prove that they have assets and don’t really need a loan.
This plan will leave 24 million people without coverage. 14 million people will have Medicaid cuts. The fact is that many millions of people will be left to die if this plan gets final approval. The Senate won’t be going to tweak this plan till June so go to the doctor now while you still can. People with pre-existing health problems should really be concerned. Obamacare covered your ongoing health problems. This selfish plan wants to allow states to file a waiver from the requirement that guarantees coverage so if your state doesn’t want to have it, you die!
America has a population of people that do not get health insurance from their jobs, Medicare or Medicaid.  With this horrible bill we will be going back to the problems before Obamacare where you had to be able to afford healthcare and where conditions like Cancer, Heart Problems, Obesity, Sleep apnea, Mental disorders,  HIV, Pregnant or Transgender  of which insurers could now deny you coverage or jack up rates for these people with pre-existing conditions. Do we want to be charged more for insurance if we need ongoing health care? Many of these people with these types of conditions are too sick to even work. How the hell are they going to pay for the care they need to survive?  The lawmakers don’t care about us because as Federal employees they get all the care they need for just about anything.
The vote to repeal and replace Obamacare is a disaster. Obama care provided “maternity care, emergencies services and preventative services” it was simply help for all. This new plan allows  “ states to waive the benefit rules and set up their own standards.” Do these bloated lawmakers think that people get sick differently from state to state? Sick is sick and it can happen anywhere! Ready to get really sick? This new bill will cut taxes for the wealthy up to $883 Billion dollars! Now I feel really sick and better get some help before my state decides to opt out and not cover my illness and my insurance company will raise the rates just because I am so very sick!

So I just took what is left of my blood pressure pills and hope they will last before they aren’t covered under my prescription plan either. Now the complex approval process continues for them to say that Obamacare is dead. The new plan now goes to the Senate and has to be discussed in front of a committee and then gets debated on the Senate floor where Amendments can be added to then be voted on by the Senate version of the bill. Then a conference committee irons out the differences between the two versions of the bill to then be voted on again this time by the House and Senate and then sent to the White House or whatever resort the main blowhard President is at for him to sign into law. So, they are just winners at the beginning of a very complex process. It is so sad that Obamacare that already went through this very complex process and was approved couldn’t have just been tweaked to be even a better plan than this mess we have now!

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