Saturday, May 6, 2017

Trump's Playgrounds

Does this ego-maniac care about anyone other than himself? He apparently does not care about the deficit since his habits cost us millions of dollars each day as he moves somewhere unnecessarily. Donald Trump has not even visited Camp David which is traditionally the Presidential playground. He prefers to visit his properties on weekends disrupting the peace of the towns they are in and causing much more work for our Secret Service and the small Police forces of the areas. Why can’t Congress reel him in and control his spending of our tax paying dollars? Did we vote to keep his properties protected and have him   live in the lap of luxury at our expense   while most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck?
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Just flying Trump to Mar-a-Lago twice cost at least $1.2 million dollars. He already did 7 trips to Florida so far; so do the math. Soon Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida will be closing for the season. Do you think we will be finally saving some money? Hell NO! He has already moved on to visiting his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster Township, New Jersey. Meanwhile Trump Tower in New York about an hour away is getting 24/7 Secret Service protection too. He can’t even choose among properties near each other. Selfish!
Bedminster   Township is an affluent community where the average household earns at least $200,000 per year. They like their quiet peace there but with Trump descending on their town now as President, attention and disruption has already caused havoc there that they didn’t pay for or want. The infrastructure in this town isn’t set up for large crowds that he seems to draw where ever he goes. The Presidents club is about a mile down a two lane road that doesn’t even have room for the large amounts of media that covers his moves all the time. We have to foot the bill for the extra security in New Jersey too?
Related imageTrump National Golf Club sits on a 36 hole  golf course. The place includes a pool, dining area and several cottages and suites. Membership costs about $300,000 per season. It is the location   where the President’s daughter Ivanka married Jared Kushner in 2009. It is also the place where Trump once said he wanted to be buried. He spent days there as President-elect interviewing potential Cabinet Members. Protecting the President could be costly for the Town of Bedminster since the town has only 16 Police Officers. The security costs around the areas near Mar-a-Lago cost Palm Beach about $3.5 million dollars. No other President has ever been so selfish! They stayed and moved into the 132 room   White House and relaxed at Camp David that already has budgeted excellent security in place.
Related imageThe Mayor of Bedminster predicts that it will cost the town about $300,000 dollars in extra security for just this summer alone. Trump could afford his own army of security to follow him around. It shouldn’t be costing the citizens of any state for his playgrounds. These towns do not even have that kind of extra money in their budgets. Many residents of the town are not happy and want their privacy. The Mayor is already asking for Federal funds to defray the costs of Trump’s impromptu visits. There are already flight restrictions in place in the area. A ten mile no flight zone will impact flights in and out of Newark Liberty International Airport. Americans are already experiencing too much stress involving airports and flights and do not need more delays for Trump to play golf. Smaller planes from smaller airports in the area will probably not even be allowed to take flight anymore from that location.

Somebody put a leash on the man and encourage him to go bowling in the White House lanes or something!

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