Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Take him away!

Trump’s first trip abroad was to visit Saudi Arabia. Can we make him part of the travel ban and leave him there? He was greeted right off the plane by King Solomon and they projected his face 20 feet high on the wall of his hotel. Trump was in his element treated like a king himself surrounded by gold furniture that he loves. Like the Trump administration, there wasn’t any women around. The Saudi traditions are to be very mean to women even in this generation. Trump was quick to point out that the Saudi Arabian region is at the center of the key shipping lanes to the Suez Canal and the Red Sea probably because he wants to make sure his branded products can continue to be shipped for personal profit all over the world.
Is he there also to sell real estate time shares along the Euphrates River? Trump made a speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the subject of combating terrorism. Does he realize that the terrorists that killed 3,000 people in our Twin Towers were from Saudi Arabia?  Trump said, “This landmark agreement will include a $110 billion dollar Saudi funded defense purchase, “  that would increase to $130 billion dollars over time. He was there to sell American weapons. Is America having tag sales on our weapons now? Our Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross was happy to not see any protesters there. Apparently he is not aware that when it comes to be-headings, ISIS has nothing over Saudi Arabia. It doesn’t mean that the Saudi people want to protest; they just want to keep their heads. Trump isn’t worth breaking the law against protesters since the crime punishment means getting your head chopped off through decapitation.  Should we be supporting such a barbaric regime?
While there both Melania and Ivanka praised Saudi Arabia for their efforts to empower women. Do these two broads even know how oppressive Saudi Arabia is to women even in this century? It is a country where a woman can’t even walk in public unless they are accompanied by a man. Women have to use separate entrances to some businesses. It is the only country in the world that doesn’t let women even drive a car. These two idiots live in their own bubble and don’t even know anything; like the Donald! Women are banned from reading fashion magazines. They are barred from entering a cemetery. They can't even swim.
In America a woman couldn’t get a credit card without her husband’s permission until 1978. Blacks weren’t able to vote in the entire country until 1968. Although this was not long ago, America has changed for the better in some instances. Meliana and Ivanka met with women business leaders in Saudi Arabia but each woman had a “guardian” or chaperone. They were really there so Ivanka was able to get $100 million dollars from the Saudi government to fund her Foundation. Outrageous!
Has Trump achieved peace in the Middle East? Hell no! What he has done just in a few days in Saudi Arabia was to increase his and his daughter’s personal wealth there and put our country and the world in increased jeopardy with the sale of American weapons essentially in the prejudicial hands of our potential and probable enemies. There were no talk of humanitarian efforts to help the people in the Middle East who have had their lives destroyed, who are starving, have no water and have been torn from their homes due to a stupid war over 15 years.  President Trump took the first flight ever from Saudi Arabia directly to Israel and told them upon arrival, “I was just in the Middle East!” Does this jerk even know where he is ever? Note to Donald: Israel is in the Middle East.

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