Thursday, May 25, 2017

Body Parts

Life would be very different if men had a uterus. Imagine any man you know having to put up with uncontrolled bleeding from a period for   about a week every month from the ages of 10 through 40 years old. It wouldn’t even be called a “period” but rather be called a messy nightmare. Would men even be able to deal with the unexpectedness of it happening randomly on any given day, hour or minute for thirty years of their life? Would men be able to deal with the cramps or swelling of the breasts during that time of the monthly nightmare? If so, men would have voted on three week work weeks with one week of the month designated to be off to deal with the issues of a period. In Roman times there were the menstruation temples where women would go to relax and bathe daily to deal with the nightmare.
Life would be very different if men had to be the people to give birth. Would men want to carry a growing child inside of them for nine months? Would men be able to deal with labor pains? Would men be able to survive the tearing of their vagina in order to pass a 7 to 10 pound baby through that tiny hole that they always love if it is tight and small? Would men be able to deal with the pain of your breasts filling up with milk needing to be let out while you are still dealing with the pain and discomfort from your lower body? Could any man deal with a new squirming crying baby all of a sudden thrust on you needing all the care you can possibly muster up? If so, men would have voted family paid leave mandatory for a year so they could recover and get used to the routine and care of a newborn baby. Men would have voted that all supplies like pain medication, tampons, menstruation pads and anything having to do with the care of their bodies and their babies’ bodies be covered by prescription plans including birth control.
We all know that the fact of the matter is that men do not have these issues and have no idea what they would even feel like physically or psychologically if they had women’s issues.  When it comes to reproduction men have a great time of great unprotected sex and that is IT. Yet these creatures have their big sperm filled balls to dictate the policies for how to deal with female reproductive issues without even consulting a woman. Men have the time to be successful in careers and become our lawmakers simply because they don’t deal with these issues along with other life issues of having to be educated, gain employment, manage a household, educate the children and always be hot and sexy for their man. Do men think women are there just to cook for them? After all, women are filed with milk and eggs. UGH!
We need to have reproductive rights in this country. A woman deserves the right to decide if SHE wants to have a child. Women continue to be raped and attacked randomly by men and sex offenders daily. She should not be told by any government that she has to bear that unwanted child. The House recently passed a Bill that would make permanent an existing ban on using Federal money to cover abortions. Representative Pete Sessions a Republican from Texas said,” Based on the morality and the right thing, don’t pay for abortions.”  Does that make rape and unwanted children the right thing? Whose morality is he referring to? He probably would have sterilized himself long ago if he had to have daily women’s issues to deal with.
There is another abortion Bill called H.R. 586 that states that “human life shall be deemed to begin with fertilization” in the House of Representatives on January 17, 2017. So, as soon as one get pregnant, even if she has the Zika Virus or a brain dead fetus she must give birth? Who will pay for the extreme expensive care needed to have a very sick human stay alive? The sponsors of this Bill are 23 Republican men and no women. Why are men in Washington making drastic decisions about women’s health? This is a time when Republicans have maximum power in our lawmaking chambers. We have idiot lawmakers like Richard Mourdock from Indiana who said, “Women who are rape victims don’t deserve abortion rights because their pregnancies are part of God’s plan.” Even if he gets raped, he doesn’t have to have that unwanted child. Since when do lawmakers know what their God is saying? They also have divine powers?
In Missouri Todd Akin said, “Women who are victims of rape don’t deserve abortion rights because women who are victims of legitimate rape can’t get pregnant.” Someone rape him continually and call it all “legitimate”. He can’t get pregnant anyway.  

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