Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Making who great again?

We were doing well with the environmental problems for a while during the Obama administration. At least we were on the right tract. The facts are in. This administration and our leader Trump is more concerned with world domination, increased weapons and never speaks of peace or preserving the environment. He is now in Saudi Arabia where he orchestrated a weapons deal worth about $110 billion dollars. I guess he believes that the world needs more war and less peace. The deal will be worth over $350 billion dollars over ten years. So, peace is not over the horizon anytime soon. The State Department approved the sale of combat ships, battle tanks, cargo helicopters and a range of missiles and ammunition. Trumps view of how to “make America great again” is to supply the world with American made weapons.
Obama had a legacy geared more towards preservation of our environment or at least he tried. He encouraged new eco-friendly companies with renewable energy companies but the Republican majority Congress saw to it that these companies went nowhere but despite that opposition we were going in the right direction. When President Obama visited other countries he did not make big weapons deals, he signed international climate deals. Obama protected the most amount of Federal land that any President focused on protecting, 553 million acres of lands and waters. Obama cancelled pipe lines and promoted renewable energy. According to the Energy Information Administration, Obama in 2008 increased 7.2 quadrillion BTU’s of energy through environmentally safe means. By 2015 we were producing 9.5 quadrillion BTU’s of safe to the environment energy.
America was on the right tract to being nearly energy independent from world oil. In 2015 89% of America’s energy was being produced from domestic resources. They were predicting that by the year 2027 America was going to be able to be 100% in energy from domestic recourses. Now our head of the Environmental Protection Agency is Scott Pruitt, who did not have a good track record in saving the environment when he was Oklahoma’s Attorney General. He is an oil and gas man. He has a reputation for attacking the agency he now leads. He filed 14 lawsuits against the agency he now runs. He promoted fracking in Oklahoma. He did not prosecute any companies who were found to be ruining the environment. Pruitt’s style is through litigation and de-regulation.
Now Oklahoma is having sink holes and earthquakes from all the fracking. In Flint, Michigan the water is totally polluted meanwhile the place is near the Finger Lakes which is the world’s largest supply of drinking water. The new EPA has no intention of fixing the problem with all the lead in the water in Flint. Residents can’t trust their tap water. A long term solution to fix the infrastructure to repair new pipes for the water there is not even on the agenda but we seem to need to supply the world with more weapons. We still don’t know what involvement Saudi Arabia had in the 911 disaster. When will Trump focus on “making America Great?”

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