Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Obstruction of Justice

Finally will someone look into the Trump Presidency and his desire to obstruct justice? It was all too obvious when Trump asked the Director of the FBI to drop the investigation into Flynn. Then he blatantly shared secrets with the Russians in the White House putting all Americans in danger for a variety of reasons. The evidence of collusion with the Russians from election tampering to now our safety issues are mounting that finally a special prosecutor is now investigating this mess too. We need to observe a time line of outrageous activities done by this President.
In December, on the 29th in 2016, Obama unveiled new sanctions against Russia. That same day General Flynn spoke with Russia’s Ambassador to the United States, Kislyak. Why? Was that call to assure the Russians that they would be taken care of?
This complicated past continues with January 14, 2017,   when Flynn misled Vice President Pence. He told the Vice President that he did not discuss sanctions with Kislyak.  Pence defended Flynn the next day.  Then on January 22, 2017 Flynn is sworn in as National Security Advisor. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned the White House four days later   that Flynn may have been compromised by the Russians. She did not know that even Trump was bed fellows with the Russians too.
  On January 30, 2017 she was fired for refusing to defend Trump’s temporary travel ban. Or was she really fired for exposing Flynn’s collusions with the Russians?
February 13, 2017 General Flynn resigned after the controversy was made very public. The very next day Trump asked Comey  to “let it go” and not to investigate Flynn’s relationship with the Russians. Meanwhile it was revealed that Flynn has accepted large amounts of money from the Russians.
Nearly three months later Trump fired the FBI Director. The President admitted that it was the Russian investigation was on his mind and a reason for the firing. In fact any players close to the Russians have resigned or recused themselves.
This time line proves that Michael Flynn who was an important figure in Trump’s election campaign having monetary dealings with the Russians then, did not report the money they gave him. Flynn lied to the Vice President about conversations with the Russians. The President misled the country. The President did not take any action on the private dealings until it all became quite public. Trump attacked the press and called their reporting of these treasonous activities as “fake news.” Then the firing of the investigative FBI Director all adds up to obstruction of justice.
All the Republicans are being tight lipped about all this probably in fear that Trump will try to ruin their careers too if they admit that these activities are indeed treasonous. Everyone should at least be alarmed that this administration is in constant turmoil. They are not helping the needs of the American people. They are lining their own pockets with Russian money for favors and influence over our democracy.

Today it was announced that a special independent council has been chosen to head up the investigation into Russian interference with the election. Congress wants the fired FBI director to testify. The Department of Justice announced that it will appoint former FBI Director, Robert Mueller as special counsel for the Russia investigation. Will this guy be blackmailed too? After all it was Trumps new Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, hired just two weeks ago by Trump who appointed the new guy to investigate. Will that be an impartial investigation?

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