Friday, May 19, 2017

Will he drop the ball again?

Who is this new guy Robert Mueller who was just appointed Special Counsel to oversee the Russian probe? He was hired by the last new guy, Deputy Attorney General Rod  Rosenstein who has been on the job for just weeks and who originally said that he didn’t think there was any need for a special prosecutor in the Russian probe. Is that why he was hired?  Can Mueller be trusted to do a fair investigation? Will he be fired too if Trump doesn’t get his way? The new administration is all about paid people from Russian funds declaring loyalty at all cost or reason to Trump, the Russians and their increased personal wealth. The man at the center of the investigations, former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn was also being paid as a lobbyist for Turkey during the campaign and all the Trump guys knew it before he came to his new job at the White House. It was a secret job. Did security advisor mean to him give Turkey and the Russians our security secrets?
Flynn took $500,000 dollars from Turkey for his services and then stopped a United States military plan that Turkey opposed. We know whose side these traitors are working for and it is not American interests! So is Mueller just another of Trump’s guys appointed to squash the investigations? Comey refused and got himself fired. We need to know many unanswered questions:
How will the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel effect Congressional investigations that is already Republican dominated who most of the members are silent on this subject?
What happens to ongoing Justice Department and FBI Investigations?
What is the scope of the investigations?
What resources will he have for the investigation? When Comey asked for more resources for his investigation, he was denied funds and was fired.
Will the public be updated on the investigations or will it be a closed door private whatever?
How can there be a fair investigation when all the appointees to the investigation has been hired by the guy, Trump who is under investigation? Why can’t I bring my buddies to court to judge me when I am accused of a crime?
On September 6, 2016 Trump said in a speech.” We can’t have someone in the Oval Office who doesn’t understand the meaning of confidential or classified.”   Can Trump look in the mirror and see that he doesn’t even listen to himself?
Robert Mueller spent 12 years as the former FBI Director. He is the second longest FBI Director to hold the position. J. Edgar Hoover held the position as FBI Director for 47 years. Mueller was hired by George Bush and one week after his appointment, 911 happened. UGH! Shouldn’t the FBI Director have known something about the terrorists plans to kill 3,000 innocent civilians in the World Trade Towers? No one was ever held accountable for that terrible tragedy from knowing about the plot to not monstering the air space over Manhattan to the origin of the blasts heard in the buildings seconds before the planes crashed into the sides of the buildings.
Let’s all hope that Mueller is on top of this investigation even if we have a slew of unanswered questions about this Trump self- serving nonsense.

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