Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Double Standard Donald!

Double Standard Donald! We all should have expected Donald to turn our entire government into a bad reality show. Even the head of his Republican boys in Congress, Mitch said we need less drama from him.  Most recently his arrogance took him to another level of treasonous activity. Trump invited and shared confidential American information with high level Russians in the White House with only the Russian press invited. It is obvious that Trump could care less about his young son or his wife since he played golf all day on Mother’s Day. Maybe he should get a dog to soften him up? All Presidents have dogs. What is most disturbing is his care about Hillary’s confidential stuff on her phone but he thinks it is all right to share confidential material with the Russians in our White House? What an arrogant slap in the face to the FBI and the Russian ties investigations, the free press and to the American people in general.
This time he sent the General out to deal with the press to thwart off real answers. He couldn’t even answer a yes or no question about the confidentiality of what was shared in that meeting. Does Donald even know the seriousness of his outrageous actions? Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador. Yes, Russia wants pay back for helping him get elected. Donald is officially Russia’s bitch!
We need to add this meeting to the long list of Trumps treasonous activity. Not only did he throw American intelligence under the bus but he jeopardized our relationship with other spies and countries that share confidential information with the United States. President Trump is creating a mistrust for America that is echoing all over the world.  He is jeopardizing our good reputation as the leader of the free world globally. It is obvious that he has been hypnotized or is just in too deep with his Russian ties. George Bush and Obama was not knee deep up Putin’s ass as Double Standard Donald is!
If other countries can not be confident that we can safeguard the information they share with us on places like Syria or with ISIS that is a global problem with refugees and terrorism, they will not share important leads with the United States. So many terrorist plots have been halted with the aid of friendly informants globally that have saved America from more acts of terror like 911. Trump’s people said there was nothing confidential revealed at the meeting. Why was there a meeting and why was the American press thrown out? What is he hiding if there was nothing unusual? In television dramas we get a break from the drama. There is commercials and or something new happens each week. With this insane man we get outrageous happenings daily. If he doesn’t want to spend time with his wife, young son or even a dog, can someone babysit him and keep him busy with normal activities sometimes?
According to the former National Security Council Senior Director Ned Price, if you had to choose the worst intelligence service in the world to share top secret code information it would be the Russians. They have a hostility towards us especially in Syria since they are funding the extinction of the people there. The Russian bed fellows are the Assad regime and Iran both of which are extremely adversarial to us. Russia has made Trump rich they have not made America rich.

At the meeting Trump named a specific city where a formed ISIS attack was being planned. Russia can now give that information to their people in that city and do what they want there without informing us. The Russian knowledge of this key city, the nature of the threat, the operatives involved gives the Russians further insight into how we get confidential information and how we process it for OUR protection. Until Russia stops funding the evil Dictator in Syria and defines their allegiance with Iran as well as other atrocities the Russians commit world  wide, we do not need to share the United States anything with them!   

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