Monday, May 1, 2017

Delusional Donald

If your kids came home on spring break and happened to leave some medicinal marijuana since it is legal to purchase in so many states in America now, smoking the stuff can make you think of America’s state of affairs in a whole new perspective. This should be April Fool’s  Day and not May 1st. Our new President Donald Trump has shaken things up a lot in the past 100 days. We should thank him for energizing most Americans to get out of their ever so long couches and easy chairs to protest about just about anything you can think of. I decided in the medicinal haze that Trump must be a Russian.
He is well paid along with Manifold, Flynn and probably Nunez too by the Russians to get hold of our nuclear arsenal. Ever since the Cold War of the Kennedy era our missiles have all been pointed towards Russia for our protection. Trump could change that now. He has our war ships sailing in the   wrong direction and now he is looking the other way at North Korea and not to Russia anymore. He says that Russia is our friend. The Russians know how to hack into everything. I hope they haven’t hacked our nuclear weapons codes too. Trump and his good white supremacy friend Bannon don’t even like America’s traditional news organizations. Will Trump the businessman sell control of our weapons to Russia too?
Why is he picking on all the brown people in this country? The Mexicans do just about everything for us from housekeeping to gardening. They even pick our fruit and vegetables from the farms. The people with Turbans drive all our cabs and own all the gas stations in America. Does he want all the white people to have to do all this stuff themselves? A lot of people said they would move to Canada if Trump got elected. Well, no one is moving there either. What has Canadians ever done for Americans?
If Trump really had our backs he would be looking at those Canadians more carefully and leave the Mexicans and Muslims alone. Some more medicinal marijuana will explain why. Those Canadians are all Socialists that have free health care for all. They are all white people there and have the only snow left to ski on. Canadians walk freely across our borders totally undetected. They got rid of the Miss Canada Beauty  Pageant  Donald! Americans are consumed with our rising interest rates and dwindling bank accounts. Canada could easilly  have a military buildup along our border with them. Russians like snow too.
The Canadians are earning good money in America. Guys like William Shatner, Michael J. Fox, Mike Meyers, Alex Trebek,   Ivan Reitman, Tommy Chong, Rick James, Rich Little, Paul Anka, Joni Mitchell, Rick Moranis, K.D. Lang to name a few.  There isn’t any real Canadian culture. Who goes out to get Canadian food? Americans eat Mexican food and are into Humus now. Why do Canadians own all the Zamboni technology in all the ice skating rinks? They have winter 11 months a year. They even own the prettiest side of Niagara Falls on the border with New York. We need all our gun owning red necks to patrol the Canadian border that stretches all across America from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The guys who shot up our movie theater and killed the school children were both white people. Canada has free mental health care for all there not us.  Just sayin!
Now I know why Americans need more legal pot! The stuff makes you think differently. We should deport those who drink Canada Dry. We are all frightened that we will be nuked in only the past 100 days. We need to protect our New York Hydro Power Facility on that Canadian Border. We shouldn’t be fooled by our love of Canadian bacon and Maple Syrup that we love. Our border with Canada is the longest unprotected border in the world with 90% of Canadians living close to that border. Can we protect ourselves against that?

The Canadians have too clean a reputation in this country. Their land is too clean too. No trash thrown around there and little pollution. They even speak slang free English there. Can we trust them? Those Canadian Mounties on their horses can travel through any terrain. They don’t need any good roads.  Trump has made us paranoid of everyone everywhere including Obama and Hillary. For whatever reason, we are definitely   paranoid and became so in less than 100 days. Donald should give all those white people that voted for him who are unemployed and send them to Canada with their black lungs from coal mining and steel dust filled bodies from our closed steel mills. Give them jobs there with their second amendment guns to protect our northern border. America has a surplus of American made assault weapons. They could sneak into Canada for some free health care there too. 

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