Sunday, April 30, 2017

The 100 Day Report Card

It is Report Card day for someone who has spent a good portion of his life never having   scrutiny by so many. Donald Trump has always been a person who plays by his own rules which means to usually annoy till he gets it all his way. He complained that the election was rigged even before the results came in that he had won the election. He is so proud of his antics that his song he danced to at the   Inauguration   events was the song, My Way. As Americans watched in horror, the song Rape Me by Nirvana was going through our heads while the women were knitting the pink pussy hats for the protests the next day everywhere. Since then we know that many of his rich boys were working with the Russians to get him elected and now it is only his boys on the investigating committees. We found out he cheats on tests.
 America after the first 100 days into the Presidency has a good idea of who got elected to the job. We found out that he has lots of rich friends who helped him get elected and who he gave the highest jobs to in our government despite the fact they are totally unqualified for the job. A bully needs to be surrounded by his people at all times. He chose to go to his people and attend a re-election rally instead of attend the White House Correspondents dinner that every President has done since 1932 on report card day. He has the poorest rating of any President since the sixties.Related image
In the first 100 days he has done much to increase his personal wealth and use the benefits of the job to his advantage. He now has the best security from the Secret Service 24/7 for him and his grown children and his various properties he refuses to stop going to. Ronald Regan’s son said he didn’t want the Secret Service protection. The Trump family goes on travel skiing and goes on business deals all over the world and loves the free taxpayer security protection. Instead of telling China to stop funding the North Koreans weapons, he brokered deals to sell his products for him and his daughter in China opening up billions of dollars to the billions of Chinese consumers all for his personal benefit and wealth.
In the first 100 days Trump has proven by his own   statements that he is a liar. He boldly proclaimed that by this time all Americans would be prospering. The last time that happened was before Regan was elected. Instead of prosperity we find that programs for the Arts and the poor are being cut. Programs to protect science and the earth are gone.  He expects Americans to pay for his wall. His tax plan cuts taxes for his wealthy friends and him. He has cost us millions for his personal trips to his Florida estate weekly. At least Regan gave us government cheese that we could   stand   on line for the free handout. We don’t have peace or prosperity. We are worrying for our children with tensions escalating with North Korea and Syria along with the ISIS problem. War never ends.

When our leader deserves a bad report card as any parent feels sad for their children’s bad report cards, the American people are the parents of this bad boy we gave so much power to at his disposal. How can we put him in rehab? We are to blame for electing him and now not being able to get him in that corner with the dunce cap on for a serious time out!

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