Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Perks for the President

Why would a billionaire want to be president? Trump already has the wealth. He has had more than one wife and is surrounded by beautiful loving children. Why be bothered with the problems of a country and beyond to the world? Now he has to deal with things he can’t completely control. Did he actually think that by simply signing his name to Executive Orders and proudly displaying his signature as if it is an autograph on a fancy restaurant menu would simply get things done his way? He has already proven that he is in this Presidential position   for the perks.
The job has helped him secure key personal branding trade deals with communist countries netting him more personal wealth. He has his personal family and properties being safe with the finest Secret Service security this country can provide free of charge to a billionaire.  He hosts foreign dignitaries at his own properties and sends the bills to the taxpayers. It is a win, win, win situation   for him personally and he has accomplished it all in just a few months at the job.  That is the success of Donald Trump. America feels like the girl who took him to her Prom and then got cheated on at the Prom date. So, now citizens protest every day. There were May Day protests where citizens held up signs that read Justice before Profits.
There are organized protests three times a day at various locations. America is broke. We need a budget that has run out already.  Trump signed another Executive Order that will keep services open till the end of September. It includes perks for him personally. It is still about perks for the President.  The spending Bill is worth more than one trillion dollars that includes an extra $15 million dollars to go to more military spending. He likes Dictators and wants to be the one with the biggest lethal toys. He believes in threats and not in peace. One point five Billion dollars will go to border security. I guess some poor Mexican didn’t make his bed as he wanted or something. Why can’t Americans directly vote for what programs we want our tax money to pay for?
The most obnoxious planned spending in his budget calls for $68 Million dollars in Federal funds to go towards extra security for Trump Tower security in New York City. Why do we have to pay to secure any of his private properties? We give him the 132 room White House Mansion to live in for free and his security there is free also.  It is not American tax payer’s problem that his wife prefers to live 200 miles away from him. He is a billionaire and can afford his own security on his own properties. So the faithful protestors have yet another agenda to protest about. Life was so simple with Obama in office. We need to support any human who finds the time from their overwhelmed poor busy lives to protest publicly about anything anywhere.

We are lovers, husbands, wives, parents and have to maintain our own jobs, homes and relationships. Americans are very busy people and yet we are so outraged daily to risk our lives on the streets where there could be violent riots or arrests we can be caught up in. Our already very fragile lives can be changed even for the worse at a moment’s notice. Yet we protest because we care. We care enough to at least try somehow to make our opinions and voices be heard. When all is taken away from you at times the only thing you have left is your voice and personal ethics. Trump’s antics have proven that his concern is all about his own personal wealth, deals and safety at the tax payer’s expense. Does he pay taxes too? He won’t tell us.  

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