Friday, May 26, 2017

This Weekend

The  Weekend. No, not the singer with the weird hair. The Memorial Day Weekend starts for many today. Yes, many Americans make it a weekend event instead of simply reflecting on one day to remember our real heroes who have died trying to make us safe every day in some stupid war or dangerous part of the world. We spend the time going somewhere fun or grilling charred animal parts on our new backyard grills and fancy lawn furniture. We travel in our new cars and take advantage of the not so expensive gas prices and just go somewhere and have fun. When and where do we actually remember our true heroes?Related image
If you are lucky, you don’t really know anyone in particular who has died in a war. The super proud Americans are those who lost a loved one or who experienced and witnessed death from a war situation. Where do they morn their dead? You can’t be sad at a barbeque or on a fun trip. Most don’t even go to a place of religious worship or a cemetery anymore. Religions have become a source of war and hate. Who even knows the names of Saints anymore? So, Americans have become safer and hide in our homes with our big couches and big TV’s. We watch our heroes on the movie screen. Many of us only know a war hero from the Bradley Cooper movie called The American Sniper made in 2015 where he won an Oscar. That movie was based on the life of Navy S.E.A.L.  Cris Kyle.  
America likes their super heroes whether real or in fantasy. We were duped by Trump into thinking that he was our new super hero with his aggressiveness during the campaign. He even named his villains. The most experienced politician in all of American history suddenly became known as “Crooked Hillary.” A Senator became ”Crazy Bernie”, another Senator became “Lyin’Ted, Marco Rubio became “Little Marco”, “low Energy Jeb Bush and “Goofy Elizabeth Warren.” We watched him every day and were duped into believing he was our American hero without serving a day in our military or in the political arena ever. We can morn that today Donald Trump is the leader of our brave and humble armed forces.
We can only blame ourselves because now we worship our fictional heroes more than our religious heroes or true political leaders or veterans. We were duped into believing Trump’s fantasyland. We don’t donate to charities but we spend a lot of money on our super hero movies and now there are more action fake heroes in our media than ever. Hollywood ruined America and is probably why Trump is our President now. Just look at the TV shows that is currently on the air. Flash, Gotham, Supergirl, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Preacher and Iron Fist. In the fall there will be new super hero series like Defender’s, The Punisher, Krypton and  Inhumans.
If we leave the house we do not visit a Veteran’s hospital, we go to the movies to see more fake action heroes like Captain America III, Batman vs. Superman, X-Men Apocalypse, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Suicide Squad and Ninja Turtles. Already this year we have seen Logan Wolverine lll,  Lego Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Spiderman Vl, and Thor. All this fake influence on us has only proven that we are no longer the masters of our own destiny.
We have been conditioned now to wait for that super hero to simply sweep over us and save our sorry asses. Now we have Trump and we can call him Orange Sphincter because he is our super hero ass hole who is going to change everything to what he deems is better FOR HIM. His hair looks like a golden helmet. Paul Ryan is Boy Wonder, Stingy Mitch, Pence is Captain Buzzkill. Like Batman Trump is a billionaire from Gotham. We have been duped into believing that he would be the super deal maker for us. After all he has us believing that our taxes, budget, immigration and health care can be fixed simply by a stroke of his pen on a document. Like all super heroes Trump doesn’t feel that he needs to play by  the rules on issues involving tax returns, fraternizing with the Russian enemy, grabbing pussy, lies and fake news. For many he has become our super villain. Trump said, ”I alone can fix it.”
The truth of the matter is that it was millions of brave soldiers who has fixed it so that we can have fun this weekend and we must take some time to reflect and thank all those brave people we don’t even know who they are. So this weekend at least find one of those good old war movies from the past where our American heroes were the handsome soldiers who bravely fought for our country, came home a whole person and had the girl still waiting for him with loving arms. A good fantasy.


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