Saturday, April 8, 2017


Why did he really do it? Was it to impress the Chinese leader over asparagus? Was it to just lie to the American people yet again? Did he want to send a message to Congress that he don’t need no stinkin’ Congress for approval? Was it a deflection from everyone looking at his buddy Nunez stepping down? Did he want to side step the Russian inquisition of him?  Or was it his constant need for power? Mr. President’s lame attempt to send Syria a message failed miserably in that the airfields he bombed were back in business the same evening. His good friend Russia is angry at him. It can’t be that he genuinely wants to save the children of Syria   since there are countless quotes from recent years that he emphasized that we should never get involved in Syrian affairs. Can anyone decipher the reasoning of a seriously mentally ill man?
Back in 2013 Assad did his last chemical attack that killed 1,500 of his own people. Trump tweeted about Obama, “Again, to our very foolish leader, do not attack Syria- if you do many bad things will happen & from that fight the U.S. gets nothing.” What has Trump gained except the disrespect from his own Congress now?  Did he stop Russia from funding Syria? NO. Did he   remove Assad from power? NO.  Did he eradicate chemical weapons in Syria? NO.  Did   he contradict himself again? YES! How dare he call Obama “our foolish leader” when Obama successfully killed Bin Laden with just a crew of Navy seals. Obama focused on his job and never did dangerous things while having dinner.
Trump announced after the attack, at his resort when he finished his asparagus, on what seemed to be the DJ’s sound system, “Tonight I call on all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter.” Is he looking for World War lll  already? What nation would want to join him in anything? He constantly changes his opinions on so many things. Syria’s civil war started six years ago when people in the Arab world was standing up to their tyrannical leaders. Assad was different. He looked like any westerner and doesn’t wear a Turban or robes. He is an English speaking Harvard educated Ophthamologist  before he rose to be the leader of Syria. So, I guess he got a hall pass.
President Assad has viciously clung to power in the civil war there that has killed millions of people. It has also led to the biggest refugee crisis since World War ll  with hundreds of thousands of homeless people pouring into other countries for refuge. Yet, Trump has written executive orders banning refugees from entering this country including from Syria. Does he want to help these people or not? Assad is successful in oppressing his own people because he has the help from Russia that has troops   on the ground in Syria. Does Trump want our troops in Syria too? We have already had enough trauma from the wars in the Middle East.  Will Trump start a draft of our young generation? Bush already created a generation of broken Veterans if they even survived at least 15 years of war in the Middle East. It would be nice if Trump has a well thought comprehensive plan for the region and maybe even shared his plan with the security agencies trained to protect this country.

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