Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Majority Rules

The majority rules. In our government not only does the Republican majority rule, they also take the liberty to change the rules as they see fit. What kind of democracy do we really live in? The game changing is such a poor example to give to our children. It goes beyond all the rules of ethics even if your kids bought a board game from the store and decided to change the rules of the game as they see fit because there were more of them in the room than you. That’s not fair, that’s cheating. That’s the new Republican Party and that is how they play the game of selecting Supreme Court Justices. Although everyone   else in society now gets a job through nepotism our most highly long term Judges should not be given their jobs according to popularity. Whatever happened to merit?
Today is Palm Sunday, the day Jesus rode through the town riding a donkey as followers threw palm branches along his path in respect for their humble king. Jesus could have rode on a stallion in gold robes like the government officials did in those time but he chose to be the king of the humble people. There is nothing humble about our present administration or the majority governing powers that   are in office, yet most of them consider themselves good Christian people. I’m not sure what lessons they are learning when they read their Bibles. They certainly do not practice what they preach.
Justice Merrick Garland was just approved to serve as our newest Supreme Court Justice because the ruling Republican Party changed the rules. When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died suddenly last year only a few hours had passed and then the top Republican in the Senate Mitch McConnell said that President Obama would not be allowed to put a Justice in the Supreme Court to replace Justice Scalia. The school yard bullies wouldn’t even let Obama play the game he owned at the time.  Who knew then that eventually the bullies would even change the rules of the game they stole from the Democrats. Mitch declared that “the vacancy should not be filled until we have a new President.” We have already learned that the new President had   dealings with the Russian influence to get him elected. In February 2016 the Republicans refused to fill the Supreme Court seat. It was the beginning of the primary season and they probably knew then that they would do whatever they could on the board or off the game board to get their guy elected and they did get Trump elected.
President Obama did his job and nominated his choice Merrick Garland   that everyone liked before at his last job as an Appeals Court Judge before he was recommended by Obama. So the bullies liked the game but they hated the guy who brought the game and refused to play with him. The Republicans refused to even meet with Garland and did not even schedule a hearing. They also said that if Hillary became President they would not consider anyone she recommended. They would hold the Supreme Court seat open till she ended her Presidency. So, this is how we help the American people get justice?
Judge Garland waited for 293 days for a Senate nomination hearing, the longest anyone has had to wait in American history. Then the administration changed and he never got a hearing.  Americans did not get a complete court and waited 14 months so the Republicans could get their man in the job. We have never gone through a nomination process like this before in our country. The election process has not been normal for our Presidency and not normal for our new Supreme Court Justice. What can we make our children be proud of anymore? We can’t tell them to be President someday because they will go around pussy grabbing thinking that is how you get that job. They can’t want to become a Supreme Court Judge someday because they will have to become the friend of the ruling political party to be elected. Are these the lessons we want taught? On Monday Neil Gorsuch the Republican choice will be sworn in without much of a wait at all.



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