Friday, April 7, 2017


It took just 75 days in power for the new President to take military action in the world. Obama inherited   War   in his administration and worked hard to reduce troops and encourage peace in the Middle East. I have never heard Trump mention the word peace. He always said he wanted to increase our military might and I suspected that he couldn’t wait for the chance to use it. He has used dozens of Tomahawk Missiles last night and ordered a strike on Syria. Yes the atrocities that the Syrian Dictator is performing on his own opposing people in the civil war there is unconscionable and action needs to be taken as soon as possible now that that Assad has ordered to kill innocent families and children with deadly chemical weapons. Is dropping American   bombs on a military base in Syria a well thought response from America?
Now our military basses are in jeopardy in fear of a retaliatory strike on the United States. Haven’t our brave troops gone through enough war? We have many diplomatic ways to get a clear message to the enemies of the world. There is the United Nations to consult with, sanctions could be imposed and more importantly there is Trump’s good friends in Russia and all his thugs in America who have been dealing with Russia on a regular basis to consult with. Why isn’t  Trump equally outraged with Putin for financing the war in Syria on the evil Dictator’s side of the war? I am in no way suggesting that Trump uses his trigger happy hands on bombing Russian military bases next but he could be pressuring his good friends there to stop funding evil. When the money runs out, there isn’t much Assad could do to harm people.
We are all on edge now as to what happens next! It has been just days since the carnage on the people of Syria and Trump orders an air strike. Was that a reasonable decision to make? Do two wrongs make a right? Two United States destroyers in the Eastern Mediterranean released dozens Tomahawk Cruise Missiles in an air field targeting runways and   aircraft to make the airport inoperative. It is the same airfield that Syrian planes with the deadly chemical agents took off from. We attacked them just two days later. As many as 86 people were killed by the chemicals including 30 women and 20 children. The President’s actions is a 180 degree reverse who had repeatedly said in the past that he did not want to get involved at all with Syria.
It was the graphic videos provided by journalists and activists who Trump also hates that alerted Grand-pa to immediately sympathize with the dead and suffering children of Syria’s own people. Mr. President likes to watch a lot of television. Trump also repeatedly said,  ”I do not want to be the President of the world. I am the President of the United States.” So, what does this unexpected bombing mean? What has been accomplished here but to now put our troops in jeopardy yet again? Russia is still funding Syria with all the money to buy as much chemical weapons they want.

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