Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Who is the thief?

Our fake news President has the nerve to accuse Hillary for having dealings with the Russians obviously to deflect his real ties to the murderous thieving   Russian leader. All of his tweets are clearly delusional and the result of a clearly sick man. It is one thing to have clear opinions on subjects he wishes to share with everyone but he should at least back up his outrageous claims with some facts or research. Every President has at his disposal every expert on every field at his beck and call and then should give a somewhat educated opinion on whatever subject he chooses. America respects their leaders, their Presidents no matter what and whatever they say is recorded and viewed for the rest of history. The things Trump says are neither profound, respectful or even note-worthy of repeating. He is an embarrassment to this country.
Our congressional committees and security agencies like the FBI are overwhelmed with constant investigations into what Trump claims or into what he doesn’t disclose. They have already settled the fake news that Obama wiretapped Trump properties as official fake news thrown out there carelessly through Trump tweets. Now they have settled the fake news that Hillary had ties to Russia with the sale of Uranium like it was some kind of undisclosed deal. Trump and his now highly positioned thugs in our government are the masters at undisclosed monetary deals for influence by the Russians as daily new suspects emerge.
Our President Donald Trump tweeted recently, “Why doesn’t Fake news talk about Podesta ties to Russia as covered by @FoxNews or money from Russia to Clinton –sale of Uranium?”
FACT CHECK Mr. President!
No credible source has found that Hillary Clinton was paid by Russia for American Uranium. The only partial truth to Trump’s accusation is that yes, by 2013 a Russian company called ARMZ purchased 20% of American Uranium deposits. And that is as close to the real facts Trump gets on this subject. None of the money went into Hillary’s pockets. The deal was in fact a Uranium purchase that was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investments in the State Department. There was no secret to this deal as Trump is suggesting and accusing. The deal was very well known and discussed throughout our government and its various agencies that Trump ignores regularly. Knowledge and approval of the deal to help boost Russia’s failing nuclear power plants was regulated on an ongoing basis to make sure the Uranium would never be used for the production of nuclear weapons. It was a humanitarian deal to help the poor people of Russia.
The deal went through a lengthy approval process before being made. After the committee approval, the deal went through the Treasury Department, The Justice Department, The Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce and Energy Department, The United States Trade Representative   and   The Office of Science and Technology before any deal was approved.   Separately the deal was also approved by The Regulatory Commission. This all proves that Hillary could have NOT stopped the deal NOR could have had private dealings on the subject. DO YOUR RESEARCH MR. PRESIDENT!

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