Tuesday, April 4, 2017

T-Rex Tillerson

                      The stench from the pile of people involved   with the Russians increase with more people assigned to very powerful positions in the American government. Is this what we signed up for when we looked forward to all new people in the government? Can all these successful business people that held high positions in international companies be bought and sold? Is that how one gets wealthy? We have the smelly pile of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Campaign Manager Paul Manifort,  House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunez and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to name a few. We can add to the pile T-Rex the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson the former CEO of ExxonMobil.
The brave protestors in Russia have had their offices ransacked and paperwork confiscated without a court order and  thousands of people have been arrested. Their leader Mr. Navalny has had his chances of running for President stripped from him. Traditionally this would have been a big diplomatic string of events covered thoroughly   by   our State Department. But this administration is unusually silent. Just a few months ago our government would have been very concerned about the injustices being done to the Russian people. Our current State   Department issued just one letter on March 26 condemning the arrests of peaceful protestors throughout Russia. All of a sudden criticism of the hard hand of the Russian government on its people is of little concern to us? The State Department is noticeably quiet on this subject.
President Putin is now threatening a further crackdown on protestors threatening to make penalties stronger on protestors. He is up for another reelection next year and has been President for 17 years.. If the people can’t make their wishes known now,  then when can they and to whom? Our State Department continues to make no comments even with the new threats. Putin has downplayed his relationship with Rex Tillerson by saying that he has only met him a few times. Well just a simple Google image search from the first page   shows pictures of many times the two have been together throughout the past 20 years. Does everyone just lie all the time? These guys are best buddies!
There are at least 5 times when Putin met with Tillerson. T-Rex is seen with an entire group of high positioned   Russian officials including Putin on September 16, 2005. Rex is seen in one on one talks on August 30, 2011 when Rex went to Putin’s summer home to sign  an oil deal, April 16, 2012, June 15, 2012 and June 21, 2013 when Putin awarded a non-citizen the highest honor anyone can get in Russia and these are just a few meetings that are even official photo opportunities. What about all the private meetings that probably existed that did not have a photographer present? All these mentioned photo opportunities took place when he was CEO of Exxon Mobil.
We have to weed our government of these liars and Russian home boys. There is even a conspiracy theory being circulated that Russia wishes to take back Alaska as part of their country. If they have enough influence and get the right signatures from our government, it can happen! Is that how Trump plans to balance the budget? Someone save America!

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