Monday, April 10, 2017

Related imageDonald Trump   did what Obama couldn’t do, he made Obamacare popular and wanted. We are going to need continued health care because we are about to get sick again. Now he has made all your internet habits publicly offered to the highest bidder for their use. Your privacy is no longer private and frankly you don’t even own your identity. Companies could tell you more about your habits than you are probably even aware of. How did we let ourselves be so vulnerable? What you do and where you go on the internet is less private than ever before. We are all glad when sex offenders are caught when the police find child pornography or extensive bomb making information or ISIS training information downloaded but my buying habits or general information should not be allowed to be bought or sold without my permission.
Consumer privacy has been destroyed by this new Federal law. The Republicans won the bill passing by 15 votes. Now your online information can be stored, bought and sold by broadband service providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon without your consent. Your browsing   history and shopping habits are all exposed. The apps you use and GPS history on your cell phone will now be up for sale. I don’t mind these things made public to the police in an investigation but to just give this private information to companies so I can be assaulted with more advertising is a frontal assault I didn’t necessarily ask for.  The rules of commerce used to be that if you had something you could decide to sell it. Now you don’t even own your own information and you can’t sell it.
This is just another example that our voted in legislators do not have our backs at all. They are pushing our backs at companies who probably gave them large campaign contributions. They are their contributors bitch.  Just a search for something on say like EBay will show up to your internet provider. ISP’s are turning the creepiness a notch higher. Republican Jeff Flake from Arizona introduced a Senate bill on this matter. He wants all entities to be governed the same. Companies like Google already save and sell user information. Flake says that singling out ISP’s is unfair. You can contact your internet provider and tell them that you don’t want your information to be sold but currently there is no law requiring ISP’s to allow you to opt out. So what good even is a request about your own information?

The decision is up to each individual company not yours. Yes, you don’t even own yourself. It is the new slavery on all people this time. We are slaves to the big money making machines of marketing and advertising that manipulate us on a daily basis. Your digital footprint is worth billions to the marketing business. The age of Big Brother as seen in that old book written in the 1930’s called 1984 is alive and well and in full force of surveillance of our likes and dislikes what we eat, what we buy and who we are. 

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