Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tax Time

You just ran out of time to do your taxes on time. All Americans are under pressure to pay their taxes and to disclose their tax returns upon request. Many Americans are fed up with all the dishonesty that Trump represents and have been protesting now for him to disclose as all Presidents have done in the past their tax return for public disclosure. In town hall meetings people are chanting, “Lock him up!” and they are not even referring to his shady relationship with Russia. There were protests everywhere all weekend long. The White House still says that he is being audited and therefore can not disclose his returns to the public. Trump has been saying this since the election and during his campaigning. Senator Tom Cotton was heckled at a town hall meeting over this issue. American’s don’t buy the excuses anymore.
How long does it take to do an audit and why is he being audited? Does he think that since he won the election that he is off the hook and does not need to disclose anything? It was fine when Trump nagged Obama over his transparency with his birth certificate but Trump gets a free ride? People are not buying his double standards anymore. Is Trump hiding something and his followers just don’t care? Is he really being audited? Trump should at least release the letter everyone gets from the Tax Department that tells you that you are being audited? Where is that letter Mr. Trump? We can all believe that he is being honest about something!
The Status of Limitation is three years on audits but it can be extended to six years if you leave out 25% per cent of your gross income. So, if you substantially omit some information it can be extended for six years. We haven/t seen any returns since he married his most recent wife and they only found two pages of the return. If he has been under audit for 12 or even 20 years, it just doesn’t make sense. Trump said that every year he is under audit. The Internal Revenue Service doesn’t really allow that length of time to be singled out for discrepancies. Why is he under extra scrutiny? Congressmen from both Democrats and Republicans are considering on drawing up legislation to demand some evidence that this man pays his taxes like we all have to do as Americans!  
This issue has nothing to do with politics at this point. It is about honesty and the civic duty as just another American. Disclosure would also clear up if Trump was given money from the Russians for his influence in government and money laundering. I don’t think he should have been elected and sworn in at his Inauguration without full disclosure. Americans can’t even get a home mortgage until they disclose their tax returns to the banks. If he discloses   his taxes we will all know if he has conflicts of interests. Conflicts of interests have already been proven with his inner circle of chosen people to run our country with him. Flynn and Manifold is just a couple of suspects in the chain of dishonesty that has been uncovered with Russian ties. We need to follow the money right down in his pockets if it is there!

A new poll has indicated that more than half of Americans just don’t believe what he says anymore. Conservative and Independent support has dropped of Trump. Of all the outrageous promises he has made on health care, immigration and other issues the only thing that was a success was his Supreme Court Justice. Stop the lies and show any taxes Mr. President!

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