Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Conflict of Iterests

What he really meant is “Make Trump Great Again!” not Make America Great Again. Even during campaigning Trump has managed to manipulate the election, have his key players get paid for Russian influence in his winning election and now have his family members gain business deals with China when he was hired to have this countries beat interest and not his personal wealth first and foremost! Who ever heard of White House spokesmen telling America to buy a President’s junk from Nordstrom or any retail chain? After that announcement Ivanka Trump sold millions od dollars of product on websites.  Who ever heard of any Administration having their children as White House advisors privy to all our national security secrets?  Ivanka Trump   sits in on diplomatic meetings with foreign leaders? Why?
It has been revealed that an extreme conflict of interest with this family and our government interests exists.  The rotting apples are not dropping far from the rotting tree.  When is the Trump Family going to be convicted for all their wrongdoings? Dinners with foreign leaders should not result in personal business deals. It has been revealed that Ivanka Trump’s company has won monopoly rights to sell her products in China the day she had dinner with the Chinese President. Does this family have the right to corner world leaders for their personal gain? The President of China did not come to America to broker a deal with our President’s daughter. The purpose of his visit was to discuss world political and economic problem that effect our countries and other countries at large. NOT to promote Trump’s family businesses!
Originally the Trump family vowed to keep their personal financial interests separate from the government but apparently they have lied about this subject too. Just two days after taking office Donald Trump got trademark rights to sell his products in China. He has a Trump hotel located right across the street from the White House where foreign dignities stay. Isn’t he profiting from that? None of this helps the American people and that is why he was elected.  The purpose of the Chinese President’s visit should have focused on the escalating problems with North Korea since it is known that China is financing North Korea and their nuclear weapon arsenal. Trump the bully and Kim Jong-un the bully needs guidance to calm down and stop their weapon waving at innocent people’s expense. We need China to deescalate the problems and not to create personal financial deals for the Trump family in that part of the world.
With all these conflicts of interests, is Trump working for our side as a people or just for his own family fortune? The bottom line is that any administration that puts personal profit above the profits of the people should not have that job and is not doing their job. FIRE TRUMP! The fact is that he has done NOTHING to help the people of America. Instead he has signed Executive Orders that take important items away from the working public. He signed off on a law that makes it easier for employers to steal their employee’s wages. He made it easier for companies to kill or injure their employees. He made it easier for investment advisors to cheat pensions and retirees. His plan offers a tax cut for a handful of the most  wealthy  people in this country.
China just gave Ivanka Trump lucrative provisional trade approvals on the very day she was having dinner with the Chinese President at the Florida resort. Ivanka’s fashion brand is immensely popular in China. She has received approvals for three trademarks from the Chinese government. That clears the way for Ivanka’s jewelry, handbag and clothing line to be sold to a market that includes more than 1.3 billion people. The deal is fine except that it is NOT fine since she is also working in the White House. SHE HAS TO COMPLY WITH THE CRIMINAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST STATUS THAT PROHIBITS HER FROM PARTICIPATING IN GOVERNMENT MATTERS THAT HAS A PREDICTABLE INFLUENCE ON HER BUSINESSES.
Ivanka the liar that is the descendant of a liar said she would” shift her holdings to a family run trust. “ That obviously didn’t happen. Ivanka Trump’s company saw an 771% increase in sales between February 2016 to February 2017; in just one year that industry experts agree couldn’t have happened   without some insider help.

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