Monday, April 17, 2017

Whose Coast Guard?

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Already President Trump has made about 7 trips to his Florida Resort Mar-a-Lago   in Palm Springs. He is on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama’s travel spending in one year. His extensive choice to continually escape to the place is triggering cost and ethics concerns. Does he even realize his greed as he cuts costs to just about everything in our government except military spending? His recent bombings in Syria and in Afghanistan cost us millions because he chose to employ the largest non-nuclear bombs we have that have never ever been used before anywhere else on anyone. The bomb in Afghanistan killed 36 terrorists at a cost of about $500,000 dollars per terrorist. Obama used to send a group of Navy Seals and was able to kill Bin Laden pretty cheaply.
Related imageDocuments show that Grump’s I mean Trump’s Mar-a-Lago visits is costing Florida thousands out of their budget that would have gone to services for the people of Florida. All of the First Family’s needs are straining the Secret Service. Trump’s golf outings soar way above the first 12 week totals of Obama, Bush and Clinton. The only thing he has accomplished was the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice and all that credit could go to the antics of the Republicans in Congress. Is Trump worth what he is costing us?

Mar-a-Lago is surrounded by water on two sides. The Coast Guard was forced to create three security zones around the property 24/7 using patrol boats and helicopters to protect the President. The Coast Guard is getting no extra funding to do this. Shouldn’t Trump pay for security when he is on his own properties?  They have to already protect 100,000 miles of United States coastline and inner waterways. They also save American lives on the average of ten people per day. Shouldn’t we fund those who protect and save more than conquer and destroy? Trump accepts all this protection while he is cutting the Coast Guard budget. The Trump administration’s draft budget last month called for cutting the Coast Guard’s funding by 14% per cent for about $1.3 billion dollars.
They called for a $54 billion dollar increase in military spending because he has already proven that he intends to deploy our most expensive bombs, destroy our $75 million dollar helicopters and kill our elite Navy Seals in poorly planned attacks. None of that money goes to the Coast Guard. Should Americans be spending our tax dollars to protect the President’s golf club? While the Coast Guard is busy with their resources defending the man’s properties they are getting cut. What a lack of respect for the very people that are the closest to you protecting your life while you play games and eat gourmet food!

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