Thursday, April 20, 2017

Kill Bill

They killed Bill O’Reilly’s microphone. His next book can be called,  Killing the Career of O’Reilly and he can place it next to his other books called Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy. Finally the voices of reason are being heard at Fox News with the firing of key sexual abusers in the work place. How many women have to come out of the shadows before these bribing monsters get out of their powerful positions? At least advertisers are stepping up to the plate and reacting along with the surge of protesting all over America on a variety of issues. This was about sexual demands at the work place and the fact that powerful men can not just throw millions of dollars at their abused women and expect that all is forgiven and they can go on with their bullying ways. When is that pussy grabbing bully in the White House going to leave?
Bill O’Reilly was one of the most powerful men in media on the subject of political   commentary who was watched nightly by millions of people that tuned in to view his show called The O’Reilly Factor.  He claimed to be a conservative and over his 20 years on air became a media mogul. After multiple accusations, his bribes of $13 million dollars to pay for silence to various women and now racial discrimination, Fox wisely decided to fire the bastard. The 67 year old always acted like he could do no wrong meanwhile he was rude and bombastic to most people. Fox used to be the most important cable news network but recently the place has gotten the reputation of just being abusive to women. Lisa Bloom a Civil Rights Attorney has brought women that were sexually harassed to the forefront who don’t want to even sue for a settlement. They just want the truth to be told. Protestors are still protesting at Fox demanding even more action and they are effective.
No black woman wants to be called “hot chocolate” at work even if she is beautiful. Women do not call handsome men at work “stud muffin.” UGH! It is not funny and not even a joke. It is all offensive. The National Discrimination Foundation is finally vocal on these issues. Last Year the Chairman of Fox Roger Ailes left his job after paying $20 million dollars in a settlement for a women’s silence on the sexual harassment subject. We need powerful men who have some ethics in their soul and not a bunch of dirty old men with money in powerful positions. When are they going to get rid of Mr. Pussy Grabber in the White House? Trump said, ”I don’t think Bill did anything wrong!.” Our kids can’t even aspire to be President of the United States with that nut in office as an example. There is a National Archive where they save Presidential quotes. Has Trump said anything anyone would want to repeat or read again?
What makes the O’Reilly firing significant is the fact that he made $18 million dollars per year but brought in almost five times that amount in advertising revenue. Does any company fire their cash cow? I’m sure they seriously considered firing him after sponsors were dropping their advertising in droves. No one wants a problem that doesn’t bring any money home anymore. Tucker Carlson will be taking over the prime time slot on TV now and he sounds like a nut job already too. Tucker said,"The concept of sexual harassment was made up by Democrats."  Dr. Wendy Walsh a former guest of his show,  did not want hush money but she did not want to be told she had no future with the company if she refused to go to his hotel room with him.

We all need to support the about 20   brave companies who pulled out of the show. He was down to only two sponsors before the firing. Applaud Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, BMW,  gsk, Allstate, Mitsubishi Motors, T.Rowe Price, Credit Karma, and Lexus who are just one third of the companies that will not support this male chauvinistic nonsense anymore.    

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