Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Stench is Rising

Now there is a pattern. There is Carter Page who an ex-Trump adviser confirms that Carter had a meeting with the Russian Ambassador at the GOP Convention. Why? There are at least 5 Trump prostitutes lined up with shady dealings with the Russians with Trump being the Pimp with Putin being the John   pulling all the strings and throwing lots of money around. Why? There is a lot of shit in the pile, I mean documentation building up to prove that there was a Russian effort to change the results of the election and take it all away from Hillary Clinton. Why? There is a growing list of Trump aides and advisers that admit Russia contacts during the campaign. Shy? Kushner and Flynn met with the Russian envoy in December. Why?
After weeks of denials now the White House admits to Russia contacts even after the election. It is amazing that the rats involved don’t remember anything until one rat admits to something pertinent then another rat comes forth with an instant recollection. Yes, now the suspects are turning on each other in a bad way. No alliances here. It is time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the nation’s top cop to resign. He lied under oath! Finally there are 5 investigations referring to Russia’s interference with America and the influence on the election. The FBI part of the Department of Justice, the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism are all getting closer to the stench of the shit pile of nonsense. Why did any of this occur?
To answer all the why’s we need to take a closer look at Putin’s motivation for all this hand holding. We know that in the past that Putin wanted to break up NATO, unravel the European Union and has been meddling   in elections all over the world trying to gain influence. The Russians don’t even have the same side as us in terms of dealing with ISIS. Russia is on the side of the Shiites   and Assad where the Americans are on the side of the Sunnis. For the past 75 years we had nothing in common with Russian ideals. Russia wants to influence America. He bribed I mean won the heart of Trump and his henchmen. Why Trump?

We need a history lesson. Russia has been able to move their money out of Russia for personal financial gains by paying Trump top dollar for properties all over the world. Trump despised Hillary Clinton a sentiment shared by Putin. It was Bill Clinton during his Presidency that moved NATO towards Russia eastward and Putin hated that. Putin thought that it was a threat to his Dictatorship. Putin came to office in 2000 appointed by Boris Yeltsin and immediately stopped prosecution of Yeltsin. Putin stopped the free press in Russia. Obama referred to Russia as being a “regional power” which Putin took as an insult. So the thought of the Clintons rising to power again was too much for him and so he is trying everything to successfully ruin the election for her and to be in bed with Trump. We all know the outcome but what we don’t know is the true extent that Putin is already here in our government.  

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